Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Shameer - full transcript

(dramatic mystical music)

(magic shimmering)

(ominous music)

(Eleanor gasping)
(cat growling)

(Eleanor gasping)
(cat growling)

(Eleanor screaming)

- What's happened to her?

I didn't tell you to do this!

- [Mordour] (sighs) I'm
not doing anything, Sire.

It's merely a prophecy.

- Prophecy?

- We're seeing the future.

A possible future.
(dramatic music)

- Ah, Mother, I'm so
pleased you could come!

- Spare me the unctuous charm, John,

I understand you want a
discussion about money.

- Yes.

A private discussion!
(ominous music)

(doors slamming)

- So, you want to borrow gold

and you merely want me to be
the guarantor of the loan.

- Uh, yes, for some foolish reason,

the Flanders bank won't
accept my personal guarantee

for the smallest of sum,
only 100,000 ducats.

- 50,000.
- Or 50,000.

- Very well.

- [John] (sighs) How can I ever

adequately express my gratitude.

- We'll think of something!

- Oh, Mother!
- Hmm?

- Just one more thing.

I can't help wondering,

what if something were to
happen to you, heaven forbid,

by some terrible quirk of fate?

- Then the terms of the
loan would not be met

and you would not get any money!

(ominous music)

- [John] I'll say again,
no harm must come to Mother

and not just because I need this money!

- No, of course not, Your Majesty.

- Without the support of her loyal barons,

I will never sit on the Throne of England.

So nothing can happen to
her, do you understand?

You must do something
about this theory of yours!

- It's not mine!

And it's not a theory, Your
Highness, it's a prophecy!

And there is every chance
it will come to pass,

at the next crescent moon,

the queen will die!

(triumphant trumpet music)

(Rebecca gasps)
(Ivanhoe grunts)

(water splashes)
(demon screeching)

(dragon screaming)

(Ivanhoe shouting)
(John cackling)

(cat growling)

(moves into heartwarming music)

(man grunting)
(wand shimmering)

(sister shrieking)
(Falco grunts)

(moves into triumphant trumpet music)

(magic hissing)
(Rebecca gasps)

(water splashes)
(Falco shouting)

(moves into dramatic orchestral music)

- That is all that I heard, Majesty.

- It is sufficient.

I have had a premonition myself, a dream.

Something unstoppable swooping out

of the darkness coming for me.

- I will be at your side,
Majesty, whatever it is.

- But what if this is something not even

you can stand against?

- I will protect you.

- I have no doubt you will try, Baron.

- There is only one other man

either of us would entrust your life to.

- Yes.

Send for Ivanhoe.

(chicken clucking)
(sheep calling)

- Why won't you tell me where we're going?

- (sighs) Perhaps it's a secret.

- We're going to see Ivanhoe, aren't we?

- (sighs) I can never
keep anything from you.

Yes, Ivanhoe, and the others.

- The others.

(sighs) You mean she's going to be there.

(sheep calling)

(triumphant music)
(hooves clopping)

- Whoa!

(hooves pounding)

Greetings Du Bois!

I trust this isn't an ambush?

- This is a matter of state,

I have a message from the queen.

- Ride on to the
rendezvous, I'll catch up.

- Why, shouldn't we stay together?

- This message is for Ivanhoe's ears only!

(ominous music)

(birds singing)

- Good boy, good!

- What's wrong?

- Hmm, oh, no, nothing's wrong.

It's just good to get down
off this horse for a while

and I'm not as young as
I used to be, you know.

- No, you're not fooling me.

I know you, you're
worried about something.

- Oh, very well.

Yes, I'm worried about you.

- Me?

- It's time to talk about this.

- About what?

You're frightening me.

- For his ears only!

What's so special about his ears?

- It must be something
concerning the queen.

- [Cedric] Ah, here they are.

- By the next crescent moon.
(dramatic music)

- If there is a danger to the queen,

that's when it will happen.

And despite our differences,
she wants us both at her side.

- Well, then despite our
differences, I shall be there.

- Good.

- We'll meet as arranged.

First, I have a family matter to conclude.

(horse nickers)
(hooves pounding)

- [Cedric] I'm sorry, Rowena,

I am forced to live as a fugitive.

- You're not to blame.

- And that's no life for a young girl.

- I don't mind, I want to be with you.

- No, I've been thinking,
something must be done.

- You could always send her to a nunnery.

- Exactly.
- What?

- Rebecca echoes my own thought precisely.

That's why we've come to meet Ivanhoe.

I want you to take Rowena
to St. Faith's Convent.

- Don't do this!

Don't send me away!

- I'm sorry, my child.

Give this letter to the mother superior.

- Father, is this really necessary?

- It's for the best.
- To shut her away?

- Son, my son,

will you do as I ask?

- I will.

(mysterious music)

- I know have a better idea

of what the threat is, Your Majesty.

And I've taken measures against it.

(ominous music)

- Good!

Mother must not be harmed!

Not until the loan is secure!

Use all your magic to protect her.

- For once, I don't think
magic is the solution.

(waves crashing)

(sinister music)

- It's her!

- [Outlaw] She's dead.

- Then we've earned our
gold easily, haven't we.

Go get that pouch she's holding!

It'll prove we've done our job.

(ominous music)
Go on!


- Cheer up, Rowena, there's worse things

than being cloistered in a nunnery!

(Rowena sighs)
(hooves shuffling)

- The answer is no.

- (sighs) I didn't say anything!

- Rowena.

You're going to the
convent and that's that.

- You don't care what
happens to me, do you?

(ominous music)
- Go!

(Outlaw gasping)

(sinister music)
(Outlaw shouting)

- Yah!
(horse neighing)

- Do it, finish her now!

Before she gets her strength back!

Do what he paid us for!

(sword ringing)

- Stop!
(dramatic music)

What's going on?

- [Outlaw] This is none of your affair!

- [Ivanhoe] Well it is now.

- Don't interfere!

You understand nothing of this!

- I understand this,

if you want the girl you'll
have to fight me first.

- With pleasure!

- Uh, oh!
- Ivanhoe!

- Wait, leave him!

- [Son] But we outnumber him!

Are we cowards?
- Leave them!

- It seems you have a
knack for finding trouble.

- It's a gift.

- [Rebecca] Who's your new friend?

- I was just about to ask.

(mystical tonal music)

- I am Shameer.

(waves crashing)

- That boat of yours,
it's a strange design.

- It was built to travel on the rivers

and canals of my homeland,

but during a storm I was blown out to sea.

- It's a miracle you survived.

- Yes, a miracle.

- Then, you're sure you're all right now?

- As soon as I have fed, I will be fine.

- Right.

(flames hissing)
(Odo humming)

Odo, is that ready yet?

(hand slapping)
- Ivanhoe!

You cannot hurry perfection! (sniffs)

- What is that you're reading?

- It's my Book of Hours,
it's like a prayer book.

It's got very frightening pictures in it,

pictures of devils and demons.
(bird cackling)

What was that?
(bird cackling)

- Nothing, it's that book you're reading,

you're imagining things.

(ominous mystical music)

- What's that?

- The leaves of a plant.

In my country it is called
the Lily of Fulfillment

or the blue lotus.

It is a gentle restorative.

Here, I made it for you.

- Thank you!

- So tell me, which picture
frightens you the most?

- Well, if you look closely,

you can see pictures of a
dark devil that comes by night

and (sighs) I can't, it's too terrible.

- You can tell me.

- Well, he comes when a maiden sleeps

and he drinks her blood.

He's called a vampire.

- I've heard of this demon.

We have a similar devil in my homeland.

(ominous music)
(Rowena gasps)

- [Odo] Ah, another masterpiece!

- [Ivanhoe] Come on, Odo!


- Thank you.

You've been very kind to me.

- [Ivanhoe] Rowena, Rowena!

(sinister music)

(moves into suspenseful music)

(Ivanhoe sighing)

(feet shuffling)

(moves into ominous music)

Rebecca, Rowena!

(men grunting)
(fist pounding)

(swords clanging)
(men shouting)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

(Rowena gasps)

(woman shouts)
(men gasping)

(swords clanging)

(woman gasping)

- There!

Get up!

(woman gasping)
(sword sizzling)

(woman moaning)

You all right?

(sword hissing)

- Much better now.

I think I killed one of them.

(ominous music)

(gulls calling)

I want to thank you for
everything you've done for me,

but today we must say farewell.

- Why?

- Just as the winds of
fate blew us together,

I fear they now blow us apart.

I've decided to seek refuge
at the place of worship

where you're taking Rowena.

- The convent?

- You're not still taking me there?

- Yes, we leave immediately.

We have a long ride ahead of us.

(mystical music)

(Rowena sighs)

- Don't worry, I shall be with you.

(ominous music)

Sounds fascinating, this place of belief.

(moves into dramatic music)

(hooves shuffling)

- Look at that fellow at the
front, he cuts a fine figure!

- He looks terribly brave and strong!

(nuns giggling)

(hands clapping)
(nuns gasping)

- Well?

- We were, well, we were just
watching, Reverend Mother.

- Watching?
- Uh, yes.

- A sin I was once guilty of myself.

Let us go down and greet our visitors.

(somber string music)

(Ivanhoe sighs)

- Come on, hmm.

(feet shuffling)
(birds singing)

(door clanging)

(bell ringing)

- Welcome, travelers, do you
seek sanctuary for the night?

- Some of us.

Two of our party intend
to stay somewhat longer.

- Every storm-tossed castaway
is welcome within these walls.

(ominous music)
- What an unusual voice.

What is your name, my daughter?

- I am Shameer.

- And this is Rowena,
Cedric of Rotherwood's ward.

- And this is a big mistake.

- Didn't your father give you a letter?

- Yes, yes.

- [Rebecca] It's all explained in there.

- I shall read it for you, Reverend Moth--

- The formalities can wait.

I imagine our guests are tired and hungry.

Prepare them a hearty supper.

- Did someone mention food?

This is my kind of place!

- Hello, I'm Elspeth!

I heard them say your name is Rowena.

- Yes, have you been cloistered?

Did your family send you here like me?

- Yes, but tomorrow all that will change!

- Are you going home?

- No, I'm going to become a nun!

Today, I am just like you,

but tomorrow, I will take
my orders and become a nun!

Isn't it wonderful!

- Yes.

- Just think, perhaps soon,
you'll become a nun, too!

- Come with me, my dear,
you're in for a bit of a treat!

- Really?

- Your friend, Rebecca,

tells us you might enjoy
working in the kitchen!

- My friend, Rebecca.

- Yes, thanks to her,

we'll have you peeling
vegetables in no time!

(silly music)
(rag scrubbing)

(moves into ominous music)

- May I go to my room now?

To pray?
- Oh, of course, my dear!

(magic shimmering)

- [Shameer] You're the one who
takes her vows tomorrow, yes?

- To become a nun, yes!

- Your capacity for belief
must be very strong.

(ominous music)

- [Elspeth] What are you doing?

- Just burning some incense.

- Oh.

- [Shameer] The smell
is pleasant, is it not?

- Yes, it is!

- Smell it.
(cat purring)

Breathe it deeply.

(incense rushing)

(water splashing)

- Ivanhoe!

- What are you doing here,
you should be in bed?

- Should I?

Is that what you really think?

- (sighs) Rowena, please.

- Why are you doing this to me?

- It is my father's desire!

- I know!

But what is your desire?

- Rowena!

- You can't leave me in this place!

- [Ivanhoe] What choice do I have?

(sentimental music)

- (sighs) Don't you know
what I feel for you?

- (sighs) Rowena, please,
this isn't the place.

- Do you care nothing for me?

- My father--
- Forget him!

Look me in the eye and tell
me that I mean nothing to you.

- Time you were in the dormitory!

(birds singing)

- Do you think the queen
really is in danger?

- I'm not prepared to take
the risk that she isn't.

- Rebecca, wait!


(gasps) I, I heard you were a
healer, we need your skills!

- [Rebecca] What's wrong?

- It's Reverend Mother!
(ominous music)

- She's burning up with fever.

- Can't you do something?

One moment she was fine, then this!

It was so sudden!
(ominous music)

- You gave the old woman a drink?

- The reverend mother, yes, will she die?

- Won't we all, eventually?

All that matters now
is that she's too weak

to interfere with our plan.

- What is this?

- The black robes of those foolish women.

The robes you once so coveted.

- That was when I still believed.

- Yes.

And now you believe in me.

But wear them anyway.

They'll help you hunt
unseen in the shadows.

- Thank you!


- Why did she rush off,
have I offended her?

- Oh, not at all.

I was telling her about
those demons you so fear.

- (laughs) What, vampires?

They're exciting to look at,
exciting and frightening,

but I don't really
believe in such nonsense.

- Oh, nor do I, but Elspeth does.

She believes very easily.
(ominous music)

- I'd ought stay with
you, but I dare not delay.

- I understand.

The crescent moon rises tonight,

you must ride to protect the queen.

- And you must stay and
attend to the reverend mother.

- Odo and I will catch up
with you as quickly as we can.

- Yep.

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)

- You're not supposed to be wearing that

until you've taken your orders!

You have to get changed before
Mother Superior catches you!

You'll be in real trouble, Elspeth!

- I am no longer Elspeth, you
can call me Sister Purity.

Will you pray with me?
(sinister music)

Do you remember the stories
we used to tell each other

in the dormitory at night?

Stories of devils that
came in the darkness.

- You shouldn't be talking
about such things here.

- True, the time for talk is over.

(demonic screeching)
(Bethany screaming)

- Beware the beast!

The beast is coming!


(sinister music)

- Don't drink too deeply, little friend.

Make her into another one like yourself.

- Don't you want some?

- No, I feed on the life
force in a different way.

(Mother moaning)

(ominous music)

(nun gasps)

- Oh, it's only you, you
gave me quite a start!

(sinister music)

What's happened to your eyes?

(Elspeth hissing)

(sisters hissing)

- Did you hear that?

- Yes, but I couldn't tell
which direction it came from.

I best look in on the reverend mother.

- And I'd best look in
on the, uh, kitchen!

- (gasps) Who's that?

- Shameer.
(dramatic music)

You must rest.

- Shameer, what a lovely name.

So strange.

- I'm named for the cat that
floats across the desert sand.

- No, I, I must get up, please.

- No, you must rest.

- A great evil has come to my
house, I can feel it. (gasps)

- Just a fever dream.

- Oh, perhaps, there's so many dreams.

I dreamt a cat--
- Just a dream.

- Shameer.

The cat! (gasps)

- Shh!

The cat.

That grows stronger every
time she takes her prey.

(ominous music)
(Mother gasps)

(Mother gasps)

- (gasps) Oh!

Hello, Sister, I hope you
don't mind me helping myself.

I just have have to get
my teeth into something.

- Oh, no, hunger is
something I understand!


(Odo screams)
(ominous music)

(moves into sinister music)

- [Shameer] How quickly
the dead grow cold.

- You did this!

- I needed her life force.

In her own way, she's a
woman of considerable power.

She's made me much stronger.

(dramatic music)
(Rebecca gasps)

Too strong for you.

(Rebecca gasps)

(Odo gasps)

(Rebecca shrieks)

(fist thudding)

(Odo gasps)

You, too, are a woman of power.

Once I have taken your life force,

there will be no stopping me.
(dramatic music)

(Odo gasps)

(demon screeching)
(Eleanor screaming)

(door slamming)
(sword clanging)

- (gaps) It was nothing, I
just fell asleep for a moment

and had a nightmare.

(door creaking)
(suspenseful music)

Oh, hurry, Ivanhoe, hurry!

(moves into dramatic music)
(hooves pounding)

(magic shimmering)

(horse neighing)

- You're riding in the wrong direction.

(horse neighing)

- Whoa!

I should have suspected
you were behind all this.

- On the contrary, for
once we have a common aim.

I, too, wish to save the queen's life.

- You expect me to believe that?

- If you don't you can kiss
goodbye to the fair Rebecca

and your friend, the dwarf.

(sister shrieking)
(Odo shouting)

- (crying) Get back!
(sister shrieking)

(suspenseful music)

- Where is everyone?

- I don't like the look of this place.

- So you sent those
outlaws to kill Shameer.

- And you'd have saved us
all a great deal of trouble

if you'd simply let them do their job!

- Murder a defenseless girl?

- That defenseless girl is

the cat goddess from the land of Kem!

- Mordour, do you know I think
you're frightened of her.

- She is dangerous, too
dangerous to combat with sorcery.

That's why I hired those assassins.

- Now you want me to help stop her.

- We can settle our
differences another time.

For now, if you value the queen's life,

we must join forces.
(suspenseful music)

- Perhaps we should have stayed away.

- We have a job to do
and we're gonna do it!

(sister shrieking)
(men shouting)

(sisters shrieking)
(ominous music)

(Rebecca moaning)

(dramatic music)

- Perhaps you're wondering
why you're still with us

when I could so easily have killed you.

(sinister music)

I will gain power from your passing.

All the more power when you're sacrificed

with the proper ceremony and an audience.

(Rebecca gasping)

- I couldn't catch the
dwarf, Mistress Shameer,

but he hides somewhere nearby.

- Forget about him.

But there is one other who
should witness this ceremony

and I shall fetch her.
(sinister music)

Running away?

- Yes, I am!

- Running from what?

- Need you ask, I don't want to be a nun

or to live like one!

I've been slaving in the
kitchen ever since I got here!

- [Shameer] Oh, I see and
where will you run to?

- To the queen.

- The queen?
(suspenseful music)

- Don't say a word!

(Rebecca moaning)
(moves into ominous music)

- [Elspeth] Fear not, I won't hurt you,

Shameer will sacrifice you.

- Oh!

(moves into dramatic music)
(hooves pounding)

- And you're friendly
with this Queen Eleanor.

- I believe she looks on me in favor.

She'll take me in and give me sanctuary.

- And she is ruler of this land?

- [Rowena] Yes.

- Much more powerful than
that red-haired girl.

- You mean Rebecca?

I don't know understand.

- This queen will be a much
more suitable sacrifice.

- Sacrifice.

- Once I have absorbed her life force,

my power will be limitless.


Don't move!
(Rowena gaps)

You tried to resist, good,
that means your will is strong.

Too strong to let me turn you

into one of those ridiculous vampires.

(Rowena gasps)

But your will is of nothing to mine!

You must obey me!

You will take me to see Queen Eleanor.

(feet shuffling)

- Their bodies have been drained of blood,

you'll find tiny wounds at the throat.

- What are you doing here, Mordour?

- I decided that without my
help, you'd only mess things up!

- Speaking of which,

these are the men you sent
to kill Shameer, aren't they?

- Hmm.

They proved to be tenaciously loyal.

It's a pity their competence
didn't match their tenacity.

- One's missing.

- Yes.

I imagine he's become one of them.

- Become one of what?

- Oh, if I told you,
you wouldn't believe me.

I suggest you start whittling.

- Whittling.

- Yes, we need wooden stakes,
so make sure they're sharp!

(sisters hissing)

- It seems you are to be spared.

(sisters hissing)

I have a much more worthy
candidate for my sacrifice.

(sisters hissing)

You can have her!

Feed on her, all of you!

Except Bethany, you come with me!

(sisters hissing)
(ominous music)

We go to see the queen!


- Let us feed, Sisters!

- [Odo] Get back, get back!

- It's the dwarf, kill him!

(sisters hissing)
(Odo shouting)

- All right, Rebecca!

(hand slapping)
(sisters shrieking)

(dramatic music)
(sisters hissing)

- [Mordour] Not a moment
too soon, it would seem.

(sisters hissing)
- Rebecca!

(sisters hissing)
(ominous music)

(sister shouting)
(Ivanhoe gasping)

- [Mordour] Oh, dear.

(sisters gasping)

(nails slashing)
(Ivanhoe gasping)

Kill them!
(sisters hissing)

They're no longer women!
(sisters hissing)

Get down!
(dramatic music)

(sisters shrieking)

(Elspeth shrieking)

(outlaw shrieking)
(ominous music)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

(sword clanging)
(men grunting)

- Mordour, do something!

- I told you, only a stake made from wood!

(dramatic music)
(outlaw laughing)

- How do you like your stake?

(outlaw gasping)
(dramatic music)

(stake thudding)

All right?
- Yes.

- Odo?

Where's Shameer and where's Rowena?

- They took one of those
creatures with them,

they've gone to Queen Eleanor.

(ominous music)
(owl hooting)

(magic shimmering)

- Do you know this place?
- Yes, Prince John's castle.

The queen's quarters are this way.

- This is where you play your part.

Spread the word, my child.

(feet shuffling)

- [Guard] Wait, who goes there?

(sinister music)
(magic shimmering)

(fist rapping)
(door creaking)

- Rowena?
(sinister music)

- What's going on here?

Who's this?

- [Bethany] I am Sister Bethany.

- [Guard] She has come
from St. Faith's Convent.

I was about to escort her to Prince John,

she seeks an interview with him.

- I wasn't informed of your visit.

- It is a most urgent matter.

- Go back to your duties,
I'll look after this.

Follow me!

(Guard growls)

- My Prince!
(suspenseful music)

- Who is this?

- Sister Bethany, she seeks an
audience with Your Highness.

- I'm afraid I'm not making
any donations at the moment.

- Stay away from the Prince's person!

- It's all right, Falco!

She's only a nun.

- I have important information for you.

I can only tell you in private.

Just you and I.
(suspenseful music)

- Well, it's highly irregular, but I,

I'm always concerned about
the well-being of my subjects.

Leave us.

- But, Your Majesty.

- I'm fine!

Go and see if Mother needs anything.

(door slamming)
(magic shimmering)

- Who is your friend, Rowena?

(fist rapping)

- [Baron] Come with me.

- Enter!
(military percussion music)

- I come from Prince John, Your Highness.

He continues to be
concerned for your safety.

- Well, that's very sweet of him,

but nothing untoward has occurred here.

And now, if you'll excuse me,

I have some important documents to study.

- So everything is to your satisfaction?

- The queen is quite safe with me, Falco.

- Of course.
(ominous music)

(door slamming)
(magic shimmering)

(magic shimmering)

- Oh, I'd rather travel by donkey!

- Come, we must stop Shameer!

- This is as far as I go.

I'm afraid you must deal
with her without me.

There is a limit even to my powers,

but there is one more
thing I can do for you.

(magic shimmering)

The Black Sword of Kem.

She won't be easy to kill, but
it's magic powers will help.

Oh and you'd better have some of these.

(stakes rustling)

- [Eleanor] Oh, you must
tell me how you managed

to get past all the
guards my son has posted.

- Oh, it was easy.

- Magic?

- Yes.

And now I have some more magic for you.

You will sleep, Your Highness.

- Sleep, but I don't feel--

- Sleep!

(ominous music)

(cup clanging)

She's ready for sacrifice.

- You mean kill her?

- Oh, no, I have something much better

than death in mind for her.

I shall open a gateway,

a vortex to the shadow
world to suck up her soul.

Then her power shall be mine

and I shall be supreme!

(magic howling)

(suspenseful music)

(guard hissing)

- Looks like we might be
needing these after all.

(swords ringing)
(guards growling)

(sword clanging)
(guards hissing)

(magic howling)

(papers rustling)

(guards hissing)
(swords clanging)

(guards gasping)

- Ivanhoe!
(swords clanging)

- Falco, they're not
your soldiers anymore!

Either help fight them or die, use these!

(guards grunting)
(guards hissing)

- What's happened to them?

- They've been visited by a nun!

- A nun!

Prince John!
(guards grunting)

- Come, come!
(suspenseful music)

I must say, I find it difficult

to believe that you're a nun.

- Oh, yes, my belief is very strong.

- But you are permitted to drink?

- Oh, yes.

(John shouting)

- Baron!

The queen is in mortal danger,

I've the only weapon
that can help save her!

- Then you go to the queen,
I'll finish with these,

I'll join you there!
- Right!

(dramatic music)
(guards hissing)

(swords clanging)
(guards grunting)

(swords clanging)
(Rebecca grunting)

(moves into suspenseful music)
(John shouting)

(Bethany hissing)

(Bethany shrieking)

(Bethany gasping)

(magic howling)

(papers rustling)
(ominous music)

- No, I won't let you!

Queen Eleanor is my friend!

(Rowena gasps)

- You're even stronger than I thought!

Well done!

(magic shimmering)

(cat purring)
(guard hissing)

- [Rebecca] Come on, Odo!

We must find Queen Eleanor!
(guard cackling)

- Come, Queen Eleanor,
step into the shadow world.

(magic howling)



Come closer!

Yes! (purring)

(suspenseful music)

- No!
(Eleanor gasps)

(dramatic music)

(sword thudding)

(cat screeching)

(Eleanor gasps)

(sword clanging)

(Eleanor gasping)

- [Ivanhoe] Got ya!

(Eleanor gasping)

(sword scraping)

(door slamming)

(cat shrieking)
(Rebecca shouting)

(cat shrieking)
(sword clanging)

(cat hissing)

(sword clanging)

- No! (gasps)
(dramatic music)



- Odo!

- Odo!
- Ivanhoe!

(magic howling)

- Odo!
- Help!

- No!
(magic howling)

- Odo!

Come here, come on.
(moves into suspenseful music)

(cat growling)

(Rebecca gasping)

- Rebecca!
- Ivanhoe!

- Rebecca!

(cat hissing)

(sword ringing)

- [Shameer] You can't defeat me!

(Ivanhoe shouting)
(cat shrieking)

(magic shimmering)

- [Ivanhoe] Rebecca!

(moves into dramatic music)

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe!

- [Ivanhoe] Come on, Rebecca, get my hand!

(Rebecca gasping)

Go on, reach out!

(Rebecca gasping)

(gasps) Go on, push!


That's it, that's it!
(Rebecca gasps)

Just a bit more!
(Rebecca gasps)

That's it, that's it! (gasps)

(Rebecca screams)

- (screams) Ivanhoe!


(moves into sentimental music)

- Rebecca, no, no, no!

They're gone!

(door clanging)

(somber music)

- Your Majesty!

Thank Heaven you're alive.

- Yes, but at what cost?

- They're gone!

I'll find them,

wherever they've gone,
however long it takes.

I'll find them and I'll bring them back!

(triumphant trumpet music)

(moves into dramatic music)

(moves into majestic orchestral music)

(moves into triumphant trumpet music)

(moves into dramatic music)