Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Stonegod - full transcript

(dramatic music)

(crowd mutters)

(sign creaks)

(man grunts)

- Fill up my lucky glass, my dear.

(man groans)

(crowd chants "Hodo")

(man groans)

(crowd cheers)


(man spits)
(crowd laughs)

I win, I think, better luck next time.

What are you doing, that's my prize money.

(sinister music)

- Fill it.

(magical humming)
(crowd gasps)

- It's an old trick, but very
effective, wouldn't you say?

Ah, that belongs to a mighty
magician called Karzan,

and he would not take
kindly to your breaking it.

(Hodo screams)

(crowd mutters)


- Leave him alone.

- Or what?

(fist smashes)
(Rebecca grunts)

- Does that answer your question?

I've just seen Mordor leaving
the castle on his own.

Let's find out what he's doing.

- Mordor, oh, shouldn't
we wait for Ivanhoe?

(man groans)

(bird caws)

(sinister music)

Rebecca, I don't think
this is a good idea.

- [Rebecca] He's
definitely up to something.

- Of course he's up to
something, this is Mordor.

He's always up to something.

- [Rebecca] Then we better
find out what it is.

- I'll bet he schemes even
when he's sitting on the--

- Shh.

He's moving again.
- Oh, wait.

Why did you stop?

(bird cawing)

(mystical buzzing)

Look at that, ooh!

- Not until we know what it's for.

Come on, we don't want
to let him get away.

- You speak for yourself.

(Rebecca shouts)


(Rebecca groans)

(heroic music)

(sword clatters)
(woman gasps)


(water splashing)


(sword whooshing)



(man groans)

(mystical humming)


(electricity buzzing)


(water splashing)


(thunder cracking)



- I'm all right!

- Can you get out?

- I think I can get up the wall.

- Try!

(soft growling)

Come on, Rebecca, stop fooling around.

(Rebecca groans)


(Rebecca groans)

- I'm stuck.

- What can I do?

- Drop me a torch so I
can see what I'm doing.

- You ready?




- My dear, Rebecca, how
nice of you to drop in.

- [Hodo] Mordor.

(mystical whirring)

- Impressive, isn't he?

Once he was worshiped by thousands.

And yet he's lain here
forgotten for eight centuries

until I remembered him.

- More schemes, Mordor.

Don't you ever learn?

- Oh, I've learned my lessons well,

starting with how to choose
the right bait for a trap.

You are Ivanhoe's great weakness.

Stone God, I've brought you a sacrifice!

A vessel for your liberation!



(deep groaning)

(Hodo whimpers)

- What do you want?

- Power over my enemies...

And the skull of Alcazar.

- The power of the skull of Alcazar

is not to be taken lightly.

- If you wish to walk this land again

you must do my bidding.

Awaken the skull.

Strike down the druid, Fingal.

(deep groan)

- It should turn green.

(chest rumbles)

It should definitely
have turned green by now.

(mystical humming)

(Fingal screams)

(rat squeaks)


(eerie screeching)

- The skulls have awoken.

You know what that means.

- Yes, master.

- The fifth skull.

The lost altarpiece of
Alcazar must be close by.

Possession of all five
skulls would elevate

our order to ultimate power.

- Yes, master.

- You must seek out the knight, Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe, master?

- He knows where the skull is.

- Master, most of the order
is in France and Italy and--

- Then take the citadel guard.

And if that is not enough,
I have mercenaries.

I know this Ivanhoe.

He will not give up the skull willingly.

He must be compelled.

- Come on, Chester.

We've got to get to Ivanhoe.

I told Rebecca not to follow, Mordor.

It might be a trap.

Nobody ever listens to me.

It wasn't to happen.

Go on, go on, my son.

- You have your letters of safe conduct?

- Yes, I have them safe here.

- Good.

As soon as you make land,
head straight for Rouen.

The queen mother will be there.

She'll take charge of the ransom.

- Don't worry.
(swords clattering)

- [Ivanhoe] Were you expecting an escort?

- [Monk] No.

- Come on into the boat.


- We are betrayed!

- No, the ransom is more important.

Go, get in the boat, leave.

I'll deal with them.

(swords clatter)

(men grunting)
(swords clanging)

(adventurous music)


(men grunting)
(swords clanging)


Come on, then.

- Ivanhoe, Rebecca, Mordor's got her.

- What?

- Mordor's got Rebecca.

- Where?

- In the cave in the woods
near the Wixsby Crossroads.

We were following him.

- What were you doing following Mordor?

- I don't know, it wasn't my idea.

- What else?

- A stone face, tall as a man,
but somehow very lifelike.

Mordor wants to sacrifice Rebecca to it.

- Then I've gotta get
Rebecca, you get Fingal.

If there's magic involved we'll need him.

- I don't wanna go there, I
don't wanna face those demons.

- Hodo, you should know by
now, they're only illusions.

- Very good illusions.

- Cover your eyes,
we'll ride through them.

(tongue clicking)

- Easy for you to say!

Come on, Chester.

- Ah!

Happy is the man who loves his work.


(chanting in foreign language)

Waste not, want not.


- Oh, oh, wha?

- I know you.

Hodo the dwarf.

- I've never heard of him,

but I could get a message to him.

(suspenseful music)

- Rebecca?

- [Rebecca] I'm down here!

- I'll climb down.

- No, wait!

There's another entrance.

I feel a breeze blowing.

- I'll have a look.

- Where has your master gone?

- I'm a dwarf, I serve no man.

- You are scum and beholden to Ivanhoe,

now where is he?

- I haven't seen him for months.



He was on the beach a little while ago.

(loon calling)

- I want you to find
him and tell him this.

De Greel of the Templar Order
seeks a meeting with him

on a matter of the utmost importance.

Tell him to meet me at
the Wixby Crossroads.

- Wixby Crossroads.

- Rebecca.

- Mordor was here.



- Right.

- He led me here on purpose.

- To trap you.

- Trap me?

- (sighs) He knew that
Hodo would go and get you

and that you would come after me.

- Hm.

Well, this sounds too elaborate
to be just a trap for me,

even for Mordor.

Watch out.

- The demon is just an illusion.

You have nothing to fear.


Anybody there?


(rat screeches)


Anybody there?



(rat squeaks)

Where is your master?

(rat squeaks)



You bit me.

Ivanhoe's not going to
like this one little bit.

Come on then.


- It's no good!

- No.

With the right amount of pressure.

Come on, it's coming.

I can feel it moving.

- There might be a way,
I can feel something.




- [Ivanhoe] Rebecca!

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe, my hand.

- It feels like--

- Like stone.

It's taking me over, Ivanhoe.

I can feel it.


(hilt clanging)

- Release her!

Release her or I swear I'll destroy you

even if it takes a lifetime.

(hilt clanging)

Release her!


- Little man.

Do you think you can threaten me?

I am the stone god.

I am as old as the hills.

I am made from the bones of the Earth.

Do you think you can
frighten me with your sword?

- If you're so powerful
why are you trapped here?

- Treachery by my own brother.

- Who is your brother?

Perhaps we can make a bargain.

In exchange for Rebecca's life, I...

- You'd what?

Release me?

Kill the spirit of the hills?

Once I have taken this
woman's body for my own

then I will be free.

And then I will deal with my brother.


- Rebecca.

- I think it's the spirit of the hills.

- I can go to him, he can help us.

Be brave.

- Do I have a choice?

(stones rumbling)

- [Ivanhoe] Ow.

- Ooh.

I slipped.

- Where's Fingal?

- He wasn't at the cave.

- Nevermind.

Go inside, guard Rebecca!

- Right, guard Rebecca.

What from?

- Everything!

- Right, everything.


The Templars want to meet
you at the crossroads,

and they don't look very happy, hoo hoo!

(suspenseful music)

- How long have you stood here?

Kings have come and gone and
yet you stand here still.

Ancient, wise. (chuckles)


Not anymore!

- And do as thou wilt shall
be the whole of the law.

Druids' Grove, I thought
I might find you here.

- I should kill you.

- You should thank me.

I've released you from your prison.

All those years of study,
sacrifice, and for what?

The company of a rat,
the gratitude of oafs?

I've given you a rare gift.

Freedom from all constraint.

- (scoffs) I should be grateful?


- Of course not.

We two should be allies.

We should always have been allies.

- And why does the mighty
Mordor want allies?

Let me guess, the chosen one? (laughs)

- Even I cannot defeat
Ivanhoe alone, but together.

- And after that?

- After that, the stone
god can be bring Morlock

back from hell and we'll
clear the way for him

by killing Ivanhoe.

And we shall be his princes here on Earth.

I on his right hand, you on his left.

(sword clatters)

- I'm unarmed.

Ivanhoe, I trust you are well.

- De Greel, what do you want?

- My order seeks the skull of Alcazar.

We know you have it.

- The skull is not within my gift

and even if it were I would
never place it in your hands.

- You're making a mistake.

We will have that skull even
if we have to pursue you

to the ends of the Earth.

- Then I think you'll need a better horse.

(horse gallops)

- I tried to reason with him.

- I know what to do.

- Don't forget I need him
alive, at least at first.

(dramatic music)

horse snorts)

(men chanting)

- Friar Bacon?

- Ivanhoe, is it you?

- Friar Bacon, I need your help.

- Anything.

- I need some of your blasting power.

Do you have any at hand?

- Where did I put it?

Just the two pouches I am afraid.

- That should suffice.

- If it's explosives you need

I have something much more powerful.

- How much more powerful?

- Oh, incomparably.

Why, it could knock down whole palaces.

Or send us to the heavens.

- Friar, I need to wake
somebody up not blow them up.


I have enough enemies as it is.

I must rush, Rebecca's life is in peril.

- There he is.

- Hide.
- But...

- No, it's me they're after.

(adventurous music)

(men grunting)
(sword clanging)

(men grunting)
(sword clanging)

(men grunting)


- After him!

Get the horses!

Roll call!

- It looks Roman.

- This temple must date
back to the Empire.

- Oh no, it's much older than that.

- How can you possibly know that?

- I'm a dwarf, I know these things.

- Hodo.


(Rebecca groans)

- What can I do?

Don't worry, Rebecca.

Ivanhoe's gone to find Hik,
the spirit of the hills.

They'll set you free.

Fingal, thank goodness.

You're not Fingal.

- And this of course is the snare

in which we catch our quarry.


- Excellent.

- Whatever else transpires,
Ivanhoe has no choice

but to step into the trap.

- But the dwarf here says Ivanhoe has gone

to seek help from Hik.

- Hik?

(horses galloping)

(tongue clicks)
- Go on, ah!

- Interesting, I wasn't expecting that.

- You've always underestimated him.

- Oh, it doesn't matter.

On his own, Hik can do
nothing against his brother.

And sooner or later, Ivanhoe must attempt

to rescue his paramour.

- Don't.

(electricity buzzes)

(Hodo groans)

(Hodo screams)

Oh, no!
(rocks crumble)

- Whichever way he turns,
Ivanhoe's fate is sealed.

- Best be sure.

(electricity buzzes)

(Hodo groans)

Ivanhoe's plan!

- I don't know, nobody tells me anything!

- He knows nothing, Fingal.

Kill it and be done with it.

- You're too quick to kill things.

The dwarf amuses me, I
shall keep it as my fool.

As long as it makes me laugh.

- Oh, I can do that, ooh, mm.

- Hik, show yourself!

(spark crackles)

(water splashes)

(dramatic music)

(men grunting)

(sword clangs)

(men grunting)

- Alive, you dolts.

The Templars want him alive!

(Ivanhoe groans)

(men grunting)

(water splashing)

(men grunting)

(sword clatters)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

(water splashing)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

(man groans)
(water splashes)

- You should ask yourself is it worth it.

(suspenseful music)

- Who dares disturb me?

I know you, you're the chosen one.

- I need your help, Hik.

- Again?

Why can you not leave me in peace?

- The stone god, your
brother, has awakened.

- Why should this concern me?

- Beause he has taken a friend
of mine to be sacrificed.

- That is of no mettle.

I have set myself apart from the world

and have no interest in its affairs.

I wish only to pursue my
contemplation in peace.

- Then I shall return
with more blasting powder.

I'll blow up your whole mountain.

You'll have no peace,
Hik, until you help me.

- You wouldn't dare.

- To save my companion there
is nothing I would not dare.

- It took the full power
of my entire family

to imprison the stone god.

Alone I would need the skull
of Alcazar to fight him.

- Then I'll bring you the skull.


- Lost, centuries ago.

- No, it was found by me.

- Well...

Take it to the temple and summon me there.

- You have my gratitude.

- I don't need your thanks.

I need only to be left in peace.

- Clever, isn't he?

- We cannot beat him, not even together.


- You jest.

- Even he does not comprehend
one-tenth of his powers.

- If our power's not enough,
then we must use guile.

He must be brought here.

Not even the chosen one
can stand against us

and the stone god.

Perhaps you should go and
meet him at your cave.

After all, he will be
expecting to see you.

He still thinks you have the skull.

- I should find what sort of
bargain he's made with Hik

then I shall bring him here!

- It's the treacherous blow
that often proves the fatal one.

- Come along, little man,
there are traps to be set


and we must be about it!

(mystical whirring)

- What a fool.

(thrilling music)

(mystical whirring)

- Up, jester, we are here.

How small it all seems to me now.

- You can always knock out
some walls, put in windows.

- You are such a stupid little man.

- I try my best.

- Though perhaps not as stupid as Mordor

to think that he could control me.

- You mean you're not?

- I am Fingal!


I do no man's bidding.

- You had me fooled.

- Mordor's transparent.

He seeks to open a road from hell

so that his ancestor
Morlock can return. (laughs)

- And you can stop him?

- Stop him?

You are a useless fellow indeed.

I shall dispose of Mordor

and take his place in Morlock's favor.

- Take his place?

- Then I shall be supreme!

- Oh, goodie.

- It's you who are a fool, Mordor.

- Oh, I think not.

I've been planning this trap for months.

Every part crafted, oiled, and fitted

like a well-made water
mill and even as we speak

Ivanhoe is rushing to place his head

between the grindstones.


Are you praying, Rebecca?

Do you really think your God can help you?

(fist whooshing)
(Mordor groaning)

(electricity buzzes)

Is this what you want?

A quick death, an easy death?

I think not.

- I'll die before I let
you use me against him.

(Rebecca gags)

(Rebecca groans)

- Probably.

- Where is Ivanhoe?

- Escaped.

- Indeed.

I had heard you were good,
but perhaps it was overstated.


- I have fought the Turk,
the Bulgar, and the Saracen.

I stood in battle at Beirut and suffered

while the knights of
your order ran like dogs.

But I have never faced the
like of this Ivanhoe before.

He's a man of honor,
something I had forgotten.

I will not face him again,

not for all the gold in Constantinople.

Now get out of my sight!

- Fingal!

- Oh, by the great oak, I
am glad to see you, Ivanhoe.

- And I, you.

- Hodo has told me of Rebecca's plight.

We must act now.

- I have made a bargain with Hik.

- Excellent.

- But he requires the skull of Alcazar.

- Alas, the skull was stolen
while I was out gathering moss.

- Stolen by whom?


- Who else would dare?

No matter, you and I
together are sufficient

to defeat Mordor.

(rat squeaking)


(dramatic music)

- What of the stone god?

- Once Mordor is dead, then we
can deal with the stone god.

- You look very beautiful, my dear.

The stone god couldn't have
chosen a better vessel.

- I can't leave Rebecca in such peril.

- That Mordor is more important!

I'm sorry, Ivanhoe, but
this is how it must be!

- No.

Hodo, run.


- Ooh!


(beam blasting)

- On the other hand, Fingal
might kill Ivanhoe himself.

And once he's taken a life,

he will have sealed himself
to the darkness forever.

(adventurous music)

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

- If you've truly turned
to evil, strike me down.

Come on.

- Yes!

Do as thou wilt shall be the law.

Strike him down, kill him!

(mystical humming)


(Fingal groans)

- I am too weak to help you.

You must rescue Rebecca
or all hope is lost.

Take the skull, go.


- Come on, Hodo.

- I don't believe it.

- Life is full of little surprises.

- Do you think it makes any difference?

To save you he must come here

and you don't have much time left.

- One day you will die, Mordor,

and your soul will burn
in torment for eternity.

- I've been to hell.

It holds no fear for me.

Tell me, Rebecca, which do you fear more?

That Ivanhoe will come
here and be destroyed

or that he'll make no
attempt to save you, hm?

It's better this way, isn't it?

A heroic sacrifice and then oblivion?

After all, what future did you
and the perfect knight have?

You should thank me, I saved
you from disappointment.

(horse neighs)

Can you hear him?

He's coming now, riding
on his white horse,

his heart pure and his
mind empty of thought.

I am waiting, Ivanhoe!

- Whoa!

- Why have we stopped?

- Mordor's pushing me.

He's sending me here and there

and now he expects me to
rush right into a snare.

He's making me act without thinking.

There's more at stake here
than just Rebecca's life.

- Mordor is going to use the
stone god to release Morlock.

- Didn't you think to tell me this before?

- Well, I didn't really get the chance

with that fireball bouncing everywhere

and everything and all that.

- Then whatever else happens,

the stone god must be destroyed!

- I think the temple's that way.

- [Ivanhoe] Yah!

(adventurous music)


- Save your breath,
your time's nearly over.


- Hodo, get me a cart, rope,
and some coarse twine netting.

- What now?

- Yes, go now, be quick.

- A cart, rope, coarse twine netting.

Leave it to me.


- That blasting powder you spoke of,

(suspenseful music)

how much do you have?

- You know, I believe
your Ivanhoe is late.

(Rebecca whimpers)


- Oh Lord. (chanting)

- Perhaps he's not as good
a man as you think he is.

(thrilling music)

Ivanhoe, I am disappointed.

(ground explodes)


(thrilling music)


- (whimpers) Rebecca!

- If you're so keen to meet
your ancestor in hell, Mordor,

why don't we all go and see him together?

- You won't do it.

- What have I got to lose?

- Do I get a say in this?

- Stone god, awaken!

Awake now as your enemies destroy you!


- Ivanhoe!



- I am awake!

Who summons me?

- I summon you!

- What would you seek?

- An open road to hell for my ancestor.

- An open road to hell for all of us.

- You're bluffing.

- Try me.

- An open road for my ancestor.


- Hik!

By the skull of Alcazar, I
summon you to this place!

- [Mordor] Too late, Ivanhoe.


(electricity crackling)



- Ivanhoe, give me the skull!

- Hodo, the skull!

- Hold, Ivanhoe!

Do you think I'm so unprepared?


Kill him!

(men grunting)
(swords clanging)


(swords clanging)
(men grunting)


He comes, my ancestor comes!

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

- Go, Ivanhoe!


- [Mordor] It's too late, Ivanhoe.


You can't stop him now!


- Oh, Rebecca.

(Rebecca groans)

- You did it.

- He very nearly didn't.

- Hik, I know you don't
what my gratitude but...

- True, I wish only to be

left in peace.
- Left in peace, I know.

I won't call on you
again, you have my word.

- Be sure that you keep it.

- Would you really have blown us all up?

- Hodo.

(spark crackling)

(Ivanhoe shouts)
(Rebecca gasps)


(horse galloping)

- And the skull of Alcazar?

- I found no trace of it, master.

Perhaps it was destroyed.

- No.

The other skulls still glow,
betraying its presence.

It is not yet gone from this world.

And Ivanhoe will know where it is.

- Then we will try again, we--

- Try again, you?

You have failed the order, De Greel.

You are lucky I do not strike you down!

As for Ivanhoe, his time will come.

- So it was all a bluff?

I'm impressed.

- Friar Bacon only had one casket.

He had no time to make up others.

(spark crackles)

- Didn't Friar Bacon
tell you there were two

of those explosion things?

(Rebecca gasps)

(Hodo whimpers)

(gentle music)


- You're right, Hodo.

There was two.


(adventurous music)