Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Scorpion - full transcript

(dramatic music)

- Yes, yes, that's quite enough.

How do I look?

- You are as ever the envy
of all the court, sire.

- The Countess Adel of Normandy.

- Your Highness.

(soft romantic music)

- The Countess and I are not to be

disturbed under any circumstances.

- Are we quite alone, Your Highness?

- I have dismissed all the servants.

I will be serving you tonight.

- If Your Highness will permit,

it would be my honor to serve you.

(Prince John laughing)

Oh, you see how I laugh when
I'm with you, Countess Adel.

No one else in court can do the same.

- Oh, Your Highness is too generous.

- Well, how else could
I be when confronted

by someone as beautiful,
tender, delicate as yourself.

What's that?

- It is a fashion from
the Orient, Your Highness.

It is an animal called scorpion.

- A scorpion?

- A small creature with
a sting in its tail.

- Really?

- I have another one
elsewhere, Your Highness.

- Really?

(dramatic triumphant music)

(men grunting)

(Prince John laughs)

(magic beam zaps)

(suspenseful music)

- I am constantly amazed
at just how boring

that slimy wretch Prince John can be.

And how is our prisoner?

- The prisoner has declined to offer

any more information, Countess.

- I want those names.

(faint distant screaming)

(man whimpering)

Oh, there, there.

Is that better?

- Please, let me go, I beg you.

- I will, when you tell me all the names

of the Saxon barons who are
still loyal to King Richard.

- I told you everything I know.

- Hm.

All you've told me is
the name of one person,

that of your own master, Lord Rothermere.

- Only Ivanhoe's father, Lord Cedric,

knows who all the others are.

- So tell me where Lord Cedric is hiding.

- I don't know.

(man yells)

- Where is Cedric?

- I don't know.

- Where is he?

- I tell you, I don't know.

(man yells)

All right, I'll tell
you, please just stop.

- Sorry, where is he?

- He's in Baron Bostric's castle.

- Oh, that's better.

- Will you please just let me go?

- Of course.

I need to get out of these filthy clothes.

Kill him.

- [Prisoner] No, no!

- I find tapestry work so therapeutic.

Cedric says I've produced some of

the best quality artwork he's ever seen.

It requires a delicate touch,
which not everyone has.

I'm afraid your hands are just

too big for this sort of thing.

- We must be on our guard, Ivanhoe.

One of Lord Rothermere's
servants has gone missing.

We fear he may have
exposed his master's role

in the fight against Prince John.

- And the ransom money?

- Safe with Isaac of York,

but I want you to go to Lord Rothermere.

He's vulnerable, he may need protection.

- If they know about Lord Rothermere,

won't they know about the other
members of the opposition?

- Only I know all the names

and they're not written down anywhere.

They're all safe in here.

- I should stay here with you.

- No, you must go, and immediately.

I'll be safe here.

(dramatic music)

- [Girl] Give it to me, it's mine.

(gentle music)

- Stay away from your father's
sword, it's not a toy.

(Lord Rothermere chuckles)

(suspenseful music)

(metal clanking)

- Yes, yes, I hear you.

Countess Adel.

- Take me to Lord Rothermere.

- No one informed me you were arriving.


The Countess Adel of Normandy, my lord.

- Countess Adel, what a surprise.

- Lord Rothermere, you really
must get rid of this old fool.

- James has been loyal servant
with us for many years.

We have no reason to replace him.

- Well, now you do.

- What is the meaning of this outrage?

- Oh, you'll find out soon enough.

- He drew it with his own blood.

- See, look at this.

I told you it was worth staying behind.

- I still say we should've
gone with the others.

When she finds out, she'll.

(dramatic music)

(man grunting)

- Get back.

- Who did this?

- Never.

You got no idea what you're up against.

(man laughs)

You think you've frightened me, do you?

You haven't met the scorpion.

- He killed himself, but why?

- You see, you're looking better already.

Much nicer than being cooped
up in that stuffy old castle.

- You take very good care of me, Rowena,

and I'm very grateful.

(man grunts)

(men grunting)

- Run, my lord!

(swords clanging)

- [Rowena] Hurry.


- [Cedric] Rowena.

- Ivanhoe!

- We were too late,
Lord Rothermere is dead.

- My god.

- He and his family had been slaughtered

by the time we arrived.

Where's my father?

What is it?

- They were attacked.

Rowena was injured.

- Ivanhoe.

- Thank god you're safe.

Where's my father?

- They took him.
- They?


- It happened so fast.

They were everywhere.

This man, he hit me and

when I came around, Cedric was gone.

- We searched the entire forest.

There's not a trace of them anywhere.

- Prince John.

- No, I don't think so.

I made careful inquiries
and I've heard nothing.

- Have you ever heard of the scorpion?

- No.

- Lord Rothermere left it
as a sign before he died.

- Is it the sign of some
secret society, perhaps?

- Odo.

Put the word out.

I want any information we
can find about the scorpion.

What it is, where it is, who it is.

Anything you can find, fast.

We have a scorpion to crush.

- These scrolls you
acquired from the Orient

are truly marvels to behold, my lady.

The minds that created
these traps were ingenious.

- Hmm.

And how is the construction going?

- Well, my lady.

- I want to see a demonstration.

Come here.

- Your ladyship.
- Your ladyship.

- You're the one that forgot
to bring me fresh fruit.

- I'm so sorry, your ladyship.

There was a mix-up in the kitchen.

- Yes, of course there was.

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe.

Make another mistake and I'll make sure

you live to regret it.

- Yes, my lady.

- Get out of my sight.

I'd like you to walk to
the end of this corridor.

You can do that, can't you?

- Your ladyship.

- Well, off you go.

Come along, I haven't got all day.

(man screams)

(Adel laughs)

- It will be much quicker
when it is finished, my lady.

- Your guest has arrived.

- Oh, there's no rest for the wicked.

Oh, you'd better tell the kitchen

that they need a new member of staff.

Lord Cedric, how good of
you to agree to visit.

I see you've been made to feel at home

while I slipped into
something more comfortable.

- You fear an old man so much that you

put him in manacles and cover my eyes.

- Well, let's just say that

I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

- I recognize that voice.

- Yes, yes, yes, of course you do.

- Countess Adel.

- (chuckles) You see, I
said you'd be surprised.

- What is the meaning of this?

- Oh, come along, Lord Cedric.

Don't play the outraged lord with me.

I could hand you over to Prince John

right now if I wanted to.

- Then why haven't you?

- Because I want the
names of the Saxon barons

who are conspiring against Prince John.

I already know about Lord Rothermere.

- So, you're responsible for
the servant that went missing.

- That's right, he gave me

Lord Rothermere's name and your own.

Only you know all the names,

because you've very wisely
committed them to memory.

Now, let's not waste any more time.

Tell me the names of the Saxon barons

who are still loyal to
King Richard's cause.

- I will never tell you the names.

- Oh, I think you will.

Welcome to my playroom.

Your loyalty to your Saxon cause

is very touching, Lord Cedric.

- You expect me to betray my comrades

so you and your Norman
filth can run this kingdom

with that fool Prince John on the throne.

- Prince John is only on the throne

because we Normans want him to be there.

Believe me, he'll soon have
outlived his usefulness.

Is your son, Ivanhoe, as
stubborn as you, Lord Cedric?

- You may find out one day to your cost.

- Sounds tempting.

Now, come along.

Tell me the names.

Huh, very well.

- Someone's been making
inquiries about the scorpion.

- Hmm.

Well, if anyone says
anything, you know what to do.

Now, where was I?

(uplifting music)

- [Odo] Come on.

- [Ivanhoe] This had better be worth it.

- It will be.

Samuel knows all about the scorpion.

- [Ivanhoe] Hmm.

- Samuel, it's me, Odo. (gasps)

(moves into dramatic music)

- What happened?

- Come here.

Oh, his tongue's been cut out.

- Damn this scorpion.

- Let's think.

What do we have to go on?

- The thugs at Lord Rothermere's.

- Right.

Now, did they say anything?

- Yes, they said if she finds out.

- She?

So the scorpion's a woman.

- Yes, what do you know about him?

- Not a lot.

- [Ivanhoe] Was he seeing anyone?

- Just some servant girl.

- Where does she work?

- I think he told me she worked

at the Countess Adel's castle.

Don't be ridiculous.

The Countess Adel is known as one of

the gentlest women in the kingdom.

- Really.

Well, let's make sure, shall we?

(gentle music)

- [Henchman] I thought
you might like to know

that Ivanhoe has picked
up your trail, my lady.

- How delightful.

I do hope I'm not a disappointment.

(chicken squawking)
(children laughing)

- [Catherine] Can't believe Samuel's dead.

- I swear, I will avenge
his death for you.

- Will you?
- Yes, you have my word.

(children laughing)

- Come on, come on.

Go and play over there.

- We need your help, Catherine.

- What can I do?

- We need information from
someone in the castle.

- Yes.

- Not you, it's too dangerous.

- No.

- I want you to get Odo
a job in the castle.

- Yes, what?

- They are looking for
kitchen staff at the moment.

Most people don't stay long.

Some just disappear.

- Hang on a moment.

- Can you do it, Catherine?

- Yes.

- Could we discuss this at further length?

- [Catherine] He's very good, sir, really.

- [Man] He looks a bit stupid to me.

- Well, he's a bit simple,

but he's my cousin, and
he does need the work.

- All right then, as long
as he can peel vegetables.

- Oh, he's very good at that, sir.

- Come on, then, let's get you started.

And mind you behave.

The Countess is a most demanding mistress.

And I don't put up with
no slacking, neither.

(suspenseful music)

(Odo gasps)

(Odo gasps)

- I've been looking everywhere for you.

Here, take this.

I fixed it so you can
deliver this to the Countess.

She's down there.

(moves into gentle music)

- Ah, fresh fruit.

I don't recognize you.

- I've just started work
in the kitchen, me lady.

- A dwarf working in my
kitchen, whatever next?

- You were a little short staffed.

- Still am, by the look of you.

Well, put it here.

How are you finding it, little man?

- Lovely.

I beg your pardon, my lady?

- Working here in the castle.

- It's very big.

Do you have any dungeons?

- Why do you ask?

- I've never worked in a castle this big,

but I've heard they always have dungeons.

I'd like to see them.

- You ought to be careful.

You might just get what you're asking for.

You can go.

(Adel giggles)

- [Man] I still can't
believe Countess Adel--

- We'll know soon enough.

Let's just hope that
my father can hold out

long enough before he
gives them any names.

- [Man] They may come after you.

- And I shall be ready.

- It's too dangerous, Ivanhoe.

You must think of Rowena's safety.

Perhaps you should leave the castle

and hide her somewhere for a while.

(Cedric groaning)

- The old fool isn't going to crack.

He'll take those names to the grave

if I push him any further.

We've got to think of another way.

A weak point.

Of course.

- Take care.

- They've left the castle.

(dramatic music)

- I don't think I can
go on for much longer.

I'm feeling faint again.

- We'll stop soon.

- I was talking to Ivanhoe.

Ivanhoe, did you hear me?

- Yes, Rowena, I heard,
and Rebecca's right.

We'll stop soon.

(men laughing)

- Help, someone please help me!

Get your stinking hands off me!

Go away, help!

No, help!


Stay away from me.
- Stay here.

- Please, stop!
- Leave her!

(swords clanging)
(men grunting)

- Well, aren't you going to help him?

- [Rebecca] Are you all right?

- Rowena!

Watch out.

(Rebecca and Ivanhoe yelling)


- Good work.
- Thanks.

- [Rowena] Let me go!

(Rebecca coughs)

- I'm all right.

They were expecting us.

- I should've seen it coming.

First my father, now Rowena.

(Ivanhoe yells)

- Let me go!

(Adel clears throat)

Who are you?

I demand to be released immediately.

- Oh, she's soft.

She won't take long.

Leave us.

I want to have her all to myself.

- How dare you?

Do you know who I am?

- It's Rowena, isn't it?

You're the ward of Lord Cedric.

That's right, I know all about you,

and very soon I shall know even more.

Perhaps not so soft after all.

- Help, let me out of here!

Can anyone hear me, please.

- This is a complete waste of time.

- What have you got?

- Blisters, from non-stop
vegetable peeling.

You're wrong about the Countess, Ivanhoe.

I've seen her, she's
incapable of being nasty.

She's soft, gentle, feminine--

- Yeah, what else?

- Apparently she's got a
guest at dinner tonight,

but no one's allowed to disturb her.

Nobody knows who it is.

- Then find out.

We'll be waiting for you here tonight.

Don't be late.

- [Adel] You really must
give me more warning

next time you come to
visit, Your Highness.

I feel the meal I served
did not do you justice.

- But I didn't come for the meal, did I?

- Your Highness, please.

You might be overheard.

- I don't care. (laughs)

When I'm with you, matters of state

or what the court thinks
suddenly doesn't seem important.

What really matters is us.

- Oh, look who we've got here.

(dog growls)

Is that Prince John?

Look at him in all his finery, oh.

- Have you no idea who is among you?

- It doesn't matter.

- Of course it matters.


I said, bow!


- He can't hear you, my lady, he's deaf.

- Perhaps we should be
getting back to the castle.

- I don't care what he is,

he will obey or I will teach him to obey.

Oh, why you insolent wretch!

You did that on purpose.

(man groans)

Ignore me, will you?

Try and ignore this.

Release the dog.

(dog barking)

(man yelling)

- Countess Adel.

- Peasants can be so stubborn,

don't you find, Your Highness?

(peasant woman cries)

(henchman whistles)

- You must excuse us, your ladyship,

but Prince John has a pressing engagement

and we must leave immediately.

- You said you could stay all afternoon.

- Matters of state,
courtiers can be so stubborn.

Good day to you.

- [Peasant Woman] (sobs) Come.

(suspenseful music)

- This way, come on.


That's it.

Surprised, aren't you?

I think that perhaps we haven't
got off on the right foot.

Please, help yourself.

Let me help you.

You see how nice I can be?

You really mustn't get
the wrong impression.

Well, I don't like Prince
John any more than you do.

I have this kingdom's
best interests at heart.

I want to help you but first
you really must help me.

Tell me the names.

Very well, have it your own way.

Bring her in.

- Rowena.

What have you done to her?

- Believe me, Lord Cedric,
I haven't even got started.

Take them to the dungeons,

then let her see how
much longer you refuse

to give me the names of
your loyal Saxon barons.

- Ooh.

(owl hoots)

- You're late.

What's happened?

- They've got Odo, they caught
him in the Countess' bedroom.

- Typical.

- [Ivanhoe] Where is he now?

- They've taken him to the garrison.

- Right, well we haven't got much time.

Can you get us into the castle?

- I think so.

- [Ivanhoe] Let's go.

- I was just tidying up.

What else would I be doing
in my lady's bedroom?

(men laughing)

- Shall we tell him how it works?

First our boss, you know the big

solid fellow who caught you?

He suffers you up a bit for the Countess,

then she takes over, which is when

you should really start worrying.

(men laughing)

(suspenseful music)

- The garrison's down there.

- You've risked enough, Catherine.

Get back to the kitchen before
anyone becomes suspicious.

- I can get you anything, anything at all,

just tell me what you want.

I've got the contacts, I've got, Ivanhoe.

- And I suppose you expect
us to turn around, do you?

- Well.

(dramatic music)

I saw Cedric and Rowena.

- They're alive.

- Adel's taken them to the dungeons.

- Lead the way.

- Now let me show you how this

is going to work, Lord Cedric.

You tell me the names of your
Saxon barons and this happens.


You don't tell me the names of your loyal

Saxon barons and this happens.

(Rowena screams)

- Stop, stop.

I'll tell you the names.

- No!

Don't tell her!

- Forgive me.

- I'm waiting.

(Rowena screams)

- Baron John of Woolsey.

- Too slow.

- Jonathan Colson, Robert of Pandridge,

Frederick of Oxford.

- [Ivanhoe] Is it down here?

- Please, let me go.

- [Ivanhoe] Get in there.

- It's not safe to go any further.

- Move it.

(man grunts)

- He had a point there.

- I wonder how many other surprises

she's got in store for us.

- Say close behind me.


(man grunts)

- [Henchman] Where is he?

- We were attacked, they were everywhere.

- Ivanhoe.

- How fast can you run?

- Fast.

- Then run!

(explosion booms)

(Odo screams)

- It's locked.
- Then open it.

- Hurry, Odo.

- Go!

- Ooh.

That's not very imaginative.

(gasps) It's a grinding machine,

we're going to be ground up.

- Watch what I do, then follow me.

(Ivanhoe grunts)

You've got to fit in between the spikes.

- You must be joking.

- [Ivanhoe] Do it, Odo, now.

- Either you do it or you die.

(Odo yells)

- [Ivanhoe] That's it, Odo, I've got you.

Well done.

Come on, Rebecca.

Come on, you're running out of time.

I've got you, Rebecca.

Come on.

- That's it, that's all the names.

- Now let's hope he's not lying, my dear.

That would be most unwise.

- Ivanhoe's in the castle.

- Well, well.

You got through all my traps.

How tenacious of you.

- Rebecca, Odo.

(henchman growls)
(swords clanging)

(dramatic music)

(Rebecca grunts)

- [Odo] Come on, my lady.

- Rebecca!

Odo, get them out of here!


Have a seat.

Looks like you've been
outwitted, Countess Adel.

- Oh, but it's been nice to see

the legendary Ivanhoe in action.

It's such a shame I couldn't
have had you all to myself.

- Don't tempt me.

- Is that a threat, or a promise?

I do hope it's a promise.

- What news of Countess Adel?

- She's completely
vanished, Your Highness.

The court can talk of nothing else.

She's left everything behind,

there's not a trace of her anywhere.

- Good, I never really liked her anyway.

There was something
rather creepy about her.

I knew immediately I met her, of course.

I'm a very good judge of character.

- [Servant] Was there
anything else, Your Highness?

- Seize all her possessions.

Her castle, her money,
her servants, her guards.

They are now the property of the crown.

Oh yes, and get rid of
those horrible dogs.

(gentle music)

- How are you feeling?

- A little stiff but it'll take

more than a Countess
Adel to finish me off.

Although, I was glad to see you.

- I was glad to see you, Father.

Father, we cannot rest so long

as the Countess has those names.

- Those names are worthless.

- You lied to her.

You took that risk.

- Only because I knew
you wouldn't let us down.

(triumphant music)