Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Thunderknight - full transcript

(suspenseful drumming)

(suspenseful music)

- I wish Ivanhoe was here.

- He will be soon.

- He wouldn't keep me waiting,
while he picked herbs,

not when we could be back at
the inn, having a nice beer.

- Well, you can go on without me.

- Alright.

- What's all the hurry about, anyway?

- I'm meeting a friend.

(donkey braying)

- I didn't know he had any friends.

(triumphant music)


(horse neighing)

- Oh, easy, oh.

Oh, easy.

(horse neighing)

God's teeth, Draco, you
nearly had me unseated.

- A true knight would ride a horse

that is suitably dragon-trained.

- I assume you didn't come here,

merely to hurl insults at me.

- No, you're right.

I need your help.

Danger is approaching on swift wings.

(lighthearted folk music)

- Oh, come on, hurry up.

Play on, play on.

Oh, drink up.


(excited squeal)

- It's been a pleasure, gentlemen.

- Wait.

Roll again.

- I'd love to oblige you,
but it appears you don't have

anything left, worth wagering.

- Just, this.

- Doesn't look very valuable.

- It's a map, a map that
leads to a treasure.

- Treasure?

- A treasure worth more than
all of this put together.

- Well, when you put it like that.

Let's roll.

- It is a great evil that
comes from a time of my master.

- Merlin?

- Yes. An evil that should be safely dead.

But it is finding a way
back from the other side.

- The other side?

- From beyond death itself.

(triumphant music)

(gentle music)

(donkey braying)

(horse neighing)

(suspenseful music)

- Looking for something?

- Taking our map.

- But I won that fair and square.

- We want our map.

- [Odo] I can see your point but--

- Leave him alone.

- Odo!

- Hegg!

- You know this horse thief?

- Most of my best friends
are horse thieves.

- Don't interfere, sletten.


- No is there any way to a lady.

- You can't treat him like that.

- Can't I?

(dramatic music)



(coins clinking)

(playful music)

- Are you alright, Rebecca?

- I'll be fine.

- So, how can I help stop this evil?

- The dawn sword is the key.

Through its power, Morgan
le Fay shall live again

and then, the Thunderknight will ride.

- So I must destroy this sword?

- No, just find it, seize it.

All will become clear.

- Find it where?

- Stop! Your questions are wasting time.

We may already be too late.

I sense the map of its
whereabouts has been given

to the little man.

- Are you still wearing
that disgusting thing?

- What is it?

Some kind of charm?

- My lucky pig's ear.

- Wasn't very lucky for the pig.

- So this little man you describe,

he's greedy, conniving and careless.

- Indeed.

- Yes, I have a good idea who it is.

- Yes, the dwarf.

Your friend, Odo.

- But why Odo?

- Evil hands may not draw the dawn sword.

It requires the help of an unwitting fool.

- Odo certainly qualifies.

- You must hurry, find him

and stop him before he wakes the sword.

Ride now!

(horse neighing)

- Are you sure you'll be alright?

- What do you mean?

- If we leave you here, alone.

- I'm sure I'll survive.

- It's just that Hegg and I
have to visit some friends,

who live out near the standing stones.

- Just make sure you don't
let them near your donkey.

- Why don't we just stay for a drink?

- 'Cause of this, fool, go, go.

(curious folk music)

- You should have a horse,
you're a horse thief.

- I know, I know.

There just doesn't seem to be too many

unattended horses around at the moment.

- Still.

- We should be alright here,
I understand the smith has got

a very fine animal in that
barn and it's gonna be easy.

You know why?

- Why?

- Because the smith is
called Little Tom. (laughs)

- Little Tom?

- [Hegg] Even smaller than you, Odo.

- [Odo] Hee-hee, let's go!

Shh! Take your time.

Be careful.

I can't see any animal.

(donkey braying)

- Oh yes, it's perfect!

- Perfect? It's very small.

(door creaks)

- [Odo] Oh! Who's that?

- [Hegg] Oh no, that's the blacksmith.

- That's Little Tom?

Things are not what they seem.

My friend and I were
admiring this fine animal,

and thinking about making
you a very good offer for it.


(clay shattering)

- [Odo] Hegg! Don't
leave me alone with him.


(intense music)

- Look out! Odo!

- Oh, he's bad man, this one.

Oh Hegg! Look out!



- Gold, it never fails.

Another fine piece of skull
duggery, you got me into,

and it cost me my winnings.

- Sorry, Odo, I'll pay you back,

out of my share of the treasure.

- Your share of the treasure?

I've got news for you, you're riding it.

(dramatic music)

(horses galloping)

- (Ivanhoe) I thought you're
going to meet me at the inn.

- (Rebecca) What is it?

- (Ivanhoe) It's Odo.

- How do you know that map's for real?

- Because he was prepared to
cut my throat to get it back.

- Ah, good point.

- They've taken the bait.

- I knew that greedy little
dwarf would fall for it.

- Now all they have to
do is find the cave.

- Come brothers, we ride to our destiny.

(suspenseful music)

- So who is this friend of Odo's?

- Hegg, he's a horse thief.

We haven't formally been introduced.

- They say where they were going?

- No.

- We have to find them.


- We're looking for a boulder
with rows carved on it.

According to this, we should be there.

- Oh, you said that an hour ago.

- The boulder should be right here.

- I don't see any boulder, I
think that map's a forgery.

- No! It's not, look!

(curious music)

- Well, now what do we do?

- It can't be, can it?

Watch this.

- Where have you gone?

- I'm in here, you idiot.

There's something here. Wait.

I can't see a thing.

(horses galloping)

- We're near the standing stones now.

- Odo said he was coming here,

but he was pretty vague.

- Look.

- What?

- Two donkeys.

- Pack animals?

- No, no, they're shard for riders.

Come on!

(suspenseful music)

(Odo gasps)

- That glow. It looks like--

- I told you.

- [Both] Gold!


- My favorite color.

- Equal shares, remember?

We agreed.

- [Odo] Yes, yes.

(Odo gasps)

- Equal shares.

- Yes, yes.

But what is it?

- The most famous sword ever
forged in the flames of four.

- Right, which sword
would that be exactly?

- Excalibur.

- Are you sure?

- Yes.

- I heard Excalibur was returned
to the lady of the lake.

- According to some legends,
others say it was buried.

- Buried gets my vote, in any case,

it'll be a shame to leave it here.

- Such a beautiful object.

- And valuable.


- Odo's donkey.

- And Hegg's, they must be nearby.

- Hurry, we have no time to lose.

(suspenseful music)

(Odo choking)

- What's wrong?

Let go, let go!


(Odo screaming)

Odo, wake up!

- Thank you, little man.

Once again, I wear warm flesh.

Once again, I walk the world.

You see me, don't you, mortal?

(Hegg cries)

As I thought.

Leaving so soon?

(dramatic music)

- No more treasure maps, no
more treasure maps, I swear.

That was close.

- Very close.

(Odo cries)

There mortal.

You have the equal share you wanted.

An equal share and the glut
of death that is to come.


- What is it?

- Listen, the birds have stopped.

- You're too late, chosen one.

The dawn sword has been drawn.

- The dawn sword?

- Excalibur.

- Used by Merlin to bind
forever Morgan le Fay,

mother of Mordred, but she is free now.

- Then we must stop her.

- If you don't, she will ren
the land, darken the skies,

and worst of all, raise the Thunderknight.

(suspenseful music)

- Return to me.

- [Mordred] Ah, mother.

- So who is this Thunderknight?

- Mordred. Illegitimate son of Arthur.

Sired on Morgan le Fay.

- Very well, one last
question, how do I find him?

- He will find you.

Do not fail me this time, chosen one.


- Mordred. Welcome back.

It is time for your crusade to begin.

- Indeed, and whom shall I kill first?

- He's dead.

- Not yet. Help me,
hold him, turn him over.


Some great shock has stopped his heart.

But another may start it again.

- [Morgan Le Fay] We must act swiftly,

for our opponents will surely be alert.

- All the better.

I'm looking forward to using this.

- Naturally. But we weary of the knight

they call the chosen one, Sir Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe.

- He is different from the others,

in a way I don't comprehend.

But eliminate him and
nothing can stand in our way.

- Consider him eliminated.

(Hegg coughing)

- You've done it.

- Done what?

Aren't you the lady whose
horse I tried to steal?

- It's nice to be remembered.

- Where is she?

- Who?

- The woman, the witch, the
one who tried to kill me.

- Morgan le Fay.

- Your charm.

- Must have taken the
full force of her magic.

- I always said it was lucky.

- Your knights await you.

- You mock me, my knights are dead.

- I have gathered a new force for you.

The deadliest warriors in the land.

- [Mordred] How?

- Even in my long sleep, I
was not completely helpless.

Go to them, have them
kneel before Excalibur.

Its magic will make them
all but unstoppable.

- I shall.

- But always remember.

Until the jewels are returned to the hilt,

absolute power is not ours.

(rocks knocking)


- Eavesdroppers must die.

- That seems harsh.

- Wait, this is the fool who awakened me.

- That's right. Without me--

- Leave him to me.

- Very well, I shall raise a storm

that'll split this land in two.


- He seems to enjoy his work, doesn't he?

- Now, what shall I do with you?

Kill you slowly?

- Oh no, don't. I could be useful.

I'm a close, personal friend of Ivanhoe's.

- Ivanhoe. Interesting.

I may indeed have a use for you.

Much better.


- Your loyalty to me must be absolute.

- Who are you?

Morgan le Fay summoned us.

- Yes, summoned you, to serve me.

- She promised to make
us invincible in combat.

- And so you shall be,

and in return, you shall serve
me, as my warrior slaves.

- I am no one's slave.


- No, I can see you were born a free man.


And now, you die one.


Was he your friend?

- My brother.

- Oh, your brother?

Would you like to join him?

- No.

- Good.

Then let's proceed

and kneel before the dawn sword.

(dramatic music)

Now you are invincible.

No weapon can slay you,

a benefit that arrives

little too late for your brother, I fear.

(suspenseful music)

- Here.

- I can't see anything.

- It's inside, that's
where we found the sword.

- Where, inside the stone?

- Wait here.

- Ivanhoe, no!

I'm going after him.

- But he said to wait.

- This is where they found Excalibur.

- It's gone now.

- So is Odo, we have to find him.

- Ivanhoe! Rebecca!


- Draco.

- Morgan le Fay and the
Thunderknight are gone

from this place.

Again, you are too slow, chosen one.

- Well, perhaps if you told
me everything you knew,

I could move a little quicker.

- Save your anger for the enemy.

- Did they take Odo with them?

- Morgan le Fay has the
dwarf as her pleasing,

until she grows tired of him.

- Then we haven't much time.

Now, tell us what you know.

- Very well. The dawn sword secret.

The sword was too dangerous
to be simply kept in a cave.

- But that's exactly where it was.

- Indeed. But before he placed it there,

Merlin put a limit on its power.

He removed the jewels from it.

- Jewels, did you say?

- Return those three jewels and
once again Excalibur becomes

a source of unimaginable power
for anyone who wields it.

- For Mordred.

- Unless we stop him.

Now, where do we find these jewels?

(horses galloping)

- [Hegg] So if we find the
jewels, we'll find Odo.

- Eventually.

- Eventually?

- First we must make the
acquaintance of the Thunderknight

and your old friend, Morgan le Fay.

(horse galloping)

We're here.

- Lancelot's tomb. It's beautiful.

- And so peaceful.

(thunder rumbling)

- Not for long.

Look over there.

- [Hegg] Who are they?

- The Thunderknight himself
and his faithful followers.

- So now what do we do?

- You wait here.

- We'll go inside.

(suspenseful music)

- She never waits when he asks her to.


- What do you mean we can't find it?

It's a jewel.

How hard can it be to
find a jewel in tomb?

Well, Sir Lancelot--

- Excalibur.

- Is it in there with you?


- Stop!

- Who dare speak to me?

- I won't let you desecrate
the tomb of a knight.

- My, aren't we the sensitive type?

- I'll show you how sensitive.


- Look out!


(dramatic music)

- They have some sort
of magic helping them.

- How very astute.

While I live my worries indestructible.


(suspenseful music)

- Enough!

- Surrender the sword, Mordred.

- Don't be absurd.

This has been amusing but I must be going.

Kill them.



- Ha! An interesting
situation, Sir Ivanhoe.

But somewhat disappointing,
one might think.

- Let her go, call your knights off

and let's, you and I see
how disappointing I can be.

- No. I really had hope
for a lot more, Ivanhoe.

But seriously, are you really the best

that the forces of life can
come up with, in this age?

But the fairer sex, seems
to be a lot feistier,

than I remember.

- Leave her alone.

- Another step forward and
I'll chop off her head.

Put down your sword.

Surely you do not want to
be the cause of her demise.

Such a beautiful creature.

She's your friend, isn't she?

Or maybe your lover.


Why is it that mortals are so foolish?

I am going to teach you a lesson.

Hold out his arm.

- I'm not afraid of death, Mordred.

- You misunderstand me, my brave knight.

I intend to keep you as a living example.

Besides, death is nothing in comparison

to this pure, undiluted pain.



This is what we've been looking for.

(loud ringing)

You pathetic fool.

Your blood is not fit enough
to sully this noble blade.

Come, they're no longer a threat.

- He has the first jewel.

But he didn't kill Ivanhoe.

He had the chance but he let him live.

He deliberately disobeyed me.

We shall have words about this.

- [Hegg] Where are we going now?

- [Ivanhoe] To get the second
jewel, before Mordred does.

- You know who I am?

- You're Morgan le Fay.

- Did you see me in your dreams?

Did you hear my siren call?

- I could not resist, my lady.

- Course not.

Young and fresh,

and obedient too.

I like that.

Cover your faces.

(high pitch scream)

(horses galloping)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)

- They got here first.

- They may still be here.

So let's greet them.

(triumphant music)

(thunder rumbling)


- The power of Arthur's
round table is gone forever.


- Congratulations, Thunderknight.

You have done well.

- What is this place?

- [Rebecca] Guinevere's tomb.

- So the second jewel is here?

- Was here.

- They got here before us.

- Yes, he now has the second jewel.

We can't allow him to get the third.

(suspenseful music)


- As night falls, darkness will descend

and make this land ours.

- But where is the third jewel?

- It will be revealed
in this room at sunset.

- And then Excalibur will
return to its full power.

- Indeed. Arthur was foolish to think

he could hide any of it from us,

but I fear that sundown might also

bring us an unwanted guest.

- Ivanhoe?

- Yes, Ivanhoe.

- He has nothing.

I shall swat him like a fly.

- Boastful boy!

You should've listened to your mother,

you should've killed him
when you had the chance!

- [Ivanhoe] Come on! We must hurry!

- He's so impatient,
where are we going now?

- To get the third jewel.

- And where's that?

- Camelot.

- Oi.


(dramatic music)


(horse neighing)

- It's me, you want.


(dramatic music)

Get out of here.

Get out!

Leave! And tell your
master I'm coming for him.

- Thought they were protected by magic.

- They are. I can't kill
them but I can defeat them.

Come on, we have no time to lose.

We must ride for Camelot.

Draco said we only have until sunset.

- What do you sense, mother?

- Ivanhoe has escaped our little ambush.

- That fool?

- I keep telling you, he is no fool.

He is a very real danger,
the one threat to our plans.

You are the fool to let him live.

- Don't call me that, mother.

- Well, now's your chance to make amends.

Ivanhoe will be here
soon, what will you do?

- Why, I shall greet him, with
the warmest welcome, mother.

- I knew I raised you well.

(suspenseful music)

Yes, this will do.

Put your hands behind your back.

So you say you're a close,
personal friend of Ivanhoe.


- Oh yes. Very close, very personal.

- Well, we can't you
interfering now, can we?

Is this too tight?

- Is what too tight?

Oh that. No, no it's fine.


- I needn't tell you very still.


- When I said I was a close,
personal friend of Ivanhoe's.

(whimpers) Ivanhoe.

(horse galloping)


- From here, we should bring order

and obedience to the kingdom.

The king is dead.

Long live--

- [Group] Mordred!

- You.

You do not proclaim your lord!

Wait, I remember you.

- You should, you killed my brother.

- Still sulking I see.

We'll have to put an end to that.

- Wait, Mordred. Look.

When the rays of the setting
sun, shine through that dragon,

it will show us where the
third jewel is hidden.

- Soon.

- Tonight, we fight for King Arthur, yah!

- What is it, mother?

- We have company.

(suspenseful music)

- [Ivanhoe] Come on.

- [Rebecca] Where are we going?

- To the seat of Arthur's power.

To the round table.

(door slams)

- [Hegg] Ah, wait for me!

Oh, which way?

(dramatic music)

- We've lost Hegg.

- There's no time.

- Ivanhoe?



- It's a dead end, back this way.

- Wait.

- It's not real.

- Morgan le Fay's handy work.

Come on.

- If Ivanhoe doesn't hurry,
he'll miss the festivities.


- Ivanhoe!

- Odo! (laughs)

- Oh no, no, you idiot!

Hegg! Be careful, you idiot!


You'll be the death of me, you boy. Hegg!

Oh, turn me around, turn
me around, turn me around!

- I'm trying!

- Lift me up!

Around the ball!

Kick the ball back, you fool!

- I'm trying!

- Get me on the ball!

(suspenseful music)

- We have it! We've won.

- [Ivanhoe] You don't deserve to rule!

- You deserve to die.

- I knew he had spirit, that one.


- Get my knife, get my knife.

Cut my hands free.

Hegg, give me the knife.

Hold tight.

- I'm holding, I'm holding!

- Hold me, hold me, Hegg.

- [Hegg] I'm holding, I'm holding.

- You nearly killed me.

- Well I saved your life.

- Don't split hairs.

Let's find Ivanhoe.

(dramatic music)


- Pity, I was fond of him.


(triumphant music)

- So this is Ivanhoe?

Better late than never.

- Shouldn't have done that.

- You should never have returned.

- How ill-mannered.

- You don't belong here, either.

- Now that is where you're mistaken.

I absolutely belong here.

This is my time and place.

True darkness is coming and it is mine.

- Darkness always yields to light.

- This is an interesting
philosophical discussion.

What does it matter?

Camelot is mine.

I have the power of Excalibur.

- There is only one man who
could ever hold Excalibur

and you are not fit to
call yourself his son.

- Mother, he's being nasty to me.

- I've heard so much
about you, chosen one.

How good it is to finally
meet you, in the flesh.

- [Hegg] Ah, are we interrupting?

- We could always come back later.

- Odo, the jewel.

(dramatic music)


- Odo, don't leave me.


(suspenseful music)


(dramatic music)


- He did it.

We never should've stood against you.

You reek of the old magic.

- This is the end.

- This will never end.


- What happened?

- I didn't do anything.

- The spell was broken.

- With Mordred's death.

- Ivanhoe, no!


- It healed itself.

- As the kingdom will.


- The sword will remain with me,

until you need it, chosen one.

- Why will I need the king's sword?

- The darkness that was
banished, will return.

The necromancer, Mordour will find a way

to summon his ancestor.

- The demon lord, Morlock.

- It never rains but it pours.

- Don't you wish to give
me something, little man?

(suspenseful music)

- You mean this?

- Yes, I mean that.

- Odo.

- Place it in the sword.

Now we shall see the
true power of Excalibur.

(triumphant music)

It has the power to unmake
that which it is made.

- You were gonna keep it for yourself.

- Course I wasn't. Shh!

- Soon, chosen one, you
will ride to your destiny.

- And I'll be ready.

- Farewell.

- Farewell, Draco.

(upbeat triumphant music)