Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Ultimate Sword - full transcript

Ivanhoe robs King John's mint to help raise King Richard's ransom, which is being collected by Lord Sirus. Rebecca & Odo take the money to Sirus in York, while Ivanhoe goes to see Fingal, who instructs him on how to find the Ultimate Sword, a weapon with the magical power to tear the fabric of space and time. However, Mordour is also on its trail, and gets there first, using it to travel to Rotherwood Castle in the time of Ivanhoe's infancy in order to kill him - Ivanhoe follows him and tries to thwart his intentions. Meanwhile, Rebecca & Odo arrive at Lord Sirus's house, but they are then betrayed, and by someone close to the cause.

(dramatic music)

(bird squawks)

(door rattles)

- Who goes there?

Edwina, what are you doing here?

If my sergeant catches us--

- He's sleeping off his supper.

Look what I brought you.

Apple pie, your favorite.

And if you want a slice,

all you have to do is give me a kiss.

- Look at the moon.

- [Edwina] What does it mean?

- Something evil.

- Thomas!
- Sound the alarm!

Quickly, Edwina.

(metal clanging)

- [Edwina] Help, help, someone!

- [Thomas] Edwina, run!

It's the Shade Warriors!

(Edwina screams)

- No!

The Shade Warriors, no!

(men grunting)
(swords clanging)

Thomas, Thomas, no!

(ominous chanting)

- [Guard] No, tie him.

Get back.

- [Prisoner] Let him go, he's only a boy.

- Help, no.

(eerie groaning)

- Hurry, move back.

- [Prisoner] Thomas, what's happening?

(boy screaming)

Out of my way, Thomas, let me see.

(prisoner screams)

(triumphant music)

(Prince John laughs)

- Whoa, shh, boy.

I came as soon as I got your message.

- Ivanhoe, welcome.

Come, rest yourself,
you've had a long ride.

- Cyrus, what news of King Richard?

- Not good, the emperor has
moved him to a new prison.

So far, every effort to
locate him has been in vain.

The rumor is that he is
sick, possibly dying.

- I can catch a ship on the next tide,

mount a mission to rescue him.

- No, Ivanhoe, no.

Such a mission would prove fruitless.

- How can I help him here?

- Well, you know my purpose is to raise

the ransom money from
Richard's supporters,

but there are very few left.

Prince John has confiscated their land,

imposed punishing taxes on any
that do not swear allegiance,

and executed those he suspects
of plotting against him.

- We need to raise the money another way.

- Exactly.

The question is, how?

- Whatever Prince John has
stolen from our people,

I'll take back and we'll
use it for the ransom.

I'll make him regret the day he was born.


(suspenseful music)

- Who dares challenge
the King of the Woods?

- Put your sword away, friend.

Come, have some food with me.

- Then you'd strike and that'll be

the end of the King of the Woods.

Not so fast, friend, not so fast.

Show some respect for
the crown upon my head.

Come on, up on your feet.

Just like all the others,

you pretend you don't want my crown

while secretly plotting to get it,

that's the truth, admit it--

- I have no quarrel
with you, Your Highness.

I'm on my way to the
Crossways Inn to see friends.

- The Crossways Inn?

That den of thieves and murderers?

And now I know where I am,

you'll bring them back and finish me off.

Draw your sword!

This king never killed an unarmed man.

Oh no, the oak!

The sacred oak, she's bleeding.

(metal sings)

(man panting)

- Enough, I'm no match for you.

Let me leave your kingdom,
I swear I'll never return.

All right, I'm going now.


- The crown is yours.

- I am sorry, old man.

Why did you do that?

(ethereal music)

- [Diana] It was his wish to die that way.

- I didn't mean to kill him--

- Don't grieve for him, Ivanhoe.

His fate was written a long time ago.

- Who are you?

- Diana.

- The goddess?
- Yes, Ivanhoe.

- Why are you showing yourself to me?

- Because you are King of
the Woods, the Chosen One.

- I don't know what that means.

- You will know when the time is right,

but in the meanwhile, beware.

Many will want to take your crown

and many will try to kill you for it.

Farewell, Ivanhoe, I will watch over you.

The crown is now yours.

(upbeat music)

- Ah, a drop of ale.

Loosen the larynx, my dear, loosen.

Come on, it's your throw.

Two fives.

- Beat that, little man.

- A pair of two fives, not bad at all.

It's gonna take some beating, is that.

(gasps) Two sixes.

Must be my lucky day.

Do you fancy another throw?

Ooh, six and a five.

Double six. (gasps)

- Pair of sixes.

Pair of sixes.

- There's a perfectly
reasonable explanation.

It's just, it eludes me

at this present moment in time. (sputters)

- That crown should have been mine.

(man grunting)

(metal clanging)

- What a disaster!

Mordour dead, Ivanhoe
escaped, and his father alive.

And all because of that secret tunnel.

It's your business to know
about things like that,

that tunnel could've cost me my life.

- Sire, when you stole this castle--

- Confiscated.

- When you confiscated this castle

from the Earl of Wessex for treason,

we checked the plans thoroughly,

but that meddling monk
Friar Bacon was an ally

to Wessex and would've
known all his secrets.

- Yes, yes.

I want that entrance
sealed up permanently.

Get it done.

- Yes, sire.

(tavern patrons chattering)

- Mogg, have you seen Odo?

(Mogg grunts)

Caught cheating at cards again?

- You can let me down now, fellas.

I think that's done the trick.

This is all the latest fashion.

It's a great cure for the backache.

- [Ivanhoe] Let him down.

- Make me.

- Ooh, that's a lot better.

I feel a great improvement.

(tavern patrons laughing)

- And make sure it's blocked for good.

Come on, hurry up.


- I suppose I'm going to have to

find myself a new necromancer.

- Are you sure it is wise
to replace Mordour, sire?

- He was getting above his station

and he left his work unfinished,
Ivanhoe's still alive.

- I'll deal with Ivanhoe.

- Like you did last time?

He made a fool of you.

No, I need magic if I am to get
rid of him once and for all.

Leave me, I need space to think.

You, too!

Mordour's book of spells.

Perhaps I won't need a
replacement after all.


(Prince John chanting in foreign language)

Perhaps not.

- [Disembodied Voice] Free me.

- Who's there?

- [Disembodied Voice] Free me.

Free me!
(Prince John gasps)

- What do you know about
the King of the Woods?

- Ah, if you want to
know about fairy tales,

you've come to the right man.

These rangers give me the creeps.

- Tell me.

- Well, they say the King of the Woods

is the richest man on earth.

He dines off plates of gold

and his mirrors are polished diamonds.

Anyone can become the King of the Woods,

all they have to do is kill

the old king in hand-to-hand combat.

And there'll be a few
people up here up for that.

The secret is finding
out who the old king is.

Has everyone gone crazy around here?

These fellas, the rangers, that lot,

they're supposed to
recognize the old king,

not that they'd give him away or anything.

I suppose they've got some
kind of secret signal.

It's you!

You're the--
- Shh!


- You're the King of the Woods?

You mustn't tell anyone.

Have you any job's going,
like Prince of the Woods,

something like that.

- [Ivanhoe] No.

- What's it like having
all that fabulous treasure?

- Do you see any golden dishes?

- [Odo] No.

- That's 'cause there aren't any.

- None at all?

- No, no gold, no diamond, the
title is just that, a title.

- Is it?

You're having me on.

Course there's a treasure.

You just don't want to
share it with everybody.

Uh-oh, here comes Rebecca.

Don't worry, I know how
to keep a secret from her.

- And what secret would that be?

- That he's the King of the Woods.

- Is that true?
- Oh!

- Odo seems to think so.

- Well then he'd better
keep his big mouth shut.

We've got a problem.

- You can say that again.

Now we're gonna have to split
the treasure three ways.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- I'm talking about--
- Listen to me.

There's a girl waiting
outside and she's in trouble.

- What sort of trouble?

- People from her village
are being abducted.

- Who's doing it?

- No one knows, but
they say their abductors

have the strength of 10 men
and that their eyes glow red.

- Ooh, I know what that means.

- What does it mean?

- It means there's a Shade on the loose.

- A Shade?

(Odo shudders)

- [Odo] We don't wanna
be involved with that.

(Edwina crying)

- This is Edwina.

They took her man in the night.

She's heard nothing from him since.

- I know he's dead, my Thomas.

The Shade's warriors took him.

- These people are
going to escort us back.

- We can't help them.

- But Ivanhoe--

- You know my mission for
King Richard, I can't delay.

Odo, go get the horses fed and watered.

- But--
- You heard me.

- [Edwina] What will we do?

- Rebecca, you're free
to help these people.

It will mean going our separate
ways, I would understand.

- Ivanhoe's got the right idea for once.

With the Shade about, the best thing to do

is keep as far away from it as possible,

'cause if they don't
suck the life out of you,

one look's enough to make
you his slave forever.

Oi, you, that's my Chester.

What are you doing to my donkey?

Oi, you big gazooka.

Leave him alone!

Here, you.

- I'll have you.

(Odo whimpers)

- You're one of them.

- What's keeping Odo?

- Probably found someone
to cheat at cards.

- I'll hurry him up.

(Chester brays)

(dramatic music)

(man grunts)

- [Odo] Let me go, let me go,

let me go.
- Odo.

Leave him alone.

- Rebecca, Rebecca.

Look out, Rebecca, he's
one of Shade's creatures.

The red-eyed devil.

Look out, Ivanhoe, he's got the thing.

Ooh, there.


I bet that hurt.

- [Red-Eyed Man] Master will be pleased.

(Odo yells)

- It's Odo.

- Where's Rebecca?

- He took her, I couldn't stop him.

- Saddle up.

- Are we going after her?

- What do you think?

- That's more like it.

(triumphant music)

Wait for me, Ivanhoe.

- Are you there?

I said, are you there?

Answer me, or I will
tear this book to shreds.

- [Disembodied Voice]
I'm here, Your Highness.

- Who are you?

- [Disembodied Voice] Mordour.

- Mordour?

You're supposed to be dead.

- You called, sire?

- No.

- I thought I heard voices.

- You must have imagined it.


- [Mordour] You must help me, sire.

- Must I, indeed?

- [Mordour] My liege, I am trapped

between the living and the dead.

- And what are you going to do for me?

- [Mordour] What do you want, sire?

- What do I always want?

World peace, joy to all
men, Ivanhoe dead, you fool,

and my brother Richard along with him.

And a ton of gold, while you're at it.

- [Mordour] There's already
someone on his trail.

- How do you know?

- [Mordour] Oh, many things
are known to me on this side.

- So, who's going after Ivanhoe?

- [Mordour] A man who
wants to take his crown.

- [John] What are you
babbling about, what crown?

- [Mordour] As King of the Woods, sire.

- King of the Woods, Ivanhoe?

What chance does this man have?

- [Mordour] He's a trained
assassin, the best.

- Better and better.

- [Edwina] Thank you for
coming to help us, Ivanhoe.

- You know a Shade's no laughing matter.

Their idea of having a really good night

is sucking out people's souls. (slurps)

Just like that, horrible.

(Edwina cries)

- Quiet, we're being followed.

- Where?

- I can sense him.

- [Odo] Who?

- The man who attacked me.

- The one who took Rebecca?

- No, the other one.

- You mean there's two of them?

- This man wants to kill me.

- He'll have to get in line.

Prince John's way out in front.

- He wants to be King of the Woods.

(man yells)
(Edwina screams)

- Quick, over here, hide.

That arrow was meant for you.

- He didn't mean to kill
me, not from that distance.

This was just a warning.

- If that was a warning,

what does he do when he means business?

Oi, we got the message.

- We'll flush him out.

- You won't find him.

I know how he thinks.

- We must avenge our comrade.

- They're our best trackers.

Nobody gets past them.

- That's what I like to hear.

Where did they spring from?

- Be on your guard, Chosen One.

You face the danger--

- For which there are few defenses.

Keep this, Chosen One.

It has the power to hold back darkness.

You will know its purpose
when the time comes.

You will see us again.

- In light and dark.

- [Ivanhoe] Golden bough.

- Mistletoe, great.

We're up against a soul-sucking Shade

and a ruthless assassin,
and they give us a twig.

(man grunting)

- Mordour?


- [Mordour] I'm here.

- Has your man got Ivanhoe yet?

- [Mordour] Not yet, sire, soon.

- Show him to me.

- [Mordour] Unfortunately I cannot.

- Well, that stone of yours.

How does it work?

With a drop of your
blood, I seem to remember.

- [Mordour] But, sire.


What are you doing?

- This'll do.

(Mordour yells)

Sorry, did I hurt you?

- [Mordour] Just a flesh
wound, Your Highness.

You see him?

Can you see him?

- I know this man.

- [Mordour] His name is Brack.

- Brack.

He's done work for me
before, very expensive work.

Now he's doing it for free.

What can you do help him?

- [Mordour] In my present
position, nothing, sire.

But were you to free me,

then I would be entirely at your disposal.

- Free you?

I'll have to think about it.

- [Odo] Oh, no.

He's dead.

Oh, what's this, another warning?

I thought she said they were good.

- This man's better.

- Why do we never have the
ruthless killers on our side?

At least we've got one good man out there.

(man screams)

Oh, me and my big mouth.

Where's that mistletoe?

I think I'll have a bit of that.

No harm in taking precautions.

- Come on, we've wasted enough time.

Keep close together,
we've got to find Rebecca.

(boy sobs)

- [Rebecca] Where am I?

- At the gateway to hell.

- Who are you?

- What does it matter,
we'll both be dead soon.

(eerie chanting)

- Is your name Thomas?

- How did you know?

- [Rebecca] Edwina told me.

- Edwina, is she alive?

- [Rebecca] She's alive,
and she's worried about you.

- I thought they'd got her, too.

- She thought you were dead.

- May as well be.

They'll come for us tonight.

- Not if we escape first.

There's got to be a way out.

- Only by becoming one
of the Shade's slaves.

It either takes the life force from you

or you fall under its spell.

- How do you mean?

- It's how it controls its people.

Whatever you do, don't
look at it in the face,

unless you want to become
one of its creatures.

- You have to fight despair,
Thomas, or we're both lost.

- He's wasting time picking
off the hired hands.

Why doesn't he attack Ivanhoe?

- [Mordour] They must fight hand-to-hand.

- Hand-to-hand, what
are you talking about?

- [Mordour] Only then can
he be King of the Woods.

Will you set me free now?

- What does it mean, King of the Woods?

- [Mordour] They say he'll
inherit a fortune in gold.

- That can't be, he'll
free my brother Richard.

- [Mordour] Not if you
free me first, sire.

- Ah-ha, I'm not falling for that one.

If you want me to release you,

you're going to have to work for it.

- [Mordour] Of course, sire.

- Where is everybody?

- Father.

Is anyone there?

- [Gurd] Who's that?

- Father!

- We thought the Shade
Warriors had returned.

- Father, this is Ivanhoe.

He's come to help us.

- Cedric's boy, I knew you as a child.

- Where are all your people?

- Many were taken for the Shade.

Others fled to the hills.

Only a few of us have remained.

These is all that is left of our army.

We beat the Shade Warriors back

several times, but they kept returning.

- What do they want?

- What do they all want?

To feed their shade.

(Rebecca tapping)

- What are you doing?

- This is an old building.

If mortar's crumbly on the outer walls,

the chances are there's
a weak spot in here.

- Don't you think we've looked?

There's no way out.

- Maybe you didn't look
in the right place.

Give me a leg up.

(boy grunts)


(Rebecca tapping)

It's hollow.

(eerie groaning)

I need to get higher.

That's it, hold it steady.

(eerie groaning)

- Ah, Falco, what news?

- We have men scouring the country--

- Ah, yes, yes, yes.

Now listen to me.

I know how to get Ivanhoe.

- You do, sire, how?

- With Mordour's help.

- Mordour?

Where is he?

- [John] In here.

- That's Mordour's spell book.

- Correct.

- And Mordour?

- Trapped inside it, through
his own stupid fault.

Isn't it perfect? (chortles)

- What's your plan?

- Mordour will help us in
return for his freedom.

- His freedom?

- You don't really think I'm going

to give it to him, do you?

With this book in his hands,

he's far too dangerous to control.

- I can't hold this much longer.

- It's coming.

(stone thuds)

Just one more.

(metal clangs)

That's it.

(stone thuds)

(eerie groaning)

Climb up.

Come on, Thomas, take my hand.

(eerie groaning)

- [Thomas] I can't.

- [Rebecca] I'll be back with help.

- Don't leave me!

(eerie groaning)

- [Ivanhoe] This mud's red.

- It came from the kidnapper's boots.

- There's only one place
with mud that color.

- The Red Gorge.

- The Red Gorge.

That's, where is that, exactly?

- Seven miles inland.

- What about the madman?

- He's killed enough of my men already.

I need every man here
to protect my castle.

- Your men are safe, Gurd,
it's me he wants to fight.

But he's gotta find me first.

- What are we going to do about it?

- We need to create a diversion.

(dramatic music)

(Brack yells)

Go on, boy.

- [Odo] Come on, Chester.

- Mordour, your assassin has failed.

It's time you kept your
side of the bargain.

- [Mordour] We haven't
settled terms yet, sire.

- You're in no position to quibble.

Use whatever powers you have left

to help this man destroy Ivanhoe.

- [Mordour] Then you'll
free me from this torment?

- Yes.

- [Mordour] You promise, sire?

- Of course I promise.

- [Mordour] Then you'll need to know

the spell that sets me free.

- What, oh, yes of course, what is it?

- [Mordour] You must first remove

these two pages from the book.

Are you writing this down?

- Yes, yes, I'm writing it down.

- [Mordour] Then you must say these words.

(Mordour chanting in foreign language)

Then pour water over the pages.

On no account must you allow
the pages to become overheated.

On no account must they burn,
or I will be lost forever.

- Forever, got it.

Now get working.

- [Mordour] I can help Brack find Ivanhoe.

After that, it'll be up to him.

- If he's as good as you
say, that'll be enough.

(wind whooshing)

- What's this?

- [Mordour] An ill wind
to speed Brack to Ivanhoe.

(disembodied laughing)

(wind whooshes)

- Are you sure this is
the way to the Red Valley?

Do I really wanna go there?

Looks like rain.


Ivanhoe, look, she's been tied up.

- Whoa.

Odo, stay over there.

Who did this to you?

- [Brack] Who do you think?

- How did you get here ahead of us?

- Let's just say I had help.

Face to face at last.

Your reign has proved pitifully short.

- It's not over yet.

(Brack grunting)

(swords clang)

(sickles whooshing)

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe, be careful.

(Brack groaning)

- Go on, finish me.

- Next time, I'll kill you.

- Pathetic.

You failed me again, Mordour.

How much more is it going to take?

- [Mordour] Free me,
as you promised, sire.

- Not until Ivanhoe is dead.

- [Mordour] As we speak he is
on his way to meet his fate.

- I want guarantees.

Your assassin failed.

What are you going to do about it?

- [Mordour] I will heal Brack.

- Then do it.

(Brack groaning)

- [Mordour] It is done.

I can do no more until I am released.

- You want your freedom?

All right, you're going to get it.

- We'll need to free him
before the moon rises.

That's when the Shade appears.

This is the door.

- You came back.

- [Odo] Stand aside.

- Try toecracker.

- [Ivanhoe] Good idea, Odo.

- I couldn't stop them.

- [Odo] Oh no, it's a trap.

(men grunting)
(swords clanging)

- [Rebecca] Leave me alone.

Help, no, no!

- [Man] Tie her.

(eerie groaning)

The master comes.

- The golden bough.

- It's the mistletoe, the
mistletoe, the golden bough.

They're scared of it.

I knew those rangers would
come in handy one day.

Don't like that, you
don't like it, do you?

Back, back, back.

- Odo!
(Rebecca screams)


(Prince John chanting in foreign language)

(Mordour screams)

(eerie groaning)

Hold on, Rebecca.

- Ivanhoe, help me.

- You, ooh, I thought you were dead.

- No, Ivanhoe, you fight me first.

Take it or she dies.

(swords clanging)

- [Odo] Ivanhoe, the mistletoe's
power is fading, hurry.

(Rebecca screams)

- Ivanhoe, help me.

(Shade screeches)

(Odo gasps)


(Brack yells)


(flames crackling)

- That's the end of him.


- Yes, Your Highness, I'm back.

You have something of mine.

- I do?

- My spell book.

Thank you.

Now I owe you something.

- You do?

- My gratitude.

- But, the spell book, the water,

the fire, it's a terrible mistake.

- I can always rely on
you to make one, sire.

- So, Mordour, you don't mind that I,

that Falco here, burnt the pages

when he should have wet them?

- Oh, a little test of
mine, sire, nothing more.

- So you don't want to--

- What, sire?

- Destroy me.

- (laughs) Of course not, sire.

All I wish is to serve
you as my liege lord.

- Good, good.

- As long as you serve my purpose.

- Thomas!

- [Gurd] My old friend, you're alive.

- [Rebecca] Were you worried about me?

- No, Odo was, desperately.

- Ooh, absolutely.

- Ivanhoe, I don't know how to thank you.

- Don't thank me, thank these two.

I couldn't have done it without them.

- Do you mean that?

- Right, we're wasting time.

You with me?

- Yes.

- Let's go.

- Anything else we can do
for you before I depart?

Perhaps not, wait for me!

(triumphant music)

- [Ivanhoe] Yah, go on.