Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - King of the Woods - full transcript

(mysterious music)

(door rattling)

- How much do these
men still owe in taxes?

- 5,000 crowns uncle.

- Who are the names again?

- Thomas Earl of Stratford,
Philip Earl of Unger,

and Edmond Earl of Norwich.

- They're up to something.

Never trust a Saxon nobleman, Tarquin

He'll always take care of his own people

before he remembers his duty to the crown.

That's my problem.

We are a Norman race ruling
over a bunch of unruly Saxons.

What do you think I should do?

- Banish them?

- And have them plotting against me?

If I had my way their heads would be

on poles lining the castle walls.

Their lands would be forfeit,

and their retainers would
have their taxes doubled,

tripled to teach them a lesson.

- Then what's stopping you?

- Because then I'd have a Saxon rebellion

on my hands, dear boy.

And the last thing I need is a civil war

against an army of revolting peasants.

You think that's funny?

- No, no uncle.

- Now let me show you how
I deal with the situation.

(hands clapping)

Bring them in.

Ah, Marjan, run through
that little idea of yours,

ours, for the benefit of Tarquin here.

- Oh, quite simply your highness,

for only 50 crowns I can guarantee

to dispatch any enemy of yours

and leave no trace
connecting you to the murder.

- What do you think of that Tarquin?

- But how?

- Oh that will be our secret

for the time being, hey Marjan.

From now on you and I will
have no direct contact.

Tarquin here will be our go between.

- Very good sire.

And my money?

- Payment on results.


- But I need an advance to buy more wood.

- Wood is the one thing this
country has an abundance.

- But the wood I need can only
be found in The Black Valley,

and I'll need someone to fetch it for me.

- Only a fool would venture
into The Black Valley.


- You called sire.

- I have a job for you.

Something ideally suited to your talents.

It must be carried out
to the utmost secrecy.

Tell him Marjan

- You must fetch three cubics
of wood from The Black Valley

and bring it to my castle
in the Outer Wasteland.

- Do you think you can manage that Falco?

- Sire.

- But first you are to deliver this gift.

A mirror.

To my cherished subject
- Thomas Earl of Stratford.

- With my most heartfelt appreciation.


(exciting music)


(dragon screeching)







(thunder crashing)

- [Falco] Come on men, move!

- Prince John's colors.

I'll tell the master.

(gate rattling)

- Captain, to what do I owe
this unexpected pleasure?

- My Lord Stratford, I have
a gift from your sovereign.

- A gift, from King Richard!

- No, Prince John.

In recognition of your
services to the crown,

and for the taxes you
have so diligently raised.

(fingers clicking)

(men groaning)

(birds squawking)

(shoes clomping)

(door rattling)


(exciting music)

(amulet zinging)



- Almighty god, send some strength

to our good King Richard
and have a safe return



(knife squelching)

Ugh, Argh!
(soldier grunting)

- [Soldier] My lord, my lord!

(water trickling)
(bird squawking)

- Rebecca, Ivanhoe!

- [Rebecca] It was a harmless bird, Odo.

- It was a raven, I'll bet.

They're harbingers or death you know.

- You're still alive.

- Ooh, I was having
such a wonderful dream.

Game of cards at the Crossways,

entertaining people with a few
tricks in the market square.

- And robbing them.
- Games of skill and daring.

- But look what a beautiful day it is.

- Exactly, just what I don't like.

Something bad's going to
happen, you mark my words.

- Prince John's men heading this way.

- Ooh, once, just this once,

why can't we head in the other direction?

- They're transporting
something, it could be valuable.

- And help us raise the ransom

to return King Richard to the thrown.

- But how are we going to stop them?

(marching music)

(wagon rattling)

(sticks clapping)

- Little man!

I said little man.

- My lord?
- I know you.

You're Odo.

- Now!
(exciting music)


- Ivanhoe.

(cloth flapping)
- Ugh.

(dramatic music)

- Ivanhoe!

- Argh!

(metal clattering)

- No.

(dramatic music)

- Go, go!

So what is it?

- Worthless bits of wood, to you and me.

- But?
- But looks can be misleading.

(jesting music)

- Ah, now this is better.

Home from home and my
favorite woman serving me.


- The wood, Odo, you said
it was something special.

- Wood.

Well I'm certain it's from
the trees of The Black Valley.

Worthless, like I said,

unless it's in the hands of a master.

And Karzan used to say it could
take on magical properties.

And not good magic.

- So what could Prince
John be using it for?

- Unless he's found such a craftsman.

- There was one.

I can't remember his name.

(mysterious music)

- We have tracked you down,

to bring you a message chosen one.

- In the Vale of Unger the
good earl faces danger.

- [Rangers] His followers have
been taken by the darkness

and now he faces the darkness.

You must vanquish the darkness chosen one.

- I understand but I have questions.

- [Rangers] Only time will
answer those questions.

You will see us again in light and dark.

- These rangers give me the creeps.

- It'll be nightfall soon.

We have a long journey ahead of us.

- I know.

- I know, what do you mean I know?

What long journey before nightfall?

What were they talking about?

Why am I surrounded by
all this gobbledygook?

(exciting music)

Not good, watch it, woo!

- Do you realize how
important that shipment was?

And you allowed that outlaw, Ivanhoe,

to ambush you so easily.

Why isn't he dead?

- Forgive me sire, it
will not happen again.

- I know.

Are you certain Ivanhoe didn't
know where you were headed?

- Impossible.
- Or your previous journey?

- My lord, I swear--

- Organize another batch
of wood to be collected.



- Yes, Uncle.

(coins tinkling)

- Take this to our friend.

Tell him it must be tonight.

(ominous music)

- Are you sure that boy can be trusted?

- My nephew?

He's terrified of me.

He's the only one I know I can trust.

No mistakes this time, captain.

Nothing must go wrong.

Not now.

- It's too dangerous for
you to be here, Ivanhoe.

Prince John's men are everywhere.

- Be calm, Philip.

Tell us what happened.

- The last few days, two of my

closest friends have been murdered.

The Earls of Stratford and Norwich.

Both in mysterious circumstances.

Alone in their chambers at night.

Doors locked, windows
barred, guards on duty.

Impossible for an
assassin to have broken in

without being seen or heard.

- And yet they did.

- [Philip] Yes, and I am
certain that I shall be next.

- Who would want to see you dead?

- Prince John.

You know I've always been
loyal to King Richard, Ivanhoe.

Never to that evil usurper John.

The past few months, together

with the Earls of Stratford and Norwich,

I've been retaining some
of Prince John's taxes,

money we plan to spend on an expedition

to search out and to rescue King Richard.

- And John suspected?

- It's possible, there're
spies everywhere.

- The killing of three of you makes

certain your plans come to nothing.

- Simply knowing we've
taken the money would be

motive enough for that.

I'm no coward.

Now that death is close, I'm afeard of it.

- Are your men loyal?

- The best.

All of them have been with me for years.

- There are no secret
entrances to this castle?

- The only way in or out
is through the front gate.

- Don't worry, Philip, we'll stay with you

through this time of danger.

- You do your father proud.

- Nothing will happen to you, I promise.

(ominous music)

Odo will look after Philip.

We must make sure this castle is secure.

Rebecca, be careful.

- Do you know, I could
tell you some stories

of murder and killings.

I've heard the strangest tales.

- I wouldn't want to trouble you.

- Oh, it's no trouble.

Eh, the worst was Anthony of Castlebrough.

Murdered in his sleep.

Oh poor soul, they cut
him into so many pieces

it took his servants a week
to brush up all the bits.

And they never did find his big right toe.

Then there was that knight
who was taken prisoner

in the Northern Lands.

Hmm, the heathens, sucked on him.

(slurping) Night after night, bit by bit.

And they invited him

to the same table so he
could sit there and watch.

(shivers) Can you believe it?

Of course, insects, they're the worst.

I can barely bring myself
to describe the details.

- Please, I wouldn't want to trouble you.

- I've heard tell of
spiders planting their eggs

beneath people's skins,
and then they burst

out all over their faces.

And there was that man,

they forced slugs down his ears.

He could hear them munching through

from one side to the other.

- (coughing) Yeah, oh yeah.

- Was it something I said?

(children laughing)

(door creaking)

(wagon rattling)

- Secure the gate.

- Down!
(gate cranking)

(ominous music)

(curtain flapping)





(exciting music)



- Argh!

- What?

- My lord, open the door.
- Make way!

(sword clanking)

(metal clattering)
(amulet tinkling)

(mirror sucking)
(door crashing)

(Philip groaning)

- The cuts are deep.

But he'll survive.

(mysterious music)

(knife slamming)
(cup clattering)

(coins rattling)

- Damn you Ivanhoe.

- Oh no.

Now I remember.

There was only one man who could craft

such beautiful work as this.


The Magnificent.

(exciting music)

He thought up his own name, of course.

Sounds better than Nigel doesn't it.

But everyone had to agree

that his craftsmanship was magnificent.

And then he started
making these crazy claims

of being able to walk through mirrors.

Nobody's seen him since.

(chisel thumping)

That mirror was definitely his work.

- One of the servants told me

it was delivered early yesterday.

A gift from Prince John.

- So somehow he is passing through mirrors

to carry out these murders.

That's where it gets confusing for me.

- Except that he's being
paid by Prince John.

- What I mean is, he's gotta be passing

through the realm of the demon.

That's between the mirrors.

Karzan told me that to do that

you must have some protection,

something to keep the demon lord at bay.

- Philip's likely stronger this morning.

- I gave my word I'd protect him.

- There was nothing you could do.

- I should've stopped it.

- Ivanhoe, why is it always Ivanhoe?

How dare you bring me such news!

- My lord--
- Must I be cursed

with incompetence.

- If I might suggest, invite Philip here.

And the guards can then corner him.

- Why must I think of everything.

Captain I entrust you to visit our friend,

The Earl of Unger and
invite him to return here,

to recuperate of course.

- As my lord commands.

- Tarquin?
- Yes uncle?

- Take this to Marjan immediately.

(dramatic music)

This time, Ivanhoe, this time.

(birds squawking)

- Forgive me.
- You saved me, Ivanhoe.

- We've go to get him away.

- It's too dangerous to move him now.

(door banging)

- I warned you Ivanhoe.

There's no escape.

My men are all over the castle.

- Philip.
- We'll take care of him.

- Let's go.
- Kill him!

(arrows whipping)

On your command!

- Argh!
- Ugh!

- Perhaps we could come to some agreement?

Perhaps not.

How did I get into this mess?


- Well, get him!
- Yagh ah ye ah!


- Come on Odo.
- Here you go Odo.


♪ Idly idle idle I (raspberry blowing) ♪


Here, oy, wait for me.

Wait for me.

- Burn it to the ground.

(Odo shivering)

- Can't you be quiet.

- I'm freezing.

Cold water doesn't agree with me.

- Any kind of water
doesn't agree with you.

It could be worse.

- How?
- You could still

be in the castle.
- Seems to me

just being around you two is
the worst danger to my health.

- Just think of the service you perform

for your true king and country.

- Oh, that's the only
reason you're here is it?

- Of course.

- Huh.

- And what's that supposed to mean?

- Got nothing to do with Ivanhoe.

- He saved my life.

- I may be small but
I'm not stupid as well.

- He's a good man.

- You're both good people.

What am I saying?

I must be going soft in the head.

- We're leaving.
- To go where?

- They've taken Philip
to Prince John's castle.

- What about my donkey?

- Taken.

- Maybe there are horses at the castle?

Oh no.

Is everything destroyed?

- They ransacked his castle.

- Then we walk.

- Walk?

Hey hang on, hang on,
walk all the way there?

(ominous music)

- Well?

- Philip of Unger is locked
safely in his chamber my lord.

- Good good.

I'll be along to see him.

You may go.

- [Odo] Can't you slow down just a bit?

- [Ivanhoe] We have to be
there before nightfall.

- [Odo] And then what?

- We break in, we rescue
Philip, we break out.

- That's the detailed plan is it?

You're a man of few words Ivanhoe.

Difficult childhood was it?

- And what about Marjan?

- That's who we have to stop.

(dramatic music)

- Do you think this suits me?

Maybe too colorful.

Don't want to be seen as extravagant.

But then perhaps the mirror lies.

It's so difficult to
know the truth anymore.

Perhaps when you look
in the mirror tonight

you can find the truth.

What's happened to Ivanhoe?

- They'll be here soon enough.

- I can taste my vengeance in the air.

- We haven't got long.

- Right, I can't go on a launch.

- Time to go.

- [Odo] Have you two considered
this might be a trap?

- I'm sure it is.

- As long as we've cleared
up that small detail.

- I remember exploring
this tunnel as a young boy.

It goes under the moat, and
up into the main courtyard.

- Oh ooh.
- My dear, close friends.

It gladdens my heart to see you all here.

Especially in these difficult times

when our devoted servant, the Earl Philip

of Unger has been so brutally attacked.

But he is here now so that we may

nurture him back to health.

For I see us, all of
us, as one great family.

So long as we stick together.

Otherwise the same accident

as befell Philip could
happen to any of you.

Huh, what it is to be a beloved ruler.

(light music)

(dramatic music)

- They've extra guards on duty.

- And look our horses
all saddled up and ready.

It's a trap.
- Shh.

(Odo crying)

- Odo, give me a coin.

- I want it back.

- Hmm, hmm.


(keys clattering)

- Hope we're not going in there are we?

They'll be waiting for us!

- Then we'll be ready for them.

(Odo whimpering)

- It's a trap.

What was that?

Now which way did they go?

Odo my dear fellow, you always did have

a great sense of direction.

(screeching and flapping)

- They'll be keeping him
in the guest quarters.

Stay close.

He's somewhere in the tower above.

(Dramatic music)

(sword tinkering)

(metal clashing)

- Tell me sir, why are
virtuous men always such fools?

Did you really think
it would be that easy?

I'm most disappointed.

But, I have my orders.

All traitors must be executed.

It's not too late Ivanhoe,

to pledge allegiance to your king

and forsake these futile
attempts at insurrection.

- I serve only the true king, Richard.


- What do you think, toe-breaker,

do something heroic or get out of here?

I knew you'd say that.

- We're not so different you and me.

Just different sides of the same coin.

- Never!
- Join me Ivanhoe.

Imagine the horrific
carnage we could create.

- Evil can never triumph.

- It's now or never.
- Tell that to your maker!

- Stop, I'm warning you!

- If it isn't our dancing dwarf.


Get him!

(exciting music)
- Argh!

- I did it.



- You should've killed me
when you had the chance.

- Ivanhoe, I did it!

- We're running out of time.

- Odo, have the horses ready.

- How am I supposed to do that?

- We'll make a diversion for you.


- Ooops.

(mysterious music)

(amulet zinging)

(mirror sucking)

- You give back what you stole.

- Oh such sweet music to my ears.

- Return it to me now!

- You mean this.

- I shall have my revenge.

- (laughing) It's so pathetic.

Come on, do your worst.


All your supposed power,
and you're cowering

from insignificant little me.

It was fate that I found this amulet.


Begone demon lord.

I have work to do. (laughing)

(majestic music)


- Help!
- Philip!

- Help, to begone!
- We're too late.

(sword whipping)


- We're too late.

- Help me!

No, never, no, ah aah, help.

Help, ooh!


(flesh squelching)



- He's dead, Ivanhoe.

Ivanhoe, you'll find no
answers in the mirror now.

Do you hear me?

(coins clattering)

(swords clashing)

- I don't like the look of this.

Odo the brave.

That's what they'll call me.

Wait, I said wait.

(cup clattering)

- Another time.

- [John] Guards, guards!

- Are you sure?

'Cause he instructed
me to deliver the gold.

- Ah ha, the gold.

What I mean is, delivery of the gold.

Prince John has issued
a direct command to me.

- But well, I ran down
here as quickly as I could.

I don't see how--
- Do you realize

the importance of this mission?

The potential dangers
involved with handling

those valuable coins.

- Especially going to Marjan's castle

in the Outer Wastelands at night.

- The Outer Wastelands. (gasping)

- I'm not sure.
- I'll tell you the best

thing to do.

Go back to Prince John
and confirm these orders.

Better be quick, though,

you know how important this mission is.

Time is of the essence, move
like a hare not a snail.

Leave those with me.

Trust me.

Prince John does.

(coins clattering)

Now this is what I call a beautiful night.



- Good work Odo.

- They're out here!

There they are, after them quickly.

Don't let them get away!

Stop them!

(amulet zinging)

(Marjan laughing)

(Marjan humming)

- It was right here, in front of me.

What went wrong, you promised me.

- All your enemies are dead.

- There will be more.

- Ivanhoe is my problem.

- Wrong, Ivanhoe is the problem!



- Your new man, he says
he's taking the gold.

- What new man?

- Well, well, the the small one.

He promised me--
- a dwarf was he?

- How did you know?


The gold coins, let them keep the lot!

- I don't believe it.


You can't trust anyone these days.

(coins tinkering)

- Now what?

- I'll search until I find that murderer.

- He could be anywhere.

It might take us years.

- I'm not asking you to come with me.

- You don't have to.

So, which way do we go first?

- North.

- Wait.

I know where you can find Marjan.

(exciting music)

Why such a hurry again?

It's not healthy.

And it's definitely not
healthy the way we're headed.

Oh, why don't we come back in the morning.

It my experience, things look
much better in the daylight.

(owl hooting)

On the other hand, maybe it's

as well we can't see too clearly.

And just when you think
you've got everything sorted,

there's magic, everywhere.

Monsters, ghosts.

(owl hooting)

This is the place where
every murderer, thief,

vagabond, cheat.

- Shh.
- Every desperado,

villainous cutthroat ,
every ounce of evil banished

after the great war.

- Odo!
- This is the place

they all reside.

In eternal damnation.


(sword tinkling)

- Nothing will stop us now.

Go on.

- How does he do that?
- He is the chosen one.

- How stupid of me.

I still don't like the look of this.

(birds squawking)

- So, brave knight has
decided to pay me a visit.

- Leave the horses here.

(horses neighing)

Move quietly.

- (laughing) I shall have
a few surprises for him,

and his friends.

(gate clattering)

(ominous music)

(swords clashing)

(flesh squelching)


- Come on!

(door creaking)

- Marjan doesn't seem
to get many visitors.

(amulet whizzing)

Ivanhoe, Rebecca, it's
just occurred to me.

There's probably nobody home.

Why don't we come back later?

- Shh.

(door creaking)
(boot slamming)

- [Odo] Rebecca, what's
happening, Rebecca!

- Nothing yet, but something's wrong.


(mirror whooshing)
- Ivanhoe I presume.

We were not introduced earlier.

- I know who you are.

- I'm flattered that my
reputation precedes me.

You wouldn't attack a harmless old man.


On the other hand, I believe
Prince John would pay

handsomely to see you dead.


- Ivanhoe!
- What is it?

- He's moving in and out of mirrors.

Ivanhoe hasn't got a chance.

- Then he must have
some form of protection.

Marjan's wearing something special.

Rebecca what's he wearing?

What's he wearing?


- Can't see!

(mirror whooshing)
(amulet zinging)


The amulet.

Ivanhoe, the amulet on his
wrist, that's his power!

(Sword smashing)

(ominous music)


- Nothing will help you now.



(glass smashing)
(fire roaring)

(door clattering)

- The amulet.

It's gone.

(dramatic music)

Odo, the brave.

I like the sound of that.

- All destroyed those wonderful mirrors.

It's a disaster.

And what about Marjan?

- Gone, my lord.

His castle is deserted.

We tried.
- Gone,

what do you mean gone?

Where is he?

Get out of my sight.

And get rid of that mirror.

(dramatic music)