Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Marjan the Magnificent - full transcript

- [Man] I found it!

- Bring it to me.

(men yelling)
(creature roaring)

- So my poor brother, Richard, languishes

in prison while I rule
England in his place.


I couldn't have arranged it better myself.

- [Servant] There is a problem, sire.

- Ivanhoe's returned.

- You know I won't have that
name mentioned in this house.

- Destroy Ivanhoe.


(pig squealing)

- Take him!

- Oh, just let me get to my purse.

I'll give you all your money back!


(crowd chattering)

- [Man] You want to know
who brought us the plague,

blighted crops?

She's in league with the devil.

- Now you're back, what
are you going to do?

- Make my peace with my father.

Raise a ransom, free King Richard

and restore him to the throne of England.

- You're going to need some help.


- There will be a lunar eclipse

on the night of the next full moon.

That's in just three days' time.

Mordour is conjuring a demon from hell.

You've got to move fast.

- Now, oh great Set,
god of the underworld!

I shall conjure you up
from the night of darkness!

- [Rebecca] Who did this?

- Tancred, a traitor to King Richard

and now my father's murderer.


For my father!


- Let me have Tancred's body.

Seeing as he has no further use for it.

- You must find the serpent's egg before

the night of the full
moon and bring it to me.

Find Fingal, the last of
the great Druid magicians.

He will know where you
should begin your search.


- You know Ivanhoe?

Seek him out and kill him!


(adventurous music)







(glass shattering)


(thunder rumbling)

- Friar Bacon said we'd find Fingal's

cave somewhere near here.

- There's no sign of it.

Why can't we just go home?

- We go on till we find
him, we must stop Mordour!

- That's as far as you go, Odo.

My friend, a little
rest, a little rest stop

and then we're heading home.


(magical music)

Ivanhoe, Rebecca, I found it!

- [Ivanhoe] Odo, where are you?

- Over here, quick, quick!

Where are they?

I found it, it's here, come on!

- Well done.

Wait here.

- Wait, wait, wait.

You're not really going in there, are you?

- Of course.

(Odo shivering)

- You don't mind if I wait out here?

Because it really wouldn't do to have

two great magicians in
the same room at once.

(ominous music)

- You should wait here, too.

- I haven't come all
this way to wait outside.

I'm coming with you.

- I can't answer for your safety.

- I don't expect you to.

(mystical music)

(bird screeching)
(wolf howling)

- I'm not waiting here.


- What is it?

- Stand back.

I'll take care of this.


- Ivanhoe, it's not there.


- Rebecca!

- You see?

It was an illusion, a magician's trick.

- Who dares enter Fingal's cave?

- Ivanhoe.

- Step forward and show yourself!

So, you're smart enough to
get past my little illusion.

Trespassers don't
usually make it this far.

What do you want here?

- Friar Bacon sent me.

- To find the serpent's egg.

Yes, yes, I know.

But doesn't he realize he has no business

to send such a young man
on such a dangerous quest?

- I have no fear of risking my life.

- Your life?

It's your soul you should worry about!

Worse things than death, you know.

- All those dear to me are dead.

I have nothing left to lose.

- Oh?

And what does your pretty young friend

have to say about that?

All my life I've waited for someone

to stand against evil when it came.

The first Druids brought the serpent's egg

all the way from Egypt.

It won't be a simple matter
to find that precious jewel.

- Precious jewel?

- It carries within it the knowledge

to pluck the mysteries of the heavens.

It can open the doors between

the universes and slam them shut.

(mystical music)

The old Druids knew the
danger that lay in its power.

That's why they hid it
in the Devil's Tower.

- The Devil's Tower.

- No stranger has ever reached
it and come back alive.


A young man with nothing
to lose is not always

the best man to send on such a quest.

Not if we want him back.

But if you're determined
I'll not stop you.

But take my advice, go armed.

- I have my sword and shield.

- They won't help you!

You'll need the Staff of Runes.


Take it.

It can lock and unlock great secrets.

Use it wisely.

(rocks thudding)



(speaking foreign language)


- [Odo] Oh, don't kill me!

I'm sorry, your highness!


- Who are you?

- His name is Odo.

- Odo?

I've heard that name before.

(dramatic music)

You're the servant of
that charlatan, Kazan!

I shall turn you into a toad!

- He didn't mean any harm!

- What do you say, Ivanhoe?

- He's a liar and a thief.

But, we may need his skills.

- Oh, very well, take him, then!

But remember, the journey is dangerous.

To reach the Devil's Tower you must

cross the Screaming Marshes,
pass Dead Man's Valley

and then journey over
the Phantom Mountains.

There you will find the Devil's Tower.


- It's a long way.

If you want to turn back now.

- I come with you.

- I'll come, too.

- Are you sure?

- I want to help.

- [Ivanhoe] There's no reward at the end.

- Just so long as I can
make a useful contribution,

that's all that matters to me.

- Very well.

- I wonder how valuable that
serpent's egg really is?

(adventurous music)

- [Rebecca] Which way now?


- [Ivanhoe] That way.

- [John] Mordour, where's Damonfort?

I miss his prattlings.

- Rumor has it he's deserted, sire.

- Deserted, why?

- There are those that would rather

see Richard back on the throne.

- Richard?

My elder brother always
got everything he wanted,

but he's not getting England back!

- Suppose you were to give someone

who you really trusted the power

to arrest all rebels on suspicion alone?

Your problems would be over, sire.

- But who of all my
men can I really trust?


- Oh, sire.

- Ooh, I've only got two eggs left.

I'll have to get some more of them.


I wonder what that one does?

(adventurous music)

(ominous music)


- Oh, the Screaming Marshes!

- Let's see if there's a way through.


The ground's hard here.


- What are they?

- [Ivanhoe] Poor, soulless
creatures trapped in the marshes.


Look out!

Rebecca, don't let them drag you down!



- [Odo] Ivanhoe!

- Odo, help me!




- [Ivanhoe] Odo, behind you!

- [Rebecca] Odo!




- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe!

- [Ivanhoe] Look, it worked!

And the other one, quick!


- Did you see that?

Ivanhoe, I saved your life.

- Thank you, Odo.

- You'll probably give me a medal.

- Let's go.


- What is this?

What does Prince John
want with us at this hour?

- [Man] I was asleep.

Suddenly I've got these guards in

my bedroom telling me to get dressed.

- Mordour, what's the meaning of this?

- I have an announcement from Prince John.

He believes that none of you

are loyal to his brother, Richard.

(men grumbling)

So, all of you would swear an oath

of allegiance to King Richard?

(all agreeing)

Well, go on, swear!

- We will swear!

- Go on, get on with it!

- [All] We swear
allegiance to King Richard,

our rightful king and liege
lord as God is our witness!

- Arrest them all.

- What have we done?

- Treachery to Prince John!

- Prince John?

We thought--
- Take them away!

- If you harm us, others will avenge us!

Our families, our children
will exact revenge on you!

- Your children?

Don't count on it!

Get them out of my sight!

(ominous music)

- What?


What are you doing here at this hour?

- I knew you'd want to know the moment

your orders had been executed, sire.

- Oh, good, good.

How many traitors among them?

- [Mordour] All of them, sire.

- All of them?

But, surely, some were loyal?

- They condemned themselves
out of their own mouths.

I have witnesses if you doubt me.

- No, no, I believe you.

What have you done with them?

- Executed, as I told you, sire.

- Executed?

But I only meant them to be...

The other barons will hate me.

They will call me a murderer.

- The crown always lies heavy
on its keepers head, sire.

- [Ivanhoe] How many
nights until the full moon?

- [Rebecca] One, maybe two.

- [Ivanhoe] Let's hope it's two.

- I hate sleeping out under a full moon.

That's when the creatures of the night

come out and do their mischief.


Well, you never know what
might be lurking out there.

(Odo howling)
(wolf howling)


(wolves howling)

- Now look what you've done.

(wolf growling)

(mystical music)

- How does he do that?

(adventurous music)

- The Devil's Tower.

(ominous music)

- Whoa.

(door creaking)

Stay close.

(chain rattling)

- No.

(chain rattling)

What monster killed those men?

- Shh, listen!

(chain rattling)

(stones rumbling)

Run, now!

- Come on!

Keep up!

(all yelling)
(stones thudding)


(metal clanging)

Keep up, watch out!



- [Odo] Wait for me, wait for me!

I'm coming, I'm coming!

- [Ivanhoe] Odo!


Through that door!

- [Odo] There could be
worse on the other side!

- Do you want to wait and find out?


- Let me look at that.

This distillation will prevent
the wound becoming infected.

(tender music)

- It's not important.

All that matters is we
find the serpent's egg.

(ominous music)


Odo, look out!


- Whoa, close shave.

- Come on.

- Wait for me!

Look, the treasure chest!

- [Ivanhoe] That's no treasure chest.

- Who do you think you're kidding?

I heard you talking to Fingal about

the serpent's egg, the precious jewel.

That's why we're here, isn't it?

All that talk about closing the gates

of hell was just a load of guff.

- Odo, leave it!

- There's enough here for all of us.

- [Ivanhoe] Odo, no!

- It's empty.

(chains rattling)
(fire hissing)

Oh, uh.
- Get in the chest!

Rebecca, get down behind me!

(fire roaring)


- Odo!

- Rebecca, don't!


(comical music)
(Odo coughing)

- Sorry.

- (groans) Come on.

(ominous music)

- [Rebecca] Now what?

- Oh look, I've seen one
of these things before.

It's a puzzle.

All you have to do is work it out

(stones scraping)

and a secret door will open.


Look, it's a cross.

Make the sign of the cross
and a secret door will open.

- [Ivanhoe] Odo!

(Odo grunts)
(knives whooshing)

- That was close.

It's not a cross, it's a sword!

(all yelling)

Get me out of here!

It's getting hotter!

- Climb, Odo, climb!

- Get me out of here!


Rebecca, let me by!


- Come on, hurry!

Come on, climb, Odo!

- [Odo] Let me by, let me by!

- [Rebecca] Odo!

(dramatic music)

- I see where I went wrong.

- [Rebecca] Quickly, Odo!

The flames are getting closer!


(trap door rumbling)

- Fine.

(all panting)

Thank you, Odo.

- You're welcome.


I knew I'd come in useful.

(suspenseful music)

That's not big enough
to hold any treasure.

And what's that?

- It's not treasure we're looking for,

not the type you can sell.

Hold this.

(ominous music)

(liquid squishing)
(creature growling)

- Don't go any further, Ivanhoe.

It's alive, look.

(creature growling)

- [Ivanhoe] Looks like
it's locked to the rock.

- Of course, the Staff
of Runes will unlock it.

- Odo, give me the staff.

- Come on, Odo, we're wasting time.

- Odo!

- What have you done?
- Sorry.

- Give it to me.

(mystical music)

Wait here.

- Ivanhoe.


- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe!

- Oh, no!

(creature snapping)

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe!

(dramatic music)


- Rebecca!

- [Odo] Good catch!

Be careful, Ivanhoe!

- [Rebecca] Ivanhoe!

(creature growling)

- [Odo] Look, it's just water now.

- [Rebecca] Here's the egg, Ivanhoe.

- You've got it!

Can we go now?

- [Rebecca] How could such a small

thing have the power to destroy Set?

(creature roaring)

- Don't argue with it, Ivanhoe.

It's come for the egg.

- Mordour's creature.

It's not the serpent's egg it's after.

It's me.

Get this to Friar Bacon.

- [Rebecca] But, Ivanhoe.

- Go.

(creature roaring)

Come and get me, devil.


- [Rebecca] Stay here, Odo.

- Rebecca!


Let her go, you boggart!

Wrong egg again!

- [Rebecca] Are you alright, Odo?

- Has it gone?

- [Rebecca] Look.

(creature roaring)


- Take the casket and go!

- The serpent's egg, if you
lose it all of England's lost.

- [Odo] Rebecca, no, no!

(creature roaring)

(Odo growling)

It's up to you now, Odo.

(creature roaring)

Look what I've got for you!


- [Ivanhoe] Tancred?

- Thank you.



- [Odo] That's what I call magic.

- Dead, dead, poor Ivanhoe, poor Richard!

Now the emperor will never let him go!


You sure of it?

- My servant is invincible.

Ivanhoe cannot possibly defeat him, sire.

- Mordour, come to me.

You have served me well.

Name your reward.

- To serve you is reward enough.

I seek nothing in this
material world, sire.

- If only all my subjects
were as loyal as you.

- Hurry, we must travel all night

to reach Friar Bacon in time!

Nothing must stop us!

(dramatic music)

- All that just to find one
jewel and we can't even sell it.

What's the good of that?

- The egg is the key to
everything, you saw its power.

If we had but magic like
that in the Holy Land.

- [Rebecca] It saved our lives.

- It saved our lives, alright.

What did we get out of it?

Nothing, not a sausage!

- Keep your voices down, we're
not out of the woods yet.

- There's nothing to fear around
here, I can guarantee that.

- Drop your weapons!

You're surrounded!

Don't be foolish, Ivanhoe!

Get off your horses!

Don't worry, Ivanhoe, you won't

be needing this where you're going.

We followed Mordour's creature to be sure.

Good job we did.

- This is all a terrible mistake.

I'm not with these people.

Do I look like a squire?

- Shut up!

- I tell you, I don't
know this Ivanhoe fellow.

If you'd so good as to
return my possessions,

I shall be on my way.

- Ready your arms!

- No, I mean, what have I done?

Please, don't!

- Stand ready!

- Oh!
- Aim!

- I promise I won't tell anyone!

- Odo, don't you dare tell
them about the jewels!

- Jewels?

What was that about jewels?

- A great treasure to ransom King Richard.

If you let me go I'll
show you where it is.

- What are you planning, little man?

An ambush? (men laughing)

- If you don't believe me take
a look in Ivanhoe's casket.

He kept the biggest jewel for himself.

- What casket?

- You traitor, I told you
to keep your mouth shut!

- It's in his saddlebag.

- Out of my way!

(ominous music)

I've got it!


My eyes!

- Drop your weapons, I said drop them!

Tell them.

- You heard him, drop your weapons.

- Start walking, go!

- Next time I see you, Ivanhoe,

I'll have your head on a spike!

(adventurous music)

- Come, we've no time to lose!

We must ride to the priory.

Burned, Friar Bacon!

Pray we're not too late, come on!

(dramatic music)

Friar Bacon's gone.

- Who would want to destroy
a whole life's work?

- Mordour.

(ominous music)
(wolves howling)


- Look, the full moon.

- We haven't got long.

We must work fast.

- Ivanhoe, that'll never hold your weight.

- That's why I'm sending you.

(Odo whimpering)

(metal clanging)

- I've never been fond of heights.

(Odo whimpering)

I'm nearly there.

(footsteps thudding)


(liquid splashing)
(maid screaming)

Oh, bother, stinky old pee.


It smells horrible and I'm all wet now.

(suspenseful music)


- Do you smell something?

- [Guard] No.

(door creaking)

- Look.

- The moonless night begins.

What is keeping Odo?

Odo, Odo, where are you?

- [Odo] I'm right here.

- That magic's going to get
you into trouble someday.

What's that smell?

- [Odo] It's me, I'm fed
up and I'm wet through.

- Come on, there's only
a few minutes left.

- [Odo] Suit yourselves.

I'll just check to see if there's

anything of value down here. (chuckles)

(mystical music)

- You could have joined me in this

and become as powerful as I,
had you but stood beside me

and treated me as a brother, an equal.

But it is better this way.

One intimate is enough for the great Set.

- Is that the madness you
propose, to call up Set?

- He will be hungry after his great sleep.

You will be his first meal.

- But not his last.

You have no idea of the
forces you are unleashing!

What do you hope to gain?

- Immortality.

- As Set's creature?
- As his equal!

As he promised.

- His promise is worthless!

Once you've helped him break
the bonds of the underworld

he won't have anything
more to do with you.

- He will reward me and
set me on his right hand.

Then all the power in
the world shall be mine!

- Yours was the brightest
mind in the seminary.

I wept when they threw you out.

I should have killed you myself

and risked eternal damnation.


- Look, look, the time is right!

The dark light is shining
and the gate begins to open.

- Stop!

Think what you're doing
before it's too late!

- I have waited so long for this.

- The moon's gone!


- [Guard] Halt!

- Special prisoner for Mordour's pleasure.

Which way?

- Oh, straight to the very end.


- Come on, Odo!


He's gone!

- I can't wait!

(dramatic music)

- This is the might and
power of all strengths.

It will overcome everything
and has the power

to penetrate every solid substance.

Oh, great god, Set!

All obscurity and darkness
shall fly from thee!

One is all and through it is all!

And by it is all!

If you have not all, all is nothing!

Come forth from nothing!

- [Ivanhoe] Mordour!

(dramatic music)

(creature roaring)

(sword clanging)

- Oh, great Set, give me your strength!



(sword clanging)

(creature roaring)


- [Odo] I'm glad I'm invisible.


- Is that you, Mordour?


Guards, arrest that man!


- I'm never gonna trust those eggs again!

- There he goes, after him!


- [Rebecca] Come on, Odo.

(creature roaring)

(sword clanging)


(dramatic music)

- I have the egg!

- [Friar Bacon] Give it to me!

- No!

(creature squealing)

(Mordour grunting)

- Set, take me.


- Whatever secrets the
serpent's egg contained

have been lost forever.

(door banging)
- Guards!

- There's another way
out, a secret tunnel!

It comes out down by the river!

- Go, go!

- There, come on, come on!

- Go!

I'll hold them off!


- Ivanhoe!

We can't just leave him there!

- He makes his sacrifice
so that we may live!

- No!

- He wouldn't want you to die as well.

- [Odo] Come on, come on,
we've got to get out of here!

(sword clanging)

- Ivanhoe, I want him alive!

He's getting away!

After him!

Get him, you fools!

(dramatic music)

(Friar groaning)

- [Rebecca] Are you alright?

Come on, quick!

(dramatic music)

(sword clanging)


(arrows whooshing)


(wolves howling)

(water trickling)

(Ivanhoe spitting)

- You're alive!

I knew you'd make it!

- What about Rebecca and Friar Bacon?

- Look.

- Ivanhoe!

Is that really you?

- Rowena.

(triumphant music)

I thought you were dead.

- [Rowena] I thought you were, too.

- My father?

- Look.

- Bless you, my son.

I'm proud of you.

Welcome home.

- I thought you were dead, Father.

Brotherwood was burnt to the ground.

- But for Rowena, I would have been.

- Remember those old tunnels
we used to play in as children?

We escaped through them.

- It is not over.

Mordour will return.

- And I'll be waiting for him.

I'll not rest till he's destroyed

and King Richard is
returned to the throne.

- [Man] The Normans, they're coming!

- Prince John's men
will be looking for you.

It's not safe for you to remain here.

- What of you and Rowena, Father?

- Don't worry about us, my son.

There's still many loyal to King Richard

that will give us shelter.
- Quickly, Ivanhoe!

- I'm sorry, Father, I must go.

But this time I'll not be far away.

- Aren't you going after him?

- No.

- He's forgotten his sword.

(adventurous music)

Wait for me!

Git up!

- God go with you, my son.

(ominous music)

(adventurous mystical music)