Dark Knight (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Dark Knight - full transcript

It is the year 1193. King Richard "the Lionheart" of England is held prisoner in an Austrian castle. A handful of his men reach home charged with raising a ransom for his release, amongst them is Ivanhoe, who also wants to make peace with his father, Lord Cedric of Rotherwood Castle, for leaving his family to fight in the crusades. Prince John, in his fortress of Torquilstone Castle, has his necromancer Mordour try to kill Ivanhoe, but without success, so they decide to destroy the things close to him, and sack Rotherwood Castle. Meanwhile, Ivanhoe rescues Rebecca, a woman who was about to be burned at the stake as a witch, and Odo, an apprentice of the magician Kazan, who join him in his quests. They first seek advice from Friar Bacon, who sends them to Fingal, the last of the great druid magicians. He directs them to find the Serpent's Egg in the Devil's Tower, giving them the Staff of Runes to assist them. Braving great perils in the tower, they take the egg, and journey to Torquilstone Castle to destroy the fiend that Mordour is conjuring up at the imminent lunar eclipse, and rescue Friar Bacon, who has been abducted by Mordour.

(suspenseful music)

(bats squawking)

- [Man] Bats.


- Find the book, fools!

That's what I brought you here for!

- Mordour, I found it!

- Bring it to me.

Bring it to me.

(gate clatters)


- [man] Help us!

- Throw me the book.

- Mordour, get us out of here!

- Come on!

- Give him the book.

(suspenseful music)

- At last, the power is mine.

- Mordour!

Get us out of here!

(men shouting)


- Pity on us!

- Start with a sacrifice.

(men shouting)

(eerie music)

Now, oh great Set, god of the underworld,

I shall conjure you up
on the night of darkness!

(thunder crashing)

But first for the battle at hand.

King Richard must not return.

Prince John must remain on
the throne a while longer.

(speaking foreign language)

(thunder rumbling)

(eerie music)

Let all returning knights
be with their king.

(speaks foreign language)

Prince John shall fear King
Richard's homecoming no more.


(adventurous music)



(creature screeches)

(glass shattering)

(liquid bubbling)


(thunder crashing)

(wolves howling)

(men shouting)

- Make my business quick, will you?

It sure makes your death less painful.

Where is King Richard's treasure?

- [Prisoner] There is no treasure.

- You traveled years
through the holy land,

you risked death from battle, plague,

and nameless witchcraft, and you tell me

you did it for the good of your soul?

A fool would believe you.

(prisoner groans)

Who next to kiss the devil's tongue?

You, Sir Tancred?

Or you, Sir Ivanhoe?

(suspenseful music)

- Wait.

We have no treasure.

But in this castle you hold something

which every man in England
would pay dearly for.

- What?

- [Prisoner] Tancred, no!

- King Richard himself.

- A ransom, and who would
take our demand to England?

- With a good horse I could be in England

by the end of the month.

Prince John will pay handsomely
for his brother's freedom.

- For 100,000 gold
crowns, when we have them,

your king and his knights
will have their passage home.

Tell the Emperor I have
found an errand boy.

I give you three months, then
I start killing your knights.

One for each day you delay.

Find him a horse.

Ride with him to the border.

(suspenseful music)

(adventurous music)

- Ivanhoe.

- [Prisoner] Ivanhoe, the guards!


Prince John will never
pay Richard's ransom!

- Tancred will betray us all!



- King Richard must be ransomed.

England must be saved.

Go, Ivanhoe, go.

(birds trilling)

From our friends on the coast.

They say Ivanhoe's been seen.

- Hush, Rowena.

You don't want old Cedric to hear you.

You know how angry your guardian will be.

- But if it's true, oh Gertrude,

Ivanhoe back from the Crusade at last.

If anyone can save us from
Prince John's tyranny,

Ivanhoe can.

- [Cedric] What's all the commotion?

- Ivanhoe's returned.

- You know I won't have that
name mentioned in this house.

- But my lord, he is your son.

Can't you find it in
yourself to forgive him?

- As far as I'm concerned, my son is dead.

- Because he joined
King Richard's Crusade?

That was no crime.

- That's enough, I won't have
his name mentioned again.

And if he turns up seeking
refuge, I'll not see him.

He's to be sent away.

- You are Cedric's ward, not his daughter.

You must learn to curb your tongue.

- I know he doesn't mean it.

In his heart, Cedric loves
Ivanhoe as much as he ever did.

It's just his pride that
won't let him admit it.

(suspenseful music)

- [Guard] Who goes there?

- Tancred

I must see Prince John.

- [Guard] Go on.

- So my poor brother
Richard languishes in prison

while I rule England
in his place. (laughs)

I couldn't have arranged it better myself.

- [Tancred] There is a problem, sire.

- [John] Problem?

- [Tancred] Ivanhoe.

- Ah yes, Ivanhoe.

Well we needn't trouble
ourselves about him.

- I know the man.

He will not rest till Richard is free

and sitting on the throne.

- I have Mordour working on it.

- He won't stop Ivanhoe
with mere incantations.

- Mere incantations?

Do not underestimate me.

When I unleash my true
power, Ivanhoe will be dead.

- [Tancred] Then what's stopping you?

- All I await is the prince's word.

- You have it.

Destroy Ivanhoe.

- Your wish is my command, sir.

Ivanhoe is finished.

I'll wage your life on it.

It will take more than mere
mortal force to defeat Ivanhoe,

and he must be defeated for me
to achieve my ultimate goal.

Yes, perfect.

Thank you, warlock, for providing me.

After so long, your spells
have come home to me,

your rightful heir.

I will use them well, I will not fail.

Once Ivanhoe is destroyed,
I shall seek out Fingal.

Only then will I learn
where they are keeping you,

my ancestor, only then will I be able

to release you from your living tomb.

What power resides in these pages?

One day you will be free again,

but in the meantime, your
spirit lives on in me!

(speaking foreign language)

(thunder crashing)

(dissonant music)

(gentle music)




- [Woman] Thank you.

(cheerful tavern music)


- First time at the Crossways Inn, Jack?

- Aye.

10 grats.

- I thought I didn't know your face.

We don't get many strangers around here.

People are not usually that reckless.

- Reckless?

- Raise you 10.

I shouldn't worry too much about it

because you couldn't wish
to meet a nicer, friendlier,

more lovable crowd anywhere in the county.

Raise you 10.

Another jug of your finest leaf beer

for my new friend, please Mog.

Raise you 20.

- I'll raise you 10.

What was that?

- That was Mog.

They say her father was a rock troll

and her mother a changeling.

I can see she's taken a fancy to you.


She's been married three times.

Raise you 20.

They still haven't found the bodies.

- I'll see you.

Hard luck, little man.

- Excuse me, friend.

Where I come from, three kings

will always beat three knaves.

Better luck next time.

- Wait a minute.

Come here, little man.

(suspenseful music)



(cheerful music)





- This place isn't wasn't it used to be.

I can remember a time when a stranger

daren't show his nose in here,

now any Tom, Dick, or Harry
can walk in and get served.

It's just not exclusive anymore?

- What?

- Well, of course, that's
all the more fools to please.



Well done, Mog. (laughing)

- When are you idiots going to use

those things you call brains?

I need money to pay my army.

We must raise the taxes.

- What?

But how?


- What do you say, De Montfort?

- The Saxons hate us.

That is why we need the army.

Raising taxes again would
only spur them on to revolt.

- Yes.


- Someone fetch Mordour,
he'll know what to do.

- I'm here, your highness.

- But your highness, this
so-called necromancer

is nothing more than a charlatan.

You may scare these gullible
fools with your tricks,

you don't impress me.


- The answer is simple, your highness.

The Saxons would never pay more taxes,

but they would pay for a just cause.


Everyone knows that Sir
Richard is held ransom

by the Emperor of Austria.

- So we tell the Saxons we are taxing them

to raise the ransom.

They'll pay readily
and I can keep my army.


These idiots bring me problems,

you Mordour bring me solutions.

- Ah, well.


- Get out of my sight, and get
this new tax, (clears throat)

I mean ransom, raised at once.


Wait a while.

Two birds with one stone.

I get my money and
Richard languishes in jail

with no hope of freedom.

What about our other problem?

- Ivanhoe?

His life hangs by a thread which
I shall shortly sever, sir.

(mysterious music)

(speaking foreign language)

(thunder crashing)

(birds chirping)

(birds fluttering)

- Whoa, whoa.

(horse snorting)

(steel ringing)



(pig squealing)
(suspenseful music)


(birds chirping)

(somber music)


(crowd shouting and booing)

- I've done nothing wrong.

- [Woman] She killed that man, she did.

- Hear me out, please.

- [Woman] Look at her, look at her!

Look at her face, she's an
evil cow, she's an evil girl.

- What's she done?

- Raised the dead.

Their little child was
to be buried this morning

but she brought the child back to life.

Now she's gonna be burned as a witch.

The child will be next to burn.


- [Woman] Kill the child!

- You wanna know who
brought us the plague,

blighted crops, corpses
that walk and talk?

Look at the way she's dressed.

She's in league with the devil.

Well let's send the witch back to hell.

- Yeah!

- Let her go.

- [Man] Who the devil are you?

- A man who has witnessed many miracles.

- What miracles?

- I've seen King Richard's
crusaders saved from death

by eastern medicine.

- He means witchcraft!

- Yeah!

(crowd shouting)

- What was wrong with the child?

- She looked as if she was dead,

but with herbs and potions
I brought her back.


She's well again.

- Stand aside.

- There'll be no
witchcraft in this village.

(adventurous music)

(dog barking)

- You've killed me.

- It's deep, but he can be healed.

- Well?

Do you want this witch to save your life?

You still think she's a witch?

- No.

- You heard him.

Let that be an end to it.

Do what you can.

(somber music)

(birds chirping)

(gentle music)


(steel rings)

- I'm unarmed.

May I join you?

- What do you want?

- To thank you.

(gentle music)

My name is Rebecca.

What's yours?

- Ivanhoe.

- I'm curious, what kind of
knight would risk his life

to save a strange woman and a Saxon child?

- I'm a Saxon myself.

- And you're on the king's crusade?

A Saxon knight following a Norman king?

- I was proud to follow King Richard.

- King Richard's dead.

So the rumors say.

- Richard is alive, but a
prisoner of the Austrian Emperor.

- [Rebecca] And you are free.

- How can I be free if
my king is in chains

and his people are slaves to Prince John?

- Tell me about the holy land.

- It was hot.

- [Rebecca] Is that all you've got to say?

- I went, I fought, I came back.

- And now you're back,
what are you going to do?

- Make my peace with my
father, raise a ransom,

free King Richard and restore
him to the throne of England.

- I like a man with ambition.

- You're going to need some help.

- Finish that.

- [Mordour] Welcome, your majesty.

- What news of Ivanhoe?

- He still lives.

- Where is he?

- Let me show you.

(mysterious music)

(speaking foreign language)

He's there.

- You promised to destroy him.

Use your powers to kill him now.

- No so easy, sire.

Notice the shimmer around him.

- [John] What does it mean?

- We must move with caution.

Something protects him,
and any spell I cast

may rebound on us.

- Is it that meddlesome
priest Friar Bacon?

- The priest is a man of God and science.

However much he seeks to resist me,

the dark arts are forbidden to him.

What protects Ivanhoe is a
greater, more ancient force.

- So what can we do?

- We must weaken Ivanhoe,
destroy his loved ones,

leave him no place to call his own.

Force him to wander the land an outcast,

and then he will be ours.

- Tancred, take Falco.

Destroy Rotherwood.

- Leave it to me, sire.

- If only every task was
so easy, and so enjoyable.

- [Mordour] Nothing will
protect you once I have

Set's power behind me.

(light music)

- Perhaps my father can help you

raise King Richard's ransom.

He's a rich man with many friends.

- From the top of this hill you can see

all my father's land.

- Is that where we are, your home?

- Rotherwood.

(suspenseful music)

(bird cawing)

- Who did this?

- Look.


A traitor to King Richard
and now my father's murderer.

(somber music)

You'll die for this, Tancred.

Forgive me, Father, for deserting you

when you needed me most.

The next time I shed blood it will be

that of your murderer Tancred.

Oh no, not Rowena.

- Rowena?

- [Ivanhoe] Not her too.

She was my father's ward.

No more than a girl when I saw her last.

Now I shall never see her again.

(horse snorts)

My father's horse.

- He's wounded.

(gentle music)

(horse snorts)

(horse snorts)

It's a clean wound.

It will heal quickly.

- Now I see why they call you a witch.

- My voice calmed him.

Why don't you try it yourself?


As you would speak to a woman of love.

Go on.

(horse snorts)

- Easy.


- Where are you going in such a hurry?

- [Ivanhoe] To see Friar Bacon.

- Who?

- He'll know what I must do.

Go on.

(horse hooves thudding)

- So Cedric is dead but
Ivanhoe still lives.

- Those closest to him are murdered.

His home and lands laid waste,

a charge of treason hangs over his head.

If he shows his face, he
will be executed on sight,

isn't that enough?

- No, it isn't enough.

He has the power to start a rebellion.

I want him dead!

- It will be done, my prince.

- Is Mordour the only one around here

who can do things properly?

(bell ringing)
(monks chanting)

- When I left England there
were green trees everywhere.

Wait here.


(monks chanting)

(steel rings)

Friar Bacon.

- I am so glad to see you safe, Ivanhoe.

- I am safe, but my father is murdered

and Rotherwood in ruins.

- I had hoped to be able
to break it to you first.

- [Ivanhoe] What of Rowena?

- Nobody could've survived those flames.

You must be brave, my son.

- What have they ever
done to deserve this?

- It's you they're after.

You've seen what's happening.

Crops are blighted, trees
rot where they stand.

England is dying.

- What's the cause of it?

- Mordour, Prince John's necromancer.

He and I studied together in the seminary,

before he developed his
interest in forbidden magic.


We used to be the best of friends.

Now he hates me, because I opposed him.

I'm a man of science, what
do I know of the black arts?

Just the other day,
Mordour sent me a message,

now where is it?


Written in the ancient Sumerian text.

Mordour challenged me to decipher it.

When the shadow falls on a moonless night

and touches the seal of Set,

then the lord of chaos will come,

and the world will be lost.

My celestial charts tell me
there will be a lunar eclipse

on the night of the next full moon.

That's in just three days' time.

Mordour is conjuring a demon from hell,

you've got to move fast.

- Friar, I am on a mission
to avenge my family

and raise the king's ransom.

- What good will it be to free Richard

if he returns to find his kingdom

laid waste and his people lost?

- What can I do to stop Mordour?

- You've heard of the druids?

The people of the standing stones?

They have stored the sum
of all their knowledge

in a priceless gem they
call The Serpent's Egg.

That's where the solution lies.

You must find The Serpent's
Egg before the night

of the full moon and bring it to me.

- What makes you think I can do it?

- Only a man of pure heart can
resist Mordour's evil power.

- Friar, I have seen
crusaders slaughtering

women and children in the name of God

whilst I stood by and
did nothing to stop them.

- Ivanhoe, my son.

Your feelings prove
that your heart is pure.

Find Fingal, the last of
the great druid magicians.

He will know where you
should begin your search.

(monks chanting)

- Rebecca?

(suspenseful music)




- We meet again, Ivanhoe.

We have your woman.

Will you yield willingly or
must you watch her die first?

- She's not my woman.

- What?

- She's not my woman.

Do what you want with her.

Run, Rebecca.

(dramatic music)

(suspenseful music)

- You've been away too long, Ivanhoe.

You even fight like a Saracen.




- For my father.



You murdered my father, and
all those who are dear to me.

Tell Prince John Ivanhoe still lives.

(somber music)

- Where are the horses?

- Back there.

(cheerful music)

(children laughing)


- And now if I might have your attention

just for a brief moment, my
little bonnie lads and lasses,

ladies and gentlemen,
you there see before you

an empty handkerchief, completely empty.

Watch closely.

Magic is in the air.




Thank you very much, thank you,

and now, ladies and gentlemen,
the bottomless hole.

Here we are, black, red.

Black, may I borrow
your scarf, young lady?

Thank you, my dear.

Very sweet perfume, if I
may say so without offense.


Where it ends up, nobody knows.

(speaking gibberish)



Would you like your scarf back?

- [Girl] Yes please.

(speaks gibberish)

(crowd cheers)


Now, where did I leave my egg?

Sir, have you got my egg?

I don't believe you.

Come on sir, admit it, you're
hiding my egg somewhere,

aren't you?

Why, there it is.

You had it all along, you naughty thing.


And now, the problem which
has discombobulated mankind

since the beginning of written records.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg, or the chicken?


- Well, well, well, little man.

You can't give us the slip forever.

- Hello Will, and Dave, and James.

It is James, isn't it?

Oh, and my dear good
friend Jack, how are you?

- Don't give me that dear friend stuff,

you miserable little toe rag.

You owe me 40 grats.

And I've come to collect.

- I won that money fair and square.

- Since when has Karzan's apprentice

ever played fair and square?

- Karzan?

Never heard of him.

- Karzan the sorcerer.

- Oh, that Karzan.

He's long gone, I'm afraid.

- And so are his spells.

- Are you accusing me of stealing them?

- Who else?

- Oh, if I could just--

- That's my purse.

Lynch him.

- Take him!

- Oh, just let me get to my purse,

I'll give you all your money back.

- Where's he gone?
- Hold him fast, you idiot.

- [Man] Where is he?

He's disappeared.

He's somewhere in the smoke.

Look out for him.

- Where's he gone?


(birds chirping)

(creature groans)

(suspenseful music)

(mule baying)

- Let me go, you big bully.

- Come here.

- Oh.

- Give me one good reason why I shouldn't

slice you in half right here and now.

- Why, what have I done?

- What are you doing spying on us?

- Spying?

I wasn't spying.

I was merely following my nose.

Any of that rabbit going free to a poor

and hungry traveler?

- Oh, so you're a traveler, are you?

Some sort of pilgrim?

- A pilgrim, that's it.

Walking all the way to
Canterbury Cathedral.


On my knees.


- A pilgrim.

Well, you're always welcome at my fire.

What do you seek at the end
of your journey, pilgrim?

- Seek, oh, forgiveness, of
course, for my many, many sins.

- And would these sins have anything to do

with picking pockets?

- Eh?

- It's a pity your
victims were all so poor.

The rich would've been much
more deserving of your talents.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- Then it's time to remind ya.

(suspenseful music)

You, stay outta this.

My beef is with him.

- Ivanhoe.

- Ivanhoe?

Well, well, well.

This is my lucky day.

There's a reward out for you, dead.

- Well, you won't be needing me anymore--

- You stay where you are!

I'll deal with you
after I finish with him.

- [Pickpocket] Stay here?

But I'm needed elsewhere.

In fact I know I'm
wanted in three counties.

- Hasn't there been enough bloodshed?

These men don't deserve to die.

(men laughing)


- [Man] Go on, get her.



(adventurous music)

- Stand back, or I will not be responsible

for what happens next.


- Oops, wrong egg.

- It's not always necessary
to kill someone to beat them.

- So I see.

Where do you think you're going?

You, you're coming with us.

Saddle up.

(clears throat)

- My prince.

- Yes, De Montfort, what is it now?

- My prince, forgive
me if I speak bluntly.

There is a matter that concerns us all.

Our crops are dying.

Without them we have no power base.

- Your power comes from me.

- Of course, your highness, but Mordour.

- Mordour?

Do you think he has anything
to do with this pestilence?

- The way he acts.

- Well why don't you tell him so yourself?

Oh, don't worry about Mordour.

I've got him right where I want him.

What now?

(somber music)

(door closes)


What news of Tancred?

- He's dead, your highness.

- Dead?

And Ivanhoe?

- Alive.

- May I make a request, your majesty?

- Mordour, I didn't see you there.

- Oh, I've been here for
a long time, your majesty.

- What is your request?

- That you let me have Tancred's body,

seeing as he has no further use for it.

- But...

Your request is granted.

- Thank you, your majesty.

- He was one of the old
school magicians, Karzan was.

Once he taught me what
little he had to impart,

well, I had to move on.

Amongst those in the know, I'm considered

something of a master of the mystic arts.

- [Ivanhoe] Well it'll come
in useful where we're going.

- Really?

Where are we going?

- To find Fingal.

- [Pickpocket] Fingal the druid?

- That's right.

- Oh, he's a real magi, I mean,

he's a really dangerous lunatic.

- Well then we'll have
need of your skills,

unless you want to leave.

- Leave you here, in the forest?

I wouldn't dream of it.

- King Richard will
appreciate your loyalty.

- King Richard?

- You failed me in life, Tancred,

perhaps in death, you'll
make a better servant.

(machine creaking)

Soon the moon will be full,
and the seeds to my plan

shall become rich fruit.

(speaking foreign language)

(mysterious music)

As all things come into being
by the contemplation of one,

so all things return to the one.



Do you know me?

- [De Montfort] Mordour?


- Do you recognize the
voice that commands you?

- Mordour!

I've come for Tancred's body!

- Is that you speaking, De
Montfort, or all the liquor?

(cup clangs)

- He deserves a proper burial!

- You're already too late.

- Where is he?

- Tancred's here.


- Tancred!


(suspenseful music)

- Destroy this man,
before he breathes a word

of my creation.


You know Ivanhoe?

Seek him out and kill him!


(adventurous music)