Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Semper Fidelis - full transcript

Karen continues to counsel Frank, in jail this time. The firm's plan is to go with PTSD. Matt and Elektra decode the last page of the book. Busy with Elektra, Matt misses court, leaving it all on Foggy. Matt and Karen have their first argument. The firm lose a witness because of Elektra.

Potential juror number
17, please state your name.

Richard Day.

Can you state for the court
any preexisting opinion, any at all,

that you may hold for the
defendant, Frank Castle?

You mean the Punisher? I
think he's an animal...

a sick, twisted, venal...

Hero. That's what we
should be calling him.

Doing the things the cops won't
do, Frank Castle is a...

A grotesque insult to
the Second Amendment,

a fascist without the authority.
If you ask me,

people like Frank Castle ought to be...

Applauded for putting all the thieves

and muggers and rapists in the
morgue, where they belong.

Let those bastards feel scared walking
down the street for a change.

It's Son of Sam all over again.

It's Bernie Goetz...

It's like the only thing
protecting us is Frank.

I just moved my family to New
York, and now we're moving out.

If anyone can kill anyone in this town...
where does the insanity end?

Counselors, over 400 potential jurors
have come through this courtroom.

So I should tell you,

if you can't agree to move forward
with the 12 men and women selected,

I will make this trial a
living hell for all of you.

Your Honor, New York hasn't seen a trial
this divisive and this public in years.

Finding an impartial jury is not easy.

Everybody has an opinion
about Frank Castle.

It's New York, Mr. Nelson. Everybody
has an opinion about everything.

Ms. Reyes, is the prosecution
satisfied with its jury panel?

- Yes, Your Honor.
- And the defense, Mr. Nelson?

- Uh, yes, Your Honor, we are.
- Thank Christ.

The trial of The People
of New York v. Frank Castle

is now in session.

If I get my hands on the worthless
intern who organized these files...

Oh, I'm sure that intern's just
following the DA's orders.

It's not officially sabotage,

- just sets it back.
- It's a cheap trick.

We got bigger problems.
Like, locking a defense.

- M'Naghten Rule's still our best bet.
- What's that?

- Uh, the, uh, insanity plea.
- Whoa, whoa, guys...

We need to buy a "not guilty" verdict.

My high school debate team could
prove that Castle did it.

We need an affirmative defense.

Yeah, yeah, I get that, but I'm
not so sure Frank is insane.

I'm no doctor, but I'd say he's
at least driven past Crazy Town.

- Foggy, I'm serious.
- She has a point.

I mean, insanity only has a 0.12%
acquittal rate in New York.

Reyes is just gonna call in

some expert shrink witness
to blow our case apart.

- What case?
- Look, what if we...

push for a mistrial?
We get more time.

We talk about the DNR and the
suits and Reyes' involvement.

We get her kicked off the case.

She wouldn't see it coming.

If we go down that road now,
we gotta prove, in a court of law,

that the government willfully hid
evidence of the Punisher ambush,

and that Reyes was involved.

- Well, I was there and you were there.
- We're not exactly impartial, okay?

And either way, we need an
opening statement tomorrow.

I can open with PTSD as
a mitigating factor,

focus on Castle's time at war.

So you think the war is
what made Frank what he is?

Our only goal is to reduce the
charges and set precedent.

Castle made a lot of enemies, all right?

If he goes into general
population, he's as good as dead.

We need to get him somewhere safe,
where he can get help, and...

citing PTSD could do that.

I mean, none of us know
what Castle saw over there...

but research suggests that... PTSD
can be triggered by new stressors.

Like losing your family.

I need to get to work on
the opening statement,

but we need to be sure Castle
will get on board with this.

Uh, I'll try.

I mean, Frank made it pretty clear
he's willing to talk to me, at least,

just as long as I'm alone.

- Are you sure you wanna do that?
- Well, I wanna help.

We have a better shot at
getting him to talk if I go.

I'll grab the list of questions
I was working on.



You know you don't have
to do this by yourself.

It's okay. Castle doesn't scare me.

- Maybe he should.
- I can take care of myself.

I know... but
I'd be saying it to Foggy.

Or a Navy SEAL.

Just watch your back.


Here you go. Just do me
a favor, stick to the script.


- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.

Grow up so fast, don't they?

- Hi, Frank.
- Ma'am.

Um, we've been, uh, looking
over similar cases...

legal precedents, and, uh...

we... we think it would help to bring
forth someone from your past...

maybe from your... your military
unit, someone who could, uh...

speak to the nature of your service.

- What's that got to do with anything?
- Um... it's a character witness.

Uh, we put someone on the stand who...
who knows you well.

Uh, can... can speak to
what you've been through.

PTSD, huh?

We think it would
greatly help with your defense.

Don't do that. It's an insult.

Lots of veterans experience it.

I'm not talking about me,
I'm talking about them.

It's an insult to them, people who
are actually going through it.

I know what you wanna do, you
wanna sit here and label me

just another case of some crazy-ass
combat vet who lost his mind, huh?

Maybe that'll appeal to some shitbag
jury in some shitbag court.

It wasn't on a battlefield.

That's not when my life went to shit.

Now, ma'am, I believe that you told me
that you were gonna find me answers.

That's what you said to me. Do
you have anything for me or not?

- Not that easy.
- That what you want?

- You want things to be easy?
- You are on trial

for multiple homicides and you don't
have a defense strategy in place.

You don't cooperate with us,

it doesn't matter if I help you
figure out who killed your family,

you will never see justice.

All you will do, the rest of your
life, is rot in a goddamn jail cell!

Colonel Ray Schoonover. My old CO.

Let's forget the PTSD defense, but
if you want a character witness,

the colonel, he will do.

Thank you.

Now, ma'am, do you have
anything for me or not?

Maybe I just ought to go back and
rot in my goddamn jail cell?

Yeah. Yeah, I did some digging.

All right, there are huge moving parts
and they do not want to be seen.

I've already looked at all of those.
I've done it a hundred times.


but you haven't done it with me.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Imagine, if you will...

Yeah, this is Matt.

- I found a lead.
- Hold on.

Elektra, I can't do this right now.

The guy who encoded that ledger of ours?

Some pervy NYU professor,

master cryptographer who
teaches Asian studies.

I'm gonna go beat the cipher out of him.

- Yeah.
- You wanna come?

- Hey.
- Hey.

You check out these Dogs of Hell depos?

Might as well have been
written in crayon.

I think we could poke
some holes in these.

That's great. Yeah. Just,
uh, give me a minute.

The most important case we've ever
handled starts in the morning.

I can't go with you.

- Can't or won't?
- Can't.

My life doesn't stop
every time you call.

This may be our one chance
to translate this ledger

before the Yakuza adjust their plans and
we lose all the progress we've made.

You're infuriating.

Tell me in person. Two hours.
Barclay and Church.

I know I'm into some sick
shit, but next time, I swear,

all I wanna do is eat moo goo
gai pan off your bodies.

All day.

- We're not Chinese.
- Whatever, it's all hot to me.


He's a repulsive asshole.

A repulsive
asshole who pays well.

I can't tell any of you
apart, but I guarantee...

I know all your tongues
better than you do.

So... be nice.

Get out.

Hey, honey, I'm home.

And you've been awfully naughty.

You're gonna wanna stay real still.

What the hell do you want from me?

- You were hired by the Yakuza.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

You encrypted files for them.

Money must be good.

Not many professors can afford
garish, high-rise flats

and a revolving door of prostitutes.

What do you want me to do?

What you do best, Philip. Translate.

But this time for us.

They will kill me
if I tell you anything.

And if you don't,
we'll make you beg for killing.

Thirty stories up, Philip.

You'd make a mighty good mess.

More liquid than solid, I'd imagine.

- What do you say, Professor?
- Come on, please...

Please... please.

- I'll pay you, I'll do anything.
- Once more.

I can't. I can't, they'll kill me.

It's gonna break.

Okay! Okay, shit!

Stop! I'll do it! I'll do it!

I'll help you.

All right, be a pet and
tell us how to read this last page.

They wanted a code
that couldn't be hacked.

I put the Japanese alphabet...

through a cipher.


put the characters through the
matrix, you can decode it all.

You do it.

There's weekly shipments.

Next one is tonight at 11:00.

Bay Ridge Rail Yard.

You find a boxcar with that number...

and you can find the train
you're looking for.

What are they shipping?

It doesn't say, I swear.

I swear! I
can't help you anymore.

Well, thank you
for your help, Professor.

Do yourself a favor. Find
better business partners.

And kill your decorator.

Hey. Hungry?

No. I don't think
I'm ever gonna eat again.

Cost of looking at these all day.

Yeah. How about some fresh coffee?


Uh, where's Matt?

I thought he'd be burning
the midnight oil with you.

I... He's, um...

He's working on his opening statements.


Did you... you talk to Castle?

Yeah, um...

He, uh, won't endorse PTSD, so...

Oh, shit!

He's... he's not having
war flashbacks, Foggy.

It... it's just not the truth.

Did Castle say anything that we can use?

'Cause when the judge calls
his first witness tomorrow,

my only plan so far is
to run away, and...

open a butcher shop.

Well... I, uh, went over some
of our files with Frank.

The medical examiner's report
from his family's murder,

it's filled out by a, um...

- Dr. Gregory Tepper.
- Yeah.

He's the chief medical examiner.

He's scheduled to testify for Reyes.

Well... his report says that
Lisa, Frank, Jr. and Maria Castle

each were killed by a single gunshot, but
Frank says there were multiple wounds.

He describes them in awful detail, um...

different angles, uh...

bullet calibers, exit wounds
that are too big for a handgun.

I mean, his family was
practically shredded.

There's a discrepancy,
which is good, but...

it's still their word against Frank's,
who was also shot in the head.


Just for a minute...

try... try to be Frank Castle.

To be solely fueled by...

by a single cluster of seconds.

One moment in... in your entire life...

And every time you close your
eyes, you relive that moment.

And every time you open
them, you find only the...

the briefest peace before you realize
that that nightmare is real.

That nothing has changed.

Your family isn't coming back.

And so you watch them die...

all over again right in front of you.

We're not talking about something
that happened to Frank Castle,

we're talking about something
that is happening to him.

I hear you.


short of having his
family's bodies exhumed...

we still have no proof that what
Frank is saying is the truth.

Okay, so...

Let's say the ME's report...
was doctored.

It's still tangential and,
so far, inadmissible.


Unless we can get this ME to corroborate
Frank's story on the stand.

Can you do that?

It's a long shot. He's still
probably in her pocket, but...

if it works...

maybe we expose Reyes

and we get the mistrial
you've been praying for.

So, trial starts in a few hours,

and in lieu of a bullet-damaged brain,

our case hinges on getting
a dirty medical examiner

to crack on the stand.

Guess I'll call Matt. Give him the news.

Oh, I'll do it.

As long as he has the opening
statement of the year, I'd...

I think maybe we have a chance.

We should make bets on
what the Yakuza are exporting.

Hundred bucks says exotic animals...

or counterfeit purses.

Last time these guys
brought something into town,

it was a cargo ship transporting a kid.

- Human trafficking?
- Yeah, something like that.

- Oh...
- Elektra.

All these cars are empty.
This one's full.

So are the others beyond it.

- Full of what?
- I don't know.

There's no negative space.

Cargo is uniform. There's no real shape.

There's a lot of it, though.

Enough to buckle the tracks.

You're right. This is ours.

Come on, let's go. Let's have a look.

- Dirt.
- Do they know we're here?

Is this a decoy?


- They're coming.
- Let's go.

You okay?

The best things in life leave
you breathless, right?

I'm glad you feel that way,
'cause I got something for ya.

It's your lucky day.


What the hell took you so long?

You hurt?

Let me see.


Do you think this one will scar?

Don't they all?

I suppose I'll never
have short hair again.

Well, you could always tell people
you got it fighting the Yakuza.

No one would believe you anyway.

- All right.
- Thank you.

We make a good team, Matthew.

Keep some pressure on it.

What do you tell people?


Where you got your scars?


Lucky me, I wear suits to work, so...

rarely comes up.

What do you tell the
women you bring home?

Well, they're enjoying
themselves too much.

They don't ask.


Oh, hey.

- You're bleeding.
- Oh.

- That okay?
- It takes a lot more to hurt me.

You, on the other hand...

Oh... I haven't seen this one.

Yeah, the Russians like their knives.

At least, I think it was the Russians.

And these?

The Yakuza.

Actually, a ninja named Nobu.

Nobu Yoshioka?

What, you know him?

By reputation.

Yeah, this was him, too. That hurt.

And the, uh, two on my back.

Wasn't there in college.

Most of them weren't.

You've been busy, huh?

Seems we both have.

Where did you go, Elektra?

The last time we were together...

As far from you as I could.

And... did you find whatever...

you were looking for?

Mostly I found that I was alone.

Then why didn't you come back?

Because you
don't know what I know.

Because you deserve better.

Lie down. Get some rest.

I'm, uh... I'm really late.

I... I will look into the exports,
see where they're coming from.


Have a good day in court, Matthew.

Today, of all days...

I mean, he said he'd be late,
but this is ridiculous.

Foggy, what
is going on with him?

All rise. Court is now in session,

the Honorable Judge
Cynthia Batzer presiding.

Indictment number 1986-4447,
The People v. Frank Castle.

Be seated.

Looks like you're a man down.

Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,

the defendant has been indicted
for several serious crimes.

But I'm instructing you,
as a point of law...

You know those college stress dreams,

when you show up to your
class in your underwear?

- Yeah?
- That's me right now.

God damn, Matt was supposed
to deliver opening, not me.

Ms. Reyes, are the People ready
to begin opening statements?

More than ready, Your Honor.

Should we be worried?

I mean, there's no way
Matt misses this, right?

Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury...

Frank Castle brutally tortured
and murdered 30 people.

Thirty that we know of.

He took the law into his own hands.

Acted as judge, jury, and...
most violent executioner.

And you will hear that the defendant's
victims were criminals...

but the victims are not
on trial here today,

and justice does not belong in the
hands of a man like Frank Castle.

This isn't the Wild West.

Justice is served here...
in a court of law.

And it is up to each of you

to take back the city from
lawless vigilantes...

like Frank Castle.

This man is no hero.

He's a serial killer.

And he is guilty.

Thank you.

Mr. Nelson, are you prepared
to make your opening statement?

- She's good.
- So are you.

Mr. Nelson?

Mr. Nelson, are you reserving the right
to make your statement at a later time?

Screw it.


No, Your Honor, um... the
defense is ready to proceed.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

the defendant, Frank Castle, is not...



Mr. Castle is as much a victim...

No, he's not.

Okay, so...

you're 19... standing in hot sand...

sun burning down...


yelling, gunfire...

The only thing that you know for sure

is that you're surrounded by
an enemy that wants you dead.

But you do it. You endure it.


Because you have orders.
And you have a duty.

And also because your
life doesn't end here.

You have people you
love waiting at home.

Because... aside from being
a decorated marine...

the man before you is a good
husband and an excellent father.

Frank Castle returned
from the hell of war

wanting nothing more than
to pick up his life.

But his wife... young son and daughter

were brutally murdered by criminals,

and no one, not the police and...

certainly not the District Attorney
stepped up to make it right.

See, Frank Castle never came home.

He just traded in one
war zone for another.

This trial isn't about vigilantes.

It's about the failure
of the justice system.

And how one man, Frank Castle,
is being used as a pawn

to cover up that system's mistakes.

The prosecution wants blood.

But as the judge just said...

to get it, they have to prove their
case beyond a reasonable doubt.

So all I'm asking of you today...

keep an open mind.

That's all, Your Honor.

That was a pretty thick slice
of bullshit there, counselor.

call your first witness.

Yes, Your Honor.

- Sorry, guys.
- Where the hell have you been?

Look, I made a mistake, Karen,
I feel terrible about it,

but, Foggy, I caught some
of your opening statement.

- You did great.
- He was amazing.

Hey, hey, thanks for
keeping us afloat, buddy.

Yeah, well...

hopefully Reyes didn't notice
my buckets of flop sweat.

And if the DA's office didn't
suspect we had nothing before,

they gotta be sure now.

Well, then we'll just
have to change that.

Yeah, who's on the prosecution's
witness list for tomorrow?

Uh... I've got it, here.

Tepper, wonderful.

Reyes is calling the
chief medical examiner.

From rocky start to Hail Mary.

Why, what do we know about him?

I showed Frank a copy of his
family's autopsy report.

He claims they're faked, and
Tepper's name is all over them.

Well, that's great. All right.

- So we should get him on the record.
- That's what we said.

Which you would've known had you
shown up to the office at all.

- Let me take lead on it, buddy.
- Like you took the lead this morning?

You've made your point, all right?
Let me try at least.

Let me get a crack at this guy.

Even if we get the false
reports entered into evidence,

and it's a big "if," since they
concern an unrelated crime,

odds are slim that this clown's
gonna incriminate himself.

Unless two brilliant attorneys can
figure out a way to trip him up.

- Exactly.
- You want it? Knock yourself out.

But Tepper ain't talking without a fight.
The DA's pulling his strings.

And he's had plenty of time
to bulletproof his story.

We only have 12 hours to tear it down. I
don't know how we do that by tomorrow.

Because Karen's gonna catch me up,
and we're gonna figure out a way.

Fine, but I'm going back to the office,

'cause I have the rest of
the trial to prep for.

- You let him down, Matt.
- I know. Hey, I know.

But I'm gonna make it up to him.

And I'm gonna make it up to you.

Come on.

You get Tepper thinking
about the real report.

- Mmm-hmm.
- The real truth.

And then when he's disoriented, I
follow up with something like...

"Who had you change the report?"

And even if he says "no
one," it proves...

It proves that the report was changed.

- And that's...
- That's brilliant.

- See? You're a natural.
- Huh.

Well, I keep good company.

Ah, you know what?

Why don't I help you go through
Tepper's bread-crumb questions?

We could, you know, set
'em up, knock 'em down?

All right, but it'll be boring.

And tedious.

- Could take all night.
- Hmm.

Well, I don't mind.

- What?
- You ever consider law school?

Oh, I don't know.

Well, Foggy and I know a lot
of good people at Columbia.

I mean, if it's even something you want.

Just thinking Nelson and Murdock
might be more fun as...

Nelson, Murdock and Page.

You're... you're sweet. Uh...

I don't know. I don't know if law
school's really the right fit for me.


I guess there's just something
about the rules and the loopholes.

It just feels like the truth
gets lost a little too often.

Well, not every case will be
The People v. Frank Castle.

Right, right.

But, you know, it's not
just this case. It's...


What is it?

You know, we...

You ever...

think back to the night we first met?

Yeah, all the time.

While I sat in that police station...


I was afraid of the whole world.

Well, at least, until...

you and Foggy came into my life and...

You trusted me. You gave me hope.

And then we came back to your place.

I offered you Thai food.


I remember everything about
that night, 'cause it's...

not every day your life is threatened...

then saved by a man in black.

Hey, you...

You believe in what he does?

- You know, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
- Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. Um...

I, uh...

- What?
- I... believe in the law.

- If that's what you're asking.
- Right. No, but... but...

But what about when the law fails?

Like it did with me,
like it did with Frank.

You know, what are we supposed
to turn to? What should we...

What should we believe
will protect us then?

See, you're asking a Catholic lawyer.

- I, uh... Yes.
- What do you...

- What do you want me to say?
- I don't know.

Uh, I guess it's just...

ever since we took on
Frank's case, like...

I keep...

I keep asking myself if there's
really a difference between...

between someone who saves lives and...

someone who prevents lives from
needing to be saved at all.


Wait... Wait a second.

Frank Castle should be behind bars.

I mean, he deserves a fair
trial, but he's murdered people.

Yeah, right. Bad people.

I mean, like the ones
who killed his family

or the ones who came after me.

But it's not Frank's
decision who lives or dies.

That's up to God...

or sometimes a jury.

What happened to Frank's
family is a tragedy, Karen,

but it doesn't give him
the right to kill...

No. No, no, no. God... God, no!
Not the right, that's...

That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just saying that...

I can understand why Frank... why...

why anyone would seek vengeance
for something after...

- after losing it...
- Whoa, no, no, no.

That's not the same.
Vengeance is not justice.

What he's doing is completely wrong.

But, right or wrong, you
can't deny that it works.

You really believe that?

I don't know. No.


- Um...
- No, um...

You know, maybe this is a
good time to call it a night.

I just think we're both exhausted, and...

You know, a case this
big, let's just...


Yes, you're probably right.

I don't know, maybe, uh, after...
after the trial's over.

- Yeah, a real date next time.
- Good.


- Uh, good night.
- Good night, Karen.

Get some rest.

- How long were you listening?
- I wasn't listening.

I didn't hear anything about your work

that would make me want to tie a
noose and test it on my neck.

I won't even mention what I didn't
hear about your girlfriend.

- I warned you not to interrupt my life.
- This is not your life, Matthew.

You may not give a damn about
what I've made for myself,

but that is what's most important to me.

All right? She... is important to me.



I didn't know your time pairing wine
with Thai food was so important.

What do you want?

I looked more carefully at
Roxxon's construction investment.

Seems there's only a small
number of projects in New York

capable of moving that much dirt.

We pay the sites a visit, I bet
we find out what they're hiding.

- What are these sites?
- Um...

The Conservatory Hotel, the
Midtown Tunnel project,

and some big build
site at 44th and 11th.

44th and 11th.

- You know it?
- Yeah, Midland Circle.

There was a tenement on that block

before Wilson Fisk swallowed it up
in his Better Tomorrow initiative.

- How did the Japanese get hold of it?
- I don't know.

But before I fought Nobu, I found
blueprints at Midland Circle.

Now, I always thought Nobu was just
a weapon Fisk sent to take me out,

that Fisk had interests
tied up in the building,

but maybe he didn't want it at all.

I mean, what if he only acquired
Midland Circle for the Japanese?

That's a curious riddle,

one I think we should
go and solve together.

Elektra, I got court in the morning.

- I got a case to prepare, I got...
- Tomorrow night, then.

Cheap wine.

Finish your homework.
I'll do some recon.

And so, Dr. Tepper,
the medical examiner's office

can confirm that the 15 victims
found at the Irish Social Club

all died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Yes, that's correct.

Um, all 15 victims died of wounds
inflicted by the same caliber bullet...

each shot multiple times.

Thank you.

Your witness.

- Cross your fingers.
- I'm crossing everything.

Dr. Gregory Tepper,

how long have you been medical
examiner for the city of New York?

Uh, 14 years, uh, give or take.

And how many death certificates would you
estimate you've signed in that time?


Um, I don't, uh...

It's probably in the tens of thousands.

Objection, Your Honor,
leading the witness...

- I'm not sure where.
- Mr. Murdock...

I have something I need to say.

- Doctor?
- Your Honor, I'm sorry, but...

I have to, on the record...

I need to say something
about what I did.

- Clear the gallery.
- Yes, Your Honor.

All jury members, please exit
back to the deliberation room.

Everyone in the gallery,

please make your way out of
the courtroom at this time.

What's all this about?


I know what the defense was gonna
ask me about, and it's true.

I altered the autopsy reports.

Uh, you're referring to
the official findings

on the murders of Frank Castle's family?

Not just them.

You don't understand. I had to do it.

- Those animals came to my office.
- Who came to your office?

After the defendant's
family was murdered,

two men I'd never seen before...

they warned me, if I didn't
fix the case reports,

they'd come after my family next.

You falsified the autopsy
findings on the Castle family?

Them and one more.

- Who?
- I don't know.

Some John Doe killed the same day.

Male, adult, multiple gunshot wounds.

Look, you can fire me, arrest me...
I don't care.

I thought this was behind
me, but after last night...

Doctor, did something happen last
night to impact your testimony?

She was in my house.

She tied me up.

She said she didn't give a
damn who got to me before.

If I didn't tell the defense
what really happened,

she'd hunt me down and kill me.

- Who told you this?
- I don't know.

A woman.

Her face was covered. Had
some foreign accent.

Your Honor, I believe the defense
intends to distract the jury

and make this case about some
impossible-to-prove conspiracy theories...

Impossible to prove?

Your ME just confirmed that he
doctored the autopsy records.

He also said that he'd been threatened.

If my office finds out that your
firm had anything to do with this...

Our firm? For all we know, it
was you who sent those goons.

I've heard enough.

It's clear to me that whatever Dr. Tepper
may know about these autopsy reports

has been tainted

by threats made by person
or persons unknown.

Then the defense asks for a mistrial.

Not on your life, Mr. Nelson. I'm
still not convinced these documents,

whatever they may be, are
even relevant to this trial.

I'm striking the doctor's
entire testimony

and instructing the jurors to disregard
anything they may have heard.

- Your Honor, I strongly urge you to...
- We're done here, counselor.

Trial will reconvene tomorrow with
the prosecution's next witness.

Once again, Reyes finds
a new way to screw us.

You'd think it'd get easier,
but somehow it's more painful.

Foggy. Foggy... it wasn't Reyes.

- What?
- The woman who threatened Tepper.

It was Elektra.

From college.

- Elektra?
- Yeah, she's back in town.

- Your ex-girlfriend?
- Yes.

No. This is insane.

She's a diplomat's daughter, a...
a debutante.

Not anymore. She's, uh...

She's... she's different. She's...
she's dangerous.

Yeah, no shit. She
nearly got you expelled.

I mean, she screwed your semester
of torts, civil procedure...

You almost missed the final
because she hurt you so bad.

And now, what?

- She's... breaking into an ME's house?
- Okay.

So, the Yakuza
didn't go away, all right?

They're still here in Hell's Kitchen.

Elektra is trying to help me
stop them, infiltrating...

What are you even talking about?

She was going up against
them by herself, and she...

- Your ex-girlfriend?
- Yeah, I'm trying to protect the city...

I knew she was crazy, I didn't
know that she was homicidal.

She's, um...

my new client.

Foggy, the, uh... rich one.

The private one.

- You lied again.
- I did, I lied,

but, look, the Yakuza are
funneling money into something

even bigger and darker
than before, all right?

Elektra came to me, I'm
trying to help her...

You wanted to take this trial!

You missed strategy sessions...

witness prep, opening statements,
and you criminally decimate...

No, I didn't. She...

I never told her anything
about the trial, all right?

The one witness that could've
helped us do what I wanted to do,

which is take down Reyes!

She must've overheard me talking to
Karen, and then she moved on her own.

I would... I didn't
sanction, I would never...

- I don't care! I don't care, Matt!
- I'm furious with her!

Stop acting like these
things just happen to you!

No one's making you go out all hours
of the night fighting bad guys

and nobody makes you lie to your
friends, over and over again!

Elektra is not the problem, Matt.

You are.

It's almost dark.

- I'm sure there's someplace you gotta be...
- You're not walking away.

- No, 'cause you know what?
- Don't walk away from me, Foggy.

If the last few days are any indication,
you sure as hell haven't been here!

Going forward, I will count
on you for nothing at all.

Tell your girlfriend to
stay away from my trial.

Yeah, she's not... Elektra's
not my girlfriend.

Then you should be the one
to tell Karen about her.


- Hey, I heard yelling.
- Yeah, you should talk to Matt about it.


- Hey, what the hell happened in there?
- We're fine.

No, no, no, you don't treat me
like I'm just your secretary.

I've done more work on
this case than you have!

- I can't get into this right now, Karen.
- No, enough of the dodgy bullshit.

I deserve to know what is
going on with you two.

With you.

You asking as my co-worker?

Or my girlfriend?

- Both.
- Yeah.

I am sorry you're caught
in the middle of this,

but right now, I have to go.

- Where?
- I'll see you tomorrow, Karen.

Yeah, maybe.

What the hell did you do?
I told you to stay out of my life.

I never asked you to coerce a witness!

- You had a problem, so I stepped in.
- No! It doesn't help.

We can't even use his testimony because
of you. It was all thrown out.

I was only following your rules.

- What rules?
- You don't get what you want by day.

You take it by force at night.

This is who you are, Matthew.

And don't fool yourself into
thinking it's anything else.

What I do...

is none of your business.

- Both halves of my life are mine.
- Fine.

I'll stay out of your boring legal shit.

Now, you wanna fight me?

Or you wanna fight the guys who
are tearing your city apart?

- You didn't wanna help?
- You didn't want me to.


You hear something?

We're alone.

It's empty. There's nothing in here.

- The Yakuza were guarding something.
- Yeah, but...


- Elektra.
- What?

You're not gonna believe this.

Holy shit.

Why are the
Yakuza digging a hole?

Give me the flashlight.

- Did it hit the bottom?
- No.

Tell me when it does.