Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Regrets Only - full transcript

Matt and Elektra become partners in bringing the Yakuza down. Matt and Foggy decide to represent Frank and get him out of a possible death row. Karen gets to hear Frank's side of the story. Matt and Elektra attend a fancy gala in order to steal a records book. Foggy negotiates a deal for Frank with Reyes but Frank changes his mind and pleads not guilty.

The hacker is on the ninth floor.

Move quickly. Quietly.

When we are done,
we bring the boss all ten fingers.




Come on, that's enough.
You've eaten enough. Talk.

Warm that up for you?


Don't tell me you're watching your figure.

- We just fought the Yakuza.
- And won!

You might've mentioned the Japanese mafia
before butterfly knives started flying.

- I told you I needed help, no?
- You said you needed a lawyer.

- I lied.
- Yeah, no shit.

You've been lying since you got here.

And that ends now.

I want to know
what you're doing back here,

what's happening with the Yakuza...

And I wanna know how you know...

I wanna know how you know about me.

I know who you are
because I watch the news.

"The successful apprehension
of Wilson Fisk."

I wear a mask.

Well, you can't mask that ass.
I'd know it anywhere.

You've been working out, by the way.
I appreciate that.

The Yakuza are a powerful organization
with powerful enemies.

- Mmm-hmm.
- What do they want with you?

I guess I have a way of
pissing people off sometimes.

- Yeah, I agree.
- Come on.

Don't be angry, Matthew.

I told you.

My money's planted deeply inside
investments with the Roxxon Corporation.

And Roxxon has ties to crime.

- How long have you known that?
- I didn't.

Until last night.

I stirred the pot a little
on the business side.

And when I did, who came knocking
on my door but the Yakuza.

Their mistake, because now,
they're after us.

No. Uh-uh. There is no us.
This is your problem.

Why can't you just divest your funds
from Roxxon and be done with it?

That's a coward's way out.

Someone screwed with me.
I don't like that.

- Then get a lawyer.
- I thought I did.

- Call the police.
- You're one to talk.

- Devil of Hell's Kitchen...
- Would you keep your voice down?

What I do is none of your business,
all right? Not anymore.


Let me tell you what's gonna happen now.

You're gonna finish your food,

you're gonna leave the waitress
the biggest tip she's ever seen,

then you're gonna get up and leave.

You're gonna book yourself on the first
available flight out of New York...

and get on it,
go back to whatever spa,

or resort,
or five-star hotel you just came from,

and stay out of my city.

If the Yakuza have their sights
set on something bigger

than your spoiled little rich ass,
then I will take care of them.

Let me tell you.

The Yakuza do have a bigger plan,
and I'm not going anywhere.

- You can't fight them.
- And you can?

I drove them out of New York once before.

Oh, no, you didn't.
The Yakuza never left.

They just hibernated and watched you
take out all of their enemies.

Now, New York is ripe for the taking,

and they plan on getting
to the top of the hill first.

Well, I'll scare 'em back
into hibernation...

I came to you.

If you don't want to be partners,
I'll handle it on my own...

- Partners?
- More coffee?


I don't need a partner.

Yes, you do.

And so do I.

Because you have skills.
You fight better than anyone I know.

But I have information.

I gained access to Roxxon's servers right
in front of their little criminal faces.

We do it together,
we take them down fast and hard.

The second it's done,
I'm out of your city.


The last time I saw you,

you put a knife in my hand and asked me
to slit Roscoe Sweeney's throat.

I happen to respect human life.

If we do this...


then I need to know
you're at least gonna pretend

to feel the same way.

Nobody dies.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Oh, perfectly.


I have a rule of my own.


No sex.

Oh, my God.

You have a pair on you.


This may come as a surprise to you,

but I've actually moved on
in the ten years since you left.

I'm seeing someone now,
which is only part of the reason

why I have zero interest in ever
starting anything up with you ever again.

Of course you do.

Check, please.

You're still so arrogant.

Just realistic.

What makes you think every man you meet
wants to sleep with you?

Because so far, they have.

We do this...

we work together,

we take down the Yakuza,
and then you're gone.

I don't wanna
ever see you again.

- Absolutely.
- Fine.

One last thing.

And this is the deal-breaker.

You have to give me back that pie.

So, um, Miss Page,

I drew this up based on
your official statement to the police,

about the Metro-General shooting.

You new to New York, Mr. Roth?

Born and raised.

- Is this your first case?
- Second.

I won my first.

Domestic violence.

I believe in protecting women.

Thanks. From all of us.

Uh, here, this says that Castle
pursued me down the stairwell,

but I went down, he went up.

Um, okay, that's a change I can make.

Also, I didn't escape on foot,
I had a car.

- I know I told the NYPD about that.
- Um... car.

I was also not Castle's only target.

That's just flat out wrong.
What about Grotto? Where...

Where did you get my statement?

- Grotto?
- Grote.

Oh, Elliot Grote.
Yeah, he's on the victim list.

Ballistics matched him to one of the many
guns connected to Frank Castle.

- Early start today?
- Matt.

Uh, this is Christopher Roth.

He's the public defender
assigned to the Castle case.

I just dropped by to get Miss Page's
signature on this statement.

Once we've got that,
we're all done.

Well, with this meeting.

With this case.

How so?

Castle's awake.

Soon, he'll plead guilty,
then it's open and shut.

Open and shut is good.

New York will sleep better knowing
Frank Castle's behind bars. I know I will.

Sleep even better when he's dead.

Uh, dead?

Well, lethal injection, probably,

although the electric chair
is a possibility.

New York doesn't have the death penalty.

Yeah, but Delaware does.

Some Dogs of Hell were murdered
out there along Interstate 95.

DA Reyes just has to link
the killings to Castle,

and then they'll be well within
their rights to extradite him.


you know...

Are you and DA Reyes friends?

- I met her once.
- When?

Yesterday, when the judge
assigned me to the case.

But, look...

She's the one who took down the Punisher.

She's not going through all these paces

so that she can
not put the final nail in his coffin.


I'm sorry, Mr. Roth,
I can't sign this yet.


- Are you sure?
- Positive.

We'll be in touch, Mr. Roth.

I'm sure we will.

Statement he wanted me to sign?
Complete work of fiction.

Probably handcrafted by Reyes.

Well, we could write an anonymous letter,

and maybe the judge
will assign a new public defender.

Yeah, or we could help Castle ourselves.

- No way.
- Yeah.

We don't have to defend him.
We could just negotiate a plea deal.

Without extradition,
or an electric chair.

And then, Castle goes away,
Reyes gets her ticker-tape parade...

everyone wins.

Everyone except us.

You see the front door?

The "open" sign is up,
but nobody's walking in.

If we keep messing with Reyes,

we'll be shuttered
by the end of the month.

Come on, if we stand up to her,

we could actually end
her incessant bullying.

And possibly save this guy's life.

A murderer who shot at you.

For reasons
that I don't fully understand yet.

Roth said Castle's
gonna plead guilty.

So we get in there,
we talk to him...

Ask him some questions about
what really happened to his family,

why Reyes wants him dead.

Build a fair plea,
and show the DA our justice system...

still has a backbone.

This is a bad idea, Matt.


It's okay, I'll be outside.

I can't believe
we're even discussing this.

He chained you to a roof.

You, of all people,
should know he's a psychopath.

his methodology is clearly wrong,

but... in his own kind of way,
he was trying to do something noble.

- Do you hear yourself?
- Yeah.

He wanted justice,
Foggy, like us.

So we should risk everything...

our firm, our reputation, and...

and let's be honest, our safety?

We should put it all on the line
to help him?

Kinda. Yeah.

Is this about saving a man
or saving a vigilante?

He's a person.

Like you, Foggy. Like me.

And he shouldn't have to die.

Karen, grab your stuff.

We're going to the hospital.

You can't have cell phones
in this area, sir!

- What's going on?
- Reporters.

Looks like every outlet in town
wants a word with Castle.

Or a report on who does.
Come on.

You press?

Uh, no, attorneys.


This much spotlight
concern anyone else?

I mean, we're about to step onto
a big proscenium stage here.

And how do I know what proscenium means?

Because I did theater in summer camp...

...which is exactly the kind of thing

that these reporters will find out
if they start digging into me.

Come on, jazz hands.

What the hell are you three doing here?


You're wearing a tie, and...
it's not a clip-on.

This ain't a good time, Foggy.

- How'd you get babysitting duty, Sergeant?
- A detective sergeant now.

- A promotion?
- Uh, just lucky.

Top dogs like the press of a good collar.

Yeah, and the cops that get 'em.

Congratulations, Detective.

I'm sorry, but the area is restricted
beyond this point. You can't be here.

What if we have business
with Frank Castle?

Guy's barely conscious.

Our firm wants to represent him.

Man's already got a lawyer.

Yeah, we met that benchwarmer.

Not the freshest fish
the city could've drummed up, but...

he's in the running.

Brett, we feel Nelson and Murdock
is better equipped

to represent Mr. Castle's best interests.

Certainly over that
of his current legal counsel.

Look, I don't ask questions, but every
firm in the city's passed this one by.

Must be a reason.
You're chasing the wrong ambulance.

DA wants the death penalty.

The public defender is all but ready
to roll over and help.

They'll even extradite Castle
out of New York if that's what it takes.

So we thought he'd respond
to our strategy of, you know,

keeping him alive.

Come over here.

none of this is my problem.

But all I know is,
you go up against this DA and lose?

The only funeral to attend
will be your firm's.

You're talkin' career suicide.

If we walk away...

we're letting him die.

Bags and briefcases get searched.

Do not give Castle anything.

Do not take anything from him.
Arms up.

They already searched us
when we came in downstairs.

And we're gonna do it again.

Everything's been removed
from inside the room.

He's tied down, but keep your distance
and mind the tape.

Do not step past it or I get to make
my dream come true and arrest you.

Oh, my God.

Matt, the tape.

Frank Castle.

My name is Matthew Murdock.

These are my associates,
Franklin Nelson and Karen Page.


I know who you are.

You protect shitbags.

We came here today to make you an offer.

We don't want money for our services,
we're not...

interested in fame or free advertising.

Weren't even assigned to your case.
We don't have to be here.

But you take a quick look around,
you'll notice we're the only ones who are.

As you may well know,

your list of enemies extends well beyond
the gangs you've killed.

You're very good
at making powerful enemies.

And the day you were admitted
to Metro-General

for the round you took to the head,

a do-not-resuscitate order
was placed on you.

And a shoot-to-kill order,
just a few days ago.

We know, because we heard it given.

These orders were issued
by the District Attorney.

And the fact that she's had it in for us
ever since we started asking questions

tells us we're on the right track.

Someone in the DA's office wants
you dead, Mr. Castle...

and we'd like to know why.

You let us take your case,
we can soften your sentence,

and give you a shot.

Maybe even find out who's responsible
for what happened to you.

We're talking about your life, Mr. Castle.

We can help you keep what's left of it.


Kinda like what you did for Grotto, huh?

Karen. Karen! Karen!

- Foggy!
- You want answers?

So do we, but none of us will
get them if you're dead.

Where did you get that?

From your home.

You were in my home?

Why were you in my house?

Who's in there? What?

- Open the door! Open...
- You go in my house...

Someone is lying about what happened
to your family, Mr. Castle.

You three, out! Now!

We're on shaky ground.

- You need to be really careful.
- Excuse me.

- How can we help you, Ms. Reyes?
- Get your things and go.

Uh, we have a little bit
of business here left.

Frank Castle already has counsel.

So, unless you've asked
the public defender for permission

to speak to his client,

you are in violation
of New York legal ethics.

We spoke to the PD this morning.

To be honest, he doesn't seem
all that prepared to tackle this case.

Although, he did mention the conversation
that you had with him yesterday.

Matt Murdock, is it?

- Yeah, pleasure to meet you.
- Mmm-hmm.

You have a reputation of being
a smart man, Mr. Murdock.

And since your colleagues seem unable

to grasp the hornets' nest
they keep kicking,

let me direct this at you.

Leave this ward, leave this man,

leave this entire case behind
before you wake up

six feet under the ash that was your
reputation and promising legal career.

We have a right to a private conversation
with a prospective client.

Not if there's a conflict of interest.

- And what conflict is that?
- Elliot Grote.

You can't represent Castle when
one of his victims was your former client.

- Alleged victims.
- All the same.

Representing Grotto might have
complicated matters,

but then again, all evidence of our work
with him and our deal with you

seems to have disappeared
from public record.

It's almost as if someone didn't want it
known that you violated a witpro contract,

jeopardized the safety of said witness,

and then ordered
a shoot-to-kill on Castle.

But I guess Ms. Reyes
could just confess to that

when she files
this conflict of interest complaint.

We have our case files
to back up our story.

How's your side looking?

The fact of the matter is,
Ms. Reyes,

the only person who shouldn't
be here right now is you.

Seeing as it's a breach of ethics for
the prosecuting attorney to communicate

with the defendant without his assigned
legal counsel present.

So, if you'll excuse us,

we'd like to resume
convincing Mr. Castle that,

unlike his current legal counsel,
we can actually help him.

- You already did.
- What?

Castle doesn't want the public defender.

Says Nelson and Murdock
are his lawyers now.

Thank you, Detective Sergeant.
If you'll excuse us.

Foggy, do you have my cane?

Thank you.

Finally feel like we have the upper hand
against that woman.

Yeah, she bluffs well,
but she'll negotiate.

- She doesn't want this going to trial.
- Of course.

She wants it to end quickly,
so she can move on to burying us...

- Just deal with one problem at a time.
- So where are we supposed to start?

Let's have the charges
and evidence summary brought in here.

We can weed through it and work out
what terms we want directly with Frank.

- It'll save time.
- Can't believe this is happening.

Oh, this is happening all right.

Yeah, come in.

Car service for a Mr. Murdock.

Car service?

Um... It's, uh, not a very good time.

My employer was quite insistent.

- His employer?
- Yeah, the new... the new client.

Um, could you just give us a minute?

Yeah, the...

That new client I mentioned,
um, I forgot I scheduled a meeting.


- I guess it's now, I suppose...
- Seriously?

- After you insisted we come here?
- Foggy, you saw the bank deposit.

What kind of client
sends a driver anyways...

The kind that pays.

A lot.

I know the timing is awful, um...

It's okay, just go.


All right.
Um, call me with any issues.

This shouldn't take long, anyway.

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.



Is this officially happening?

Are you guys dating?

- Uh, we're...
- Ooh. Uh, we...


Not... not labeling it.

You know, why don't I...
Why don't I walk you out?

You think he'll be okay?
With this?

Yeah, I mean,
it's a pretty small office.

It's gonna take some getting used to.

Yeah, I guess.

But I'm not misremembering, am I?

It really was the best...

curry on the planet?

Mmm, yes.

Great, great curry.

Even better company.

I'll try to make this go quick.

You know what?

Foggy and I have got our hands full
with everything here.

Why not just make dinner
for tomorrow night?

- Yeah, can we?
- Yeah.

- And thanks for backing me up earlier.
- Well, I didn't do it for us.

I did it 'cause helping Frank,
getting to the truth,

that's the right thing to do.


I know.

- All right.
- Okay.

You can't just send a car for me
whenever you decide...

- Get undressed.
- What?

The invite says 7:00 p.m. sharp.

No, I... I can't do this right now.

- I got more important...
- We've been working so hard.

I thought we'd get boozy
and let loose for a night.

That's funny.

We're going to a gala to steal
a top secret Roxxon ledger

that details certain illegal goings-on
in Hell's Kitchen.

The way in is Stan Gibson.


Doubt it.
Works for Roxxon.

And according to my intel,
every employee carries a key card

that grants them access to their
secret floor in the Yakatomi building.

What sets our friend Stan apart
is that he's just an accountant.

Zero fighting chops.

So you're gonna pickpocket his key card?

- Yes.
- In the middle of a gala?

That's the idea.

After last night, the Yakuza know
they've been compromised,

which means security's
gonna be tight.

There was a time when you trusted me.

When was that?

We'll be fine.

I have a life.

Certain things I want to protect.
I need to know every step of this plan.

Matthew, where's the fun in that?

There isn't any. It's not about fun.
We have a deal.

I told you, one and done.

- After tonight...
- Farewell.

I know.


Let's make it count, then.

It's worse than I thought.

Thirty-seven separate murder charges.

What about you?

Uh, 98 lesser...

I mean,
felony assault, burglary...

criminal possession of a weapon,
reckless endangerment...

Any number
of criminal mischief charges.

We're so screwed.

You ready to go in?


But considering the arraignment's
in a couple hours,

we don't have much of a choice.

Time to play twenty questions
with a killer.

I've reviewed
the charges you're facing.

It's my understanding that...

you wish to plead guilty to all of them?

I'm gonna need a...

verbal confirmation
if we're gonna continue.

Look, you asked us to represent you.
In order to do my job...

I'm guilty.

- Great, uh...
- I'm not talking to you.



I need to talk to her alone.

Absolutely not.

- My colleague is...
- I'll... I'll do it.

- If you're feeling up to it, I...
- My family.

What do you know?

Uh, we can get to that.

What do you know...

about my family?

Have you ever seen this?

Police report,
complaint number 211974.

"Victims were stopped at a traffic light
northbound on Buellton Ave,

when an unidentified male suspect began
firing a 9mm handgun at their vehicle.

Juvenile male, juvenile female,
and adult woman

were found dead at the scene.

Adult male driver was critically wounded
and taken to Metro-General."

That's horseshit.

That's the story Reyes is running with.

But you and I know
you and your family, you...

you were at the carousel that day.

From what I can piece together,

it seems like you were caught
in some kind of firefight.

How much can you remember?

This ain't about what I remember.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Mr. Castle,
I've got a lot of puzzle pieces, but...

trust me, this moves a lot smoother
if you can tell me anything.

It goes in and out.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

The fact that it fades...

We took our blanket down to...
our spot.

She was by the carousel on the lawn...

Then I heard her shout.


It was a grown man.

Who did you see?

I didn't.

But I found out later.

The Cartel.



Anyone else?

I should've seen it coming.

- How could you know?
- What'd I just say to you?

I said that I heard it.

I heard it...

and I didn't do anything.

My job was to keep them safe.

I didn't.

I didn't do it.

Uh, I think...

The questions can wait a minute,
I'll just...


Why don't I, uh...

Why don't I come back when you're...

You stay.


Wait, just hold on a second.

You like my stupid tie now?

- I love your stupid tie now.
- Yeah.

Come on,
let's go get what we came for.

- You must look nice.
- How would you know?

Turned a lot of heads.
Raising a lot of heart rates.

Too bad you can't enjoy the party.

I think I'll manage a good time.

Don't you love jazz?

Eh... I'm more accustomed to '90s Top 40.

Then you definitely
deserve a drink.

- Elektra.
- Relax.

It'll make people less self-conscious
around you.

Ms. Natchios, delighted to have you
here with us this evening.

You know I never pass up a chance
to have my ass kissed, Mr. Hirochi.

Then, unless this fine gentleman
has beaten me to the punch,

allow me to be the first kisser
this evening.

You look divine, my dear.

- Excuse me.
- Mmm-hmm.

First kisser, huh?

That's him, at the bar.

Finish your drink.

Why? We gonna dance?

Ah, just not my song,
but Stan's thirsty.

And now, so are we.

Macallan still your drink?

No, it's good. Consistent.


Yes, I know.

Here we go.


- Elektra.
- What?

Eyes on Gibson at the bar.

I guess Roxxon upped their security.

They're watching him pretty close.

They've pinpointed
their weak link.

They're smarter than they know.

And chances are,
they've got eyes everywhere else, too.

Well, this is going to be
more fun than I thought.

We have to get him alone somehow.

Leave it to me.

You just hang tight.

Oh, no!

- Oh, my God, I am so sorry.
- Ugh!

Shit. Oh, God.

Did I get any on you?


- It's nothing.
- Please, forgive me.

I insist you send me
the dry cleaning bill.

No, no, I should watch
where I'm going. It's my fault.

Here, allow me.

Ugh, I'm such an idiot.

Thank you, sir.

Once again, I'm so sorry.

Think nothing of it.

- Enjoy the party.
- Thank you.

You were never in any danger.


The other night.

Babysitting that shit brick,
running around with that Grotto.

I just...

I only hurt people that deserve it.
I wanted you to know that.

You think he deserved it?

I do.

You know he used to do hits for the Irish?


One time, he shot an old lady
because she saw his face.

I guess he...

He didn't tell you that, huh?


The point is,
you were safe, okay?

I just... wanted you to know that.

Guess I'm just supposed to
take your word on that.


- Nothing to do with my word, lady.
- No?


Look, you got any idea what
a scout sniper is?

- You ever heard of that? No?
- No.

Okay, well, you're looking at one.

My class in Quantico was class 307.

And we had a... a motto.

It was a saying, yeah?
It was, "One shot, one kill."

The point is, if I wanted you dead,
you'd be dead.

Why... why am I here?
Why did you ask me to stay?

I don't...

I guess I worry that... the memories
are just gonna go away.

- Mr. Castle...
- Look, you...

You went to...
You were in my house.


You never went back?

- After your family was...
- No.

Can I just ask you, did you...
Were you in the kitchen?


The plates, were they...

Were they on the table,
or did they get into the sink?



I think, washed.

In the rack.

How about in the next room,
did you...

Did you see that piano that was there?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah?

My son, Frank Junior, he...

He used to grab a handful of cookies
and take 'em and hide 'em in that bench.

You know, he'd play soldier.

- Guard it, protect it.
- Oh, yeah?

Then he'd fall asleep down there.

We'd find him...

He'd be sleeping on a pile of...
pile of cookie crumbs.

Yeah, I, um...

When I was little girl,
I did the same thing.

Except ginger snaps and,
um, broom closet.

Oh, yeah?

Pretend it was a spaceship.

Take me... far away.

Did you? Yeah.

I guess we need that, right?
We need to get away sometimes.

I went up into the kids' bedrooms.

There were drawings on the walls and, uh,
sports trophies on the dressers.

Yeah, I was gone a lot, so I didn't...

I missed a lot of that.

There were toys...

scattered all over the ground, um...

A lot of plastic dinosaurs.

Yeah, those were my little girl's.
Those were Lisa's.

When she was little,

she used to make these little noises
when she played with them.

What about the little...
the little car?

Like a...

Like a remote-controlled Jeep.

Yeah, yeah, that, uh...
That was Frank Junior's.

I got that for him for his
seventh birthday.

He used to...

Yeah, he drove me crazy with that thing.

Look, Frank, it's...

It's really not for me to say...

but they clearly loved you.

Very much.




Thank you.

Thank you, ma'am.

For what?

You helped...
You helped me remember.

You're welcome.

If you wanna ask your questions,
you can go ahead.

Blind bastard.

Ugh, could one of you grab me a club soda?

Come on.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

What the hell? Did the power go out,
or did you hit the switch?

This will erase the recordings
and loop the security cameras.

- This way.
- One second.

Floor's crawling with security.

Come with me.

It's your lucky day,
Mr. Castle.

The six Dogs of Hell gang members
you wiped out in Delaware?

Won't be an issue anymore.

Delaware doesn't have the evidence
to charge and extradite, so...

the death penalty
is officially off the table.

But Reyes also wanted three life sentences
without the possibility of parole.

But as the Nelson in Nelson and Murdock,
I got her down to one,

with the possibility of parole
in 25 years.

That's the good news.

And the bad?

She wouldn't budge on protective custody.
He's gonna have to be in general pop.

Uh, no, that's bullshit.
All right? He'll be...

He'll be surrounded by criminals,
people out for his blood.

Sounds like a party.

No doubt you can handle yourself,

but I think Reyes
is betting on the gangs here.

Legally, though?

I think this is the best possible deal
we're gonna make right now.


I recommend you take it.


Okay, so,
when the judge and Reyes come in...

all you have to do
is say three simple words.

"Guilty, Your Honor."

And you'll never have to see us again.

Can do.

Case number 4854,
The People v. Frank Castle.

Do you waive the reading of the charges?

Yes, Your Honor.

All right, then.

How does the defendant plead?

I plead not guilty.

You hear that, witch?

I'm gonna watch you burn
right along with me.

- You hear me?
- Counselor, please control your client.

- Do you hear me?
- I'm sorry, Your Honor.

The defendant has entered
a plea of not guilty.

Due to the nature and severity
of the crimes he is accused of,

bail is denied.

A court date will be set upon consultation
with the DA's office.

We are adjourned.

Holy shit.

That was not supposed to happen.

- What'd you say to him?
- What?

Three hours ago,
he was pleading guilty.

- Why did he change his mind?
- Maybe he just wants the truth.

About Grotto, about his family,
about the...

...the cover-up.

I mean, if we go to trial,
then it all comes out, right?

There's no "if."
This is happening.

Trial of the century.

We need to find Matt
before this goes wide.

Tell him everything's about to change.

Elektra. Elektra.

Not bad, Magoo.

Eyes on Gibson?

He's in the men's room, sir.

It's there.

It's not there.

It was supposed to be there.

I take it it's not here.

It was supposed to be there.

If they find Gibson, we're toast.

We have to go.

- Matthew!
- Shh.

Stop the elevators.
We have an intruder on the 13th floor.

Pull up security footage.
I want to know who got to them.

Quick! Pull up
the cameras on the 13th floor.


There's something behind this wall.

There's an electrical current
running through it.



An interruption in the signal...





I'm a genius.

Here, this one.

Books, paper.

Hiro, get in here.

They're on a loop.

Sir, we found the problem.

All security, report to the 13th floor.

This is it.

The Roxxon ledger.

Not now, we gotta go.

I don't speak Japanese,
but I think they know we're here.

It's not working.

They're gonna see us.

Shut the power.
Close the gates.

- Shit, they found us.
- Let's go.

They've shut down the floor.
They're coming.


- Don't move!
- Oh! Oh, my goodness!

We got something.
11th floor.

We are so sorry.

This is, uh, very embarrassing.

We just... thought we could,
uh, sneak in here.

But we'll be right out of here...


He'll make a big donation.
He's very rich.


- Please, sweetheart, just...
- Ow.

- Very sorry, sir.
- Shut up!

Nothing but a couple drunks.
Keep checking the 13th floor.

Thank you.

- You need to leave.
- Yes, certainly.

Once again,
we're so sorry, we didn't...


- Would you keep your shit together?
- Calm down.

Invoices for arms.

- Guns, ammunition...
- You read Japanese?


Drugs. Designer stuff, mostly.

And this looks like people.

Laborers of some sort.

Sounds like a lot of them.

Over the past several months.

And all from Japan.

- Oh, what is this?
- What is it?

I don't know.
This one, I can't read.

- What do you mean?
- It's in some kind of code.

This doesn't make sense.

If invoices for drugs and guns
and human trafficking aren't encrypted,

then what is?

Wow, what are they hiding?

Same time tomorrow, Matthew?

We have spent
hundreds of millions of dollars,

and decades of planning on this operation.

And now...

our most valuable secrets
have been stolen.

I'd be very disappointed

to learn you aided this theft in any way,


I had nothing to do with it.

We entrusted you with access.

Even employed security to protect you
and ensure the sanctity of our operation.

I was in the bathroom.

We were attacked.

Listen, I would never betray you!

I have nothing but respect for the Yakuza!

Who said I was Yakuza?


You weren't answering your phone.

- Why are you fancy?
- What's going on?

The arraignment.

Frank pled not guilty, Matt.

- What?
- And it gets worse.

Reyes pulled every string she has
and fast-tracked the trial.


All right.

All right, all right, so we, uh...
we motion to extend.

We, um...

maybe streamline our case theory,
and not waste time fighting any charges...

You don't understand, Matt!

Frank agreed!

He thinks he's stickin' it to Reyes
or something.

I hope your schedule is clear, buddy.

'Cause The People v. Frank Castle...

starts next week.