Daredevil (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Speak of the Devil - full transcript

When Fisk gains the upper hand, the goal to destroy him becomes even more difficult, while Daredevil faces his own demons.



- Ahhh!
- [grunts]








[theme music playing]

Started to wonder if
you'd ever turn up again.

Yeah, I've, uh...

- been busy.
- Hmm.

Well, I'll be inside,
you wanna take confession.

Uh, Father?

I was wondering if I could
take you up on that latte?





what's on your mind, Matthew?

Wasn't that hard to find out.

People still remember "Battlin'
Jack" Murdock around these parts...

and what happened to his son.

Seal of confession still
applies, even over lattes.

That what you're worried about.

Do you believe in the Devil, Father?

You mean... as a concept?


Do you believe he exists?

In this world, among us.

You want the short answer or the long one?

Just the truth.

When I was in seminary...

I was more studious than pious, more...

skeptical than most of my peers.

I had this notion...

which I was more than willing
to speak about, at length,

to whoever I could corner...

that the Devil...

was inconsequential.

Minor figure in the grand scheme.

Not very Catholic of you.

Uh-huh, yeah.

In my defense, in the scriptures,
the Hebrew word "Satan"

actually means "adversary."

It's applied to any antagonist.

Angels and humans, serpents and kings.

Medieval theologians
reinterpreted those passages

to be about a single monstrous enemy.

And, in my youthful zeal,
I was certain I knew why...


Played up to drive people into the church.

So you don't believe he exists.

Am I done talking?


Years later, I was in Rwanda...

trying to help local churches
provide aid and sanctuary to refugees.

I'd become close with the village elder,


He and his family had the respect
of everybody, Hutu and Tutsi alike.

He'd helped them all...
through famines, disease.

The militia liked to force Hutu
villagers to murder their neighbors...

with machetes.

But nobody would raise
a hand against Gahiji.

They said, "Well... how can
we kill such a holy man?"

So the militia commander sent soldiers...

with orders to cut his head off...

in front of the entire village.

Gahiji didn't try to put up a fight.

Just asked for the chance
to say goodbye to his family.

By the time he was done, even the
soldiers didn't wanna kill him.

So they went to their commander
and asked permission to shoot him.

At least give him a quick death.

The commander wanted to meet this man...

who had won the respect of so many.

He went to Gahiji...

talked with him in his
hut... for many hours.

Then he dragged him out in front of
his village and hacked him to pieces...

along with his entire family.

In that man who took Gahiji's life...

I saw the Devil.

So yes, Matthew...

I believe he walks among us...

taking many forms.

What if you could have stopped him...

from ever hurting anyone again?

Stopped him how?

This doesn't change anything, Ben.

Except now we know who
your king of diamonds is.

You see the news? Everything's changed.

Fisk has gotten out in front of
being dragged into the spotlight.

My editor thinks he's the Second
Coming. Hell, the whole city does.

[Karen] So, we just... We keep digging.

[Ben] I've been doing that.

Internet went from nothing on Fisk

to filled with three-hanky stories about
a poor little fat kid from Hell's Kitchen.

Abandoned by his father when he
was 12. Mother died a year later.

Now look at him. Boot
straps and a big dream.

Somebody knows something.

It's just a matter of asking the
right people the right questions

in the right tone of voice.

Yeah, that's how you get yourself hurt.

That's what I keep telling them.

Maybe they'll listen to you.

Ben Urich, Matt Murdock.
Attorney at Why the Hell Bother.

- Mr. Murdock.
- Matt.

My partner thinks we should be
pursuing this through the legal system.

A lot safer that way.

Well, why don't we all just
crawl under the covers, then?

- No, Karen...
- Well, I'm sorry,

but if Fisk is really behind
everything that has happened,

then we need to do something.

If we were the only ones
after him, I'd tend to agree.

Friend of yours came to
see me the other night...

the man in the mask.

[Foggy] Terrorist cop-killer.
[Ben] Says he was framed.

I could say I'm Captain America,
but it doesn't put wings on my head.

[stammers] What did he want?

Same thing we do... expose Fisk.

I printed this from a
thumb drive he gave me.

Oh, my God!

[Ben] Told me Fisk was behind the
bombings and shooting those cops...

said he owns half the police...

that they helped him
take down the Russians.

[Karen] But I don't understand.
If you have all of this, then...

Hearsay. Can't print any of it
without corroboration, can you?

He could just be throwing smoke. I
mean, he just killed Detective Blake.

Said Blake's partner Hoffman did
it, probably on Fisk's orders.

But yeah, it occurred to me.

You could talk to Hoffman.

Tried. He's in the wind.

Or bottom of the river. Either way...

He just shrugged.


Wait, what about the Union Allied money?

Is there a way that we can
tie it directly to Fisk?

[Ben] Maybe.

According to the Mask, a man named,
uh, Leland Owlsley runs the books.

But since getting roughed up by him,

Owlsley's been surrounded
by Fisk's security.

Can't get anywhere near him.

Same goes with, uh, James Wesley,

the guy you said hired you to defend Healy.

Look, the Mask came to Ben for help.

And I don't care how rich Fisk is,
nobody can totally erase their past.

I mean, somewhere out there,

there has to be a piece
of paper, a witness...

[sighs] the truth.

[Foggy] What about Confederated Global?

The suit that hired us to defend Healy

standing right next to Fisk
when he gave his big speech.

I looked into that.
According to FCC filings,

Confed Global's where Fisk gets
most of his reported income.

All right, let's play this out.

If Fisk is connected to Confed Global,

that means he's involved in
Westmeyer-Holt Contracting, which...

Westmeyer-Holt is strong-arming tenants
out of their rent-controlled apartments.

Um, they were hired by
a guy named Armand Tully.

The slumlord?

Landman and Zack say he's on vacation
on an island that no one can pronounce,

where they use coconuts as phones.

Another connection in the wind.

Westmeyer-Holt to Confed to Fisk.

We pull that thread, see what it unravels.

Still not sure about this mask guy.

[Karen] He didn't hurt
Ben and he didn't hurt me.

I'll take the Devil of Hell's
Kitchen over Fisk any day.

Plus, he kicks ass.

No, you should've seen the way that
he was flipping around in the rain.

Well, if he's such a badass,
why did he come to Ben?

Why not just take Fisk down himself?

Maybe he knows there's some
roads you can't come back from.

[Wesley] Our latest polls show
your approval numbers rising...

across political, ethnic
and economic lines.

[breathes deeply] The
501(c)(3) has been approved,

so the PAC is actively making donations,

and Senator Cherryh's
office has asked for a meet.

[Fisk] Breakfast.

Reject the first place they suggest.

How about Detective Hoffman?

Our sources in IAB tell me he was
supposed to give a follow-up statement

about what happened at Metro-General.

He never showed.

We need to put this behind us.

If he's still in the city, we'll find him.

If he isn't?


We'll still find him. It might
just take a little longer.

And the man in the mask?

The authorities are
motivated to shoot on sight...

if they have the opportunity.

He's not nearly as active
as he has been in the past.

Maybe he's given up.

Maybe he's just choosing
his targets more carefully.

[door opening]

Hey, I said you need to wait outside.

[yelling in pain]

[speaking Japanese]

It's all right, Francis. Thank you.

[Francis groaning]

[Fisk speaking English]
My apologies, Nobu-san.

- If I had known you were coming...
- [Nobu speaking Japanese]

[speaking English] He doesn't
care for the accommodations.

Misspeak my words again...

and I will have your tongue.

[Fisk] Wesley is just trying to be polite.

The time for pleasantries... is at an end.

I was promised a city block

in return for my aid in your ventures.

There is a...

a tenement in, um...
this particular area...

it has proven troublesome to vacate.

But we have other blocks
coming up if you...

[speaking Japanese]

[speaking English] This one.

I don't recall...

guaranteeing a specific block.

You'll need to be patient...

or choose another.

I am bound by certain requirements.

Even I have those I must answer to.

After the setback at the docks...

I can afford no further disruptions.

Do what you must, but do it quickly.


Regardless of how carefully it's
handled, you're now the owner of record.

The negative publicity could prove costly.

My organization will
compensate you for the expense.

Well, the offer's
appreciated, but unnecessary.

There is, however, a problem

that you could aid me in
solving, in return for my help.

One that has inconvenienced us both.

The man in black.

He's proven to be more difficult
to address than expected.

Possessed of determination
and unusual talents.

We must match him in kind.

A specialist, perhaps,
from your organization.

I know of one with such skills.

But finding our enemy will be difficult.

He has become... cautious.

Yes, he has.

But emotion...

can turn the most
circumspect of men careless.

[Foggy] No, that's not what I'm saying.
[Karen] Well, it sure sounds like it.

Hey, if Fisk really is the guy
that blew the hell out of my city,

shot those cops and went after you,

then nobody wants to see him
take it on the nuts more than me.

No, I might have you edged out on that.

Okay, present company excluded.

All I'm saying is Armand
Tully is a dead end.

[Matt] You find something out?

I, um, did a little
back-channeling with Marci.

Okay, ew, just... What did you get?

Tully really is on an island

that he bought with the money
that Confed Global is paying him

for all his real estate
holdings in Hell's Kitchen.

[Karen] Then, that's the link!

I mean, it ties Fisk directly to
what's happening in the tenement case.

No, it doesn't.

According to the records, the deal
just went through this morning.


[Matt] So everything that
happened with the case up till now

was before Fisk was the owner
on record. All falls on Tully.

Okay, so we go after Tully.
We get him to turn on Fisk.

Yeah, that island he's on?

- No extradition agreement.
- [Karen groans]

It's another dead end.

[knock on door]

[conversing in Spanish]

[Elena laughs]

[in English] You just asked
her where the library is.

[conversing in Spanish]

[in English] They doubled the offer
to get the tenants to move out.

[Elena speaking Spanish]

[Karen in English] Oh,
damn it. [Foggy] What?

Her neighbors are thinking about taking it.

Maybe they should.

[Foggy] No! Tell her to stand firm.

We told her we're gonna help her
and that's what we're gonna do.

[speaking Spanish]

[speaking English] Such a good boy.

[speaking Spanish]

[in English] She thinks
she can change their minds.

Enough of them maybe to make a difference.

I no take! This my home.

We fight, yes?

Yes, s?.


He is good man.

All of you...


You shouldn't have done that.

What? Fight for the rights
of the little guy, right?

Fisk wants the tenements, he's
not gonna stop until he gets them.

Well, so what? We're just
supposed to roll over?

Fisk is public on this.

If we tie him up with an injunction,

maybe we find something in
the deposition that we...

Oh, come on, Foggy, you think we're
gonna trip this guy up with a deposition?

After everything that's happened,
you don't get who we're dealing with?

No, we get it!

Matt, he's a rich dickhead who thinks
he can pay people off to kiss his ass.

Look, he is standing on City Hall
with his cronies like he's already won.

You know he can't see that.

All right, we can't let
him get away with this.

- I know.
- [Foggy] So, what are we gonna do?

[sighs] Basic tenet of both
law and war, know your enemy.

Thank you, Sun Tzu. What
does that actually mean?

It means we keep digging.

Like Karen said, somewhere out there,

there's a piece of paper or a witness,
or something that'll lead to the truth.

Okay, good.

But, do it quietly. Stay under the radar.

Where are you going?

Three people stood with Fisk
when he addressed the city.

His man from Confed
Global, Owlsley and a woman.

One the press said he seemed close with.

Oh, yeah, uh, Vanessa, um...

Marianna. It says she works
at Scene Contempo Gallery.

Maybe it's time I invested in some art.

[assistant] Here's the
list that I came up with.

Anyone else?

[Vanessa] Make sure
Richmond's on the guest list.

He won't come, but he'll get
pissy if he isn't invited.

[guard on radio] You have a visitor
coming in through the west entrance.

[Vanessa] May I help you?

I hope so. Um, Matthew.



You're probably wondering what a man
who can't see is doing in an art gallery.


I didn't want to be forward.


I'm told by my guests my
apartment's a bit stark.

I thought maybe some art would warm it up.

I'm going to go out on a limb and
assume these "guests" were women?


Well, I'm not trying to
impress the pizza guy.

Good. You don't need
sight to appreciate art,

but you do need honesty.

- Sight helps.
- Sure.

But there's something very intimate

in experiencing art
through someone else's eyes.

That's a good line, by
the way. You should use it.

[laughs] I might.

So, give me an idea what you're after.

I am not sure.

Good... art isn't furniture.

If you knew exactly what you were
looking for, you'd be just decorating.

Art should speak to you... move you.

This one, for example.

One of my favorite pieces.

Describe it to me.

Imagine a sea of tonal reds.

The color of anger...

of rage...

but also the color of the heart...

of love... hope.

This strikes the perfect
balance between the two.

I don't know, it sounds aggressive.

All depends on your point of view.

Maybe something a little less challenging.

Tell me, do you have a man in your life?

Matthew, are you hitting on me?

[chuckling] No, I just
mean, what does he like?

What does he respond to?

If I can get inside the head of the man

who won the heart of such a charming woman,

it would inform my decision.

Well, you could always ask him yourself.

[distorted] Hope I'm not
interrupting. I was nearby.

[Vanessa] Not at all. We
were just talking about you.

I see.

Wilson Fisk, Matthew...


Oh, yes, the attorney.

I've heard about all your
work in Hell's Kitchen.


I'm aware of yours as well.

Mr. Murdock is thinking
of purchasing some art.

He was looking for some
advice from a man of taste.

Well, that's simple. Buy
whatever the lady tells you.

- [Vanessa laughs]
- Thank you.

Although we probably shouldn't be talking.

I believe we're on opposite
sides of a tenancy case.

- Oh, you are?
- Yes.

[Vanessa] Hmm.

The rental properties I
recently acquired from Mr. Tully.

But I'm sure that will be
settled to everyone's benefit.

The city has suffered long enough
under the burden of poverty and decay.

I believe we have opportunities now with...

Wilson, Mr. Murdock is
a customer, not a donor.

Yes, I apologize for the hard sell.

This city and its future...

Seeing Hell's Kitchen to its fullest
potential is very important to me.

I feel the same way.

Vanessa, thank you so much for your time.

Have you changed your mind
about what you came for?

No, no, I would just
need to consider the cost.

Mr. Fisk.

I like to have a
moment... end of the day...

just me and him.

Maybe you could put in a word.

How did you know I was sitting
here, you mind me asking?

You want the short answer or the long one?


I was worried you might've gone
out and done something foolish,

after our talk this morning.

[sighs] I haven't done anything.

Not yet.

Sounds a bit on the ominous side.

I went to visit someone close to the...

close to the Devil.

[sighs] Not to hurt her,
just to get a sense of him.

Of who he is and what it would take to...

do what I have to.


what did you learn?

That he has someone he loves...

who loves him, who'd mourn his loss.

[Lantom] Mmm-hmm.

Few things are absolute, Matthew.

Even Lucifer was once an angel.

It's why judgment and vengeance...

are best left to God.

Especially when murder
is not in your heart.

[scoffs] How do you know?

You're here, aren't you?

[female automated voice]
Foggy, Foggy, Foggy...


- Foggy, Foggy...
- [phone beeps]


I know my soul is damned
if I take his life.

But if I stand idle, if I...

If I let him consume this city, all
the people that will suffer and die...

There is a wide gulf between
inaction and murder, Matthew.

Another man's evil does not make you good.

Men have used the atrocities of
their enemies to justify their own

throughout history.

So the question you have
to ask yourself is...

are you struggling with the fact
that you don't wanna kill this man...

but have to?

Or that you don't have to kill him...

but want to?

"Like a muddied spring
or a polluted fountain

is the righteous man who
gives way before the wicked."

Proverbs 25-something,
I never can remember.

Meaning righteous men have
a duty to stand up to evil.

One interpretation.

Another is that when the righteous
succumb to sin, it is as harmful

as if the public well were poisoned.

Because the darkness of such
an act... of taking a life...

will spread to friends, neighbors...

the entire community.

What if it already has?

Then we wouldn't be sitting here, would we?

I don't believe you went to see this
woman for insight into how to kill a man.

I think...

maybe you went looking for a reason not to.



Uh, Foggy, um, tried to get
a hold of you last night.

Oh, yeah, turned off my phone.

You okay?

Yeah, just... tired.

How did it go with that,
um... Vanessa woman?

Oh, I didn't get what I needed.


Well, uh, Foggy and I had better luck.

Um, we identified the assholes
that jumped us outside of Elena's.

It's a Stewart Schmidt and Joseph Pike.

- You ID'd them from booking photos?
- No, actually...

Contractor's licenses.

- And where the hell were you?
- Uh... [exhales]

Walking, clearing my head.

Hate when you don't answer my calls, buddy.

I always think you fell down
an open manhole or something.

[chuckles] I'm fine. Who's
the employer of record?

Westmeyer-Holt Contracting,

another wonderful Global Confed subsidiary.

Well, that's it. That's great.

We press assault charges,
get them to flip on Fisk.

Yeah, not so much.

I reached out to Ben and his
sources say that they're off the map.

Just like Hoffman and Tully.

Of course they are.

[laughs] Great, so we have nothing.

I wouldn't go that far. Here,
Foggy, show him the thing.

[Foggy] Right, the thing!

[Matt] What thing?

- [Karen laughs]
- The dream, buddy.

It's just like the one I drew on the napkin

that you, uh, couldn't see back when.

[Matt] Oh.


- It's a little small, isn't it?
- [Foggy laughs]

Building regulations.

Anyway, so are we. We
are small but awesome.

And we're gonna make a difference.

I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes...

a lot of the time, but we
are, with the power of the law.


Dragged me into this
rinky-dink firm, Murdock...

and I'll never be able to
thank you enough for it.

You're not gonna kiss me.

- I'm feeling a little somethin'.
- [Karen] Oh...

- [Matt] Okay, come here.
- [telephone ringing]

Nelson and Murdock, how may I help you?

[Matt] Time for those handyman skills.

[Karen] Uh, hey!

[clears throat] Sorry, what?


Uh, when?


It's her.

How did it happen?

[Brett] Neighbor saw some junkie
they've seen in the building,

fleeing the scene with her purse.

Probably jumped her while
she was fishing for her keys.

[Karen sobs]

Karen, maybe you should wait outside.

[sniffling] No. No, I'm...

How did she die?

Multiple stab wounds.

The ambulance got there quick, but...

My mom says all the family
she knew about's passed on.

I knew you were looking
into her tenancy case.

I thought you might be able to
point us toward the next of kin.

No, she didn't have anyone.

Just us.

We'll see to the arrangements.

It's good of you to take that on.

I'll let the ME know.



[breathing heavily]

You are a worthy opponent.

It is an honor to claim your life.

[breathing heavily]


- [grunting]
- Ahhh!


[Foggy] Thanks.

I'll keep 'em comin', love.

When we first took the case, Karen
and I went to Landman and Zack.

Marci talked about a "criminal
element" in Elena's building.

Said that's why the workmen left
without finishing the repairs.

"'Cause they feared for their safety."

I thought it was bullshit.

Maybe it was.

Tell that to Elena.

Wait, what are you saying?

Well, I don't know.

Just doesn't feel right, does it?

I'll drink to that.

You think it was a coincidence?

Elena decides to stay and fight,

to rally what's left of her
neighbors, and this happens.

Do you think Fisk had
something to do with this?

Speak of the devil.

Fisk is on the TV again.

Hey, Josie, could you turn that up?

No, I never had the pleasure
of meeting Ms. Cardenas.

I only recently took
possession of her building.

How do you respond to reports that
you knew the tenement was unsafe?

That is accurate.

That's why we offered a substantial
sum to Ms. Cardenas and her neighbors

to help them relocate.

We should never let good people
get swallowed up by this city.

I mourn this woman's death.

Didn't have to happen. It should've...

Her passing is a symptom
of a larger disease...

- infecting all of us.
- [cell phone ringing]

Disease of fear...

Funeral home.

[Fisk] ...fear of bombings,
fear of cop killings.


- Fear of a masked psychopath.
- [Foggy] Yeah, that's me.

Yeah, I need to make arrangements.

[Fisk] We shouldn't let people
like that take our city from us.

We need to stand together.

Let them know that they will fail...

because we believe we
can make a difference.

'Cause they are cowards!

Afraid of stepping out of the shadows.

Afraid of standing up for
people like Mrs. Cardenas.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Mr. Fisk, how does this
affect the upcoming benefit?

[Wesley] That will be all. Thank you.

- Mr. Fisk...
- [Wesley] No more questions.

- Thank you very much.
- [man] What can we do about this psycho...

Jesus, he almost sounds like he means it.

- I think he does.
- [Karen scoffs]

And he's calling the
man in the mask a psycho?

I hope they trace what happened
to Elena right to his doorstep.

He'd never expose himself like that.

Plus, half the force is
probably in his pocket.

Well, then, let's pray the
Mask gets his hands on him.

Knocks his goddamn head off.

You religious, Karen?

My parents were.

That's probably why I'm not.



Does it help?

With things like this?

Not today.

I think I've had enough.

- Tell Foggy I'll see him in the morning.
- Yeah.

Hey, Matt.


If there is a God...

and if he cares at all about...

about any of us...

Fisk will get what he deserves.

You have to believe that.

I do.


[both grunting]

- [screaming]
- Look at it.

- Where is he?
- I don't know. [screams]

Tell me what you do know.

[gasping] All right, all right,
I'll tell you anything you want.

Just, please, stop hurting me!






Hey, you're real, you're... You're real...

- Where'd you get the purse?
- What purse?


Lying? Bad idea.


Please, stop! I'm... I'm sick.

Okay! Okay, the purse! I'll
tell you who snatched it...

Listen, I've hurt a lot of people
tonight to get what I need to know.

The asshole that killed Mrs.
Cardenas shoots up at this address,

likes cheap menthols.

Thinks it covers the stench of
his rotting teeth. It doesn't.

- [grunts]
- [whimpers]

Who paid you?

- [sobbing] No, I don't, I don't...
- Was it Fisk?

Was it Fisk?


Was it Wilson Fisk?

No, I don't know! Please, stop! Please!

Give me a reason to!

I don't know their names.
I don't! They found me.

They took me to a warehouse on the water...

Pier 81.

I didn't wanna do it, man.

I swear. I didn't wanna do it!

But I was hurting. I was hurting, man.

[breathing heavily] Shut up!

You're gonna turn yourself in...

to Sergeant Brett Mahoney
at the 15th Precinct.

If you don't, I'll find you. And
next time, I'm not gonna stop.

[heart beating slowly]

[heart beating quickly]

I didn't come here for you.

[Nobu] But I am the one you have found.

You were at the docks with the boy.

[Nobu] As were you...

with the old fool.

That was unexpected.

I'm not part of his war.

[Nobu] Yet you aided him.

And in the act, caused me displeasure.

Did Fisk send you?

Is that why he paid that junkie to...


A woman is dead, and for what? Just
to lure me into some kind of a trap?

You are here, are you not?

[Masked Man] I knew no
one was in the building.

Made that mistake with the
Russians once. Learned from it.

[Nobu] But you did not know I was here.

[Masked Man] No...

you slowed your heart...

lowered your body temperature.

[Nobu] The old fool has
taught you in our ways.

[Masked Man] I told you I'm not with him.

[Nobu] Yet you're still a warrior...

deserving of a warrior's death.

I came here for Fisk.

Guess I'll have to settle for you.

[Nobu] I show you respect.

You would be wise to return the courtesy.

You'll have to earn it.


- Shit, sorry.
- [Karen clears throat]

[slurring] Hey, can I get
another bottle over here?

No, no, never mind, Josie. Hey, hey, Foggy.

Foggy, I've had enough, and
you have had... [exhales]

Way, way past that.

It's a wake, Karen.

People drink at wakes.

You don't need it.

You know why?

'Cause it sucks.

[softly] I know.

You speak Spanish.

What's a good toast for
the people that should...

- That should still...
- Hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

[sobbing] I should have told her
to take the money like Matt said.

No, no, no, no, Foggy...

it's not your fault, okay?


The Hell's Kitchen I grew
up in was a real shithole.

But it had a heart, you know?


Me and Matt... we learned the law...

how to play by the rules.

We were gonna help the
people that we grew up with.

Give 'em the same shot
as the big boys like Fisk.

It's all bullshit.

It's all just...

lies that we tell ourselves to
make it through one more day.

No, I don't... I don't believe that.

I can't.

What are we supposed to do...

against somebody that owns everything?


What can we do to somebody like that?

The only thing you can...

you make them pay.

[Masked Man screaming]



[Nobu] You have fought well.

[Masked Man groaning]

[Nobu] It is... not enough.

[Nobu yelling]


[Fisk] Thank you.

Nobu was becoming an issue.

I appreciate you...
removing him from concern.

[Masked Man laughs]

[groaning] You... wanted me to do this.

In a perfect world, you would
have taken each other out, but...

it isn't a perfect world, is it?

Not yet.

To be honest... it took
longer than I expected.

Nobu didn't mind. He meditated for hours.

I find it difficult to meditate.

My mind, it won't quiet.

[muttering] It's a
character flaw, I suppose.

We all have them.

You, for instance.

You've demonstrated an emotional
weakness for children and women.

I assumed that would extend to the elderly.

So I baited the hook.

Here you are.

[panting] You took her life...

just to get my attention?

[Fisk] Nobu forced my hand in the matter.

My options, they were limited by necessity.

I took no pleasure in her passing.

[breathing heavily] I'm... gonna kill you.

Take your shot.

[both grunting]



[Masked Man groaning]

It's disappointing.


- [metal clinking]
- [gun firing]

[gunfire continues]

Put men on the dock.

If they see the Mask, put a bullet in him.

What about Nobu?

Let him burn.


Come on, Matt.

I need to talk to you, Matt.


[hoarsely] We need to keep going, Matt.

We gotta nail that bastard to the wall.

We gotta make him pay... for Elena...

- for everything.
- [clattering]


Are you okay in there? Matt?



[Foggy] It's me.

I heard a crash.

Not the fun, sexy-time kind, but...

more of the...



[nervously] If anyone who's
in here is not supposed to be,

I will mess you up. I'm not kidding.

[groaning weakly]

Where's Matt? What'd you do to him?


[line ringing]

[cell phone beeps]



[dramatic music playing]