Daredevil (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - World on Fire - full transcript

Fisk moves forward with plans that threaten to rip Hell's Kitchen apart. Murdock and Foggy take on a case helping tenants victimised by a slumlord.

(Shower running)

You cook for every girl you bring home?

Nah, just the ones that keep me alive.

(Claire sighs)

You have a job or something to get to?

Or are you one of those billionaire playboys

- I'm always hearing about? - (Chuckles)

No, I have a job.

Damn, thought I'd lucked out.

What do you do?

Lawyer. I have a practice, so... my own boss.

Lawyer by day, vigilante by night.

The hell does that work?

(Chuckles) Yeah, I'll let you know when I figure it out.


Oh, shit.

You just opened one of the cuts on your back.

How do you know that?

I can taste copper in the air.


"Copper in the air."

May I?

Knock yourself out, Houdini.

(Inhales sharply)


(Bones shifting)

(Claire moans)

The swelling's down.

Rib fracture's only a hairline. I couldn't tell before.

You have X-ray fingers now?

I can hear your bones shift when you breathe.

No grinding means nothing's broken.

What does a hairline fracture sound like?

An old ship.

How do you...

I mean, I know that you're blind,

but you... see so much.


I guess you have to think of it as more than just five senses.

I can't see, not like everyone else, but I can feel.

Things like balance and direction.

Micro-changes in air density, vibrations,

blankets of temperature variations.

Mix all that with what I hear, subtle smells.

All of the fragments form a sort of...

impressionistic painting.

Okay, but what does that look like?

Like, what do you...

actually see?

A world on fire.

If all I saw was fire, I'd probably want to hit people, too.


I just wish I knew I was hitting the right ones.


they know who you are now.

And they're not going to stop.

I'd like you to stay here, with me...

just till I figure something out.

That's a hell of a way to get a girl to move in.

It worked, didn't it?

(Claire) Hmm.

I was wondering if you were ever gonna do that.

Well, I've been a little busy.

I'll get you some clothes while I'm out.

(Claire) Mmm.

Why don't you go to the police?

With all that you have on the Russians?

I wear a mask and beat on people.

Doesn't exactly mesh with police policy.

(Sighs) You're going to end up in another dumpster,

you try to take down the entire Russian mob yourself.

Maybe I only need to take down one man.


Cut off the head of the snake, the body dies.

How do you know he's the head of the snake if you can't find anything on him?

There was a murder in a bowling alley.

A man named Prohaszka. Owned a majority in Kitchen Cabs.

They were turning those over in the garage they took me to.

Right, I think Fisk hired the man that killed Prohaszka.

Everything leads back to him...

but no one will talk. (Clears throat)

Maybe you are beating on the wrong people.

I heard a name, when they were...

The prick with the baseball bat reacted when he heard it.

Like a dog when you yank his leash.

What was the name?


(Speaking Russian) It's me again. Call me back.


(Knocking on door)

(Speaking Russian)

My employer sends his regards.

And his gratitude that his offer was accepted.

There are still a few small details we'd like to iron out before...

Uh, where's your brother?

This is a thing I was going to ask you.

Last time I saw him, he was heading to see Mr....

- Your employer. - (Chuckling)

He practically kissed me when we agreed to terms.

He have a girl or... a boy he might be celebrating with?

You try his cell?

- He does not answer. - Try again.

We need to lock this down and get distribution back to acceptable levels.

(Door opens)

(Speaking Russian) We found him.


He was dumped in the lot around the corner.


My brother.

My brother.

We should have returned to Moscow. Like you wanted...

(Speaking English) The man in the mask.

(Speaking Russian) He sends us a message.

Put every man we have on the street.

Find him.

And bring me his head.

Anyone else wondering about this?


(Car approaching)

Why aren't we meeting in the usual place? And what's all this?

(Fisk) An opportunity...

for those willing to seize it.


(Speaking Mandarin)

She's happy to see you.

My apologies...

for my absence of late.

And for calling you here on little notice.

Where are the Smiley Twins? Sleeping off another kidnapping?

The Ranskahovs are no longer a part of this organization.

Since when?

Since I removed Anatoly's head... with my car door.

(Speaking Mandarin)

She's upset they weren't consulted.

(Speaking Japanese)

He isn't happy either.

Deal me in on that. What the hell happened?


It was a personal matter.

What? That's...

Vladimir isn't exactly a hug-it-out kind of guy.

The masked vigilante killed his brother. At least that's what Vladimir believes.

(Fisk) It will distract him until preparations can be made.

We all knew that we would need to eliminate the Russians one day.

They were too unpredictable.

This from a guy taking heads off with a car door.

(Speaking Mandarin)

She wants to know how her product is going to be moved now.

(Fisk) For the moment, you would...

keep sending your deliveries to the Russians,

as though nothing has changed.

And when this is all over, I'll assume their responsibility.

And move their share to your column in the ledger?

A rising tide raises all boats, Leland.

Profits will be divided up equally among us.

Four shares, instead of five.

(Speaking Mandarin)


What, I'm going against the three of you?

I like my head where it's at.

Then we're in agreement. Nothing changes...

until I'm ready to move on Vladimir.

And what if he finds out the truth before that happens?

That would be unfortunate for all of us.

(Scoffs) Masked vigilantes, crazy Russians...

I'm getting my stun gun out of storage.

Remember your promise to me...

and those I speak for.

(Fisk) Madame Gao...

may I walk you to your car?

(Speaking Mandarin)

She thinks you want something.

I want to put this behind us...

as quickly as possible.

(Singing in Mandarin)

(Speaking Russian) Shut up.

Ask him about the man in the mask.

(Speaking English) Hey.

Man in black mask... you know?

Any of you Gao's runners know anything?

I'm talking to you!

Hello? (Snapping fingers)

(Speaking Russian) Piotr, the guy's an idiot.

(Piotr) Let's go.

(Speaking English) Wait.

(Man resumes singing in Mandarin)





(Indistinct yelling)

- Where's Vladimir? - No, please!

Vladimir! Where is he?

Please, I'll tell you what you want! Just don't cut my head off!

What are you talking about?

Vladimir's brother. Everyone knows you took his head.

(Siren blares)

On the ground! On the ground!

(Indistinct radio chatter)

Be advised two on foot.

One en route to the 15th.

- (Copier beeps) - No! Oh, my God.

You don't make any sense!

Whoa, be nice to it.

You know, for when the machines take over.

I can't get any of this crap I bought to work.

- Bad time to mention the phones? - (Sighs)

All I hear when I try to dial is a bunch of clicks.

Could be the machines plotting, but I don't speak computer overlord.

- No, it's the rats. - The who what now?

They chewed through the main line.

Phone guy's working on it now. Exterminator's Monday.

We have rats now. I'm never sleeping here again.

Then there's an upside.

Hey, you guys hear anything on the news

about a Russian getting his head cut off?

In Hell's Kitchen?

This city. Bad enough you get mugged, now they chop your melon off.

What's next, groping corpses?

- (Knocking at door) - (Woman) Excuse.

Is this, um...

Señor Foggy law?

Bess Mahoney? Brett's mom?

Sí, she refer me.

(Speaking Spanish)

Something about cigars?

You know Spanish?

Oh, just what I remember from high school.

Mrs. Cardenas, tell us what happened.

Mi casa es rent-control.

But the landlord, Señor Tully...

Armand Tully? Sleaze bag owns buildings all over town.

Sí, y señor Tully...

(Speaking Spanish)

He wants to convert the apartments to condominiums.

- And he wants them out. - (Speaking Spanish)

Men came weeks ago. They said that they were workers.

(Speaking Spanish)

And they destroyed the apartments with a... I don't know that last word.



You ever have a client that wants to chat in Punjabi, I'm your man.


Do you want to do this?

No, no. I like listening to your voice.


Go on, Mrs. Cardenas.

There is damage, en todas partes.


(Speaking Spanish)

They have no working sinks or pipes.

They don't have water or electricity for days.

We call policía. We speak to the officer.

(Speaking Spanish)

- The police couldn't help. - Policía say, "It is a city issue."

(Mrs. Cardenas continues speaking in Spanish)

They don't know what to do.

This says Tully offered them 10,000

to give up their rent control and vacate the premises.

Maybe we can pressure him into giving a better payout.

No, Señor Foggy.

We do no want money. We want to stay in our homes.

(Speaking Spanish)


(Speaking Spanish)

(Speaking Spanish)

(Karen) This way, Mrs. Cardenas.

I heard you say my name. Why'd you say my name?

I told her you're going to talk to Tully's lawyer.

Tully's lawyer? Do you know who reps him?

(Chuckling) Yeah, I know.

Landman and Zack! Landman and mother-freakin' Zack, man!

Ooh, sounds impressive. Are they looking to hire?

Oh, you wouldn't be happy. We used to intern there.

Oh, right.

And they offered us a job, a great job.

Which we turned down to go off and save the world. Now they hate us.

We'll need to load for bear if we're gonna take them on.

I'll hit the precinct to check for complaints against Tully.

I can't go to L and Z alone.

They're gonna shark attack me, Matt. Look at me, I'm delicious.

Well, take Karen.

(Stammering) I mean, yeah, if she wants to.



Never seen sharks feed up close before.


Try not to splash too much. It attracts 'em.

- (Laughing) - You both are so funny.

Look who it is... Murdock.

Sergeant... how's your mom?

Smells like a stogie. Otherwise, um...

Yeah, I keep telling Foggy not to get her cigars, but...

She'd sneak 'em one way or the other. Crafty old bird.

Right, it's why I'm here.

Friend of hers has a case we're looking into.

You going after Tully?

Yeah, you know him?

Yeah. Yeah, guy's a real scumbag.

But he stays just this side of ordinance, so there's nothing we can do.

Can you pull some copies of the complaints?

Maybe get me a minute or two with the officers who took them?

You really think you and Foggy can help?

Yeah, we can try.

Let me see what I can find.

Thank you.

(Overlapping chatter)

(Man) Now, I just want you to tell me again how did it start.

We have you at the scene with a dead Chinese illegal, Piotr.

And a backpack full of drugs.

Uh-oh, that'll buy you a one-way ticket to 30 years in Asshole Land.

It'll give you some time to touch up on those tattoos.

You boys do that to yourselves

or do you all get shirtless and poke each other?

Do you know who I work for?

Couple of dipshit brothers nobody gives a wank about.

Bye-bye, dickhead. Enjoy your next 30.


What if I give you another name?

give you another name?

He'd have to be big.

He'd have to be King freakin' Kong.

He is.

His name...

is Wilson Fisk.

Wilson Fisk.

- Well, what else you know about this guy? - Not much.

No one even supposed to say his name.

But I will tell you everything I know... for deal.

(Scoffs) "For deal."

- Whose turn is it? - Yours.

I thought I took it for that thing in the bodega?

Oh, shit, yeah.

All right, wait, wait.

Okay, go on.

- (Sighs) - Go on.

Watch out! Jeez, he's going for my gun!

Watch out!

- (Hoffman) He's got my gun! - (Whimpering)

You really shouldn't have said his name.



(People shouting indistinctly)

We got shots fired...


(Karen) God!

Feels like a place in a movie where you'd buy a clone...

or maybe a robot baby.

- Or the clone of a robot baby. - (Laughs nervously)

I'm Foggy Nelson. I called earlier. I represent Ms. Cardenas.

(Woman) Foggy Bear!

Look at you, still playing lawyer.

What are you doing here?

Working on making partner. Marci Stahl.

Uh, Karen Page.

Wait, you work here, at Landman and Zack?

Mmm, came on right after you and Murdock crashed and burned.

- We didn't... - Where is your sidekick?

Didn't break it off with him already, did you?

- Fog has commitment issues. - I don't have...

Matt is taking care of something.

It was very nice to see you. We have an appointment.

I know. It's with me.

You're Armand Tully's lawyer?

Just part of the team. They're all tied up with real work, so...

All right, let's go upstairs and...

Oh, we'd be finished before the elevator stopped.

Your client can agree to a buyout or live in squalor till she's evicted.

Those workmen acted illegally. They busted the place up.

They were making requested repairs.

- Which they never finished. - Yeah.

- And did Mrs. Carnitas tell you... - Cardenas.

Did she tell you why the workmen left before completing the repairs?

- No, she just said... - They feared for their safety.

- From an old woman? - From a criminal element.

Her building is filled with junkies and drug dealers.

We're doing the city a favor by trying to renovate.

You know that's not true.

Yeah, because the law's always about the truth.

Look, you know how this goes.

It's her word versus my client's,

and there's a whole backlog of these cases pending throughout the city.

No one is going to help her but us.

If I were you, I'd go to Mrs. Whatever today

and strongly urge her to accept our offer.



Convincing my client to agree to your terms... that's your job.

And I'm not going to do it for you.

See, you think there are only two options.

These tenants take the payout and leave, or leave without taking it.

But given how long they've put up with Tully's bullshit,

I think you're actually afraid

that Mrs. Cardenas and her neighbors will find a way to eke by.

- (Scoffing) - And short of physically

and very illegally forcing tenants from their rent-controlled homes...

Armand Tully loses his condos.

Your firm loses Tully.

And that's very bad for business.

You want me and my client to think that you're doing us a favor,

that we have no leverage.

When really, we have all of it.

So you're gonna see us in court...

where I will absolutely dismantle you,

from the top of your salon blowout to the bottom of your overpriced pumps.

You would've killed it here, Foggy Bear.

You never should have left.

You never should have signed on, Marce.

You were really something, back in the day.

When you had a soul.

Foggy Bear?

We used to date.

You dated that?

- Yep, let's step a little faster. - Oh, my God.

(Wesley) They're taking statements from Blake and Hoffman.

Our contacts in IAB will make it go away.

Had there been someone else in that room with that Russian...

There wasn't.

It was our people.

This time.

Soon Vladimir won't have any comrades to whisper your name to.

Is there anything else?

The '75 Brunello di Montalcino.

It's a personal favorite.

Thank you, Wesley.

(People speaking indistinctly)

(Knocking on door)

(Speaking Spanish)


Señor Tully...


No, not yet.

But Karen and I, we're going to do what we can.

We are?

(Speaking Spanish)

Why not?

My dad owned a hardware store for 12 forevers, picked up a few things.

At least get the ball rolling.

- And your cousin's a drywall guy, right? - That he is.

And Matt and I fished an electrician out of the drunk tank.

Owes us a favor.

We're gonna talk to your neighbors, too, okay, Mrs. Cardenas?

We're gonna take care of you.

(Thanking fervently in Spanish)

(Indistinct radio chatter)

(Cell phone buzzing)


- (Bones cracking) - Ahhh!

(Masked Man) Scream and that arm becomes your good one.

- We clear? - (Panting)

You killed that Russian in interrogation.

I had no choice, he jumped my partner.


You lie to me and I hurt you.

You killed him 'cause he said a name, Wilson Fisk.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- (Bones cracking) - (Groaning)

Okay, okay!

I shot him 'cause he said a name, so what?

What I hear, you like to kill Russians too.

You chopped Anatoly's head off.

And now I want his brother.

I don't know where he is!


I swear! I swear! I swear! Please. Please.

(Heart beating)


How are Fisk and the Russians connected?

Why did he kill Prohaszka for them?


You don't know?

Oh, man.

You really are one stupid son of a bitch, aren't you?

- (Bones cracking) - (Screaming)

(Cell phone vibrating)

- Good evening, madam. - Hello.

This way, please.

I didn't know if you would show.

Neither did I.

I thought you didn't go in for grand gestures.

No, it isn't...

I didn't want to be interrupted again.

We can go somewhere else if you like.

And if I just want to walk out that door by myself?

Then I would dine alone.

It wouldn't be the first time.

I've been lied to before... by men.

Some were even decent ones...

but they still felt the need to be dishonest...

about things that mattered.

Do you feel that need... Wilson?

I don't like to be in public.

And I don't like to be questioned.

But you can ask me anything, Vanessa.

And I will always be honest with you.

Let's start with something simple.

What are we drinking?


(Fisk) Marcel...

the '75 Brunello di Montalcino.

(Door opens)

Hey, sorry about your...

Just... sorry, you know?

Sergei tells me you know something.

Something about the man who took my brother from me.

Yeah, uh...

Look, I know this guy, we did a stretch in Rikers.

Getting by now at a chop shop on the edge of the Kitchen.

Told me an SUV came in yesterday.

Black... expensive...

backseat all splattered with blood and...


This car... who does it belong to?

Some big white guy...

bald as shit.

- Fisk? - Didn't get a name, but...

my boy said

he heard baldy say something about that guy in the black mask.

Couldn't make it all out...

but sounds like he and this mask dude are tight.

He works for Fisk.

All this time, Fisk has been playing us...

planning this.

(Speaking Russian) Tell the men to pull back and get ready.

Guns, rifles, grenades. All of it.


(Yelling in Russian)

(Replying softly in Russian)

(Speaking English) Turk, spread the word on the streets...

1 million for whoever can tell me where I can find Fisk...


1 mil?

Shit... I'm on it!

(Speaking Russian) We will honor you, my brother...

with the blood of war.

Okay, try it now.

Okay, yeah!

I admit it. I'm impressed.

Hot still doesn't work, but at least it's a start.

(Mrs. Cardenas speaking Spanish)

You, Señor Foggy, you...

You stay, we eat.

- No, Mrs. Cardenas... - You stay.

There is no "no happen," okay?

(Speaking Spanish)

- You want to eat? - Be rude not to.

Mi madre make this, all the time in Guatemala.

Now I make para ustedes, como gracias.

Mrs. Cardenas, where did you make this? You don't have any gas.

I cook in apartamento downstairs.

Aquí, we take care for another.

(Speaking Spanish)


Did she just...

Did she... Is this a date?


I sort of think it is, Señor Foggy.

There're no numbers in this... no contacts.

It's a burner. Like the one I use to talk to you.

It was buzzing. Did someone leave a message?


No, a text.

What's it say?

It's a list of locations.

Four of them.

47th and 12th. 48th and 9th.

42nd and 10th. 44th and 11th.

- 44th and 11th? - Yeah.

Troika Restaurant.

Where they were holding that boy?

These addresses, they're listing where the Russians are.

- The hell did you get this? - Cop.

- I said go to the police, I didn't mean... - Nah, he was working for Fisk.

Killed a Russian for him, right inside the precinct.

Then later he gets that list of addresses.

I'm betting I'll find Vladimir at one of them.

Matt, wait, just...

What are you going to do?

Whatever it takes.

You know how that sounds, right?

Um, when we were on that roof you told that Russian...

that you hurt people because you enjoy it.

And you said you didn't believe that.

I can't believe that.

Because if I do, that means you're not the man...

that I believe you to be.

I need to be the man this city needs.

Hey, that's not a reason, it's an excuse.

What do you want me to do, Claire?

Let them tear Hell's Kitchen apart?

Let them win?

What you do is important... to so many people. I get that.

I just don't think I can let myself fall in love with someone...

who's so damn close to becoming what he hates.

You're right...

you shouldn't.

A prince?

(Vanessa) I didn't know he was one at first.

He saw me at an exhibition. I was the curator and traveling with it...

and all of a sudden...

this tall man in a white suit and an ascot...

An ascot? That's a bit much.

That's what I was thinking.

He sidles up to me... I love that word, "sidle."


and he says, "You are more beautiful than any painting here."

I knew it was a line, but it worked.

I slept with him.

Does that shock you?

You're a very attractive woman. I assumed you've had lovers.

That's not what I asked.

No, it didn't shock me.

Then why'd you look away?

Because I wish I had said something like that to you when we first met.

I'm glad you didn't.

This wine's even better than the last one.

Did you pick it?

I've never had it. My assistant.

I said I'd be honest.

You did.

Wesley's more than an assistant...

he's my friend.

So you do have those.

Yet the man says he was lonely when he looked at my painting.

My painting.


Thank you.

So why does a man like you feel alone?

Nature of my business, I suppose.

And what kind of business is that?

Rebuilding this city.

I want to carve something beautiful out of its ugliness...

set free its potential.

You sound like an artist.

I'm just a man with a dream.

What do you think an artist is?

Are those the only ones you have?

You were wearing them last time.

They were my father's.

I wear them every day to remember him.

Did he pass?

When I was a boy.

May I ask you something now?

I'd say you've earned it.

What kind of gun is that you have in your purse?

It's a .22.

Did you think you would need that tonight?

We've been sitting here talking for hours...

and you're going to insult me like I have no idea what you really do?

What I said...

about what I want for this city is the truth.

But money and influence is not enough to usher change on such a scale.

Sometimes it requires force.

I know you're a dangerous man.

That's why I brought a gun to a dinner date.

Would you like to leave?


I'd like a reason to stay.

I've done things that I'm not proud of, Vanessa.

I've hurt people... and I'm going to hurt more.

It's impossible to avoid for what I'm trying to do.

But I take no pleasure in it...

in cruelty.

But this city isn't a caterpillar.

It doesn't spin a cocoon and wake up a butterfly.

A city... crumbles and fades.

It needs to die before it can be reborn.

So I don't need the gun?

No, by my side...

is the safest place that you could ever be.


(Speaking Russian) Vladimir...

Turk just got a call. We know where Fisk is.

(Vladimir speaking Russian) Tell the men...

and no one touches Fisk.

He is mine.

and Matt bangs his cane around and says,

- "Am I in the right room?" - (Both chuckling)

- Where did you put his furniture? - Dorm room across the hall.

Oh, God!

Oh, I really wish I knew you guys back then.

Much better off knowing us now.

We have our own practice.

I'm a hell of a lot more dashing than I was in my awkward college days.

Oh, yeah? Well, I'm going to need photographic proof of that, counselor.

I have dug myself another hole, haven't I?

Well, it's been about five minutes. You were due.

- Yeah. Yeah, I see that. - (Chuckles)

You know, there's something I gotta know. It's killing me.

No, I do not kiss on the first date. Sorry, not gonna happen.

No! No.

What's the deal with the meat grinder in the pencil skirt?

No, she just... She doesn't seem like your type.

- Marci? - Yeah.

(Sighing heavily)

She was different back when I knew her.

Or maybe she wasn't, I don't know.

Matt's always getting involved with the wrong girl,

so maybe he just rubbed off on me.


Matt dates a lot?

Date? (Scoffs)

I wouldn't exactly call it that.

He hasn't really been with anyone for more than a month or two.


It's kind of sad.

On the plus side, he gets to touch a lot of pretty girls...

on their faces.

Um, that's, you know, how he tells what people look like.

Or at least that's what he tells the ladies.

Although, he always seems to know which ones are hot

before he puts his grubby little mitts on them.

(Chuckling) It's a real gift. He's like a sexual Rain Man.

Does he know what you look like?

He's got a rough idea.

I only ever let him put his hands on my face once,

'cause... weird.


Are you gonna finish that?

No, no.

You ever tell him what I look like?

(Chuckles) No, he doesn't need me to tell him...

He's probably got a picture of you in his head.

- I don't like to mess with those. - Oh...

Hey, Foggy...

I want you to touch my face.

Um... but I can see you, so...

No, I... No, I know. I just, um...

I want to know how someone who's blind would see me.

Look, you do me then, then I'll do you.

(Karen chuckles)

Yeah, okay.

(Man) Delivery. Gao.

(Speaking Russian)

(Overlapping chatter in Russian)

(Speaking Russian) The men are ready at the other locations?

They're waiting for the call.

Make it.

We expecting another delivery from Gao?

You have to close your eyes.


Just tell me what you feel.

- (Exploding) - (Both scream)

- Jesus, are you okay? - (Coughing)

(Siren wailing)

- Foggy... - (Mrs. Cardenas moaning)

(Speaking Spanish)

- (Karen) We have to stop the bleeding. - (Exploding)

What is happening?

- Stay with her. - Yeah.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?

See if anyone else needs help. I'll be right back.


(Explosions rumbling)

Oh, my God...


Did you read about the boy...

who watched his father being pulled from their car and beaten,

before the boy was taken?

The men that did that...

they will no longer infect this city.


(Sirens wailing)

(Fisk) We should call it a night.

I need to get you home before the roads close.


Your car is ready, sir.

Yes, just one more thing...

I want to give you this.

Thank you for everything you've done for me this evening.

For making this call for me, especially.

A pleasure as always, sir.


(Sergei) Vladimir!



(Speaking Russian) We must go! Quickly.

(Turk chuckling) Never liked those borscht eatin' bastards.

Paid shit for shit work.

Although, Vlady did offer a cool mil to give up your boy.

You're alive... which means you made the right decision.

Your conversation with Vladimir caused him to react predictably.

My employer is grateful for that.

Hey, happy to help.

But why all that with plantin' the mask?

Why not just blow 'em up from the start, if that's what you were gonna do?

It takes time to arrange something like this,

and help from friends.

We needed to keep Vladimir off balance until everything was in place.



Got mad respect for a smart move.

You need anything else, you know where to find me.



(Sergei speaking Russian) You are hurt.

(Vladimir) I will live.

And see Fisk and his masked dog pay for what they did.



- This one's for Claire. - (Siren blares)

Hands in the air!

(Cop 1) Raise those hands!

(Cop 2) Don't move! Raise 'em!

Hands in the air, now!

(Indistinct radio chatter)

(Cop 1) Check the two on the ground. Suspect is in custody.

(Cop 2) On the ground now, you son of a bitch.