Daredevil (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - The Path of the Righteous - full transcript

Fisk and Murdock wrestle with the consequences of their chosen paths, while Ben and Karen get closer to Fisk's true past.

We need a doctor! Now!

Let's get a gurney out here!

- What happened?
- She drank something.

What did she ingest?
I need you to be specific.

I have no idea. It was at the
Van Lunt building, the benefit.

There were others...

Uh, I had a glass in my hand.
Do I need to be checked out?

How long's she been unconscious?

Twenty minutes.
Maybe a little longer.

Place is a rat hole.

It was the closest ER.

I reached out to Dr. Rosenberg.

He's on the jet.

Pupils are sluggish.

I need an intubation tray, stat!

Let's start 1,000 cc's
of Ringer's lactate to KVO

until we know what's going on.

Insert a Foley catheter...

- Hemodialysis and gastric lavage?
- I need a tox screen,

liver and kidney function,
coagulation tests.

I'll call ICU for a bed.

You said there were others,
how many?

Uh, four or five maybe.

Are you sure someone
shouldn't be looking at me?

We'll have a nurse
come check you out.

- I'm coming with her.
- I'm sorry,

we can't have you in there, sir.

- Don't you know who I am?
- Doesn't matter.

Fill out the paperwork.

We'll update you on her condition
as soon as we know anything.

Matt, it's Karen.

Come on, open the door.

I can't get a hold of Foggy
and there's nobody at the office.

What the hell is going on?


Oh, my God.

You look like shit.

Then I'm looking
better than I feel.

We gonna sue?

We should sue.

You know, whoever hit you,
we should go after 'em and...

What kind of car was it?

Please tell me it was, uh,
expensive and German.


and it was my fault.

I, uh...
should have been more careful.

What the hell happened in here?

Nothing, don't worry about it.

Oh, okay, I'll just, uh...

Little early for beer, isn't it?

Depends on the kind of day you're having.

You, uh... you want one?

Uh, no. No, thanks.

So where were you...

when this car hit you?

Uh, does it matter?

I'm thinking it might...

if there really wasn't any car.

- Karen...
- Does this have anything to do with Fisk?

With your going to see that...
Vanessa woman?

I told you, it was my fault.

- Let's just leave it at that, okay?
- No.

No, not okay.
Definitely not okay.

Look at you.

- Did somebody break in?
- No one broke in.

And no one beat the crap
out of you either, I'm guessing.

Do you remember
the last time that I was here?

Yeah, I remember.

And I was scared... terrified.

But then, you,
you gave me your shirt...

and you made me feel safe.

You made me feel like I could trust
everything that you said.

And you lied to me...

...about having
the Union Allied pension file.

I didn't want anyone to get hurt...

like Daniel Fisher,

because of what I was doing.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

So that's it.

That's all you're giving me.

That's all that I have
right now, Karen.

Well, it's not all I have.

I found something.

Just a scrap of paper at the
county clerk's office... misfiled.

It's probably why Fisk didn't get it
sucked into a black hole.

What was it?

A marriage certificate...

for his mother, Marlene.

How does that help?

Because it's not to his father.

It's for when she remarried...

which was two years after
all the reports say she died.

She's still alive?

Yeah, she's living
at a care facility upstate.

Now, Ben and I took a drive...

Oh, Karen, Karen...

- Fisk could have people watching.
- I know.

- I know. I didn't leave my real name.
- You should have...

You should have talked to me or Foggy
before you ran off like that.

I tried...

but you weren't picking up.

- Did you speak to her, Fisk's mother?
- Yeah...

she's not all there, but...

Matt, what she said about Fisk...

he killed his father...

when he was 12.

Bashed his head in with a hammer,
and then she helped him cover it up.

Well, he was a minor.
It's not gonna be enough.

To put him in jail, no.

But it doesn't line up with everything
that Fisk has been saying.

Everything that he has
altered on the Internet

and at the...
the county clerk's.

It might be enough to at least get people
looking at him more closely.

From an old woman
who's not all there.

Well, I'm not hearing you and Foggy
come up with anything better.

Did you...
did you speak to him...

to Foggy?

Not since yesterday on the phone
when I guess he was...

covering for whatever it is
you're not telling me.

All right, go to the office and...
wait for him.

Tell him what you found, and Karen,
tell him... tell him that I said...

No, don't bother.
Just tell him what you found.

Karen, be careful, please.

You know...

maybe you should take
your own advice.

I... I got you a...

It's, um...

it's a balloon. I, um...

It's got a monkey on it.

You got somewhere to be?

You're not in the woods.
Grunts don't count as words, Foggy Bear.

Please don't call me that.

I'll call you whatever
I damn well please.

Okay, just...

can you do it with your inside voice,
without speaking?

That's a very asshole thing to say.

- I'm impressed.
- Sorry.

And now you've ruined it.

You going to work or what?

Not today.
Maybe never, not with Matt.

You two have been friends
as long as I've known you.

Whatever's going on
between the two of you...

I don't really care...


Not gonna get sucked into the drama.


Lock the door behind you
when you leave.

This is awful.
Look at him.

How's he gonna run things?

Not the time, Leland.

This is exactly the time.

You keeping score here?

You think whoever did this
was trying to take

little miss hairdo
out of the equation?


That does seem unlikely.

So where does that put us?

They almost got me, God damn it.

All to get to the big guy,

Did Gao give any indication

she was still unhappy
when you spoke with her?

Not that I could tell.

My money's on the Japanese.

After what he did to Nobu...

The titles for all the buildings
in the city block the Japanese wanted

have been transferred to them,
per our original agreement.

As for Nobu...

they believe the man in the mask
was responsible for his... accident.

Right, sure. Well...

maybe he's the one who slipped
a hot dose into Vanessa's Bellini.

Keep an eye on their accounts.

If there are any sudden shifts,
it might tell us something.


Thank you, Francis.

What? What happened?
Is she dead?

No, but...

three of the others who drank
whatever that was have... passed.


always hated that description.

Such a sad attempt to avoid
the bare-knuckle truth.

She'll make it.

You got a med degree in your pocket
I don't know about?

Why are you so sure?

Because she has to.

Don't get all weepy...

we have matters
that need to be addressed.


Reach out to Gao.

- Me?
- Mmm.

What if she's the one
who did all this?

Well, you said
you didn't think it was her.

What the hell do I know?

I was almost poisoned.
I'm not thinking straight.

Speak with Gao...

if she wasn't involved,

we might need her support
against further unpleasantries.

And if she was involved?

Then it's been an honor
doing business with you.

This might hurt.

You okay?

- You talking about the stitches?
- Mostly.

How'd you open this up again?

I just wanted to see
how much I could move.

- You really shouldn't be moving at all.
- I know.

You really need to rest.
Let yourself heal.

I meditate for that.

You meditate?

I learned when I was a kid.

Helps with the pain...
and healing faster.

Is that why you're still alive?

Or I'm just a contrary son of a bitch.

Either way,
you really need to ease up,

or I'll be stitching a corpse
next time around.

You really should get some kind of...
body armor, like I told you.

- Yeah, I'm thinking you might be right.
- There's a first.

When Fisk came at me
in the warehouse,

I sliced his jacket open.

- You cut him?
- No...

he was wearing some kind of armor
in the lining.

It was, uh...

light and tough.

Like nothing
I've ever come across before.

That's what you get when you have
all the money in the world.

Hey, you want a drink or something?

No, Matt...

I don't want a drink.

Second woman today
that's turned me down.

Got a revolving door, do you?

That's not... not what...

- I didn't mean it...
- Forget it.

I have to get going.
I need to pack.

- Pack?
- Yeah.

Taking some time off...

get out of the city for a while.

How much time?


You gonna miss me?

And if I said I would?

I didn't think I was ever
gonna see you again...

not alive.

Not after that last call
the night half the city blew up.

I left you a message when...

when it was over.

Yeah, you left a message.

Come on, what'd you expect, Claire?

You made it pretty clear
you didn't want to move forward with...

whatever this was.

You know what it was...

- what it could've been.
- If I stopped.

I'm not looking
to go around in circles, Matt.

I know you're not going to stop.

Not until this city is safe
from people like Fisk.

Which is never.

It'll always be something, someone...

you know that, right?

You told me you were the man
this city needs.

I think that was only half true.

I think you're also the man
this city created...

for better or worse.

I'm sorry you got pulled back into this.

At least I got to see you
with your shirt off again.

So, hey...

...it's not all bad.

Thank you, Claire.

I know I keep saying it,

and it probably doesn't mean
anything at this point, but...

thank you.

I'll always be there...

when you really need me...

to patch you up.

Beyond that...



You know, the only thing
I remember from Sunday school...

is the martyrs...

the saints, the saviors...

they all end up the same way.


and alone.

I never said I was any of those.

You didn't have to.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You still mad?

What do you think?

I'm sorry, Ben, I needed you...

You know who needs me, Karen?

My wife...

she needs me.

- It was important.
- You could've just told me...

but no,

instead you gotta spin some story
about this great place upstate...

could be good for Doris.

Like you give a damn.

Hey, that's not fair.

Welcome to my life.

Wait, you're right.

You're right.
I should've told you.

Then why didn't you?


was afraid you'd say no.

Probably would've.

This isn't a story.

This is people's lives.

And what Fisk has been doing,
the person that he really is...

We finally have the smoking gun or...
or whatever.

More a whatever than a gun.

You need to print this.

Get it out there
for everyone to see.

Not that simple.

Fisk killed his father,
people need to know that.

She's an old lady...


talking about things that...
maybe happened a long time ago.

So you don't believe her?


let's play this out.

So I write up the story...

get it on the front page.

Then what happens?

Well, everybody will see that he's
been lying about his past.

Yeah, sure, absolutely will.

Then he goes on TV again,

tells everybody, yes,
he lied about his past

because he was just a scared little kid
trying to protect his mother.

Maybe he even rolls the old girl out,

gets all teary-eyed.

See where I'm going with this?

Sounds like you're going nowhere.

Need to think this through,
all I'm saying.

He's gonna win.

If we don't do something,
Fisk is gonna win.

There are no winners and losers
in something like this.

Well, Elena Cardenas
might disagree with you...

if she still could.

Maybe we don't have to do anything.

What does that mean?

Hear about the benefit the other night
at the old Van Lunt building?

Fisk raising money
for his better tomorrow?

Yeah, a bunch of one-percenters
jerking each other off.

Though, I read
they all got food poisoning.

Don't think it was bad hors d'oeuvres.

Got an unconfirmed source, says...

it was something in the drinks.

Maybe even a couple fatalities.

Holy shit.

Why isn't this all over the news?

Fisk spinning it, I guess.

Which means he's got a lot
of pull in the media.

Maybe even at the Bulletin,
I don't know.

Wait, uh, back up.

If this is true,
why would someone attack a benefit?

Fisk made himself public.

People who he's connected with

might be less inclined
to be dragged out of the shadows.

You think someone's trying to kill Fisk?

I've been writing about crime in this city
since before you were born.

The only thing I know without a doubt...

is you don't get
to be the man at the top

without making enemies looking
to tear you down to the ground.


There was a time when I...

I believed that I was complete...

that I needed no one to truly...
understand who I am.

If she dies...

Rosenberg's in from Hartford,
and she's strong.

- We've all seen that.
- Yes.

Leland thinks...

it might have been Nobu's men.


- Sir?
- It was something Gao said to me.

I had to choose a path
or fate would choose for me.

I sent Leland to speak with her.

You suspect her hand in this?

Until we know for certain,
I suspect everyone.

You need to find who did this.

You need to.

I want to look in their eyes
when I salt the earth with their blood.


I told her the safest place
she could ever be was by my side.

This wasn't your fault.

Well, she's lying in there
because she was by my side.

We'll make the arrangements.

If she recovers,
I want her sent away.

Somewhere far from me...
and the city.

I... doubt she would want that.

Well, we seldom get everything we want...

not in this world.


some of us deserve to.

Just move the appropriate funds
into place.

I'll have Leland attend to it.

No, no, I want it done quietly.
Handle it yourself.

I'll have the papers
messengered to your penthouse.

- Thank you, Wesley.
- Mmm.


Thank you.

I know you've waited a while.

Just... please tell me
what's going on.

Is she gonna make it?

She's in an induced coma now.
She's gonna pull through.

She'll pull through.

Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you so much.

Don't thank me.

Morning service was hours ago.

I know.



Not today, Father.

Probably for the best,
already had four cups.


But you know there's still
a bit of caffeine in there

they just can't get out.

Some things are just...
too ingrained, I guess.

That thing...

brought you here last time...

didn't go so well?

Not so much.

The man...

you talked of...

did you...

No, I didn't kill him.

But I tried to.

And are you disappointed
that you didn't succeed...

or maybe a little relieved?

A friend of mine says that if I don't
change the way I do things...

the way I live my life...

I will end up bloody and alone.

You believe that?

I'm not afraid of dying.

Lot of people aren't,
comes right down to it.

It's living scares
the holy crap out of 'em.

You know what I do?

Who I am?

Sacrament of Penance,
like I told you.

- Don't have to worry about...
- It's not what I'm asking.

Yes, Matthew, I'm not an idiot.

I have a pretty good idea
who you are...

and what you do.

How you do it...

...that's something else entirely.


when I was a kid.

Used to think it was God's will.

Used to?

Yeah, he made each and every one of us
with a purpose, didn't he?

A reason for being.

I believe so, yes.

Then why did he put the Devil in me?

Why do I feel it in my heart...

and my soul...

clawing to be let out...

if that's not all part of God's plan?

Maybe you're being called to summon
the better angels of your nature.

Maybe that's the struggle
you're feeling...

deep within you.

And how do you know the angels
and the Devil inside me

aren't the same thing?

I don't,

but nothing drives people
to the church faster

than the thought of the Devil
snapping at their heels.

Maybe that was God's plan all along.

Why he created him,
allowed him to fall from grace...

to become a symbol to be feared...

warning to us all,

to tread the path of the righteous.

I'm really not in the mood
for this tonight.

It's cool, man, it's cool.

We don't gotta do all that.

Go for the knife in your boot,
I break your leg.

Go for the backup piece tucked behind
your belt, I throw you off the roof.

- We good?
- Yeah.

Yeah, man, we good.

I didn't say, "Get up."

What're you beating on me for?
I ain't done nothin'.

It's not about you.
I want information.

What I look like,
public damn library?

Ow! Jesus, all right!

What do you want to know, man? Shit.


- I don't know where he is, I swear.
- That's not the question.

Fisk wears some kind of body armor...
light, strong.

Where's he get it?

The hell should I know?

- Then you're no use to me.
- Whoa.

Whoa, whoa!

Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait!

Body armor, body armor.
Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, body armor.

I think I might...
I think I might know a guy.

Give me the name.

Yeah, no, we're on the same page.

Let me call you...
I'll call you back.

How is she?

Well, she hasn't woken up.

Rosenberg says
that there may be complications.

If that happens,
we'll deal with it.

My mother called.

Can you return,
see what she needs?

- I'll take care of it.
- Get out of my way.


how is she?
She, uh...

still with us?


Well... that's something.

I don't want to be disturbed.


I could use a minute,
before you...

What am I, invisible?

Did you speak with Gao?

We had a chat, yeah.


And what?

She said she was deeply saddened

and quoted a fortune cookie
or some mystical shit.

Did she sound sincere?

The hell do I know?
She was speaking in Chinese.

I don't think the guy translating for her
liked me very much.

He kept staring at me funny.

Funny how?


Who the hell cares?

She said she'd stand with us...
if it comes to that.

You believe her?

I don't know, maybe.

We need to be sure.

The only thing I know for sure
is that he needs to get back to business

while there's still
business to get back to.

- He will.
- When?

When he deems it appropriate.

Well, doesn't that just
fill me with confidence?

Do you think whoever did this...
just roll up the sidewalk and move on?

If they came after him once,
they'll come after him again,

sooner or later.

Go home, get some rest.
We'll call if you're needed.

Sure, I'll wait by the phone.

It's not like I have
anything better to do.

Hello, Marlene?
It's Wesley.

No, I work with your son.
We've met before.

James Wesley, that's right.

Uh, no, he's indisposed
at the moment, I'm sorry.

Was there something
I could help you with?

Wait, I'm sorry.

Who came to visit you?

You shouldn't be here.

You work for Fisk?

I asked you a question.

You shouldn't be here.

No, no, it's nothing.
I'll see to it, Marlene.

Yes, I'll have him call you
as soon as he's free.

You, too.
Good night.

I need your piece.

Discreetly, please.


You want I should drive you?

No, I want as many men on him
as possible at all times.

No one goes in or out of that room
without you checking 'em first, clear?

Yeah, what if he asks for you?

Tell him I won't be long.

That wasn't very nice.

You're not supposed to be in here.

Mr. Fisk's gonna be mad.

He's gonna hurt her.

Who's he gonna hurt?

Melvin, that's your name, isn't it?

Melvin Potter?

How do you know that?

Who's Fisk going to hurt, Melvin?


Who's... Who's Betsy?

She's nice, she helps me...

when I...
when I get confused.

Why would...
why would Fisk want to hurt her?

No one's supposed to be here, in...
in the shop,

unless he brings them.

So you do work for Fisk.

I said no, when he asked.

Said no, Betsy wouldn't like it.

She wants me to be good.
I gotta be good.

So I... I make things.

I'm good at making things.

I'm sorry, Melvin.

Fisk has hurt people
that I care about, too.

I know what it's like
to worry about them...

wanting to keep them safe.

He make you work for him, too?

No, I don't work for Fisk.

I want to stop him
from hurting anyone else...

from hurting Betsy.

- You could do that?
- Maybe.

Did you make a suit for Fisk?

Did you make a suit
lined with this?

Made a whole bunch.
It keeps him safe.

Can you make something
for me out of this?

You want a suit, like...
like Mr. Fisk?

No. No, I want
something very special.

And if you do this for me...

I promise to get
Fisk out of your life...

and to keep Betsy safe.

You can do that?

With your help, I...

I think maybe I can.

What do you want me to make?

A symbol.

You're a dick.

The hell did I do?

I've been calling you all day.

Been busy.

- Did you even listen to my messages?
- Yeah.

- And?
- And what?

You got a crazy old lady with a story

about a young Willie Fisk
beaning his dad with a hammer.

He beat his father to death.

He was 12, 40 some years ago.

Jesus, why don't any of you...

His mother is supposed
to be dead.

this proves that Fisk's been lying.

You know who we're dealing with.

It won't be enough.

You sound just like Matt.

You talked to him?

He asked the same about you.

- He did?
- When I was over at his place.

What the hell happened?

And don't... don't tell me
that it was a car accident.

Ask him.

- I did.
- What'd he say?

Just that... it was his fault.

Got that right.

What is going on with you two?

Why weren't you at the office?

- It's not like we have any clients.
- Foggy...

We're going through a rough patch.

Found the Nelson and Murdock sign
in the trash.

A very rough patch.

You wanna talk?


but I can't.



If you say "it's complicated,"
I will punch you in the face.

It's personal!

It's personal, okay?


okay, it's personal, I get it.

Really don't.
Trust me.

They started tearing down
Elena's tenement building today.

Did you know that?

No, I didn't.

Fisk is still out there, Foggy.

Be nice if you and Matt
could get your heads out of your asses

and help do something about it...

before there's nothing left
of Hell's Kitchen to fight for.

Uh, Matt, it's Karen.
I just saw Foggy at Josie's. He's, um...

Can you two please
get your shit together?

I thought we were supposed to be a team,
not whatever this is, okay?

Call me back... seriously.


- Yeah.
- Hi...

- it's Karen.
- I know.

They got this thing, caller ID,
might have heard of it.

You still sound pissed.

Just tired.

You okay?

Will be.
What's up?

Matt and Foggy are...

I don't know what.
They had some kind of fight and now...

I feel like it's falling apart, Ben.

All of it.

Ah, it's usually right around the time
you know the story's getting interesting.

How do you do this...

day after day?

One foot in front of the other,
just like everybody else.

Yeah, but you're not
like everybody else.

You know that, right?

We all do what we can.

Sometimes it's enough.

Thank you, Ben.

I didn't say I was writing that story.

I know. I know.

Just thank you for...

for being there, for...

for caring.

You, too.

Talk tomorrow?

Yeah, talk tomorrow.


Shit, seriously?

I don't know how to pray.

My father was not a religious man.

My mother wanted to be...
I think, needed to be,

but she never quite
found it within herself.

I'd seen it in movies,

and watched it on television.

I read it in books when I was a child,
after I was sent away.

And I tried to mimic words...

the sentiment...

but it was false.

It was imitation of faith.


I can't pray for you.

All I can do...

is make you a promise.

One that not even God,
if there is such a thing,

can prevent me from keeping.

The people that did this to you...

they will suffer.

They will suffer.

I thought...

maybe you weren't coming out of it.

That would have been a shame.


You might wanna take a moment.

In the meantime, I...

I thought we could chat.

You can't do this.

And yet, here we are.

You know, funny story,
after the Union Allied article, I...

inquired as to whether
you needed further attention.

The feeling was you'd already
done whatever damage you could,

so it wasn't necessary.

You were a... nobody...

a very small cog in the machine.

So, an offer was made
through a third party.

A legal agreement,
one you signed...

in exchange for a reasonable
amount of money.


reasonable to you.

You were supposed
to go away, Miss Page.

Fade back into...

wherever people like you fade.

But you made a choice...

and that choice has brought you here...

on this night,
at this particular moment in time.

Perhaps that's the way
it was always gonna be.

Perhaps we're destined...

to follow a path
none of us can see, only...

vaguely sense,

as it takes our hand,
guiding us towards the inevitable.

Is that supposed to scare me?

No, no...

uh, this is.

Do I have your attention?

Hello, could you, like,
nod or something?

Do you love this city?


It's a simple question.
Do you love this city?


I, um...

haven't been here long enough.


I find a few days,
a week at most,

is ample time to form
an emotional response.

Growing to love something is really...

simply forgetting slowly
what you dislike about it.

I'll be perfectly honest,
the situation calls for it, I do not...

love this city.

The crush of the unwashed garbage
stacked on the sidewalk,

the air that seems
to adhere to your skin,

the layer of filth you can never
completely wash away.

Maybe you should move.

I'm not here because I want to be.
I'm here because I'm needed.

By Fisk?

He loves this city.

In a way you and I never could.

I don't expect you to understand that.

There are moments
when even I struggle to,

but he does...

very deeply.

Almost, I suspect, as much
as he loves his mother.

Frankly, I was surprised
she remembered you.

Recent memories for her
are fleeting gossamer...

often plucked from grasp
by the slightest breeze.

But you, you left an impression.

The nice blonde lady
with the big blue eyes.

And the man you were with,
Mr. Urich, I'm guessing.

My employer...

Sorry, old habits.
Mr. Fisk...

as I said, loves his mother.

He would be extremely...


if he knew you'd found her.

Even more so
that you've been to see her.

You haven't told him?

He's preoccupied
with more important matters,

so I've taken it upon myself
to address the situation.

If you're going to kill me...

just do it.

I'm sick of listening
to your bullshit.

I'm not here to kill you, Miss Page.
I'm here to offer you a job.

Can I get a coffee, please? Black.

Can I get you anything to eat, sir?

No, thank you, Francis.
Where's Wesley?

So, after all of this,
I'm supposed to, what...

...be your secretary?

The position I have in mind
is a little more...


You've proven yourself resourceful,

tenacious, with a commendable
ability to convince others

that your way is the right one,

the way that needs to be followed,

pursued despite the obvious repercussions
such actions may incur.

Is that even English?


simply stated...

you're going to convince Mr. Urich...

that everything is fine...

that you were wrong...
that Wilson Fisk is a good man...

a man this city needs.

And then you're going
to spread the gospel

to everyone you've infected
with your negative point of view.

I'd rather die first.

But you won't...

be the first to die, Miss Page, no.

No, I think Mr. Urich
will have that honor.

Then we'll go to your place of employment,
see to Mr. Nelson, Mr. Murdock.

After that, your friends, family,
everyone you've ever cared about.

And when you have
no tears left to shed, then...

then we'll come for you, Miss Page.


Do you really think...

I would put a loaded gun on the table
where you could reach it?

I don't know.

Do you really think this is
the first time I've shot someone?

Miss Page...