Daredevil (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Nelson v. Murdock - full transcript

After Foggy and Murdock's relationship has taken a turn for the worst, a new enemy of Fisk has surfaced.

Oh, God.

Wouldn't do that if I were you.

Then again, maybe I would.

The hell do I know about Matt Murdock?

- You stitched me up?
- Nope.

That was your nurse friend.


You had me get a hold of her

after you took a swing at me for
trying to get you to the hospital.

I don't remember.


She was hot, by the way.

But I guess you already knew that, huh?

- Foggy...
- Just tell me one thing, Matt.

Are you even really blind?

God damn it! Come on!

Load. Load!

- What?
- Excuse me, is this room 312?

Yeah, who're you looking for?

Oh... uh, sorry.

- What for?
- You're blind, right?

Uh, yeah, so they tell me.

- I hope that won't be a problem.
- Why would it?


You're... You're my roomie!

Uh, Matt Murdock.

Foggy Nelson.

Wait, Matt Murdock? Are you...

- You're not from Hell's Kitchen, are you?
- Yeah, born and raised.

So am I!

Yeah, I heard about
you when you were a kid,

what you did, saving that
guy crossing the street.

Yeah, I... I just did
what anyone would have.

Bullshit. You are a hero.

I'm really not.

Come on! You got your peepers
knocked out saving that old dude.

They didn't get knocked out.


'cause that would be... a
little freaky. But no offense.

Please, none taken. Uh...

Most people dance around me like
I'm made of glass. I hate that.

Yeah, you're just a guy, right?

A really, really good-looking guy.

Oh, um...

I mean, girls must love that, the whole...

wounded, handsome duck thing.

- Am I right?
- Right.

Yeah, it's been known to happen.

This is gonna be awesome!

What is?

Me as your wingman!

You're gonna open up a whole caliber
of women I've only dreamed of.

A lot!

We're gonna be like Maverick and Goose!


Oh, shit!


I'm in!

- In what?
- Punjabi. I got the last spot.

You're taking Punjabi?

It's spoken by 130 million people.
I'd like to know what they're saying.

- That's the only reason?
- Well, yeah.

I mean, why else would I learn it?

I don't know... a girl, maybe?

See? This is what I'm talking about.

Me and you... Maverick
and Goose, no secrets.

Goose died... and he was married.


Hey, do you know a good place
to get a cup of coffee on campus?

- No.
- Well, lucky for you, I do.

And it's filled with
luscious coeds. Shall we?

Yeah, lead the way.

So, you can see.

That's not... You're not...

Are you even listening to what I'm saying?

Yeah, world on fire, I got
it. But you can see, right?

Yeah, in a manner of speaking. But I...

No! No manner!

How many fingers am I holding up?


All these years, I
actually felt sorry for you.

I didn't ask for that. I
never... I never asked for that.

Yeah, I didn't ask to be lied to.

- I thought we were friends.
- We are.

You've lied to me, Matt,
since the day we met.

What did you expect me to say, Foggy?

"Hi, I'm Matt. I got some chemicals
splashed in my eyes when I was a kid

that gave me heightened senses."

Well, maybe not lead with that.

I didn't even tell my
dad after it happened.

But you told that nurse, Claire.

Because I didn't have a choice.

She found me in a dumpster,
all right? Half dead.

She didn't... She didn't tell you?

She wouldn't say anything about all this.

She seemed nice.

She is.

Did you blow up those
buildings? Shoot those cops?

You really even need to ask that?

Yeah, I think I do.

It was Fisk.

It was all Fisk.

- He did this to you?
- He and Nobu.


Yeah, I think he's some kind of... ninja.

A ninja.

I think.

What are you doing, Matt?

You're a lawyer. You're
supposed to be helping people.

I am.

In a mask!

Do you know what they
call that? A vigilante.

Someone who acts outside of the law.

Karen. Karen.

Karen. Karen. Karen.

Foggy, Foggy, Foggy.

- She deserves to know.
- You can't tell her, Foggy, please.

Is this what you do?

When we call, trying to get
you to come out for drinks?

Trying to find you when bombs
are going off and we're worried?


You just hit ignore?


- It's her again.
- Please, Foggy.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I tried calling Matt. Where are you guys?

We're at his place.

Is everything okay?

No, Matt was...

Matt was in an accident.

Oh, my God.

What happened?

He was in a car accident.

- Matt was driving?
- No, he, um...

He got hit.

Well, is he all right?
Look, I... I'm coming over.

No, stay at the office. We need you there.

- There's nothing you can do here.
- Okay.

- Foggy...
- I got this, Karen.

I'll call you if we need anything.

Thank you.

Screw you. I just lied to
somebody that I care about.

I want to know everything.

And don't you leave a damn thing out.

I have never seen
you, absent your man by your side.

No need for a translator now.

Or pretenses.

There was a snake, in the
village where I was raised...

who mistook an elephant as prey.

It died...

with its jaws wide...

clenched around no more
than the elephant's foot,

betrayed by ambition.

Am I the snake...

or the elephant?

What happened to Nobu was...


I asked for a warrior...

to eliminate...

the Masked Man.

He chose to take it upon himself.

He is a man of pride.

Something well known to you.

What's done...

is done.

And the man in the mask...

you have found his body?


Yet Nobu's clan...

prepare his...

for what is to come.

They are distracted.

But their memories...

and their knives...

are forever sharp.

Is that why you wanted to meet?

To warn me...

of what I already know?

I only sought to pose a question.

How long before...

your ambition turns to me?

You always possessed
what the others did not.

My respect.



you are not the man who came to me...

with a dream...

for this city.

He was of a...

singular mind.

Yours now is pulled in two directions...

by longings of the heart.

Is that why we're here?

To discuss...

my private affairs?


We are here...

to discuss your fate.

I speak your tongue now.

So there is no mistaking my words.

There is conflict within you.


Man cannot be both savior and oppressor...

light and shadow.

One has to be sacrificed for the other.

Choose... and choose wisely.

Or others shall choose for you.

Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, handsome.


You're wearing that aftershave.

- You remember?
- Of course, I do.

Always got me going.

I've missed you.

They say anything?

They, um...

They think you're improving.

What are you working on?


It's nothing. Just, uh...

outsmarted by a story.

You'll figure it out. Always do.

There are more important
things than the job right now.

I should be here with you, not, uh...

chasing down leads,
getting my ass in trouble.

Your name is Ben Urich...

and you are a reporter.

It's not a job. It's who you are.

I don't know.

This was 20 years ago, maybe.

I was... more fearless then.

Don't see much of that guy now.

When we first met, you weren't fearless.

You were reckless... pushy.

You were all about making a
big splash, turning heads...

You certainly turned mine.

But that's not who you
were always supposed to be.

Experience made you more careful...


I don't know, Ben Urich...

I think your best work is still ahead.

You keep sweet-talking... I'm
gonna climb in there with you.



Hello, gorgeous.

Hello, handsome.


I'll be right back.

Is this about the extension?

Let's speak outside, yeah?

- I'm sorry.
- How do you know you did everything?

I did everything.

The hell you get all this crap?

The Internet.

The Internet.

Thought you long-underwear types
stitched these together yourselves.

I never learned how to sew.

But you learned how to fight.

That news footage of you... in
the alley, after the bombings...

the way you were flipping around...

Your dad was a boxer.

He didn't teach you any
of that stuff, did he?

He didn't want me to fight. You know that.

So, how'd you get so good at it?

An old man named Stick.

You're shitting me.

He found me at the orphanage.

Blind like me.

Well, almost like me.

A blind old man... taught you
the ancient ways of martial arts.

Isn't that the plot to Kung Fu?

I know how it sounds.

I don't think that you do.

He did more than start my training.

He taught me that my blindness
wasn't a disability, that...

sight was a distraction.

He helped me understand
everything I could do.

Define "everything."

- It's hard to explain, Foggy.
- My abilities...

I just know things, okay?

No, not okay.

Can you read my mind? Can
you predict the future? What?

What things do you just know?

I know you haven't showered
since yesterday morning.

But you rinsed your
face in my kitchen sink.

I know you had onions in
your lunch two days ago.

I know you're hungry... and tired.

And I know the more I say,
the faster your heart beats.

You can hear a heartbeat?
From across the room?

Helps to anticipate behavior.

When someone's gonna
attack... when they're lying.

That's how you knew Karen
was telling the truth...

- when we first met her at the precinct.
- Yeah.

You listened to her heartbeat
without her permission?

We're lawyers! You can't do that!

There's a system in place, and
it's weird and invasive and...


Are you telling me that
since I've known you,

any time I wasn't telling
the truth, you knew?

And what, you just played along?


If you weren't half dead, I
would kick your ass, Murdock.

Am I lying about that?


Was anything ever real with us?

Watch out, everybody! I'm
Blind Matt Murdock! Whoa!

Most... Most people
just say, "Matt Murdock."

I look like most people?

I don't know, I can't see you.

Well, at the moment,
that may be a blessing.

Oh, God, we should be studying.

You're gonna graduate summa cum laude,
you can take a night off, you nerd!

Yup, you'd be...

You'd be graduating with that, too,
if you took a few less nights off.

Point being, we are both one day gonna be

fine, upstanding members
of the legal profession.

El grande... How do you
say "lawyers" in Spanish?

Lawyers? Abogados.

El grande avocados!

That's not
Spanish, that's fruit.

- That's fruit.
- It's a vegetable at best.

See, that's what you get for taking
Punjabi instead of Spanish with me,

- just to chase a girl.
- What? No!

I'm sorry.

I'll have you know that Punjabi is
the future language of the future...

of business.

Couple years, we'll all be speaking it.

And she was so hot. She was so hot!

Yeah, say that in Punjabi.

- God! Shut up! Kiss my ass.
- You can't speak...

No! No, no, no, no.

Are you trying to tell me
that you didn't take Spanish

- to snuggle up to
what's-her-name... - What?

The Greek girl?

Well, I... surely I would take Greek?

No, because she was taking
Spanish. She already spoke Greek.

Whatever happened to her? She was smokin'.

Man, it didn't work out.

When does it ever with you,
buddy? How can I help you?

What are you
looking for, my young Padawan?

I don't know.

I guess just someone I
really like listening to.

- Where are those stairs?
- Stairs, here.

I would like to sit now.

Yes... we sit!

And then we forage for hamburgers

and more libations!

How about just the burgers?


Hey, do you get the spins?

- Can you get those if you can't see?
- Yeah, I get the spins.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's...

It's an equilibrium
thing, it's not your eyes.

Liquid in your inner ear gets disturbed,
has trouble leveling off or something.


That sucks. I thought you
might get a pass on that one.

No, it's even worse for me, I think.

'Cause my senses are so... Are...


- So what? Delicate?
- Hmm?

Yeah... you could say that.

Hey, how old were you when
you had your first drink?

- Nine.
- Nine?


My dad gave me a sip from
this bottle of Scotch.

Go, Dad!

He didn't want my hands
shaking while I stitched him up.

He got cut pretty bad
over his eye. Boxing match.

He win?


- He'd be proud of you, buddy.
- Thanks, man.

All he ever wanted was for me
to use my head, not my fists.

Not like him.

My mom wanted me to be a butcher.

I think she liked the idea of free ham.

Hey, they coming to
graduation? Your family?

The whole extended brood.

It's not every day a...

Nelson breaks from the ranks
of hardware and cured meats.

Franklin Nelson for
the defense, Your Honor.

Defense! I like that.
There's money in that.

Oh, come on. Is that all you care about?

No... No.

Truth and justice and all of that.

Couple of bucks?

Me and you, pal.

We're gonna have big,
fancy offices one day,

with steel and glass and chairs
you don't even know how to sit in.

Murdock and Nelson, attorneys at law!

Nelson and Murdock. Sounds better.

- You think?
- Yeah, trust me.

I can't see worth shit, but
my hearing's spectacular.

Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this.

We're gonna be the best damn
avocados this city has ever seen.

Best damn avocados.

Let's get the hell out of here, come on.

You're strong. I work out.

Hey... got a minute?


Caldwell says you, uh, handed
the fundraiser piece off to her.

I had something come up.
Going to be a problem?

I don't know. You tell me.

It's personal. You mind?


Just checking.

Haverson cornered me in
the bathroom this morning.

This something I'm gonna wanna hear?

Maybe. He's packing it
in, the end of the month.

Wants to spend quality time with
his grandkids or some such bullshit.

Metro could use you.

It's a good section.
No more running around.

I'm no editor.

I'm a reporter.

Yeah, well, that's what I
said. Now, look how fancy I am.

Like a damn peacock.

Well, I'm... I'm just saying...

be nice to keep the wheels on the wagon.

Get you a bump, better benefits.

You know, for whatever comes up.

I'll think about it.

Okay... you
know where to find me.



Just let me know...

next couple of days, okay?

Foggy, it's me, again.

Call me back. Um, it's important.

- Shit!
- You're out of cream.

Uh, yeah, I know. It's,
um... It's on my, uh...

- How did you get in here?
- Front door.

You jimmied it?


I keep telling you, you
got to be more careful.

I am.

No, I... I am.

I was going to call you.

I was out getting lunch and
I thought, "What the hell,

I'll swing by the county clerk's
office and see what I can find."

You gonna ask about the box?

Is that yours?

No, yours.

Go ahead. You've earned it.

What the hell is this?

Everything I have on the story.

And why are you giving it to me?

I used to be like you back in the day.

Good at turning heads,
getting people's attention.

Pissing them off.

And that's half of it.

But the other half...
is knowing when not to.

I thought that we were past this.

Do... Do I have to convince you
again just how important this is?

I know how important it is, Karen.

It's just not the most important.

Not to me... not right now.

Well, then where is this coming
from? Did something happen?

- The extension didn't come through.
- Oh, Ben, I...

I'm sorry.

I made a few calls.

This place, I can't put her in here.


Gonna take some time
off and bring her home.

Come take a ride with me.


There's, um... There's a nursing
home that I just heard about upstate.

Uh... I think it might change your mind.

- Karen.
- No, just take a ride.

Come on. What could it hurt?


You burned him alive?


I never laid a hand on Nobu.

So, you maneuvered that
masked idiot to take him out.

Same result.

- I need you to speak with Gao.
- Me?

The hell am I gonna say to her?

Reassure her... everything is fine.

So, you want me to lie.

Mmm, you weren't particularly fond of Nobu.

You thought he was unsettling, if I recall.

I think you're unsettling half
the time. See me lighting a match?


have the car brought around.

Let Vanessa know we're on our way.


This is getting out of hand.

Ever since you started seeing that woman...


- You have a son, yes?
- You know I do.

Which means at some point in the
past, I assume you met a woman...

fell in love.

- What does that have to do with this?
- Everything.

Gao is right. You've changed.

Change is inevitable...

for me... this city...

and certain relationships.

All right.

All right, I'll go speak with her.

I appreciate your support in the matter.

Sure, why not?

We're all in this together, right?

What's left of us.


Yeah, okay. Thanks for reaching out.

- That was Brett.
- What'd he say?

You couldn't hear, with
your... super whatever?

It doesn't work like that.
I... I have to concentrate.

Focus on letting it in.

That junkie that killed Elena...

- they found him.
- Good.

Brett says he took a dive off the
roof, building he was shooting up in.

They had to sponge him off the sidewalk.

- No.
- Did you do that?

I told him to turn himself in.

I can't hear your heartbeat.
Are you telling me the truth?

I didn't kill him, Foggy.

It's Fisk, covering his ass.

So, you've never...
You've never gone that far?


But I... I wanted to...

after Elena...

after everything Fisk had done, I...

I went to a warehouse I thought he'd be at.

I went to kill him.

It's not enough playing judge and jury?

You gotta add executioner to the list?

I didn't think I had a choice.

What happened to all that talk about
going after him through the system?

Making the law work for us?

Sometimes the law isn't enough.

As you can
see in the countersuit,

not only does my client
Roxxon Energy Corporation

categorically deny any
culpability in your diagnosis,

but also cites clear and
actionable breach of contract

regarding your decision to share details

of your highly sensitive
work in the Londonderry plant.

And while my client is, uh...
sympathetic towards your condition,

Roxxon must vigorously defend its patents

in relation to the extraction
and refinement process

that you, by admission,
had intimate knowledge of.

In light of this, we
will be pursuing damages.


You released sensitive
information regarding...

The only person I ever told
anything to was my doctor.

So that he could try to figure
out what was wrong with me.

I didn't release anything.

Give us a minute.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I just bumped into Morales.

Guess what he heard?

They're gonna offer us the job.

No more interning in a broom closet.

We're each going to have our own
office with a view of... something.

We did it, buddy!

Glass and steel at Landman
and mother-effin' Zack...

Why do you have that look on your face?


- What look? I...
- You know what look.

I've been reading Thurgood Marshall.

Oh, shit, not Marshall.

"We must dissent from the indifference.
We must dissent from the apathy.

- We must dissent from..."
- "From the fear." Yeah, I know.

You've read it a million times.

You think what happened
in there today was right?

No, Matt, I don't think it was right.

But according to the law, if
he did disclose trade secrets

- to a third party other than his doctor...
- He didn't.

How the hell do you know?

'Cause I... I have a feeling.

Last time I checked,
those are inadmissible.

Is this what you want...
to be a part of that?

Protecting corporations
from people that need help?

It doesn't have to be like that.

We get a toehold, make partner...

And then in 10, 15 years, we what?

Change the system from the inside?

On our way to work in our Bentleys?

You know how many of the other interns
would kill for a real spot here?

Murder us in our sleep
without a second thought.

Well, then maybe those aren't the kind
of people we should be working with.


What are you doing?


I'm gonna steal as many bagels
as I can fit in this box.

With you as my partner,

there's no telling when I'll be
able to afford a real meal again.

We will get by.

Come on, Mother Teresa,
let's go save the world.


You want to say something.

Really don't.

Your breathing changes
when you're about to.

Now you're just showing off.

Say what you need to say.

Why didn't you tell me it was that serious?

Saying it means it's true.

She has her good moments.
Lucid ones, you know?

And she's sharp... and strong.

More than me.

But she always was.

She was always...

I'm sorry, Ben.


There's nothing worse...

feeling choices are made for us.

There's nothing you
can do, but swim in shit

and hope you don't get
too much in your mouth.

She'd like you.

Should've taken you
around to meet her, but...


You know, we all have things
we hold onto for ourselves...

that we don't want anyone to know.

But there's always someone who does...

sooner or later.

is on another tour.

Shouldn't be too long.

- Thanks.
- Mmm-hmm.

What are we doing here?

I can't afford this place.
This is a waste of time.

Let's just take a look around.

Maybe it'll be worth the drive.

You run around dressed like
a moron, beating people up!

- It's not that simple and you know it.
- No, I don't know shit.

Not about this. I mean, how...

Okay, so you get these

when you're a kid.

How do you go from that
to what you're doing now?

When I was a kid, before the accident...

I'd lay awake at night
listening to the sirens.

I liked to put stories to them.

Trying to figure out what they were
for, ambulance or cops, robbery or fire.

I don't know, just a stupid game.

But after I lost my sight,
after my abilities developed,

I realized how many sirens
there actually were...

how much this city
suffered every single night.

You've been running around
doing this since you were a kid?

No. I... I tried not to fight...

to make my dad proud.
To... to block it out.

The sirens, the pain, the fear,
all... strangling Hell's Kitchen.

For years, I buried my
head and turned away.

Then one night...

right after we quit Landman and Zack...

- I heard it.
- Heard what?

A little girl...

crying in her bed, in a
building down the block.

Her father liked to go to
her room late at night...

when his wife was asleep.

Oh, Jesus.

I called Child Services...

like you're supposed to.

But the mom, she wouldn't believe it.

Said it wasn't true. And
the dad, he was smart.

He made sure what he did, how
he did it, didn't leave a mark.

The law couldn't do anything
to help that little girl.

But I could.

I knew his routine.

Waited till he was alone.

You touch your daughter
again, and I will know.

He spent the next month in a
hospital, eating through a straw.

And I never slept better.

You say all this, like...

one day you'd just had
it with how things are.

But to do what you do...

you had to keep training, all
those years since that Stick guy,

knowing you would do something like this.

Maybe it isn't only about justice, Matt.

Maybe it's about you having
an excuse to hit someone.

Maybe you just can't stop yourself.

I don't want to stop.

You're very pretty.

Thank you.

Looks like you've got yourself an admirer.

All the people here,

all the years that they've lived,
there must be so many stories.

Only thing we have,
everything said and done.

No buildings named after us,
fancy inheritances to leave behind,

just... the stories those who were
close to us tell to keep us alive.

Even if it's just in memory.

Well, maybe that's enough.

Hey, um, why don't we talk to
somebody that actually lives here?

See what it's really like.

All right, let's get a...

- Let's get an attendant or somebody.
- Or we could just knock.


- Karen.
- Come in.

She said, "Come in."

Is it time?

- Time for what?
- You know what.

You bring it before I
go to bed every night.


- I don't know you, do I?
- Oh...

Uh, no. We... uh, we just...

We wanted to ask you some questions.

About how you like it at Saint Benezet.

- It's very nice, isn't it?
- It is.

- How long have you been here?
- A while now.

Ever since my husband passed.

Are you two married?


- Well, I am, but not to her.
- No, I'm single.

Uh, Mrs. Vistain...

Is it time?


We're sorry to bother you, ma'am.

We should go.

Mrs. Vistain, um, your husband...

- Was that your first marriage?
- Arthur?

Lord, no, he was my third.

Kept his name, thought
it sounded like royalty.

I always loved that.

Martin was my second.

Such a beautiful man.

But confused...

by other men.

Oh, um...

Your first marriage... who was that to?

He tried so hard, but...
he drank, you know.

I didn't.

Never touched a drop. Not once, no.

And, uh... did you have any
children with your first husband?

- Karen...
- Just... let her answer.

Mrs. Vistain?

He's such a good boy.

Comes to see me every weekend.

He's gentle, sweet.

Not like his father.

And what's his name? Your son?



Wilson Fisk?

I haven't used that name since...

It wasn't his fault.

His father, he was...

Wilson... just wanted him to stop.

It wasn't his fault, what he did.

Mrs. Vistain, what did your son do?

There are those that question
why a man such as myself,

a man who treasures his privacy,

would willingly subject
himself to the public eye.

I question the man who
wouldn't step forward

when his city, his heart,
is in such a time of need.

With your help...

we can ensure that everyone...

that was affected by the recent attacks,

and all who call Hell's Kitchen their home,

will see a brighter day.

I thank you, and please enjoy your evening.

That was beautiful.

That word is meant for only you tonight.

- Thank you for coming. Thank you so much.
- Of course, thank you.

- It's a pleasure to see you again.
- Nice to see you.

Thank you so much for the donation.

It means the world to me,
and to my organization.

Yeah, mmm-hmm.

I haven't been in a room with so many
deep pockets since the junk bond days.

Leland, I was starting to worry.

It's taken care of.

Appreciate it.

Yeah, great.

So, does anybody need
a drink as bad as I do?

Yes, please.

It was a hell of a speech, Fisk. You
ever think about running for office?

I'll leave that to
people like you, Senator.

That's a good answer.

You, um... got a minute to
talk about that zoning issue?

Yes, of course.

I'll be back in a minute.

I didn't vote for Senator
Cherryh last election.

Thank you so much.

Few people did.

But he still won.

He said it was because of the
advice he got from Van Lunt

and his crackpot astrologer,
if you can believe that.

Van Lunt?

Yeah, he's the guy who...
owns this mausoleum.

Ask me, has more to do with Cherryh
having his fingers in all the right holes.

Somebody can't hold his liquor.

What the hell is this?

Wesley, get the car.
We need to leave... now.


Christ! Somebody
get a doctor here!

Somebody get a doctor!




You're going to get yourself
killed, you keep this up.

You know that, right?

I can take care of myself.

What about the rest of us?

Me, Karen...

we're a part of this now, because of you.

And we didn't get a say in that.

What do you think's gonna
happen if I give up now, Foggy?

- Who's going to stop Fisk?
- Oh, I don't know... the law?

Tell that to Elena.

If you could have put on a mask and
prevented what happened to her...

- you telling me you wouldn't have?
- It's not fair, Matt.

We don't live in a world that's fair.

We live in this one.

And I'm doing everything I
can to make it a better place.

"A better place."

That kind of sounds like
what Fisk keeps saying.

Don't say that. Don't twist it around.

You tried to kill him,
Matt. You told me yourself.

How is that any different than
the way he solves his problems?

I made a mistake. I know that.

Misspelling "Hanukkah" is a mistake.

Attempted murder is a
little something else.

You ever stop to think what would
happen if you went to jail? Or worse?

You really think that anyone would believe
that I didn't know what you were doing?

That Karen didn't know?

This city needs me in that mask, Foggy.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe it does.

But I don't.

I only ever needed my friend.

I wouldn't have kept this
from you, Matt. Not from you.

You don't know that. You don't know that.

Yeah, I do.

Foggy... wait.


I worry about
you, it's all I'm saying.

- Foggy, I'm fine.
- Don't look fine.

See, Josie's worried about you too.

- I wouldn't go that far.
- Gotta be more careful.

I know. I know.

Tripping and falling taking out the trash.

You got to get someone to do that for you.

Come on, I just need to be
more careful, like you said.


Run your feelers over this little beauty.

What is it, a napkin?

No, my friend, this is our future.

- Huh, feels like a napkin.
- It's a drawing of a sign.

"Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys At Law."

You, uh... You really want to do this?

No, I'm pissing my pants. There
is actual urine in my trousers.

But I trust you.

You think this is what
we should be doing...

then I'm with you.

For better or worse.

Sounds like we're getting married.

This is way more important
than a civil union!

Come on, we're gonna be business partners.

We're gonna share
everything with each other.

Our thoughts, our dreams,
bills, crushing debt...

There is no one I'd rather be
doing this with, buddy. Seriously.

Me, too, pal.

Now raise your damn glass, 'cause
I'm gonna clink the hell out of it.

Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law.

Nelson and Murdock.