Dangerous Lady (1995): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

See my mother gets this.

She's been hankering
after a new kitchen.

Is there something else?

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

It's over 20 years since
my last confession.

That's not funny, Michael!

People out there
believe in hell.

Do them a favour and bugger off!

You look beautiful.

Are you nervous?


There's no need to be.

Come. I'll show you.


Miss Maura Ryan.

You know everyone here,...

..but that's David Moloney from
the Department of Transport.

The report on the sale
of the warehouses has

reached the highest levels.
They'll accept it.

The Dept. of Transport's properties
in the East Wharf will be sold.

We will control over 90% of
property in the London docks.

There is one little hiccup -

..the price for the East Wharf
will be higher than we thought.

How much?

About two million.

That's £200,000 each.

Can you manage that, Miss Ryan?

As long as you come to my club and
drink my overpriced champagne.


Can we move on?

'An Army Land Rover'll be in front
of the truck carrying the payroll.'

'They take out the escort, the van
blocks the path of the payroll truck.'

How much are they carrying?

Bobby reckons £200,000.
We get a 20% cut.

Will these soldier boys
put up a struggle?

There's a man on the inside.

He's a bit old for
this malarkey.

We could do it ourselves.

We could do it better ourselves.

We don't do nothing.

Property tycoons, aren't
we (?) We're too busy.


That all right, Mickey?

I'll think about it.

Cheers, lads. See you.

What do you think?

That's disgusting.

It was my first go at spaghetti!

We'll eat out in future.

You must feel like
you're in prison.

Yeah, it's torture.

But I'm not one of
your brothers, Maura.

I don't mind if you drive, I
just want to get there quicker.

The deal will go through.
I promise.

Just a few more weeks.

Then we won't have
to hide any more.

We're okay, aren't we?

Tell me.

Be honest with me.

This isn't how I want to be.

But is it enough?

Enough for now?

We've never talked
about marriage.

You've never asked.

Do you fancy getting hitched?

What are your prospects?


You'll have to ask my dad.

What the hell would I say?

'Would you like a
pint of Guinness?'

There are conditions, Miss Ryan.

We adopt dozens of kids,
and I do the cooking?


Who are you?

Dave Spinks, the new doorman.

Right. Get your hands off me!

Angie, where are you going?

Michael said we
could use upstairs.

No-one turns tricks in here.

It weren't my idea.

Denise, get her off before the
infant school notices she's missing.

Me and Lee take out
the Land Rover.

Roy just has to grab the cash.


I don't know.

We don't need extra muscle.

It's a piece of cake.

It's like taking
candy from a baby!

You reckon?

It's a piece of piss!

What is, Garry?

Come on. We need to go and polish
something. Keep ourselves active.


Oh, yeah. I've got
to catch Janine.

About time.


Gerry on the door was family.
Why did you sack him?

He was getting slack.

He was letting any bugger in.

It's right genteel
out there now (!)

You're never here!

I'm handling Boyd-Templeton.

Handling him?

Oh, I bet you are!

You stink of him.

I'm not screwing him.

I am doing what you did.

Looking out for this family.

Templeton is a way to break
this bloody vicious circle!

What am I meant to do?

I see the way they look at me.

Like I've lost it.

Like I'm nothing.

It's meant to be you and me.

We're meant to be a team.

I can't stand being on my own.

I'm having lunch with
Templeton tomorrow.

He's talking about some new
deals outside the consortium.

Why don't you come?

No. Right.

Let me know what happens.

Will you come for a drink
when you've made that call?



You'll be better off down here.


Here we go.

Oh, thank you.

(Thank you for coming
back, Michael)

Don't get upset at him
calling you that.

He doesn't know
what he's saying.

He's always seen us
through a haze of beer.

He's dying like he lived.

Once when we were really little,
I'll never forget it,...

..he thought I was
Michael's friend.

'Who's your little
friend?', he said.

Oh, dear.

We have got other property,
apart from the warehouses.

Bits and pieces, though.

Bookies, drinking clubs, shops -

I think we should put our resources
into something more substantial -

Carry on. Don't let
me interrupt you

We didn't think you
were coming, Michael.

Unlucky. Maura and me's a team.

Come on!

We don't mind looking at
deals outside London.

Donald Argyle's got a
pile he can't develop.

We could turn it
into a country club

Sell a few days aristocracy to the
butchers of Rochdale and their wives

Nobs love a bit of rough.


Bring us a drink!

Why don't you go home
to bed, old boy?

Why don't you piss off, old boy?

Shut up, Michael!

Have you got something
to contribute?


I could buy you.

Buy my little sister
something to play with.

Buy this whole frigging
circus for her!

You're embarrassing me.

What d'you think
you're doing to me?

I don't feel good.

Go and throw up if you feel bad.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

When I met you, you needed two
things to become a businesswoman.

I helped you buy the frock.

Now why don't you dump him?

You know why I learned so fast?

Because he taught me
most of it already.

Cheating rich people doesn't
make you any better than him.



If you want attention,
it's worked.

If you're trying to ruin
my life or tear this

family apart, I won't let you!
Do you hear?



You know I won't
leave you like that

Do you want anything?


Can't talk any more, can you?

I never knew what your
voice sounded like.

I mean, when you weren't
shouting or drunk.

Two of your sons are dead cos you
couldn't stay off the bottle.

You left it all to Michael.

And what do you get when you let
a monster bring up seven kids?

We could've thrived.

All of us.

My brothers didn't have to die.

Johnny didn't have to die.

But Michael wouldn't
listen to me.

I know how to stop him now.

And I'm gonna stop him.

Live a bit longer, Da.

I want you to see
your best boy fall

Right. The club
closes on Friday.

The club's like family.

Yeah. We aren't
even breaking even.

We can sell cheap -
get what we can.

We need to make that 200 grand.

Do we sell our houses next?

I've got a dead
cert at Crayford.

Geoff only made 10 grand
on the cab ranks.

We're having to sell cheap.

I don't see what else we can do.

I do.


What's this about Bobby Mandell?

Bobby Mandell? Er... nothing.

He wants a job financing.

That's not what Garry says.

He says you can do it
yourselves with your eyes shut!

That's Garry. Well, we could.

But we're not going to.

I'm not stupid.

I've got to go.

Are you mixed up
in this madness?

They're bored. They don't know
what to do with themselves.

It's a fantasy. It'll
come to nothing.

It'd better.

Are we pulling
together on this one?

We've had our differences,
but we want the same thing.

White, male, Caucasian. Early 20s.
No distinguishing marks.

Cause of death, several dozen
blows to the head and body.

Silver dollar lodged in the throat.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Gold and ruby signet
ring on the right hand.

Dead between three
and six months.

We were lucky he was in mud
- quite nicely preserved.

Got the queer bastard - murder.
Got the others too.

And that little bitch
who ruined your career.

I thought we had a
meeting in your office.

Can't I surprise you too?

We need to lodge the money
with the bank by the 14th.

Is there a problem with that?

Of course not.

We get on well
together, don't we?


I thought we could move our
relationship onto a firmer footing.

Now what makes you think that?



Ignore it.


Geoff, I'm in a meeting.


I'd like to see my father.

You won't get very
much out of him.

God bless.



I didn't want to
take your place, Da

I didn't want to
look after everyone

I was a kid.

You didn't give me
a choice, did you?

It was only me -

But I tried, you know.

I tried my best all my life.


..it should've been you.

You should've done it.

I wanted you to be my hero, Da.

Just once.




I closed my eyes to it all.

It was easier that way.

I'm changing things, Mum.

I thought you'd be different.

I thought the boys
would leave you alone.

But not Michael.

I let him take you out of my
arms the day you were born.

I wanted to teach you
how to be a lady.

He taught you how to be a Ryan.

You won't have to be
ashamed any more.

I'm so sorry.

You never deserved to
suffer like the rest of us.

None of us have to suffer, Mum.


Is Michael here, Geoffrey?

One of his boyfriends
has just resurfaced.

What's going on?!

It's all right! Boys!

Not here. Get our lawyers
to Soho Central.

Keep the papers away. I don't
want reporters bothering Mum.

Leave it to me, Mickey.


And er... get a proper nurse.

He ain't ready to
die yet, Geoff.

I'll take care of everything.

It'll be sorted.

When you're ready, sweetheart.


Does it have to be a
sideshow when a Ryan dies?

D'you want me to drag your
father into the street?

We're not animals! You don't
have to poke us with a stick!

Leave us alone!

Leave us alone!

He was my cleaner. I
terminated his contract.

Lot of blood, Michael. Must've
taken some clearing up.

I wouldn't know.

Probably got the family
round for a spring-clean.

Mum was handy with
the mop, I bet?

You watch your mouth!

I'll have you, queer boy.

You're a bit old
for me, darlin'.

That'll be Mr Ryan's solicitor.

Get me out of here. Or I'll
take half of CID down with me.

They don't have any evidence.

I just need you to identify the body.
I'll take care of Murphy.

Well, you'd better.

I pay your bloody wages.

I just hope your flat's clean.

Cos you did it,
didn't you, Michael?

Nice little room. Just the
three of you in here?

They tell me the cells in
Dartmoor are half this size.


Well, better than
what I grew up in.

Me, too. But I never chose
to stick a knife in

someone's belly in order
to put food in my own.


You talking to me about choice?

What choice did you give Maura?

The choice of being safe.
Of being clean.

Of being able to breathe
- free from your stench.

We could slug it our for her.


Oh, no. We already did that.

And you lost.

Did I?

You might have money, but there's
always someone you can't buy.

That must really
churn your guts.

Can't you stay and chat (?)

I've got to wait around
- identify a body.

Oh, no. I'm not
being charged, Tel.


Pongs everywhere, don't it?

Even in the nick.

You've no evidence. Nothing
to charge him with.

We've got enough
to keep him here.

No, you don't!

Who's paying your wages, sir?

You'll be on a charge
if you're not careful.

Maura, he killed that boy!

There isn't any proof.

I'll hide my love for you,
but I can't accept this.

What can you do?

I'll go after him.

I'll make you give evidence.

I won't have him smear
you with his filth.

I helped him.

I helped him dump that body.

You nail him,...

..you nail me, too.

Be honest with me, you said.

I don't think he
meant to kill him.

He battered him to death!

I carried him.

What else? How many bank
jobs have you done?

Don't walk away from me!

Two dozen blows to his head.

Let's go somewhere.

Let me talk to you.

I am not a priest!

I resign.

I quit.

Terry, don't chuck your career.

We can talk about this.

Johnson, you're a piece of shit!

End of an empire, eh?

Sad day.


So it's all on, then?


Stay at the safe house. Do
the job the morning after.

Does Maura know?


She needs the money.

For the family.

I won't see you before
the job, so er,...

..you take care, eh?

Got everything you need?



You always put the family
first, don't you, Geoff?

I love you for that.

Talk to me about it.


There was blood everywhere.

God knows how I got
rid of it all.

He always controlled my life.

But at that moment, he
couldn't even control himself.

He needed me.

I had to help him.

I resigned.

I'm sorry.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry!

Who else have you told?

Just Geoff.



Morning, Geoff.

Change of plan.

You're coming with us.

But I thought -

Chop chop, Geoffrey.
Get your things.

I need you.


You do it, Mum.

You decide.


Like the good old days, innit?

The Ryan boys.

Separate parts of the same body.

We all know what part Roy is.


Read it.

Why haven't you
answered my calls?

Is this how you do business?

You can't raise the
money, can you?

I can.

I'm nearly there.

Nearly is not good enough.

The deal's off.


The deal's off.

Do you expect me
to just walk away?

Leave you and your friends
to your secret plans?

They are secret, aren't they?

They only work if
they're kept secret.

I don't like being manipulated.

Especially by a damaged beauty who
can't let her lunatic brother go.

Listen, you.

I may be cleaning up my act.

But I haven't forgotten
the dirty old tricks.

I'll tell you when
the deal's off.

Do you realise what this
will do to your family?

I'll keep this and I'll read it
properly then decide what to do.

Do you love my daughter?

Yes, I do.

Would you do anything
to save her?

Yes, I would.

I'll give this to the
police at three o'clock.

That gives you six
hours to get her away.

Don't leave it any later.

What are you doing?

You must come with me.

Tell me what's going on!

Geoff had evidence against you.
Your mother's going to the police.


Where is Geoff?

Michael picked him up yesterday.

Where have they gone?

I don't know.

My God! They've
gone on that job!


Where are they, Bobby?

You Ryans is all filth!

Where's the safe house, Bobby?!

Oh, get out of here,
you silly cow!

How much longer are you
gonna sit there, Mrs Ryan?





I'd like to see Mr Murphy now.

Not going anywhere, are you?

Drive! Drive!

Put your hands where
I can see 'em!

On the ground!

Drop it!

Get out! Move!

Come on!

Get down! On the deck!

Come on, hurry up!

Come on, Garry. Come on!

This money doesn't mean anything
without trust, does it, Geoff?

Look at me. Look at me!

I'm Michael Ryan.

What are you doing?!

Can I trust you, Geoff?

Of course you can.

Prove it. Shoot 'em.

Don't be stupid.

Prove to me you're still a Ryan.

Go on, do it!

What's the matter?

Waiting for the coppers?

You sold me out!

Your own brother.

You betrayed us.

I did it to save us.

Kill me, then.

You want me dead,
do it yourself.

I want you to be the one.

Go on.

I'm sorry.


Don't worry. Don't worry.

I saved him.

You get away from him!

I got him out of it.

I'm gonna make things all right.

Do it, Maura.

Please, do it!


You live with it!

You bloody coward!

Now get out of here.

Get out!

It's all right, Mickey.


I'm here now.

(It's all right.)

(Get her out of here.)

Maura, the police -

I don't care!

I told you, didn't I?

But you never listen.

I'm gonna smack your
face when you're better.

I can't take care of
you no more, Princess.

Don't you say that.

You've always looked after me.

Don't go and leave me!

You look after her.

Treat her like she's royalty.

Ssh! Just rest, Mickey.

We'll get you to a hospital.

(Just a priest.)

There isn't one.

(You do it.)

No, I can't.

(Go on - be quick.)

Do you renounce the devil?




No, I can't leave him.

He told me to look
after you, Maura.

Just let me do that.

No, I can't!

You can't help him now.

We can still get away.

I can't run.

I want it to stop.

I'm too tired to run.

I will carry you.

If we go now,...

..you'll wake up one day
and you will hate me.

I don't think I
could stand that.


You don't need the guns.
Ryan's dead

She in there with him?

Yeah. Please, let me get her.

Maura, it's time to go.