Dangerous Lady (1995): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

♪ Love letters straight
from your heart

♪ Keep us so near while apart

♪ I'm not alone in the night

♪ When I can have

♪ All the love you write ♪

♪ All the love you write ♪

How are you, Jerry?

Oi! How many times have I told
you, you stupid Dutch slag?!


Don't do that stuff without
us hearing about it.

What's going on?

They were doing a dolly. One snogs
him while the other nicks his wallet

Michael's waiting upstairs.

I'll deal with it.

How long can we keep this up?

As long as they think I'm
spending time with you.

I forget what we're
meant to be doing.

Has he tried...


It's been months. Drop your
drawers and get on with it.

He'll have no balls left
if Mickey finds out.

I'm waiting till I'm married.

If you and Dennis aren't
careful, you'll have to.

We already are.


I tried to tell you, but it's been
Terry's exams, Terry's working hard.

I'm sorry, Maggie.

I am really happy for you.

Well, he's a bit boring.

You turned him down?

Of course not. I'm not a Ryan,
I don't expect affection.

They say I can have anything.

Except the one thing I do want.

You've got to tell 'em, Maurs.

I will. I'll find a way.

I will!

You told her?

Course I told her.

♪ When you kiss me, fever
when you hold me tight

♪ Fever in the morning

♪ Fever all through the night

Denise, this is Jim.

Denise'll sort you
out for the evening.

Get rid of Benny.

♪ Fever isn't such a new thing

♪ Fever started long ago

♪ Romeo loved Juliet

♪ Juliet - she felt the same

You'll wear it out
trying, Benny.

♪ He said, 'Julie, you're my
flame, now give me fever'

♪ When we kiss, fever
with my flaming youth ♪

The two downstairs are doing dollies.
Sack 'em.

Don't get any more dodgy birds.
We've got a reputation.

I've not got eyes
in my arse, pet.

Then stick some up there, and
in the back of your head.

(Go on, you friggin' shite.)

So, what are we celebrating?

I've been promoted.

They've moved me up to Soho.


What will you be doing?

There's drugs, prostitution, illegal
gambling. A lot of firms... Gangs.

I know what a firm is.

You don't, do you?

Will it be dangerous?

It'll be all right.

Don't worry.

Supt Johnson's having a heavy night.
Third girl this week.

He already owes us three score.

Get 'im out.

Let's work on 'im. Let 'im
have a free night or two.

Bent coppers is ten a penny.

Not in Soho Central.

Does he liaise with
the other nicks?


Pay his bill.

Have you been shafting
the Dutch bird?

This ain't your
personal knocking-shop.

Mickey, I'm sorry.

I don't need a quality-control inspector.
Go back to the butcher's.

I don't like touching meat.

Yeah? Well, leave
your own alone.

You're the only one who's
got it on tap at home.

I did. She's too
tired these days.

I dunno why. She doesn't
even clean the house.

OK, I'll send the
old girl round.

Roy, don't bite the
hand that feeds you.




All right!

Keep your hair on.

Hi, Janine.


There's a good girl.

Take her outside. Find
her some clean clothes.

There's a good girl.

I thought your mother came round,
that's why I don't see my grandchild

I thought your mother
was so particular?

You thought wrong.

She disowned me for marrying a hoodlum.
Her words, not mine.

Supercilious old cow.

I only see your son
once in a while.

Who'd want to come
home to this pigsty?

He has the pick of the
tarts at the club.

What's he want a wife for?

Oh, love.

I just want him to love me.

In here's CID.

You got a minute, boys?


Who's he?

Patterson - new boy.
Transferred from Mile End.

He's as straight as they come.

Just like you, Murphy.

Looks too shagging
nervous for me, sir.

DI Murphy.




What are you doing here, Ma?

Putting another bloody
life back together.

You must be having too good a time
with your tarts to care how you look

Give it a rest, Ma.

Where's Janine and the kid?

The 'kid' is called Carla,
and she's your daughter.

Did you hit, Janine?

Did Michael advise
you to do that?

Yeah. It's none
of your business!


You only hit me cos you
can't hit Michael.

No, I didn't.

That's for Michael.

The nights I waited for your
piss-artist father to come home.

And I knew he was down
the Bayswater Rd.

Jesus knows how I
didn't get the clap!

I'll not have my
sons go that way.

I'll not have you beat
Janine the way he beat me.

There's not much I can
change in this family.

But I'll never stop
telling you what's wrong.

Come on, Maura.

What, for me?

You don't like it.

I love it.

You've read it?

No. No, it's just...

What's the matter, Maura?

Tell me.

Take me away.

Ask your dad. I've got
some holiday due -


Somewhere where we can start fresh.
No secrets.

Like an adventure together.

We can have that
adventure here - now.

I can offer you much more.

I've been promoted. We
can go to your father.

Don't ask me to give
up my job for you.

Give up your job for me.


You gave me that.

It's not right, is it?

It's not my style, but...

No, neither am I.

You're not being fair.

I don't know the rules.
Take me home, please.

You know the rules cos you made them up.
I'll take you home

I've tried to change.

Nobody's asking you to.

I can't be what you want!

What do you think that is?

Some Barbie doll to
sit in the corner?

Or someone to fetch my slippers?
I could get a dog.

Easier to train.


I love it when you
fight back at me.

I love the life in you.

But I can't stand it when
you put yourself down.

I've waited so long
for you to love me.

Now, you tell me
you don't love me.

Let's go to your flat.


Are you sure?

It has to be now.

You seen much of Miss
Ryan lately, Sergeant?

No. Not for two weeks.

I've been busy with the new job.

You've been busy
where you shouldn't


I didn't know.

I've been seeing her
for six months.

Brother Michael
must've loved you.

He didn't, actually.

Sir, I've never met the family.

Her family would nick your tonsils
if you opened your mouth.

Maura is a law-abiding girl.

She didn't mention her family.
I know why.

While you whispered in her ear, her
brothers terrorised London. Nice (!)

If you're accusing
me, get on with it.

All right.

Clear off.


I'm glad you lost your rag. That
proves you were doing nothing wrong.

We're interested in the Ryans.
See more of her.

I'm going to marry her, sir.

Once a week, say.

Spy on the Ryans through her?

Is that it?

It's tough to get
on in this station

Perhaps you didn't hear what I said, sir.
I love her.

Think about it.

You can go now.


I'd better go and see him.

There are other ways.

You're not the first
Catholic to do it.

Michael watches over you,
not the Holy Virgin.

I'm gonna have Terry's baby.

I'm gonna go and tell him.

I won't hold me breath
for the wedding.

He'll know we've got to go away.

He's not like my family.
He knows what's right.

Go to that doctor in Hampstead.
He'll give you slimming pills.

He'll stand by me.

I know he will.


Oh, Terry...


What's wrong?

You look as if
you've seen a ghost.

I think we're getting
too serious, Maura.

I don't believe this.

I can't give you what you need.

Yeah, you do.

No, I'm sorry.

You were right, Maura.

We're just too different.


No... We changed that.

I didn't mean to -

You'll get over it.

This happens all the time.

Not to me!

Never to me.

You took me, and you used me.

And I trusted you.

You will never find anyone
to love you like I do.


I confess to Almighty God,...

..and to you, my
brothers and sisters,...

..that I have sinned
through my own fault.

You dirty little whore!

Mickey, I haven't done anything.

Don't you lie to me.

Mickey, I swear!

You filthy little slag!

Don't hit your
sister, you bastard!

Tell him to leave her alone.

He knows what he's about.

Outside you might be a hard man,
but in here you're nothing.

She's been screwing a copper!

I never thought I'd see you
raise your hand to your sister.

Is it true?


Jesus Christ!

I'll give you Christ!

Just because she's decent. It's
a wonder she's not a whore!

You're all whoremasters!

You never complain when I
put food on the table.

From now on I'd rather starve.

I'll not worship you any more.

I also hear that you're
a queer, Michael Ryan.

I hear they're good
to their mothers.

Make me happy by getting out of
this house and not coming back.

Don't be silly, Mum.

I don't want to leave you.

Fine thing I bred.

Cruel, sadistic mummy's boy.

While you kept your
violence outside,...

..I could ignore it.

But when you turn
on your sister,...

..and her just a child,...

..that's finished you.

Now, get out.



Oh, there, there.


Who's the lucky man, then?

He dumped me.

Oh, my darling...

The hurt will go. It will.

No, it won't.

I'm pregnant.

What am I going to do, Mum?

We'll get rid of it.

No-one'll know.

But it's a sin.

You can always
make amends, girl.

You'll thank me for it one day.

We'll make plans in the morning.

Oh, Mary, conceived
without sin,...

..pray for us that
have recourse to thee.

Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray
for us that have recourse to thee.

I'd offer you a cup
of tea, but...

That's all right.

Oh, here's Mr Critchley now.

How are we, ladies?

Is your bladder empty?


Does she need to pee?

Do you want to go to the toilet?



In that case, follow me.

Come in.

Remove your undergarments,
and get onto the table.

Not in here?

Of course.

Slip off your drawers. Go ahead.

Up you get.

There... It'll soon be over.


Money, please.

Right, now, what I want you
to do is just lie back.


Keep your ankles together,
and let your legs drop open.


Relax. It'll soon
be just a memory.

No, Mum, don't!


Lie still.

Lie still, there's a good girl.

No...! Mum!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God...

All right?

All right, my darling.

There we go.

That's right.

Oh, there you go. Nearly there.

All right.


I can manage.

I'll get you some tea, eh?

Oh, God forgive me.

God forgive us all.



Oh, you're cold, lovey!


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


I want to speak to Michael.

Benny... You tell him.

Mrs Ryan?

She's over the worst, now.

Oh, thank God.

I wouldn't be so
quick to thank him.

Your daughter was
smashed up inside.

We've had to remove her ovaries.

By rights, she should be dead.

As it is, she'll never
have another child.

Who did this to your
daughter, Mrs Ryan?

I did.

I'm Maura's brother.

Did you get what you want, eh?

When you were feeling her up?

Your hands all over her body.

When she was underneath you?

When you were riding her?

Giving her one.

Did you think I'd let
you get away with it?

You don't frighten me, Ryan.

Your sort never do.

My sort?

Enough, Mickey. That's enough!
He's a copper.

Want a bit?

No, ta.

Wanna play Monopoly?

No, ta.

Boring, ain't it, since
everyone moved out?



Maurs, you can't stay
like this forever.

Why not?

What am I good for?

Maura, Marge on the phone.

Tell her to go away.


Tell her I'm dead.

Maura Ryan is dead.

Dead and buried.

Is Michael in?

You can't come in here, love.

Stop me.

I want to speak to my brother.

Yeah. Go on, Johnny.

Take a walk.

You look fabulous.


I want a favour.

Anything you like, princess.

I owe you.


You do.

Slags smoke.

I'm bored.

I want a job.

All right. Go back
to Marshall's.

I wanna work for you.


Doing what?

I dunno.

You don't understand, princess.

I do. I worked in Joe's
when I was a kid.

I've spent my life listening
to you lot scheme.

It's a dangerous business,
even for a bloke.

I'm your sister.

This is a family
business, isn't it?

Well, I'm family.

What do you know about...?

I can learn.

Come on, Michael.
It was always us.

You and me.

Cut from the same cloth.

Some people even think
you're my lover.

You won't regret this, Michael.

You're Johnson, aren't you?


Can I have a word?

Give us a minute.

I've been told you can take
care of Terry Patterson.

A bit of personal, eh?

I'll kick his arse
out the front door.

No, not like that.

I want him where I can see him.

What do you want me to do?

Destroy his career.

Then come and tell
me how he suffers

What's your name?


How much do you get...

..for a trick?

About a frigging millionth
of what you spend on shoes.

Right. You look awful
and you stink.

Hey! Leave her alone.

How much do you get?

About a tenner.



..I wouldn't look too
good on a tenner, either.


But the better you look,
the more you'll get.

And where do we get the money?

From me.

God, this place is a shithole.

So, not much has changed,
just a new face.

But I will stress, gentlemen,...

..it's my decision that counts.

If you've got a
problem, come to me.

That's why I'm here.

What are you gonna do about
the Italians, missus?

What do you mean?

They're taking over our pitches.

I'll think about it.

I'm losing money.

It'll be sorted in 24 hours, OK?

We stick to the same rotas till I've
had a chance to check this out.

Right. There's hundreds of hungry
tourists out there. Off you go.

One more thing.

My name is Maura, or Miss Ryan.

Don't call me 'missus'.

Fair enough, missus. I'll let you
know when I decide what to call you.

You sure you want all
this agg, princess?

Yeah, of course.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm
gonna go and check the books.

They may seem tame, but if they shake
your hand - count your fingers

It's not a game, it's
a dangerous business.

Let me do it my way, Michael.

All right.

If you need it, you
know where it is.

You wanted to see me, boss?



Mm... Maura's in charge, now.

This is Tony. I thought he
could be your assistant.

Minder, you mean?


So, you won't listen, Mr Milano?

You're wasting your time.
My vans are licensed.

Go cry on your
brother's shoulder.

Or has he handed over the
business to your mother (?)

Right! Mr Milano,...

..we will have to come to
some other arrangement.

Don't threaten me.

Go home, play with your dollies.

She asked for 24
hours, she'll get it.

24 hours is a long time.

I know.

In 2O minutes she could start
a war with the Italians.

But she won't. She's our sister.

I was running the vans!

Is that what this is about?
Are you jealous?

Christ, you were bored of it.

What we need...

Geoff... Geoffrey!

She's got 24 hours,...
all right?

All right.

I want everyone to
realise the risks

I realise.

We lost a brother last time.

What if she gets hurt, Mickey?

That's why I gave
her Tony Dooley.

You've no idea how she'll cope.

If she cocks up,
we'll take over.

But she won't cock up.

What makes you so sure?

She's a Ryan.

Come on.



"Your choc-ices are
melting, Mr Milano."

What?! Who is this?

"Maura Ryan."

"Don't forget my name."

I know... I know who
did this thing.

They threatened me - The
Ryan family threatened me.

I beg your pardon, Mr Milano?

Take the gentleman's statement.

Would you like a
lift, Miss Ryan?