Dangerous Lady (1995): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

A priest... Get me a priest.

Please! Get me... a priest!

You get the midwife!


Joe! Joe!

Oi! Steady, steady.

Michael, you naughty boy

Give the naughty boy a
couple of quid, Tony.


What am I gonna do with you, eh?

Come on now, Sarah.

One last push. Come on.


Careful, Michael.
Hold her carefully.

Hold her head. That's right.

You've got a sister at last.

My little Maura.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

It's two weeks since
my last confession.

I would've come last Sunday, only
I was visiting my Anthony...

..on remand for robbery.

He went into it -

This isn't the
garden fence, Sarah.

Sorry, Father.

If you could only talk to Michael,
keep him on the straight and narrow.

They're all working
with him now.

If you could carry him,
the rest would follow.

'They're not bad boys, Father.'

Tommy Blue's been clever again.

How much does he owe?

Three weeks.

Christ! Smash his place up.

Done it.

He's taking liberties.

We'll have to pay
him a visit, boys.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

I missed last month.

Oh, you have been bad, Michael.

But the good Catholic soldiers
of Ireland forgive you.

When are you likely
to sin again?


She's up the spout.

Which one?

Janine Grierson.

The butcher's daughter?

Well, least we'll never be
short of a bit of meat.

Oh, look - Doris Day!


Let's have a look.

That's beautiful.

Garry will pick you up at 10.30.

Maggie's boyfriend
Dennis has a car.

Maura, don't be difficult!

I'll be home by eleven!

What can happen to her?

She's a Ryan.

It's a palais in Ilford. No-one's
heard of the famous Ryans there.

They will, Princess. They will.


All right.

But get back by eleven - sharp.

And don't open
your mouth, Geoff.

Come on, all of you!


Come on, now. Sit down.

Stop your titivatin'.

Sorry, Mum.

Er... We're eatin' out tonight.
It's business.

I'm sorry.

Call your brother. He
only listens to you.


What's he playin' with?

An old shotgun cartridge.

Does nobody say grace any more?

He's got a brick in his hand.


Holy Mother of God!

You know he's soft in the head!

Benny! Are you all right?

Look at you!

Geoff, we're goin' out.

I'll read the paper
the day I'm in one.

And how far off is that





Stay with me tonight.

But Maggie and
Dennis are outside.

Michael said I could go.

And is he God?

Puts the food on the table.

He took you from me
when you were born.

I thought I could save you.

What from?

Save me from what?

You're old enough.
You know what he is.

He loves you.

He lies to me.

Where'd you get make-up?

I went shopping with Michael.

Oh, Mum, he only wants the
best for this family.

And everybody loves him.

I've never known a baby walk
and talk so early as Michael.

He had to. I didn't have
enough arms for you all.

I prayed for you to come...

..and God answered me.

Don't end up like me.

Oh, Mum...

I want you to get what you want.
I want you to be able to choose.

And I just want to go out, Mum.

Ah, go on with you.
Margaret can't sit still.


My mother used to say...

.."Show me the company you keep
and I'll tell you what you are."

Never a truer word!

Filthy little... bitch!

My brother Roy has been shunting
your lovely daughter here.

You mind your mouth!

Mr Grierson, in three weeks
Roy will marry Janine...

..and give the baby a name.

The Ryan name.

Over my dead body.

Let's hope that's not necessary.

Look, Mr Grierson.


May I call you James?

They're in love.

And Roy's doing the
honourable thing.

It's not as if he had
it on his toes, is it?

D'you know what they
say about your family?

D'you know what
they say about you?


That I'm a violent, perverted...


But nobody says it to
my face, Mr Grierson.


Hello, Tommy.

Relax. Just want
a chat with you.

You are three weeks
late - again.

And you made me come after you.

I tried to find you, Mickey.

Did you?

Yeah, honest.

So you tried to find us.

Don't you lie to me!

Now I'm gonna ask
you a question.

Have you got the money?

Yeah, I've got it.


Don't worry.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

They are.



Tommy Blue's been taken care of.

It's peanuts, but
word gets around.

Yeah. Sit down, sit down.

What's that?

Joe, it's beautiful.


What's it for?

I feel happy.

Here. Look at this.

South of Spain, half
an hour from the Med.

Vineyard, a thousand acres.

Beautiful house!


I bought it for you.

I want us to go and live there.

I can't do that.

Daft ha'p'orth. Don't
start all that again.

There's nothing I think
is too good for you.

Be like the old days, eh?

You should be
somewhere beautiful.

I wanna see the sun
on your back,...

..little Michael.


I can see the attraction.

Maybe I could come out a few times a
year, when business here's quiet.

There'll be no business here!

We don't need it, with the amount
they've offered. It's silly money.

The Greeks?

That's right. Everything.

We don't need to work no more.

That's why you told
me to lay off them?

Yeah. Just for a while.

Hiya, boys. Help yourselves.

Give us a minute, will you?

They've come for their wages.

They'll be all right.


Course they will.

I dunno what I'd do
without you, Joe

I dunno what I'd do without you.

You'd wash less.


He's just a blind date, Maurs.
You don't have to marry him.

You should've told me.

You wouldn't have come.

What if he's a creep
with hands everywhere?

It's okay, Dennis is with me.

Maggie, men aren't allowed
to breathe near me.

♪ Like we did last year

♪ Do you remember when...
things were really hummin'?

I hate you.

Um... Maura, this is Philip.

Hi, Philip.

And this is Margaret.

Hello, Philip.

Come on, Maggie.

♪ Twist again... like
we did last summer

♪ Come on, let's twist again...
like we did last year


Joe wants you.

He can have the new management.
I'm on sick leave.


He's sold us out, ain't he?

I sweated my bollocks off for that
greasy bastard's piss-hole club...

..so a Greek slag with a few
quid can take it all away.

That's it, innit?

We're jackin' it in?

I bet you'd love that.

There's more to life than
protection and loans.

Want to open a book shop

You talk about draggin' the family
out of the sewer. Now's your chance.

Nobody takes away what's mine.

We've all done well
out of Joe the Fish.

We can stop playing hoodlums
and set ourselves up.

Change the family for good.

Roy's gettin' married
in three weeks

It's mine!

I earnt it!

I paid for it with my body.

We're not kids any more, Mickey.

It doesn't have
to hurt any more.

What would you know?

I've had enough, Maggie.

Me too. The smell of his breath!


I'm Terry.

I'm Maura.


Scotch and dry, please.

Scotch and dry, please.

What happened to half a shandy?

I'm not a kid any more, Maggie.

We'd better dance, cos I can't
afford to keep this up.

Come on.

♪ There was Lollipop
with Peggy Sue

♪ Good Golly Miss Molly
was even there too

♪ Well, splish splash,
forgot about the bath

♪ I went and put my
dancin' shoes on

♪ I was rollin' and a-strollin',
reelin' with a feelin',

♪ Movin' and a-groovin',
splishin' and a-splashin'


♪ Cos I want... a girl...
to call... my own...

I work with Maggie. We're typists
for accountants in Charing Cross.

She used to bully me.

Then one day after school
I slapped her one.

No, that sounds awful.

I didn't really hit her hard.

Anyway, been mates ever since.

Not used to drinking, are you?

I'm sorry.


..what do you do, Terry?

I'm a policeman.

You all right?

No. He's a policeman.

Oh, no. And your Anthony
banged up, and the others...


They're not the
Krays, I suppose.

I'm not havin' a go at your family!
Don't give me that Ryan look.

It's just your mum's the only one
who'd want him round for tea.

I can't see him again. I'd
never get away with it.

What if Mickey found out?

He has got a mouth like
a three-course meal.

I can't lie about
my family, Maggie.

Just don't mention
'em, pea-brain.

In confession I say I've
sinned in a personal way.

I don't say I've had it off.

You don't have to marry him.



I'd take you to your door but
I don't know where it is.

I can walk from here.

It's no trouble.

It's no trouble. No!

Nothing can happen
to me round here.

When can I see you again?


Oh, Anthony, you won't see
your own brother's wedding.

How could you get
yourself caught?

It won't happen again, Mum.

Your father wanted you all to be hard men.
And what are you?

A pack of villains?

Yes, you are.

It's not my problem. It's yours now.
All I want is the dosh.

All right. Tomorrow
night at Nico's.

Shake and drink on it.
All right.

But none of that bloody ouzo stuff.
Rots my guts.

See you tomorrow.
Look forward to it


♪ We're in the money

Tomorrow, then?

Yeah. Poxy Greeks.

I'll miss Roy's.

You don't want me there anyway.

Not true.

A fat old queen showin' you up?

You know you're
precious to me, Joe.

You do mean that, don't you?


I'll never forget
what you done for me.

There's a lot more, Mickey.

It's not on paper but
we don't need that.


Everything I've got
is half yours.

I couldn't accept half, Joe.

You haven't been
around recently.

You wanna stay tonight?

I can't. It's Roy's stag.


Keep your hands off
that stripper.

Only make you jealous
to keep you sweet.

You're soft as sugar inside,
ain't ya, Michael Ryan?

I knew that the first
time I met you

Did ya?

I gotta run. The rehearsal.


Then we return from
signing the register,...

..I bless the couple,...

..and Mrs O'Shaughnessy murders
"Ave Maria" on the organ.

Then you can all indulge
in the Devil's own habits.

I don't like to ask but...

..perhaps we could finalise the
arrangements in the vestry?

I suppose I ought to...

Won't hear of it.


Tradition means nothing, James.

You done your bit by
supplyin' the lovely bride.

And all those sausages.


I wondered what you
planned to wear.

Be a disaster if we both
wore the same frock.

I doubt there's any
danger of that.


Come on, love.

You need to pray, you
filthy little sod.


..what do you want guns for?

We need arms, Father,
to fight the Devil.


Your bag, I believe, madam.

I was only returning your bag.

Yeah, I know.

You're a copper. You follow
people, spy on them.

Occasionally I perform
a public service.

This church's card was in the bag.
I meant to give it to the priest.

What's the score, Maura?

Are your family
religious fanatics?

Yeah. That's it.

Fine. No problem.

My address and phone number.

Next time, Maura, don't
come on so strong.

It's not fair.

It hurts.

I didn't ask to meet you.

No, you didn't.

What about me? I never said
you could walk into my life.

Did I?

You screw it up and
throw it away.




I'll lock 'em up, keep
one for tomorrow.

If he won't lie down,
we'll have to shoot him.

You'll do fine.



What you doin' outside?




You look blue.

If you say so.

I don't want you
walkin' home alone.

The world'll end if
anyone touches me

I just don't want you -

You don't want - I don't care!

You sound like the old woman.

You suffocate me!

Know why I'm always
there for you?

Cos nobody was
ever there for me.

I can't breathe!

I want my own life.

I want to learn!

You are a Ryan!


And I can't breathe!


You know I only do what's
best for you, Maurs.

Don't you?

I'd die for you. You know
that, don't you? Eh?


Course you do.

So come on.

We're still together.

I don't like to see you like this.
I like to see you pretty.

Smiling, eh?

I love you, Michael.

Don't try and rail me out, then.
All right?

You know how much it hurts me.

Come on.



You fancy this lark?

One day.

Not like this. Not for you.

You'll get married in
Westminster Abbey.

Only the posh get married there.

I'll buy you the posh.

They're cheaper than
most people think.

I think she looks lovely.

Yeah. But no-one's
looking at her.

Come on.


Mickey, they're not very happy.

You should've let them
organise the wedding.

Don't worry about it, Mum.

Perhaps the band
could keep it down.

I don't think it's their style.

Whatever you want.

Maybe they heard the
groom was chained naked

to the railings in
Hyde Park last night

It's not funny.
They're not like us.

You think they're
better than us?!



If you don't dance with me,...

..I'll cut off your husband's cock
and stick it in the pork chipolatas.


It was him, wasn't it?

I got him, didn't I? Lee?!

Yeah. I reckon so.

You're not sure?

I dunno. I...

Well, he ain't movin'.

You sure?

Well, I...

What are you doing?

I'm makin' bloody sure!


Bollocks. The bastard's
still movin'!

The Old Bill will be here soon!

Hang on, hang on.

Move it, you arsehole!


♪ You do the hokey cokey
and you turn around

♪ That's what it's all about

♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey!

♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey!

♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey!

♪ Knees bend, arms
stretch, rah, rah, rah!

♪ You put your left arm
in, your left arm out

♪ In, out, in, out,
shake it all about


♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey

♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey

♪ Oh, hokey cokey cokey

♪ Knees bend, arms
stretch, rah, rah, rah! ♪


Can you hear me, Joe?


You came.

Not too good, eh?

The doctors say you're
gonna die, Joe.

Why'd the Greeks do this to me?

They didn't.

I did.

Even the cheap always
want paying, Joe.

And I ain't cheap.

I'll get you a lovely wreath.

What do you want? Irises?



You're not late. I just
wanted to see where you live.

In all its dismal glory.

Sorry about the mess.

You're too clever
to be a policeman.

Maybe I'm too thick
to do anything else.

You stole that from my bag.

Yes, I did.

You're a policeman
and you stole it.

Er... yes.

I'm sorry. Please take it back.


I thought I'd never
see you again.

My brother got married
because he had to.

There are ways.

I'm a Catholic, remember.

Come to think of it, that's
all I do know about you.

What if I said my family
are villains and drunks?

I'd say it's a typical
London family

What if I said they
killed happiness?

It's you I care about,
not your family.

Can I borrow one of these?

Any one you want.

Too sad.

Oh, I dunno.

The Greeks'll go bloody crazy.

We can handle 'em.

We don't have to get involved.
We can do a deal.

This wasn't the only
place turned over.

Now Joe's dead, every poxy
outfit will try to muscle in.

We can put a stop to this now.

We plan to - tonight.

Why don't you stay in
and watch telly, Geoff?

Oi! Come out here,
you filthy Greek!


You smack the Greeks, they
smack Garry, and on and on!

I dragged us out
of a stinking pit.

I ain't gonna let some bastard
shove us back in and bury us.

I don't want to bury you.

If we move now, we can take the West End.
We can take Soho.

Soho isn't our patch.

It will be. They ain't got
the bottle to stop us

I just need to know if
I've got my right hand.

I don't know, Mickey.

You think I want to end up inside?
Or dead?

Two years - give it that.
We'll make enough to get out.

I swear to you.

We've enough enemies
outside this family.

You're my brother.

I can't do it without you.

I need you.

We tried to protect you from all
this, but it's too late now.

Tell 'em the Ryans
are in charge now

Wherever you go...

..we'll be right behind you.

I swear it on my brother's life.