Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 14 - Endgame - full transcript

Christopher rushes to find Elena and Bobby is double-crossed by the cartel. John Ross puts his life on the line to attempt a rescue. Nicolas tries to prove himself to Elena and makes a deal with the authorities that puts him on a path with John Ross' plan that puts both Nicolas' and Elana's lives at risk.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

- Suicide?
- No.

Andres would never take his own life.

His St. Christopher medal... it's not here.

My son never took it off.

I'm your family. I love you.

You're my destiny.

We've already got a deal in place.

Well, that was with my son.

Every day your cocaine
pipeline is shut down...

It costs you millions.

Hunter... [Gasps, shouts]

Bobby: Harris, I need your
help to contact the CIA.

The cartel has taken over Ewing Global.

Ewing Global isn't the
only thing they've taken.

I'll call Langley right away,

ask if we can accelerate
a move against the cartel.

But I don't think Mexican authorities

will authorize a move unless
it gets them El Pozolero.

You used me to pay your debt
to the Mendez-Ochoa cartel!

They want me to sell off all
the divisions of the company

so they can use the cash
to influence the election.

Until then, we are both in danger.

- [Camera shutter clicking]
- Christopher: Nicolas has run off with Elena Ramos.

Do you know where he is?


The Mendez-Ochoa cartel

bought the shares of Ewing Global.

Now they're selling off all the divisions

at 70 cents on the dollar.

If we were to offer 75 cents on the dollar,

I believe we'd be able to buy
it all back in one fell swoop.

I can arrange... one time only...

for you to move as much product as you want

- between Mexico and the U.S. by rail.
- We have a deal.

But you only get to take back
one of our guests with you.

Your choice... the girl... or your wife?


You release Ann and
Emma, or there's no deal.

The time for negotiating,
Mr. Ewing, has passed.

[Snaps fingers]

I don't envy you. It is a difficult choice.

I would not want to leave

such beautiful women in
the company of these men.



Not as difficult a choice
as I thought it would be.

When I hear

that the train with our product
has made it over the border,

I will call you with instructions
where to pick up Emma.

You'll release Ann...

The minute...

You sell off the necessary
Ewing Global divisions.

It will be my pleasure.

I am trusting you to be an honorable man

and to tell the animals around you

to deliver my wife and
stepdaughter to me unharmed.

If anything were to
happen to either of them

while they're in your care,

I will make it my life's work

to track down everyone responsible.

[Birds chirping]

[Door hinges creak]

How did you sleep?

I didn't.

Elena, I know now that the only way

I can make you feel safe again

is for me to go back and turn myself in...

to take down the cartel.

[Exhales sharply]

You're a loose end.

You said it yourself. The
cartel kills loose ends.

That's a chance I'm willing to take

to prove to you I'm the
man you thought I was.

I made a mistake getting
involved with the cartel.

I know that.

And I thought I could live with it,

but I can't live with you hating me.

Stay here.

- What's going on? Is it the cartel?
- Take this.

Lock yourself in the back bedroom,

and if anyone but me tries
to get in, shoot them.

[Gun cocks]

[Gun cocks, gunshot]

U.S. Marshal! Search warrant!

- [Indistinct shouting]
- Okay, okay, I'm giving myself up.

Hands in the air! Show me your hands!

Get down on the ground!

Check the back. Find Ramos.

U.S. Marshals! We have a search warrant!

Elena Ramos, if you're here, come out!

Elena Ramos, show yourself! U.S. Marshals!

Elena: I'm coming out.

[Police radio chatter]

♪ Theme music plays ♪

[Police radio chatter]

You have no idea who Nicolas really is.

He's the money man for
the Mendez-Ochoa cartel.

He stole Ewing Global to
pay back his debt to them.

He told me everything a couple of days ago.

You knew who he was and what he'd
done, and you still stayed with him?

He said we were in grave
danger until he sold off

all of the divisions of Ewing Global.

He tell you anything about the kidnapping

- of Ann Ewing and Emma Ryland?
- What?

Elena: No.


Tell us what the hell you've
done with Ann and Emma!

Joaquin, do you know
anything about the kidnapping?


[Vehicle door opens]


Man: Mr. Ewing, for this emergency drill,

we'll be using this compressor station

- as the site of the reported gas leak.
- All right.

We've never had a railroad
commissioner come and watch a test.

Well, we think you all do such good work

that we should show you a little support.

Surrounding area's been evacuated,

both sides of the border.

Railroad tracks have been
cleared of any freight cars.

There's nothing human for 10 square miles.

Thanks, Jimmy.

Well, let's start it.

Start the drill.

I repeat... start the drill.

[Alarm blaring]


All right, the test is started.

You've got three hours of clear track

to get the train across the border.

Good. Shortly, you will receive
directions where to wait.

Once our product has arrived,

you will be told where
to pick up the hostage.

[Keypad beeps]

Is that the last of the barrels?

Yes, sir.

Okay. Time to go.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Train whistle blows]


[Bell ringing]

[Train whistle blows]

[Brakes squealing]

[Air brake hisses]

Well, the train got through safe.

Bobby: You're sure every
truck we're loading with drugs

has a transponder for tracking it?

Are all your trucks ready?


[Keypad beeps]

[Tires screech]

[Cellphone chimes]


[Tires screech] Emma!

Emma, it's me. It's Bobby.

Oh, my God.

[Breathing heavily]

[Crying] I told them to take her.

I begged them. But they wouldn't listen.

[Whimpers] Here. Come on.

Here. Oh, honey.

[Both breathing heavily]

It's all right. It's all
right. You're all right.

- We have to save her. Please. Please.
- It's okay. We will.

- We'll save her. You're all right, though.
- [Sobbing] Oh, no.

We will save her.

[Cellphone ringing]

It's Bobby.

[Cellphone beeps]

Bobby, did you get Emma?

Bobby: I asked for Emma,
but they released Ann.

Luis is playing some kind of sick game.

We're heading back to Southfork now.

Give me the phone. I want
to talk to my granddaught...

- [keypad beeps]
- Call him back right now.

- I want to talk to Emma.
- They didn't give Emma back.

They released Ann.

He saved that bitch wife of his.

[Voice breaking] He betrayed us.


[Sniffles] No, Judith.

He said that Luis was
playing some sick game.

Bobby asked for Emma.

He knew that's what Ann would want.

[Pounding on table]


Mom, let's go.

Come on.

Let's go.



I got it decoded.

What's on it?

Ryland's C.I.A. file
and bank-account numbers.

Apparently, Ryland's
C.I.A. handler, George,

had a slush fund he was using

to run illegal black ops with
private contractors down south.

That's good news.

Why is that your bad-news face?

When I went to trace the
accounts back to their origin,

all the evidence of the accounts

the haler was using were gone,

nothing left but that.

Names and contact numbers.

It's the private contractors
the handler was using.

Pretty serious operators, too,

all of them ex-Navy Seal
and Delta Force guys.

I got a job for them.

Hop in.

[Vehicle door closes]

How can I help you, Mr. Ewing?

I heard you did some work down in Mexico

with my friend George Tatangelo.

I'd like to hire you to help me

with a little problem down there.

Never heard of him.

Of course. Must have got the name wrong.

All those C.I.A. agents look so much alike.

[Exhales sharply]


Maybe the name was Mr. Franklin.

Mr. Franklin is one of our best clients.

Tell me about your problem.

In the next couple of days,

I'm gonna get myself
in a very bad situation.

I'd like you to come get me out of it.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]


- I don't smoke.
- Well, you're gonna start.

It's got a GPS transmitter in it.

That's how we're gonna track you.

When you're ready for us to
hit the house, just light it,

and it'll send a signal.

What if this thing doesn't work?


then you probably die.

[Door opens]

[Telephone ringing]

You were in there a while.

What did the C.I.A. want to know?

Oh, Christopher, I know
that you're so angry at me.

But you have to believe that I knew nothing

about Nicolas' connection to
Mendez-Ochoa until he told me.

I swear to you.

[Voice breaking] I'm so sorry
for my part in all of this.

I thought that once I got justice for
my father that I would feel better,

but once I stopped feeling angry,

all I felt was... empty.

Look, I get that you were angry.

You can't change what happened,

but I guess it's all just
water under the bridge now.

There are no bridges
left. I burned them all.

Not all of them.


We just finished debriefing Mr. Treviño.

He's willing to help
us capture Mendez-Ochoa

by setting a meeting.

And you're gonna give him

immunity from prosecution, right?

That's how these things work.

[Door closes]

Everyone, look who's back.

- [Exhales sharply]
- Oh, I'm so glad you're home.

Thirsty? Hungry? What can I get you?

Oh. A big glass of bourbon?

Sure thing.

We're gonna get Emma back safe and sound.

Don't you worry.

I'm really glad you're okay.

Hey. You should go sit down.

I got this, mama.

[Exhales sharply] Thanks.

[Door closes] [Sighs]

Nicolas agreed to help the
C.I.A. find Mendez-Ochoa.

Elena: He'll set a
meeting with Mendez-Ochoa,

and hopefully he'll
direct us to Luis and Emma.

And once they get there, the C.I.A.
says they'll take everyone down at once.

Well, how long is that gonna take?

One wrong move, and Luis could kill her.

This Mendez-Ochoa is a ghost.

Why would he come out of hiding

to have a meeting with Nicolas?

Well, apparently, he's
like a son to this monster.

Why the hell should we trust Nicolas?

He could tip this guy off.

This is probably just his attempt
to get into Mexico to make an escape.

Look, we need to make
our own move to save Emma.

- I have a play that I've been working on...
- Bobby: John Ross, no.

There's no freelancing here.
There's too much at stake.

You said yourself you
don't trust the C.I.A.

Ryland: This is my daughter,

and she's more important to
me than anything on this earth.

This is what the C.I.A. does.

I say we let them do it.

- Okay.
- Okay.


The big hero coming to Emma's rescue.

It's laughable, you pretending

you're trying to save
her for some noble reason

when we both know that the
deal you've been working on

is using Nasir's loan to
steal back Ewing Global.

Oh, my God.

Have you actually convinced yourself

you're doing it for her?

[Scoffs] You know me better than that.

The only person I've
ever cared about is me.

[Door closes]

[Birds chirping]

♪ Music playing ♪

Emma: Hey.

What are you doing?

It is, uh, a way for me to,
uh, learn English better.

Uh, but I get stuck.


Maybe I can help.

Eight-letter word...

for extremely hungry.



[Conversing in Spanish]

[Inhales deeply]

[Speaking Spanish]

Perhaps I haven't made this clear enough.

I despise you.

I can save Emma.

You've done nothing but
cause my granddaughter pain.

Why would I ever trust you to help her?

Because you're right... I have hurt her.

I've been a double-dealing,
amoral, selfish piece of crap.

On your best day.

And I'm also the only one
that'll tell you the truth.

And when I do, you'll understand

why I'm the only one that can save Emma.


What are you talking about?

Your son is an operative who's
been working for the C.I.A.

to take down the Mendez-Ochoa
drug cartel for years.

If he'd have never gotten
involved with the cartel,

Emma would have never been a target.

You get me a meeting with Luis...

I can save Emma.

[Door hinges creak]

[Door closes]

Don't go.

I get so lonely down here.

I think it's, um, cool that
you're learning English...

although Spanish is much sexier.

[Chuckles] I know a few things.

- Do you want to hear?
- Okay.

Okay, you have to tell me what I'm saying

- so I know if I'm saying it right.
- Yeah.

Voy a hacer lo que quieras.

Soy una prisionera de tu amor.

What did I say?

You say, uh, "I will do
anything that you want."


- "I am a pr... pris... prisoner... "
- Mm-hmm.

- "... of your love."
- [Chuckles]


Por favor me ayudarme tomar este vestido?


- Ah. You say, uh, "please... "
- Mm-hmm.

"... help me drink this dress."

[Both laugh]


Teach me.

- Uh, "por favor... "
- Por favor...

- "... ayúdame... "
- ... Ayúdame...

- "... a quitarme... "
-... A quitarme...

"... este vestido."

... este vestido.

[Door opens]

[Footsteps departing]

[Door hinges creak]

[Door slams]

[Door bangs]

Orestes: [Distorted voice] Hello, Nicolas.

- It's been a while.
- Nicolas: Too long, Don Orestes.

I wouldn't be bothering you,
but we need to speak in person.

And why is that?

Are you in some sort of trouble?

I'm fine. I'm just concerned about Luis.

Concerned in what way?

I worked very hard for
you to take back Mexico.

Our plan is days away from completion.

But Luis may have put
everything in jeopardy.

I just found out he
kidnapped two Americans.

Did you know this?

Why is this your concern?

All three of us need to be working together

from now on for our plan to succeed.

We need to get together to make sure

we're not working at
cross-purposes from this point on.

- I'll be in touch.
- [Line disconnects]

Do you think he bought that?

I don't know.

This guy didn't get where
he is by trusting anybody.

[Birds chirping]

Can I use the bathroom?

[Dog barking]

Oh, hey. Hey.

Niño. Muchacho.

[Doorknob rattling]

[Door opens]

[Paper crumples, falls]

I know you took my
pencil, but I say nothing.

Do you know why?


Because... I like you.

And, uh, I think that
maybe you like me, too.

I do.

I can maybe get your note
to somebody who can help you.

What can you do for me?

[Door bangs open]

Get out, Fernando.

I said Fernando.


[Paper crumples, falls]

Poor Fernando.

He has no idea you've been
playing him the whole time.

[Breathes deeply]

Looks like you're having
problems with the buttons.

[Breathes deeply]

Perhaps I can help.

[Dog barking]

[Barking continues]

Welcome to Mexico.

Lately, it seems my country has become

quite the popular
destination for the Ewings.

I want to see Emma.


Ah, I'm sure you do.

What is this fantastic deal

that Judith mentioned you have for me?

Nicolas Treviño is trying to
sell off parts of Ewing Global

to various companies at
70 cents on the dollar.

And I guess he's having a hard time

'cause the rumor is he's in
business with drug dealers.

That tends to scare away
most fortune 500 companies.

But since I've been blessed
with a more flexible morality,

I'm willing to buy all of
those divisions back for more.


I'm sorry.

I don't know this Nicolas you speak of.

Let me help you.

He's the guy that lost you $600 million

and stole our company to pay you back.

We're slow, but we do figure things out.


I'm not a businessman.

- Why bring this to me?
- You're right.

That's Nicolas' job.

I got to tell you... being
the businessman for the cartel

pays a hell of a lot more than your job.

He wears $5,000 suits,
drives a $100,000 car,

has got a penthouse in Dallas...

while you... you're here in this shithole,

doing all the dirty
work, kidnapping people.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

I brought you this deal because
Nicolas gets all the glory,

and I think you're the one who deserves it.

You're an under-appreciated asset.

I know what that's like.

In my family, I got to do
all the difficult things,

the things that my cousin Christopher
doesn't have the stomach for.

Yet Christopher still
gets to be the golden boy,

reaping the benefits of what I do

and never having to pay the price.

You can bring a deal for more
money to your boss directly.

And in return, all I want is Emma.


Orestes: [Distorted voice]
How can I help you, Luis?

I found a way to sell off all the
divisions of Ewing Global at once.

That's Nicolas' job.

Yes, but I can make us millions more.

Did you kidnap two Americans?

- Who told you that?
- Nicolas.

He's just trying to
create problems between us.

Can I explain?

In good time.

We do indeed need to talk about Luis.

We will meet you at our usual place.

It will be good to see you again, Nicolas.

- Thank you, Don Orestes.
- [Cellphone beeps]

Are you sure you can convince Mendez-Ochoa

to take you to the house
where Luis is holding Emma?

I've created conflict between Luis and me.

Orestes is too close to buying control

of the Mexican elections to
allow anything to interfere.

My friend George here has made me a promise

that he's bound by law not to say out loud.

Now, if you double-cross us

or if any harm comes to Emma
because of anything you do,

the second-to-last thing
that goes through your mind

will be this warning

because the last thing...

will be a sniper's bullet.

[Door buzzes, opens]

[Door closes]


Thank you for coming, Elena.

Elena: What do you want, Nicolas?

I know that whatever love
you once felt for me is gone,

destroyed by my own hands.

But I hope someday,

when you think about me,

you'll remember the man
who deserved that love.

[Laughs] Oh, my God.

[Door closes]

Are you okay?

I've been better.

My boss has agreed to the deal.

When the money from the Ewing
Global sale is in our account,

you two are free to go.

No. No, she goes now.

Once I know she's safe back at Southfork,

I'll transfer the money.

I stay.

She goes.

Otherwise, no deal.


- [Sniffs]
- Mmm.


I was done with her anyways.

Thank you.

They'll kill you.

People may die in this house,
but it ain't gonna be me.


The faster she's in Dallas,

the faster the deal can be settled.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Speaking Spanish]

Take this with you.

We'll be calling you soon.

[Door closes]

[Elevator bell dings]

George: Meeting in a parking garage.

The guy's smart. He's
not taking any chances.

Why? Why do you say that?

Neutralizes our drone.

- Any sign of the target?
- Man: Nothing so far.

And what if this is just a
ploy for Nicolas to get away?

- He's not gonna run.
- How can you be sure about that?

He thinks if he saves Emma,
he can win Elena's love back.

Man: All units, stand by.

We have five vehicles approaching contact.

Man: Five? Why so many?

Woman: They're trying to confuse us.

Contact is on the move.

Lost visual on contact. I
can't tell what van he's in.

What the hell is going on now?

Do you have enough chase
cars to follow five vans?

Doors are closing.

[Tires screeching]

Vehicles are on the move.

You can't lose him. Y...
you have to save Emma.

Talk to me, Agent. Where's the contact?

I'm looking. Thermal imaging is negative.

- They're leaving!
- We're okay. We can still track Treviño's phone.

[Computer pinging]

Oh, no.

Our contact's phone isn't moving.

- What's that on the ground?
- Zoom in camera one.

That's Nicolas' phone.

Get the perimeter cars
to the garage exit now!

[Tires screeching]

Our time together has
treated you well, hermanito.

The hungry boy has become a satisfied man.

Thanks to you,

I'm no longer the street
rat you took in as a boy.

I must admit I'm a little
confused by your sudden interest

in working with Luis in the future.

You'd made it clear

you wanted out after the
Ewing Global takeover.

As you said, I've become a man,

a man who understands
the value of real power,

the power you'll wield

when you own the new president of Mexico.

I'm so very glad to hear that.

I don't need any help.

I know my way in.

Bobby: Emma.


Oh! Oh, my God!

Oh, are you all right? It's okay.

- I'm okay.
- How'd you escape?

I didn't.

John Ross traded himself for me.

John Ross is in Mexico?

Why didn't he tell us?

He thought you'd try to stop him.

Apparently, you had a
different plan to save Emma.

Oh, you must be George from the C.I.A.

It's so nice to meet one
of my son's work friends.

[Cellphone rings]

- [Keypad beeps]
- Hello?

[Voice breaking] Yeah, I'm okay.

Thank you.

He wants to talk to you.

It's John Ross.

He wants to know that I'm
safe back at Southfork.

Bobby: John Ross, we lost Nicolas.

I hope to hell you know what you're doing.

Me, too.

- [Keypad beeps]
- Transfer the money.

[Keypad beeping]

- [Cellphone vibrating]
- Ann: I'm so glad you're okay.

I was so scared.

Well, if it isn't Emma's hero.

Just transfer Nasir's money.

You know, dying for her
doesn't make you heroic.

- It makes you stupid.
- Look, once the deal goes through,

it'll make us the sole
owners of Ewing Global.

Make the transfer.

[Keypad beeps]

Is there a problem?

All good.

Don Orestes.

I... I wish I would have
known you were coming.

I would have prepared you a special feast.

This is not a social call.


Sientate, Nicolas.

Lately, I have become a sentimental man.

Time has revealed the curse
of aging is not illness,

but nostalgia.

That is why this brings me such pain.

You are both like sons to me,

two very different sons
with very different skills.

In the past, those skills
have complemented each other.

That's no longer the case.

The money I generated has
kept your empire funded.

I've done this quietly,

with intelligence and self-discipline.

That puts nothing at risk.

Nothing at risk?

You lost $600 million of our money.

Which I more than made up for
with the Ewing Global takeover.

Luis, on the other hand,
has taken American hostages.

[Chuckling] In fact...

he's probably killed them already.


[Speaking Spanish]


Who let the scumbag in?

These hostages, as you call them...

they serve a purpose.

With the women, I was able to
get our product across the border.

And they were returned safely.

Using this boy,

I was able to sell off
all of Ewing Global at once

for more money than you were asking for.

Don Orestes...

I have proven that I can
do business better than him.

The difference between us, Nicolas,

is you don't have the stomach
to do the difficult things.

- I do.
- [Grunts]

The fact that you're so eager

to kill an American proves my point.

Don Orestes, to get what you want,

you need a businessman by
your side, not a criminal.

You have become confused
about who we are, Nicolas.

We are not businessmen who commit crimes.

We are criminals who do business.

But this confusion is not your fault.

It's mine. I coddled you.

I never asked you to get your hands dirty.

I did what you asked.

Murder is a wonderful
bonding experience, Nicolas.

It proves to me that
you are truly committed

to our future together.

Give me the gun.

[Exhales sharply]

You don't have the balls.

This piece of shit violated
the one true love of my life.

He got her drunk and degraded her.

Drop when I say drop.

[Gun cocks]

Enough talk, Nicolas.

Time for somebody to die.