Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 9 - Digger: Part 2 - full transcript


Nice going.

What? Like this is my fault?

Yeah, you and Jimmy
Olsen here violated his home,

spoiled his safe haven, his holy
ground, and all without a warrant.


You want to at least try to
disguise your contempt, Haley?

Not really.

You'd think a professional behaviorist
might be a little more sensitive,

considering a girl died in
my arms eight hours ago

and I have spent every damn second
since trying to help you by describing,

multiple times, by the way,
every little detail that I saw.

You'd think after
all this time together,

you might know the
slightest thing about me.

You're right, I'm sorry.

I will tell you one
thing about you.

Oh, bring it on, G-man.

You're cranky when
you haven't slept.


Your boyfriend's got brass ones.

Hey, you. This is a federal crime
scene. Get the hell out of here.

You might want to check a
little something called free press.

Yeah, it's under the
First Amendment.

Get out of here before I have
you arrested! Go on, get out of here!

Yeah, it'd be a different story

if you weren't wearing
that badge, pal.

Let me guess, you moonlight
as the FBI's goodwill ambassador.

He's gonna get somebody killed.

I need your list.

Wedding guests? Oh.

I figure we can cram
14 into the M.E.'s lounge,

and that's not
including musicians.


My herbalist Leo plays sitar.

His Ave Maria will
break your heart.

Oh, that's lovely.

Morning, people.

Before I get into individual
case assignments,

I have an announcement
that concerns the entire staff.

For those who haven't heard,

Dr. Yakura has resigned her
post as Chief Medical Examiner.

MAN 1: Sweet. Yes!

Someone finally
dropped a house on her.


That's enough of that. Dr. Yakura
served this office honorably.

She deserves our
respect and gratitude.

Yeah, no one's more grateful
she's leaving than I am, mate.


As of today, I'll be taking over
as Chief Medical Examiner.

NIGEL: Woo! BUG: Yes!

BUG: Garret.

Thank you. Thank you.

There's one more item.

As you all know, office policy
prohibits the use of this facility

for personal business. That includes
rituals or ceremonies of any kind.

This is a morgue. It's
not a bed and breakfast.

Is that clear?

I'll bet you thought
you'd never miss Yakura.

Okay, moving on.

TREY: Whoa, whoa. Not so fast.

MAN 1: That's Yakura's chair.

If you're gonna be the king,
Dr. Macy, you gotta have a throne.

That's Dr. Yakura's chair.

$4700 worth of morgue property.

She spent $4700 on that thing?

That's a lot of chair.

She definitely scratched him.

But just barely.

There's more skin than blood.

Enough to get DNA?

BUG: I don't know. Maybe.

You want to bag
that swab, Doctor?

I'll run it over to our lab.

It's okay. He's cool, Bug.

Just so long as he's
not cooler than me.


Stomach contents, anyone?

So I'm guessing the poor girl's
last supper was at a restaurant.

White wine, goat cheese
salad and mystery meat.

That narrows it down to
about 500 places in Boston.

Why must they
always be skeptics?

You ever taken
biology, Agent Haley?

My doctorate was in
Abnormal Psychology.

'Course it was.

It's definitely organic. Some
kind of poultry? Chicken, maybe?

Incorrect, love. Actually,
it only tastes like chicken.

I took the liberty of
testing for species.

What we're looking at is
actually amphibian meat.

Frog's legs.


Dr. Macy?

Yeah, Lily.

I think "Ms. Lebowski"
might be more appropriate.

Okay, Ms. Lebowski,
yeah. What can I do for you?

These requisitions
need to be signed.

Okay, thanks.

You're welcome.

Was there something else?

Aren't you gonna sign them?

Once I've read them, yeah.

Dr. Yakura just signs them.

Well, I'm not Dr. Yakura. I actually read
things before I put my signature on them.

It's just some requisitions.

There's no such thing
as "just," Ms. Lebowski.

It's lax management and
bureaucratic loopholes

that lead to $5000 chairs
ending up on the taxpayers' tab.

Those days are over.

I will not sacrifice
quality for speed.


So once they're
signed, I'll give you a call.




I know why you're standing
in the way of this wedding.

I'm not standing in
the way of anything.

If you want to treat marriage
as some big joke, be my guest.

But the Medical Examiner's Office is not
gonna be party to a green card wedding.

So this is about the
Medical Examiner's Office?

That's all this is about.


If you're waiting for me to
beat on the glass of the chapel

and start screaming
"Elaine," it's not gonna happen.


You see? There you go.

We don't even share the
same set of cultural references,

and yet you seem to think that
we're some kind of soul mates.

I... I thought...

You thought what, Lily?

That I was gonna rescue you
from yourself at the last minute?

Well, I got a
news flash. I'm not.

You and Nigel want to get
married and have a big laugh

at Immigration's
expense, go ahead.

Just don't expect
me to crash the party.

Just call me when
you've signed the forms.

I will.

You should let me take you home.

You should stop treating
me like a tag-along.

Hey, easy, tough guy. I'm just
saying you need some sleep.

When was the
last time you slept?

Point taken.

This is the last restaurant on
the list that serves frog legs.

If no one recognizes
Chloe, then I'll sleep. Deal?


Excuse me, ma'am.

Oh, we're not open
for another hour.

Actually, we're not hungry.

We were wondering
if you could help us.

Do you recognize this girl? She
might have been here last night.

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe. I work 20 tables a night.

I'm not keeping track
of who's sitting with who.

We're not getting anywhere.
This trail's getting cold.

I don't think so. Haley.

JORDAN: Stained glass lilies.

He was watching her.

CARL: Could've let
yourself in. The lock's busted.

When's the last time
someone occupied this place?

Tenant died about a month
ago. It's been empty since then.

Thought I heard somebody moving
around up here the last couple of days,

but, hey, they don't pay
me enough to work security.

Who was the tenant?

Old lady. Lived here 34 years.

Croaked right
in this easy chair.

Nobody even knew
for three weeks.

If it wasn't for the stink, I
never would've found her.

Probably why I can't
rent this damn place.

Still smell her.

She have any family?

A son somewhere.
He never visited.

Hey, Haley, check this out.

That's a little
tight for a body.

An adult, maybe.

Not a little boy.

Oh, my God.

Someone locked him up
in here when he was a kid.

His mother.

And now he's back.

There's no place like home.

Okay, so Mommy's
name was Marcy Gallow.

She was never married, but
there was a birth certificate

for a son, Daniel.
No middle name.

Gee, I thought these guys
always had three names.

Yeah, well, this kid was in and out
of institutions most of his childhood.

The paper trail in Boston
goes cold at age 12.

I'm going back to the
office to see what I can find.

Okay, I'm coming with you.

No, my friend. You're
gonna get some sleep.

Look, your work
is finished here.

Wait, wait, wait.

The manager said she
died a month ago, right?

Yeah, so?

So, she died here
in the apartment.

That means she
would've had an autopsy.

There's got to be some
paperwork at the morgue.

All right, you go do your thing.

But if you find anything,
and I mean anything, Jordan,

you're gonna call me in
my hotel. You got that?

Sure. No, I mean it.

Yeah, I mean it, too.
You're gonna call me.


If I find anything.

I've been waiting
here two hours.

Where in the hell you been?

Off the record? Yeah, right.

Then I was at the movies.

Come on, you gotta
give me something.

You know, if it wasn't for me, you
never would have found that trailer.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have
been attacked by a raging psychopath.

I spent six hours getting
grilled by the FBI, by the way.

Where the hell were you?

Running background on Haley.

Ace profiler or no?

Guy's a hack.

We've been two
steps ahead of this guy

ever since he and his Bruno
Maglis first set foot in Boston.

That's the most interesting
angle you could find? Haley?

Need I remind you there's
a serial killer out there?

Oh, baby.


That is so cute.

You're actually
sweet on this guy.

I am so not.



Presence of 90% occlusion
of the right coronary artery

near the atrioventricular
node is consistent with...


There's scarring to the ventricular
septum distal to the mitral valve...



I'm just saying I can't
believe he chose you over me.

Not only am I the best man,

I'm the best man
to be the best man.

I was almost the bride. I think
that gives me the inside track.

Yeah, flower girl
is still wide open.

Oh, there you are. All
right, chaps, here's the plan.

We'll have it at
my place, all right?

What? With the weird
roomie and all those cats?

What could it possibly matter?

You want to explain why you made
Trey your best man instead of me?

For the love of... Who cares?


This is a sham
wedding for a green card.

Suddenly, everyone's
Martha bloody Stewart?

I just think we should try to
respect the institution of marriage.

Yeah, well, you're gonna put me
in the institution soon, sweetheart.

I think we should
do it in City Hall.

No. I mean, once
you add the rental,

the justice of the peace,
we're talking at least two grand.

Look, I'll tell you what, love.

We'll have me mate with the
garbage scow do the wedding,

I'll lock the cats
in the bathroom,

and I'll buy you a 20-ounce
porterhouse to celebrate. Deal?

Garbage scow?

Ship's captain. Brilliant, eh?

So, what do you say,

oh blushing bride of mine?

Sounds great.

Here it is. Marcy Gallow.

You were right. She came
through here five weeks ago.

Dr. Macy ruled
it natural causes.

Who signed her out?

Jennine Gallow.

Says here she's
the decedent's sister.

We got a street address?

Yes. I'll write
that down for you.

What's up? Well,
I don't know yet.

But I'm gonna find
out. Thanks, Em.


Hi. I'm looking for
Jennine Gallow.

Well, it's Burke
now. Can I help you?

Yeah, my name is
Jordan Cavanaugh.

I'm from the Medical
Examiner's Office.

I'm just following up on some
paperwork from a couple months ago.

You signed out the
remains of your sister Marcy?

That's right.

And she had a son named Daniel?

Exactly what kind
of follow-up is this?

It's just routine. I'm
sorry, I can't help you.

Tell me, how was it your sister
had a son, yet she never gave birth?

Her postmortem
x-rays. She was infertile.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're her sister, right?

How could you not
know about that?


I don't want any trouble.

I'm not here to
cause you any trouble.

I have a husband.
I've got a family.

I'm just looking for the truth.

Who gave birth to her son?

I did.

Danny was my son.

I was 15 years old.

Raising a child would
have ruined my life.

Marcy was much older and
she couldn't have children.

She promised she'd
take care of him,

that I wouldn't have
anything to worry about.

Do you know what she did
to him? How she treated him?


Marcy was not a bad person.

She was a free spirit.

She was just trying to make
money the best way she could.

And those men never touched
a hair on that boy's head.

She was a prostitute.

She promised me
she'd take care of him.

What was I supposed to do?

Does Daniel know you're his mom?


Thanks for your help.


He's okay, isn't he?

He hasn't done
anything wrong, has he?



Classic. The Big Dig
knock out the power again?

Relax, count to six,
the generator'll kick in.

Five, four, three, two, one...

Generator didn't kick in.

Lily, you want to call
Maintenance and find out why?

I know why. It's broken.

It's been down since
the last power outage.

And the reason it
wasn't fixed was...

Technically, it's your fault.

The repair order was
in that stack of papers

that you refused to sign
until you read the fine print.


All right, get them
on the phone for me.

It's closed until 9:00 am.




What's that noise?

Lumbar massage.

But if the power's out, how...

Well, it has an
auxiliary battery in it.

Must be nice.


Who is it?


He's burying his mother.


Evening, Jordan.

That's why he dyes their hair, draws on
the beauty mark. Why he buries them alive.

Yes, we know that. He's punishing
his mother for locking him in that box.

Marcy Gallow wasn't his mother.

Get in here.

I thought I told you to call me.

I was following a lead.

"Following a lead"?

Would you listen to yourself?

That girl died because of me.

No, no. That girl
died in spite of you.

You are not to blame for this.

You want to point the finger?

Start with the woman
pretending to be his mother.

She sure did a number on him.

Nine times out of 10, it's got
something to do with Mom.

Tell me about it.


I don't know, there just seemed to
be something more to that sentence.

Don't you have enough people to
profile without adding me to that list?

Well, I can guarantee you that
keeping it inside doesn't help.

Sometimes, talking about it...

So now we're gonna play "you
show me yours, I'll show you mine"?

You gotta trust somebody.

I don't think so.

You got something
to drink in there?

It's a twist-off.


Tell me about your
mother, Jordan.

I'd just turned
10 a week earlier.

I was wearing the new
shoes I got for my birthday.

Shoes my mom gave me.

The principal came into the
classroom right before lunch.

There was a uniformed
officer with him.

I knew he was there for
me. My dad was a cop.

I just knew something
had happened to him.

Mommy! Daddy!

The house was
filled with people.

It was crazy.

And quiet.

Too quiet for that many people.

I remember the
color most of all.

It was more than red.

I remember thinking, "There's
no other color like this."

That's what I was thinking.

MAX: Let go of me!
What's the matter with you?

Then I saw my dad.

He was mad, yelling.

Yelling at his friends.

MAX: What do you think
you're doing? Let go of me!

He told me later that
he hit a policeman

because they wouldn't
let him see her.

MAX: Jordan!

Man, was he pissed.

I'd never seen him
that mad before.

Then he saw me.

MAX: Jordan!
Jordan, it's all right!

JORDAN: Daddy! MAX: Jordan!

MAX: That's my daughter.
Where you taking her?

OFFICER 1: Grandma's
outside. MAX: Jordan!

Daddy! Jordan!

I don't really remember
much after that.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Jordan, I...

I can't do this.

You're right. This
isn't gonna help.

It's not about that.

There are things
that happened to me.

Things that I wish I could
tell you about, and I can't.

Sorry to bother you, Dr. Macy,
but you are the man now.

Don't remind me. So, what's up?

With no electricity to
operate the cooling system,

the crypt gets warmer
every time we open the door.


It's five degrees
too warm in here.

Told you.

Let's keep the drawers
closed, keep in the cold.

Also, take one of the vans.

There's a 24-hour liquor
distributor off Winthrop Square.

Don't you think we ought to
take care of this generator thing

before we start drinking?

Oh, and get some dry
ice for any new bodies

that come in and we
can't store in the wall.

We don't want to be up
to our asses in decomps.

That's an image. I'm out.

SUSAN: Help me!


Help! Help me!

Oh, my God!

ELECTRICIAN: It's not your
generator, it's your wiring.

Straight out of the Stone Age.

Out of the Aluminum
Age, to be more exact.

Well, why does the rest of
the building still have power?

Because the rest of the building
upgraded to copper wiring

when I told them to.

I told Dr. Yakura
to upgrade, but...

Yeah, but she
didn't. Okay. Nope.

All I would've had to do was
replace a panel or two, but now...

It's a whole new ball game.

Well, how much?

Oh, 24, 25.


Look, what can I tell you?
Should've signed the paperwork.

No, I'm sure Dr. Yakura
was the model of efficiency.

You're kidding, right?

Why do you think the
damn thing's still broke?

I know that we're not always
the fastest at responding to a call,

but maybe you and I can
work out a little arrangement,

you know, so that there's
no problems in the future.

Are you talking about a bribe?

Whoa! You said that.

Because I don't do
business that way,

and I resent the implication.

Well, fine.

Like I said, you pay that bill,
we get you back online, hmm?


have a nice day

in the dark.

Finally. You took your
sweet-ass time getting here.

Whoa, you might wanna think
about easing off the caffeine, killer.

Hey, what'd you find out?

Your pal's a
regular Walter Mitty.

Drew Haley didn't exist
until four years ago.

He changed his name?

But didn't cover
his tracks too well.

Drew Haley was formerly
known as Dr. Mark Ellis.

A behavioral psychologist
working with the criminally insane,

diagnosing and rehabbing
severe psychotics.

They said he was the best.

"An almost supernatural
judge of the abnormal

human psyche," and
I am quoting here.

Check it out. Ellis
has got it all going on.

Unimpeachable rep,
beautiful family, whole nine.

Then one night he comes
home, hears crying upstairs.

Walks into the
bathroom, finds his wife.

She drowned their
son in the bathtub.

You're kidding.


Why? Who knows?

The point is, this
guy Ellis lost it,

disappeared, and was reborn
as Special Agent Drew Haley.

It was right there
in his own house

and he didn't even see it.

Is this Dr. Mark Ellis?


Was he raised here in Boston?

No, that's all I could find out.

The trail gets real murky
about 20 years back, so...

What, no goodbye? Come
on, at least give me a thank you.

Hey, Dad, it's me.

If you're checking your messages,
could you please call me back?

I really need your help
with something. Thanks.

Dr. Cavanaugh.


Emmy, I'm sorry. I'm
just a little jumpy today.

Oh, yeah. It's okay.

These are for you. They're
messages from an Agent Haley.

He said it was really important,

so I told him to try you at home,
but I guess you'd already left.

You gave him my home number?

Did I do something wrong?


Emmy, it's all right.
Don't worry about it.




Who is it?

MACY: It's me. You got a minute?

I guess.

Dr. Macy, you scared
me half to death.


You need a hand with that?



There you go.

Thank you.

My mom loaned me
her wedding dress.

I told her it was just a
transaction, but she's old-fashioned.


You look beautiful.

I guess it's... It's
good luck, anyway.

I'm sure it is.

Well, I better be going.

I don't want to leave
old Nigel at the altar.

Ms. Lebowski...


I think Lily's okay.

The wedding's off.

We already had this discussion.

I gotta go.

I got Nigel off the
hook with the INS.

You? How...

Well, let's just say that his
review was vastly improved.

They're not gonna
deport him because

he's now become one of
my most valuable employees.

Well, that was a very
decent thing of you to do.

I... I hope he appreciates that.

I didn't do it just for him.

Hey, Jordan. Oh!

I didn't see you there.

I saw you sleeping on the
couch. I didn't want to wake you.

Oh. I was just on my way to the
bathroom. What are you doing here?

I've been leaving you
messages all day long.

Yeah, look, I'm really sorry
about bailing on you this morning.

I do everything hit and run.

It's not one of my best traits.

Yeah. Well, look,
something's been bothering me

and I realized after
last night that, well, I...

I need to come clean with you.

I owe you that much.
You don't owe me anything.

Hey, I know you
had me checked out.

Why do you say that?

Because any time anyone does
an Internet search on an agent,

a red flag goes up in Quantico.
They traced it back here.

Now, we need to
talk. And it's this case.

I don't know... I probably...
You really don't have to.

Wait, wait, listen to me.

You were gonna find
out sooner or later.


Digger's not a stranger to me.

Jordan. Jordan.

Jordan, what are you doing?

Jordan, what are you...
What are you doing?

Jordan, what are you doing?

I found the tapes!

What tapes? Yeah, I heard them.

You what? Jordan. Oh, come on,
you've got to be smarter than that.

That's what I've
been trying to tell you.

I've been in
contact with Digger!


Yeah, he sent me those tapes!

He taunts me. He
led me here to Boston.

So why'd you keep it from me?

Because you are a medical
examiner, not a federal agent!

You are on a need-to-know basis!

Now, look, I'm sorry. Maybe I should have
told you, but you have got to trust me now.

Oh, yeah, why's that?

Because he sent me this.

He is coming after you. Now, get the
hell out of there and let me explain...



Put her down!

Damn it!



I've got agents and police
at every cemetery in Boston.

Well, he needs a fresh grave,

and he probably hasn't
had time to dig one himself.

Have you called the mortuaries to find
who's got funerals tomorrow and where?

We're on it. I've got choppers in the
air looking for the coroner's stolen van.


Hello. That's right.

Revere and Claremont.
We're on the way.

They spotted the van. Near
Mount Charles Cemetery.

I'm going with you. Now,
look, this is a federal matter.

I said I'm going with you.


I know you can hear me.


I know what happened
to you, Daniel.

I know about the window
seat. I know what she did to you.

I'm not going to scream for you.

I am not going to beg.

Danny, what, I'm supposed
to be your mother, is that it?

And I'm supposed to suffer
the way you suffered, right?

All right.


I never meant to
hurt you, Daniel.

I put you in there
to protect you.

To keep you from seeing things
that you wouldn't understand.

I loved you,
that's why I did it.

Please forgive me.


Daniel, I've got a secret.

I can tell you a secret.
You want to hear a secret?

The woman who
put you in that box,

she wasn't your real mother.

Your Aunt Jennine, she
was your real mother.

Think about it.

Deep down, you know it's true.


Daniel, don't leave.




Everyone quiet. Turn
off those engines.

Help me.

Fan out!

OFFICER 1: This way, guys.

Help me!

HALEY: Jordan! Jordan!

Everybody listen.


There! There! Get some shovels!

Get in here!

Help me.

MAN 1: Move it! Hurry up.

MAN 2: Get down.

Get it open, come on!

MACY: Get oxygen ready!

HALEY: Get her up!
OFFICER 2: Found her!

MACY: Come on, get her up here.

HALEY: Hang on.

MAN 3: Move back, guys. Got it?

Agent Haley, they lost the van
and the choppers can't pick it up.

MACY: Just breathe. Just breathe, Jordan.
Breathe. Take it easy. Just breathe.

I know where he is.

You two, back in the car.


Put the weapon down, ma'am.

That's right.

He's alive. Paramedics.



Don't let them bury me.

Let's get out of here.

Listen, thank you for the
adventure, Agent Haley.

Next time you're in town, do me a
favor and don't look us up, all right?

I'll try not to.

You gonna be okay tonight?
Do you want a ride home?

Yeah, actually, I think
that's a good idea.

I'll get my stuff. Okay.

Does that go for you, too?

What, about looking me up?



But try to make it a
social call next time.

That was a very interesting
tactic you used tonight.

Telling him about
his real mother.

Stupid, but interesting.

I was improvising.

I was buried alive.

Might want to cut me some slack.

I wish...

I wish that hadn't
happened to you.

Yeah, I know.

And I'm sorry I, uh...

Thought you were a killer.

Oh, that. Don't worry about that.
That happens to me all the time.


Well, goodbye, Jordan.



I'm sorry.

About what happened to your son.