Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 7 - Sight Unseen - full transcript

Jordan sets out to find out what happened to a boy who was hit by a car and stumbles upon a kidnapping. Bug and Trey try to woo a sexy forensic anthropologist to find out what happened to ...

Good morning, Dr. Macy.


I'm actually allergic
to strawberries.

Oh! I'm... I'm
sorry, I didn't know.

Well, that's okay. I
can look, I just can't


See you.

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Am I missing something?

Jordan. No, I was just...

Staring out the door.
Anything interesting?

Look, Jordan... Jordan.

Hi, Lil.

You know, you should just
ask her out and get it over with.

not asking her out.

Garret, have you
gotten any recently?

Pardon me? You heard me.

How long has it been?

We are not having
this conversation.

So you're frustrated.
It's no big deal, you know.

Whether or not I've been getting
any lately is none of your business,

and there are more important
things to do around here

than discuss my sex life.

Yeah, but they're
not as much fun.

boy hit by an SUV.

The young ones
never get any easier.

The day they do
is the day I quit.

You want me to lock this?




Tread marks on his clothes.

The tires left skin tears
and internal chest injuries.

Cute kid, huh?


The police report said
the driver never saw him.

He was walking home
in a school band uniform.

Kind of hard to
miss, don't you think?

No paint transfer on the body.

Or contusions from
the front bumper.

Petechial hemorrhaging
could have occurred earlier.

What was his liver temp
when we picked him up?


Which would be fine if
he'd died a few hours earlier.

He wasn't walking.

He was already on the ground.

That car didn't
kill you, did it, pal?

Something else happened.

You were already dead.

Did you know there
were 18,000 cases

of clinical depression
in Boston last year?

How depressing is that?

Too bad I wasn't here.
Could have made it 18,001.

To what do I owe
this pleasure, Howie?

As the state psychologist
assigned to this purgatory,

I thought the least I
could do would be to

welcome back one of
its lovelier inhabitants.

I'll take that as a compliment.

You take it however you
like it if it means I'll get lucky.

Why, Dr. Stiles, are
you hitting on me again?

Would you expect anything less?

So, how are the nightmares?

I haven't had one in, uh,

51 days.

But who's counting?


Nothing a quickie and
some fresh air wouldn't cure.

I'm available for the first.

You know, your smile says "kidding,"
but your eyes say something else.

Come on, Jordan,
let's finally do this.

Just clean off the desk.
Right now. Come on.

Would you stop?

just ate breakfast.

Well, they say that nausea
is a sign of arousal, actually.

All right, let's be serious.

Talk to me. The doctor's in.

I'm fine!

I'm working on a kid right now.

Well, if you change your mind...

How about an
end-of-the-day martini?

A little shrink 'n drink.
What do you say?

I've gotta work. I'll
call you, I promise.

Lack of social skills, an
inability to express emotion.

Dr. Cavanaugh,
professionally, I'm concerned.


Concerned and turned on.


Fellas, what do you guys
know about the Big Dig?

Well, aside from it being the
biggest construction undertaking

in the city's history, it adds
20 minutes to my commute.

And we'll all be worm food
by the time they're done. Why?

Well, with progress
comes excavation,

with excavation comes
discovery. Check this out.

Two city hardhats
sat down to take a nap.

They found this. A skeleton?

The remains of not
one, but two bodies.

Based on what's left of the
puffy shirts they're wearing,

I'm guessing late 18th century.

Or vintage Bay Village.

Boston's tourist buck
thrives on this kind of thing.

You give me the
who and the when,

the city can profit
from the where.

Since this is a little
outside of our area

of expertise, I wanted
to get a little help.

Trey, Bug, say hello
to Candace McIntyre,

history and forensic
anthropology grad at BU.

Her department head
says she's the best.

Hey, guys, what's up?

My luck, apparently.

I hope you guys are as
excited about this as I am.

Oh, excited is definitely
an understatement.

The name's Dr. Vijayaraghaven-

But you can call me Bug.

Okay, Bug.

Which one of your bodies should
we get started working on first?

Hey, you. You know those
tissue samples you had tested?

Yeah. You were right.

There were Curschmann
spirals in the mucus plugs.

I thought his lungs were
hyper-inflated. He had an asthma attack.


They found him near
Mount Auburn, right?


He was probably trying to get
to the hospital and collapsed.

What about the police report? Does it
say anything about finding an inhaler?

Mmm-mmm. Nothing
in his pockets, either.

Some parents just
don't take it seriously.

Oh, Dr. Cavanaugh, a Mr. and
Mrs. Bishop are on their way in

to ID their son.

Oh, thanks, Lily. Could
you have his belongings

brought over to the
conference room?

Yeah, you bet.


It's bad enough telling
them their son's dead.

This was totally preventable.

Well, you're preaching to
the choir, baby. Good luck.


At first we...


We thought he was
at a friend's house.

Terry usually walked
home from school,

and when he didn't
call, we got worried.

I drove around for hours, and
finally, I just called the police.

I'm so sorry.

Terry knew how bad
his asthma attacks get.

He carried an inhaler.

All the time?

Absolutely. We always made
sure he had one in his backpack.

In, uh...

In here?

This is impossible. I
put it in here myself.

There wasn't any
albuterol in his lungs, either.

Maybe he dropped
it, or it fell out, or...

Or maybe this
isn't his backpack.

This Sarah Browning,
is she a friend of Terry's?

Not that I know of.

Can you think of any reason
why he might have her backpack?

So even if he reached
for his inhaler...

He never had a chance, did he?

Hey, Lily. Oh, hey.

I didn't see you. I, um...

My health club scale sucks
and I don't have one at home,

so I just thought I'd... Mmm.

Dr. Macy. Yeah?

Can I ask you a question?


Friday night, I...

I don't have any plans.

(STAMMERING) So I thought...

Oh, I don't know, we
like to talk sometimes,

so I was wondering
if maybe you'd... Lily...

Look, you're very sweet.

I feel it would be inappropriate
to go out with an employee.

Well, even if it's just for a
couple of coldies or something?

I wouldn't tell anybody.
Nobody would know.

See, the problem is I'd know.


Well, I'd better
get back to work.

Lily, listen, I'm sorry...

If you look carefully, you'll see
where the femur of the decedent

was rubbing into the
worn socket of the pelvis.


Juvenile, probably.

I'm hypothesizing a male,

approximately 25 years of age,

who most likely
walked with a limp.

Two bodies, two
pistols, two slugs.

Sounds like a
bad bar fight to me.

Or how about a duel?

Over what, exactly?

Apparently, the opposite sex.

I found one of these in each
of the decedents' jackets.

A hair locket? Oh,
how great is that?

A common showing of
affection in those days.

And since the hair samples
are from the same woman,

I'm guessing that she
was diddling both of them.

Oh, shame on her!

Imagine being so
taken by a woman

you'd be willing to die for her.

Hard to believe nowadays.

Not if you watch Jerry Springer.

I actually find it
incredibly romantic.

Being deeply loved by
someone gives you strength.

And loving someone
deeply gives you courage.

I'm impressed, Bug.

Thinkers like yourself
are a dying breed.


I speak from the heart.

Sure that's your heart talking?

Come on, you guys!

Follow me.



Hi. I have something that
belongs to your daughter.

Where's my Sarah?

Look, just put the
gun down, okay?

I'm a doctor. I work for the
state. I do not have your daughter.

We came home and found
the message on our machine.

A hundred thousand dollars.

We don't make
that kind of money.

Sarah goes to Saint
Mary's on a scholarship.

Why didn't you call the police?

Because he told us we couldn't.

He said he'd kill her if we did.

Mr. Browning, I'd like to help
you, but you have to trust me.

You're a doctor.

How can you possibly help?

I think that a boy we
picked up last night

was with your daughter
when she was taken.

Now, I might be able to
find some forensic clues

that could help us find out
who took her and where she is.

It's what I do.

And if he calls again?

He knows the banks
are already closed.

There's nothing else
you can do till morning.


Yeah, on his lips, too.

So much for what
caused the asthma.

Grab the wand for me, will you?

I pulled about two dozen red carpet
fibers from the back of his uniform.

Nigel said he'd run
them for me on the QT.

But then I found this.

Looks like some kind of ash.

See if you can ballpark
the composition.

What do you think
happened, Jordan?

I think

Terry was on his way home
and someone followed him.

But there are no
signs of assault.

What did they want?

Before the asthma attack? I'm
guessing about a hundred grand.

The raw emotion of the
period is what intrigued me.

I mean, people were willing
to die for freedom, for passion.

Behind a veil of petticoats
and powdered wigs

was a society that would
do anything for love.

And yet it all seemed
so proper, so dignified.

(CHUCKLING) And yet so naughty.

Oh, my God.

Hello, Benjamin Hamilton.

Who? The Hamilton
shipping fleet.

They practically
owned Boston Harbor.

In 1787, their oldest son, who
happened to be disabled, vanished.

Benjamin had a business partner,

and supposedly
they had a falling out.


(LAUGHING) I think we found him!




For Pete's sake, Jordan.
I thought you were a thief!

What were you gonna do, bake me?

Where's Evelyn?

Watching TV upstairs.

She likes game shows.
That's all we watch.

You got a minute?

Yeah. What is it?

A murder-kidnapping.

Want pie with that?

Yeah, he never
meant to hurt the kid.

He just wanted the cash.

Amateur? Textbook.

The fact that he left him near the
hospital means he felt bad, guilty.

What about the girl? Her family
has no money. How does she fit in?

Wrong place, wrong time.

She sure picked a heck of a
day to let Junior carry her books.

So the kidnapper
grabbed both of them,

but by the time he got
where he was going...

The boy was dead.

I assume you told the
police about all this.


Jeez, Jordan. Come on!

The department has people
trained for these situations.

The kidnappers said no cops.

I promised the parents.

This is some mess you
got yourself into, Jordan.

What, do you think you're just
gonna go find the guy on your own?

No, I kind of figured
you'd help me.

Well, you figured wrong.
I'm not on the force anymore.

It's not like I can run around
playing cops and robbers.

Forget it.

Fine. I'll handle it myself.

Good. Yeah, I've got
contacts in the department.

The kidnapper left his demands
on their answering machine.

Sounds like a real brain trust.

I'll have McCormick
analyze the tape.

McCormick! That idiot?

You got a better idea?

Well, if you're gonna call in an audio
expert, you call in Barney Reynolds.

Oh, for crying out loud, Jordan.

You're in way over
your head on this one.

Then help me!

Help you with what, Jordan?


Hi. Hi.

Jordan just needed
some help on something.


Anything I can do?

Oh, I don't think so.

But thanks for the offer.

Why don't you try me?

Might be surprised.

Honey, really, it's fine.

It's a case I'm working on,
Evelyn, involving a missing girl.

Look, I don't want to
cause any trouble here.

I just really need his help.

That little girl really
needs his help.

If anybody can find your
daughter, it's Detective Reynolds.

Hey, I'm listening here, okay?

Floorboards are creaking. No...

No, it's termites.

I'm retired, but I still pick
up a little action on the side.

Mostly wives trying to catch
their husbands cheating,

but occasionally something comes
along, get to flex the old muscles.

So, here's the message
as it was originally recorded.

Now, I want you to note the
fluctuations in white noise,

and also this barely
audible metallic scratching,

and the kidnapper's voice.

He's nervous. His tone
is almost panicked, okay?

MAN ON TAPE: If you want to see your
daughter alive, it'll cost you 100,000.

Don't call the cops.
Don't be stupid.

Just do what I say
and she's yours.


Enough to work with?

If he's breathing, it's enough.

Let's see just what we can hear.

If you want to see your daughter
alive, it'll cost you 100,000.

Don't call the cops.
Don't be stupid.

Just do what I say
and she's yours.

Obviously, he's on a cell phone,

so you can trace
the mobile signal

to pinpoint his exact location.

If you want to see your daughter
alive, it'll cost you 100,000.


Don't call the cops.
Don't be stupid.

See, this echo tells me that
he's in some kind of truck.

It'll cost you 100,000.
This metallic sound...

Don't call the cops.
Don't be stupid.

See, this is so complex.

It's metal against metal.

But I'm also picking
up some kind of

Don't call the cops.
Don't be stupid.

Plastic rustling.

Do what I say and she's yours.


Hangers. A delivery
truck would work, maybe.

Like a dry cleaner?

I found traces of cleaning
fluid in Terry Bishop's sinuses.

Let's call the boy's parents.

Find out what cleaners they
sent their son's clothes to.

If the kidnapper works there

and he's been paying attention,

he knows a lot
about the Bishops.

How they dress, the
kind of car they drive,

the type of
neighborhood they live in,

or where their
son went to school.

You look good.


Well, you ought to know.
You've seen me at my worst.

Still living alone? Yeah.


As can be expected.


Like a rock.


About what?

Well, I don't know, anything.
Life, love, public transportation.

Nope. Happy as a clam.

You know, I've
never understood that.

Are clams happy?

Why are we talking
about shellfish?

Can we just get this
over with, please?

You know I have to do
this every few months.

I mean, it's my job
to find out if you're...

I'm not unstable and
unraveling. I've heard that before.

You want the answers
you always get?

Yes, I'll get some rest. No, I
won't work too much overtime.

And yeah, I'll spend
more time with my kid.

Now can we get something
to eat? I'm starving.

How about one of those grinders
you're always telling me about?

Sounds good. Fandozzi's.

Sausage and peppers.



Are you seeing anyone?

Not at the moment. Why?

Interested in anybody?

Howard, what are you getting at?

Well, I noticed the way
you looked at that woman.

Do you ever, uh,

fantasize about your co-workers?


Well, it was just
an observation.

Listen to me. I check
my hormones at the door.

And anybody who says otherwise does
not know me professionally. Is that clear?

It was merely a question.

It was an insulting question.

Well, I'm sorry.

Fine! You want to go?

Well, not until
you're calm and...

(TENSELY) I'm calm.

Boy, then I must be comatose!

Look, if you've been a little
preoccupied lately, or a little distracted,

you have every reason to be.

And why is that?

Well, look what
you've been through!

Your mother's death,

and the divorce...

I'll bet you probably
haven't had sex in ages.

All right, that's it. I'm done.

Garret! Doctor!

Do you know what it's like
to do this job, to have this life,

and not have anyone to...


This session's over.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

You're human.

Live a little.

Jordan, you remember what
we said. If there's any danger,

we call the police.

It's a van full of laundry.
How dangerous can it be?

Hang on. I'm not ready.

Now I'm ready.

Evelyn know you're
still packing heat?

Man's gotta have
a few secrets, right?

Dad, somebody's inside.

Think he still wants the money?

Limited blood loss.

Red carpet matches fibers I
found on Terry Bishop's uniform.

This is the van, but he wasn't
killed here. Someone planted him.

If this is your kidnapper,
Jordan, where's your girl?


You're gonna do an autopsy
now? In the parking lot?

You're very jittery. Are
you eating chocolate again?

Jordan, how do you
plan on explaining this?

What's to explain? I'm not
gonna slice and dice the guy.

I just need some trace
evidence. It might help.

Or you might contaminate
the whole crime scene.

Jordan, make the call.

I'd be doing this
anyway, you know.

Homicide, please.

Yeah, it's Cavanaugh
from the M.E.'s Office.

Are Detectives Young
and Petrie working tonight?

Oh, thanks. They're on break.

Hey, guys. It's Jordan.

I stumbled onto something at
a cleaner's on Beacon Street.

Could you call me,
please? Thanks.


You didn't leave your number.


I hate when I do that.

Look, I'll try again later!
Just make yourself useful.

No signs of blood on the
wheel or the door handles.

Seat's back further than
this guy would normally sit.

Meaning somebody else drove.

This guy definitely
put up a fight.

Bruising on the face, knuckles,
possible skin under the nails.

I'm guessing he's been
dead three to four hours.

Look at this!


I don't know, but it was
on the Bishop boy, too.

Gloria's running it right now.

Check out his eyes.

The killer fights dirty. Eye
gouges, thumbs on the eyelids.


Could you open that, please?

What you got?

I love an eye fighter when
the victim wears contacts.

With any luck, we'll get a
decent thumbprint off that.


You're good.

Well, I learned from the best.

You do work here, right?

Work, live, probably
die of old age. Why?

Then tell me, why are
we sneaking around

like a couple of
small-time crooks?

Because this is an
unofficial investigation.

You just autopsied
a guy in a van

and now you're worried?

Look, I just don't want
anybody asking questions.

Hopefully, we'll get
a clean print off this.

Nice work, darling.

I won't be able to
run victim or suspect

until the computer room
opens in the morning.

Can you call in a favor?

Might take a while.

Do we have a choice?


Little late for a
family tour, isn't it?

And I thought I
was an insomniac.

Evening, Max.

It's not that I don't
enjoy seeing you,

but what the hell are
you two doing here?

I can't tell you.


mean, I'd like to tell you,


But I can't. Jordan, tell him.

Tell him?

Garret, you remember that boy versus
SUV that you handed me this morning?

MAX: Sweetheart, please, I...

EVELYN: No, this is not working.

Fine, if you're gonna be that
way, but I can't talk about it now.

No... No! I can't.
I'll call you later.

It's about Jordan...

Evelyn, it's not about
Jordan, it's about me.

(FIRMLY) We'll talk
about it when I get home.

You okay?

I've felt better.


for what it's worth,

you seem like the old you again.

Tired and frazzled?

Like you're alive.

Like I'm doing what I love.

I wish Evelyn could see that.


Morning, Doctor.

So, you have a minute?
Oh, well, I'm kind of busy.

We got four admits
last night, so...


Dr. Macy, about yesterday...

I owe you a big apology.

The reason I turned you
down was I was afraid.

I mean, it's been a long time since
I felt this way about anyone, and...

I really would like
to go out with you.

I know it's short notice, but if you
don't have any plans for tonight,

I'd love to grab that drink.

Sure! I mean, yes.


I don't know, 8:00?
Could leave from here.

Great! Okay, then. Great.

It's great. Yeah.

The nicks in both rib cages
give us the precise location

of where the bullets
entered the torso,

and it looks like they
were both shot in the back.

How's that possible?

Did you check the pistols?

Excuse me?

Three to one they
were never fired, love.

It was their seconds.
Duelers always had them,

most often servants who held their boss's
belongings during a fight to the death.

Their seconds probably saw
the duel as an opportunity,

buried their employers,

and disappeared with whatever
valuables they could steal.

Wow. And how exactly
did you put that together?

Yes, Encyclopedia Brown, how?

Officer Candidate School.

History of Europe's upper class.

(SCOFFS) They were always killing
each other over one thing or another.



Call me Nige.


All is fair in love and war.

Our guy's name is Tommy
Hughes, a local bottom-feeder.

Three years for armed robbery,

but got out early on good
behavior 21 months ago.

By all accounts he's been
living clean since then.

Yeah, with one minor slip-up.

Our killer's another story.
Guy's name is George Lupo.

He was Tommy's partner
on the robbery bust.

He's got a record a mile
long. He's dangerous, Jordan.

Not like Hughes.

So when did he get involved?

My guess, when the boy
died, Hughes panicked

and turned to
his pal for advice.

But Lupo got greedy.

Hughes was useless to
him. He already had the girl.

So he took matters
into his own hands.

Listen to me, both of you.

A monster like this
doesn't let people go.

The minute he gets
the money, he'll kill her.

There's gotta be
something else we can do!

You've done what
you could, Jordan.

Call the Feds.

They're all this
little girl's got left.

He's right.

So you have known
about this since yesterday?

The Brownings said no police.

Withholding information,
contaminating a crime scene.

How many laws were you
planning to break, Doctor?

I didn't want to
jeopardize the situation.


So instead of contacting us, you
paid a visit to the retirement home?

Oh, don't hold back
on my account, Meakes.

And by the way,
nice to see you, too.

Under other circumstances,
Max, I might feel differently.

Jordan needed some advice.
She did what she thought was right.

So poor judgment runs
in the family, I guess.

Guys, if you want to discuss old
times, maybe we should take it outside.


Here we go.

All right, Mr. Browning...

Should I answer it?

Nice and calm.

Trace is up.


LUPO: Listen carefully. Put the
100,000 in a brown paper bag.

Put the bag in an empty sleigh on the
Children's Park carousel at noon today,

then leave immediately.

No cops, no tricks, or you'll
never see your daughter again.

Wait. Please let me talk to her.


All right, let's get a
unit over there, fast!



Are you okay?

I'll be better
when this is over.

These guys are
the best. You'll see.


Suspect has the package.
He's exiting the park.

Position one, leave your post and
intercept north. Let's shut him down.

Right, let's get
him! Go! Let's go!



WOMAN: Oh, my God!

Sarah! Where's Sarah?


Where's my daughter?

What did you do to
her? Where is she?

Let's get this guy
to the morgue.

Garret, guys, I need you.

What's going on? Oh, long story.

Right now, I just
need some answers.

To what? Body
that's just coming in?

I need you guys to tell me where
this guy's been for the last 24 hours.

Under analysis,

the hair fibers from Mr. Lupo's
clothes aren't human.

Can you confirm a match?

Canine. So big deal,
the guy has a dog.

These hairs are burned.

The ash we found on the boy
matches Hughes' and Lupo's shoes.

It says here 98% organic
with high traces of bone matter.

Cremated ashes?

Yeah, looks like.

Chloroform, dog hair, ashes.
Where are you guys taking me?

Cons get some pretty lousy
jobs when they're released.

How much you wanna bet this
guy worked at an animal shelter?

I'll check his record. No time.

There's only one place in town
with the facilities we're looking for.



Sarah? Sarah?

Stay with the Brownings.

Sarah, can you hear me?

Sarah, can you hear me?


Can we get this open?

Cut it!


(SOBBING) Sarah!

Oh, granted,
history interests me,

but what makes people tick,

what they're willing to die for,

that's what I find
truly fascinating.

Hence your knowledge of dueling.

Oh, dueling's just
one small part of it.

I'm talking about
chivalry in general,

the complicated game of cat and
mouse between man and woman.

Do you have lunch plans? I'd
really love to continue chatting.

Well, there's a nifty little tapas
bar right around the corner.

Okay. Thanks!

Did you hear that?

Guy's got the touch.

It's gotta be the accent.

That boy can shovel
it with the best of them.

You know what's really amazing?

My tie?

Besides that.

I got to do something today that
I've never been able to do before.

I told a kid's parents
that their child was alive.

(LAUGHING) How great is that?

Not bad for a Medical Examiner.

Interested in
that drink tonight?

Oh, Howie, you know I can't.

No funny business.
Just a few bad jokes

and a ride home
in a dirty Plymouth

with fast-food wrappers
on the back seat.

Sounds exciting!

Well, it's how I
snagged my first wife.

Are you beepable?


I just have to go
somewhere first.

I'll keep it on vibrate.


early? I can come back.

No, no, no, you're fine. Really.

Do I look okay?

I mean, did I overdress?

I did, didn't I? I
can go change if...

No, this is...

I thought we could start with dinner
at my favorite Italian restaurant.

They do this calamari that is...

Do you eat squid?

I would try it.

You'll like it.

Then there's this
little club that I know...

And you like jazz, right?

Are you kidding me? Yeah...


Go ahead. You have to.

Yes, Macy.



It's bad news, huh?

Pileup on the Interstate, three
fatalities. Lily, I am so sorry.

It's all right. It's fine.

No, it's not. It's not.

Maybe if I could
finish quickly, I can...

Can I come with you?

You want to go to the... Takes a
while to get there, right? We could...

We can talk.

I just want to
spend time with you.

Let's go.

JORDAN: Hello?

Anybody home? It's me.

(GASPS) Jeez!

What are you trying to
do, save electricity again?


You okay?

I mean, I thought you and I
had a pretty good day today.

Evelyn went to visit her kids.

Said she expects an
answer when she gets back.

And, uh,

what's that answer gonna be?

I don't know.

Listen, I was gonna go have
a drink with someone tonight.

No, I don't feel like it.

How's about I whip
up a nice marinara?

Maybe it's better I'm alone.

Come on! It'll be
just like old times!