Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 6 - Believers - full transcript

Jordan and Detective Lois Carver team up to investigate the death of a senator's daughter and cross paths with a pushy reporter. Bug and Nigel try to respect Jewish law while looking into the death of a man involved in an automobile accident. Macy wrestles with spirituality vs. legality in the case of a transvestite with a special request upon her death.


Geez, you almost gave
me a heart attack, Dad.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for you to wake up.

This is no way to live, Jordan,

sleeping on any
couch you can find.

You make it all sound so tawdry.

And I don't have time to look.

There's this new thing they've
got called the classifieds.

You should check them out. They
actually have places to live in here.

Exhibit A. I can barely
take care of a house plant,

much less a place of my own.

I'll just sleep here and
do laundry at your house.

Yeah, about that.

Evelyn said there was a
little mix-up in the machine.

Darks in with the
whites, that sort of thing.

Ah, I see.

All these names, these people.

Yeah, died this week.

327 Congress
Avenue, Apartment B.

It's a nice neighborhood.

Probably have a
view of the river.


You know, that's
sick even for you, Dad.

This is Cavanaugh.

Yeah, I know where it is. Bye.

Girl was just found dead
in Maudslay State Park.

I gotta go.


Hey, Lois.

What's up with the circus?

Well, we made the ID
after we called you out.

Dead girl is Stacey Ryder,

daughter of the
Commonwealth's favorite senator.

Looks like you caught
yourself a hot assignment.

And boy, is my boss gonna
be thrilled. Who found her?

Park rangers.

We notified the Senator. He and Mrs.
Ryder were out on the Cape last night.

Fundraiser. They're
on their way back now.

You got a suspect?

She was last seen with her
boyfriend, 10:00 last night.

We'll send a car over to
the house, pick him up.

Photographer's already here.

What photographer?

Hey, you!

All right, I'm sorry.

The guy had a coroner's
shield. I just thought he was...

And a police scanner, too.
Doesn't make him a cop.


OFFICER: Need help?

Oh, I'm fine.

It was a single stab
wound to the chest.

We don't have a murder weapon.

She's been dead
10, maybe 12 hours.

Those scrapes over there, someone
dragged her down here, huh?

There's some bruising
around her neck, too.

FALK: Oh my God, Stacey.

Excuse me, sir. You're gonna have
to step behind the perimeter tape.

I'm George Falk. I
work for her father.

I understand. Let us
handle the situation.

All right, look, can we at least move
the body before the media gets here?

Right after Dr. Cavanaugh
completes her exam. Normal procedure.

This is the daughter of
a United States senator

who happens to be
running for re-election.

There's nothing normal...

I'm sorry.

Look, why don't you just

keep me appraised of
any developments, okay?

Yes, sir. We will.

Okay, now I'm going to have to
ask you to step behind the tape.

Come on.


Hello? CAL: Stacey,

can you talk?

Who is this? It's
Cal. Isn't this...


What killed her?

I don't know yet. No
defensive wounds.

Can't figure out why she
just let somebody stab her.

Any idea with what?

From the marks on her sternum,

looks to me like it was a
Phillips head screwdriver.

Any sign of sexual assault?

Found some spermicidal
gel, but no semen.

She had sex last night,
but I think it was consensual.

Check out these lividity marks.

I checked them against
the crime scene photos.

They weren't made there.

She was moved after she died.

What about these
bruises? Was she strangled?

Yeah, but that's
not what killed her.

The bruises were
already fixed and set.

Whatever caused them occurred
two or three hours prior to the stabbing.

So where does that leave us?

The girl's a mess, Garret.

I'm gonna need more time before
I can point to the cause of death.

Well, the Senator and
his wife are on their way in.

They're trying hard to make
a case against the boyfriend.

I need to tell them something.

Fine. Tell them we are
very sorry for their loss,

and as soon as we figure
what happened to their daughter,

they will be the first to know.

Dr. Macy, you're needed
in the crypt immediately.

There's a brouhaha.

You want to cut Morris,
you'll have to cut me first.

TREY: Mr. Katz's
autopsy is required by law.

Not by Jewish law.

It's a desecration.

We respect that, but...
All right, all right, all right.

What's going on? Let's
all take a deep breath here.

I'm Dr. Macy,
supervisor in charge.

I'm Rabbi Joseph Wolk.

I want you to release
Morris Katz's body.

Unfortunately, Mr. Katz
died in an automobile accident

that caused extensive
property damage.

The state requires us to
determine cause of death.

We'll go to court if we have to.

We handle Jewish
decedents all the time.

Then you know they
have to be buried quickly.

Right, well, you could go to court and
get the autopsy stopped temporarily,

but that'd take at least a week.

This is not an arbitrary
request, Dr. Macy.

This is a sacred matter.

We simply don't allow our
dead to be cut up like this.

I understand, Rabbi.

I have a friend
named Leonard Bloom.

He's a fine doctor as well
as a practicing Orthodox Jew.

Now, if I could get him to supervise
an autopsy that respects your traditions,

would that be acceptable?

I'll talk to this Bloom fellow.

Till then, you
don't touch Morris.

Understand? You have my word.


Excuse me, can I help you?

Mrs. Ryder?

I'm sorry, but we
don't let the public

into this part of the
morgue by themselves.

I have to see her.

My daughter. Please?

Come with me.

It doesn't ever go away,

that feeling that something
might happen to your child.

If only we'd been at home.

I'm so sorry.

Her father's a
very important man.

Yes, I know.

But he isn't strong
enough to deal with this.

He isn't the strong one.

Mrs. Ryder, I'm gonna find
out who's responsible for this.

I promise you.

How could they do this to her?

My baby.

Mrs. Ryder.

I'm sorry. A car's waiting.

Thank you, Doctor.

Did you find the boyfriend?

Sent a unit over to his
house to question him.

Kid took off on us
right out the back.

Got an APB out for him.

Can I help you?


We need to speak to a
medical examiner, please.

Are you the family
of a decedent here?

Not yet.

I don't understand.

We'd like to make special
arrangements for my death.

You see, Dr. Macy,

for the past three years

I've been undergoing
psychotherapy along with

hormonal injections.

I was about to
begin the final phase

in the process of becoming a...


Denise was diagnosed with
advanced prostate cancer last month.

Another one of
God's cruel jokes.

Are you undergoing treatment?

it's too late for that.

The oncologist says
that it's a matter of time.

I'm very sorry.

And given my condition,

no surgeon will

complete the gender transition.

That's why we're here.

I'm not sure I understand exactly
what it is you're asking me to do.

When I leave this world,

I would like to rest in
peace as my true self.

She wants you to
remove it, Doctor.


Who are you?

Oh, me? Nobody.

Yeah, well, maybe you
are and maybe you aren't,

but what the hell are
you doing in here?

I was just leaving.

No, not before you
tell me who you are.

"Adam Flynn, Boston Examiner."

Just trying to get a lead
on the Ryder murder.

How do I know that's not fake?

You know,

I get the feeling we got
off on the wrong foot.

You have got two
minutes to get out of here.

That's it? You're just gonna
kick me out empty-handed?

Yeah, pretty much.

You don't know who killed
Stacey Ryder yet, do you?

I don't talk to the press.

I think I can help you.

All right, I'll make you a deal,

quid pro quo,
everything off the record.

Yeah, right. All right, look.

Look, my guess is the
boyfriend didn't kill her,

and I'm looking for proof.

If he's so innocent, why
did he run from the cops?

I don't know.

Maybe we should ask him.

He called me 20 minutes ago.

I was just on my
way to meet him.

TOM: I swear I didn't kill her.

I dropped her off at her
house around 10:15. That's all.

Why'd you run when
the cops came for you?

'Cause I knew how it looked.

I strangled her.

She liked me to choke
her when we had sex.

Said it made it more intense.

I told her it was the last
time I was gonna do it.

She got all pissed at me,

said if I was gonna be a wimp,

she had plenty of other guys.

Was one of these guys named Cal?


She used to see an older guy

who lived in a big
house in Concord.

Who's Cal?

He called on her cell
phone this morning.


OFFICER: Freeze,
kid! Don't move.

Son of a bitch, you
gave me your word.


This list, the dead
people. Pure gold.

Dad. Here's the
pick of the litter.

River view, 1,600
square feet of loft space.

I told the landlord we'd
be there in 15 minutes.

I can't. I'm under serious
pressure here on this Ryder case

and I still don't have
cause of death nailed.

Strangulation, stabbing,

and apparently the guy who
did the former didn't do the latter.

On TV, they said they had
the boyfriend in custody.

I talked to him.
He didn't do it.

He called a reporter, came
out of hiding to tell his story.

Now, why take that
risk if he's the killer?

Then what else you got?

Mystery call to her cell.

I tried to redial, but
there was ID block.

Police have any luck with it?

I've been pushing
Carver to check it out,

but she's convinced
she's got the right guy.

You still have that friend
at the phone company?


But it'll cost you.


One hour.

Come see this place.

Come on. It'll take you at
least that long to run your trace.

TREY: I really appreciate
you helping us out, Dr. Bloom.

Oh, Leonard. It's
no problem, really.

Least I could do for Mad Dog.

Mad Dog?

Oh, guess you've never seen
Garret Macy on the basketball court.

Total animal.

Nige, this is Leonard Bloom.

He's gonna be supervising
Mr. Katz's autopsy.


So you're a pathologist, then?

Ear, nose and throat, actually.

Oh, look, fellas. No, I'm not
here to tell you how to do your job.

I spoke to Rabbi Wolk

and assured him that the autopsy
would be minimally invasive.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means you do
what you have to do,

and I'll try to smooth
things out with the Rabbi.

That being said,

in Jewish tradition, respect
for the body is absolute.

Well, you gotta
respect a body like this.

I mean, the guy's a behemoth.


The drill is whatever
God put inside Mr. Katz,

we've got to send back to God.

Blood, organs, everything.

NIGEL: No problem.

So, minimal impact to
the body and we'll be cool.

Hey, do I have a minute
to catch a shower?

Sure. Locker
room's down the hall.


All right, boys. Let's
get him onto the table.

On three.


Maybe we should go over
the minimal impact part again.

So, are you really
gonna do it? Do what?

You know, Denise Logan,
the transsexual lady.

How do you know about that?

I sent her to you. So?

Yeah, when hell freezes over.

But you would be
honoring her last wish.

It would be giving her
spiritual peace for eternity.

Lily, spiritual peace isn't
exactly my department.

What do you mean?
You're a doctor.

about the Hippocratic oath?

I work on dead bodies.


The body is the
conduit to the soul.

It's only through death that we pass on
to a higher state. Don't you believe that?


I don't know what I believe.

It's just a little early in the
day for a theological discussion,

don't you think?

But I...

I told her that you
would understand.

I told her that
you were different.

Look, even if I was
crazy enough to say yes,

there are laws against
mutilating the human body,

and I'd say that
cutting off a...

Cutting off a man's
penis qualifies for that.

Haven't you ever
felt trapped before,

defined by the world's
narrow definitions of you?


See, I felt that
way my whole life.

I just assumed when I met
you, you felt the same way.

Guess I was wrong.


JORDAN: Hello?

Anyone here?


Oh, you the landlord?

No, animal control.

(HISSING) Just rounding
up these bad boys here.


Yeah, I can see that.

Yeah, last tenant had
about a dozen of them.

Most of them your
poisonous variety.

That one right there tried
to get a hold of my large toe.


That would've been about 12
and a half minutes of fun, huh?

Well, see you.

Oh, I got all but two of them.

But don't worry, they
only come out at night.


Well, what do you think?

Yeah. Okay, we're going.

Well, where we going? I
haven't even seen the place yet.

It's a snake pit.

Really? Looks okay to me.

Could we just go?
I gotta get back.

I'm waiting for that
phone trace to come in.

Hey, Vickie. Any
faxes come in for me?

Yes, Dr. Cavanaugh. Here you go.

Excellent, thank you. Jordan.

Oh, wow, must be my lucky day.

What happened? You
run out of fake IDs?

I'm with her.

You're still mad
at me, aren't you?

It was for his own good.

Trust me. The best way for
an innocent kid to get killed

is running from the cops.

Oh, right, you're a
real humanitarian.

The way I see it, you and I
are on the same team here.

Only difference is you're
looking for a cause of death,

I'm looking for a byline.

You keep following me,
you'll be looking for a hospital.

What's on the fax?

What's it to you?

You found this
guy, Cal, didn't you?

You know what, you're
going there now, aren't you?

You know, I could follow you

and that would only
piss you off more.

All right, all right.
Tell you what.

If you let me come,
I promise to shut up.

Oh, now, that I
would like to see.

Is that a smile you're
trying to fight back?

It's a facial tic.

And you're driving.

Cal's got some nice digs.

You see a doorbell anywhere?

MAN ON INTERCOM: May I help you?

Yeah, hi. Is Cal here?

You mean Dr. Yarborough.

Right, right.
Dr. Calvin Yarborough.

Yarborough Clinic.

The rehab guy.

Is he expecting you?

My sister and I don't
have an appointment,

but we need to
see the doctor about

admitting her to the program.

Sorry, you need to call
first to schedule an...

Oh, come on, man. It took me two
six-packs just to get her in the car.

Hold on. I'll see what I can do.

In here.


National Enquirer,
eat your heart out.

This is the rehab of
the rich and famous.

You realize how much I could
make rifling this file cabinet?

Hello. Jordan, is it?

Hi, I'm Dr. Yarborough.
You can call me Cal.

Actually, I'm not
supposed to be here.

Oh, that's okay. No judgments.

You the brother?

Yeah, yeah.

Adam. Hi, Adam.

You don't understand.
I'm a medical examiner.

We're here about Stacey Ryder.

I'm the one you hung
up on this morning.

I'm sorry. I don't
discuss my patients.

Why did you call her?

We're through here. You
obviously cared about her.

I can't be having
this conversation.

Why not? Did someone get to you?

They could pull my license.

Who told you that, the Senator?

No, not personally.

Look, I didn't even get the
message until this morning.

That's when I called.
What did it say?

STACEY: Cal, pick up.

Damn it, pick
up. I can't do this.

I'm all alone.

I hate him. I just... I
can't take it anymore.

I can't.

Look, she came to me for help,

but I never treated her.

Why not? If she had such
a serious drug problem,

why didn't you admit her?

Stacey was a minor.

The law says I can't take her
without parental permission.

And the Ryders wouldn't give it.

Not in an election year.

She just needed
someone to listen.


Morning, sunshine.

Tox screen with your coffee?

Thank you.

She had all these
drugs in her system?

Xanax and Prozac
and Valium, oh, my.

Check this out.

Oxycodone was there, too.

An excellent way
to kill the pain.

A better way to overdose.

But, which one doesn't belong?


That's for estrogen
deficiency, right?

Usually prescribed to
post-menopausal women.

So, unless your girl was
remarkably well-preserved...

It was her mother's.

Wow. Well, if that's the case,

the old girl's got her
own apothecary at home.

Well, I'm gonna go find out.

Where you off to?

To the memorial
service. Thanks, Nige.

You're a rock star.

Look, Lily. I'm sorry
if I disappointed you.

It's not that I don't feel
sympathy for this person. I do.

People have the right to change
themselves, even a duty sometimes.

I come to work here every day,
and the only thing that gets me

through is that I know I'm on my
way to being someone different.

Someone better than
the guy I was yesterday.

Now, that being said,
I have a responsibility

as a medical examiner
to obey the law.

You understand that, don't you?

I hope we've put this behind us.

No, actually, we haven't.

Denise Logan committed
suicide this morning.

Her next of kin is
here with the body.

I'm Dr. Macy.

Carol Logan. I'm his wife.

I told Roy that I'd
handle the arrangements.

I understand the shock you
must feel. It's very sudden.

I used to lay awake at
night, thinking it was my fault.

That it was me.

That I wasn't good enough,
wasn't pretty enough.

Mrs. Logan, this isn't the
time to be hard on yourself.

You've suffered a great loss.

Denny and I have been
separated for the last two years.

We've got two
kids, four and seven.

I wasn't about to let them
watch their father turn into...

Into this.

I didn't know your husband well,
but I spoke to him before he died.

He was in a great
deal of pain, turmoil.

He was desperately trying
in his own way to change.

You can't change
who you are, Doctor.

Look what happens when you try.

Thanks, lady.

Come to give your
condolences? Sweet.

And I'm sure you attend the
memorials of all your stiffs.

Just here to see if I can get
a statement. What about you?

Lot of security. Might be
kind of tough getting in.

Where there's a
will, there's a me.

Excuse me for a sec.

Excuse me, sir.

That man towards
the end of the line...

Well, this service is supposed
to be for friends and family only,

those of us who
really knew Stacey.

And that man over there,

well, he's a reporter.

I'll take care of
it immediately.

Thank you.

Hey, no, no. I'm supposed to...

You're out of here. Right now.

Cancel all of his
campaign appearances.

What the hell were
you doing up there?

I was just using the bathroom.

The family has very specific
rules about their private quarters.

I'm afraid I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.


You have questions, have
your boss call my office.

Liver looks normal.

Is it okay if we weigh it?

Yeah, I can sell that.

Just as long as it goes
back in when you're done.


Oh, that bloody
thing is massive.

2,000 grams, easy.


2,150. Lenny?

Well, I'm better with inflamed
adenoids, but I'll say 2,700 even.


Give the ENT a cigar.

The bowel's cramped
under the pelvis.

Want the bone saw?

Sometimes with obese patients,

we have to cut through the
pelvic bone to run the gut.

Can you salvage the bone chips?

I don't see why not.

I can sell that.

Hi, gentlemen. Sorry to bother
you, but Rabbi Wolk just called.

He wanted to know when
he can come for Mr. Katz.

Won't be too long now.

Thank you.


(GASPING) Oh, my!

Are you okay?

MEN: Fine.

Sweet Nancy, he blew.

TREY: What the hell happened?

BUG: Must have been a
buildup of hydrogen in the gut.

I guess the saw sparked it.

Oh, man, this is bad.

Oh, this I
definitely can't sell.

All right, let me get this straight.
Are you telling me he actually blew up?

Oh, he blew up, all right.

Yeah, like a hamster
in a microwave.

I, for one, want to go on the record
and say how badly I feel about this.


Look, there's no sense
crying over spilled...

The bottom line is we've got to figure
out how to put Mr. Katz back together.

No, granted, we
have a problem here.

But isn't it against Jewish
law to have an open casket?

Yeah, but...

Well, we've got most of Mr. Katz
pretty well reassembled, right?

Except for a two foot
hole in his stomach.

So, we just cover it up.

Look, fellas, no
offense, but papering

Mr. Katz over won't
help during the Taharah.

I'm afraid to ask.

It's a ritual bath of purification
performed before the funeral.

Well, maybe if they
don't scrub too hard.

Well, it's called illegal
search and seizure.

You should know that, Jordan.

What was I supposed to do? The evidence
was all there, right under my feet.

Would you keep it down, please?
I don't want you waking Evelyn.

Oh, right, we wouldn't
want to do that.

Stacey died in her own house.

The lividity on her leg matches
the tile from the bathroom floor.

So how'd her body get out in that
field? Who stabbed her and why?

I don't know. Her parents
were on the Cape that night.

You're sure it's
not the boyfriend?

I just don't see it.

Besides, Stacey's message to
her doctor said she was alone.

So, someone went in
later. Who had access?

Falk. Who?

The Senator's campaign
advisor. This guy's everywhere.

These people do not take a
leak without him knowing about it.

Well, fine, he has opportunity,

but where's the
motive for killing her?

I'll be Falk.

I'll be Stacey.

I just got home.

There's nobody here. Typical.

JORDAN: I feel so alone.

I need something. I need...

MAX: Your mother's painkillers.

Whatever. I just
want to be numb.

They work fast.
I'm feeling warm.

But you've taken too many.

Who cares? They
don't. Nobody cares.

How long are you on
the floor before I come in?

Lividity from the tile must
have taken two hours to set.

Okay. So you're on the floor.


JORDAN: You try to revive me.

It's too late. I don't
know what to do.

I can't let anyone find you like
this, not during a campaign. I...

I gotta get rid of the body.


Better to find me out here
than under my own parents' roof.

No, it's not enough.

They'll still find the
drugs in your system.

So then make it
look like a murder.

But I'm not a killer.

Doesn't matter.
I'm already dead.

I don't even have a weapon.

What about your car? There's
gotta be something in there.


Oh, God. She forced his hand.

She was a risk to the
campaign, all he'd worked for.

You can't get elected
if your daughter OD's.

But if she's murdered,
you're a shoo-in.

Wait a minute. What is it?

Her lungs.

What about them?

There was so much bruising
I didn't check. I had Gloria...


She had aspirated
blood into her lungs.

Oh, boy.

She was still alive
when he stabbed her.

Oh, God.

Of course you found
Stacey's hair fibers in my car.

She's been in it a dozen times.

Press events, campaign
events, press conferences.

Maybe you can tell me why
the Phillips head screwdriver

is missing from the
tool kit in your trunk.

Detective, if this is
a fishing expedition...

Stacey Ryder overdosed
in her parents' home.

Somebody found her there,
moved her to the open field

and then tried to make it look
like murder by stabbing her.

Unfortunately for your client,
Mr. Falk is one of the few people

with keys to the
Ryder household.

You're not seriously
accusing me of killing Stacey?

Sir, until I hear a credible explanation
for where you were that night...

I was home sleeping.

Then we've got a real problem,

because your Speedpass shows you
going through a tollbooth at 11:42 p.m.

Four miles from where
we found Stacey's body.

All right, there was someone in the
car that night who can vouch for me.

And who might that be?

This has to be
handled very sensitively.

I'll be gentle. Try me.

I was taking her to Cape Cod.

She's a friend of the Senator's,

and I had to wait for her, you
know, till they were finished.

The Senator was
with his girlfriend?

Can you tell us how that happened
when he was in a hotel room with his wife?

Mrs. Ryder hasn't
stayed with him for years.

Always books another hotel
room under an alias, so the...

press doesn't smell disharmony.

Gonna need the girlfriend's
name and number.


Hey, we wouldn't happen to have
any yarmulkes lying around, would we?

Not last time I checked.

Oh, this isn't too casual, is
it? The jumper and jeans?

You look fine. It's not like it's
gonna make any difference.

I just want to show some respect
when the rabbi gets here, that's all.

I mean, we did blow the guy up.

We didn't do it on purpose.

We detonated a man.

I'm not sure
intention enters into it.

If this was India, a little
explosion would be no problem.

There, they set fire to the bodies
to actually help the soul move on.

Well, if that really works,
then Mr. Katz's soul

ought to be in the
Promised Land by now.

It's actually quite
a beautiful ritual.

The goal is to achieve moksha,

spiritual liberation from
the cycles of rebirth.

A fitting end, really.

That's the way I'd like to go.

Yeah, I had no idea
you were so pious.

When you've experienced
the miraculous complexities

of the insect world
the way I have,

you can't help but believe
in some higher power.

You're serious, aren't you?

The thoracic ganglia
of the dung beetle alone

is enough to make
anyone believe in God.

Right. Share that
with Rabbi Wolk.

Maybe he'll go easy on us.

Lenny. Hey.

What's that? The Talmud?

Little light reading?

Just looking for an answer.

(SIGHS) Aren't we all?

You didn't happen to come across
anything on transsexuals in there,

did you?

Never mind.

You know, I'm not an
expert on these things,

but the Talmud refers to a
divine purpose called tikkun olam,

to repair the world.

Fixing the imperfections
God created.

Now I have to do God's job, too.

Basically, yeah.

'Cause the imperfections
are all part of his plan.

So are you saying that God
wanted Mr. Katz to blow up?

It's a complicated
concept, granted.

But the point is,

it's up to each of us to
do a bit of God's work.

Now, of course we're only human.

So, repairing Mr. Katz isn't
about making him as good as new.

It's about preserving the
dignity of his soul, his true self.

His true self, huh?

And who's to say
just what that is?

Well, do any of us really
ever know the answer to that?

Is this a Jewish thing, answering
every question with a question?

I mean, look, I have the
utmost respect for the bodies

that come into my morgue,
but I'm a medical examiner.

I just wasn't
trained to play God.

And that's just what
I'm trying to say.

They're one and
the same, Garret.

However you show respect for
the person, you're doing God's work.

See you, buddy.

See you, Lenny.

(WHISPERING) There was a
slight accident during the procedure,

but I think they did the best they
could and showed great respect.

In the first century,
a wise rabbi,

asked to be buried
in a simple garment

so that he might meet
God and be judged

on his soul rather
than his appearance.

As he came, so shall he go.

They're beautiful.

Bonsai trees.

They take so much
time and patience

that sometimes I
think it's not worth it

and then when I stand back
and see such perfection...

Can I help you with something?

I came here to talk
to you about Stacey.

I talked to Dr. Yarborough.

I know about her drug problem.

Do you have children,
Dr. Cavanaugh?


You look for an explanation
when you have a childlike Stacey.

You blame yourself.

Maybe it was the
money, the wrong schools.

And it tore my husband
apart, almost ruined our life.

And then one day I realized that
there was nothing more that I could do.

She wanted help. No.

I don't believe that.

You could have saved her.

You didn't know Stacey.

I'm saying she was still alive
when you took her out to that field.

She was in a drug-induced
coma that mimics death.

When you stabbed
her, that's what killed her.

Does your husband even know
you left the hotel early that night?

Oh, my God.

What have I done?

Dr. Macy. Yeah, Lily?

I was just looking over the paperwork
that you filled out on Denise Logan

and there seems to be a little typo
here where you marked the gender.

You checked it female.

It's not a typo.

Oh, okay.

Thank you, Dr. Macy. I
just wanted to make sure.

Oh, Dr. Cavanaugh,
your dad called.

He said something about getting
snakes driven out of Ireland?

You can pay him later for the first
month's rent and security. Yeah.

Thanks. Bye.

What are you doing here?

Well, I thought maybe we'd go
grab a drink, you know, celebrate.

There's not much to celebrate.

You mean meeting me wasn't
the highlight of your week?

Well, meeting you, now
there's a reason to drink.

Come on, Jordan. I'm
really not a bad guy.

Probably not, but right now, I just
don't have the energy to find out.

So you're saying
maybe another time?

Another lifetime.

You sure don't have much
stuff after all these years.

Yeah, well, I
like to travel light.


Dad, listen, thanks
for doing this.

No problem. I enjoy it.

Won't take much work.

This place will feel
like home soon enough.

Nothing wrong with
putting down roots, Jordan.

I don't know. You get too
comfortable in one place,

you're bound to be disappointed.

You gotta stop running sometime.

It's just...

Home never felt like a
real safe place to me.

I'm sorry, darling.

No, it's not your fault.

You always tried.

I could stay a little
while if you want.

I'm fine. But thanks.

See you tomorrow, kiddo.


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