Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 5 - You Can't Go Home Again - full transcript

Oh, morning,
Garret. Hey, Jordan.

What you got there?

It's Abby's 17th
birthday tomorrow.

I have no idea what to get her.

What does she want?

Last time I got a
definitive answer to that,

it was a Barbie Dream
House and a pony.

How about a tattoo?
That's not funny.

Okay, what do
you usually get her?

Well, her mom makes a list,
you know, clothes, records.


Fine, CDs, whatever.

It's just that she's been
hanging out with a bunch of losers

and her grades are slipping.

She brought home a "D"
in chemistry the other day.

What if I got her
a chemistry set?

You could also send
her to military academy.

Hey, my dad got me a
chemistry set when I was her age.

Look how I turned out.

Yeah. Wow.

YAKURA: Excuse
me, Dr. Cavanaugh.

Oh, morning, Grace. I was just
on my way to the morning meeting.

That won't be necessary.

There was a warehouse
fire in Southie last night.

One body recovered. Have fun.

Excuse me, Grace?

It's Dr. Yakura
in the workplace.

Cool. Dr. Yakura.

Listen, not that burn victims
aren't fascinating cases,

but come on, I got two
decomps last week, and now this?

There are no bad
cases, only bad coroners.

You read that on a
coffee mug somewhere?

What can I tell you?
Mondays are a bitch.

They sure are.

MAN: Can you grab
that two-inch, throw it up?

EDDY: Watch your step.

There's a lot of debris.

What are you doing here?

They think it's a
gas and match job.

Turns out to be arson,
we got a homicide.

Your guy's straight ahead.

Place looks abandoned.

Yeah, it was a
junkie hangout mostly.

The victim was the first firefighter
on the scene, an off-duty guy, actually.

Saw the smoke, ran in, saved a
crackhead upstairs and went back in.

Never came out.

Well, that must be
our hero over there.



EDDY: Hey, you okay?

Where was that
when he needed it?


I hope for his
sake it was quick.

Smoke inhalation usually takes
you out before you look like this.

Well, we got an ID, or should
I take some dental molds?

No, we know who the guy was.

Fireman James Donnelly.

What engine company?

Uh, 34.

to go. I got to get back.

Hey, ho, hey.

You okay? Let's get
some fresh air. Come on.

That better? Yeah.

The air in there
is still pretty toxic.

I know him.


Jimmy Donnelly.

He was my best friend.

Jordan, you can't
autopsy your best friend.

It's unethical.

I caught the case.

Yeah, and you can hand it off.

You should hand this off.

Jimmy and I always
looked out for each other.

I'm not gonna let him down now.

Mother of God.

The stuff that
nightmares are made of.

Well, there's something
you don't see every day.

I'll flip you for it.

No way. I saw him first.

But I have seniority.

You could arm wrestle.

(GASPS) Oh, my God.

It's Uncle Ha Ha.

He's your uncle?

Well, at least that gets
the ID out of the way.

Channel 52, Uncle
Ha Ha's Happy Hour.

He was one of my
earliest influences.

Now, why doesn't
that surprise me?

How did he die?

That's what I'm
about to find out.

No way! He's my case.

Now, why don't you
both share, hmm?

Surely there's enough
Uncle Ha Ha for everyone?



Before you cut him,
can I just have...



You don't have to
do this, you know.

I do have to do this.


Jimmy wasn't just a friend.


More than that.

Look, I'll be fine.

Case number 011598.

James Xavier Donnelly.

Adult Caucasian male.

Body shows 95 percent full
thickness, third-degree burns.

An artifactual skull fracture is
consistent with internal steam pressure.

His head exploded. He
was already gone by then.

Jeez, Jimmy, what the
hell were you thinking?


It's like you had to
prove something.

You really didn't.
It was just stupid.

Oh... Damn it!

I'll get these.

He was never even a
macho guy, you know?

When he joined the department, I
mean, no one was more shocked than me.

Dr. Cavanaugh?

What's going on here?

You assigned this case to me.

And instead of letting me know
you have a serious conflict of interest,

you just went ahead anyway.

I know he was a friend of yours,

but that's all the more reason
you should want this done right.

Take the rest of the
day off. You're done.

It's okay.

I called her for your own good.

As a friend, I couldn't
just stand there...

Friend? You don't know
the meaning of the word.

Morning, Lily.

Hi, Dr. Macy.

Something wrong?

I'm just feeling a little
mortal, you know?

Yeah, well, this place
will do that to you.

My clown died.

I'm sorry?

Uncle Ha Ha.

Oh, the guy with the TV show.
Yeah, I heard he was here.

When I was a kid I would beg my
mom to get him for my birthday parties,

but we weren't rich
or anything, so...

So no Uncle Ha Ha.


Let me ask you a question.

What did you want for your
birthday when you were 17?


Why do you ask?

Well, it's just my daughter's
17th is tomorrow...

You have a 17-year-old daughter?


Oh, wow, you must
be the coolest dad.


When you were her age, do you think
you would have appreciated a chemistry set?

Sure, I could have
made my own drugs

instead of buying them
from my brother's friends.

I'm kidding.

So you're gonna get
her a chemistry set?

Not anymore.

Got any suggestions?

She likes music, right?

Well, yeah, if the stuff she
listens to you can call music.

You know, the only way
you're gonna figure this out

is if you open up your mind
and let your daughter in.

That's very Zen, Lily.

Eastern thought has been very
beneficial to me in this time of mourning.

Over the clown?

So, music?

It's worth a shot.

Thanks for your advice.

Anytime, Dr. Macy.


Jimmy, he was a brother
to everyone in the company.

He was a crappy cook.

I think we're all still getting
over his Hungarian goulash.


He was one hell of a fireman,

and he's in a better place now.

And hopefully he'll save
a spot for the rest of us.

And, Pat,

you should be proud
of what your son's done.

He's a true hero.

He was a good kid, Pat.


Should we go talk to him?

I think he just needs
some time alone.

Yeah, don't we all.

I'm sorry, Jordan.

I know how you two
felt about each other.

Get away from me.

Who invited him?

No one invites Blackie Conroy.

How come he's even
breathing free air?

Cops could never
make anything stick.

Head of the Irish mob and
they can't pin anything on him?

I don't know. Why
don't you ask a cop?

JORDAN: Speaking of cops...


Hello, Max.

Eddy. How's it going?

It's all right.

Jordan, can I talk
to you for a minute?

If you came here to apologize,
you picked a really lousy time.

I just wanted to tell you before
you heard it someplace else.

Yeah, what's that?

Yakura's autopsy
on Jimmy Donnelly.

She ran his hands
for accelerants.

There was gasoline all over him.

I went back, I did some digging.

There's evidence linking Jimmy to three
suspicious fires in the last seven months.

I don't believe you.

He set the fires.

Look, there's 50
drunk firemen in here

who believe Jimmy
Donnelly's a hero.

Now, I'd watch what I
was saying if I were you.

You're full of it, Eddy.

It's all right here
in your own report.

Top of the morning
to you, too, Jordan.

"No known source of accelerants
in all three of the previous fires.

"The discreet execution of
the job points to a professional."

Yeah, so?

So the fire that killed Jimmy was
a torch job, gasoline and match.

Not very discreet. Did
he switch methods?

I don't know. I wasn't there.

Well, what about
the guy he saved?

This Mitch Platt.

What, the crackhead?

He was a witness.

Who carries on conversations
with the insects on his skin.

Jordan, I know this
is hard to accept.

Your friend was an arsonist.

He set a fire, he died in it.

Case closed.

How convenient for you.

No, Jordan. Convenient for you

and all the rest of the people
who seem to sleep better at night

thinking Jimmy Donnelly is
some kind of a heroic martyr.

Trust me, the more
you dig into this thing,

the harder it's gonna be to
keep him up on that pedestal.

I want the truth, that's all.


Be prepared to live with it.

Hey, Mitch.

Who the hell are you?

Jordan Cavanaugh. I'm from
the Medical Examiner's office.

Am I dead?

No, not yet.

Seems like you got
nine lives working for you.

hasn't killed you.

You even survived
a burning building.

I'm Super Duper Man.

Of course,

you had a little
help with the fire.

The fireman.

Yeah, the guy
who saved your life.

I wanted to shake his hand, but
by the time I got done coughing,

he was already headed
back in the building.

Why did he go back in?

I don't know.

Maybe he wanted to talk to
the guy in the leather jacket,

guy with the bloody nose.

What did he look like?

Like he got his ass kicked.

And the fireman?

He went back in,
Bloody Nose came out.

Fire got real big.

Then the fire trucks
came, police, everything.

That fireman, he okay?

He died.

Oh, man. Now I feel bad.

I was just sitting
there on the curb.

I should have been
helping that guy out.

I think you just did.


Ooh, do I smell a sweetie?

It's my daughter's
birthday. This is her favorite.

Rosie's Bakery, Inman
Square, Chocolate Orgasm.

I'm not even gonna
ask how you just did that.

We should all be so lucky to have a little
Chocolate Orgasm on our birthday, eh?

Well, until she's
18, it's a fudge cake.

How old is she now?
Seventeen today.


You just keep your
hands off my cake.

Seventeen, eh?

God, I remember my salad
days like they were yesterday.

Well, what did you
want for your 17th?

Leopard-skin trousers
and unlimited sexual favors.

And what'd you get?

Besides those?

From your parents, Nigel.


Me dad drove me to
the Navy recruitment.

Sounds like not a
moment too soon.

Well, I have to admit, whether he
knew it or not, he made a man out of me.

That's me dad.

Tough love. That's the
ticket. I believe in that.

So I should force
her to join the Navy?

Dr. Sanders, pick up...


Worked for me.

Dr. Macy, Dr. Sanders

and Dr. Vijayaraghaven-
satyanaryanamurthy are at lunch, so I...



Oh. Carry on.

Well, they're both at lunch, and Uncle
Ha Ha's wife is here to ID the body.

Let me guess, she's
the Bearded Lady?

Dr. Macy.

Fire eater?

Well, should I have her wait?

No, I'll talk to her.
You have the file?

Right here.

He wasn't very old.
What did he die of?

No one knows.

He's a mystery shrouded in
greasepaint, clad in size 22 shoes.


She's in there.

That's Auntie Ha Ha?


I'm in the wrong line of work.

Hey. I pulled the James Donnelly
autopsy photos as requested.

Great, where are they?

Oh, yes!

But they're only
the tip of the iceberg.

What do you mean?

Well, you said you were looking
for signs of an altercation, right?

Yeah. Well, 'cause of
the condition of the body,

there weren't any signs of
bruising, superficial wounds, etcetera.

So what's the iceberg?

Follow me.

I noticed something a little
wonky about our friend's head.

Donut? Thanks.

Now, both you and
Dr. Yakura signed off on

the skull injury as
interior steam pressure,

but look at this.

I blew this little detail up
to 20 times magnification.

Now, that is the
head wound there.

Look at these fractures.

Straight-edged, not jagged.

He was hit. Right.

And judging from the severity
of the wound and the location,

I'd say that a fire was
the least of his worries.

Now, could it have
been from falling debris?

Yeah, possibly.

No, there was nothing near the
body. No beams, no large objects.

Well, he was hit with something.

You sure there
was nothing there?

Thanks, Nigel.

The fire extinguisher
from the warehouse.

Jordan, I told you,
the case is closed.

The impact wound on the left
side of Jimmy Donnelly's skull.

Looks like your closed
case just opened back up.

He was murdered.

What is it about clowns?

What isn't it?

They're only here to
make us happy, right?

You're buying into
the propaganda.

They're scary as hell.

The greasepaints, the capering,

the barely contained rage
inherent in all their antics.

Well, speaking of greasepaint,
maybe that explains this nasty rash here.

You think it was
anaphylaxis that killed him?

Mmm, according to Lily, he'd
been wearing this stuff for 20 years,

and his lungs look okay.

The brain's a different story.

Looks like there's some real
degeneration of the cortex here.


No, a different pattern.

Check out his heart.

It's huge.

Give me a hand.

It's over a kilogram, three
times the normal size.

You see these lesions?

Tumors? Could be.

We'll take a section
and send it to toxicology.

Let's find out why
the laughter died.

Not that way.


How'd you track me down?

Actually, I'm here
to see you, Pat.

It's about Jimmy.

What about him?

He was murdered.


Someone hit him over the head.

Now, do you have any idea
who would want him dead?


Jim was a good kid. Nobody'd
want to do anything to him.

The police seem to think
that he was setting fires.

Jimmy would never
hurt a living person.

Now, you gotta
know that, Jordan.

Is it true?


He's dead and buried.
Let him rest in peace.

Look, I want to let him rest
a hero as much as you do,

but someone killed him, and we're
never gonna find out who that was

if we keep pretending Jimmy
was something he wasn't.

Why was he setting the fires?



Doing it for me.

For you?

I always liked the
ponies, you know that.

God help me, I started
laying bets with Blackie.

Next thing you
know, I'm in deep.

How deep?

85 large.

Oh, for the love of God, Pat.

Some of Blackie's guys, they come over
to the house, they start making threats.

Jimmy went over there
to straighten things out.

No more threats.

What did he do?

He agreed to do a few torch
jobs for them to pay off my debt.

I begged him to stop.

But if he was working for
Blackie and paying off the debt,

why would they want him dead?

Eddy, it's Jordan.

Jordan, can I talk
to you later, please?

No, this is too important.

Look, I think Blackie
Conroy killed Jimmy.

Jordan, I said not now.

He had him on the
payroll doing arson jobs.

Jimmy wanted out. Jordan...

No, it all makes perfect sense.

Jimmy was a liability,

so that piece of garbage Conroy
offed him so he wouldn't talk.


Oh, my ears are burning, Jordy.

I take it you and
Blackie know each other.

Way to go, Jordan.

Like I was supposed to know you and
Blackie Conroy were having a tea party.

I mean, what the hell was
he doing in there, anyway?

I was asking him, as a
cooperative private citizen,

to assist me in
my investigation.

So you are looking
into Jimmy's murder?

Look, either you tell me
what the hell is going on here,

or we're gonna have
to keep meeting like this.

Well, why don't you tell
me what is going on here?

What is it with this Jimmy guy?

We were friends, okay? Friends?



I'm just trying to understand.

Look, we grew up on
the same block together.

He was a couple
years younger than me,

kind of a geeky
kid, a little sensitive.

He was always getting beaten up,

so I just started
looking out for him.

We used to have these races,

you know, all the kids on the block,
down to the liquor store and back,

and I was always pretty fast.

So I'd give him a head
start, try to let him beat me.

Letting him be a man, huh?


Well, neither of us
had moms at home,

so maybe we just
needed each other.

We used to sit up on the
roof of his apartment building,

talk for hours.

He had these pigeons and...

Just having someone
safe to talk to,

maybe he kind of gave
me a head start, too.

That's why I got to find
out what happened to him.

Otherwise, I'm just
leaving him in the dust.

Come here for a second.


Well, we found out
that Blackie Conroy

brought in an ex-con out of
Jersey named Ray Hanrahan.

To off Jimmy?

Well, to take over his gig.

The guy's got three
arsons on his record.

Yeah, but did he kill him?

I don't know yet. We're
still trying to find the guy.

We got him on a security camera

at a diner near the warehouse
an hour before the fire.

But after that, the guy's gone.

Blackie paid him to get scarce.

We got APBs from
Maine to Florida.

There's nothing more to be done.

But I want you to
promise me you're gonna

leave this alone, trust
us to catch this guy.

I can't do that. Why not?

It doesn't make sense.

Why would Jimmy run back
into that warehouse to get killed?

And why would Hanrahan wait around
inside a burning building to kill Jimmy?

When we catch the
guy, we'll ask him, okay?

Well, I'm sorry. I can't
wait around for that.

So what did you find out?

About what?

Uncle Ha Ha. How did he die?

We don't know yet.
Nothing seems to fit.

We've ruled out a heart
attack, stroke, aneurysm.

His medical records
don't point to anything?

Well, that's just it, there
aren't any to speak of.

The man hadn't had a
check-up in 35 years.

Well, who needs a check-up when
you have that much love in your life?


Well, as far as we can tell,
he didn't seem to smoke,

and there's no sign of
alcohol or drug abuse.

Of course not. He
was Uncle Ha Ha.

Well, actually,

he was Sydney Mendelbaum and
he was born and raised in the Bronx.



What are you doing?

Big pimpin'. What
does it look like?

I borrowed some of your
CDs. I hope you don't mind.

I wanted to see what you
were listening to these days.


So, what's going on?

Oh, it's about tonight.

Yeah, we have
reservations at 7:30.

I know, but Kyle got
tickets to go see Ludacris.

Abby, it's your birthday.

I know. That's why I thought you'd be cool
with letting me go to the concert instead.

Well, no, I'm not cool with it.

We have dinner
reservations at Yang Chow's.

I know. I hate that restaurant.

You want to go someplace
else, fine. Just tell me where.

To the concert.

We've been going to Yang
Chow's since you were five years old.

You know, there's
something called tradition.

Oh, like I'm supposed to get
all misty over the memories?

Sitting there eating
greasy Peking Duck,

listening to you and
Mom fight World War Ill?

Well, fortunately for
you, it's just me this year.

This has nothing to do
with your mother and me.

That's not what my shrink says.

And you know what she
also told me? She told me that

I don't have to blame myself
anymore for everything falling apart,

'cause it turns out it wasn't
my fault at all, it was yours.

Are you done?

Now, you listen to me.

You're going to Yang Chow's
whether you like it or not.

You're gonna sit your
17-year-old ass down in that chair.

We're gonna celebrate your
birthday the same as always.

Is that clear?

Big plans tonight?

Cup of ramen and
Star Trek fan fiction.

I'm working on a chapter

where Captain Janeway is
forced to mate with a Borg.

That would be so sad
if you weren't so happy.


Speaking of which...


Working late?

No, I just... I found some
classic Uncle Ha Has.

This was the farewell show.



And they say reality TV is bad.

Surreality is far
more disturbing.

His was an inspired madness.

BUG: On that we can agree.


What? Watch the clown.

TREY: Inability to coordinate
muscle movements.

No longer registering pain.

The skin rashes.


Race you to the crypt.



Gummas in the frontal lobe.

You check for spirochetes?

There's a concentration of
them near the ganglia. I was right.

Uncle Ha Ha was an
insane, syphilitic clown.

He must have been walking
around untreated for 20 years.

He found a way to make VD pay,
and for that we should salute him.

There's a bigger
issue here, you know.

I hear you.

And I say when we publish to
the journal, we do it as a team.

I'll even take second position.

Not that.


Who's gonna tell Lily?

Jordan. We weren't
expecting you.

I was just...

Is he around?

Yeah, he's in the kitchen.

You're free to come
in, but not with those.

I know you don't like to
upset him, and I respect that.


I haven't noticed an awful
lot of respect from you.

I thought I heard the door.
What's going on, Jordan?

The other guy in the building was Ray
Hanrahan, one of Blackie Conroy's thugs.

You know this for a fact?

Eddy confirmed it.

So what do you want
me to do about it?

I want you to come to
the warehouse with me.

Just walk through it. If there's
nothing there, I'll leave it alone.


Won't take but an hour.

Jeez, that poor kid.

Yeah, I think about him
in those last few moments.

Best if you don't.

Okay, let's get this over with.

Who do you want to
be, Jimmy or Hanrahan?

I'll be Hanrahan.

I'm Jimmy.

This is the last fire I set.

I don't care about finesse
anymore. I just want out.

I pour the gasoline,
throw the match.

Debt's paid. I'm leaving.

I can't let you. You
know too much.

I grab the fire extinguisher.

What's a fire extinguisher doing in
the middle of an empty warehouse?

Jimmy brought one just in case.

Or maybe he didn't come
here to set a fire at all.

Maybe he came here to stop it.

JORDAN: I'm putting
out the fire as best I can.

MAX: I set this fire. I'm
not letting you put it out.


JORDAN: Someone
else is in the building.

It's the junkie.

MAX: You get out, but your
conscience won't let you leave me to die.

JORDAN: I come back
to get you. It's still my job.

MAX: And this is still mine.

It all makes sense.

JORDAN: Could you
give me a hand with this?

Where did the fire inspector
determine the fire started?

Right over there,
point of origin.

Then what's this?

Second point of origin.

The accelerant on Jimmy
wasn't from setting the fire.

He was set on fire.

Hanrahan's a thorough guy.

But the building's already
on fire. Why set another one?

Doesn't make sense.

He didn't want
anyone to find the body.

Why not?

(SIGHING) Jimmy can
connect Blackie to the arsons.

They wanted to
obscure his identity.

But if Jimmy's dead, he
can't squeal on Blackie.

And if the fire's blamed
on Jimmy, everybody wins.

Everybody except Jimmy.

Then that's it.

JORDAN: I see someone
has already set the fire.

MAX: Fire goes
out, I don't get paid.

I'm not gonna let you stop me.

JORDAN: That's when we fight.
I hit you with the fire extinguisher.

MITCH: Help!

JORDAN: Then I hear the junkie.

I come back to save you.

You're already dead. I didn't mean
to kill you, but what's done is done.

I take off my
jacket, put it on you.

So, if Hanrahan
died in the fire...

Then where's Jimmy?

He came home the other night.

I thought I was seeing a ghost.

I told him he should stay the
night, at least get some sleep.

He looked like hell.

But he said it's too
dangerous for me.

He's still thinking about me.

You got to tell me where he is.

He's gone, Jordan.
Just leave it at that.

I know you want to protect him,
Pat, but he's got to turn himself in.

The only people in this world that
know it wasn't Jimmy in that coffin

are sitting at this table.

It don't need to go further.

We can't do that, and I don't
think you can do that, either.

It's the least I can do.

By the grace of God, it
wasn't Jimmy in there.

He got a second chance, and
we should all be glad for him.

MAX: For what?

For living his whole life as a fugitive,
assumed names, watching his back?

You really want
that for your son?

Instead of jail? Yeah, I do.

You were always
his friend, Jordan.

Don't let all this change that.


Nothing ever could.


All I need is the cause of
death and both your signatures,

and then they can
come and take him.

Cause of death?

Yeah, line eight, like always.

This really is
Dr. Sanders' case.

He should probably...


Cause of death.

There you go.

He died like he lived.

Lifestyle can be a factor.

"Enlarged aortic valves and
pericardium due to tertiary syphilis."

Oh, that is so beautiful.

It is?

He died because
his heart was too big.

Want something to eat?

No, thanks.

What do I do now, Dad?

Well, you don't necessarily
have to do anything.

So you agree with Pat?

That's not what I said.

I said it's one choice.

So I should call the cops?

You know what you
need to do, Jordan.

My opinion's got
nothing to do with it.

You're right.

I'd better go.

I think I need to be alone
for a while, figure this out.


Detective Winslow, please.

The old man said
you were on to me.


Just didn't seem right to
leave without saying goodbye.

Like I did to you.

You were going to
college. You had to go.

It's not like we really hung
out in high school anyway.

I didn't have to
blow you off like that.

I guess I've always been
pretty bad with goodbyes.

Just hopping on a bus
seemed a lot easier, you know?

Do I ever.

Are you really gonna
go through with this?

Blackie Conroy
was gonna kill me.

Didn't leave me
much of a choice.

You think I'm scum, too.

No, I'm just trying to
put this all together.

The fires, they were
always property, Jordan,

not people.

I told Blackie that I was done.

There's no such thing as a
clean start, though, Jimmy.

What am I supposed
to do, turn myself in?

Face all those people
who trusted me?

I could stand up for you.

I know you will. You always did.

I'm better off dead,

for everyone's sake.

You know I'm gonna
have to call the cops, right?

I figured, yeah.

Just give me a head start?

You got a half hour.



Well, I laid it out
for my captain.


He's not buying it.

What's not to buy?

Well, Hanrahan's only real
family was Conroy's gang,

and they sure as hell
aren't calling him in missing.

So it's not a big priority.

Or maybe I just
didn't sell it very well.

I would have thought
you, of all people,

would be chomping
at the bit to get this guy.

I don't know.

Maybe I'm less worried
about him than I am about you.

What's that supposed to mean?

I know how you feel about rats.

I know what it must have
taken for you to turn him in.

So now I'm a rat. Great.

There are times when
you care about somebody,

you got to do what's best for
them, even if they don't know it.

My dad stopped blaming
you a long time ago.

I was the one that
couldn't let it go.

Maybe we should just both
cut ourselves a break, huh?

I'm not quite done
kicking myself just yet.

You, on the other hand,

maybe it has been long enough.

Thank you, Eddy.

I won't forget this.

Just don't make a habit of it.


You okay?

She never showed.

Abby. We were supposed to
have dinner for her birthday.

Oh, that's right.

I'm sorry.

Is she all right?

I don't know.

I have no idea where
she is, who she's with.

All these years, you
watch this person grow up,

and when they finally do...

You don't even
know them anymore.

How bad does that suck?

Sucks pretty bad.

I feel like I'm
losing her, Jordan.

If you have any words
of wisdom, I'm all ears.


losing people is a subject
I kind of know a lot about.

Don't let go.

No matter what.

Let's just hope I have
some say in the matter.

I'm schlepping this damn cake
around all day. We are so beyond cake.

I'm not.

Help yourself.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Go ahead, make a wish.

Not in the mood.

Then I'll put in a
good word for you.


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