Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 4 - Born to Run - full transcript

Jordan teams up with the FBI to look into a supposed murder-suicide that took place at a strip club owned by the Russian Mob.

DOORMAN: No, no,
get out of here, you guys.

You got to go. We're
closed for business.


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Yo, yo, yo, beautiful.
What are you doing?

Going to work.
Oh, you work here?

'Cause the cop said
the club is closed.

Yeah. Somebody got
killed or something.

That so?

Yeah, so since you're not dancing tonight,
maybe you want to come party with us.


Like I said, I got
to get to work.

Well, Trixie, at least you can tell us
what kind of toys you got in the bag.

Trust me, you guys
don't want to know.

Oh, we definitely want to know.


This is an F-tech temp probe.

I stick it in dead
people's livers.

This end slides in right under the
ribcage like that. Barely leaves a mark.

And this end here tells
you how warm they are.

Every degree below 98.6 is one
hour they've been pushing up daisies.


Pretty hot, huh?
Nighty night, boys.

Nice place. Come here often?

Hey, what are you
doing here, Cavanaugh?

I didn't know you
swung this way.

A girl can look, can't she?
How you doing, Maltese?

Better than those two
people in the back room.

When'd you get back?

Heard you were in La La Land.

Yeah, it didn't take. You get
anything from the witnesses?

Well, if they saw
anything, they're not talking.

This place is owned and
operated by the Russian mob.

That there is the
big fish, Ivan Kerzov.

The guy on the
right with the beard.

Come on, let's
meet the lovebirds.

Calling it murder-suicide.

Sounds like a nice,
clean explanation.

Any reason it's like
a sauna in here?

Hey, Pete, you want to
turn down the thermostat?

Hey, who found the bodies?

One of the dancers.

Dead girl's name
is Angelica Grayson.

Guy shot her four times
before he did himself.

He must have loved her.

You shoot someone once,
you just want them dead.

Four times, that's love.

You always were a
romantic, Cavanaugh.

Takes one to know one, Omar.

He's been dead
for 10 to 12 hours.

Yeah, the rigor on the girl
puts her in the same time frame.

They were last seen around
closing time last night about 5:00 a.m.


So who is he? A jealous john?

Maybe. His name
is Robert Munson.

He's an insurance claims
adjuster from Kansas.

We're running him through BCI.

Here you go. Found
this .38 in his hand.

Pulled a bullet out
of the wall over there.


Sound Russian?

How would I know?


TYLER: It's me.
Open the door, Jordan.

Hey, Jordan.


You're here in Boston.

This is true.

Do you know what time it is?

Yeah, sorry to stop by so
late. My flight just got in from LA.

I'm on my way to Patagonia.

Bad weather down there,
grounded till tomorrow.

You look great.

Thanks. Yeah.

Wait, no. No thanks. Do
you know what time it is?

Yeah, we just went over that.

Anyway, I just wanted to come by and
give you back your Swiss Army knife.

I lost the tweezers. Sorry.

Oh, I know what
you're trying to do.

What am I trying to do, Jordan?

You're trying to
make me feel guilty.

Why would you feel guilty?

Gonna invite me in?

Ooh, let me think
about that. No.

Look, just 'cause you've
got confrontation issues...

Oh, I have confrontation issues.

Don't get all defensive 'cause
I won't let you off the hook.

Hook? I can let myself
off my own hook.

Is it too much to ask to
break up with me in person?

I don't know what
you're smoking, Ty,

but don't lay this Deepak
Chopra crap on me.

And I get an answering machine message,
"I'm going back to Boston. See you."

I just want some closure.

You just want some closure?


Here you go.

Late night?

Visit from the Ghost of Relationships
Past. Sleep was not forthcoming.

I'm not asking.
And I'm not telling.

What happened in
the morning meeting?

You and me are on the suicide.

Dr. Macy said he'll
take the dead stripper.


Right, sorry.

See you in trace. Okay.


Good morning, Garret.

You know, despite my objection
to you sleeping in the morgue,

at least you were
on time for work.

Sorry. My alarm broke.

Really. Don't tell me,
your dog ate it, right?

Do you want me to come
back when you're less grumpy?

Let me explain something to you.

Every corpse we process creates
approximately six pounds of paperwork,

with every I dotted, every
T crossed by yours truly.

Last night, I left
here at 3:00 a.m.,

and I spent the better
part of the morning

trying to locate next to
kin for Miss Grayson here,

so I could start
dotting and crossing...

Garret. What?

I will take care of her.

The notification, let me do it.


You're welcome.

what've we got here?

Well, we got track
marks between the toes.

I'm running toxicology, but
it's a safe bet she was a user.

Well, these look healed,
over a month old at least.

What, she tried to kick?

That would explain it.

Explain what?

Enlarged uterus.

She was pregnant?

Yeah, six weeks.

Dr. Macy, your daughter's here.

I told her that she
could wait in your office.

Thanks, Emmy.
I'll be right there.

Your magazines suck.

this isn't a dentist office, Abby.

To what do I owe
this pleasant surprise?

I thought I wasn't
picking you up till tonight.

Yeah, well, Mom and
Walter left for Sardinia early.

How nice for them.
Why aren't you in school?

I got suspended.

Excuse me?

God, like, just freak out before
I get to explain, why don't you?

All right, you're
right. I'm sorry.

Please explain.

It was totally stupid.

My bio teacher caught me and this
guy messing around in the supply closet.


Messing around? What does
that mean, messing around?

You know, messing around?

You're not gonna
make me say it, are you?

Are you talking about sex?

Yes, Dad, I'm talking
about sex. Can I finish?

I mean... So me and this kid
got ratted out to the principal

and she suspends
me for four days.

It's really, really not
a big deal. It's just that

now the school's probably gonna call
you, so I figured I'd give you a heads up.

Oh, well, thank you, Abby.

Thank you so much for
keeping me in the loop.

I really appreciate it.

No, thank you so much
for being so nonjudgmental.



Robert Munson, Caucasian
male, age 52 years.

Rigor mortis no longer present.

Subject has been
deceased roughly 24 hours.

Pretty ripe for just a day dead.

Trauma to the head is consistent
with self-inflicted gunshot.

Powder burns and tattooing indicate
the barrel was pressed to his temple.

Exit wound looks clean.

You said they recovered
the bullet from the scene?

Yep. Nigel's running it right now against
the bullets we pulled from the girl.

Make sure it's
from the same gun.

Make sure, huh? This
one feel funny to you?

Just want to find
out why he killed her.

Thin line running
across the chest.

Small cuts under the
armpits, probably postmortem.

Looks like they might have tied
the body down too tight in transport.

You got something?

Take a look at this.

You see these white spots
around the head wound?

What do they look like to you?


Larvae, actually.


Pass me those
forceps and that scalpel.

Hey, Bug, you're not gonna
do something gross, are you?

Yes. Awesome.

Here you are.

When did you find this body?

Last night.

Liver and rigor put his TOD
eight to 10 hours before that.

And the girl?

Same, eight to 10 hours. Cops
think he killed himself after he shot her.

That's odd. There aren't
any eggs on her body.

Well, that's exactly why
I called you. What's up?

The larva is Hermetia
illucens, black soldier fly.

The fact that eggs are already
hatching on Mr. Munson is...

Well, it's impossible.

But I've seen eggs on corpses that
have only been dead a few hours.

Are you an expert on
black soldier fly larvae?

Not that I recall.

Of course not, because if you were,
you would know that the Hermetia illucens

isn't normally attracted to a
body until five days after death.

The corpse has to be at a fairly
advanced stage of decomposition

for it to be palatable.

They're finicky.

But you said the
girl's corpse is clean.

So if both bodies were found in the same
room and have the same time of death...

They're decomposing
at different rates.

He's rotting four
times faster than she is.



Is this the Hotel Sardinia?

(SCREAMING) Jordan, knock
it off. What are you doing?

Yeah, I'm trying to reach
Señora Maxine Warner.

Stop it.

Well, is there anyone
there who can parla Inglese?

Would you put some money in?

Look, this piece of crap has already
stolen enough money from me.

Do you need some help?

Well, my ex-wife's
on vacation in Italy,

and I'm trying to find
someone who speaks English.

Just... What are you doing?


Maxine Warner?


She wasn't there.
I left a message.

Where did you...
Language immersion.

One semester abroad.

His name was Paolo.


Oh, so wait. Why are you trying
to track her down on her vacation?


Abby is

sexually active.

Ah, okay. Well,
she's 17, right? Yeah.

Yeah, but that's a healthy age.

What are you talking about?

My little girl's messing around
with boys in supply closets.

The school's about to call me. And
I'm expected to deal with this nightmare?

So you're gonna pass
the buck to your ex?

I'm not passing
the buck. I'm just...

I'm trying to enlist
the help of someone

who's a lot more qualified
to deal with the situation.

Abby came to you
because she trusts you.

Be a dad and take
care of it yourself.

And be cool. Just
listen to her, okay?

Okay. Okay.





It'll be fine.

Give me, give me.

Do I even have to ask why
you need to fire Munson's gun?

If you must know, it's
because I missed you, Maltese.

Fine. We're checking the gun
against the bullets in Angelica,

and the head shot from the wall.

You are aware that we have criminalists
who are actually paid to solve crimes?


Okay, I'll bite. But what's
not adding up for you?

Dead guy, gun in his
hand, half his head blown off.

Munson's body is decomposing
radically faster than Angelica's.

It's a fascinating medical
curiosity, so I'm curious.

You're curious?

Yeah, curious.

Children, stop
bickering and look.

All right, on the
left is the head shot.

On the right is the bullet
I fired into the chamber.

They match.


Same with the bullets
in the girl's body.

They were all fired
from the same gun.

You satisfied now?

Just because the bullets
match doesn't mean you're right.

If it walks like a duck,
talks like a duck...

Jordan, this is Agent
Larrabee with the FBI.

Dr. Cavanaugh was the
M.E. assigned to the case.

Detective Maltese.

What are they
doing with my body?

They're taking
Mr. Munson with them.

Taking him where?

I'm afraid I can't
tell you that.

Garret, what is
she talking about?

We're gonna need any tissue
samples, trace evidence analysis

and any fingerprints
you might have taken.

Oh, if there's an autopsy
report, that'd be really helpful, too.

But she can't do that.

She can and she did.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for your
cooperation, Doctor.

Oh, and I'm really sorry
about any inconvenience.

I'm sorry, what was that you
were saying about a duck?


I don't care if they're the FBI.
They can't just waltz in here,

take my body, my autopsy
reports, all my tissue samples.

Robert Munson was
wanted for tax evasion,

over a million dollars bilked from phony
insurance claims and never reported.

They told you that? That's
what they told me, that's right.

Yeah, well, they lied. They're
Feds, that's what they do.

So what if they did? Come on,
it's their case. Who cares, Jordan?

I do. This guy is not worth
your dogged crusade for truth.

Okay, you're right. He's
not the one that I care about.

The girl, Angelica.

Without Munson, I may
never find out why she died.

No luck on the notification?

Her dentals tracked
back to Branson, Missouri.

Both parents are dead.
Only next of kin is a brother,

who may or may not be
on a fishing boat in Alaska.

Well, you'll find
him. You always do.

Yeah, maybe. But what am I
gonna tell him happened to his sister?

This whole thing is gonna
get swept under the FBI's rug,

and it's pretty obvious they
could care less about her.

You know,

the FBI never actually ordered
us off Angelica Grayson's case.

Garret Macy.

Are you actually telling
me to keep crusading?

As if you would ever
do what I told you to.



Hey, get your nose
out of my yellowtail.

You sure about this?

The whole takeout sushi thing
seems a little sketchy to me.

Freshly cut and out
the door in 10 minutes.

Our taco days are over.

Hey, if you're not doing anything
for lunch, I'm going to a strip club.


You could have said spatter
analysis instead of strip club.


Something makes me think that spatter
analysis wouldn't have gotten you here.

Stop fidgeting.

This is wrong. How
tall was Munson?


The spatter from the exit wound is
too low. I don't think he was standing.

On your knees, Sanders.


Too easy.


That's it.

Hey, Bug, hand me that marker.

Want to share with the class?

Munson put the gun
to his temple, fired.

Bullet came out the other side,

creating the spatter
on the opposite wall.

Spatter on this wall is from the
blowback, blood from the entry wound.

But for some reason,
there should be blood here,

here and here.

But there isn't.

Someone was standing here.


Forgot something
inside. We, uh...

We'll catch up with you later.

You boys want some singles?

Agent Larrabee, right?

Please, it's Jenny.
You want a donut?

Nice van. Yours?

What are you doing around
here, Dr. Cavanaugh?

Please, it's Jordan.

So, what's up with
the stakeout, Jenny?


Can't a girl just sit in her
van and eat some donuts?

Okay, play the secret
agent stuff all you want,

but I could help you if you'd just
tell me what the hell's going on.

Well, I could tell you, but
then I'd have to kill you.

Have a good one, Jordan.

That's right. Yeah, I'm trying to
get in touch with Robert Grayson.

Uh-huh, and your fishing
boats have no phones on them?

No, no, I've already left three
messages and this is really important.

No, thank you. Yeah,
you've been extremely helpful.



How did you get in here?

Told the lady up front I was here
to identify the body of my girlfriend.

You're her, all right.

I thought your plane left.

I'm not your girlfriend.

Yeah, you never did
like the whole label thing.


I don't want to fight.

That's a new one.

Listen, I told you from the get-go
this was not gonna be a serious thing.

So that's why you took
off. It got too serious.

I did not take off. I...

I relocated. Had
nothing to do with us.

So it was nothing I did wrong?

What? No. 'Cause I
thought the sex was fantastic.

It was fantastic.

We just agreed on something.

You can stop yelling now.

Don't tell me what to do.

I never told you what to do.

My flight got bumped
back till tomorrow.

If you wanna talk before
then, I've got my cell with me.


Bye, Jo.



Hey. Hi.

Was that your boyfriend?

No. He's just a...
You know, some guy.

We heard you
yelling. Great sex, eh?

He has a hearing problem.

Was there something
you guys wanted?

Yeah. You might want
to take a look at this.

A bullet? Mmm-hmm.

Yeah, the feebies
took everything,

but Munson's x-rays
were out at the lab.

So, what are you gonna do?

Now, I can't be certain, but I
would guess that is a .38 caliber.

I thought they recovered
the bullet at the crime scene.

They did.

He was already dead.




Two drink minimum.

Two beers.

Is the cop here?


Because if I get
seen talking to a cop,

Ivan will beat the
living crap out of me.

Come on.

They're watching us.

Now they're following us.

What are you doing?

They'll leave us alone if
they think you're a client.

Client? Oh, sure.

That dead guy in the
dressing room with Angie...


I know him.

He used to be in
here every night.

I thought Munson
was from Kansas.

(SCOFFS) News to me.

So he and Angelica?

No. This was a year ago.

Angie wasn't even
working here yet.

Deadbeat talked a big game,
but he couldn't back it up.

He promised me a trip to
Hawaii if I gave him a freebie.

Grab my ass.


Grab my ass. He's watching us.




Next time I saw him, he was
dead with his head blown off.

Okay, thanks for the tip.

That guy, his name
wasn't Munson.

It was Sergei. He
was one of them.

One of who?

One of them.

Tax cheat, my ass. Hi, Jordan.

You want to tell
me what's going on?

Not really.

Look, I know about Sergei, but I
don't know what he has to do with you.

He was in witness protection.

So how did he know
the girl, Angelica?

I have no idea.

Look, I'm not even supposed
to be on this anymore.

I'm just trying to
cover my ass here.

When Sergei committed
suicide, he killed my...

He killed our case.

Well, that's just it. He
didn't commit suicide.

And how do you know that?

Well, I'd tell you, but
then I'd have to kill you.

bought you your latte.

Now, who is the artist formerly
known as Robert Munson?

Sergei Relovich, bottom
feeder in the overall organization,

but still in the know.

Our friend Ivan
from the Play Pen?

Mr. Big Shot?

He pretty much runs
the Boston operation.

Sergei was his right
hand, but stupid, vulnerable.

So a couple of years back, we
pinch him in a sting. Underage girl.

Working for the FBI, no doubt.

You do what you gotta do.

So we cut a deal. Testify
against Ivan and walk.

Set him up in Kansas,
white picket fence, cushy job.

Case was a slam dunk.

Ivan was formally indicted

and we were ready to put him
and the entire organization to bed.

But Sergei flew the coop.

About a year and a half ago.

And let me guess, it
happened on your watch.

I brought him to Boston for
a deposition. He slipped me.

He walked right
out of the hotel.

It was a simple job, just
watch him, and I blew it.


Best we could figure is he got
fake papers and left the country.

So where's he been
for the last 18 months?

That's the mystery.

This guy... This guy
was an idiot, Jordan.

But somehow, he just
dropped off the planet.

Agent Larrabee,
this is Dr. Sanders.

He was nice enough
to help us out.

Pleasure. All mine.

Your pal Maltese gave
me keys to Angelica's place.

I told him I needed personal
effects to find next of kin.

I didn't mention
the murderer part.

This is everything I
could fit in my ride.

Oh, yeah. This
looks like a clue.

So what does this
have to do with Sergei?

Sergei was already dead
when Angelica was shot,

so he's just a prop to
sell the murder-suicide.

Killing wasn't about
him, it was about her.

So the girl was the target?


Any evidence of a
boyfriend in the apartment?

(CHUCKLES) Try luxury
condo. She was loaded.

Not bad for a stripper.

Someone was taking care of her.

Who's the girl
in all the photos?

No idea. Maybe her sister.

She didn't have a sister. Just a
brother I can't find. Thank you.

This is Angelica. She
still has the same eyes.

This is what she used to look
like before she transformed herself.

Had her nose done, teeth fixed,

obvious breast enhancement.

Cost a lot of money
for that kind of work.

Maybe her sugar
daddy paid for it.

Well, that's an
interesting theory.

How are you gonna prove that?

We ask Angelica.

You want to tell me
how cutting this girl open

is gonna tell us who paid
for her plastic surgery?

I stopped asking
questions a while ago.

She doesn't like
being challenged.


What about you, Dr. Sanders?

You like being challenged?

Depends on the challenge.

Get a room.

Hey, guys. Take a look.

What have you got there, Doctor?

It's a breast implant.

An implant with a serial number.

Every number
leads to a distributor,

and every distributor can
track their implants to a surgeon.

Now, if our sugar daddy paid
for this, we just got his name.


Hey, sorry I'm late.
Traffic really sucked.

You look beat.
Yeah, well, I am beat.

You want to stop for pizza?

Abby, we've got to talk.

They called, huh?
Yeah, they called.

Well, I'm sure you have the big after
school special speech on teen sex,

so, why don't
you just let 'er rip?

Can't we just have a normal
conversation without the attitude?

Sure, Dad.

What do you want to talk
about first, condoms or positions?

Abby! What?

I just want to talk.

Yeah, as if you're really interested
in my life, like you even know me.

Listen, I understand that the last
few years have been tough on all of us,

but I am really
making an effort here.


You should know that I've
come to certain realizations

about my life lately and...

Oh, God, don't tell me you
have cancer or something.


No, I don't have cancer.

I'm just... I'm trying really
hard to connect with you.

Oh, great. Well, you know what?

Why don't you make a
connection with yourself, Dad?

Because for me,
it's too little, too late.


Our sugar daddy is a low-ranking
goon in Ivan's organization,

name of Viktor Belkoff.

Sounds like a nice Irish lad.

So, we still thinking
murder-suicide, Detective?

(SIGHING) Yeah, yeah.
Rub it in all you want.

Tell me about Sergei Relovich.

I don't know any Sergei.

Can I go now?

Sure. Just one
more thing. Angelica.

You spent a lot of
money on her, huh?

I told you. I was
with friends last night.

You bought her a car, a condo.

It's not against the
law, even in this country.

Well, you must have loved her.

So, what if I did?

I admire a man like you, Viktor.

Sure, you do.

Dating a stripper.

You must be a really secure guy.

All those other men

staring at her, touching her.

You must have a
lot of self-control.

Hey, it was just a job.

Well, you just hear
things, you know?

With some girls, for the
right price, they'll go pretty far.

She didn't do that.



But if you had found out she
did, what would you have done?

I'm not answering
any more questions.

I want my lawyer now.

You don't need a lawyer,
Viktor. We're just chatting here.

You can go.

Did you know she was pregnant?


He killed her.

Yeah, well, good
luck proving it.

He'll alibi out on the girl

and there's no way of
connecting him to Sergei.

There's always a way.

So you want to link this
Viktor guy to both murders.

That's tough.

I know.

This was about rage, control,
and he couldn't control her.

Well, that explains
him killing her,

but Sergei... See,
something doesn't fit.

If he was already dead,
how'd he get to the club?

I don't know.

All right.

Let's start at the beginning.

I'll be Viktor.

I'm Angelica.

JORDAN: I'm working
the room. Where are you?

MAX: Watching.

You like to watch me.

And I hate it, too.

This is the only place
where I have the power.

The way I look, the way I move.

It's all about making them mine.

But it's an illusion.
It's just a job.

Yeah, but it pisses me off.

So what are you
gonna do about it?


Until we close.

MAX: I want you to
stop working here.

You don't need to.
I'll take care of you.

I don't want to be taken
care of. Stop controlling me!

Everything you have,
I gave you. I own you.

You belong to me,
you understand that?

But I don't love you!

MAX: You shouldn't
have said that.

I made a mistake.

If Ivan finds out I did this
in his club, I'm a dead man.

You have to cover it up.
You have to find a patsy.

I have a patsy. Sergei.

Where did you get him?

Maybe I killed him earlier,

stashed him someplace,
dragged him in.

Made it look like he killed her.

But Sergei had the same
time of death as the girl.

And he's decomposing
faster. Why?

I don't know.

What causes a body to decompose?

Time, exposure to
the elements, heat.

You said it was hot
at the crime scene.

Yeah, it was like
a sauna in there.

I had to ask one of the cops
to turn the thermostat down.

Who do you think turned it up?

Viktor. Viktor turned it up.


He had to thaw something out?

Sergei was on ice.

He died the night
he disappeared.

He was dead for
a year and a half.

Sergei's been on
ice for 18 months.

Now, my guess is our boy
Viktor caught up with him,

put a bullet in his head, stuck
him in a freezer somewhere.

No body, no crime.

That's quite a leap. I
know it's a long shot,

but if we can find the
freezer where they put him,

maybe we can
trace it back to Viktor.

Uh-huh. And where
would we even start?

With Sergei. I just need to
take another look at his body.

Not gonna happen. Why not?

They're flying the body
down to Quantico in two hours.

Then we got two hours.

JORDAN: You know those guys?

must be from Washington.

Look, I told you I got
booted off this case.

I can't go around
flashing my badge.


We don't need no
stinking badges.

Hey, boys. Looking for the
body of one Robert Munson.

We in the right place?
I'm afraid not. And you are?

Medical Examiner's office.

Are you sure Robert
Munson isn't in there?

Because I've got this fax here from
the CDC saying I need to do an exam.

Center for Disease Control?

Yeah, you think I'm wearing this
suit 'cause it makes me look cool?

Take a good look at
that body in there, boys.

Does the word "contagion"
mean anything to you?

Ma'am, this is
a classified area.

Fine. Play the classified card.

Don't come crying to
us when your arm falls

off because of some
flesh-devouring disease.

Go ahead. We'll be
inside if you need us.

It sure looks like a
flesh-eating disease.

Dorian Gray effect.

Frozen body appears freshly
dead when it's first thawed,

but as time passes, it
exponentially catches up with nature.

Sergei's gonna be
mush in about two days.

What are you looking for?

Well, if he was hanging up
in a freezer for 18 months,

we should find trace elements
of whatever was in there with him.

What've you got there, dirt?

Definitely coffee.
What's it from?

Dead body.


Can you trace it? "Can
I trace it?" she asks.

Pass me that binder, love.

"Big Bad Compendium
of Exotic Substances."

On shelves this fall
at your local bookstore.

See, what we have here really
is residue from a coffee bean.

Now, coffee beans are
unique in region and blend.

No two the same.

Kind of like snowflakes.

Highly caffeinated snowflakes.

But I digress.
Colombian Sumatra.

Right, now where would one find
such a unique taste experience?

"Beantown: Tracing
Coffee in Boston."

You gotta be kidding me.

Well, when one's entire 401
K is invested in Starbucks,

one has to know the business.

Here we go. Colombian Sumatra.

Only three stores in
Boston carry it, and, well...

Fancy that. They all
use the same distributor.

Panequator Industries.

Now, one would think they
have a local warehouse.

At least that's
where I would start.

AGENT: FBI! Freeze!

You can't just bust in here!

Can you read, pal? Huh?

What's this say? "Warrant."
I can bust anywhere I want.

Listen, I'm telling you,
no one comes in here.

This room's for long term
storage. You're wasting your time.

Larrabee, over here.

Dried blood. Sergei had cuts under
his armpits. He was hanging on this.

No one comes in here, huh?

Lady, you're gonna get me
killed. This is none of my business.

You getting killed is
the least of my worries.

Now, you tell me. Who
has access to this freezer?

You've got nothing on me.

Maybe you're right, Viktor.

I mean, just because I can put
Sergei in a freezer that you own,

doesn't mean you
killed him, right?

Right. But then I ask myself,

how come you're the only person
who had access to that freezer?

So, we had to
look a little harder.

I love the smell of dirty
cash in the morning.

Colombia's number two export.

Seven hundred grand
in laundered money,

packed right into
their coffee beans.

I want to make a deal.

What kind of a deal
are we talking here?

You put me in witness
protection, I give you names.

Don't take it personal,
Doc. She's just doing her job.

It's a fair trade-off.

A lot of bad people are gonna
get locked up because of this.

And all it took was an
innocent girl getting killed.

Viktor. Let's talk.

Sounds real fair to me.


You're here late.

Yeah, guess I'm avoiding
going home these days.

Abby, huh? Mmm.

You haven't had that
little talk with her yet?

Well, I did and I forgot
to thank you for that,

'cause your be cool
approach, complete disaster.

Paging Dr. Cavanaugh.

There's a Mr. Grayson here.
He's here about his sister.

I'll see you.

Yeah, that's her.


I'm so sorry.

She looks so different.

I haven't seen her in six years.

She kind of ran away
when my folks died.

Angelica's personal
effects are in storage.

I thought if I ever found
you, you might want them.

Oh, and there's this.

It's for someone named Baba.

When she was little, she
couldn't say my name, Bobby,

so she'd call me Baba.


I collected these
when I was a kid.

And she used to take them
and bury them in the yard.


God, I used to
get so mad at her.

Couple of years ago, I
started getting them in the mail.

No return address, but
I knew they were from...


Thanks for finding me.

Thanks. Thanks
for helping Angie.


Where were you?

Oh my God, you're
waiting up for me?

Could you be more cliché with
the whole lamp flicking on thing?

Come on, we're going for a ride.

Dad, it's 2:00 in the morning.

Abigail, get in
the car, right now.

Abby, I want you to
take a look at this girl.

No, sweetie, look at her.

This is totally messed up. You
got... You have to look at her.

Her name's Angelica.
She's 22 years old.

She ran away from
home when she was 16.

First, she went to New York,
where she contracted gonorrhea

working as a prostitute,

then hoping for a better life,

she came here and started
working at a strip club.

Her boyfriend managed to get
her pregnant and hooked on heroin.

But of course, that was before
he put four bullets in her chest.

Why are you doing this to me?

For the last two days,
every time I look at this girl,

every time I think about how
she ended up here in this drawer,

I just wonder why
no one stopped her.

So I'll tell you
why I'm doing this.

I'm doing this because
I love you, Abby.




I was pretty surprised
when you called.

Yeah, well, I'm
just full of surprises.


Oh, God, I am so
not good at this crap.

That's your charm.

Okay, look, when I left LA,

I know I probably should
have talked to you about it,

but I wasn't running from you

or from commitment.

It's just that when I'm in
the same place for too long...


I don't like feeling dependent.

I don't want to
be taken care of.

I need to be in control,
and with you, I just felt...

Out of control.

Yeah. Maybe.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Don't push your
luck, surfer boy.

Now, why don't
you tell me why you

really called me to come over
here at 3:00 in the morning?

Why, whatever do you mean?

Oh, I just get the feeling you're
gonna invite me in this time.

Well, you know, I always
was a sucker for a fella

flying out of my life
the next morning.

You are flying out
tomorrow morning, right?

Don't worry. I'll let
you be in control.