Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 22 - Secrets & Lies: Part 1 - full transcript

When Jordan and Woody are called to examine a corpse at a state mental hospital, she finds a link to her mother's murder. Garrett and his ex-wife contemplate becoming parents again. Lily and Woody bond over his classic robot collection.


WOODY: Jordan. (GASPS)

Sorry to drag you out of bed.

Who'd miss a chance
to wander the halls

of a mental institution in
the middle of the night?

Bad choice for a first date?

Man, this place is depressing.

Which is kind of ironic
when you think about it.

Or not.

So, fill me in on our DOA.

Erin Meyers, 24.

Nurse found her hanging
by a belt during a room check.

Cheery. How long
had she been here?

I don't know, five years.



Hi. Hi, hi, hi.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Something I can do for you?

I'm Davey. Davey, Davey, Davey.

Good to meet you, Davey.
I'm Jordan. If you'll excuse me.

Jordan, that's a boy's name.

Not this time.

Look, I'd love to stay and chat.

Erin's dead.

That's right. Did you know her?

She was a good girl.

What do you mean?

Time for bed, Davey.

(WHISPERING) Bye, bye, bye.


We're up here.


Let's get her down from there.

Come on, fellows. Guys, let's get
her down and put her on the bed.

Uh, Dr. Hacken, this is
Dr. Cavanaugh from the M.E.'s Office.

Hi, I'm Keith Hacken. I was
Erin's primary psychiatrist.

Any idea what happened?

She must have stolen the belt and
hung herself in between room checks.

What was wrong with her?

She suffered from
paranoid delusions.

Any prior suicide attempts?

Not according
to her history, no.

Did she ever talk about
wanting to kill herself?

She voiced a desire to die.

So that's a yes?

As you know, a
stated desire to die

doesn't necessarily
indicate suicidal...


intent. If you'll excuse me,

this incident has the
whole place in an uproar.

Nothing like the sound
of shrink double-talk.

He's got liability issues.

Let me get started.

Huh. No petechial hemorrhaging.

That's odd.

Is it always present
with suffocation?

Not always, but
it's pretty standard.

Look at this.

No abrasions, no
burning on the neck.

WOODY: Just an
indentation where the belt was.

People who hang themselves usually
struggle, even when they want to die.

But we found her hanging.

Yeah, but there's a pretty good
chance she was already dead.

Jordan, heard that Summit
View case took an interesting twist.

I'll know more
after the autopsy.

Well, just promise me this isn't
you trying to spice things up, all right?

Trust me, I'd be happy enough
not to have to see that place again.

Hey, Jordan.

Oh, morning, Lily.

Uh, Dr. Macy, your ex-wife
called, she said it was important.

Thanks, Lily.

What's shaking in corpse city?

How'd you do on the '56 Robby?

I snagged it for a song.

Oh, rock on!

Will you bring it by later?

I definitely will,
yeah. Oh, good.

"'56 Robby"?

I, uh...

I collect antique robots.


That's interesting.

Wow, you, uh... You
never told me that.

You never asked. How's our DOA?

Headed for autopsy right now.

Is it okay if I tag along?

Only if I can hear all
about Robby while I work.

See, this is why I don't
tell you things, Jordan.

I don't get it.

What's a nice, young,
sweet girl like Lily doing

hanging around with a bunch
of dead bodies all day long?

You mean as opposed to a bitter,
old, messed-up broad like me?

No, no, no. Hey, come on.

You have a specialty.
You're an M.E.

What Lily does she could do in any
old office, with a view or something.

I'm just messing
with you. Lily's great.

You find anything yet?

It's what I haven't found.

There's no bleeding in the
muscle tissue around her neck.


And the hyoid bone's
fractured from the hanging,

but there's no
blood there, either.


You don't bleed
after you die, Woody.

No blood means she was
already dead before she was hung.

So, you were right.

Someone murdered
her and then hung her

to make it look like a suicide.

Only problem now is,

I don't have the slightest
idea what really killed her.

Woodrow, JCav.

I got our young
lady's blood tests.

Well, anything there to tell
us how she was murdered?

There's a rumor going around that
you made off with a mint '56 Robby.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, sweet.

And the blood tests?

Nothing unusual
in her tox screen,

considering the potpourri
of meds that she was taking,

but look, here's an
interesting little tidbit.

Her Beta hCG level was elevated.

That complicates things.

I'll say.

English, somebody?

She was pregnant.
She was pregnant.

Little early for
lunch, isn't it?

You remember bringing Abby here?

Sure, it was her first meal out.

More food on the floor
than on the table, as I recall.

Only pancakes she'd
eat besides yours.

What's going on, Maggie?


I'm late.

You're late?

Yes. You're kidding?


How long?

Two weeks and... And counting.

Is... Is there any
chance that, uh,

you know, it's just
not coming back?


But thanks for that.

No, I didn't mean
to suggest that...

What, that I'm old?

Come on.

Does Abby know?

No, of course not.

I just wanted to tell you
before I went to see the doctor.

Can't you do one of
those home test thing...

I did. I want a
blood test to be sure.

When are you going?

The day after tomorrow.

I can go with you. No.

It's okay.

HACKEN: Pregnant?

Based on the unborn
fetus, I'd say six weeks.

We're gonna need to talk
to some of the patients.

Her best friend
was Kelly McDonald.

I met a guy in the
hallway named Davey

who seemed pretty
interested in her.

Davey was like a big
brother to her, very protective.

Anyone else you know of who
could have gotten Erin pregnant?

(CHUCKLES) You know
I'm bound by confidentiality.

Let's not let confidentiality
shield a murderer.

All the patients are
supervised in the common room.

There are bed checks performed
four times an hour every night.

So, you're saying no one
could have been in her room

long enough for
her to get pregnant?

It seems highly unlikely.

You were alone with
her, though, right?

During the sessions.

What are you suggesting?

Just that you were the only
guy who seemed to have any, uh,

alone time with her.

I was her doctor.

I was one of the few people in
this world who tried to help her.

Kelly's in there.
I'll be in my office.


Kelly McDonald?


I'm Detective Woody Hoyt.

This is Jordan Cavanaugh
of the M.E.'s Office.

You cut up dead people and
they lock me in the nut house.

Some world.

Roll of the dice, I guess.

Do you mind if we talk
to you about Erin Meyers?

I can't believe she's dead.

Were you close friends?

As close as you can
be in a hellhole like this.

This doesn't look so bad.

Trust me.

You wouldn't like the chocolates
they leave on your pillow.

You know anyone who
would want to hurt Erin?

Contrary to popular belief,

folks in here aren't the
ones that hurt people.

Oh, I wasn't saying...

That woman over there,

her parents thought it
was fun to shave her head

while they watched Carson.

That's horrible. And that guy...

Davey? Yeah, Davey.

His mother liked to
electrocute his privates.

She didn't like him
playing with girls.

I didn't mean to
suggest anything.

Only one guy in here I
know who's dangerous.

JORDAN: The guy
making origami birds?


Killed his wife
and two little kids.

Maybe we should
be talking to him.

(LAUGHS) Good luck.

Redding hasn't
talked in over 10 years.

That's why he's
here instead of jail.

Erin didn't kill
herself, did she?

I didn't think so.

If you want to help your friend,
please just tell us what you know.

Who, me?



I don't know anything.

Fresh air feels that much
better when you get outside.


I don't know, they're
all getting help in there.

Scary to think where
they'd be without it.

There but for the grace of God.

Anyway, I'd like to talk
to that Redding guy.

I'd like to run Dr. Hacken's DNA
against the fetus from Erin Meyers.

I'll work on a court order.

What do you got there?


Somebody probably lost it.

Or they left it.

Hey, Jordan. You got a minute?

Actually, I'm, uh, kind of
in the middle of something.

So, I had lunch with Maggie.

Oh, how'd that go? It
was kind of complicated.

Really? That's why I
was hoping we could talk.

We can do this later,
can't we, Garret?

Can you enlarge this for me?

Enlarge, reduce,

I can make it do
cartwheels if you like.

Pretty lady.


I sort of see a resemblance.


NIGEL: That's times 15.

A little bigger.

Now, go in closer
on the hairclip.

And times four.

EMILY: Jordan?



Mommy? Mommy, I'm here.


Jordan. (EXCLAIMS)



It's a rough case, huh?

Yeah, if you weren't
wacky starting out,

two days at Summit
View would do the trick.

Can't imagine it's any
worse than hanging out here.

Is this about Garret?

It's about me.

You're not thinking
about leaving us, are you?

All I know is that I need
something to change.

Plus I'm not even
helping out here.

That's not true.

Well, whether it's true or not, I
can't be who I want to be in this place.

Not anymore.

Anyway, boo-hoo for me, right?

Look, I got to go run
an errand, but, uh,

we can talk when
I get back, right?

I'm fine.


But I appreciate the offer.

YOUNG JORDAN: Mommy, I'm here.

Excuse me.

When did you cut
down the tree out front?


The big oak tree.

There's a stump out front.

Oh. I'd say over 10 years now.



MAN 1: Keep everyone inside.

MAN 2: Looks like an accident.


Hi. Detective Hoyt, please.

What's wrong with Mom?

Why aren't you in school?

It's called lunch, Dad.

She was crying this morning
and she wouldn't tell me why.

Well, I have no idea.

Why didn't you
come over last night?

Look, Abby, what happens
between your mom and me...

Affects me, whether
you like it or not.

Did you guys have a fight?

I'm not having this
conversation with you.

Are you guys
cooling off for a while?

I will not be third-degreed
by my own daughter.

Oh, well, what then?

What, did you knock her up?

Oh, my God.

Abby, listen. I
can't believe this.

I get put on house arrest for
so much as looking at a guy,

and then you go do this?

Tell me I'm not having
a little brother or sister.

Tell me.

Your mother is not pregnant.

I hope not.


Davey, right? Hi.

Hi, do you know
anything about this?

Hi, Jordan, who's
a girl, not a boy.

That's right, yeah. Hey,
did you know this girl Kelly?

Kelly, who's a girl.


Kelly, who was a good girl.

Yeah, like Erin.

Good girl, good girl, good girl.

Okay, Davey, thanks.

You get his phone number?

I can't help thinking this
guy knows something.

Sometimes still waters
are just stagnant.

This poor girl. You were
here when this happened?

Yeah. Why's that?

I was looking into something.

Why didn't you call me?

Didn't pan out.

Look, you want to find out
what happened to her or what?

Yeah, looks like she
jumped from that window.

Except she didn't.

Of course she didn't.

Look, she's on her back and
her head is away from the building.

That window isn't high enough for her
to flip over mid-jump and land like that.

What are you saying, she
jumped from someplace else?

I'm saying she didn't jump.

From the position of the body
and the height of that window,

she had to come out backwards.

Nobody jumps out of
a window backwards.

Which means she was pushed.



The usual?

Is it getting that obvious?

Let's put it this way,
we'll make it a double.

Listen, can you keep a secret?

Bartender's oath.

I've been seeing
Maggie, my ex-wife.

Word on the street,
it's not much of a secret.

Is the word on the street
that she might be pregnant?

Pregnant? Yeah.


And if that's the case...

Let's just say I'm not handling
the prospects of it too well.

I mean, with Abby
thinking about college,

I had my mind set on one thing.

Yeah, freedom.

It's the last thing in the world
I thought would ever happen.

Well, take it easy. You don't
know anything for sure yet.

Yeah, I guess.

And your ex-wife,

she's probably as
upset as you are.

Oh, I guarantee you, I'm
not helping matters there.

Anyway, I'm living proof.

They can grow up,
move away, whatever.

There's no such
thing as freedom.

Dad, I need a minute.

I'll be right there.


Excuse us.

What's going on, Jordan?

I'm working a case
at Summit View.

Summit View Mental Hospital?

You've heard of it.

Of course.

Well, somebody there's been
leaving me things on my car.

Does this mean anything to you?


Well, Mom had one just like it.

Did she?

I think it's hers.

They also left me this.

I don't have my reading glasses.

It's an admission form to Summit
View from 1974 with Mom's name on it.

I don't know what that is.

She wasn't there,
Jordan. End of subject.




What's wrong, Mommy?


Dr. Cavanaugh?


Bug's looking for you.

He's in Autopsy One.

Isn't that where
I'm supposed to be?


Am I in the wrong room or
are you at the wrong body?

Dr. Macy asked me
to lend you a hand.

On my patient?

Look, just don't shoot
the messenger, all right?

What'd you find?

Well, I haven't opened her
up yet, but you were right.

She didn't jump.

The trauma is consistent
with her being pushed.

The blood loss is minimal
considering the damage to the body.

She must have been dead before
she was pushed out that window.

That would explain
the lack of blood.

So we have two
girls, both murdered,

just not the way we
thought they were.

Question is, what killed them?

Let's hope she tells us.

Since when do you assign
another M.E. to my case?

I thought you could
use another body.

Don't read a grand
conspiracy into it.

It's pretty damn clear you
think I can't handle myself.

It's a double homicide, Jordan.

Should have been two people
on it when it was a single.

You saying I'm overreacting?

No, I think you're
reacting to something else.

What were you doing at Summit
View when that girl went out a window?

I found an admission form from 1974 to
Summit View with my mom's name on it.

Was she there?

I don't know.

Well, did you ask Max?

He said she wasn't.

Okay, well, then she wasn't.

Or my dad lied to me.

If he lied to you, he must
have had a damn good reason.

Look, my memories of
my mom are shaky enough,

and now everything I think I
knew about her seems like a lie.


Listen, leave it alone, Jordan.

I say that as your
boss and your friend.

There are some things we're
better off not knowing about.

Maybe you want to live in
a fantasy world, but I don't.

You don't know
anything about my world.

Well, maybe we should
just mind our own business.

Maybe we should.

Hey, Lily.


Uh, have we released
Erin Meyers' body yet?

Uh, no, she's still here. Why?

Oh, we're not having any
luck with cause of death.

Maybe looking at them side
by side will tell us something.

Looking at them side by
side would break my heart.

I've noticed you've been
talking to Detective Hoyt lately.

Woody? Yeah, we
share a mutual interest.

Pretty arrogant
guy, if you ask me.

Really? I think
he's kind of sweet.

He struts around like
he owns the place,

flashing his badge, his gun.

He's a cop.

Still, I mean...

I think that you're jealous.


Why would I be jealous?

Oh, come on, Bug.
I know how you feel.

You do?

Of course. Don't be ashamed.

I'm not ashamed.

I mean, it's only natural.

All little boys want to
play cops and robbers.


Yeah. Well, you got me there.


You okay, Bug?

Yeah, sure, fine. Just
gonna take her to Trace.


Sorry I'm late.

I'm just surprised you
decided to show up at all.

Well, I told you I would.

Oh, really?

I don't seem to recall
anything past my being too old.

Come on, you took
it the wrong way.

No, let's not start, all right?

Fine by me.


Place does kind of bring
back memories, though, huh?

Sure does.

Waiting and hoping.

Being so blessed with Abby.

Listen, Maggie,

whatever happens,
we'll figure it out.



What are you doing in here?

I'm a medical examiner.

Dr. Hacken authorized
me to look at the Meyers file.

Then why are you in the C's?

Oh, look at that.

Wow, no wonder I didn't find it.

I don't know who you are.

I'm going to check
with Dr. Hacken.


Okay, I'm going.

Can I help you with something?

Look, I'm done here,
so I'm just gonna go.

What do you want?

Is this for me?


NURSE: Herman, you're
not lost again, are you?

Come on, let's go
back to your room.

I couldn't find Dr. Hacken.

Don't worry about
it. I'm outta here.

I've tried iodine fuming,
nihydrin, silver nitrate.

You know, it might just help if
you tell me what you think it is.

I told you, I have no idea.

Does it pertain to the hot
and cold running corpses

coming out of Summit View?

Maybe, I don't know.

Well, how did you get it?

What does it matter if you
can't figure out what it is?

Don't give up on
me just yet, love.

What about...

Hello, there.

Can you trace it?

Of course I can.

Make sure you run it against all
the patients and staff at Summit View.

Yes, ma'am.

Let me know as
soon as you find it.


Jordan, hi.

I'm sorry to just drop by.

No, I'm, uh... I'm glad you did.

You ever just not
want to go home?

Yeah. Many times.

I thought maybe
we could get a pizza.

Is everything okay?

LILY: Hey, is that Jordan?


Hey, Lily.

Oh, Woody's making his
world-famous spaghetti.

You gonna join?

Actually, uh, no. I...

I really just came
here to tell you that

the autopsy report shows
that Kelly wasn't pregnant.

Is that so?

Yeah. So, uh...

I'll just go.

No, no... No... No, Jordan,
why don't you come in?


Excuse me.


NIGEL: Hey, the
fingerprint doesn't belong to

anyone at Summit
View, not patients or staff.

Whose is it then?

(SIGHING) That's just it.

It doesn't belong to
anyone, I'm afraid.

FBI, National Database.

I've exhausted my resources.

So, you just can't find it?

You don't understand,
Jordan. What I'm saying is,

it doesn't exist anywhere.
It's, uh... It's a phantom print.

Phantom print.

I'll call you back.

What was that?

Uh, I gotta go.


What's this all about?

I know Mom was
in that institution.

Why'd you lie?

I gave your mother my word
I'd never tell you. I promised her.

What was wrong with her?

It's complicated.

I need to know
why she was there.

Remember coming with me to the
precinct when you were a little girl?

Of course.

I did that 'cause
your mother was

sad a lot.

Probably would have been
diagnosed with some type of depression

if she believed in
that sort of thing.

She'd be fine for stretches,

and then she wouldn't.

Was she crazy?

Your mother had a miscarriage
when you were about five,

and she was distraught over it.

She started thinking
people were out to hurt her

and I didn't know
how to help her.

And locking her up in an
institution seemed like an answer?

I was afraid she'd hurt herself.

I was afraid to leave
you alone with her.

Don't you dare say
you did this for me.

I did it for her. It helped.

She came home


A patient at Summit View who killed
his whole family gave me this fingerprint.

It matches the phantom print
from Mom's murder scene,

the one we've been
looking for for 20 years.

Where'd he get it?

Well, Dad, I'd ask him,
except the bastard doesn't talk.

Calm down.

How did a patient from
Summit View get this print?

I don't know.

And I'm supposed to believe you?

Don't get into all
this again, Jordan.

I don't see how I have a choice.

Hey, Jordan.

Morning, Lily.

I, uh... I hope that, that wasn't weird
last night with me being at Woody's place.

Not in the slightest.

I went over there
to see his Robby,

and then we decided to
make an evening out of it, so...

It's none of my business.

Anyway, that's all that it was.

Look, even if it wasn't, I
have no claims on Woody.


Because there's a rumor going
around to the opposite effect.

We're just friends, that's all.

You know, so if
you're interested...

Me? No, no. No.

You sure?



Well, I'm glad that
we cleared the air.

Me, too. Yeah.

All right.



Well, we're off the hook.

Is that so?

I've been trying to
figure out how I feel.

I guess you can't help
but be disappointed

even if it's not what
you had in mind, right?

Yeah. It's been a long time
since I thought about a baby.


Like another lifetime.

These last few days,
that's all I've thought about.

I mean, the possibility.

Yeah, me, too.


I couldn't sleep last night. I kept
thinking about Abby and that neonatal unit,

hooked up to all those
monitors and how scary that was.

You paced that
hallway for three days.

I can understand where it
comes from with the mother.

You know, the attachment.

You carry the baby for
nine months, it makes sense.

But with the father,
there's no real explanation.

I mean, I didn't have a
relationship with her yet, no bond.

At that moment, I would have
thrown myself in front of a bus for her,

done anything to save her.

I guess it wasn't
that long ago after all.

We were playing
with fire here, Garret.

(SIGHING) Getting back together.

You know that.



where does this leave us?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Starting without
me again, I see.

It's becoming a
chore to find you.

Find anything?

Yeah. But how it
helps us, I don't know.

They have identical blisters
on the heels of both their feet.

That's strange. You find
blisters anywhere else?

Nope. Checked both
bodies head to toe.

What about in the mouth?

Not yet.

Small, nondescript
blister under the tongue.

Same here.

What if they're entrance
and exit wounds?

Made by what?


Usually, with electrocution, the
flesh and insides are visibly burned.

Not if the current's small.

Like if they were standing
on a grounding device

and the current went in through
the mouth and out through the feet.

Sounds pretty complicated.

Who'd know how to do that?

Someone with firsthand
experience at being electrocuted.

Where are you going now?

I think I know who
killed these girls.


Did you find what you were looking
for in the Summit View records office?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I had to talk them out
of a formal complaint,

so don't insult me
by lying about it.

I've got to go talk to Woody.

What the hell is
going on with you?

I had to know the
truth about my mom.


I didn't find anything.


I need to discuss
this case with Woody...

Call him. Do not go
back to Summit View.

But I have... Jordan,
it's off limits. I mean it.


Did you find the device?

Not yet. Hey, you're
in big trouble here.

I am?

Dr. Hacken says you
snuck in a file room?

That's a long story.

Well, I think I'd
like to hear it.

DAVEY: Hi, Jordan.

Hi, Davey. Davey,

I'm gonna look
through your room now.


Do you know what
we're looking for, Davey?

(WHISPERING) I think so.

I couldn't stop.

Couldn't stop what?

Mama hurt me to make
me stop, but I couldn't.

Couldn't, couldn't, couldn't.

So, what did you do?

Mama wasn't here to
stop me, and I hurt Erin.

And I was gonna hurt Kelly.

I had to help them.

How did you help them?

If I show you,
they'll take me away.

That's right.

I don't want them to.

This is my home.

Davey, you have to show us.

You have to show us
how you helped those girls.

I helped them with this.

Okay. Davey, okay.

Poor guy. Didn't stand a chance
after what his mother did to him.

In his mind, sex was
worse than death.

He killed those girls to
protect them from himself.

The sins of parents.

Oh, I should go
apologize to Dr. Hacken.

Hey, you just can't
stop yourself, can you?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're in something over
your head and you're scared.

I'm fine.

I'm worried about you, Jordan.

Join the club. I've got a
brochure here somewhere.

I'm sorry I wasn't
alone last night.

Don't sweat it.

Lily and I, we're...
We're just friends.

It's none of my business.

It's not, huh?

Look, Woody, I
gotta be somewhere.

Let me go with you.

You don't even know what it is.

I'm willing to take that risk.

I'm not.

You gotta let me go.

You know who I am, don't you?

I got your message.

I found the fingerprint.

What do you want from me?

You left things on my car.

You led me around by the nose.
Now tell me what comes next.

You murdering son of a bitch,
tell me what you know about her.

You tell me!


I know who killed your mother.


I know who killed your mother.