Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 21 - Someone to Count On - full transcript

WOODY: What is
with this line, people?

Did I fail to mention that I
only have 45 minutes for lunch?

Believe me, it will be worth
every minute of the wait.

Better be. I am
ready to eat my tie.

I have a very fast
metabolism, you know.

These are the best
chimichangas in Boston, man.

For all I know, they're the
only chimichangas in Boston.

Chimichangas. Yes, chimichangas?
What exactly is a chimichangas?

It doesn't sound like something
I'd really want to put in my mouth.

Come on, farm boy, live a
little. I'm a very fussy eater.

Ooh, there's a shock.

Okay, now I'm
officially feeling faint.

MAN ON RADIO: Report of
a jumper at 239 Calvin Street.

All officers in the
vicinity please respond.

Let's go.

Name's Keisha Morton. She and her
mom been living here about 10 years.

Where's the mother?

Probably at work. Secretary
at a local high school.


Keisha, hi.

I'm Detective Woody Hoyt,
Boston P.D. Leave me alone.

Keisha, I can't do that because

I'm here to make sure
that you don't hurt yourself.

Look, I'm not talking
to a cop. Go away.

Keisha. Look, I said go away.

Let me.

Come on, Jordan. You've
never done this before.

No, but at least I'm not a cop.

I'm Jordan.

And I'm not a cop. Look,
why don't you come back in

and we'll talk about
what's going on here?

Look, I can't.

Yes, you can. It's easy.

No. I don't want to see her.

See who?

Keisha, where's your mother?

Where's your mother?

She's in the kitchen.

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Keisha, whatever happened, it's
not worth doing anything crazy over.

I'm not going to juvie. I don't care
what happens, I'm not going back there.

We can deal with that later. What you
need to do right now is just listen to me.


See all those people
down there on the street?

They're all waiting
around to see you fall.

You have any idea what happens
to a body that falls from this height?

Your bones shatter on impact.

But the worst part is,
you may not even die.

Of course, you may never walk
again. Oh, and then there's the blood.

I'm not talking to you anymore.

All right, fine. You know what?

The hell with it. Just go ahead.

I haven't even had my lunch yet.

Look, shut up!
I'll do it, I swear.

No, you won't.

'Cause you would have done it
already if you really wanted to.

I know a little
something about that.

Look, why don't you just
come back inside, okay?

I'll make sure the police
listen to what you have to say.

I promise you, I will not
let anything happen to you.

I know you don't even know me,

but if you did, you'd know I
always keep my promises.

I think she's coming in.

Now we can get closer. Thanks.

Come on, Keisha.
Let me help you.

Take it.


I didn't do it, I swear.

You know, we are 2-and-7
without you at point guard.

A little exercise
would do you good.

Well, with responsibility
comes weight gain, Kirk.

Listen, I know you didn't ask
me here to discuss my jump shot,

so why the impromptu meeting?

Remember the Simon
case I prosecuted last fall?

Simon? Yeah.

Yeah. Two teenage kids
found dead in Langley Park,

their skulls crushed by a rock

with Tommy Simon's
fingerprints all over it, right?

One of the victims was a
cop's kid. Okay, what about it?

The case is up for appeal. The
defense claims they have new evidence.

Apparently, they're gearing
up for a forensic-based attack.

Even brought in a team of
high-powered guns for hire.

Well, if I remember correctly,
it was all pretty clear-cut.

We thought so.

Now they're blowing a lot
of money to prove otherwise.

I need you to review
the initial autopsy.

What, the D.A.'s Office wants
me to review Leo Gelber's findings?

That's right. You know how
long he's been doing this?

Garret, don't argue
with me on this.

Just dot the I's
and cross the T's.

I'm sure it's all in
order. Let's hope so.

I'm late for a deposition. How
soon before I hear from you?

It'll take some time
to dig through the files.

I'll speak to Dr. Gelber...
Tonight. Call me tonight.



Hey, Leo.

Well, this is a surprise.

What brings you down
from Mount Olympus

to mix with us mere mortals?

Can't a fellow doctor
visit an old friend?

Please, put away the shovel.

You exile me down here, now
you're stopping by just to say hello?

Hey, don't kill the messenger.
That was a board decision.

Yeah, they thought
I was slowing down.

You know, you
get a little older...

I don't want to hear
this. All right, fine.

So, apparently, Tommy
Simon's attorneys

filed an appeal. I need
to shore up the case.

They can file
anything they want.

Guy's an animal, end of story.

You still playing the horn?

Nah, you kidding? I
savor every breath I've got.

Damn file's here somewhere.

'Cause if you want me to
come back later... No, no, no, no.

I wouldn't want to make you
visit this floor twice in one year.

I appreciate that.
Here's the Simon file.


Actually, this one says
"Sharpe." Let me take a look.

Well, my filing
system's a little messy.

Here it is.

Can I get you anything else?

No, this is good for
now. Thanks, Leo.


I told you.

I said good night
and went to bed.

When I woke up, I found
her that way. That's all.

My client isn't answering any more
questions. Call me if you need me.

Otherwise, I'll see
you at the arraignment.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got
eleven other cases in my book today.

Cuff her.

Nice to see she's
in such good hands.

You pay the big
bucks, you get the best.

Look, Jordan, the apartment
was locked from inside.

There were only two people in
there and now one of them is dead.

When was the last time you heard
about a daughter-mother strangulation?

Oh, come on, Jordan. She's got 3
inches and 20 pounds on her mom.

She's got a history
of violent behavior.

She's been in and out
of the system for years.

Now, I understand this may be
too close to home for you, but...

Meaning what?

You're bound to
feel a connection.

But make no mistake,
this girl killed her mother.

She didn't just
find her on the floor.

How did you know about that?

Two of the guys at the precinct,
they knew your dad when...

People talk.

I'm sorry.

All right, seems the
mom had a boyfriend.

Eyewitnesses saw him enter
Keisha's building at 9:00 last night.

You want to come play cops and
robbers with me, you're more than welcome.

Are you there?

Yeah, Keisha, I'm here.

You promised you'd help me.

You lied.

Must be cool to
work in a morgue.

Um, can I help you?

I'm from the Fisher
& Sons mortuary.

Here to pick up Mr. Drennan.

Oh, uh...

He won't be ready
for another hour.

I'll wait.

In my business, I
got nothing but time.

I like your perfume.

How can you smell
anything in here? It's a crypt.

It's the embalming fluids.

Helps clean out the sinuses.


You want to go out?

I'm sorry?

You want to go out with me?

I'll show you a good time.

I don't know you.

You could.

We could ride around
in the hearse for a while.

(SIGHS) Um...

That's okay.

I'm a real good dancer.

Oh, yeah.

I'm sure you are.

know what? They, um...

I, uh... Excuse me.

(STAMMERING) I have to

go do something.

External bruising indicated a
massive trauma to the victim's forehead.

Downward blow concurrent
with Dr. Gelber's findings.

Here's something
a bit intriguing.

Enhance times four. Right
two frames. Enhance times two.

Yeah. The decedent
was over 6 feet tall.

Downward blow to the head
would make his assailant...

The Jolly Green Giant.

I can't believe Leo missed this.

I don't mean to overstep my
boundaries, but bloody hell,

seems like a rather
obvious oversight.

Print all this up for me
and bring it to my office,

and keep this between
us, okay? All right.

Hey, um... Hi, Dr. Macy.

Hey, Lily.

Well, wasn't that uncomfortable.

Oh, you noticed, huh?

Must be hard.

Nigel? Mmm-hmm.

Let me ask you a
personal question.

At your own risk.

Do you find me attractive?

This is dangerous.
Any way you slice it.

Don't think. Just answer.

First thing that
comes to your mind.

Yeah, absolutely. Mmm. Yes.

You, Lily, are a very,
very attractive woman.

Then why is it that I can't
seem to attract a normal guy?

I get married men,
men with mother issues.

I get men with
father issues. I get...

You need to start targeting
your demographics a little better.

You're casting too wide a net.

You have to figure out what
it is you're willing to settle for.

Is that what you do?

No, I pretty much
take anything I can get.

Yeah, but then, you know, I'm driven
by a certain biological imperative.

Ten million little
biological imperatives.


Glad I could be of some help.

I met Teresa through work.

She would come in every month or so
to pick up Keisha's BuSpar prescription.

Buspirone. It's like Prozac, only it
targets people with aggressive tendencies.

So Keisha had problems
controlling her temper?

Teresa didn't like giving
her medication, but without it

she felt that Keisha might hurt
herself or hurt someone else.

You saw Teresa
last night, right?

My shift starts at
10:00 on Tuesdays.

I decided to drop in a little earlier,
and man, I walked into a hornets' nest.

Meaning what? Well, the
two of them were going at it.

I mean, physical.

At one point, I had to step in
between them. That's how I got this.

What was the fight about?

Well, Keisha's all-city track.

She was good enough to
get a scholarship to Jesuit.

They were willing to
overlook her temper,

give her a chance
to get out of Roxbury.

So what's the problem?

Teresa didn't want her to go.

Why? Well, it may sound selfish,

but Keisha was
all that Teresa had.

I decided I shouldn't
stick around,

but I could hear Keisha screaming
at Teresa all the way to the elevator.

What was she saying?

"I wish you were dead."


I don't even know if
I want to talk to you.

Understandable, but
impossible. I'm here on business.

I assume you mean for the D.A.'s
Office, and not personal business.

I'm prosecuting Keisha Morton
for the murder of her mother.

I need your help to convict her.

So, looks like we're
gonna be working together.

Look, I won't lie.

These are good cases for us.
High-profile soapbox material.

A teenage girl kills her own
mother with her bare hands.

I haven't forensically
verified that yet.

Well, my suggestion is
that you start trying to.

How and when I do my
job is none of your business.

Don't be naive, Jordan. We
both know what your job is.

Oh, what? To be a
puppet of the D.A.'s Office?


We can clear the air right here,

discuss our complex situation,

but the bottom line is,
we have to work together.

No, the bottom line
is, you're being an ass.

You're totally abusing the fact
that I'm the M.E. on this case.

There are plenty of other doctors
in this office that'll play by the rules.

Try sleeping with them. They'll
react the same way I am now.

Doesn't matter how you connect the
dots, I'm still gonna get what I want.

Don't bet on it.

Fine, Jordan. Do it your way.

It's Dr. Cavanaugh.
And don't patronize me.

Garret, you wanted to see me?

Hey, Leo, thanks for coming up.

Wow, shouldn't you be out of
here by now? Oh, you kidding?

My day's just beginning.
Yeah, I know what you mean.

I had that office for 12 years.

My kid was lucky to
see me on weekends.

How is Mark, anyway?

Well, we don't see much
of each other anymore.

I mean, he's got a family,
a legal practice, you know.

Come on.

Of course, we do catch up on weekends.
Seems to work for us, you know?

Uh-huh. I've been going
over the Simon case.

There are a couple of details
I'm a little bit confused about.

How can I help?

Well, see, the fingerprint on the left is
the one you lifted from the murder weapon.

On the right is
Simon's police print.

That's cute, that's very cute.
Kind of old for practical jokes.

Who's laughing?

Come on, you're not going to
rely on the computer, are you?

Get the prints like in the old
days. Physically make the match.

Well, how many ID points
did you calibrate it for, Leo?

18, like we always use.

Alright, I'm going to broaden
it to 12, see what happens.

Same thing.

Impossible, something
wrong. Let's go for eight.

You broadened the match to eight
ridge points, Leo. That's unheard of.

Don't question my expertise.

I'm not, but if
there's an oversight...

You're out of line, Garret.

I'm doing my job.

Case is closed. My
findings are accurate.

Leo, you made a mistake.

You're enjoying
this, aren't you?

Manipulating the facts to
make the old man look bad.

That's not fair. Kicking me
out of the autopsy room is?

You took away from me the
only thing I ever cared about.

I stand by my report.

And you can go to hell.

This could cost him his license,

not to mention there could be
an innocent man rotting in jail.

Worst part for a man
like Leo is losing his pride.

I can't believe he
dropped the ball like this.

He signed off on his
own annual physical.

Wow, that comes in handy,

if you're trying to
hide something.

That's what I'm afraid of.


Hmm, what?

Teresa Morton. No
fracture of the larynx.

Hyoid bone appears intact, too.

Doesn't really jive with the
strangulation theory, does it?


The results on her blood test. It
looks like Teresa Morton was pregnant.

And her tox screen?

Elevated levels of
biotin and calcium,

probably from the prenatal
vitamins. Antihistamine.

Nothing interesting there.

I'm about to get the
results on the fetal test.

Hmm, hmm. What?

The fetus tested positive
for beta-thalassemia.

Are you sure?


Oh, Bug, you rock.

I know.


Have you seen Dr. Cavanaugh?


She was scheduled
for autopsy at 3:00.

Oh. Thanks.


You're Detective Hoyt, right?

Yeah, Woody.


I'm going to ask you a
very forward question.

Please don't take
this the wrong way.

All right.

Look at me. Size me up.

Undress me with your eyes,
whatever it is that you men do.

Would you have sex with me?

I'm from Wisconsin.

Exactly. You're a regular
guy. I mean, you're certainly

above-average looking.

I just wanted to know if I'm the kind
of girl that you would have sex with.

Shouldn't we go out to dinner
first, maybe talk for a few minutes?

That's not really my point.

I'm kind of old
fashioned that way.

You know what? Never mind.

I think I overstepped
my boundaries a bit.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Can I call you?



Oh, Woody. I was just
on my way to see you.

Keisha Morton's gone.

You're kidding. How?

Out through a laundry
chute. Outran two guards.

Any idea where'd she go?

No. We've got a dozen
units out looking for her.

The D.A.'s having
my ass for dinner,

and as tasty as that may seem,
it doesn't give me much to sit on.

Well, I found something.
Keisha's mom was pregnant.

Fetus had a blood condition
known as beta-thalassemia.

Okay, how does that
help me find Miss Morton?

It doesn't.

Beta-thalassemia is found in
people of Mediterranean descent.

That boyfriend didn't exactly look
Italian to me. Yeah, me neither.

But the super...
Ah, the Greek guy.

Yeah, we'll bring him in
for questioning tomorrow.

All right, well, I'm going
to go look for Keisha.

It's going to be a long night.

Well, call me if you find her.

So, how'd you find me?

I went to the two other J.
Cavanaughs in the phone book.

You were number three.

I'm going to have
to send you back.

Look, you think I
don't know that?

I guess it can
wait till morning.

Look, I had a talk with
your mom's boyfriend.

He said you and your mom
had a real big fight last night.

So? We fight all the time.

This must have been different.

When my mom told me
that I couldn't go to Jesuit,

I got so mad, I
went out for a run,

and when I got back, the front
door was locked. Mr. Theo let me in.

Where was your mom?
Asleep in front of the TV, but...

I don't know, I
swear she was alive.

Why didn't you tell the
cops what you just told me?

I don't know.

They got this all-weather
track over at Jesuit.

It's like a college
or something.

Man, I would've loved
to run it just once.

Running's the only
time I feel like someone.

You know?



So I went over Dr. Gelber's files
and found some discrepancies.

That's pretty vague, Garret. Are you
suggesting he fudged the guidelines?

No, no, no.

Leo used only eight points to
make a positive fingerprint ID.

With those standards, you
could have killed those kids.

Look, all you have to do is get
on the stand and state the facts.

Were those kids bludgeoned to death by a
rock wielded by Tommy Simon, yes or no?

If the angles matched
up, maybe, but they don't.

Look, I tried a pretty
solid case first time around.

Just play ball and restate
the original findings.

Hold it. Is the D.A.'s
Office asking me to lie?

No, I'm asking you
to do what's right.

Simon has a record as thick as
a phone book. Robbery, assault.

It doesn't make
him a murderer, Kirk.

If this dirt bag is not
found guilty, it won't be long

before he's arrested for something
else, maybe even killing another kid.

Okay, so what are you saying?

Do everybody a favor and lock
him away now for the rest of his life,

even if he's innocent?

The son of a Boston
police officer is dead.

I am not the only one that
wants to keep this guy in jail,

so unless you're telling me that
Gelber completely lost his marbles,

I expect you to back me up.

We know the baby was yours. I didn't
know she was pregnant, I swear to ya.

Okay, contrary to popular belief, I
did not graduate from Hee-Haw High.

Now, we know Teresa Morton
lived across the hall from you

and we know you
two were having sex.

Nah, we messed around a couple of times,
that's all. Come on, I'm a married man.

Didn't take your vows
very serious, did you?

Hey, look, my wife,
she finds out this...

Teresa threatened to tell your
wife. That's what happened.

Teresa threatened to
tell your wife. I told you,

I didn't even know she was knocked
up. Anyway, I was in 4G that night.

Fixing another tenant's
plumbing. As a matter of fact,

yes, that's right. I was with
the plumber half the night.

And before that, I was
at my weekly card game,

and I got five guys
who can... Cavanaugh.

Alright, you know what?
Sit tight. I'll be right back.


Right. Thanks, Nige.

We'll verify his story
with his poker buddies,

but I got to tell you, Jordan,
we're running out of suspects.

I think Keisha did it.

I think you're right.

Keisha's fingernail polish was
found in a cut on Teresa's neck.

How do we know the
polish matches Keisha's?

She was at my
apartment last night.


It was late, she was
completely freaked.

I was going to bring her in this
morning, but when I woke up, she was...

What? She was gone?

You know how many cops I had out there
looking for her all night long, Jordan,

who are still out there? I know.

No, I don't think you do! I can't
believe you'd put me in this position.

Here, I trusted you and...



I talked to Schneider.

He doesn't need us both at
the deposition, so I'll handle it.

You're too good to me.

Listen, about
before... Forget it.

I'm too old for new grudges.

I'm still working with
some of the old ones.

Well, I should have
handled things differently.

I should have included you
more in the process. Just...

When I saw the discrepancies,

I came to the
logical conclusion...

The old man was
starting to lose it?

Yeah, and I'm sorry about that.

You know, Snyder had a
question he wanted to ask you.

Here's the number.
I'll call him later.

No, call him now.

How bad is it?

I need you to get your
eyes checked, Leo.

I don't have time for that.
Make the time. I'm trying to help.

I won't do it. Damn
it, I'm your boss.

Then go ahead, fire me.
You want to fire me, fire me.

But until then, leave me
alone and let me do my job.

You were dropping your
knees the last couple strides.

How'd you find me?

Stubborn girl like you,

I knew you had to run this track
at least once before leaving town.

Yeah, well, I needed
to see what it felt like.

You know I'm going to
have to bring you back.

Just going to run away again.

Look, we all make
some bad decisions.

You learn from your mistakes.
Believe me, I speak from experience.

Is this the part where you
tell me I can't run forever?

Way I see it, you
got two choices.

You can run around in circles for the
rest of your life, or you can come with me.

You think I did it, don't you?

I hope not.

No sweat, right?

No sweat.

I'll be back later. Okay.

Why, you going to bring
a cake with a file in it?

So, you brought
the girl back. Thanks.

Well, I just hope you don't put another
kid behind bars who probably didn't do it.

Can't we at least make an
attempt to be civil with each other?

Fine. Then stop throwing
your weight around.

Just tell me what you want.

I want to re-examine the mom.

Anything else?

Be patient, don't call me.

I know where to find you.


Hey, Leo.

Let me guess, kid.
You're in trouble again.

So what else is new, huh?

Yeah. Me, too.

Spend 45 years
perfecting your craft,

end up wondering
whether it was all worth it.

Come on, Leo, you ran
this place for 12 years.

Yeah, you've had an incredible
career. You're the best.

I was, Jordan. Was.

You know, I can drive a car,

I can go to the movies,

but the minute I look
into a microscope,

which is the most
important part of my life,

sometimes I can't make
out what I'm looking at.

You can still out-think
anyone in this building.

Yeah. In fact, this
case I'm working on,

41-year-old female,
death by asphyxiation.

There's bruising on her neck and on her
body, but the windpipe was still intact.

Petechial hemorrhaging?

No. No?

And the weirdest part is

she was strangled so hard,
she nearly bit off her own tongue.

Tongue lacerations.

Jordan, were you serious?

Do you need my help?

Not only do I need your
help, Leo, I want your help.

I'll lend you my eyes.

I'll lend you my 45
years of experience.

So, Leo, what
are we looking for?

An anomaly in
the cerebral cortex.

What do you see?

There's some discoloration from an
old contusion in the left cerebellum.

Where was she found?

On the floor.

Beside a chair.

She could have fallen
from a grand mal seizure.

The bruising on her neck
was the line of impact.


And who says we don't
get better with age?

Uh, there's one thing
that bothers me, though.

If the brain injury
was long-standing,

she should have been
on some seizure meds.

No, no Dilantin in her system.

But she did test positive
for antihistamines.

They've been known
to trigger seizures.

I wonder why she was taking 'em.

Maybe she didn't know she was.

How's Keisha? She's a tough kid.

I went to the Morton apartment last
night, found these in the medicine cabinet.

Just take a look.

Dilantin. So?

It's Teresa's seizure
medication. She was epileptic.

Only problem is,
these are allergy pills.

I got a C in chemistry, Jordan,

and my lunch is getting cold.
Could we get to the point?

Antihistamines have been known to
cause seizures in people with epilepsy.

So, what are you saying?
Keisha switched her mom's pills?

She had a fight with her
mother. They struggled.

That's how the fingernail polish got
on her neck, but Keisha didn't kill her.

Besides, how would she know about
the possible side effects of a drug?

She wouldn't,

but a pharmacist would.

On our way back, I want to get one of those
chimichanga things, but you're buying.


Okay, Miss Phipps.
Thank you. Okay.

Mr. Holden. Hi. Could we
have a moment of your time?

Well, I'm actually
kind of busy right now.

I'm sort of minding the
store. Want to come back?

We really need to talk now.


So, did you find Keisha yet?

Yeah, she's fine.

Thank heaven. I was
really worried about that girl.

Well, you realize if she's charged
with murder, she'll be tried as an adult.

D.A.'s talking
life without parole.


I know Keisha has a temper,
but she wouldn't kill nobody.

Why, she said the
same thing about you.

Said you treated her and
her mother with respect.

Well, those two
meant everything to me.

So how could you leave her holding
the bag for her own mother's murder?


You swapped her seizure
meds with allergy pills.

I would never make
a mistake like that.

Record shows you
filled the prescription.

We're running the
bottle for prints right now,

but I'm sure you already
know what we're going to find.

I loved her.

But once you found out
the baby wasn't yours...

Everything would
have been just fine,

if she was only faithful.

That's all she had
to be was faithful.

Curtis Holden, you have
the right to remain silent.

After what she did,

after the way she lied,

she did not deserve to live.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the
right to an attorney.

I can't go to jail!

Mr. Holden.



OFFICER: Officer down! I've
got a civilian down! Dispatch!

We're at the pharmacy on
Fourth and Main. Code three.

Just put the gun down.

(STAMMERING) He fired first.

OFFICER: Stay down.
You'll be okay. Dispatch!

I've never shot anyone before.

I've never shot anyone before.

Dr. Macy, did you lift those
fingerprints off the rock?

No. The initial retrieval was done
by my colleague, Dr. Leo Gelber.

And where is Dr. Gelber today?

He's unavailable, but I'm
well-acquainted with the case.

And did you personally
run a secondary ID test?

Yes, I did.

And what were your findings?

What were your findings?


I'd like to ask for a
ten-minute recess.

I'm fine with that.
Let's take ten.


What the hell is going on here?

I can defend my own work.

Look, I tried to discuss
the inconsistencies

with you, but you
didn't want to hear it.

Now I have to answer to this.
You mean cover up my mistakes?

Listen, if that man
has to go back to jail

because of my bullheaded pride,
well, I just couldn't live with myself.

What do you want to do?

I'm gonna make it right.

Someone's coming
to pick you up, right?

Yeah, my aunt.

I'm going to live with her.

Maybe next year she'll
let me go to Jesuit.


I know my mom
didn't want me to go,

but I'm going to
make her proud of me.

Oh, excuse me.

Jordan. You were right.

For what? Keeping an
innocent girl out of jail?

Heck of a system you got there.

So it wasn't so bad, was it,
you and I working together?

Go on, say something
snide. I can take it.

I don't even know what I want
to say. I'm just tired right now.

Well, I hope we get another
chance sometime soon.

Well, you're a prosecutor. I don't
see how we could possibly avoid it.

So, I guess I'll see
you around then?

Yeah, I guess you will.

You know I've got
to let you go, Leo.

But being a medical
examiner's all I have left.

Take that away,
I've got nothing.

Come on, retirement
won't be that bad.

Chronic open-angle glaucoma.

There isn't much hope with that,
even with aggressive treatment.

I'm sorry.

So am I, Garret. So am I.

Listen, how would you feel about
coming back from time to time?

In what capacity?

Criminalist consultant.

What do you say?



Know what I'm going to do? All
those dinners I missed with the kid,

I'm going to start
catching up now.

That sounds like a good idea.


Hi. Hi.

I'm worried about you, Lily.

Don't be.

I need a change, that's all.

Can I borrow this? Cheers.

Meaning what, exactly?

I don't know. I've just
got to do something.

I just...

I feel like I'm...

I'm more than this.

Do you know what
I'm talking about?

You're talking to a working-class
Brit from Brixton, sweetheart.

Of course I do.

Dr. Macy has
moved on with his life.

I need to move on with mine.



Why don't I stick around for a little
bit, eh? Sounds like you need to talk.

Yeah. Yeah?

I'd like that. Couple of beers.

And a Cosmo for her,
thanks. Coming right up.

Hey. Thought you
were a whiskey man.

After today, I'd drink
just about anything.

Can I get a beer, please?

Rough initiation, huh?

Lot of cops are lucky enough to go
their whole careers without doing it.

Thank you. I wouldn't have
minded being that lucky.

Kind of puts the other problems we had
on this case in perspective, doesn't it?

Look, man, I apologized a hundred
times. I mean, what do you want me to do,

get down on my knees in
front of all these people?

Stop the mocking.

I really am sorry. I think maybe
I just over-identified with Keisha.

Just a little bit.

I want to like you, Jordan.

I do, and...

And I don't just say
that because you're hot,

which you are, very.


you're complicated.

Well, that's an understatement.

Anyway, I guess I
got to take a number.

What are you talking about?

Come on,

I saw the way that D.A.
guy was looking at you.

Oh, it...

Why Woodrow, are you jealous?


I better be going.

You know, Jordan,

I can be complicated, too.

Good night.

Good night, Woody.