Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Gift of Life - full transcript

Jordan takes a walk down memory lane while investigating the death of a heart surgeon she worked with during rotations in medical school rotations. Bug and Nigel do battle with a cryogenics expert who won't let them autopsy the body of a man who fell of his roof. Lily tries to track down the donor recipients of a man with no family.

Hey, Lily. Hi.

Oh, my God. Awesome bag.

Oh, you should see the
matching shoes. Love!

You know, you
look different lately.

Really? Yeah, like you're
glowing or something.

Oh. You're not, uh...

Oh, that's unlikely.

It could be this new
face cream I got.

The active ingredient
is human foreskin.

And you put this on your face?

Smoothes out your fine lines.

Just be careful not to rub too
hard, know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I got all the
complexion-erection jokes

from the gal at the
cosmetics counter.

Morning, Jordan.

Hey. Lily.

Ooh, sudden chill in here.

Drop it.

Fine. Look, I need a raise.

My accountant says I'm
worth $1.50, after taxes.

Be sure to stick that in an IRA.

No, I'm serious.
Bernie says if I don't

start saving now, my
heirs won't get a dime.

You don't have any heirs.

I know. He still wants
me to draw up a will.

You don't have a will?
You're an M.E., for God's sake.

I'm a young M.E.

There'll be plenty of time to think
about that stuff when I'm your age.

You know, you really
ought to see someone

about having that nasty
little patch of denial removed.

Dr. Macy, you've got a priority
call from Boston University Hospital.

Everything's a priority over there. Tell
them we'll pick up their patient ASAP.

Thing is, it's not a patient.

One of their CT
surgeons dropped dead in

the middle of performing
open heart surgery.

This place brings back memories.

Got your tonsils out here
as a young lass, huh?

Well, actually, yeah.

Also did a surgical
residency back in '95.

Mercy. You must have
been head of your class.

That was a long time ago.

Hi. What happened?

He was doing a quadruple bypass.

He seemed fine, then he mentioned feeling
dizzy and the next second he collapsed.

NIGEL: You tried CPR?
NURSE: He was already gone.

NIGEL: You know this guy?


long ago did she collapse?

MAX: I don't know,
15 minutes maybe.

What'd she take?

She's got a
prescription for Seconal.

She uses it when
she can't sleep.

Has she been drinking?
Yeah. You gotta take care of her.

Jordan. Can you hear me?

Damn it, don't you die
on me, Jordan. Jordan!

NIGEL: Jordan.

Jordan. You okay, love?

Yeah, I'm fine.

So, who is he?

Dr. Elliot McCafferty.

He's one of the top heart
surgeons in the country.

Friend of yours?

Not really.

He just saved my life once.

You mind riding
back with the body?

It's what I live for.

SURGEON: Patient was admitted to the
E.R. complaining of shortness of breath

and radiating chest pains.

Mr. Siegel's echocardiogram
revealed severe aortic damage.

What's the best way
to avoid post-op stroke?

No-clamp fibrillatory
arrest strategy?

What if there's mid-ascending
aortic involvement?


Replace the ascending aorta
under hypothermic circulatory arrest.

Oh, at last. Signs
of intelligent life.

Okay, Cavanaugh.
Let's go for the gold.

Under what other conditions would
you induce hypothermic arrest?

If the patient has multiple or
circumferentially involved areas.

I'd remind the rest of you I'm not asking
these questions for my own amusement.

They're questions
of life and death.

And the day you hold
someone's heart in your hands,

if any of you make it that far,

you damn well better
know the answers. That's it.

Dr. Cavanaugh. Yes, sir?

I've got a bypass
scheduled at 6:30.

Feel like scrubbing in?

Absolutely. Thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

Just want to see if you move your
hands half as well as you move your mouth.

Take it easy. He is
not a damn popsicle.

Arnold Hummer,
chief cryo-technician,

LifeXpand Incorporated.

This is my client, Mr. Reims.

I need your intake
manager, stat.

Are you some kind of lawyer?

Lawyers suck the
life out of people.

At LifeXpand, we're
about sealing life in.

This isn't one of our gurneys.

You bet your Union
Jack it's not, Churchill.

This is the Pork 5000
Portable Rescue Cart.

It's my own design.

This is going to
revolutionize the business.

And exactly what
business is that?


I'm here to save Mr. Reims.

No offense, but I think you
might be a hair late on that.

You're way too hot to
be a cryo-baby, honey.

Death is over.

It's strictly second
millennium. Let it go.

Why is he on
cardiopulmonary support?

And what's with the IV?

Nimodipine, heparin,
some free radical inhibitors.

The exact formula is classified.

LifeXpand personnel
only, patent pending.

Mr. Reims needs an autopsy,

which you have made
infinitely more difficult

by polluting him with
a river of chemicals.

What autopsy?

He was adjusting his satellite
dish and fell off the roof.

Now, let's get him signed
out, so we can get him vatted.

Cryogenic suspension.

Mr. Reims will be preserved
until his condition is reversible.

But his condition is dead.

Man, you people are
like a broken record.


What the hell are you doing?

If the family agrees, you can
have the body when I'm through.

You cannot dissect
this man like a frog.

You are ruining his
chances at future life.

Superficial contusion
near the left temple,

a probable impact
injury from the fall.

No other obvious
signs of trauma.

Is it really McCafferty?


He always seemed the type...

Who'd never die? Yeah.

Guess I figured he'd just
ascend to the heavens

in a golden chariot
or something.

Seeing him on the O.R.
floor this morning, he...

God, he seemed almost human.


Hell of a surgeon.

Oh, come on, Garret.
You hated the guy.

He wouldn't have gotten
my vote for Mr. Congeniality,

but if my ticker ever blew,

he sure as hell is the guy
I'd want holding the knife.

Must be weird for you.

Just another body.


And this is Mr. Busch.

He's heading for Potter's Field.

Oh, no one claimed him?

Been three months. Dr. Macy
said we need the space.

Hey... He was an organ donor and no one
ever claimed him? That's kind of unusual.

EMMY: Isaac Busch, 25. Died in a motorcycle
accident. Parents are dead, no siblings.

Pretty sad.

You know what? I think I'll
handle this one myself, Emmy.


Sorry I'm late.

Why is Mr. Reims
still on the Porkmobile?

The only way I could get rid of
the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

Hummer's not that bad.

He actually believes he
can extend people's lives.

What, by pumping
them full of chemicals

and freezing them
like TV dinners?

Well, there's more to
cryonics than that, Buggles.

I cruised the LifeXpand website.

It was a tad out there,

but what's wrong with
offering a bit of hope

to those facing
the great unknown?

What's wrong is,
it's a bloody scam.

I can't imagine what
these hustlers charge.

$120,000 for full
body suspension.

Sweet Nancy.

Hummer slipped it
to me on the way out.

It's a bit pricey, but
there's an economy plan.

For $50,000, they'll
put your brain on ice.

Yeah, I bet you
could get half price.

Why so cynical?

My uncle Sanjay fell prey to
these body snatchers in London.

Bought a life insurance
policy, 85 grand.

Named them beneficiaries.

Well, they've got to
keep these bodies fresh

till science solves
the mysteries of death.

85 Gs to change the
pickle juice every 10 years?

Someone is getting very rich.

Drop the blade, butcher boy.

I'm calling security.

Call a lawyer instead.

This court order enjoins
you from mutilating my client.

Fine, but this gives you no
claim over Mr. Reims's body.

He's not leaving this morgue.

Now, now, lads. I'm sure
we can work something out.

Or not.

you from, Cavanaugh?

JORDAN: I grew
up in South Boston.

Oh, a local girl.

Mrs. Levin here
is your neighbor.

Adjust the side-biting clamp.

You want to be a heart surgeon,

you're gonna have
to touch a few hearts.

Run your finger along
the pulmonary artery.

Pretty cool, huh?


Should we run a
Doppler probe, Doctor?

Not worth the time.

Here's the fun part.

Proximal anastomosis joining
the vein graft to the aorta.

Her aorta's in pretty bad shape.

Oh, I've seen worse.

Will the graft hold with
that much atherosclerosis?

Check out the rookie
slinging the lingo.

I didn't mean to suggest...

Ready to sew.

Move the clamp, Cavanaugh.

Loosen and pull. Nice and easy.


Damn. What's wrong?

She's hemorrhaging
around the aorta.

NURSE: Pressure's dropping.

Did I do something?
NURSE: Uh-oh.

I need a 4/0 Proline, now.

NURSE 2: Cross-clamp.
NURSE: We're losing her.

Come on, Mrs. Levin. Work
with me. Don't bail on me.

Time of death, 7:39 p.m.

Dr. McCafferty, did I...

No. She'd already
had two heart attacks.

Her aorta was extremely fragile.

But she was...

Lesson one, patients die.

Go home, Dr. Cavanaugh.

How is she, Doctor?

There was too much
damage. I'm sorry.

But you said Jan would be fine.

I'm sorry. I did all I could.

You arrogant son of a bitch.

You killed her.

Why don't you try sucking on
the tailpipe of a Buick? It's faster.

Tried it once. Smeared my
lipstick. Who the hell are you?

Garret Macy, M.E.'s Office.

Oh, a coroner.

Wow, I didn't know they let you guys
out of the crypt to walk among the living.

It's a new policy, but we
have to wear sun block.

Examined the body of
Mrs. Jan Levin last night.

McCafferty's op report said you
were in the O.R. when she died.


Was hoping you could
fill in some holes for me.

Talk to McCafferty.

I'm just a resident.
I was observing.

Which led me to think
maybe you saw something.

I mean, why did he choose such
a damaged portion of the aorta?

You ask me, I think he put
the graft in the wrong place.

I didn't ask. I gotta
get back to work.

Anybody ever tell you
you got a lousy attitude?

Anybody ever tell you
you dress like a coroner?

My wife and daughter,
every morning.

Well, they're right.

Not even a surgeon yet

and you're already convinced God talks
to you through this thing, aren't you?

Actually, I listen to patients'
beating hearts with this,

but knowing your line of work, I can see
why a guy like you wouldn't recognize it.

Exactly what do you
have against M.E.'s?

You mean besides the fact that
they're complacent bottom ten-percenters

who act more like
vultures than doctors?

Yeah, besides that.


And here I was thinking you
sleep the sleep of the righteous.

Try working 36-hour
shifts three times a week.

Messes with your internal clock.

Why are you afraid to talk about
what happened in that O.R. yesterday?

I got a ward full
of patients waiting.

Any one of them kicks,
I'll send them your way.

You are killing Mr. Reims!

He's already dead, you moron!

All right, hold on,
hold on. Okay...

Listen, all right, calm
down, calm down.

Now, I appreciate
your position, Mr...



But the problem is this...

He's nutty as a loon.

What is your baggage, Kashmir?

Do you have stock
in Kübler-Ross?

right, take it easy.

As I was saying, Mr. Hummer.


I appreciate your group's
interest in preserving the decedent,

but the fact is that...

Have you people even
read our literature?

Uh-huh. It's rubbish.

You feed off the
irrational fear of death.

A fear you ghouls perpetuate every
time you slice up an innocent corpse.

I mean, who signs your
paychecks, the Grim Reaper?

Charlatan. Undertaker!

Everybody knock it off!

That's great. I just
gave myself a headache.

Might I suggest that we boil this
imbroglio down to its essence?

By all means.

Mr. Reims requires an autopsy,

but Mr. Hummer fears that it
will imperil Mr. Reims's future.


My proposal is,

we operate.

What, as if he
were a live patient?


That's preposterous,
even for you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, the
limey might have something.

Mr. Reims's cells are
breaking down by the second.

I have to get him vitrified and
suspended pronto or he's toast.

Bring on the marmalade.
He's already toast.

You promise to put everything
back where you found it?


Oh, please. Don't
make me do this.

It's my only way
out of this nightmare.

You're just gonna have
to take one for the team.

I do respect your policy,
but this man has no family.

He's gonna be buried in a
city plot off of the Mass Pike.

I think the people whose lives
he saved would want to know.

Uh... No, that's all
right, I'll call you back.

That's not a happy face.

I'm fighting with the
Northeastern Organ Bank.

What do you need?

The names of Mr. Busch's
organ recipients.

They took his kidneys,
his liver and a lung.

And all he got
was a lousy t-shirt.

He's just a kid.

And they're gonna bury him in
some grave in the middle of nowhere.

That blows. Big time.

Mr. Reims falls off the roof of
his house fixing his TV and no...

Everybody's fighting
over his body.

While my guy has saved who knows
how many lives and nobody gives a damn.

The thing is, there
are good reasons

for keeping donor
information confidential.

It's a very emotional process.

I get that, but what
about Mr. Busch?

He died at 25, alone.

I don't see anybody
getting emotional about that.

Except you.

Maybe you should let it go.

I'll find these people if I
have to track every transplant

on the East Coast over
the last three months.

You might want
to tread lightly, Lily.

I tried that. Now I'm
strapping on the stilettos.

What's your problem, man?

Missed you, too.

Chief of Surgery called me into
his office, ordered me to see you.

Your boss plays golf with
my boss. Small world, huh?

Smaller every time I see you.

Let me show you something.

Mrs. Levin's heart.

McCafferty's report said it was
too weak to sustain the graft.

He would know.

But her aorta wasn't
completely shot.

Just the portion McCafferty
chose for the anastomosis.

Did he do a Doppler probe?

It wasn't in the report.

If he had, there's a good chance
Mrs. Levin would be alive right now.

Look, if you're so sure about
this, what do you need me for?

Because you were there.

Without a statement from you
saying McCafferty botched the surgery,

I don't have the juice I need to
rule this death what it really was.

Accidental, not natural.

I am not qualified.

That's a bunch of crap.

I got my ass out
on a limb here, too.

My boss isn't
exactly overjoyed I'm

pursuing this, and I
need you to come clean.

So who's covering his ass now?

Sorry to interrupt, but Mrs. Levin's
husband's here to claim the body.


The truth is the
truth, Dr. Cavanaugh.

Only question is whether or not
you have the balls to say it out loud.

I'm so sorry about this.

I did all I could.


"Moron's Handbook
For Writing Your Will.

"Had your name written
all over it. Love, Garret."

Funny guy.


McCAFFERTY: Come in.

Hey, Cavanaugh.

You wanted to see me, sir?

You did a good job in
the O.R. the other day.

Sticking your hands inside
a live chest for the first time,

it's no picnic.

Thanks. I just wish...

The outcome had been different?

Well, unfortunately, it
comes with the territory.

Mmm, tea?

Yeah, thanks.

There's gonna be an M-and-M conference
tomorrow to review Mrs. Levin's surgery.

Apparently, some corpse
jockey in the M.E.'s Office

has a little too much
time on his hands.

You ever been to one? No.

Morbidity and Mortality.

Ask me, they should add a
third M for "Masturbatory."

We present the case,

a panel of colleagues
discusses the outcome.

That she died on the table.

As a result of
normal operative risk.

Is that what really happened?

To literally hold patients'
lives in your hands every day,

to accept that
responsibility, to thrive on it,

requires a truckload of
talent and a damn healthy ego.

And the ability to climb back on the
horse when things don't go your way.

Those are the doctors
that make my team,

the doctors that I turn into the
best heart surgeons in the country,

present company excluded.

My gut tells me you may
have what it takes, Cavanaugh.

I'm flattered.

Well, you should be.

And when it works, the team
has the power of life and death.

When we bring somebody
back from the brink,

defy death with nothing
but a knife and a needle,

there's no better
feeling in the world.

Want to know how that
feels, Dr. Cavanaugh?



The sooner we get this
M-and-M out of the way,

the sooner we can see about
making you part of the team.

Oh, Cavanaugh.

What the hell, Macy? You're
like something I stepped in.

I heard you guys are holding one of
your secret little buddy club meetings.

It's called an
M-and-M conference.

Limited to faculty and
residents, off the record,

to encourage candor
and improve patient care...

Not to mention eliminating
a little thing called liability.

Look, I didn't invent the thing,
okay? What do you expect from me?

I expect you to have some integrity.
Call McCafferty on his mistake.

Don't be complicit
in a damn cover-up.

Man, you are the most
self-righteous, stubborn...

What's it like living in your
black and white world, Macy?

It sucks. But at least
it's real and it's honest.

Let me ask you a question.

What are you gonna say when they
ask you what happened in that O.R.?

I don't know yet, but they're
gonna be my words, not yours.

Fine. Just ask
yourself one question.

Who's gonna speak
for Mrs. Levin?

The operation report
seems pretty straightforward.

Anything to add, Elliot?

I think we've
covered everything.

Obviously, this case had
a disappointing outcome,

but given the patient's cardiac
history, it wasn't terribly surprising.

Dr. Cavanaugh.


You were present during Mrs. Levin's
bypass. Anything you'd like to say?


I concur with Dr. McCafferty's
account of the surgery.

Okay. Looks like
we're done here.

You wanted to see me, Dr. Macy?

Yeah, come on in.

Damn thing was wobbling.
It was driving me crazy.

Anyway, Lily, I got a call from Sharon
Kreitzer at the Northeastern Organ Bank.

Seems someone from this office
was trying to breach transplant protocol.

Right. The thing is, is that there's a
decedent named Isaac Busch, and...

I know all about Mr. Busch.

I signed him out to
Potter's Field two days ago,

but for some reason,
his body is still here.

Uh, yeah. Uh, the thing
is, I was just trying to...

Lily, I get it,

but the NEOB has
a really tough job.

I don't want any
more inquiries made.

What I do want is Mr. Busch in a
van by the end of business tomorrow.

If you would just
listen for a second...

I really don't like to pull
rank, but this meeting's over.

You can't just dismiss
me like a child, Garret!

Listen, this isn't personal.

The organ distribution
system's not perfect,

but it's my job
to work within it,

and if you intend to work here,

I expect you to do
the same. Is that clear?

Fine. Can I go now?



3-0 silk. I'm gonna
sew up the stomach.

Vitals are strong. Blood
pressure's zero over zero.

Come on, luv. Just
having a bit of fun.

It's not often we get to
put them back together.

Cause of death, massive internal
trauma related to fall from a great height.

Somebody call Ripley's.

One more word and I will
filet his brain like a flounder

and then I will start on you.

Gentlemen, we have
a patient on the table!

Remember our motto,
"First do no harm."

He's dead!

Well, do no more harm.

A new professional low,
performing surgery on a corpse.

My parents would be so proud.

Heard Macy read
you the riot act.

Let's just say he made his
opinion known in no uncertain terms.

You know, you did everything
you could for this guy.

I'm sure he'd thank you
for going the extra mile.

I'm not giving up.

I'll pay for Mr. Busch's
burial myself if I have to.

Lily, you don't have
that kind of money.

Besides, Macy said about...

Screw Dr. Macy, okay?

Mr. Busch is not
going to Potter's Field.

I'm gonna find the people who he helped
and explain what's happening to him.

But I do need your help.

What can I do?

The NEOB lists all the
transplants in its computer.

The names and addresses of all of
Mr. Busch's organ recipients are in there.

Hang on. You want me to break
into the confidential NEOB database?

Come on, Bug. You and Nigel
have hacked into dozens of systems.

Yeah, and Macy has
threatened to fire us every time.

You're right. It's not fair
of me to ask you. I'm sorry.

I'll do it myself.

JORDAN: Hey, Macy, wait up.

What the hell do you want?

Look, I'm sorry. I
wanted to help you...

So you decided to
help yourself instead.

Just 'cause nothing came out in the
M-and-M doesn't mean you have to give up.

Actually, it does. My boss got
the skinny on your little powwow.

No evidence of
medical misjudgment.

Mrs. Levin's death will
be recorded as natural.

Which means her widower has no
claim against McCafferty or the hospital

and no way to know what
really happened to his wife.

I really am sorry.

Are you?

If you're looking for
absolution, go find a priest.

All right, what's wrong?

I know the face. Spill it.

You ever work a case
with an M.E. named Macy?

Wiry, kind of serious,
got a mouth on him?

Yeah. That's the guy.
He's been all over me.

About the woman who
died on the table yesterday?

Mrs. Levin. He wants my
take on what happened.

He's a coroner, Jordan. That's
his job. Just tell him what you saw.

That's the problem.
I'm a lowly resident.

McCafferty is a great surgeon.
I'm not really sure what happened.

But you think he
might have screwed up.

No, don't smoke those
cancer sticks in here.

In fact, don't
smoke them at all.

Ever heard of the
Surgeon General?

Yeah, and I'd rather take
him on than McCafferty.

Dad, this guy can
make my career.

Or break it.

You've been dreaming about being
a heart surgeon since you were 13.

Yeah, but the thing is, this
woman's aorta was a train wreck.

I tried to tell him, but, you know,
hey, what the hell do I know?

She probably would
have died anyway.

But you're not sure.

You arrogant, naive
little prima donna.

I'm sorry, but I think you made a
mistake on Mrs. Levin's bypass.

You think? Do you have any
idea who you are, Dr. Cavanaugh,

in the grand scheme
of the universe?

Do you think by
contradicting my op report,

you've somehow scored
points for yourself?

No. I...

I had to come
forward. I felt the truth...

Oh, oh, oh, I see. You're
the protector of truth.

Must have been wearing your
superhero costume under your scrubs.

That's why I missed it.

You have to hear me out.

I've heard enough.

Your pal Macy switched Mrs.
Levin's cause of death to accidental.

An hour later, I had a
malpractice attorney on the phone.

Mrs. Levin's husband intends to
sue the hell out of me and this hospital.

I am really sorry.

Not yet. But you will be.

You have to understand. I...

Needless to say, any shot you
had at making my team is history.

I also had a conversation
with the Chief of Surgery.

It seems the resident
program is over budget.

They have to
eliminate a position,

and since you were
the last one hired...

And I wouldn't waste time applying
to the other top CT programs.

They'll call me for
a recommendation,

and I can't imagine my
opinion furthering your cause.

Good luck, Dr. Cavanaugh.

It's called a
glass. Look into it.

Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you.

Well, you did. You okay?

Yeah, I was just sick of
not sleeping at my place.

Thought I wouldn't
sleep here a few hours.

McCafferty dying bring
back some memories?

When the hell did
you get so smart?

I know my daughter.


Thought I'd put all that
stuff behind me, you know?

Take it from me, you never
leave anything behind you.

Not completely.

You want to talk about it?

My career is completely screwed.

Everything I've worked for.

Now, it's not the end
of the world, Jordan.

It's the end of my world.
McCafferty blacklisted me.

If I want to be a heart surgeon,
I've got to train in Bolivia!

Look, I've been through
a few crises in my life.

Always seems hopeless at first.

Now, I can't promise you everything'll
be okay, but one thing's for sure.

We need more scotch.

You know, doesn't help
you haven't slept in a week.

Yeah. Feels like I'll
never sleep again.

I know this may not mean much
right now, but I'm proud of you.

No, no, you did the right thing.

And I'll be paying for
it for the rest of my life.

Well, yes, maybe
it feels that way,

but you'll pick up and
go on, just like always.

I guess.

You okay?

Yeah, fine.

Excuse me, I've got to...

I think you've had enough.



Talk to me, honey.

PARAMEDIC: Coming through.

long ago did she collapse?

MAX: I don't know,
15 minutes maybe.

What'd she take?

She's got a prescription for Seconal,
she uses it when she can't sleep.

Has she been drinking?

Yeah. You gotta
take care of her.

Jordan, can you hear me?

Damn it, don't you die on me.


E.R. DOCTOR: One, two, three.

What's the story?

Possible barbiturate overdose
compounded by alcohol.


NURSE: Pulse is
thready. BP's 70 over 40.

You're McCafferty.

Pupils are dilated. Who are you?

Lieutenant Cavanaugh,
and this is my daughter.

Get her into number four
now. I'll do everything I can.

You damn well better save her, or
you and I are gonna have a problem.

NURSE: Got this
line going. Open it.

NURSE: She's not
responding to the fluids.




Come on, where's that
spunk I hate so much?

Crank it to the top.

Charged to 360. Clear.

a pulse. It's weak.

She's back.

I'm Lily Lebowski.
Can I help you?

My name is Dick Robbins.
I was told to see you.

Can I ask what
this is regarding?

I understand you have the
body of Isaac Busch here.

That's right.

Well, three months
ago, I got a new liver.

Tried to find out
where it came from,

but the organ people
wouldn't tell me.

You have Mr. Busch's liver?

Yeah. You should have
seen me before the surgery.

Another week and I
would have been dead.

I... I've been
trying to find you.

Well, I'm grateful you did.

My family's got a
plot up in Lynnfield.

If it's okay, I'd like to
bury Mr. Busch up there.

Oh... I think that's wonderful.

Well, it's the least I can do.

I'm planning a simple
funeral for Thursday,

my wife and kids
and a few friends.

I'd really like for you to come.

I'd be honored.


Mr. Robbins, how did you
know I was looking for you?

Well, I got a call from a doctor
named Macy. Real nice guy.

Anyway, I'll see you Thursday.


Awake, I see.

I feel like hell.

You almost died.

You know, I spent good money
putting you through medical school.

Were you absent the day they taught you
never to mix sleeping pills and alcohol?

Dad, my head is killing me.

You pull a stunt
like that again,

I'll break your neck.

Nice to see you
back among the living.

Mind if I have a word with
your daughter, Lieutenant?

Dad, it's okay.

Nurse tells me I should
thank you for saving my life.

Forgive me if I'm not
feeling very grateful.

Well, you fought
like hell to live.

I was impressed.

That was my primary goal.

Not dying was just
an added benefit.

I was angry yesterday.

It's been a while
since I was challenged.

Legal fees notwithstanding,

maybe it's not such a bad
thing every once in a while.

Probably not.

Point is, you've got
courage, a quality I value.

So hurry the hell
up and get well.

Surgery schedule's
full all week.

You telling me I'm not fired?

You're smarter than
most OD's we get in here.

You know, it's funny. I...

Last night, while I
was on that table,


I wasn't thinking about
being a great heart surgeon.

I was remembering all the
things I love about living.

My dad and windy
days on the Cape,

the Stones in concert, you know?

All the things that
make me happy.

At least as happy as I can get.

Over these past few
months living my dream,

I forgot all about those things.

Fact is I've been
completely miserable.

Let me see if I have this right.

You're turning me down?

Yeah, guess I am.

Do you have any idea
what you're giving up?

Probably the biggest
mistake of my life.

Truth is, I just
suddenly realized,

man, I do not want to be you.

So maybe I need to figure out
what the hell it means to be me.

What the hell is going on here?

Can it, Gandhi. We're working.

Uh, Mr. Reims was a
trifle fragile post-autopsy,

so Arnold asked if he might
perform the cryo-transport here.

And you said yes?

Don't get your sari in a
bunch. We're almost done.

What's his body temp?

Minus 286 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wouldn't want to
be a brass monkey.

Excellent. I'm closing him off.

We're ready to vat him.

Vat him? Here?

Bring it in.

What the hell is that?

HUMMER: That, my young
Luddite, is Mr. Reims's cryovat.

His private jet to
a boundless future.

Yeah? What do you got in there?

Liquid nitrogen.
The only way to fly.

Shall we pop him in then?

In a moment.

First, the LifeXpand Creed.

"Do not go gentle
into that good night."

Dylan Thomas? Even
the creed's a fraud.

"Rage, rage,

"against the
dying of the light!"

ALL: LifeXpand!

Gotta admit,

you've never seen
anything like this before.

Dr. Macy. Hey, Lily.

I wanted to thank you for
what you did for Mr. Busch.

I didn't do it for him.

I was way out of line before. I know
you were just following your heart.

I really don't need
an apology from you.

I just... I need you to
understand why I did what I did.


See, when a person gives a
piece of themselves to someone,

like Mr. Busch did,

something that helps that person,
that makes a difference in their life,

that gift needs to
be acknowledged

and appreciated.

Can you understand that?


So when you
get a gift like that,

you should treasure it,

because it doesn't
come along very often.

So I guess what I'm saying is,

if you have a problem with that,

then maybe I should
find another place to work,

because I'm not gonna change,

not for you

or anyone else.

JORDAN: Well, you
never let up, do you?

Didn't think I'd see you again.

Well, I kind of miss
that morgue smell.

You know, I came by
the hospital to thank you

and they said you'd quit.

Something like that, yeah.

You look different.
What? Different how?

Better. You got a little color in
your face, you're not so damned thin.

That's good. Oh, I quit smoking.

Get outta here. Yeah.

Decided to take your advice,
suck on a Buick instead.

Changed my whole
outlook on life.

So what's next for you?

Oh, who knows?

Maybe I'll take a trip
around the world, chill out.

Can you afford to do that?


Why are you here?

I was thinking about Mr. Levin.

The husband of the woman.

Yeah, yeah. I know who
he is. What about him?

That day you dragged
me down here,

I saw you comforting him.

I would be terrified to talk to
someone who was in that much pain.

You get used to it.

You know, it helps if you've had a
little personal experience in that area.

Truth is that not many people
understand what it is that we do here.

I mean, we're obviously
here for the dead.

We're also here for
the living, you know?


I'm... I gotta go.


not that you'd be interested, but we've
got an associate coroner position open.

I mean, I know we're all complacent
vultures, but it's honest work.


Okay, you're offering me a job?

Think about it.

Something tells me you
might liven up the joint.

Where the hell have
you been all day?

Decided to take your advice.

I finally made out my will.

When have you
ever listened to me?

I always listen to you. I
just rarely do what you say.

Oh. Yeah.

Your inheritance.
You made my will.

I don't mean to rain on your funeral,
but you know it's customary to actually die

before you start
bequeathing your estate.

Come on, that's no
fun. Just open it up.

What's in here?

This brings back memories.


You still talk to God
through this thing?

No, we e-mail now.

Always thought it was McCafferty
who saved my life seven years ago.

I finally realized it was you.

You showed me what I was
supposed to do with my life.

I owe you one.