Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 10 - Blue Christmas - full transcript

When a veteran cop is murdered in the line of duty, Jordan leads the police and vengeful Detective Eddy Winslow - Max's former partner - to a possible suspect. But after the shooter dies in...


Why are you making
such a big deal out of this?

I'm just surprised. That's all.

What? It's a cup of coffee.

No, uh-uh, this is
coffee, Eddy. Okay?

Ground up beans
and boiled water.

What you got there,
that is a coffee drink.

It's a mochaccino.

Oh, I would keep your
voice down if I were you.

this abuse is your way

of thanking me for lending
you crime scene photos?

Is that it? I said I'd
buy you a cup of coffee.

know you'd get all frou-frou on me.

Oh, what the hell is going on?

I don't know. What do we got?

Officer down, Lieutenant.

Intersection of Cypher and
Butler. EMS is on scene.


Okay, I'll catch
you later, Jordan.

Gotta make sure this guy's okay.

Eddy? He's not.

I'll meet you there.

Thomas Dell, seven
years on the job.

Actually a great guy.

Didn't deserve this.

JORDAN: What happened?

He was on foot patrol,

spotted illegal activity at the
high school around the corner.

Suspect took off.
Dell went after him.

Single large caliber
bullet to the chest.

You catch the shooter?

Not yet.

Got a good description
from one of the kids, though.

Big Jamaican guy.

(CLICKS) Couldn't get a name.

Jordan, I know
you got a job to do,

but the sooner we can
get him off the street...

Yeah, no problem.



Listen to me.

I need everything
you can give me

to nail the son of a
bitch who did this. Okay?

(SOFTLY) Yeah.

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Did I miss another memo?

This started an hour ago.

Homicide detectives, half
of City Hall, the D.A.'s Office.

Wow, all my favorites.

Tell me about it. I think
my ulcer's coming back.

Now, pull whoever you need and
keep me posted on every detail.

Would you expect anything less?

It's my second week at chief
and I got a dead cop in the crypt.

Do you realize what a
potential disaster this is?

(SIGHS) Okay, Garret,
just relax. I will handle it.

You promise? Yeah.

Dr. Cavanaugh, you
got some messages. Oh.

Kim, Annie. Oh, another Kim.

They said they're
your old friends.

Yeah, thanks, Lily.

Just leave them in my box.


Officer Dell's wife is
here to ID the body.

All right, I'll talk to her.

Dr. Macy, I...

I know this is weird timing,

but I usually have Christmas
dinner with my mom.


Well, the thing is, she's
driving to Albany to see her aunt,

and I'm scheduled to work, so...

No, go with your mom.
I'll get your shift covered.

Well, actually, I was...

I was thinking of
cooking myself this year.

I found this amazing
Thai fusion website,

and I thought maybe if you're
not busy, you could come over.

You know, I'd love to.

I just have this standing
arrangement with my ex.

Dinner with her and
my daughter and Walter.


My ex's boyfriend.

Ooh. Yeah.

Well, it was just a thought.


I really appreciate
the invitation.


Got a little taste
of the old sod

that'll help ring in
the holiday season.

Looks like baby puke.

Hundred eighty proof baby puke.

Wassail, mate.

Now, this recipe's been passed
down in my family for centuries.

Along with some very
disturbing genetic material.

Come on, chin chin.

We're at work.
Just take a little nip.

Yet another good
reason to hate Christmas.

Who hates Christmas?

Who do you think?

Oh, well, it is understandable,

considering the overwhelming
focus on Christmas in this country.

You do gotta feel
kind of marginalized

if your people celebrate
Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan.

My mother still has the 10-foot
aluminum spruce we got at Wal-Mart

and my father's played the
Elks Lodge Santa for 15 years.

So why are you such a Scrooge?

The aluminum
spruce isn't enough?

Christmas rocks.

There's caroling,
tree trimming...

Slipping in a little tongue
under the mistletoe.



Yeah, this is Nigel Townsend.

The phrase that pays, eh?

Yeah, well, I've got it. "Jingle bells,
Batman smells, Robin laid an egg."

I did?

Oh, that's fabulous.

Yeah, sure, I'll hold.

It's the Crazy Dave
morning crew from WHIT.

I just won a
Christmas ski weekend.


So who's coming with?

Well, fine. You just fight
it out amongst yourselves.

Man, this guy is torn up.

Black Talon bullet.

This is the first
one you've seen?


Nasty little bastards.

They go in smooth then
they open up into hooks.

NIGEL: Now, every bullet has its
own unique percentage of heavy metals.

And we all know how
you love heavy metal.

The heavier the better.

I checked these numbers
on the FBI ballistics website.

Our bullet's from a
factory in Fort Worth.

Called the state crime lab.

Turns out a box of
identical Black Talon bullets

was seized during a
drug raid last month

in an apartment seven blocks
from where Officer Dell was killed.

(MOUTHING) Fancy that.

The name on the lease
was Robert Emery.

Did you run him through BCI?

Turns out it was an alias

for one Rudolph Coombs.

I believe you mentioned the
murder suspect is Jamaican.

You rock my world, Nige.


Hi, this is Dr. Cavanaugh.

I need to speak to Lieutenant
Winslow right away, please.


So if you're the boss now,

how come you're still stuck
in the same lousy office?

Where's Abby?

Apparently, your
new ballistics tech

is, in your daughter's words,


I'll make a note to fire him.

So what's the problem, Maggie?

Does there have to be a problem?

For you to set foot in
this place, absolutely.

Walter invited another
couple for Christmas dinner

and I just wanted
to prepare you.

Who are we talking about?

Janice and Bill Hodges.

No. No, forget about it.

Look, Walter is
Bill's best friend.

He was also your
divorce attorney.

Listen, it's bad enough I've got
to split a turkey with your boyfriend

just so I can see my own daughter
on Christmas, for God's sake.

I know this is
uncomfortable, but...

It's unbelievable!

Wow. I can't...

(SCOFFS) Sounds
just like old times.

We were just discussing
Christmas dinner.

Yeah, I told you he'd
freak if you invited Bill.

Well, I was just hoping your
dad might be a little flexible

for a change.

I'd say letting your
boyfriend live rent free

in the house that I paid for

considerable flexibility.

Some might even
call it gymnastic.

Oh, come on, you guys.

Oh, now listen,
no, I'll tell you what.

Listen, you invite Bill Hodges.

Invite your mother
while you're at it too,

'cause I won't be there.

Dad. I'm sorry, Abby.

We can exchange
presents on Christmas Eve.

Maggie, thanks for coming
by. It's always a pleasure.

Oh, yeah.


There it is.



Sorry about Dell.

Heard he was a damn fine cop.

Yeah, he was.

You guys did great work.

We got an APB out
on Rudy Coombs.

I just hope you nail him.

We will.

Well, it's good to see you, Max.

Thanks for coming down.

Why wouldn't I come down?

I worked this
precinct for 18 years.

Yeah, I know.

Look, I didn't
mean... Sure, you did.

You meant I got a lot of nerve
walking into a station house

I got thrown out of.

Well, I don't think he
was trying to say that, Dad.

I know what he was saying.

Nice seeing you, Eddy.

Mount Whitestone
Lodge. Looks nice.

Fresh mountain air,

the very real possibility of
willing romantic conquests.

Ski bunnies? So what do you say?

How much is it gonna run?

Nothing. Gratis.

From me to you.

I'm not gonna have to sit through
some time share seminar, am I?

It's the real deal.

Okay. Why not?

Sounds nice. Sounds fun.

It'll be ripping fun, love.

You, me, a little
skiing and a lot of sex.

Guys, I just got a call on
another officer-related death.

Two cops in two days.

Just when I decided it
wasn't another ulcer after all.

No, actually, this time
it's the other way around.

Police found the cop killer.

Where is he?

ER in Boston
General. Came in DOA.


We did CPR, but
he was long gone.

Well, how'd he die?

All I know is where he died,
and that's in police custody.

The rest is your department.

Oh, thanks, guys. This is us.


Cops did a real job on him.

Mmm-hmm. Sign on the
dotted line. He's all yours.

Who brought him in?

The officers who
apprehended him.

One stop shopping.

Apparently, he stopped
breathing en route to the precinct.

You need any more, I
suggest you ask the two cops,

Detective Edward Winslow
and Officer John Hardwick.

Officer Hardwick, we're
here from the M.E.'s Office.

We just wanted to ask
you a couple questions.

We can't speak to you, Jordan.

Not until we talk
to Internal Affairs.

Petechial hemorrhaging
in the eyes.

Some old scars
here. Nothing fresh.

Let's turn him over.

Well, check out these bruises.

And more hemorrhaging.

They beat him and then
they choked him to death.

Is that your
professional opinion?

All right, what've we got?

Petechial hemorrhaging in the
eyes, deep hemorrhaging in the back.

He may have been asphyxiated.

Well, that's just great.

They could have come
from cardiac problems,

a brain aneurysm.

That conveniently blew while
he was in the back of a police car?

There's no bruising on his
neck and his hyoid bone is intact.

Well, chokeholds don't
always leave a bruise.

It's arm to neck contact, soft.

Do we have the
police report yet?

IAB isn't gonna release it until
they've completed their investigation.

And everybody's got
their stories straight.

Before we all go
jumping to conclusions,

maybe I should see what
the police have to say.

You do that. In
the meantime, Bug,

run every test we've got.

When you're finished with
those, make up a few more.

I want to know exactly
how this guy died.

We started the
autopsy on Coombs.

Some of it's kind of hinky.

I was hoping you might be
able to explain what happened.

You know I can't
talk to you, Jordan.

Off the record.

You're the M.E.
You are the record.

And I'm trying to do my job in
the most impartial way that I can,

but without knowing
specifics, IAB stonewalling.

They're not stonewalling.

They're required to keep a lid
on it for 48 hours after the incident.

In 48 hours, Macy
could rule this a homicide.

Any reason that I
should disagree?

Look, this goes
to the Grand Jury,

your career could be
over. You'd go to jail.

You think I don't know that?

Well, you're not scared?

Yeah, I'm scared.

I'm scared as hell.

All I know is Coombs was
hopped up on I don't know what.

He was acting
erratic, resisting arrest.

Why he died, I don't know.

Maybe you got a few shots in?

I subdued him according
to department regulations.

Let me tell you something.

This was not an
excessive force situation.

And that's it?

Yeah, that's it. It
was by the book.

By the book in custody
shouldn't leave a man dead.

It shouldn't.

But it did.

I'm trying to help you, Eddy, but I
can't if you don't tell me the truth.

You want to help me?

Be my friend.

I could really use
a friend right now.

Are you sure? Absolutely.

I'm looking forward to it.

I just need to figure
out what kind of wine

goes with Thai fusion cuisine.

Oh, but what about
your family dinner?

Well, decided to take a novel
approach to Christmas this year

and actually try
to enjoy myself.

Dinner with you sounds
like the perfect way to start.


Okay. It's great. Is 7:00 okay?

I'll be there.


See you.

Dr. Macy?

Deputy Chief Jim
Keller, Boston PD.

Chief wanted me to
come down and thank you

for all your good
work on the Dell case.

It's no problem. That's
what we're here for.

He also wanted to congratulate
you in being named Chief M.E.

In your confirmation hearing,
he'll be a good friend to have.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

You know, that bastard Coombs
killed one of our best officers.

It's a terrible tragedy.

We're not looking to lose any
more men, if you get my meaning.

I'm not sure I do.

Look, the department
regrets any death in custody.

When our people screw
up, we do something about it.

But Rudy Coombs
was a cop killer.

Eddy Winslow is
a decorated officer.

We're just asking you
to keep that in mind.

This is my third
suicide this week.

Christmas suicide season
started early this year.


Listen, you've known
Nigel longer than I have.

Is he...

What? You know.


You know, I have no idea.

So he's never come on to you?

Well, there was that one
time he asked me to marry him,

but I'm pretty sure
that was just business.

Why do you care?

I don't have a problem
with it, it's just...

The ski weekend
and the sex talk.

He slapped my ass.

Well, maybe you're
a naughty boy.


nothing good can come of this.

You know, that's a
very limited world view.

Now, if you were a
rootstalk borer weevil,

homosexuality would be a
very positive area to explore.

I don't even want to know.

The females, they get it
on together all the time.

It improves their
reproductive success.

That's great, Bug, but what
does that have to do with me?

The male beetles,
they like to watch.

It puts them in such an erotic
frenzy, they can't help but join in.

But that's two girls. Two
girls is a whole different thing.


Dr. Macy,

there's a police
officer here to see you.

(SIGHS) Listen.

I've been dealing
with cops all day.

Do me a favor and
see if you can handle it.

The thing is...

He's got Abby with him.

What's going on here?

I pulled your daughter over
for weaving in traffic, Dr. Macy.

Suspect she's been
drinking a little tonight.

She's got a clean record.

Figured maybe you'd
want to handle this yourself.


I appreciate that, Officer.

No problem. Have a nice holiday.

Okay, before you lose it...

Are you out of your mind?

Drinking and driving? You might
as well put a gun to your head,

not to mention,
kill somebody else.

Damn it, Abby, when are you
gonna start taking responsibility

for your actions?

Oh, like you?

That's it, get your ass
in my office right now.

Walter's coming to pick me up.

You called Walter?

He's meeting me downstairs.

We can finish this lecture
at Christmas dinner.

(SNICKERING) Oh, wait.

That's right, I forgot.

You're blowing it off.

Way to be responsible, Dad.


Hello, mate. Getting
excited to hit the slopes?

Look, Nigel,

I'm not into that.

Not everyone's a
winter sportsman.

I mean, half the people don't
even make it onto the slopes,

if you know what I mean.

I do.

And I pass.


But you'll never know
what you're missing.

Probably better that way.

What I can't figure out is why
the police are stonewalling.

They've got something to hide.

I know Eddy Winslow.
He's a good guy.

Yeah, he's also a cop.


Suspects of color
like Rudy Coombs

get treated more violently by
the police than white suspects.

Dude, you're right, but
that's not even the issue.

The guy was a cop killer.
Wouldn't matter what color he was.

No? Okay, how many times
have you been pulled over

in the last six months?

None, but... I've been
pulled over three times.

No big shock, Bug.
I've driven with you.

Okay, it sucks.

But Rudy Coombs sold
drugs to school kids.

He killed a police officer.

We'll never really know
that for sure, will we?

I mean, your friend,
what's his name?

Eddy Winslow. Eddy
Winslow made sure of that.

That's not fair. We don't
know what really happened.

Yeah, well, I'm starting to
wonder if you really want to.

What's that supposed to mean?

One way or another, the
truth's gonna come out.

Macy just ordered
a coroner's inquest

to investigate Rudy
Coombs' death.

JORDAN: A coroner's inquest?

I didn't know that statute
was still in the books.

It is, as a last resort to
determine cause of death.

Jordan, I'm caught between a
D.A. looking to ride police brutality

to the mayor's office and a
bunch of cops who aren't talking.

An inquest could
lead to a grand jury.

Well, maybe it should.

According to Eddy,
this guy was combative

and stoned out of his mind.

Then maybe he can tell us why
Coombs' tox screen came up clear,

or why when we opened his head,

we found this.

Cerebral contusion.

Yeah. I think your
pal Eddy Winslow

beat the crap out of this guy.

I'm calling this inquest as a
courtesy to the police department,

'cause from where I'm sitting,
it's a straight up homicide.

Man, Jordan. You look fantastic.

Is that what being
single looks like?

Kim. Annie. What are
you guys doing here?

God. Well, since
you've been avoiding us,

we figured we'd track
you down. That's right.

You know, this
isn't the best place.

Come with me. Come on.

And I haven't been avoiding you.

Oh, please. We didn't
come all the way down

to this nasty ass funeral home

to listen to a line of bull.

It's a morgue, not a funeral...


I didn't mean anything
by it. I just figured...

What? That you'd blow us off

before we had the
chance to do it to you?

Yeah, maybe.

Fine. Apology accepted.

Don't you feel better?

Oh, yeah, a lot.


So we'll see you tomorrow
night, Rathgar Pub.

The Rathgar? Oh, guys. I don't
know. That place is a real dive.

Well, then we'll
meet at your place.

I'll bring the blender.
You supply the rum.

Actually, I think I... I have...

(SIGHS) Don't
even try it. Address?

227 Pearl Street,

Apartment 311.

All right, we'll
be there at 8:00.

And listen, you
blow us off again,

I swear, I'm laying you
out on one of those slabs.

Jordan, we're
starting the inquest.

You look stressed.

I got here at 7:00 this morning

and I already had three
messages from Deputy Chief Keller.

What did he want? An undetermined
cause of death for Rudy Coombs

or my job.

I also got two
messages from the D.A.,

but I'm sure he
just called to chat.

Hey, Garret, listen,
if it means anything,

I thought about it. You're
doing the right thing.


I'll be sure to list
you as a reference

on my Burger Barn application.

Couldn't let it go, could you?

I had nothing to do with this.

Yeah, Macy called the inquest.

He had no choice.

If this is about settling
old scores, you...

Oh, come on, Eddy.
I tried to help you.

But you wanted to
handle it your way.

You brought this on yourself.

Let me just say that a
coroner's inquest is not a trial.

It's a finding of facts.

Now, in this case, we're
attempting to determine

the cause of death for
Rudolph C. Coombs.

The District Attorney
will review our findings

and decide whether any
further action is warranted.

Oh, and while testimony at
this proceeding is voluntary,

it's also admissible
in a court of law.

Everybody clear?

Let's begin.

Officer Hardwick,
you made the radio call

reporting the location
of Mr. Coombs?

Yeah, I, spotted him
entering a club in Dorchester

and called for backup.

Lieutenant Winslow was
the responding officer?

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant and I took
the suspect into custody.

Did Mr. Coombs resist arrest?

Yeah. Yeah, he took off running.

Officer Winslow had
to catch him to cuff him.

Coombs was acting all crazy,
you know, like he was on something.

What happened next?

Lieutenant and I started to
drive Coombs back to the station.

Did you or Lieutenant
Winslow ever strike

or otherwise violently
subdue Mr. Coombs?

No. It was all by the book.

And this rookie cop, Hardwick, he
was just tap dancing the whole time.

Come on, Jordan. What do you expect
him to do? Rat out a senior officer?

Yeah, well, it's not
like it never happens.

That was different.

I think that Eddy may
have actually killed this guy.

And if he didn't, why isn't he telling
me the truth about what happened?

Before your mother died,

I never thought twice about
something going wrong on the job.

And even if something did,

I knew your mother
would still be there for you.

Then she wasn't.

And I promised myself that no
matter what happened on the street,

I was coming home to
you at the end of the day,

and if that meant hurting the
bad guys before they hurt me,

I could live with that.

Well, I understand that, Dad.

But it's my job
to get to the truth.

Something you'll
learn eventually,

what's right

isn't necessarily the truth.


You're the death expert.

Is there such a thing as justifiable
homicide of a 17-year-old?

I'd say the smart money's on
Abby taking us both out first.

I yelled at her. I grounded her.

Short of locking her in a
cage, I'm fresh out of ideas.

I still can't
believe she did it.

If anyone in the world knows better than to
drive drunk, it's the daughter of an M.E.

(SIGHING) She's really angry.

I keep trying to figure
out how we got here.

I mean, did we
screw up that badly?

let's face it, Garret.

It was never Father Knows Best.

It wasn't exactly the
Manson family, either.

Do you remember how sweet
she was when she was four?

That first summer at the beach.

We had the cottage
from hell up at the Cape.

With the pipes that sounded like
someone was strangling a whale.

Remember you slashed your
foot open on that broken bottle

and Abby got sprayed
by a skunk that was just...

Magical times, right?

Dr. Macy, I...

Oh, I didn't mean to interrupt.

I just need you to
sign this release.

Or I can come back.

No, no. It's... It's fine.

Lily, this is my ex-wife,
Maggie. This is Lily.

Hi, there. Didn't
mean to interrupt.

No, no, no problem. We were
just plotting parental strategy.


Here you go. Thank you.

Okay. All right. It
was nice meeting you.

Does that tickle?

Now, turn around, sweetheart.


Oh, you are so perfect.
Turn around, gorgeous.

There you go. Come
on, pull up your hair.

Oh, I love it when
you do that. Yeah.

So you were able to subdue
him and cuff him at this point?

Yeah, I mean, it wasn't
easy. He was resisting,

but I finally got
him into the car.

And at what point did you think
that there might be a problem?

Well, he was freaking
out the entire drive.

About halfway to the station, we realized
he'd been quiet for a couple of minutes.

We pulled the car over to
check on him and he was dead.

Okay, thank you,
Lieutenant Winslow.

Excuse me, Dr. Macy? Would it be
all right if I asked a few questions?

Go right ahead, Dr. Cavanaugh.

Lieutenant, in
subduing Mr. Coombs,

are you sure you never
applied any pressure to his neck?

Chokeholds are against
department policy.

We found petechial
hemorrhages in his eyes,

indicating asphyxiation.

I wouldn't know
anything about that.

Let me run a scenario past
you. Just tell me if it sounds right.

Rudy Coombs makes
you for a cop. Runs.

You give chase.

You don't move!
Maybe when he fell,

he hit his head on the pavement.

He didn't hit his head.

And yet he has a
bruise on his brain.

Do you know how that happens?

No, I don't.

Well, someone has to hit you hard
enough for your brain to smash against

the inside of your skull.

I didn't hit him.

Well, you described Mr. Coombs
as combative, belligerent, intoxicated,

and yet his tox screen
came back clear.

He appeared to be intoxicated.

He was also 6'4" and 240 pounds.

Add belligerent to the mix, that's
quite an impressive takedown.

Let's say after the initial shock
of the fall, he tried to fight back.


You knew this guy had
no trouble killing a cop.

You tried to regain control
the only way you could.

You get a hold of
his neck and squeeze.

He crumps, nice and easy.

I did not choke Rudy Coombs.

Let's be honest, Lieutenant.
You hated this guy.

He was a cop
killer. You got angry.

No. You wanted him dead.

I didn't kill him, okay?

I do things by the book.

A suspect died on your
watch. What book is that in?

That's not how it happened.

If you've got something to say,
Officer Hardwick, now's the time.

Sorry, Lieutenant
Winslow. I can't let you do it.

I saw Coombs go into the
club. I called for backup.

Before backup arrived,
Coombs leaves the building.

He was acting all weird,
you know, talking to himself.

He was gonna get away.

I ordered him
down to the ground.

Freeze! Freeze, don't move!

Hand on your head!
Cross your legs.

Other hand, other hand.

When I went to cuff
him, the guy really lost it.

Get off me! Don't move!

I had him on his stomach.


You know, I had the upper hand
and I didn't want to lose it, so...

Stay down!

I kneeled on him,

you know, just to keep him
down until backup arrived.

How long did you
kneel on his back?

Felt like a minute, maybe two.

Then what happened?

He went limp.

Just stopped breathing.

(STAMMERING) I tried to
give him CPR, you know,

but I don't know what happened.

Bellows effect.

Sustained compression to the
back keeps the lungs from expanding.

It can happen in minutes.

I didn't mean to kill the
guy, though, you know?

What about the head injury?

I don't know.

I don't think I hit him,
but it was all going so fast.

So Lieutenant
Winslow wasn't there?

HARDWICK: Till after
Coombs stopped breathing.

We took him to the ER, but it
was too late. He was already dead.

I'm sorry.

(SIGHS) Well, in light of this
testimony and the forensic evidence,

I have no choice but to rule the
death of Rudolph Coombs a homicide

at the hand of
Officer John Hardwick.

I'll pass these findings
along to the D.A.,

and they'll determine whether or
not a grand jury will be convened.

All right, that's it.

Proud of yourself?

You didn't just sell me out,
you destroyed that kid's life.

Thanks for being a friend.

Hey, Lily. Oh!


I finished up the
holiday schedule.

I'll make sure it's posted.

So is everything okay
with your daughter?

(SIGHING) Actually,
I'm not sure anymore.

I'm really not a
part of her life,

just a nagging,
overwrought parent.

Well, have you
tried talking to her?

No, not yet. I figured we both
need a little cooling off period.

It's probably best that I'm not
gonna see her over the holiday.

Wouldn't even know what to say.

But I'm gonna see
you tomorrow night.

Oh, Dr. Macy, I hate to
do this on such short notice,

but it looks like my mom's
not driving to Albany after all.

Oh, is it... That's fine.

(SIGHS) I was really
looking forward to it.

I just can't let my
mom eat alone.

And trust me, you're not ready
to meet her. She's totally insane.


It's not a problem. We'll
do it some other time.

Oh, definitely. It's just,

you know, Christmas and family.

I mean, it can be a hassle,
but they're your family, right?


See you.

Hey. I just got your
page. What's up?

I just ran an iron stain test on
Rudy Coombs' brain contusion.

Take a look.

Iron globules. The red blood
cells are already broken down.

Which means the contusion
is approximately five days old.

But Coombs died three days ago.

Which means he already had the
brain injury when he died in custody.

Which would explain
his delusional behavior.

Listen, Bug, I know how
you feel about this case.

My feelings have nothing
to do with this. I'm a scientist.

I was just doing my job.

TREY: Hey, Nigel, what's up?

This tire tread analysis on
that hit and run in Brookline.

This look like a radial to you?

I was thinking
maybe a snow tire.

It's your world,
man. I just live in it.

So about the ski trip, I'd like
to go if the offer still stands.

I knew you'd change your
mind. (LAUGHING) Yeah.

Let me ask you,

I saw you and your girlfriend,
you know, the other night.

Why didn't you
ask her? Girlfriend?

In the lounge? Oh, Caitlin.


She's one of my models. Models?

I do a bit of
designing on the side.


It's in my blood.

If you came to beat my ass to a
pulp, get in line. Police Chief has dibs.

This isn't mine. It belongs
to the late Officer Dell.

The bruise on Rudy Coombs'
brain was five days old,

which means it was
inflicted the day he killed Dell.

We just pulled an intact hair with
root off the business end of that thing.

And it matched Coombs?

Yep. Looks like Dell got in at least
one shot before Coombs killed him.

So the kid didn't beat on him.

It went down just
like Hardwick said.

The whole thing was an accident.

You think you can
sell that to the D.A.?

We'll see if he's buying.


We got some new forensic
evidence on the Coombs case.

You already drop kicked the
kid. You want to take a victory lap?

It exonerates him
for the beating.

D.A.'s not gonna press charges.

What are you telling me?
Hardwick's off the hook?

(CHUCKLING) Well, that's great.

Hey, listen, things got pretty
heated during the inquest.

We both said a lot of things...

Yeah. Yeah, I'm...
I'm sorry about that.

I know you were
just doing your job.

I guess I was also a little pissed
that you wouldn't level with me.

Well, I couldn't. How come?

Because a spotless 11-year
career and Lieutenant stripes

can absorb a death in custody a hell
of a lot easier than a brand new uniform.

Yeah, but why this guy?
Why risk it all for him?

Maybe I'm just in
the Christmas spirit.

Dr. Macy, a little
holiday cheer.

Chief wants you to know
he's grateful. For what?

We know you called the
D.A. on the kid's behalf.

We just want to say we
appreciate you playing ball.

I play a lot of things. Low stakes
poker, vintage Benny Goodman records,

even the occasional game of
charades when I'm drunk enough.

But one thing I don't
play with is the truth.

This office is independent and so am I,
so you take that bottle back to your boss

and tell him what
I just told you.

And the next time you show up in my
morgue, you better be wearing a toe tag.

I'll see you then.

Hey. Hey.

I'm sorry to barge in on you like this.

What's on your mind?

I just wanted to say the
other day at the precinct,

I didn't mean any disrespect.


Your daughter asked
me a question tonight.

I've been driving around
trying to figure out the answer.

Well, Jordan'll do that to you.

She asked me why I risked
my badge for a rookie cop.

Well, it was a
stand-up thing to do.

I just wish I'd done it
for you five years ago.

You did what you had to do.
Max, come on. I could've lied.

I could've told IAB I didn't
see you beat that guy up.

You got him to give up
the name of a serial rapist.

I also put him in the hospital.

I crossed the line and we
both know it wasn't the first time.

But we were partners.

Let it go, Eddy.

I have.

Want a drink?

I'm on duty. But thanks.

I'll tell you what,
I'll take a rain check.

Take care of yourself. Lot of
crazies out on Christmas Eve.




So, Lily, what form of
wretched holiday excess

have you got lined
up for tomorrow night?

I'm just hanging out at
home. Probably turn in early.

So you're gonna be by yourself?

Yeah. Good.

I'll pick you up
at 6:00. For what?

Want to spoil my
Christmas surprise?

Dress casual.

Hark, the ball, Rapunzel.

(CHUCKLING) Are you ready?

You've got to be kidding me. It's 20
degrees out there. Where's your car?

You miss half the scenery
that way. Get down here.


Hop on, love.

What's wrong?

Nigel, I've got to know what
your intentions are. My intentions?

For us. This weekend?

Hopefully, we're
gonna get lucky.

See, now that's
what I'm talking about.

What, there's a problem
with that? Are you gay?

Well, what difference would
it make if I was or I wasn't?

Right now it would make
a pretty big difference.

Well, never really
gave it much thought.

What are you talking about?

All right, I'm
staying home, okay?

Trey, it's freezing.

I'm not gonna sit here and
discuss my sexual proclivities.

Now, you are my friend,
you are my colleague,

you are not my lover, so get
on the back of the bike. Please?

That's it, sweetheart.

Now just hold on to my hips
and leave the driving to me.

So I'm looking at the name on the
docket and something strikes me.

"Robbie Keating."
I know this guy.

Varsity baseball Robbie Keating?


What'd he do? Check fraud.

You're kidding.

Who knew he could even write?


Was he still hot? Oh, smoking.

Oh, he was? Too bad.
I got him eight years.


We'll miss him.

(LAUGHING) Oh my God,
Jordan, look at your hair.

Yeah. (LAUGHING) Look at this.

Yeah, the '80s
were a bitch, huh?



You know, I owe
you guys an apology.

For not calling you back.

Jordan, we've
been over all that.

The truth is, I just didn't
really want to see you.

Well, that hurt.

Well, it's just that we're all in
such different places right now.

You know, I mean, you guys
have real lives and I've got


And we don't?

No, let's be honest.
Look, I love you guys,

but do you really want me
in a sandbox with your kids?

I mean, I might say something
and freak them out for life.

(SIGHS) Jeez, Jordan, why does everything
have to be so damn complicated with you?

Nobody is perfect. And
no one is asking you to be.

You're weird, all right. You always
have been and we were friends anyways.

Nothing's changed.

We just wanted to hang
out with you, that's all.

We missed you all these years.

missed you guys, too, you know.

JORDAN: Hey, hey, hey,
don't spill my drink. Come on.

KIM: Oh, please. We still
have half a blender left.


(SINGING) He's gone

2000 miles

It's very far

The snow is falling down

Come here.

It gets colder day by day

I miss you


I can hear children singing

He'll be back at Christmas time

Hey, Dad. Hey, Abby.

2000 miles

Is very far through the snow

I'll think of you

Wherever you go



I still can't believe
how big that thing is.

Hey, shouldn't I be
smelling turkey by now?

Oh, about the
turkey. Oh, not again.

I've been meaning to get
a new oven. For 10 years.

You want pepperoni
and green peppers?

(CHUCKLING) Maybe with a
little extra cheese. It is Christmas.

Make yourself useful
and plug this in, please.

(CHUCKLING) Beautiful.

Just beautiful.

Merry Christmas, Jordan.
Merry Christmas, Dad.