Crossfire (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Jo's world shatters when gunmen attack the luxurious Spanish hotel where she's holidaying with family and friends. The ensuing horror puts lives at risk and exposes secrets.

This program me contains
some strong language,

some scenes which some viewers may
find upsetting and some violent scenes.

We think it goes in
a straight line, don't we?

Time, I mean.

Like one day follows another,
day after day, year after year,

until something happens
that's so big, it stops time.

And you realise that
everything that happened before

was leading up to that moment.

And everything that happens after,

if there is an after,
happens because of it.

There's no line any more,
no line of time,

just one fixed point

and everything swirls around it.

You look back or forward,
it makes no difference.

You can drive yourself mad
that way if you're not careful.


Where's the point where it began?




That day began.

But that wasn't where it began.

It didn't end there either.

It's funny the things you remember.

It's always the small things.

That's normal, apparently.

It's the shoes.

I remember thinking,
"Not flip-flops.


I remember thinking,

"I'm going to have to run."

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MUSIC: Tchintchirote
by Cesaria Evora

♪ Odja men in a

♪ A bo catem comparacao

♪ Bo ta papia di mas

♪ Si ma tchintchirote na figuera

♪ Ess bo ma flado

♪ Tudo alguem ja ta conchel

♪ Que essa boca grande ragonhode

♪ Bo ta papia, mas qui ninguem

♪ Odja men in a a bo catem comparacao

♪ Bo ta papia di mas

♪ Si ma tchintchirote na figuera

♪ Ess bo ma flado

♪ Tudo alguem ja ta conchel

♪ Que essa boca grande ragonhode

♪ Bo ta papia, mas qui ninguem

♪ Ma flado fla... ♪

Kim really wants to go to the sea.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Wait for
a bit. We'll all go down together.

Go on. This is going to take ages.

Don't get lost!


And say, "Holiday!" Holiday!

Can't remember the last time
I had a pint this early in the day.

You're getting old, mate.

Cheeky get!

It seems strange to me now.

Remembering that feeling
of days slipping past.

Like I was running out of time
and I wanted to catch up.

And the rest of the day!

To remember what it was like
to unwind...

I was a police officer. Seriously?
..have a laugh with friends... love. No of fence, love,
but I can't see you runnin' down

the street after a burglar on
those pins. I mean, come on. God...

I know, but come on!

DISTANT: Blaming me...
But it's never that simple. Is it?

...for a fundamentally dishonest
and cowardly human being?!

Yeah. That has to be the shittiest.

Er, yeah. Night, then.



I'm a monster! I'm a sea monster,
I'm hungry! Adam, get off!

You're not a monster!
Yes, I am, I'm a shark! Raarrrr!

No, Adam! I'm coming to get you!

Guys? I'm going to eat you! Raaaarr,
I'm going to eat you! You ready?

Come on. No, we've got to go.
I'm a shark! I'm a shark! Come on.

Breakfast! No, please!
Don't eat us all up, Mr Shark!

No, no, don't eat us, Mr Shark!

And I don't think sharks roar.
Do they, Adam?

What noise do sharks make?

They go...

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!

Come on, come on, come on. Let's
get down there, it finishes soon.

Put your shoes on.
Breakfast! Come on.

Not until you both
get your shoes on.

They're in there. Go on.



Guess I'm taking them
to breakfast, then?

Adam wants to go to the pool after,

but Kim and Sonny
want those hideous inflatables.

Don't forget armbands, will you?

Come on.

That actually feels
much better to me. Mm.

I'd keep up the Ibuprofen.

You coming down with me?

No, I thought I'd go
to aquarobics.

Jo said she might come, too.

Oh, I doubt it, after last night.
Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that was quite some
first night dinner, wasn't it?

What am I supposed to do while
you're gallivanting in the pool?

Go join the others.


You might actually enjoy it.

OK, then.

Well, have a nice time without me.

See you later.


I can't find my shoes!
Check under the bed!

You know what they call us,
don't you?

Who? Jo and Jason
and Ben and Miriam.

Mr and Mrs Perfect. Hmm.


Well, that's because we are.


All right, you lot! Come in here!

Let's take a picture for Nanny
and Nana. Oh, no, do we have to?


They want to see you.

You look great.

All right.

What are we saying, then, boys?

Er, "Holiday." Holiday?

On three? One, two, three...
ALL: Holiday!



You know, it's good of you to
keep the grown-ups company,

but this is possibly the least Ben
friendly part of the whole place.

Oh, I dunno, I like an inflatable
dragon as much as the next man!

And to think, Miriam and I could
have been staring at some boring

16th century frescoes in Florence!

Well, blame, Jo.
This was all her idea.

Yeah. The buck for
the blow-up dragon stops with her.

Any sign of Jo this morning?

She wasn't at breakfast.

It's going to make it an interesting
week if they're not speaking

to each other.
Maybe I should go and check on her.

Um, I'll go, if you like.
No, I've got to go to reception.

My key card's not working.

If Jason asks, cover for me.

Will do.

Going in?


Oh, hey, you're going for it?

I know! What am I thinking?!

I got completely lost.

I know. Me too!





Could we get one of you
all jumping in?

All right!


Three, two, one. Go!

Aw, cool. That's going to be a great
picture. You all right, Amara?

Yeah. I didn't think we'd
see you by the pool.

Well, I agreed with Mum, I'd give
myself an hour off each morning

and then get back to
my revision. Yeah.

Need to get towels
from just over there.

Adam, look!

Mum's going to watch you jump.

Mum! Look at me!

Can I help you, madam?

Hi. Yeah, thank you.

It's stopped working.

OK, what room number? 603.

And your name is? Abhilasa Doshi.


Thanks. You're welcome.

Can I?

Here you are.


One, two, three!
Vamos, un, dos, tres! Bien!

Come, senora!
I have to throw you in.

I'm not sure, I'm thinking about it.

OK. I'll let you take
your dress off first.

Thank you.





We need to go!



Hey! Hey! Don't stand there!
No, no, no, no, no, this way!

Hey! Get here!






Out the way!



Don't look!

Go, go!

Por aqui, por aqui.

Where's the others? Where's Adam?
Chinar's got the boys.

He's got them.

Por aqui! Por aqui! Venga!
Rapido, rapido! Rapido!


Not that way, not that way,
this way, this way. This way,

this way, in here! Come on, get in.

You, over there, over there.
You two, here, now, quick. In here.


My wife is still back there. My
wife. She was doing the... She was

doing the aqua aerobics. What's
happening? You have to tell us.

I'm sorry, sir.
There's an emergency.

You don't understand. My wife!

Ben, Ben, you said that Chinar
was right behind us. Where's Mummy?

She's fine, she'll be in our room.
She's absolutely fine.

I didn't see which way they ran.
They were together before

it started.
Did you actually see them?

No, I mean, Chinar... Chinar will
be... You said that you saw them,

Ben! He'll be with them! Oh...

Jase, the door!
They're not here. Jase!

Listen, listen.

I want you to go with uncle Ben
and do exactly as he says, OK?

Do exactly as he says.

It's OK, I've got to go and find
them. Jason, you can't go back here.

It's fine, it's fine. Jason, you
can't do this. I have to. Please,

just take the kids and go. Please.
It'll be fine. No! Please, just go.

Please! OK! Daddy! Por aqui,
por aqui, por el garaje.

Come on. Daddy! Go! Come on. Run!
Venga, venga, corre!

Police coming. It's OK!




Please! I'm a doctor.
She's been shot.

OK, I need a cloth, I need some
sort of cloth, something...

A cloth to put on the wound.

Iker! Iker!

We have to lift her. We have to
get her out somewhere safe.

While I keep her chest up

and staunch the wound.
OK. Con cuidado, vale?

Venga, cuidado, cuidado.
Gently, gently, gently!

OK, OK, OK. OK. Una, dos, y tres!

Corre! This way. Quick as you can.

Arriba. Rapido. Quick as you can.
Be careful, be careful!

Through these doors. Quick as you
can. Vamos, rapido. Todo el mundo

a la cocina, cerrad las puertas!

Por aqui, por aqui. Over there,
over there! Por aqui, a la esquina.

Into the corner, and keep low.

Help her up,
she needs to be propped up.

I also need some clingfilm and tape.

Er, scissors. Por favor!
Quickly, quickly.


We need to sit her up.

OK, you take her shoulders and
I'll take her head. OK. Aguanta.

OK, we need a folded tablecloth or
jackets... Manteles? Coats, bag?

Manteles o chaquetas?

Not too much. Not too much. OK.
Not too much. OK.


Vale. Jackets, coats, whatever.
Manteles. Chaquetas. Mas! More.

More. Mas! Mas! Mas!

Do you have a first aid kit?
Trae el botiquin, por favor.

You know her?

Yes, she is my cousin, Pilar.

My husband is
the security manager here.

I don't know where he is.

You have to get out now. Go.
Is something going on?

There's an emergency.
Hey, this way! Come on.

I have to get to the pool.
My kids...

No access to the pool, sorry, madam.
You must go this way. No!

No, you don't understand!
Let me out! Let me out!

Let me out!

I tell you, this is so unfair.

Stop stalling.

You said you could always guess.

OK. All right. OK.

OK. All right. Come on. Come on.

Let's see...


Er-uh! Wrong!

Oh, I had you down as the GP!

Oh, no, no, that's my wife.

She's the super competent one.

I'm the second in command.

Ben, don't help him!


But don't tell me.

Restaurants, curry houses but, like,
posh, what do you call it? Fusion!

No! I own a taxi limousine fleet.

Exclusive, high-end.

Now. Security adviser? Ooh!

Ah! What exactly is
a security adviser, love?

I work for a department store.

I advise them on fraud

and theft issues.

She's part time, though.

I'm just saying...

We're both part time. You must
do the paperwork, though.

I can't see you standing at
the door checking people's bags.


I'm a social worker.

Well, I mean, I do do the paperwork.

But I did used to wear a uniform.

Used to be a police officer.

Yeah. Watch yourself.

No of fence, love, but, I mean,
I can't see you running down

the streets after a burglar
on those pins.

I mean...

No, come on!

Yeah, well, being a street copper
was never really

your strong point, was it, love?


In fact, it's definitely been a long
time since you ran after anyone.

In fact, you can't even remember
how to run, probably.

She likes to tell people
that she gave up policing

to be a mother.
But that's not really...

That's not really true, is it?

Hey, Mum. No...

The kids are watching a film.

Gattick's in charge.

Did I miss summat?

No, just Jason putting me
in my place, as usual.

Sorry, I...
Is it really that difficult, Jason?


Can you really not bear me
being the centre of attention

for five minutes? Some of those
comments about your legs...

Don't kid yourself
you're defending me!

Great bloody hero you are!

Listen, I'm your husband,
I've got every right...

Stop being so bloody pompous!

I'm going back.

I want to go back. What?

To policing. I want to try.

No, we've talked about this.
It's all been organised.

I'm going full time
on the first of September.

We discussed this. You agreed.

No. No, it's impossible.

No, it's not about that, is it?

Oh, I tell you what, why don't we
add this to the long list

of things that you
never tell me about?

How about that, hmm?
Anything else you want to add?

Yeah, there is. Go on.

I had lunch last week with Paul

to talk about going back.


So, you had a nice,
lovely lunch with your ex

and you didn't tell me?

What's new, Jo?

Know what? The point is, Jason,
that I had lunch last week

with my ex-husband
and I couldn't tell you about it

because I was too scared
of your reaction.

And that is not normal.

You know what, Jo? Of all the shitty
things that you do, you know,

not telling me about the job,
thinking that your first husband's

some kind of hero because he's
not the one asking you to unload

the dishwasher any more,

and, of course, the really shitty
thing of having an affair last year

with some knobhead... Why don't
you shut the fuck up? ..from work,

which I'm not allowed to mention,

because somehow that
makes ME the bad guy!

Of all the shitty,
shitty things that you do,

blaming me for the fact that you

are a fundamentally dishonest
and cowardly human being,

that has to be the shittiest.

That's good, innit?

Yeah. Night, then.


ON PHONE: Hi, this is Jo.

Please leave a message
after the tone.

Mum. Mum, where are you?

Where are you?

I need you!



Sigueme, sigueme!



Oh, God!

Madam, I already told you that way!

No. Get off me!

You have to get out.

Listen to me.
I am a trained police officer.


When do armed response get here?

I called, but...

They will have to send helicopters.

We are out of the way here,
this island.

30 minutes, maybe more.

Oh, my... They could have
killed everybody by then.

I saw two of them by the pool.

Both had side arms

and one had a rifle.

There is inside of the building
shooting, as well.

Do you know how to use a gun?

Yeah. Yeah, I do, yeah.


ON PHONE: You've reached the phone
of Chinar Doshi.

Please leave a message.

Chinar, where are you?

Have you got the boys?

Call me back.

Come, come, come.

Help us.

He's been shot.

I don't know what's going on.
Did you see what happened?

I dunno. There are men!
Five or six of them killing people.

He says there are more.

They're shooting everyone.

They've gone inside the hotel!

I need to find my son.

I need to find my son.
He's ten years old.

He's about this high.
He's got brown hair.


Are you sure that they went inside?

Did you see them? Because I have
to go out there to find my son.

Did you see them?
I don't know.

I don't know.

No, please! You need to help us! Sh!


You've got to go this way.

OK, you've got to go...
Wait, wait, wait, wait!

All the way down.

You come through the car park
and there's the exit.

Just keep going all the way.
Somebody's there to help, OK?

I'm sorry. I need to find my son.

Oh, God.

ON PHONE: Hi. This is Paul.

Leave a message and
I'll call you right back.

Dad? Dad, it's me.

Something's happened.

Men with guns,
they're shooting everyone.

Mum's in the hotel.

I don't know where anyone is.


I love you, Dad. I love you.





Can we go find Mum?

Sh, it's all right.

It's OK, it's OK.


Come on. This way.

My office is on the other side
of the building, below reception.

That's where I keep the guns.



Come on.




Adam? Adam?

Adam, it's me, it's Dad.

Right. Right. Right.
Come here. Come on. OK.

All right. Don't worry.

OK? Uncle Ben's here.

Everything's going to be...

No puedo, no puedo.

OK. You see those people?

OK? You follow them.

Go where they're going.


And stick together.
I'll catch you up.

Let me help you.

Come on.


Sit down.

It's OK.

Right, come on.

OK. Don't worry. Don't worry.

Come on.

It's going to be fine.

Mateo! Mateo!

Jo! Jo!

Abhi! Oh, God!


Are you OK? What's happening?

It's OK, I'm here.

The boys, have you seen the boys?

I'm here... I'm with the security
man and we're going to help.

Have you got your phone? Yeah, yeah.


Abhi? Oh, thank God! Jo! Jo!

God, are you all right?
Where are you?

I'm with Abhi. I'm in the foyer.

OK, where are you?
I'm in... I'm in the room.

I came back to the room.
I thought you'd all be here, but...

Listen, um...

Kim and Sonny are outside with Ben.

They're absolutely fine.
Oh, thank God.

What about Adam and Amara?

I don't know. I had a look around
the pool, but I couldn't see them.

It was pandemonium.
I couldn't see him.

I couldn't see them. And so,
well, they must have run away.


Adam will be with Chinar, I'm sure.

I don't know...
I don't know about Amara.

I couldn't... You didn't see her?
No, I couldn't.

Honestly, I looked.

Look, OK, listen,

listen to me.

Check my phone, all right?
To see if Amara has called.

OK. I put it down in the bathroom.

OK, it's on the bathroom counter.

You'll see it.
You need the code.

It's 4-6-8-5.

But you have to leave, now, OK?

Take my phone with you. But you have
to get out of the hotel right now.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, wait!

Fuck's sake.

Has he seen the boys?
Sonny and Kimberley got out.

They're safe.
Ben's looking after them, OK?

He's looked for the others.
He couldn't see anyone...

He's checked by the pool.

And that's good. That means...

That means they got away, OK?

What do we do?

Come on. Come on.
Get down, get down. Come on.

The boys are OK
but you have to get out.

I can't, Jo. Please don't leave me.
I'm so scared.


Chinar will be
looking after the boys. OK.

OK. Let's go.

Please, Madam.

Go to the reception, OK?
Yeah, Abhi. Follow them. Come on.

Follow the others and get out
of the hotel. Go, go, go.

Catch up with them now.
You have to go.

You have to go with them now.

Go on. Go.




We're going to stop down here, OK?

Do you understand? No!

OK. Let's get...

Excuse me, will you take this lady?

OK. No. You'll be fine. No me
dejes, por favor, no me dejes!

You'll be OK. You'll be OK.
I've got to go. I'm sorry.

I've got to.

Come quickly, now!

Vamos, vamos!

We can see the cameras here.

Do they cover the whole complex?

The public areas, yes,
but only some of the staff areas.



Sh, sh, sh, sh!

Please let me in! Please let me in!

I know that voice!

I know that voice! That's my friend!
That's my friend!

I know that voice! That's my friend!

Your friend? Yes, yes, my friend.
Are you sure? Of course I'm sure!

Please, please let her in.
Let her in!

Most people will be hiding
in their rooms.

We've got to get them out.
Yes, but the way the hotel is built,

they can shoot down
from the balconies. See?

Keep... Keep flicking through.

Help will be here before too long.

We just all have to stay safe
and hidden until then.


It's just unbearable not knowing
if Chinar and the boys are OK.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

Please, her breathing
is a little faster, now.

Is it OK? I'll have a look.

Hey. Ya esta.


Tranquila, mi Nina, tranquila.

ON PHONE: You've reached the phone
of Chinar Doshi. Please...


Are you stupid?

What if the person you're
calling is hiding

and the ringtone gives them away?

Don't call any more.


Por favor, no, no, no!


Look, there's one.

I... I saw him at the pool.

Be quick.


They're old, but they work.


I shoot rabbits at the weekend.

Oh, God.

Safety, OK?

That's Amara. This is my... daughter.
Where is this? The screen.

The steps near to the restaurant.

OK. Where are you going?

Hey? I'm going to get her.
Wait! Mierda!



Come on...

♪ I'm spinning around

♪ Move out of my way

♪ I know you're feelin' me

♪ Cos you like it like this

♪ I'm breaking it down

♪ I'm not the same

♪ I know you're feelin' me

♪ Cos you like it like this

♪ Traded in my sorrow
for some joy that I borrowed... ♪

Hey! Oi! Oi!
You two, hey, stop that!

♪ Threw away my old clothes

♪ Got myself a better wardrobe

♪ I got something to say... ♪

Hey! You two!

♪ I'm through with the past

♪ Ain't no point
in looking back... ♪


Gimme that. Now.

Where's your brother?

With Amara.

He was snatching. Yes.

And you snatched back.

I expect better of you.

There's no excuse
for that kind of behaviour,

especially not in front
of our friends.



Answer me this.

Who's your favourite person
in the whole world?

It's your mum, right?

Yeah. That's right.

And do you ever see her
raise her voice or snatch anything?



♪ Cos the truth's given me

♪ A new freedom inside

♪ Getting rid of my desire

♪ Do you like what you see? ♪

World War III averted?

Only just.

Right, go get your brother
and go downstairs.

No more of that, OK?


Go on.


♪ Oh, baby, baby, baby

♪ You know you like it
like this... ♪

All right?

Happy New Year.

Yeah. And you.

♪ I'm spinning around

♪ Move out of my way

♪ I know you're feeling me... ♪


♪ I'm breaking it down

♪ I'm not the same... ♪

Oh, ey up, Dad. You look smart.

Yeah, well, I thought
I'd look my best for my top girl.

So, what time do you think
you're going to be home?

Well, it's New Year's Eve and
I've got my own police escort, so...

What more do you want?
I'll get her home safely.

See ya. Yeah, bye.

Here, where's that husband of mine?

He's a bit pissed, I think.

Said he needed a lie down.

Light weight!

Oh! Good night.

You know what I've been thinking?


We need a holiday.


A hot waiter.

Crispy calamari.

Come on, get ready. Quickly.


You're my oldest friend.

You're my oldest friend.

I've known you since we were 11.

You're godfather to my son.

I hope...

...that they fucking shoot you.

Come on, run, run!



In fact, I hope you're fucking dead!



Wrong place, wrong time.

You ask yourself...


Why did it happen?

If we'd made one other
small decision -

not that hotel,
not that date to arrive -

everything that happened after

led away from it,

and everything that
happened before led up to it,

and it all swirls
around that one day.

All this time, you thought
you were choosing your life

but, actually, you were just
heading towards that moment.

All your life, you think
you're making choices

and only when it happens
do you realise that... weren't making
any choices at all.

How come I didn't realise?

The time before seems like
such an innocent time.

All our decisions then,

the decisions of innocence.

How strange that we can only
understand that in retrospect,

that this ending was always waiting.

If only I'd known.

It was always
going to end like this.

Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon
and raise your hands! Mum!