Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - I'm Finding My Bliss - full transcript

Previously on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...

I really like all this.

You know, music and theater.

I hadn't done it since this summer camp

I went to, like, a million years ago,

but I forgot how happy it made me.

You loved that play.

Love doesn't have to be a person.

It can be a passion.

When things get tough, it's
how I understand the world.

Wow. Auditions for an
Elliot Ellison revue.

"Please prepare 16 bars... "

I just signed up to audition

for a local community
theater production.

I'm so excited.

It feels really right.

So, for my big, huge audition,

which dress says, "I'm back, theater,

and this time I'm staying"?

That is a lot to ask from a garment.

But... the black.

- Okay!
- Definitely the black.

- Okay.
- Okay. My turn.

Yeah. Which suit for my interview

says, "I am a kick-ass lawyer

and I'm gonna work my butt off"?

The navy. You know why?

It brings out the sparkle
of justice in your eyes.

That's a great compliment.

Kind of want to date you now.

And I would, but there's
so much competition.

You and Greg and Nathaniel and Josh?

No, I told you, that
is all off the table.

They're out of the picture now.

Clearing the path for my true love...

the theater.

These Elliot Ellison songs

are so classic,

and they've held such a special place

in my heart since childhood.

Paula, when I walk on that stage,

it's all gonna click for me.

I j... I feel it.

That's great, Cookie.

All right. Well, I got to go.

Oh, by the way, how's
Darryl taking the fact

that you're interviewing at other firms?

Oh, not well.

Not well at all. No, he's a mess.

But you know what?

He's gonna be okay. He's gonna be fine.

Now watch my lawyer walk. Uh...

Ooh, yes, girl.

I kind of want to date you, too, now.

- Yeah, you do.
- Hey, Paula.

- Hey, girl.
- Hey, Rebecca, what's the emergency?

Yes, so which dress for my audition?

That's it?

You couldn't have sent a text?

No, you have to see it in person, okay?

This is important. It's
my big, big, big day.

- Wear the black.
- Okay. Thank you.

Hey... last call to audition with me.

I have no interest at
all. Also, I have to go.

Beth said she needs to see me right now.

It's very important.

Also, she just had a coffee

with my mom.

So we all know what that means.

She's gonna propose before
we go back to New York.

I know it!

Oh, wow, oh, my God!

So I got to go. I
only have a few minutes

to get a Mani, pedi, oxygen facial,

and a quick zap at the
cryogenic chamber. Ooh!

Bye, good luck.

Should I go to the cold chamber?

Nah. I don't want to
ruin my vocal cords.

♪ Meet Rebecca ♪

♪ She's the coolest
girl in the world, wait ♪

♪ Wrong Rebecca ♪

♪ It's this one over here ♪

♪ She's spunky, she's
sweet, a generous friend ♪

♪ Oh, but there she
looks kind of mean ♪

Hmm. ♪ Okay, she's snarky ♪

♪ Sarcastic and a... What? ♪

♪ You know, we're not really
seeing a common theme ♪

♪ Meet Rebecca ♪

♪ She's too hard to summarize ♪

♪ So let's go back
to Other Rebecca. ♪

I have the Benjamin
Button disease. I'm 70!

My dad was the worst businessman.

Everything's a mess.
Look at these invoices.

"Stuff," "crap," "things," "junk."

That's exactly how they teach you

to do it in business school.

Oh, I love these old-school booths.

Are you reupholstering the leather?

Dude, this is just a
pop-up for my senior thesis.

I don't need to go full-out.

Vinyl could get me the "A."

Hmm. Yeah, I don't know.

When I'm having a nice lasagna,

I don't want my thighs
sticking to a synthetic.

Okay, for that problem I'm
just gonna recommend pants.

You would.

Wait, and why are you
doing your thesis here

and not in Atlanta?

Access to a free restaurant.

And my professor's a sucker
for family businesses.

Those are the reasons.

Yeah, no, don't buy it.

You're doing it to be near Rebecca.

What? No.

No, no, no. You're insane.

Oh. Okay. Uh-huh.

I think we have a real shot

of getting your charges
reduced to manslaughter,

- shave off ten years.
- That's great. Thank you.

Now, tell me why you're really here.

What do you mean?

You're telling me you're here for me

and not because you want something

to talk about with Rebecca?


We're over.

I mean, yeah, I might've cracked a smile

when I found out that
she broke up with Greg,

but I'm not pursuing her. No way.

She's turned me down so many times.

Yeah, what a weirdo.

Why would a 7.5 turn down a 9.6?

I took .4 off because your breath

smells almost too good.

Look, I know you care about our cases,

but you also want excuses
to talk to your ex.

What? No. No, no, no. You're insane.

Your cases have nothing
to do with Rebecca.

Oh, okay. Uh-huh.

Hi, I was wondering,
um, a friend of mine

is doing your community theater revue.

It's got me thinking, um,

you guys need anyone to work backstage?

I'm a member of the community

and really good at lifting stuff.

Okay, great. Thanks.


What? No. No, no, no, you're insane.

This volunteer tech stuff has
nothing to do with Rebecca.


You okay?

Yes. Totally refreshed,

like I just stood in a metal barrel

and got sprayed with freezing cold air.

What's up?

So... I have something to ask you,

and... it's kind of a big deal.

My answer is yes!

I didn't ask you anything yet.


Go ahead.

Hear me out. Because if we do this,

people are gonna think we're nuts,

that we're moving too quickly.

Oh, I don't care what
other people think.

Never do. I mean, I did for a long time,

but now I don't. Go.

- Here it is.
- Okay.

Three little words.

Jersey City condominium.

I get it. You're thinking,
"Jersey City. No way."

But it's up and coming,
and I found a place

with a surprisingly cheap mortgage

because it's right over an underpass.

I had coffee with your
mom. She's excited.

We have her blessing. She's co-signing!

So what do you think?

We have to apply as soon as we get back.

Get back? Oh.

I'm not going back
to New York next week.

I didn't tell you. I'm doing a play.

Here in West Covina.

- A play?
- Yep, yep, yep, sorry,

I committed already.

Rebecca's doing it, too.
She proposed I join her.

It's a three-night run.

It's gonna be quite an engagement.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

Hey, so, uh, what made
you change your mind, huh?

Was it something that Beth said?

Uh, actually, it was
something she didn't say.

I was expecting a ring
and I didn't get one,

so now I'm not sure if I even
want to go back to New York.


So, are you kind of having
a temper tantrum right now?

No, I am not

having a tantrum, I'm just doing

a community theater musical revue

so I don't have to
talk to my girlfriend!

Okay, okay, well, that's okay.

Well, I'm just happy to
have you here with me.

This is it, Valencia.

No. I'm home.

This. This is where I'm meant to be.

Hmm, you've never
actually done this before.

Are you sure it'll be
everything you want it to be?

Correction, I have done it before.

In camp, in college, and in prison.

But those times were different,

because I was doing
it for fun... not now.

- Now's real.
- Hmm.

And whatever this turns out to be,

I think it can make me happy.

Truly happy.

But what if it doesn't?

And I'm telling you from experience,

sometimes the thing or person you think

will make you happy... doesn't.


♪ ♪

Hey, V. Hey, Becks.

Hey, Josh, what are you doing here?

Did I leave something at home?

No, I just saw how excited
you were about this,

and it reminded me... separately,

of how much I loved doing theater tech.

So here I am!

Again, like, separately.

Well, dude, that's awesome.


Well, I got to go carry some cubes

and paint a little house

to make it look like a big house

from a far distance.

Theater magic!

- That's nice.
- Alas, poor Yorick!

Uh, Rebecca?

There's a mentally disturbed man

in poofy shorts with chicken legs

walking towards us.

Oh, dear. That's Tim from MountainTop.

- Hi, Tim.
- Greetings, fair maidens.

Be it that "hereforeto"
I am his royalty,

the knightly prince.

Wait, these are just the auditions.

You already know you
have the prince song?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

But, uh... I'm gonna get it.

I get all the best
parts at this theater.

Ah! Here she comes.

Here comes Connie, our director.

She's the best. You're gonna love her.

Hello, everyone.

Hi, Connie.

And welcome...

to this...

gorgeous temple

we call... the theater.

Join me, won't you?

As we hop on our magic carpets

and fly into the
glorious chasm that is...

the Elliot Ellison songbook.

He's won 14 Tonys,

two Oscars, eight Emmys,

eight Grammys,

and one Kids' Choice award.

The children know. They certainly do.

Now, to be fair

to everyone, I'd like you
all to sing the same song.

It's the beloved

Elliot Ellison classic
"Let Me Be in Your Show"

from the seminal play

Let Me Be in Your Show.

To the stage!

♪ Let me be in your show ♪

♪ I wanna be in your show ♪

♪ The lights, the
curtains, the applause ♪

♪ From above and down below! ♪

♪ Just like everyone knows ♪

♪ No need to assume or suppose ♪

♪ How fun it will
be for you and me ♪

♪ To be ♪

♪ In this marvelous ♪

♪ Show! ♪

Singing: zero.

Commitment: a million.

Thank you, everyone.

Tim, once again,

you are our bulwark.

Our stalwart. Our Walmart.

We can always depend on you.

That's why

the role of the prince goes to...

I'm sorry. I-I was just tuning up.

Sorry to interrupt.

You! Halt!



You, sir,

must audition.

What? No, no.

I'm just here to drop off
some legal papers for her.

No, no, but-but you must.

- You must, you see.
- No, no, no, no, no.

He does not want to audition.

Believe me, I mean, he's
never even done theater.

That's not entirely true.

In high school, the theater director

begged me, so in my sports off-season,

I-I did a couple musicals.

Wait, what?

Really? Who did you play?

You know, I don't really remember, um...

I think I played Jesus a couple
times, if that's even possible.

You played Jesus in
Jesus Christ Superstar

and in Godspell?


Please, sing! Sing anything!

Okay, um...

♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I... ♪

It is done.

You are our prince.

What say you, sir?

Oh, word of warning, you will have

to completely put your life on hold

and spend every waking hour

with these people here.


I mean, I-I think,
since we can all agree

that I'm not the driving force here

and that someone else is asking me

to spend time here with all of you...

- Sure.
- What? No.

What? No.

We... have... our prince.

The rest of you,

I will post your parts
backstage in 15 minutes.


This is my space.

This is my time to shine.

If I'm not getting the prince,

then I'd better get something good.

Wow, I am so, so happy
about Cybil's case.

I can't believe you got her
a new trial. It's amazing.

And I can't believe
you are doing a musical.

Yeah, well, I need hobbies.

I stopped shooting ducks 'cause
of the whole good person thing,

so I got a lot of free time.

It's time!

I'm squealing! Why am I squealing?

Before you examine the list,

just know that I gave you
the song I felt best suited

your skill as well

as your essence.

I'll see you all tomorrow

for rehearsal at 7:15 sharp.

Or 7:45, or whenever you get there.

I'm bound to be late myself.


see you soon!

What is it? What is it? What did I get?

A character song?

An unnecessary, forgettable,

cuttable character song?

Oh, my God.

I got a song called "I'm
the Bride of a Pirate King."

I'm gonna be a bride!

Who needs my size? It's sample.


Oh, my God!

I got "Etta Mae's Lament."

Oh, my God, that's, like,
one of his most famous songs.

It's a classic comedy song.
Uh, Ethel Merman sang it,

and then Gwen Verdon
sang it in the revival,

and then Bernadette Peters
sang it in the second revival,

and then Michelle Obama sang it on Glee.

- Oh...
- Wow, what an honor.

- Well, what's it about?
- Oh, it's about

a sad saloon girl in the Old West

who just wants to find true love.

- Sounds a little old-fashioned.
- No! No, no.

It's great. It's just... It's a classic.

I really can't believe I
got such a great song.

How was it? How was your interview?

Wait, don't tell me. It's too painful.

If you liked it better there,

I will lose it. Did you
like it better there?

Get a hold of yourself. It
was just my first interview.

- First? There'll be more?
- Yes.

I was top of my class, I won awards,

so, you know, a lot of firms

reached out to me for jobs.

But, Paula, you have a job
right here with us, forever.

You could be a lawyer here.

Everyone wants you. Bert,
Nathaniel, me most of all.

Okay, look, I-I appreciate that,

but I have to see what
the official offers are.

Oh. Oh! I see what you want.

You want an official offer from us, too.

Well, that's how it works.

Right, yeah, okay.

I see the game you're playing.

No, I'm-I'm not playing a game.

No, I got it. Copy that.

- That's just how it works, so...
- Okay.

Right. Wink, wink. I get you.

Official offer.

So I was thinking

for the soft opening we do

three appetizer and entree options.

It's must more cost effective
than doing a full menu.


Chris, buddy!

Look at you. Wait,
what are you doing here?

Well, I was driving by and
saw some people in here,

so I thought I'd stop in.

- Wait, you drive?
- I know, it's disturbing.

He was, like, ten years
old five seconds ago.

So tall. Oh, God,
grown-ups are so weird.

Constantly commenting, "Oh,
look at how tall you got."

Yeah, I eat, I sleep,
this is what happens.

Aw, I missed you, man.

Look at this place. This looks cool.

Yeah, getting it ready for a
soft opening in a couple weeks.

Oh, yeah, I looked at the calendar.

Turns out our opening is the same night

as that super cool revue,
so we might have to miss it.

I'm so sad.

I hate musical theater.

People are talking and then
they just start singing,

and it's always just, like, what?

Yeah, so,

Serrano, talk to me about your menu.

Ah, you might not like it.

It's not like the Italian chains.

It's authentic and homemade
and doesn't come with fries.

Dude, I'll have you know,

I'm the food critic
for the Daily Covina.

All right, well, then
you could try the lasagna,

but I got to warn you,

we put actual tomatoes
in our tomato sauce.

Are they Roma or San Marzano?

- They're actually...
- Wait! Don't tell me.

My taste buds will.

Okay, come on.

So, according to the Broadway
message board on Quimblepop,

the first step to learning
a song for a musical

is to memorize the
lyrics as a monologue.

- Cool.
- It's so funny,

I've been listening to
this song since I was a kid,

but I've never really
studied the lyrics, you know?

What a journey.


- What's wrong?
- It's just,

uh, the-the-the lyrics
are a little more,

uh, retro than I remember.

Oh. Is that a problem?

No, no, no. It's not.

I'm sure, once I rehearse
it, it'll make sense.



♪ I'm the local lady of the evenin' ♪

♪ And though I like ♪

♪ My men and my booze ♪

♪ I pray to above that
I'll find true love ♪

♪ But no one wants
a lady who's used ♪

♪ Oh, can someone ♪

♪ Lasso me a husband? ♪

♪ I'm nothin' without a husband ♪

♪ The menfolk ♪

♪ Give me a dollar and a smile ♪

♪ But that don't lead to
walkin' down the aisle ♪

♪ Hey, cowboy, can you
lasso me a husband? ♪

♪ Though my lover
count is over a dozen ♪

♪ Yes, the kissin' is fun
and the wine is sweet ♪

♪ But what I really
want at night is to rub ♪

- ♪ A farmer's feet... ♪
- Yes.

♪ Get me off of my back ♪

♪ And standing up straight ♪

♪ So I can be the type of lady ♪

♪ That you're not ashamed to date ♪

♪ Get me out of the cathouse ♪

♪ And into the kitchen ♪

♪ I'll wear white
and pray to martyrs ♪

♪ I'll trade in my
guns and garters ♪

♪ 'Cause there are only
two types of women ♪

♪ Me and virgins you commit to ♪

♪ Can someone lasso me a husband? ♪

♪ Why are you all
bein' so stubbin'? ♪

♪ I'm angry and pleased
and a little bit diseased ♪

♪ But you can cure ♪

♪ My ills with a husband. ♪




I thought it stunk.

Okay, I get it.

You're maybe not the
world's most flawless singer.

I-I can hook you up with
lessons with Aunt Myrna.

No, no, no, no, no.
It's-it's-it's not that.

I mean, I know that I'm
not a great singer, but...

All right, I know we shouldn't
hold these classic songs

up to our modern standards,

but, God,

this whole song is just so problematic.

You know? It plays right
into the Madonna-whore complex

and manages to say that a
woman belongs in a kitchen.


You know, in the musical this is from,

Saloon Nights and Injun Fights...

- It's not actually called that.
- No, yeah, it is.

Anyway, the character who sings
this song is a successful madam,

all right, so she's a
thriving businesswoman,

but she says that she'd be
willing to give it all up

to be walked down the aisle?

I mean, what-what kind
of messaging is that?

But beyond all of that...

the song just...

it's kind of dumb.

What if these classic
musical theater songs

that I've loved for so many years

and kind of based my life on are... bad?

Sir, your Chateau Lamontaine.

Oh, the aught-one.

It's not every day someone orders

a bottle of the Lamontaine.
We wanted to see who it was.

It's me.

Yes, I came in especially.
I'm not even working today.

- And what are you celebrating?
- Well,

hopefully the hiring of someone
who already works for me.


- Oh! There she is.
- Oh.



- It's a Lamontaine.
- Mm-hmm.

Wow. I-I always look at that
bottle on the menu and I wonder,

"Who spends that much on wine?"

But, seriously, we're
gonna need separate checks.

Oh, don't be ridiculous. This is on me.

All of it. The wine,

the chevre, the tartare, the confit.

Okay, Darryl, what's happening?

This is happening.

Is this my offer?

I did the calligraphy myself, yes.

Oh, I wanted it to be special and fancy.

Those other firms...

I'm sure that they've
got water fountains

just spouting Lamontaine
all over the place.

Um, well, okay. Thank you.

Aw. And I will compare
it with the others

that will come...

via e-mail.

Can we just have a
normal dinner now? Hmm.

Maybe not.

I got a whole porchetta.

Too much?

"I'm the local lady of the evening.

"And though I like my men

and my booze... "

Right, Connie said "booze" was...

the word to do the funniest.

Okay, "and I like my men and my booze."

"I pray to above... "

"I pray to above...

"that I'll find true love,

but no one wants a lady who's used."

Oh, God.

"I'm nothing without a husband.

"I'm nothing, I'm
nothing without a husband.

I'm n... " Who's telling
her that, though?

Is that her saying that's
she's nothing without a husband?


"But I need mutual
respect when I walk down the aisle.

This cowboy, can you
lasso me a husband?"

"Though my lover count is over... "

"I could be kiB"tcB"hen."

Mm-hmm. Mm, mm, mm.

Yeah. Okay, that works.

Hey, guys.

Guess what.

- I have huge news.
- Did you talk to Beth?

What? No.

Okay, so I was going
over this song last night

and I wasn't connecting with it

and I was going over it
and over it and over it.

Then I picked up a pencil

and I started to make some notes.

And then I...

tweaked a few little lyrics.

And I got to say...

it's like night and
day, it's so much better.

Wait, we're not allowed to
rewrite the lyrics, are we?

I mean, not that I would
want to; mine's perfect.

I'm playing a bride.

your song is also super problematic.

We can talk about that later.

But, no, I didn't really
rewrite anything, per Se,

I just made... little adjustments.

And, really, guys, it's so much better.

- I think Connie's gonna dig it.
- Are you sure?

- I mean, she's pretty by the book.
- No.

When she sees these improvements I made,

I really think she's gonna love it.

I hate it!

Who the hell do you think you are?

Elliot Ellison redefined
musical theater,

and-and... oh, oh, oh,

you're gonna redefine a redefinement?

Is that it?

This damn trumpet won't stay in tune.

Connie, listen, these are just

little tweaks to make
it a little more modern.

For instance, instead of singing,

"But that don't lead to
walking down the aisle,"

- Yeah?
- I only sing, "But I need

mutual respect when I
walk down the aisle."

It's just little tweaks.

I entrust you...

with the sacred words...

of an American musical theater genius

and you-you, oh,
y-you tweak them?!

You will perform it...

as it 'twas written.

Or be banished from the company.

♪ Tickety-tock goes
the ticktock clock ♪

♪ Round and round and round ♪

♪ Every day while
our age increases ♪

♪ He's tickin' away ♪

♪ Yes, the clock never ceases ♪

♪ Tickety-tock goes
the ticktock clock ♪

♪ Tickety-tockety,
clickety-clockety ♪

♪ Weeks go by and we keep workin' ♪

♪ Day after day while
the clock's observin' ♪

♪ Half past eight,
quarter to three ♪

♪ Time goes by ♪

♪ For you and for me ♪

♪ Tickety-tock goes
the ticktock clock ♪

♪ Round and round again. ♪

Hey, everyone.

Everyone, opening night.

Ten minutes until call.

Have a good show.

Hey, you doing okay?


Following your dream much?


Yeah, I guess so.

Hey, I was wondering if you had a minute

to sign this old playbill.

Oh, my God.

This is the actual South Pacific program

from Camp Canyon Grove? Look at that.

- Where did you get this?
- I saved it this whole time.

Okay, actually, I bought it on eBay.

People sell, like, everything there.

But I thought it'd be

a nice thing for you to sign.



Oh, my God, this is so sweet.

Thank you.

You are really always there
when I need someone.

- I guess I'll sign, like, right here?
- Awesome.



Hi, hey, there.

- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?


Oh, what's happening?

I just want to let you know

that I did get another offer.


Okay, I see.

Well, thank you for letting me know.


- was our offer competitive?
- Well... this...

is their opening bid.

Holy macaroni.

- Wow, that is, um, some major scratch.
- Yeah.

I know, I mean, money like that could...

mean so much to my family.

We could get out of debt,
could pay off the house.

Tommy wants to go to college. College.

I mean, our highest dream for him
was, you know, like a six-week course

in welding, so...

So, wait, so what are you saying?

I don't know if I'm gonna work with...

this exact firm, but
it turns out that...

this is what I'm worth.

Okay, um...

- I'll see you in there.
- Yeah.

- All right?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. It's good to see you.

Thank you. Good to see you.

All right, everyone. Showtime, showtime!

But, you know, break a leg.

Now, Rebecca. I want you to remember

to shimmy, shake, and smile, okay?

I want to see both rows
of teeth. Top and bottom.

Where's my tea?

Well, where is it?!

Check this out.

This, like, totally suits me.

Anyone seeing this won't
be oblivious anymore.

- Right?
- Uh-huh.


♪ When he came to my town ♪

♪ Upon his ship ♪

♪ He pillaged and plundered and looted ♪

♪ "You're mine now," he said ♪

♪ With a devilish grin ♪

♪ "Submit, or be executed" ♪

♪ Yet now that ♪

♪ I'm his bride ♪

♪ I feel nothing but
warmth deep inside ♪

♪ I love the Pirate King ♪

♪ I sit on his lap ♪

♪ And to him I sing ♪

♪ He calls me his sparrow ♪

♪ His lamb, his pet ♪

♪ His rough pirate kisses ♪

♪ I'll never forget ♪

♪ He hits me but he
don't mean no harm ♪

♪ Those slaps are part of his ♪

♪ Piratish charm ♪

♪ Sometimes I say ♪

♪ "Stop it," but deep down ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ If I didn't like it ♪

♪ I would have left long ago... ♪

That pirate sounds like a dick.

♪ I love the Pirate King ♪

♪ He calls my name and it means ♪

♪ One thing ♪

♪ He's craving my touch ♪

♪ Warm and deep ♪

♪ He takes his pleasure ♪

♪ Even when I'm asleep ♪

♪ If I die at his hand ♪

♪ It won't be a surprise ♪

♪ 'Cause my love
for the Pirate King ♪

♪ Is true and pure ♪

♪ And wise. ♪


You were great. You know,

if I were a pirate king,
I'd kidnap you, too.

And would you marry me?

Hmm. I mean, I'd be a pirate king,

so I just would do what I want.

You don't understand anything.

You don't even understand
you're not supposed

to come back here in
the middle of a show.

You know, I think
something's going on with us.

You're mad at me.

I can tell from the
yelling and overt anger.

Wow. Amazing.

You're not only a pirate king...

you're a genius.

Oh, God, this next
song is a total bummer.

It's one of the ones
that just lifts right out.

Oh, hello there, folks.

I didn't see you there.

My name is not important,

but there's something about
me that you should know.

♪ I'm an apple man ♪

♪ I'm an apple man ♪

♪ No other fruit can do
quite what an apple can ♪

♪ Toss me that apple, Stan ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm an apple man ♪

♪ They're marvelous in the morning ♪

♪ They're lovely late at night ♪

♪ They're delectable
in the daytime ♪

♪ An apple always
tastes just right ♪

♪ So you can keep your banana ♪

♪ In your pineapple cabana ♪

♪ I'd never be caught
chomping on a kumquat ♪

♪ Tell that to your
friend Susannah ♪

♪ From Tallahassee to Spokane ♪

♪ Madagascar to Japan ♪

♪ I'm sticking to
my one-fruit plan ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm a Gala, Red
Delicious, Cortland, Fuji ♪

♪ McIntosh, Granny Smith, Ambrosia ♪

♪ Apple man. ♪

That is it, April.

I'm an apple man.

Paula is my apple,

and I need to try new fruit but I can't,

because I'm afraid of
all the change at work.

Nathaniel came in and Karen left,

and then Bert came in and Jim left.

And then he came back
and then Rebecca left.

And through it all,

Paula has been there, and
that's why I'm so upset.

Y-You got all of that from "Apple Man"?

Yes, of course.

But you didn't get it from the
song, "Good Bosses and Friends

Let Their Employees Soar
Elsewhere If Need Be"?

No, I, I didn't connect with that one.

Hey. You ready?

I don't think I can sing this song.

I hate my song.

No, I hate everything about it.

I-I hate, I hate what it's
about and what it says.

Come on, it's just one
dumb song. Who cares?

No, you don't understand.

Loving these songs
is a part of who I am.

I don't know, I just,

I liked what I wrote, I
like the changes that I made.

Then why not sing that version instead?

I can't. You heard
Connie. She hated that.

And I can't even
believe that I did that.

I mean, God, I'm not
a writer-performer.

I'm not Ike Barinholtz.

Hey, Rebecca, you're on.

I don't know, I just
wish that the audience

could hear the lyrics that I wrote,

but I, I can't go out
there and sing them.

They should hear them.

And they will.


Hello, everybody,

um, instead of singing the prince song,

I'm actually gonna sing a
different song with a few

small changes made by a, uh,

a brilliant friend of mine.

♪ I'm the local
lady of the evening ♪

♪ And though I like
my men and my booze ♪

♪ I pray to above ♪

♪ That I'll find true love ♪

♪ A man who won't
say that I'm used ♪

- Oh, my God.
- ♪ Oh, can someone ♪

- Someone else is singing my song.
- ♪ Lasso me a husband? ♪

♪ It would be nice to
someday have a husband... ♪

Close the curtain. Close the curtain.

Connie, listen...

- You're fired.
- What?

Both of you, you're fired.

Now get out of my theater at once.

Well, big surprise, no one's coming.

No one in this god-awful
town is coming here.

Will you just hold on a second?

We don't even open for five minutes.

Table for two, please?

Ah, we've got two.

Two people. Big deal.

Hi. Oh, you've got four.

- Hi.
- Hi, welcome.

Hi. Yeah, you can sit there.

Um, Greg, there are,
like, eight people here.

It's just like the old Serrano's.

Uh, ten top. Incoming.

Kitchen, start your engines,
these people are early.

Why don't you guys sit right there?

Man, I have missed this place.

I cannot believe it.

If this were a real opening,
we would've done huge numbers.


It's like people
actually like this place.

Dude, you don't get it. They always did.

It's just, when your father
ran this place, he was a drunk

and a terrible businessman
and he ran it into the ground.

No, this place failed
because West Covina

turned their back on this restaurant.

That's one of the reasons
why I hated it here.

Yeah, that's not true. You
just wanted to find reasons

to hate it because you hated yourself.

Trust me, I dated you. It was not cute.

- Huh.
- I mean, the good news is,

you used that hatred and,

parenthetically, your horrible
relationship with Rebecca,

to get out of town and
go to business school.

So maybe now you're ready for this town.

It's always been ready for you.


I forgot how profound you are.

That is always a big mistake.


Still got it.

♪ Hey, West Covina ♪

♪ Thought that I had to break free ♪

♪ Well, it took me two
years to shake off my fears ♪

♪ And see that the problem was me ♪

♪ Hey, West Covina ♪

♪ We may not always agree ♪

♪ But you're okay, West Covina ♪

♪ Should I stay, West Covina? ♪

♪ What do you say, West Covina? ♪

♪ What'll it be? ♪

♪ Hmm. ♪

I am so sorry that I got you fired.

No, it's okay.

If I'm being honest...

I only did this to hang out with you.

Oh, wow.

Are you really surprised to hear that?

Kind of?

Nathaniel, what you just did

meant a lot to me, really.

It was thrilling

to hear my words out loud,
even if it was a dumb idea.

I don't think it was dumb.


Uh, we should, uh... yeah. I
should... no, I should get my stuff.


You need to take one
of those great offers, Paula.

- I know.
- It took one of the songs

last night for me to realize that.

Was it the one called "Money
Isn't Everything Unless It Gets

Your Family Out Of Debt And
Sends Your Kid To College"?

No, I-I didn't vibe with that one.

I, I shouldn't have
tried to hold you here.

Just because you mean so much to me.

Ah, Darryl, come on.

We are friends.

Real friends, not "work friends."

And we will be in each
other's lives forever.

No matter where we get our paycheck.


Hell, yeah.

Hey. Thank you for coming.


I have something to tell you.


I want to get married.

Everyone I grew up with is married.

I've planned a billion
weddings for people

who love each other a
lot less than you and I do

and aren't as attractive as we are.

I want this.

I want you to propose, Beth.

And if you don't,

then I'm not going back
to New York with you.


What are you doing here?

Well, since I missed
your opening, I wanted

to check the place
out, and... oh, my God.

Greg, this looks amazing.

Yeah. Thanks.

I'm sorry I missed your theater thing.

- How was it?
- Oh, it was terrible.

Yeah, uh, yeah, I got yelled
at, I got called an idiot

and then I got fired.

Wow. That sucks.

Yeah, I mean, there were some
good parts, there were actually

some really good parts,
but mostly, I, uh,

- I got my dreams stomped on.
- Oh.

But enough about me. Look at you.

Really. You look so happy,
you're, like, glowing.

I feel pretty good, actually,

and I-I decided, um,

I'm gonna stay in town
and really open this place.

Try to make it work.


You're choosing to stay in West Covina?

- By choice?
- Yes,

and when I made that
decision, I had to ask myself,

was it because of you

or because of this place?

Because of me? Why because of me?

Because I still care about you.

And maybe I did choose

to do my thesis here to be
near you, but now I really,

I, I love this restaurant.

Good. Well, good, good.

That is, that's good...
That's good. That's great.

Wait, are you hungry?

You got to try this lasagna.

I was using Roma, but Chris was right,

the San Marzano was
better, so I switched.

Just, hold on.

You're gonna love it.


♪ Oh, can someone ♪

♪ Lasso me a husband? ♪

Damn it.