Counterpart (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Shadow Puppets - full transcript

A new revelation puts Howard Prime and Quayle in jeopardy. Life at Echo is disrupted. Clare reconnects with her past.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Emily, do you remember anything?

Faces, images, names even.

Joseph Aldrich is dead.
He was Shadow.

Isn't Shadow a woman?

This is Peter Quayle,
husband to Clare Fancher,

the operative also known
as Shadow.

Lambert said you'd be
easy to spot.

But I thought you'd know
an old friend when you saw him.

Ian, right?

Good memory.

I usually catch amnesia
when it comes to names.

Well, I'll take that
as a compliment, Nomi.

Who are you?

I speak for Management.

Do you recognize that woman?

You want me to find her?

There's someone else at Echo?

Someone you want to find?

We have a common problem
by the name of Claude Lambert.

Why don't we start figuring out
what the fuck

-we're gonna do about that?

There's someone
I think you should meet.

We've got a breakthrough,

courtesy of a new source.

You look like
you've just seen a ghost.

I don't know
why you keep asking.

Oh, why? Why not?

Because it's a trick question.

No, I am genuinely curious.

No, I'm going to say, and then
you're going to make a fuss

and go, "Oh, but am I
not enough for you?"

And then you're gonna
throw me out...

N-No tricks, love.

Out with it.

Erykah Badu.


Mm-hmm. Oh, that voice.

And those eyes,
and her hair and...

Yeah-- uh, okay,
okay, I got it.

What are you thinking about?

How much I love you.

Considering how little
I know you.

I'm your husband.

You know everything about me.

This is the distance

between who you are in this home
and what you do when you leave.

If we're going to work,

what I need is this.

I expected more loyalty.

From you of all people.

In light of everything that
Management has done for you

over the years.

What do you want from me?

Have you enjoyed your adopted
life on this side?

She's pretty.

She's nobody.

-I just met her.
I don't know her.
-Stop it, Ian.

Or should I say Wesley Pierce?

Ten years

since you came to this world.

Lost, broken,

running for your life.

And the deal that Management
made with you was very clear.

Set you up in a new identity,

and all that they asked for
was loyalty.

And absolutely no contact
with anyone

from your previous life.

You've lost her before,

and I would hate for you
to lose her again.

What do you want?

Emily Burton has fallen
off the grid,

and Management is concerned
that she's stopping forthright

with her investigation.

They would like someone
to rein her in.

I don't know where Emily is.

Bring us Emily Burton.

Management gave you
this life in our world,

and they could easily
take it away.

I should've been caught by now.

Someone should have
figured me out.

But I'm lucky.

I've been lucky my entire life.

But I don't want
to count on it anymore.

I have to take matters
into my own hands.

-Mr. Quayle?
-So this is my insurance.

Sorry. Coffee?

Um, yeah.

Just, uh, just leave it
on the...

Your father-in-law called
to cancel lunch.

He's got business off-site.

All right.

And there's a 4:00 p.m.
with Oversight

about the machines in shipping.


Anything else
I can help you with?

Do you know
where my cigarettes are?

Could you give us
a moment, please?

All this cloak and dagger.

Well, we're, uh,
trying to keep you alive.

You were the quiet one
at the table last month.

Negotiating for the contractor

who shot
at those police officers.

Peter Quayle.

So did you and your wife
kill him?

I'm sorry, what?

My other.

The man I've been switching
with for years.

I assume by the look
on your face,

you thought
I'd been dealt with.

I have no idea
what you're referring to.

Yesterday, I saw my other
off to meet with your missus,

and I haven't heard
from the poor bastard since.

You must've thought
he'd take

your little family secret
to the grave.

You know that most people,
they meet their other, and they,

they find it disturbing.

Upends everything they-they've
thought about themselves

before they ask,
"Am I better, am I worse,"

blah, blah, but...
We never had that problem.

No jealousy,
no existential crisis.

Just, double the fun.

Double the information.

And we shared all of it.

Except his soft spot
for your wife, that is.

He did most of the handling
when it came to her.

You know, honestly, I have no
idea what he saw in that woman.

Yet here you are,
betraying your world for her,

so she must be doing
something right.

It's very romantic,
I have to say.

Blind fool
in the face of love.

But I don't think your coworkers
will share my sentimentality

were I to tell them
what you've done.

What do you want?

A writing implement.

Oh, for God's sakes, what do you
think I'm going to do,

puncture my own jugular?

I'm not a savage.

That was always the
miscalculation with you sorts.

Everyone thinks

we're some proponents
of a cause.

Our needs were actually
a lot less complex.

Which is good news for you,
since if you want my silence,

all you have to do

is find the right sum.

There you go.


Sorry, I just got
out of a meeting,

I didn't realize
we'd already started.

Oh, no, we were just having
a discussion of my payment.

-What are we buying?
-A list. Of all Indigo agents

operating under my purview.

That would, of course,
include the identity

of the agent
your people know as Shadow.

And what would be your price?

A writing implement.

Oh, for God's sakes, what do you
think I'm going to do,

puncture my own jugular?

I'm not a bloody savage.

Here we are.

If you want my help,

all you have to do
is meet my quote.

That's for you.

And that's for you.

What's the one for?

I'm superstitious.

Well, this is quite a sum.

I'm not even sure
if we have money like that.

I'll wait.

My loyalties have always gone
to the highest bidder.

No one else comes in.

Oh, he's bluffing.

I'm not so sure.

Yeah, he's just trying
to buy some time.

Or he's getting a kick out
of just messing with our heads.

Shadow's dead,
we know it was Aldrich.

Do we?

I've been speaking recently
to Emily Silk.


Her memory's
been coming back lately,

and I'd say
it's proven pretty useful.

Which makes me believe her

when she says that Shadow
was a woman.

Could she even write
her own name?

-I'll put in a request
to Treasury.
-But a sum that large?

That's gonna take Treasury
days to process.

-We'll have to expedite.
-But we don't know
which departments

have been compromised.
We don't want to make any noise

about the fact that Lambert
is here in this building.

Like you said.

Why are you trying
to stall this?

Because I acted too fast with
Edgar Brandt, and now he's dead.

Okay, what do you suggest?


Confiscated Items.

This here, this is
where we store contraband

seized at the Crossing.

And over the years,
we've accumulated

a reserve of precious stones.

And if we do it this way,

we find out
what Lambert knows off-book,

and we keep other
departments out of it.

Get the currency,
make the payment.

And Peter,

let's stay where we can
see each other today.

We shouldn't consider anyone
above suspicion.


It's not far from here.

These people are with us?


Who is it we're breaking out?

Someone important?

It's just,
this wasn't exactly the plan.

Ian Shaw, leave a message.

Ian, don't know where
you've been.

Something's about to happen.

I need you out here right now.
Call me when you can.

A knock on by Rogers,

and Linus gives it.

A penalty for Wakefield
at the 22,

right in the deck.

Now Anthony has a chance to put
Wakefield ahead and...

Oh, f...

...the final play of the match.


You're a fucking penalty
in the first place.

Peter, have you been watching
this same game every day?

Yeah. '95 Courage League
Division Two playoff finals.

Saracens vs. Wakefield.

Yeah. You know I was there?

Yeah, my dad brought me.

Not my little brother,
not Toby, little shite.

Just me.
Wasn't even my birthday.

It has been
an exemplary performance

-from the Saracens today.
-Um, this tape

is the same '95 finals?

Same game, other world.

Yanek got it for me.

Your world.
This is your world.

The-- Yeah, and Saracens won it
by 21 points.



All right, both games identical
in the first half.

Absolutely fucking the same.

Halftime, 17 all,
it's a draw.

Now, there.

So, at-at 60 minutes
and 29 seconds,

Mailler trips on my side.

But by 33 seconds,
he's made up that ground

and passes it to Varitek
who receives the ball

at exactly the same fucking
position as the other side.

But he doesn't score on my side.

So it's the same,
but it's different.

You see-- And you know what
I've started thinking recently?

This is--

Maybe it was me.

Maybe I'm the difference.

Because, for example,
the kickoff for the second half,

there's a strange hush
descends in the sta...

In the, in the, in the,
in the stadium and-and, and--

But you can hear a noise
from the crowd on my side.

But not on the other side.

Maybe I made that noise.

You know?
Maybe I distracted him.

Because the traje--

the trajectory of the two kicks,
the trajectory

-is not the same, the...

Why is this
so important to you?

I mean, I had to go.
I had to go, I had to go.

And-- but my--
but the game was really close.

And my dad didn't want
to miss anything,

so he sent me to the loo
on my own.

And, uh, I got lost coming,
coming back,

trying to find the seat, um,
'cause there's like,

-10,000 seats in that stadium.

So, you know, I...

I had a fit, actually.

And, uh, I couldn't breathe.

And they had to call
an ambulance.

And they made a announcement
on-on the loudspeakers,

so, for my dad--
and could, um--

And so, everybody knew.

And we lost.

Um, but my other, he didn't.

He-he, he didn't have a fit,

Says Yanek, and, 'cause, I mean,
Dad probably brought him

to the loo on his own.

I mean, together, they...

And anyway, they had a...
They had a great day.

And, yeah.

Maybe that's why he became
an important man.

Have you ever thought that
maybe you're the better man?

I don't think the better man

ends up in a place
like this, Howard.

You wanted to see me,
Mr. Quayle?

Yes, Howard, thank you.

Come in, please. No, no, it's--
No, leave, l-leave that open.

I'm, uh--
this won't take a second.

Now, I-I need you to go down
to Confiscated Items

and, um, retrieve this amount
in rare stones.

Now, this is a highly
sensitive issue, Howard.

So, please be discreet.

I've approved an access code
for you to enter the area.



Thank you for entrusting me
to handle this.


Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Isn't she precious?

Thank you.

What's her name?



What a unique name.

It's lovely.

I know another Spencer.

Come on, honey.

I didn't think
I'd see you again.

I'm sorry we had
to reach out like that.

What's wrong?

Lambert didn't show up
for the meet last night.

We found his crash pad
swept clean.

Well, he's been known
to disappear from time to time.

He's been caught by the Office.

Our asset inside says
he's already named his price.

How is this possible?

They must have grabbed him

Lambert knows everything
about me.

He knows about all of us.

If this goes bad,
you might have to disappear.

Spencer, we're years in...

Torch everyone
who knows about you.

Your father, your husband.

What? No, we can't just...

You know how this works.

Anybody who can identify
when you crossed over has to go.

Peter's still valuable.

In a few days,
it won't matter anyway.

Hold on to this.

We're going to try to stop him,
but if Lambert talks

before we can get to him,
be ready.

You're entering
a restricted area.


How long has it been?
I-I haven't seen you

since the big promotion.

Congrats, by the way.

I heard they got you
in Strategy.

Uh, yep. Well, Accounting.

Well, you deserve it.

You certainly put in your
time at Interface.

Yeah, I'm sorry, the--

Upstairs is in
a big hurry for this.

Yeah, they already called down.

Oh, shit, that'll pay
for somebody's retirement.

Come on.

Frannie was dead set
on never getting married.

Kept calling it

an antiquated institution.

Well, guess what?

She's getting married.
Next week.

No kidding.

Only known the guy six months.

Total one-eighty.

Never would have met him if her
car didn't break down, too.


Frannie usually...

drives to work,
but she blows a flat.

And, oh,

of course she doesn't
have a spare,

no matter how many times

I've told her,
so she's got to take

the U-Bahn instead.

Before we lose all leverage,

there are a few
specific questions

I want to ask our friend

you want to go now?

-Yes, Peter.
-Do you mind--

You mind if I just
finish this?

Won't be a minute.

It's okay, no one important
ever calls me here.

You've reached Brody

in Confiscated Items.

So, there she is,
standing on the platform,

waiting for the next train,
and that is when

she meets this Austrian, Felix.

A month later, they're engaged.

That's very romantic.

-Thanks for this.
-Whoa, whoa. Hold on one second,

just need you to sign
for a few things.


My boss is really

-in a hurry.
-Oh, it'll only take a minute.

-Here's the best part.
-You got a pen?

She says to me...

"Dad, if I listened to you
about the spare..."

Come on.

"...I never would have met
the love of..."

I just, I don't have
time for this.

I'm sorry,
my boss is really on my ass.

I got to get upstairs.

Line 34.

Thank you.

And, uh,
congrats to Frannie.

Oh, my God.

What's going on?

Lock the doors.

Uh, please stay where you are.

-What's happening?
-I don't know.

The guards told us to wait.

Hi, everyone.
I'm sorry to do this to you,

but no one is going home today.

A few minutes ago, we discovered

that a prisoner was murdered
while in our custody.

As far as we know, the assailant
is still inside the building.

For that reason,
we'll be under lockdown

until a full investigation
is conducted.

Please remain
at your work stations

and cooperate
with the security teams

as they conduct their searches.

Each of us will be allowed
one phone call home

to let our loved ones know
we'll be working late.

An approved script
will be provided.

Article 342. Pictures of modern

technology are not permitted
on Office premises.

It's just a picture. What does
that have to do with anything?

This should have
never been brought in here

to begin with.

You know what?
I'll supervise this one, Leon.

- Mr. Quayle, I'm supposed to...
- I know.

But on whose orders? Mine.

And I'm changing them,
so you can...

Thank you.

-Thank you.
-It wasn't me.

What do you mean it wasn't you?

-Somebody else got to him first.
-Another sleeper?

Who else knew he was down there?

Well, maybe this is all right.

I mean, they've done our work
for us. Lambert's gone.

Think about it, Peter.

Indigo needs somebody
to take the fall for this.

-Maybe an asset whose purpose
has just run its course.

No, Clare wouldn't do that
to me, she's...

Well, are you sure
she's calling the shots now?

All right, this has taken
enough time. I got to go.

It was Emily, by the way.


Temple's source. The one
who led her to Lambert's other.

She's gonna get us both killed,
you know that.

If, of course,
we make it out of today.

Hi, this is Peter.

Leave a message after the beep.

Hi, Peter, it's me.

I've been trying you at work,
but the line's keep going busy.

I need you to call me
about something. Urgent.

Hi. What's this?

I thought it best
we don't exclude leadership

from these searches.
Would be bad for morale.

Of course.

Could you please enter
your combination, Mr. Quayle?

Fine. Sure.

Thank you, Mr. Quayle.

Sweep's complete.

Sorry to interrupt. Someone
has reported a missing item.

What was taken?

A pistol.

Sig Sauer P320,

taken from Confiscated Items.

I think I know who it was.

Howard ist hier.


have a seat.

Wherever makes you
most comfortable.

I'm not getting through to you.

It's like you are determined

to defy me at every turn.

I must confess,

I am at a loss.

You live here?

I live among my subjects, yes.

Y-You mean you're a prisoner.

Management and I have
a particular arrangement.

They allow me domain over Echo

as penance for past sins.

And in return,
I make my case for the truth.

-The truth?

That our worlds are at war,

and that we must
prepare for it.

I thought a man
who had met his other,

surely he would understand,
but no.

No, I won't spy on my wife.
That's not who I am.

Here's the thing, Howard.

I don't give a damn
whether you spy on her,

or what secrets Management
thinks she has.

I live underground.

None of their games
mean anything to me.

I just want to know
why you won't

recognize what
is happening to you.

I have met my other, yes,

and-and I found him
to be a real asshole.


But that doesn't mean I am.

You are two souls
born from the same body.

There's only room
for one of you.

And w-why exactly are you
the great authority on this?

Because I, too,
have met my other.

May I tell you a secret?

Something just for you.

I was there, in the beginning.

I am the reason

our two worlds exist.

What now?



Is there a problem?

It must've been hard for you,

having your world turned
upside down, wasn't it?

I-I'm sorry,

-what? I don't...
-You learned about the Crossing,

got pulled into this game,
for which you have no training,

and I'm afraid,
not much aptitude.

Forgive me for being so blunt,

but you've never exactly fit
the profile of a Strategy man.

There's been some information

that's come to light today.

I'll be honest, Mr. Silk,

I've had my questions
about your rapid ascent.

I know we spoke

about Mr. Quayle promoting you
because of your wife.


But I don't think
I'm getting the full story.

Is your life
in danger right now?

-Excuse me?
-It's just us in here.

Has Peter Quayle threatened you
or your wife as a means

of forcing you to comply
with his wishes in any way?

I-I really don't know
what you're talking about.

A gun was reported missing
from Confiscated Items

shortly after Quayle
sent you down there

to retrieve the payout.

Five people were shot dead
across the hall.

I wouldn't exactly
call it a perfect crime,

though I'm not sure
how a former Interface man

could carry out such
an execution on command.

You-you think I did that?

I suspect that Peter Quayle

framed Aldrich as Shadow
to protect himself.

I think Claude Lambert
knew who he was,

and when threatened, I think
Peter Quayle enlisted you

to silence him
because he needed a patsy.

Where have you stashed the gun?

No-no, I-I-I didn't
shoot anyone.

I know you may think you don't
have a way out. You do,

if you come clean,
but I need to know everything

that Peter Quayle
has made you do.

Hey, Steve, check it out.

If you close your eyes
when you're eating it,

it tastes like mashed potato.

Are you doing it? Steve.

Fuck, now it's like beans.

These were my friends, once.

We were family.

We had come of age
behind the Wall,

only to discover the existence
of two worlds.

It was a new beginning.

No political barriers.

Pure human science.

We had two worlds
to extract knowledge from,

and double the brilliant minds
to apply it.

I liked my other.

Thought we were above
the base impulses

that drove everyone else...

but we weren't.

No one is immune to it.

I don't believe that.

Nature doesn't give a damn
what you believe.

Faced with survival,

we all give in
to our darkest self.

Don't you see what
I'm trying to show you?

No one escapes this.

What's this about, Mr. Silk?

We're not being monitored.
Temple's idea.

She thought we'd be more likely
to discuss our options.


Or complete lack thereof.

She knows about Aldrich,
she knows that was bullshit.

She knows you're
protecting Shadow

and she thinks that I made that
hit on Lambert on your behalf.

Yeah, yeah, but you didn't.

No shit, but she also
knows about the gun.

You told her about Clare?

No, she doesn't seem
to know about your wife.

She knows. She knows.
She has the tape.


I made a tape.

A confession about Clare, me,
and the whole...

It was a, it was a safeguard
in case Indigo ever tried...

Jesus fucking Christ.

It was in my office,
somebody stole it,

and it's missing.

I'm such a fucking idiot.


You wanted to be caught.

A man does something like this,
he's asking for it.

That's why you made
that fucking tape.

You knew you couldn't
face the music,

so you let it find you.

All right.

Okay, so what-what-what do I do?

I don't know.

I can't keep covering
for your weakness anymore.

There's no fucking
containing it.

You want to find
a way out of this,

you're gonna have to
handle it yourself.

Howard, please, Howard.
I have pr--

I mean, there must--
there-there's some--

there must be something.

Yeah. I left the gun
in the men's room on this floor.

Second stall,
behind the water tank.

I think it's time
you bring this to an end.


What the fuck? Where...
Where's my tape?

Who's moved my tapes?
Who's taken my...

Karl? Karl, was that you?

Karl, seriously.
Karl, where did you p...

Karl, where did you put it?

-Get out of my face.
-Karl, do you think
this is funny?

This is not fucking funny.

Karl, Karl! What the fuck?
Where have you put it?!

I'm a very important
fucking person, Karl,

you can't just
go around stealing

important people's stuff!
For this fucking reason,

Karl, this is why
I'm stuck in my head!

No, you're stuck in your head
because you're a twat.

Fuck you, Karl!


What the fuck?

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

What's happening?



This is my home.

You're alone, aren't you?

I've been trying
to call Peter all day.

The Office lines are closed.

Lambert has been
taken care of.

Our asset's
been handling things.

I thought the point
of you giving me the phone

was so that you'd call it.

Are you still obsessed
with these?

I remember you eating,

like, I don't know,
20 of them in one sitting.

Yeah, you couldn't eat them
because of your braces.

She used to get so mad

when I snuck them in.

Said my other
didn't have a sweet tooth.

Wrong, it turns out.

Mira just didn't tolerate

on any level.

When you disappeared, I...

wasn't sure
if you'd been placed.

-I thought maybe she'd...
-Gotten rid of me?

She didn't like
that we were close, but no.

They kept me in a home over here

until they knew where
to insert me.

Happened when I was 18.

Do you trust Mira?

I believe in the cause.

That's not what I asked.

Do you know how many years

I've wanted to reach out to you?

You knew I was here?

Since you first crossed over.

You were marrying
a deputy director of Strategy.

What was I supposed to do?

Knock on the door?

I can't imagine
what it was like

having a child in this world.

She's cute.

Thank you.

Her name.

So, that's why you're here.

I've missed you.

I know we're not
supposed to, but...

-I should go.

I shouldn't have come in person.

If they even knew
we were here right now...

I'm so fucking sick of doing
what they tell us to do.

Hi, it's Clare.
Leave a message.

Hi, Clare.

Could you tell Spencer
that I love her?

Stick to the script, please.

"The main server crashed,

"and we have to stay
at the office

"until the computers
come back online

"so security can log us out.

I'm not sure how long
it will take."

Clare, I love you.


Stand back!

Do it, just fucking do it.

Fuck. Now.

Do it. One, two, three.
Fucking do it.

Fucking do it. Fucking do it!

- No!
- Mr. Quayle.

-You don't need to do this.

Just put the gun down.



I destroyed that tape you made,
but more needs to be done.

Wait, wait,
but you're-you're with them.

They only told me this morning.

It wasn't the plan.

I always thought I'd get to see
it all unfold after we won.

What are you doing?

They told me you're important.


Listen to me.

We were having an affair.
Five years, okay?

-Wait, no...
-Lambert told you I was Shadow.

You took a gun to confront me

-but couldn't stop me in time.

-Shadow, no, Shadow's...
-I wanted so badly

to see the dream become real.

- Follow me.
- Wait!

No, fuck!

Mr. Quayle.

Put the gun down.

Peter, it's over.

You have nowhere to go.

She was Shadow.

Where the hell have you been?

-Where are you now?
-I think this is Echo.

There's shooting.

-Em, slow down.
-Something's happened.

-No time.
-Em, Em...



Stop. No!

No, please.




How are-are you here?

We have to get out of here.

Oh, fuck.

What do we do now?