Counterpart (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Outside In - full transcript

Imprisoned on the Other Side, Howard's loyalties are tested. Emily Prime gets a promotion.


[Emily Prime] Our neighbors might
see this as a declaration of war.

[Shaw] They're
closing their doors.

[Hollow Face] Management
would like an explanation.

Emily Burton has a better
sense of what's going on.

[Emily Prime] It was an
illegal program, coded "Indigo."

Children have been trained in
the art of replacing their others.

Do you know where Spencer is?

He has been sent
to the other side.

You want me to...
inhabit your life?

Honestly, that's the last
fucking thing in the world I want.

Are you two getting
back together?

- No.
- What? Anna.

Mom overdosed. Again.

[Shaw] Where were you years
ago, when she was at her worst?

I was there. Sat by her bedside.

I'm not her, Howard.

I know my wife.

She's a-a spy.

[Pope] I'm your enemy.

I'm the one who
tried to kill your wife.

[tires screech]

[Howard] I didn't have a choice.

I didn't want to come here.

[Mira] Think about
all we still have to do.

Our legacy only survives if
we can protect this secret.

Are you coming or not?

[tires screeching]


[grunts, panting]

[door closes]

[speaking German]

[glass slams]


[zipper opens]

[moans, pants]


[theme music playing]

[water running]

[footsteps nearby]

Going out?

Dry cleaners.

Hang on.


- It's cold out.
- [chuckles]

[whispers] I won't be long.

I'll be here.

[distant chatter]

[door opens]

[speaking German]

[Osman] You're
all alone, Howard.

The charters of cross-world interaction
don't apply now that the doors are closed.

If I don't label you as cooperative,
they're gonna send you to our black site.

How many times do I have
to tell you the same thing?

My wife was in danger.

My other took my
place over there.

So your wife and your
other concocted this plan...

[stammers] She did
not concoct any plan.

Frankly, Management is finding
your wife very difficult to trust.

Did you read this letter?

She was communicating with your
other, conspiring for some time...

No, that's not what
they were doing.

It looks to me like you don't
know who this woman was.

I'm not sure how
you're going to take this.

Your wife has come
out of her coma.

It was the last intelligence we
received before the Crossing closed.

H-how would you even know these
things? Why would you be watching my wife?

Report was her husband rushed
in, emotional at the sight of her.

And do you think she knew,
when she opened her eyes,

that she was staring at a
man who wasn't her husband?

Or do you wonder, maybe, if
that wasn't her plan all along?





[Sy] My husband keeps me up,

asking why we're
prisoners in our home.

Every room in my embassy has
been transformed into prison cells,

filled with stranded crossers,
drinking themselves away.

When can I tell my
people we are going home?

- That's not up to me, Ambassador.
- You're head of Diplomacy.

You must know something.

With respect to your concern,

it was your side
who closed the doors,

your side who stranded you here.

Our doors are still open.

We both know why those doors
are closed and whose fault it is.

Mr. Sy... [sighs]

The people around this table
have been working diligently

to root out anyone responsible for
the senseless shootout at your office.

They found no
indication that our side

- had anything to do with it.
- [pounding table]

Why are you playing this game? I
refuse to be held hostage in this world.

As always, we hope that your
side comes to their senses.

[Sy scoffs]

Please escort the ambassador
back to his compound.

[door opens]

[door closes]

That was productive.

Their ambassador
isn't himself lately.

[Emily Prime] Who can blame him?

It must be infuriating, knowing
why the doors are closed

and just watching us point
fingers across the table

using the same poker-faced diplomacy
that got us here in the first place.

- I don't make Management's policy.
- No, but you justify it.

Maybe if Strategy were able to
track down these Indigo terrorists,

we could better assign blame.

How? With our hands
tied behind our backs...

All Management had to do
was say four simple words:

"We need your help."

Then maybe the doors
would still be open.

Maybe we could be chasing these
Indigo terrorists with shared intelligence

instead of shared
fucking incompetence.

[chuckles softly]

Must be so nice to be the one
who gets to say "I told you so."

Believe me, I'm deriving
no pleasure from it at all.


[doorknob rattles]

[gun cocks]

- [speaking German]
- Right pocket.

Looks just like your last one.

She's deaf.

Two cataracts and a benign
tumor below her rib cage.

How long did it
take you to find me?

Not long.

Mein Schatz, what have you done?

Compared to the acts they
committed against our world,

that was an act of mercy.

And this school I hear about...

Those children are the soldiers

that you and the rest of
Management were unwilling to create.

It's time our worlds had
some new leadership.

- Where's the case?
- It's gone.

It's not here.

I thought you people
kept it close at all times.

You'll never find it.

And you'll never
find the others.

This doesn't have to be painful.


I was the only one of us who ever
believed there was good in you.


[lock buzzes]

Welcome back.

I have a request
to see prisoner 014.

Last name Silk,
first name Howard.

Yeah. You're not cleared to speak to him,
same as yesterday, and the days before.

Guess I'll just
have to wait then.

For what?

For that thing to
change its mind.

[P.A. announcements indistinct]

[officer]Visiting hours
have concluded for the day.

Feel free to submit
another request tomorrow.

[door beeps and clacks open]

Anna, what are you doing here?

Hope you're hungry,

because I've got enough
groceries to last a week.

- What's wrong?
- I'm fine.

- Love the hair.
- No, you don't.

[music playing faintly]

Okay, so this is about Marko?

I don't want to talk about it.

I just want to get drunk and
have a meal with my mother.

So what can I do to help?

You can start by staying as far away
from the mushroom sauce as possible.


[music continues faintly]

I had my suspicions,
so I looked at his laptop.

- Oh, God.
- E-mails, pictures.

- Who is she?
- Oh, some dancer.

Designs jewelry, too,
but doesn't sell much.

What... what is it
with these bohemians?

Pick a passion and stick to it.

So you actually...
looked her up?

Yeah, of course I did!

Broadcasts herself
all over the Net.

No one cares about
your cats, bitch.

- [chuckles]
- It's... it's not funny, Mum.

Yes, it is. It's funny. You're
funny, and he's not funny.

He's a bore, and
everyone thought so.

Yeah, so, why didn't
you say something?

[sighs] Because...

your grandmother used to
give me unsolicited advice,

and it drove me bonkers.

I actually wanted to
talk to Dad about it.

He's gone radio silent.

I'm sorry, Anna.

You were right. He's
gone back to his old ways.

I do miss him, though.

I know.

[alarm buzzing]

[speaking German]


[package thuds]

[alarm buzzing]




[clerk] You will leave all
belongings in my possession.

Purse, wallet. Nothing
on your person.

A-and where am I being taken?

This lift goes to
the Fourth Floor.


They asked for you directly.


[elevator bell dings]

[camera whirring]

[doors click]

[electrical buzzing]


[footsteps approaching]

Hi, Miss Burton.

Sorry. Should have been
waiting before you arrived.

Please have a seat.

And who are you exactly?

I am authorized to speak
on behalf of Management.

Are you Management?

No, no, no, I'm not. [chuckles]

No, Management
doesn't come here.

I mean, they haven't
for quite some time.

It's sort of a security concern.

No, I represent their
interests from time to time

on matters more
sensitive than most.

So... [groans]

It has come to our understanding

that you've been attempting
to visit, on multiple occasions,

the seized crosser
known as Howard Silk.

I knew he'd been caught.
I wanted the chance

- to interrogate him myself.
- Please, Emily.

It would help us a lot if you
were honest with us today.

See, Management is already aware
that you and Howard have been,

um, associating
during his time here.

Under the Konigsberg Act,

you could be punished for the
aiding and abetting of a crosser.

However, in this case,

Management is willing to, uh,
make a conditional exception.

- Conditional?
- Congratulations.

Effective this morning,

Bob Dwyer was relieved of his
post as acting director of Strategy,

and you've been named
as his replacement.

What the hell is going on here?

Do you recognize that woman?


Management would like to confess

that they weren't entirely
forthright a few weeks ago

when you brought
Indigo to their attention.

That woman's name is Mira.

She's the leader
of this organization.

And Management have been aware
of her activities for quite some time.

- You're kidding me.
- She's a terrorist.

In January of '96,

she was the mastermind behind a
bombing of our neighbors' embassy,

which claimed two lives.

I'm sorry.

Why did they keep that from us?

Shortly after the embassy
bombing, a meeting was had.

Now, in the interest of
peace between our worlds,

Management sanctioned
Mira's... removal.

It was assumed she
had been taken care of,

but after this recent attack,
we don't think that's the case.

Which brings us to today.


At 0100, the doors
briefly opened,

and an offer was delivered
from neighboring Management.

It said that if we were
to turn Mira over to them,

they would open up their
doors, reinstating full diplomacy.

Y-you want me to find her?


These are the Schmidts,
former Diplomacy clerks

suspected of donating their
son to that school in Potsdam.

Management believes
that turning the Schmidts

would be crucial
in locating Mira.

And after I locate her?

It is essential, for the
restoration of peace,

that you find this
woman, and, I am quoting:

"terminate her
without doubt or delay."

Why me?

Give yourself
some credit, Emily.

You connected Pope
to the Indigo School.

Let's just say Management
knows what team you're playing for.

Howard Silk was on my team.

- Yet, he was detained.
- Right.

Management has their own
interests with Howard Silk.

- I want him released.
- Excuse me?

He's just an Interface
man from their world.

There is no reason
for him to be locked up.

Okay. Now, now, when did this
become some kind of a negotiation?

I think it just did.

Well, maybe you don't realize
the terms of this conversation.

Should I be talking
to you or to them?

Which of you has the
authority right now?


[phone ringing]

[Yorke sighs]

Yes? Mm-hmm.


Management will authorize
the release of Howard Silk

conditional to you
hunting down Mira.

I'll need your
verbal assent here.

Yes, thank you.

Wonderful. No need to sign.

All this stays
between us, of course.

Ooh, and you're not to speak to
anyone about this conversation,

your mission, or any, uh,
hidden doubts, whatever.

You'll know your way out.

They'll be giving you a
secure line to make any reports.

What... what about you?

You won't be seeing me again.

[camera clicks off]


[indistinct chatter]

[inaudible conversation]

- Ian, right?
- Good memory.

I usually catch amnesia
when it comes to names.

Well, I'll take that
as a compliment...


And that's not an
easy one to remember.

Not seen your face
in here for a while.

- Back in London?
- No, I've been drowning here.

Work got you pulled
in two directions?

Mm, something like that.

Been promising
myself a proper holiday.

Mm, same. Company's
been shuttling me

between here and Zurich
for the last six months.

[phone chirping]


Time you took that holiday.

[scoffs] When the work is done.

[phone beeps]





[German hip-hop music playing]

[dog barking]

[barking continues]

[music stops]

Eleven days' hard work.

That's pretty cold,
don't you think?

Fucking clever is what they are.

By the time we had our lead
on this guy, he was already dead.

Indigo are leaving
no loose ends.

[Kroll] At least
they spared the dog.

Sweep the unit.


So, I have some good news today.

Against my advice,
Management is offering

the opportunity to send you home
once the Crossing's been reopened.

There would, of
course, be terms.

You murdered a citizen
of our world in cold blood.

- What terms?
- They suspect your wife

has valuable intelligence
about this Indigo group.

You could help the cause.

You know, you people aren't
the first to ask me to spy on her.

Alexander Pope asked
me the same thing.

And my answer is the
same one I gave him.


I dug this out of
our old records.

It was recorded on your side.

[Emily] I've been
very clear on this.

[man] Emily, if we were
to read your husband in,

think about how much simpler
it would make your marriage.

[Emily] I don't want "simple."

Are you even listening?

Your job is to keep me covered.

If you read Howard
in, I'm blown.

Don't go fucking promoting him.

[man] He's unhappy.

[Emily] I'll look after
my husband at home.

You do your job, I'll do mine.
He's not to be in Strategy.

You hear? Not now. Not
in the future. Not ever.


You don't have anything to say?

What am I expected to believe?

- Why are you doing this to me?
- I'm trying to open your eyes.

You only see her the
way you want to see her.

When are you gonna see
your wife for who she really is?

[Emily Prime] I promise not to take
up too much of your time, Frau Schmidt.

Take all the time you need.

It's not every day I talk to
someone from the Office.

- Do you miss it?
- Well, naturally,

you miss being at
the center of progress.

But honestly... I'm happy
to be free of the burden.

[door opens]

[speaking German]

This is Emily Burton,
Deputy Director of Strategy.

George Schmidt.

Nice to meet you.

What are you here for?

Maybe we should all sit down.

I was hoping to be able to
talk to you about your son.

Our son was lost to the flu.

I have a daughter. She
was lucky to survive.

She should count her blessings.

Our son died 21
years ago to the month.

What does his death have
to do with Office business?

We've come across
some revealing intelligence.

As I'm sure you're both
aware, on rare occasions,

there are those who are able to
slip across the line using false visas.

We have every reason to believe
that your son did exactly that,

and has been operating
for years on their side

under an illegal program
we know as Indigo.

You're not making any sense.

This institution trained
your son and dozens like him

to imitate his other.

[laughs] That is absurd.
Are you listening to this?

I'm offering you the opportunity
to be reunited with your son.

To make up for the years lost.

How dare you come in here...

reopen our wounds
with this false hope?

Please stop
protecting these people.

If you cooperate
with my investigation,

I will do everything in my power
to reunite you with your son.

If you don't help
me, I can't help you.

Our son is dead.

We buried him a long time ago.

[clock ticking]

[announcements in
German, indistinct]

[window slides open]

Request to see prisoner 014.

- Last name Silk.
- [typing]


Uh, you're cleared...
Deputy Director.

[keys jangle]



You shouldn't be here.

I've made a new deal
with Management.

It's gonna be on different
terms from now on.


They think my
Emily is somehow...

a part of... all this.

And they want me to spy on her.

Howard, do you... do you
think it's somehow possible

that there's more to
her than we know?

I don't know what she is.

Did you know
that... apparently...

she has been the one stopping
me from being promoted?

All these years...

every time I went upstairs

and was... crushed...

It was all because of her.

I'm so sorry.

[scoffs] I-I've just been
trying to... understand...

why she would do that.

Maybe she had a reason.

What could excuse that?

I'm not trying to excuse it.

I'm saying maybe
there was another side.

Why are you defending her?

Maybe I had a reason...

when I did the same thing.

No, I...


Uh, our lives were...

already different before then.

No, they weren't.

He was an Interface man.

I was in Housekeeping,
just like the two of you.

And every time he
applied to Strategy...

I intervened.

- Why?
- It's obvious, Howard.

I was protecting him.

I was protecting our
child, and as time went on,

I was protecting
our whole way of life.

When was I supposed to tell him?

When I knew that the day he found
out the truth would be the day he'd...

The day he would leave you?

And he did.

I would not have left.

[whispers] You don't know that.

I do know that.

I don't just quit
on people I love.

Well, maybe that's
why you're different.


Howard, the people who run
that School are still out there.

If you won't confront the truth
about your wife, we can't stop them.

[chuckles wryly] The truth?

What good did the truth
do him when he found out?

When he found out about
you, he lost everything.

His wife. His daughter.


You were the one who said...

"Maybe love

is seeing someone for
who they'd rather be."

I wonder if you have the
courage to see her at all.

Don't come back here.

[vehicle passing]

[speaking German]

[gun clicks]

Can you really get
him back? My son.

If I help you, do you really
think I can see him again?

Look, there are no guarantees.

But if you cooperate, I'll
do everything in my power.

What do you want?


[inhales sharply] I
would need protection.

And your wife?

No, she cannot
know until it's done.

[siren wailing in distance]

- Okay.
- Give me the night.

I will be in touch.

- Hey.
- [cat trills]

I forgot these.


on your promotion.

You all right?

Eh, not particularly.


I've really hurt you, haven't I?

Do you remember what I said on
the way back from the embassy?

- Yes, I know you were right.
- The temptation is too much.

I thought I could handle it...

meeting his other. I thought...

I thought I hated him enough.


Thanks for the keys.

There's a mission I
need your help with.

- I don't think that's a good idea.
- It comes directly from Management.

I don't want to hear it, Em.

It's a chance to take
the fight directly to Indigo.

They've given me a name. Mira.

The one who
killed those children.

The one who ordered the attack.

Ian, our best work has
always been together.

I want you to be there
when we bring her down.

She can't get away this time.


[line ringing]

[speaking German]

[phone beeps]

[phone rings]

[George] I will meet
Aldus Fray at 2:00.


[door chimes]

He's here.

[speaking German]


[elevator bell dings]


Fifth floor.

Fifth floor, left.

What now?

No one moves until we have
confirmation that Mira's inside.

This may be our only chance.

That's odd.

What's odd?

[Emily Prime] He
closed the blinds

when he just opened
them moments ago.

Perhaps it's a signal.

I don't like it.

She could be in there right now.

We don't have confirmation.

[Kroll] So let me
get confirmation.

Eli, stand by.

Ian, I think we should go.

It's not your call. Stand by.

- Fuck this.
- [Emily Prime] Eli, no.


[Emily Prime] What the
hell is going on in there?


Fray's on foot.

Cut him off at the stairwell.

[doorknob rattles]

- Get down!
- [gun clicks]

- Cover the exits.
- Copy that.

[door opens, closes]


It's not you we want, okay?

[train horn blows]

I can protect you.

We can help each other.

Of course it was you.



[woman screams]


Is he all right?

Medics are on their
way. He'll be fine.


I'm relieving you of your duty.

I trust this is the last
you'll ever speak of this.

[Ravi] Emily, Ian.

[Shaw] Oh, fucking hell.

These are files from the Office.

[Shaw] Ravi, see
what you can salvage.

That's how they get to people.

Must have been years
of operational data here.

Look at this, Ian.

This we can use.

I'll have Ravi run the address.

Look at that.

It's not Mira, but it's a start.

[speaking German]

We haven't sent anyone to
our black site in a long time.

Its methods were
considered... out of date.

In your case, I have no option
but to think it's necessary.

Are you sure this
is what you want?

[Osman] Prisoner 014
continues to be uncooperative.

The methods at my disposal
have proven to be ineffective.

It is my opinion that Mr. Silk's
position will not change

under the conditions of
his current confinement.

[muffled, indistinct chatter]

[operator] He's ours
for the time being.

What is your recommendation?

Send him to Echo.

[elevator bell dings]

- Silk is going to Echo.
- Thank you.

Why did I do that?

- Tell them to send him there.
- For me.

There's someone else at Echo?

Someone you want to find?

I don't have the case.
Juma hid it somewhere.

If you hear anything,
you let me know.



It's only us now. Aldus is gone.


[door opens]

Ravi's with our
friends in the Polizei.

Won't be difficult
constructing a narrative,

considering Fray's
mode of departure.

Good work.


Something on your mind?

Why did Management choose me?

Ever stare into a camera and
try to ask what it was thinking?

He knew me. Fray.

He-he recognized me,
like we'd met before.

But how?

They've been doing
surveillance on our side. Look.

[Shaw] It makes sense.

They're probably watching all of us
after what happened at the School.

No, Ian, look at the timestamp.

This was taken when
I was in the clinic.

This can't be me.

It's her.

My other.

She was here.

In our world.