Counterpart (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - No Man's Land - Part One - full transcript

They want to bring over our
guests earlier than expected.

She hasn't removed the targets yet.

They're sending agents

to replace their counterparts.

Tell me something
about yourself.

There's not much to know.

You need to find
your friend from the lie exam.

- Oh, Kaspar?
- He's the only person

who knew we were on our way.

I want to order
the lunch special.

And I'd like it delivered.

You can't keep me here forever.

Sooner or later, you're
gonna have to do something.

I know it looks like
all the fingers point at me,

but it's not me.

It's Howard Silk.

You willingly
let her deceive you.

- I didn't know she was married.
- She's human.

She made mistakes.

She's a fucking fraud,
just like my wife.

I guess we have nothing left to say.

These fucking hospitals.

Greet you with a smile,
but take a number, have a seat.

What are you in for?

My wife was in an accident.

Is she... all right?

I don't know.

She's in surgery.

I-I can't get any information yet.

I'm Andrei.


It's so, uh... so normal here.

You know?

Your whole life hangs in the balance.


Does bring life into focus, though.

What matters and what doesn't.

What matters to me is her.

- Yeah.
- Are you at home?

- Yeah.
- Get out.

They're coming to you.

- Who?
- Aldrich's men.

Get over to my house.
I'll explain when I see you,

but you need to leave.

I want him found.

I'm looking for one of my lie exam men.

Seems he's been
informing for you lately.

Goes by the name of Kaspar.

Sound familiar?

Rings a bell.

I couldn't find him at his flat.

Thought you might know
where he disappeared to.

How was your visit to Potsdam?

Here's how this is gonna play out.

I either end your wretched
little life right now,

or I bring you into Management
for you to answer

for whatever the hell it is
you're caught up in,

and they deal with you accordingly.

What's it gonna be?

I don't know.

Which would you prefer?

Fuck you.

Don't be so touchy, dear boy.

Actually, I'm glad you came to see me.

You know, there's something
I wanted to ask you about.

If this is how you want it
to end, go ahead.

It involves that woman in your life,

and the man you think is Howard Silk.

Come now.

Man of your intelligence
had to know the truth.

That one is nothing like his other.

Too loyal to her.

You did know.

Why did you let it go on so long?

You were waiting?

How romantic.

You were hoping she would
come to you with the truth.

Well, you might want to act on
this sooner rather than later.

God knows what kind of
Howard Silk he might turn into

the longer he hangs around.

Good luck with Kaspar.

Hope you get to him before I do.

Ja, hallo?

Will you be joining us
for supper?

Tea is oolong.

We're out of green.

Whose house?


Make sure your people are there.

I think they're watching me.

Hold up your end of the promise.

Tea is oolong.

We're out of green.

Whose house?


Make sure your people are there.

I think they're watching me.

What the hell is an oolong?

- It's a tea.
- A tea?

Maybe it's a crypt for dead drops.

Each type's a different address.

We'll never crack that.

It's not for dead drops.

It's a crypt that
the old network used to use.

"Tea" is time of day.
"Oolong" is 1100 hours.

Right. And "Roderick" is a subway exit.

Fuck, I can't remember which.

Potsdamer Platz.

It's an exfiltration.

Pope is gonna help him disappear.

Disappear or "disappear"?

Pope's not comfortable with

how much he knows.

What do you think?

Potsdamer Platz it is.

But not him.

This is Housekeeping business.

I'm sick and tired
of having a tagalong.

He's right.

Wait here for us.

What do you think?

It's nice.

Try it on.

- For me?
- Yeah. Would be fun.

I pick out something for you,
you pick out something for me.

Come on. What do you like?

I don't know.

It doesn't have to be my style.

That's the fun of it.

I don't know.

You're hopeless.

It's like you grew up
on a different planet.


I don't understand.

Is this some kind of an act?

What happened to you?

I'm not sure who you think I am.

Are you fucking serious right now?

Fuck you.


Whatever this is, fuck you.

What was that?

I don't know her.

Yeah, but she knew you.

It's all right to have a past,

but I think we should be honest
with each other about it.

She was mistaken.

I don't know her.

The next train arrives at 10:58.

That'll be him.

Wait for it.

As soon as we have Kaspar,

we need to be fast
in getting him out of the open.

I don't trust that Pope won't
try something desperate.

I never said thank you...

for helping yesterday.

I know it's complicated
when it comes to him.

Thank you for understanding
why I had to work with him.

You can always trust me.

You know that.

I would always listen.

I know.

There he is.

Something's wrong.

He knows.



You good?

Max is hurt.

Go back.

Why did you do that?

I just saved your life.

Kaspar, listen to me, these
people are not your friends.

You have no idea!

Come with us.

I can keep you safe. They won't.

You don't understand.

That was my only chance.

You just took my only chance!

I know what these people can do.

You... you've seen it, too.

Whatever they've offered you,

you're more important to them dead.

Do you hear me?

Whatever it is...

I can help you.

Your wife and kid home?


How long have they been here?

All night.

What the hell happened, Peter?

Aldrich came over last night,

started asking questions about you.

It's pretty safe to say
that you're blown.

Me... I-I don't know
what he knows about me yet.


This could not happen
at a worse fucking time.

Did you hear anything
from the Interface room?

Yeah, three known operatives
have crossed

in the last couple of days.

At least one of their others
works in your office.

They're placing people inside?

I think it's time
we talked to your wife.


Peter, we're out of options here.

Something big is about to go
down, and she knows about it.

No, no, no. You were right, Howard.

I-I need to keep playing the game.

There's no game, Peter. It's game over.

I mean, if I'm blown, we're...

What the fuck...?


Okay, okay.

Take it easy.

- You told Aldrich.
- He came to me.

- I had to give him something.
- Right.

Then you get me out of the apartment

so they don't capture me, and now what?

You're gonna kill me in self-defense?

And you think that's gonna
keep your secret safe?

Peter, I-I got to tell you, this is...

- this is a bad fucking plan.
- Shut up!

Listen, all right? Take it easy.

This doesn't buy you much time.

Even Aldrich is gonna figure out

that I'm not the one responsible

for five years of leaks
from your department.

Okay? It's gonna come back to you.

Yeah, well, I've got time
to figure that out.

- We got time right now...
- You don't have any fucking time!

Big fucking mistake.

How long have you
been working for Pope?

How long?

Three years now.

He wanted to know vulnerabilities

of certain people within the Office.

Could they be coerced and how.

And you shared recordings?


- Damn it.
- Help us, Kaspar.

We need to understand what these people

are preparing to do.

Why would they share anything with me?

The School.

All those kids they were teaching.

That is years of legwork.

You must have heard something.

What is this?

Is this your fucking blood money?

Uh, look, just... be careful.

Fuck you!

Those children died because you made

- a fucking phone call!
- No, no, no! No, no!

What the hell?

You're a sad kind of bastard.

Is this your child?


My son.

How old?


He would have been ten.

Alexander Pope bribed you

with safe passage;
Is that what went on?

Some kind of switch out?

He promised you
you could visit the other side

and see your...

living son?

I can't protect you, Kaspar,

if you don't tell me who they are.

Protect me?

Don't you understand what they do

to anyone who gets in their way?

The other you... She tried, you know?

Reached out to one of ours, months ago.

A warning that people were coming over.

I took it to Pope.
You know what he did?

Had her run down, car accident.

That's how far his reach goes!

That accident... that was Pope?!

That's why she's in
the hospital? Pope and you?!

You trade human lives
for some false hope

of a second chance?! What...?

That is not your world over there!

That little boy over there
is not yours!

- Do you understand?!
- Howard, stop!

I'll tell you
who's been working for him.

Everyone I know.

What happened?

What do you think happened?
He broke into my fucking house

while your men were
supposed to be watching.

And you said, last night,
if I give you the name,

you would protect me.



Find him.

Do whatever you have to do.


Anything at the house?

Nothing. He swept it clean.

What happened over there?

He came to Quayle, but got away.

This is bullshit, Aldrich.

Quayle's not telling us
something. Let's bring him in.

Not yet.

Silk can't possibly be Shadow.

Neither is Quayle.

There's someone else he's protecting.

I think Howard Silk knows who it is.

Find him.

Thought I told you to keep her quiet.

How am I expected to do anything?

I can't even pick her up.

Peter, please.

This is really bad.

You know that, right?

He can't be allowed
out there like this.

If they catch him,
and with his last dying breath,

he says my name, we're done.

What the...?

- Peter, for fuck's sake!
- Listen to me.

All right, he told me that three
people have just come over.

And you know about this?

From where?

From your fucking side, Clare.

Of course you know about it.

You arranged their passage, didn't you?

You know, you know exactly
what they're gonna do.

If you're complicit in this,
your life will be in danger.

Clare, what the fuck do you
think is happening right now?

I know someone who can
take care of Howard Silk for us.

Baldwin, my assassin.

No, no.

Peter, please. Stop!


Howard, what are you doing?

You're gonna do me a favor.

You might not see me again.

Gonna keep this up here;
You're not gonna look at it.

You're gonna give it back to Emily

when she comes out of the hospital.

Does this make me
some kind of accessory?

It makes you a man
who's doing the right thing

instead of fucking another man's wife.

Why trust me?

Only because she did.


She never would've left you.

I asked her once, she said no.

I wanted you to know that.

I don't know why I let this
friendship go on like it did.

The Go game, the bullshit charade.

Maybe it was disingenuous.

I just saw you in that waiting room,

and you looked like the
loneliest man I'd ever seen.

And I felt bad for you.

Whatever this is,
you're not alone, you know that.

Where the fuck have you been?

Tell me you've eliminated the targets.

All but the woman in the hospital.

She's still guarded.

Go back to her later.

There's something else
I need you to do.

I'll find you the money.

I'll pay you double.

But Howard Silk...
The one here is from our side.

He needs to be eliminated.

Another hundred thousand
for Silk and his wife.

I'll get it for you.

I'll be in touch.


Triple bypass surgery.


Only time I've missed work
in the last ten years.

Please tell me that you're forwarding

your calls to your death bed,

and that's why
you're not at work today.

No, it's, uh... it's just this f-flu.

I-I don't want to spread it around.

Upstairs wants a joint briefing

on that deal that went to shit.

Can we... can we reschedule?

With the Fourth Floor?

I can't. I'm sorry.

Peter, I don't know what's
been going on with you lately.

That little show
you put on the other night?

I get it. Marriage isn't
perfect, I understand that.

But do yourself a favor.

Get your life in order
and get your ass in here.

Yes, sir.

Good choice.

Children, you know?

Can you take this
down the hall, please?

- Right away.
- Thank you.

What are you doing?

Going to work.

Peter, wait.

This is what I do.

Your father calls, I answer.

Not today.

I can't tell you why.

Please, just...

don't go in today.


What am I to you?

Am I a mark?

Or am I actually your husband?

Just... just make up your fucking mind.

When I first met you, I despised you.

The other girls,

the lying, bullshit wedding.

But I went through with it.

'Cause that's what I do.

I spent my whole life

becoming this perfect version
of someone else.

The stupid girl they wanted me to be.

I've never had anything of my own.

Until she was born.

Spencer was mine.

Not hers or theirs.

For the first time in my life,

I had something
that belonged to only me.

Peter, I know our marriage has
been one giant, fucked-up sham,

but... you're the only one
who knows me.

Both sides of who I am.

Days like these I always forget to eat.

No, thank you.

My Emily always has gummy bears

in her purse.

Otherwise, she can get a bit...


Well, I was gonna say... temperamental.

So strange. I look at you,
and I see a woman

that I've loved for 30 years.

I think about everything
that we've shared.


jokes, fights.

All of it.

Then I realize...

you're not a part of that.

I don't know you.

What are we doing?

I don't know.

I can't be here anymore.

Where are you going?

I'm sorry. I...

I miss my wife.

I need to go home.

Peter, what is this?

We're going for a drive.

They have eyes on us.

I don't give a fuck.

Where's Spencer?

Your mother picked her up.

Are you turning me in?

You're gonna get us killed
before we even get there.

I don't even know
what to say anymore, Clare.

- Stop this!
- I've been such a fucking fool.

I'm so sorry, Peter.

Maybe a part of me does love you.

The part of you that I know.

Yeah, but that's the problem, isn't it?

We only see the parts of people
that we want to see.

I'm such a fucking coward.



All right, Peter,
time for some bravery.

First time in your fucking life.

Peter, what are you doing?

He's here.

Good. You came to us.

Please tell me
that you know this is not me.

You can't be that fucking stupid.

It's Quayle's wife.

She's the mole, and she's not alone.

You got to check every employee
in this building.

You have multiple points of compromise.

Oh, my God.

Is she all right?

What hospital?

All right. I'll be right there.


Helen! I need my car...




They're trying to get downstairs.

Please no!

Please. Please help me.

Help me.

Should we get him?

No. We can't touch him now.

He's on the border.