Counterpart (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Love the Lie - full transcript

The aftermath of the Indigo school discovery takes an emotional toll. Quayle grapples with his wife's new identity.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The world is not
a nice place, Clare.

She's marrying him?

Her father put him on the
director track in Strategy.

You are going to be the one
who changes everything.

- You have a mole.
- It's Quayle.

It's been him all this time.

- Cyanide, Peter.
- Take it,

you fucking spy!
I'm giving you a way out.

These are your orders.

What about the personal effects?

You'll get them
when your marks are dead.

I finish the contracts, you pay.

Are you mad? They want you dead.

Do you still love
your ex-wife, Howard?

Stay the fuck away from her.

My mother's
always been difficult.

She wants what she wants.

Their mother wants her back in England.

You're a real fucking asshole.

We're going to Potsdam.

Him, too.

The hell?


Have I reached the dry cleaners?


This has never been the dry cleaners.

I beg your pardon.

I must've dialed the wrong number.

♪ ♪

As you can see, the district has not...

Lukas, take over, please.

So, the results

of the election
were very much the same...

He called for the dry cleaners.

And there's the election.

However, the issues,

voting districts,

and media coverage bore
little similarities.

Health Amendment Two.

Everyone gather your things.

We have a surprise today.

Aldus is going to take you
on a special trip.


♪ ♪

Go to the pantry... There's a safe.

Combination, 40-12-31.

Repeat it back to me.


Get the leather pouch.

They'll be here soon.

Em, what is this?

I don't know.

Get down.

Somebody's there!

Fan out.



They're here.

Do you have the pouch?

Think about all we've
accomplished over the years.

Think about all we still have to do.

Our legacy only survives

if we can protect this secret.

♪ ♪

Get down!

Take cover!

You're leaving?

Help me with this.

What about the others?

Their work is finished.

Ours isn't.

Are you coming or not?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Did you find anything?

Everything was destroyed
before we got here.

No paper trail,
no documents, no nothing.

The hell is this place?

I don't know.

We pull up here,
into a fucking firefight?

I thought it was a dead drop.

Ian, I had no idea it would be...


There's something I need to show you.

♪ ♪

It's from their side.

They're comparing timelines
between our worlds.



They were teaching kids
about life over there.

A school.

Down here!

What's wrong?

Oh, dear God.


Try not to sound
so disappointed, Howard.

Did I wake you?

Terribly sorry.

Thought I should let you know
I'm in town.

You're in Berlin?

Came in overnight.

I'm at the hospital.

Why? What's wrong?

Haven't they reached you yet?

Your wife,

our Emily,

she's woken up.

Come on, Spencer.

Come on, come on, please, please.

Come on. Come on.

♪ ♪

- How is she?
- Doctors aren't sure

how much she can understand,
if anything at all.

They're calling it a first step.

First step of many, we hope.

Good to see you, Howard.

Been a long time.


Can you hear me?

She's a warrior, our girl.

Soldiering on.

Even as a child,
she had that fighter's heart.

No, no. Keep still.

- Don't move.
- I don't like it.


Do you think a photograph
will steal your soul?

There's supposed to be peace in sleep.

But not yours.

You were restless all night.

Delete them.

You want some breakfast?

I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Must be important.

Tell me something about yourself.

There's not much to know.

You come to Berlin for what, a big job?

Maybe you're the CEO of a company?

Or you live out of a backpack.

And I just invited
a homeless person over

for a one-night stand.

But I guess it wasn't even
a one-night stand.

Technically, I mean.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

What are you doing?

I'm calling the Office.

18 people are dead,
and half of those are children.

Yeah, and last time I spoke
through official channels,

I was nearly killed.

Until we know who our friends are,

I'd like to keep this between us.

Are you sure Alexander Pope
was behind all this?

Right now I'm finding it
hard to believe

that anyone's capable of this.

But if we're going after Pope,

then we need to be
really sure of our ground.

Must be something they didn't destroy.

You okay?

I'm fine.

Maybe you should go to the car
and get some fresh air.

I'm fine.

♪ ♪

You should see this.

These are reconnaissance photos.

They look like they're
from the other side.

Okay, look.

They're forging a visa.

These are customs papers

crossing from our side to theirs.

And they're using this man's.


Well, that's what this place is.

The classrooms.

The children they
didn't want us to question.

Why else would you teach kids
about the other side?

They're sending agents

to replace their counterparts.

Do you still have friends in Customs?

In Facial Recognition.

See if this man went through

the Crossing over the past few days.

I'll go with him.

What, he can't go on his own?

You need to find your friend
from the lie exam.

Oh, Kaspar?

This place was already burning
when we got here.

He's the only person
who knew we were on our way.

Fuck it.

Check in with me if you find anything.

She needs to be fed.

I'm not gonna hurt her...
She's my daughter.

How long has it been?

Do you remember when she...

broke up with you?

Before the wedding.

She caught you with someone else.

We were gonna wait, but...

that precipitated a faster move.

I had to switch that night.

So what happened to her?

My Clare. What happened to
the woman I asked to marry me?

She was extracted.

I don't know, she was...

they gave her a new life,
probably on my side.

It's not for me to know.

I'm just an operative.

I swear I'm the woman you married.

I'm the mother of our child.

Please let me feed her.


♪ ♪

She has your eyes, you know.

Shh, shh.

These are all positive
steps, but it's still early.

Every patient
with a traumatic brain injury

- responds differently.
- Of course.

It might be months
before we understand

the full extent of her impairment.

These injuries,

motor skills tend to recover

much more quickly
than cognitive function.

What she means is,
we need to be more patient.

Yes. And depending on Emily's progress,

you might want
to consider moving her to

specialized rehabilitation.

I'd be very happy to offer

some recommendations, Mrs. Burton.

Oh, that would be wonderful.

Wherever you think
would be the best place

- for her recovery.
- Of course.

Good day.

Thank you.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm sorry?

The esteemed Charlotte Burton.

Suddenly steadfast mother of the year?

I know my daughter and I

have had our ups and downs
over the years...

but I'm here now...

out of love.

I find it strange...
Eric hasn't spoken a word to me

since his last visit, except to tell me

that you refused my request
to supervise Emily's care.

So what did you two talk about?

We just got some things straight.

You moved her out of the old hospital?

Without telling us?

Was that out of spite?

No, Charlotte. Believe it or not,

it had nothing to do with you.

I brought her here
because it's a better hospital.


I shall be taking
an apartment in Berlin,

beginning of the month.

Emily's recovery is gonna be... long.

I don't suppose you'll be able

to handle that aspect financially.

Especially in a place like this.

See you around.

You did well last night.

I know it's not the kind of thing

that you are accustomed to.

How do you do this?

How do... how do you...

how does it not get to you?

You find...

ways to cope.

I didn't say they were good ways.

Look, if these people
really are sending operatives

across the fenceline...

we need to make him aware.

Are you serious?

Howard's the only one
we can trust over there.

There are things I could do
to reach out, but...

your status is so much better than mine

in the Office right now.

I'm going to need you.

I need your help.

What do you need me to do?

♪ ♪

You can't keep me here forever.

Sooner or later you're
gonna have to do something.

Are there others?

Like you?

I think it's better
if we didn't discuss this.

I don't give a fuck what you think.

This is an act of war.

Your side is declaring war.

My side doesn't know anything
about what's happening.

They wouldn't know
what to do about it if they did.

Do you think
we're all so blind over there?

The flu killed hundreds of millions.

My parents. Decimated Europe.

And all that time, your side...

wasn't affected.

What, you don't, you don't think

that if something like that
happened, you don't think

that I would know about it?

An operation of that size?

You're so naive.

Pretty soon,

people are gonna give a long, hard look

at this charade we call diplomacy.

Sooner or later
everything's gonna change.

I'm turning you in.

That would be a mistake.

Think about your life.

What will people say when they realize

it was your wife all along?

You are not my wife.

Letting me siphon your intelligence,

access your resources.

And what about Spencer?

A child born of two worlds.

Have you thought it through?

You really think
they're just gonna release her?

There's nothing you can do.

It's all underway.

Peter, I'm sorry
for what I've done to you.

I really am.

But I think it's time you realize

that we're both trapped in this.

You and me.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

So, do you recognize

this man? Did you see him cross over?

Yes, sure.

A few days ago. He was part
of a diplomatic envoy.

Went with these two.

Not due back for another day.

What do you need with them?

Oh, it's not important.
Just a routine check.

Thank you.

I heard you were ill.

May I come in?

Sorry. It's a bit
of a war zone, I'm afraid.

We had a...

party, uh, last night.

You know
you could have called, you know?

I thought it was safer not to.

Why? What-What-What-What's happening?

I picked up a taste for this years ago.

Russian recipe.

Three things those bastards left us


counterintelligence and soup.


So, is there any news on the mole?

On-on Sha-Shadow?

What do you think?

About the soup.

Yeah, no.

It's-it's really nice. Thank you.

My concern with these molehunts

is that they turn people
against each other.

When there's fear of trust,

everyone's worried
about self-preservation.

Yeah, well, I mean,
something has to be done though,

- doesn't it?
- Yeah.

You know, I've been thinking recently

about my other.

Me on the other side.

I knew him.

You... you knew him personally?


We played chess.

Across the cable.
We made moves through code.

I had a board in my office,
board in his.

- You're kidding.
- No.

It was like Kasparov playing himself.

Always ended in a stalemate.

Neither of us made any mistakes.

Other people in our trade

usually are sloppy, like artists.

It's a problem.

Too many flaws.

But never us.

So I thought.

I-I planted...

an operative

on the other side.

I picked her because I knew
she had certain qualities

that he would appreciate.

And, um, one day

she came back with a message

that he'd fallen in love.

And that he wanted to defect for her.

Your other wanted to come over
and work for us?

Would have been a coup.

But would have ruined me
at the same time.

Every day they would have looked at me

and wondered, what would be my price?


I killed her.

To stop him from coming.

From what I heard, he broke down.

Went mad.

But I survived.

One point or the other,

we all must make that choice.

The cause versus ourselves.

If you want to survive.

You understand me, don't you?

No, I'm not certain that I do,

I think you understand
exactly what I'm talking about.

I won't involve the Office in this yet,

but I'm leaving men outside your house.

I'll be at the Walcot tonight.

10:00. Eating at the bar.

I hope you make the right choice.

Merhaba, Raash.

I need to get a message

to a mutual friend on the other side.

Looks a little like my ex-husband.

Where the fuck have you been?

someone from the other side

wants to meet with me.

I need you to get me
into an Interface room tonight.


They do, uh, end of market reports

after hours all the time.

I need you to make sure no eyes or ears

are on this meeting.

Howard, th-th-this is not

some kind of straightforward request.

What... the s-situation here
is pretty fucking critical.

Look, if somebody over there
needs to speak with me

in a hurry,
there's nothing more important.

Make it happen. 8:00.

Getting information

from those panting perverts
in Records is one thing,

but getting your ex-husband
into an Interface room?


- As always, I...
- Yeah, I know.

You appreciate my support.

One of these days you're gonna tell me

what this is really about.

- Thank you, Cara.
- Yeah.

I'll figure something out.

Have the bastard meet me tonight.

Each camera's outfitted

with its own backup power source.

Shutting one down would raise flags.

Loose screw?

Easier to explain.

- Thank you.
- Fuck you.

You should know better
than to drag her into this.

♪ ♪

Night off.

Deputy Directors want to perform

a systems simulation.

Poor bugger owes me four
box seats next time, not two.

Get him the message.

♪ ♪

I've been looking into
the Embassy's network

on this side.

Went to a, uh, compound
outside of Potsdam.

It was a... a school.

Not formally funded by your Office,

but, uh...

we believe they were training...

sleepers. Sleeper agents.


Three names.

Oskar Wolfe, Helen Moller

and Rashad Roumani.

They're all on that side now
on false visas.

So we thought you should know.


Yeah, maybe you thought it would
be someone else sitting here.

Maybe your ex-wife?

The one you told me died of cancer?

I-I don't even know... where to start.

She's alive, you're divorced,
a daughter.

Yeah, people tend
to do desperate things

when they learn
about their other versions.

So you were doing me a favor?

We really shouldn't be here.

Thanks for the intel.
I'll look into it.

Is there... is there just
any truth... to you?

After all I've seen of your
life, the things you've done,

is-is there... is there a shred
of honesty in you?

Look at you, Howard.

Believe me, I'm looking.

Not long ago, I sent you over there

like a doe in the woods.

Now you're a spy hunter,

bringing me actionable intelligence.

What's your point?

Think you owe me some gratitude.

- For what?
- For waking you the fuck up.

What the hell were you before me?

Pathetic little meek
sad sack, loyal hubby...

with your flowers on the nightstand,

and your fucking poetry.

Now look at you.
Now there's something breathing

behind those eyes.

You enjoying yourself with my family?

They hate you.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Although... less and less lately.

It really hasn't taken that much

to steer your life out of a skid.

A little kindness, little attention.

You'd be amazed
the difference it makes.

Restoring some good
to the ashes of your life.

Where's my gratitude?

You love this, don't you?

Running around, poking your nose

into all the little details of my life,

every fiber of my being.

We've been helping you.

"We" again.

You have feelings for her, Howard?


Come on, it's right
there in front of you.

A second chance, right?

Or at least an opportunity to,
you know, compare and

- contrast?
- She is not my wife.

You want to move back
into your old apartment?

Cohabitate, maybe break bread

with the daughter you never knew?

That's not my life.

That's yours. It's not mine.

Yeah, speaking of your life,

we've been sitting here
for a while and,

you haven't even asked
about Sleeping Beauty over here.

Her condition is unchanged, by the way.

Not sure I can say the same about you.

Or even myself. Jesus fucking Christ.

This is killing me,
being stuck in your life.

Every time I look in the mirror now,

I see more and more
of you looking back.

All the worst parts.

The-the weakest, saddest

parts of me are just taking hold.

I don't blame you
for not missing it over here.

It's better over there.

I do miss it.

I miss her.

You don't even know
who the fuck she is.

Geez, you're uh, so fucking blind.

Sorry about your, uh,
go partner, by the way.

I don't think he'll be around anymore.

- Andrei?
- Yeah. I-I-I don't know how

the fuck you managed
to miss all of that.

He meets you in the hospital.

His sister is admitted the same day?

What a coincidence. Huh.

Course you never even met her.

But he needed to know,
"How's your wife doing, Howard?

How-how is she?"

What are you...
what are you talking about?

What the fuck do you think?
They were fucking.

Jesus Christ!

How do you not see that?

How much denial do you have to be in

to continue to idealize her
the way you do?

I know my wife.

What? I'm-I'm sorry. I don't...
I don't think I caught that.

She's a-a spy, Howard.

She's a fucking fraud,
just like my wife.

She's a survivor who will do anything

and anyone to get what she wants.

- Okay. Enough.
- You think

your life is so much better than mine?

Your little paltry existence?

Bullshit bits and pieces of phrases

from a fucking Hallmark card?

You willingly
let her deceive you.

- I know.
- You go

tiptoeing along.

Jesus fucking Christ.

No wonder life hits
you like a wrecking ball.

Goddamn it, I said I know!

I fucking know!

All those years.

The late nights,
the-the... the cover stories.

You think a man doesn't...
question things?

I knew...
I knew everything about her.

Not the... not the job, details, but...

about the lies.

I knew about... about Andrei, sure.

Because he wasn't the first.

She's human.

She made mistakes.

We worked through them.

That's something
you wouldn't understand.

Caring enough
to-to work on your marriage.

I love her

for everything she is,

and for everything she isn't.

And in the end,
that-that capacity for love,

the ability to love someone


is the only thing
that will separate me from you.

You need to stay the fuck away
from my life.

It's not yours.

It's a fucking vacation rental.

And sooner or later, I'll be back,

and you'll come back here,

and nothing will have changed.

I guess we have nothing left to say.


You break into my apartment?

You can't do that. It's weird.

I'm sorry.

Do you have nowhere to go?

I wanted to see you.

♪ ♪

Vodka, pure, please.

Right away, sir.


You know, I never really
appreciated what it is we do.

This game.

I know what people think of me,

how I came to this position,

how I'm not qualified to...

And they're right.

I'm an idiot,
and I know how this looks.

I know.

I know how this looks
from where you sit.

I know it looks like
all the fingers point at me,

but it's not me.

I'm not the mole.

Who is it, then?

Look, I'm not innocent.

I'm responsible for the leaks.

But I've been manipulated...

for years,

like a complete fucking fool.

That's probably why they chose me.

Who did this to you?

I can protect you,
but you have to tell me

who's been manipulating you.

It's Howard Silk.