Counterpart (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Lost Art of Diplomacy - full transcript

Both sides turn to diplomacy to resolve a conflict. Emily obtains a special visa. Howard interrogates a suspect.

Midnight Station
called me two hours ago.

There's a rendition order in your name.

Three men are dead.

There was no rendition last night.
Someone was trying to kill you.

But whoever ordered it is
trying to pin it on me, so...

Is Howard working for you, Pope?

It's not about you. It's Howard.
Whatever bullshit he's into.

There's been some infighting
in leadership on my side.

Why do they want to hurt
my wife? Why not yours?

On my side,
Baldwin is an assassin.

The other her is a violinist
named Nadia Fierro.

You need to kill her, before
they use her to get to you.

- Won't be easy.
- Take a shot.

No! Stop!

You have the slightest clue how
much you've escalated this thing?

You let a crosser get
into police custody.

Emily Silk.

- We have questions about her history.
- How bad is it?

Um, she's in surgery.

- There's swelling in her brain.
- Oh, God.

Previous surgeries?

She, uh, had her appendix
out when she was a kid.

She... Three years ago,
she broke her arm.

There's, uh, um, pins in her elbow.


She's gonna be okay, right?

Personal information.

Is there someone we can call?

No, it's just us.

There's a waiting room
right through there.

I will find you.

Told you about the
promotion I was up for.

Well, it turns out

I actually got it.

It's been, uh...

quite a day.

The whole world is
changing while you sleep.


You don't trust me anymore?

I don't trust who might
have come in your place.

This didn't come easy.

The only authorization code I could
pull from the Midnight Station.

Are you absolutely sure this is correct?

That's the one who sent you

to retrieve your ex-husband
the other night.

Will I see you at the office later?

There was a shooting, just a
few hours ago on their side.

A woman from our world was
arrested... an assassin.

The management's furious.
Everyone's being called in.

I never saw it like this.

What's the woman's name?

They call her Baldwin.


Hi, Cara. I need a favor.

I need to get to the other side.

Time almost up.

All right, get dressed. Keep quiet.

Qu-Quayle here.

Who's the girl?


Late last night, Berlin PD arrested

a young woman with no identification

who bears an uncanny resemblance

to a dead girl who she was found with.

She's in police custody?

Her siblings already called,
they want to negotiate

for her return, so I got to know,

was your team after anyone
illegal over here last night?

We should-we should probably
talk about this in person.

Look, wh-where are you right now?

- I'm standing in your office, Peter.
- Where are you?

I'm just trying to get in
a morning run, actually.

My office, please.

One hour.

Price is the same.

Whether you finish your run or not.

Let me-let me
just straighten this out,

since obviously I'm the last
person to hear about any of this.

I leave this operation in
your hands for one day.

I say retrieve the girl, kill
her, I don't give a damn.

The only way you can really mess it up

is by making this into a public matter.

Which now involves my fucking
father-in-law, by the way.

Diplomacy knows about this?

I mean, do you realize, any of you,

just quite how fucked this is?

You got a little swelling there.

All right, look, if
Diplomacy knows about this,

that means my side's
already reached out,

trying to start a negotiation.

Yeah. And, no, I cannot stop it.

My side is gonna want to horse
trade her for intelligence.

Yeah, and if she sets foot on my side,

whoever sent her will make sure she
never answers a question again.

Right, so, quite the nice little
mess you two have whipped up.

Spirit of mutual fucking collaboration.

All right, let me go to the embassy.

- Your embassy?
- Why?

At least stall the negotiations,
buy us some time.

Sorry, I thought your presence here
was supposed to be low-profile.

Yeah, well, it's a little too fucking
late for that, now, isn't it?

Your man in the police
department, he's on duty today?

Of course.

Okay, you go there, you
see what you can find.

Baldwin knows who's behind
this. Get something from her.

And bring the other me.

That's a new condition.
I want him promoted.

- Strategy, full clearance.
- That would be a mistake.

Hey, look, we wouldn't
be in this situation

if it wasn't for your fucking guy here.

From now on, I want me or other
me looking over his shoulder.

I'm sorry, what possible
utility could he have?

He's got a brain. At least we
can be reasonably confident

he won't be shooting up
a fucking concert hall.

Fine. Go to the police
station, take him with you.

- This is a waste of time.
- This is a waste of time.

This is a waste of my fucking time.

Go to the police station,
bring him with you.

And you better get
through to your embassy,

because by the time my side
comes to a deal with your side,

she's gone, she's going
home, and we lose her.

So this contractor on
the other side, Baldwin...

It's a total clusterfuck.

Let's have an inquiry team sent
over there as soon as possible.

Management wants you to get answers

while Diplomacy negotiates
for her return.

- I'll take care of it.
- Take Emily Burton.

- Well, she's not cleared to pass.
- I know.

- Never been across.
- Call came from upstairs.

She went over our heads on this one.

There's nothing I can do.

How many chips did you
trade to swing this?

I don't want to be a scapegoat
for some shady internal dispute.

- Howard's over there.
- Well, so what?

I need to clear my name around here.

He's the only one who can help me.

I don't want that bastard
anywhere near you.


I'm sorry for crashing in
on your team, but please,

just do this for me.

I think we're caught up in
the middle of something,

whether we want to be or not.

I hear your
ambassador's a real character.

How do you think you're gonna get
him to slow down the negotiation?

I have no fucking idea.

I'll just rely on my
natural charm, I guess.

Wait for me down the block.

- 32, still.
- Are you sure?

I feel taller.

If we go 33, you'll just be
back in my shop next week.

That would be terrible.

Visitor. He just walked in.


Silk, yes.

I believe we met once.

A cocktail party, back on our side.

I had the sense you didn't
really enjoy it very much.

We gonna do this with him here?

Pascal? He works for me.

He can hear everything I have to say.

He can't hear everything I have to say.

And the police know about what you do?

Of course not.

How do you have any pull with them?

Let's make something clear.

We don't have much time
to question this woman

before the other side gets her back.

So your job is to keep
quiet and let me do mine.

Stay here.

Long night?

I'm going to ask you a few questions.

Whether you leave this place
depends on your answers.

You were there last night?

It was your man who killed her?

I will talk with the other one.

Only to him.


I'm not really sure what
I'm supposed to say here.

I'm, uh, I'm not...

One of them?


You come from this world?

I do.

But... the other you does not.

You saw us both at the concert hall?

You were trying to stop them.


It was wrong.

Your other...

She-she had nothing to
do with any of this.

She was innocent.

I... I can't imagine what it was like.

For you...

to watch her...

You're different from your other.

What do you think of him?

I think, um...

I wish I'd never met him.

So you were involved in last
night's unfortunate affair.

News travels fast today.

I prefer to know the illicit activity

that occurs across the
fence line, but, uh,

Section Two...

You like to surprise me.

It'll serve both of our
interests not to send her back.

Once she's in our custody,
I'd like to keep her here.

Why would I do that?

Because she's not Section Two.

She's here illegally, and I
need to find out who sent her.

It's so sexy, this work that you do.

Ah, what I'd give to have the
unrestricted rights of travel.

You know, I have to fill out a request

every time I want to
eat out, every time.

But you, you're a liberated child.

Leaving the adults to
clean up your mess.

I have a luncheon to make.

The inquiry team will be here shortly.

They're certainly better off
speaking to you than to me.

I'm sure there's a lot
you can tell them.

I'll warn you,
he's on his fourth cup.

Came in before I did this morning.

That's good to know.


Peter Quayle's here.

We have the solution
to climate change.

Everyone, you-you all
know my son-in-law.

If we can get anything
about how they've increased

the corn production in
Yunnan, I think that...

But we've asked for that before.

Even just the raw data?

I am telling you hep C vaccine.

Who gives a shit about hep C?

A very independent report says
they have figured it out.

Do you have any idea of the
value inherent in that?

Okay. People, come on.

Now, we're talking about a real
negotiating chip right now.

This woman waltzes into our dimension,

murders a police officer.

These are exceptional circumstances.

I don't want to walk in asking
for corn yields or vaccines,

when we could have a-a
windfall on our hands.

Peter, how valuable is this woman?

Any angle from Strategy?

She's a contractor.

And she's not officially with
the Office on the other side.

She's operating at the
request of someone unknown.

How badly will they want her?

Well we have it on good authority

there could be an internal
dispute playing out.

I-I would say "very."

Very. Very. You hear that?

Real asks. One hour.

We're meeting their
ambassador for lunch.

I'd like you to be there.

- On the negotiation?
- The situation is messy.

I could use your point of view.

And it'd be kind of nice to
spend some time together.

Been busy.

- Hey, how's my granddaughter?
- Wonderful.

- Did you get the package?
- We did, yes. Thank you.

- I picked it out. The color.
- Did you?

That's very thoughtful. She loves it.

Thank you.

See you at lunch.

There's a, um...

Uh, there's a, um...

There's something you should probably
know about these negotiations.

Certain complexities
on the Strategy side

I can't talk about.

We've been trying to find out
who sent this woman over here.

There's an intelligence
advantage to consider.

If we were able to stall
these talks somewhat,

just a day or two, for our
team to question the woman.

You do complicated work,
but I am a diplomat.

You know what this woman is to me?

- Currency.
- More valuable she is, the more we get.

Good work on this. See you at lunch.

I was there six months ago.

How many more of these bloody
things do I have to have?

This inoculation is every three
months now when you cross.

Three months?

Fuck that.

This visa
lasts for six hours.

It grants you access to the
embassy, and the embassy alone.

You are not to take any measures to
observe their world beyond that.

You will not make contact with anyone,

familiar or otherwise.

This includes eye contact,

physical contact, verbal contact,

and written contact.

Those who do not comply
with these regulations

will be subject to punishment

beyond the domain of international law.

Just remember this, you do
not belong to that world.

Nothing in it belongs to you.

Do you understand these guidelines

as they have been communicated to you?


We all have to go through alone.


This way.

- Headed to the embassy?
- Yeah.

Lovely weather.

Follow my lead.

Inquiry team?

Ian Shaw, Emily Burton.

Where's Lambert?

The ambassador's been called
out on diplomatic business.

Fortunately, we've detained a
man involved in the incident.

Right this way.

Of course.

Take a seat, Howard.

We have a lot to discuss.

Or you can stand if you like.

But we are going to talk.

We're inquiring after the arrest

of a local contractor on foreign soil.

- Contractor?
- Come off it, Howard.

I don't want to be here
any more than you do.

- All we want is the truth.
- Pertaining to...?

The extent of the glorious fucking
mess you've made over here.

Okay, first of all, I don't believe you.

- I don't care what you believe.
- Think you do want to be here,

and you're anticipating the perverse
pleasure of watching me squirm.

Both of you.

And I guess we know the
answer now to the question.

"Who do I have to fuck to
get on this team?" Huh?

According to what we
know about the arrest...

How do you know what you know?

Excuse me?

It's a straightforward question. I'm
curious, so I asked a question.

'Cause I got to say,
you two coming here,

Lambert in the know...
People are reacting

awfully quickly today for a covert op

no one is supposed to
know anything about.

Are you here to stop Baldwin,

the contractor who came
over from the other side?

I don't recall.

Just answer the bloody question, Howard.

No, Emily, I can't.

I don't trust anyone in this room.

Not you, not you.

I don't even know who
this fucking guy is.

Definitely not you.

Think we established that earlier.

So... may I go?


give us a moment, please.

Better listen to her,
mate. You know how she gets.

Just shut up, Howard.

I'll be right outside.

Give them the room, please.

Ah, voilà.
Here he is.

The two of us
together in the same room.

I'm sure there's something
to apologize for.

No, just glad for the day out.

- Shall we?
- Thank you.


Oh, no, no, not for me.

I, uh, prefer the shellfish on our side.

Cleaner oceans, of course.

Yes, I'm sure everything
is better over there.

Uh, not always.

Your fruits and
vegetables, for instance.

Genetic modification is... is wondrous.

As much as I enjoy

this time together...

Yes, indeed.

First of all, I would like to apologize.

I have been given multiple assurances

that the actions of this
contractor, whomever she is,

were in no way sanctioned
by anyone on my side.

Of course you have.

And as per the 1993
accord, it is illegal

to conduct any undisclosed
operations across the fence.

- And yet...
- The woman acted on her own volition.

For reasons we are yet to understand.

We ask for her to be returned

so we can get to the bottom of it.

She killed a police officer, Claude.

Obviously, we'll be taking
this into consideration.


I have been authorized
to offer you restitution

for the damages your side has suffered,

in exchange for her immediate return.

I think you'll be pleased.

Italian vaccination numbers

and a classified seismic summary

of the 2009 earthquake.

Well, this is a very generous offer,

but, as my father always said,

the first offer is never the best.

Unless time is of the essence.

We want the last three
American census reports...

- That's impossible.
- and the geocoordinates

for the petroleum deposits found
near your Mariana Trench.

You ask for the world.

Well, your world.


No, no, it's fine.

You think we haven't had our
glimpses every now and then?

It's amazing to-to think

what you have created over here.

All this innovation is possible
with the luxury of time,

while we, of course, have been too busy

fighting ourselves back from extinction.

- Okay, Claude.
- Was the topic off-limits, Fancher?

The implication that we bear
any responsibility for that...

I would never say such a thing.

We know that your world had
no part in the pandemic

that decimated our cities,
just as we had no part

in the killing of a police
officer on foreign soil.


Maybe we keep the girl.

This incident is
unfortunate, I-I grant you,

that doesn't mean we
should abandon all reason.

Well, when one of our people
is caught butchering yours,

then perhaps we can all
get together, sit down,

and talk about what is
reasonable and what isn't.

Census reports I can do,

but nothing after 2011.


And not the oil reserves.

Search your heart, my friend.

What is it you believe she knows?

I don't know. That depends.

What is it you believe she's worth?

You were right,
about the rendition order.

- It was entirely off book.
- This is not the time or place.

Well, don't you want to know why?

Two months ago, I was sent
to retrieve a director

- who'd run away to Istanbul.
- Emily...

I don't care if they're
bugging this conversation.

This director...

he told me his life was in danger,

that there was a faction in
management that was planning

an illegal operation on this side.

But by morning, he was dead.
And it fell on my head.

We're after the same people, Howard.

And they tried to take me out.

They might try the same with you.

Well, do you know who they are?

Fine. Well, I know one of them.

I did some digging last night.

I thought you might
be interested to hear

who was behind the attempt on your life

the other night.

This is the action code

that was used to authorize
your rendition.

Recognize who that belongs to?

Let me guess.

You heard about an illegal
operation on this side

from one of your dodgy sources,

God knows who.

You didn't know who to
trust, so you went to him.

- This isn't right.
- As you always go to him.

Miserable old codger.

It was Alexander Pope.

He was the one who ordered
the attack against you.

And whether you care to admit
it to yourself or not,

your loyalty to that bastard
will be the end of you.

Who is your source?

Someone gave you this Intel.

They want to
know who you work for.

They won't let me live much longer.

The woman in the hospital
the other night...

is my wife.

She is everything to me.

And you were going to take her away.

I do not know her.

Is that who you are? You're-you're a...

just a ruthless killer?

That's not who your other was.

Don't you think that
somewhere inside of you

is a-a person who's...

could've had a real life.

Not possible.

You will see.

You think you're better than him...

but someday you'll find where you meet.

We cannot escape who we are.

- We need more time.
- For Christ's sake, the deal is done.

Th-They're hammering out the
final points as we speak.

She's talking. Do you want
what she knows or not?

Just do your job, all
right? I'll do mine.

Bunk said something about a
birthday dinner coming up.

Yes. No, she's in full on
entertaining mode these days.

It's actually quite frightening.


I never pictured her as the doting type.

Well, she's happy, I'm happy.

That was a good deal we made
today. Thank you for your help.

Uh, I'm sorry, I have to ask you again.

Can we sleep on this?

- I can't let it grow old on the table.
- Just 24 hours at the most.

There's something else at play here.

This situation is unusual.

Can I ask you a question, Peter?

Why is it you think we go
through all this trouble?

Keeping the doors open.

The effort it takes to keep
this secret under control.

Isn't it easier to just, I
don't know, shut it all down?

Go our separate ways?

The knowledge we gain

is more valuable to our
collective way of life

than all the spy games

you and your Strategy
boys will ever play.

The differences between our
worlds might be minor,

but when exploited, they're priceless.

We wouldn't have HIV treatment
if it weren't for them.

We'd still be deciphering
the human genome.

It all happens because of
us, the deals we make.

This data...

That's all that matters.

And here I was thinking you
actually wanted my counsel.

Do you remember the day I
recommended you for this post?

Conversation we had?


You're a good kid, Peter.

You make my daughter happy.

That's fine.

All your life, the right doors
have just opened up for you.

But sitting at the table,

that's something you
actually have to earn.

A few months ago, I started
getting these letters, coded.

Hand courier from a source over here.

They contained details about a dispute

on our Fourth Floor.

- In management?
- Yeah.

Over methodology?

Methodology, ideology.

Who wrote you the letters?

I came here in good faith.

Why do you always have to shut me out?

Is this is how it's always gonna be?

You're never gonna trust me, are you?

Never gonna forgive me

for the one simple fact...

I didn't fold you in.

That all those years
ago, I never told you

what I was.

It was a lifetime ago, Emily.

If there's any water left,
it's gone under the bridge.

I think I understand now...

what pulled you to this place...

how it took you away from us.


I don't blame you.

But I do sometimes wonder
how it went so wrong.

Are we still together...

over here?

Are we happy?


- Mr. Lambert, Emily Bur...
- Emily Burton Silk.

- Emily Burton's fine, thank you.
- Ah.

Please forgive me, I hoped to
join you for this inquiry.

It's just my lunch didn't sit quite
as well as I would've liked.

Don't worry. We were just finishing.

Please send my regards back home.


Would you light a candle
by my mom's picture

at St. Christopher's for me, please?

In case I'm delayed.

Of course.


It's over.

We made a deal. She's going home.

If she goes home,
we lose the intelligence.

Not my concern.

Who authorized you to make the deal?

Not your concern.

We can't allow you to damage
this fragile diplomacy

we worked so hard to create.

Consequences exist for
those who cause trouble.

When your visa expires,

your travel privileges will be revoked.

It's wonderful seeing you again.

Pascal will show you out.

He didn't give you anything?


And you expect me to believe that?

Please, Ian.

If I told you anything
now, it would be a lie.

This fucking place.

Ruins people.

The temptation.

The knowledge that there is
something else out there.

It breaks people down.

We should just...

We should just build a
wall and never come back.

- Problem!
- What are they doing? - Shit.



Aldrich, open the door.

They'll kill us all!

Leave them.

What the hell was that?

- Wasn't right.
- Wasn't right?

You didn't give them anything, did you?

Are you all right?

Well, didn't see that
one coming, did we?

Where's Aldrich?

He's back at the Office,
tearing his hair out.

What the hell happened at the embassy?

It was fucking theater.

All they wanted was for
you to make the deal,

- bring her out into the open.
- Wait, what do you mean?

Lambert, the ambassador.
Revoked my visa.

Could've just given me
a slap on the wrist,

but played his hand a little too hard.

Think he might be working
with these people.

So wait, you're saying-you're
saying your fucking ambassador

is now part of this group
behind the killings?

A lot more people are a part
of this than I thought.

So what do we do now?

Let me see that watch.

- This was Dad's.
- Yeah.

In 12 hours, my side
is expecting me home.

If I don't go, it'll spark
a diplomatic crisis.

If I do, I won't be able to come back.

Meaning we're fucked.

Not if we send this
one back in my place.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

- A week. Shouldn't be more.
- No.

Once we get this straightened
out, I can unfreeze my visa.

You want me to inhabit your life?

Honestly, that's the last fucking
thing in the world I want,

but I don't think we have a choice.

No. You go back tomorrow,
Aldrich can look at Lambert.

Do you really not get what's going on?

Your side is compromised, as
bad as mine, maybe worse.

Somebody knows every move we're
gonna make before we make it.

I'm not saying it's your department,

but I'm sure as hell
not saying it's not.

This is the only way.

You really expect me to just leave her?

Howard, she'd be dead right
now if I hadn't been here.

How long you think she
stays alive if I go home?


I trust my last letters
have reached you safely.

I don't know if there'll be any more.

I think they know I'm your source,

so my time is short.

If something should happen,

there's something I need you to do.

You're the only one I can trust.

If I'm to be harmed,

I need you to reach out
to the other Howard.

To protect him, no matter
what happens next.

He knows nothing about any of this.

Or me.

I beg you that he never
learn who I really was.

I do regret having held
him away all these years.

I've always done it for his protection,

as I'm sure your Emily
probably did for you.

I'd do anything to keep him safe.

Please, watch over him,

in any way you can.




Oh, God.