Counterpart (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - No Man's Land - Part Two - full transcript

A crisis at the O.I. leaves both Howards stranded.

You think
you're better than him.

But someday you'll find where you meet.

You will see.

My name is Alexander Pope.

Some years ago, I took a man like you

and made him into a man
like Howard Silk.

That accident... that was Pope?!

That's why she's in the hospital?!

I miss my wife.

I need to go home.

A few months ago, I
started getting these letters.

Other Howard's wife.
She was my contact.

Three known operatives have crossed

in the last couple of days.

I think it's time we talk to your wife.

I'm turning you in.

What about Spencer?

Have you thought it through?

Peter, what are you doing?

There's nothing you can do.

It's all underway.

We can't touch him now.

He's on the border.

Do you know
the motive of the shooters?

One shooter, there was just one.

Initial reports said
there were multiple gunmen.

from last night were inaccurate.

There were not multiple gunmen.

This was not a conspiracy.

This was an isolated, tragic case

of workplace violence.

Will there be an investigation?

We have no further
comment at this time.

I would like to ask that we all

respect the privacy of our employees

and their families.


Doctor wants to see you
one more time before discharge.

How do you feel?

Your wife was worried.

I told her a fractured clavicle
is nothing.

Except you won't be able to
carry your baby for a few weeks.

Jacqueline has a baby girl, too.

16 months old.

Showed me pictures, adorable.

The police were coming.

Because of the alcohol in your blood.

But someone from your job
called it off.

You're very lucky.

So it was all for this.

Five years of marriage, just...


Peter, it hasn't even begun.

The next few hours, days, months

are gonna get very complicated.

You'll see.

The next step is for Diplomacy
to get involved.

That wasn't suicide.

You had your seat belt fastened.

You were trying to give us
an alibi, weren't you?

Because you've chosen
to protect our family

over everything else.

We're going to need each other
if we're gonna get through this.

Go straight to work
when they discharge you.

You should be seen like this.

Where are you going?

To check on the baby.

I'll be waiting for you at home.

I need to talk to you.

What the hell is she doing here?

Bob, you need to listen to her.

Got to go downstairs.

Diplomacy's drafting
a statement of condolence.

We're keeping it sweet.

It is gonna blow up in your face.

There was an attack
on their Office, wasn't there?

Multiple shooters, identities unknown.

How do you know that?

This office is compromised.

We need to gather people we can trust

and formulate a response
before it gets even worse.

How the hell do you two
know what's going on here?

Bob, our side was behind this.

What happened over there
started here, in these offices,

planned and executed
by agents from our side.

Right now, our neighbors
are no doubt discovering this.

How do you think they're gonna respond

to your statements of sweet condolence?

Then I just go to the church?

3:00. He'll be there.


Just so you know...
Pope doesn't make deals.

I don't think I have any other choice.

If he was in my position,
what would he do?

He would run, too.

Same as the other two.

Left their doubles for us to find.

They want us to know it was them.

You're gonna clean this up,
before any police find it.

- What about Quayle and his wife?
- Not now.

I know what you want,
and I want it, too.

But she's a director's daughter.

We need to be careful.

Go to Silk's hospital.

Fuck Silk and fuck his wife.

If he knows who's behind this,
we need him back.

Now go.

Media's been taken care of.

I take it you know the cover story.

Yeah. No, I-I saw you
on the television.

Lone shooter.

That's the key.

Mental illness...
That'll shut down all questions.

I'd offer you a drink, but...

Clare's fine, by the way.

She's-she's been discharged already.

Well, I'm glad to hear that she's fine.

W-We were fighting in the...

There's... We-we spoke this morning.

We're sorting things out, and we're...

I'm so sorry.

For everything that's happened.

I bought her a scarf.


Helen, my secretary.

I bought her a scarf.
It was her birthday.

And then this woman, whoever she was,

she looks me right in the eye,
semi-automatic in her hand...

walks right by me.

Why would she just walk right by me?

How many shooters were there?

Two dead.

The third managed to crawl
halfway through the Crossing.

Where he remains.

He-he's... he's-he's still alive?

For now.

That young man, that assassin,
doesn't belong to us.

They need to take possession of him.

They need to acknowledge
that these murderers

come from their side.

And you knew about it.

That deal we tried to make.

With Lambert, with the Embassy.

The contractor.

You tried to convince me
to hold on to her.

And I didn't listen.

I didn't listen to a word.

Fourth Floor wants to meet.

They're coming down shortly.


Th-They're coming down here?

I want you with me.

If that's okay with you.

Upstairs would like to thank
everyone for gathering.

This is Management?

It's as close as we get.

Management would like an explanation.

Uh, I'm going to be handing this
over to Emily Burton.

She's been working this
for Counterintelligence

and has a better sense
of what's going on

than anyone at this table. So, Emily?

Mr. Quayle,

Upstairs asks if these conspirators

belong to our neighboring world.

Um, yes.

They-they were citizens of
the other world, hiding in ours.

It was an illegal program,

coded Indigo.

Financed from secret coffers
we haven't been able to trace.

For years, they have been cultivating

sleeper cells, children

that have been trained in the
art of replacing their others.

They believe the '96 epidemic
was our doing.

And this was their act of revenge.

We believe Indigo has already
placed agents on the other side.

We don't know who these agents are,

we don't know how many of them
are in our midst,

but we suspect

that this is just the beginning.

The surviving shooter has now collapsed

in neutral diplomatic territory.

It is possible that
he has done this on purpose

and that Indigo hopes
that we will claim the body

and thus acknowledge the assassins

as belonging to our world.

If we deny any part of it,

our neighbors might see this
as an open...

declaration of war.

Strategy recommends
that we go into No Man's Land,

retrieve the shooter and question him.

I wouldn't be so quick to that.

Diplomacy would like to hold off,

wait and see what our neighbors
do about the shooter.

He's still alive down there.
We need to get answers.

We need payback.

We're gonna be asking for reparations.

In order to do that,
it's better to wait

and let the other side claim the body,

acknowledge their role in this,

and then shove it down their throats.

This isn't about reparations.

These people just killed
11 of our own...

Management would like for Mr.
Quayle to make a recommendation.

Peter Quayle is
a junior deputy director.

It is the understanding
of Management that he is

the only one in your department
who saw this coming.

Mr. Quayle, please proceed.

I suggest we do nothing.

Don't touch the body.

Let the other side act first.

Upstairs requests a full investigation

into all of those responsible
for this horrific act.

They ask that Mr. Dwyer get underway.

Understood. First priority.

As for the conspirator
who remains in the Crossing...

It is the position of Management

that we do not claim him.

Management, with respect,

in the 30 years
since the Crossing has appeared,

there have been spy games,

clandestine intelligence gathering,

but never have we witnessed
a direct attack

- on our neighbors' sovereignty.
- Emily...

I urge you, lay the cards on the table.

Claim the body
and admit that this is the work

of a rogue faction,
that we need their help.

If we don't, we'll be playing
into this faction's hands.

It could be the end
of diplomacy between our worlds.

Management has conferred.

The man will remain where he is.

The man stays where he is.

We cannot acknowledge any part of this.

Management has requested

that any other infiltrators
be hunted down immediately.

A specialist will be assigned to work

with Deputy Director Quayle
in this matter.

Mr. Quayle,

Management thanks you
for your excellent work.

On the other side of the door,
I can be a different me.

As smart and as brave,

as funny and as strong

as a person could want to be.

On the other side of the door,

I can be a different me.

As smart and as brave...

- Would you like to tell me?
- What?

One time, before I have to ask.

Who are you?

You know who I am.

Nadia, yes.

I knew that.

But you never told me your last name.

I should've seen it
all over the fucking news.

That's not me.

I'm calling the police.

- She was a sister. Twin.
- Stop it.

A sister with the same name?

Is that what you expect me to believe?

No, don't do...

What the hell are you always
hiding in here?

Who are you?

Please, don't make me
keep asking like this.

I-I'm someone who thought
she could be something else.

She's the real Nadia, I'm sorry.

I'm the one who didn't turn out.

Get out.


Get out of here.

- No, please.
- Just get out of here.

- No, no...
- Whatever the fuck you are.

Come on, get out!

What a pleasant surprise.

I need to talk.

By all means.

Oh. My sweet girl.

Oh, my poor, sweet girl.

- Oh. Oh!
- Hi, Mom.

Look at you. That idiot bastard...

- Look what he did.
- No, it was my fault.

We were arguing.

You should have seen him
when I picked her up. A mess.

I swear, if I'd smelled it on him...

Have you heard from your father?


He's been there all night.

It's just unthinkable.

Maria, from Friedrich's office...
She's dead.

You think, they just went
to work like any other day.

You know, your father is worried
about you. You should call.

I had this flashback to Switzerland.

Your accident, your poor little legs.

A mother never stops worrying.

You wait until your little
monkey's all grown up

and you'll see.

Oh, God.

Is there anything
we should be talking about?

Mom, it's my marriage.

Every marriage has problems.

Your father, I love him,
but he's a stubborn man.

I almost left him once.

It was a long time ago.

People didn't marry for love.

You did it because...

that's what you did.

But I grew to love him.

Did you ever feel like
you were faking it?

All the time.

I don't know what to do.

I have these fantasies about...
running away.

Can I give you some advice?

When things... seem to be
their most difficult

and you just want to leave it all,

you put on a smile
and you cook a nice meal,

and you pretend
that everything is fine.

And eventually... it is.

The sons of bitches never touched him.

He's dead?

How do you think
our side's going to respond?

- What's going on?
- You should see this.

They're closing their doors.

Thus endeth diplomacy.


I want you to know I'm disappearing.

Sorry I couldn't stop
any of this from happening.

I need you to... make sure
that Emily is protected.

You know she's Housekeeping.

She's the one who gave me
all this intel.

She probably knows more about
what's still gonna happen.

So I'm asking you...

to please keep her safe.

I wonder who's gonna
take care of her in the future,

now that your other
is never coming back.

Crossing's been closed.

A response to what your people did.

I don't think it's gonna be
open for some time.

- Okay, I'm hanging up now.
- No.

You're not gonna disappear,

now that his life belongs to you.

I saw how you put on his
clothes, walked in his shoes.

You're not gonna give up his life.

You want it.

Let me prove that to you.

I'm here with her right now.

I'm pulling my men out of the hospital.

Our enemies still want her gone.

How long do you think
she'll survive alone?

Your choice.

What is it that finally
brings us together?

Well, since I've...

come to this side...

So many things have-have
come into focus for me.

Until very recently,
I was an Interface man.

And now that I, that I've seen...

everything that I've seen, uh...

so much of my life
makes sense to me now...

So many things that I,
that I wondered about.

And-and a part of me began
to believe that maybe I could

belong here.

Or-or that something here
could belong to me.

But the longer I stay here,

the more I-I...

I find myself... becoming...


I know that you control
who comes and goes.

I need you to help me get back home.

I'm your enemy, Howard.

I'm the one who tried
to kill your wife.

Yes, I know.

And if you help me get back to her,

I will take her far away.

I-I can talk to her, and...

If she even wakes up...

I swear to you,
we will never bother you again.

This is how you wanted to win me over?

This was your plan?


what the years will do
to break the human spirit.

When your other was young

and found out who his wife really was,

he cast away this Interface life

and ran to this.

My dear boy.

I'm perfectly able
to give you what you want.

But for that to happen,

this sad, groveling promise
of neutrality...

No, no, that just won't do.

If you want your life back,

I'm going to need more.

I've lost your other's
loyalty recently.

It appears that vile woman has
finally turned him against me.

Which means I'll need
another man across the fence.

You want me to work for you?


She would never forgive me.

Yes, but you don't actually know her,

do you, Howard?

Come over here.

There's something I want you to see.

W-Would you bring me my glasses
from the mantelpiece?

Some of my people found this

on Emily Burton's person
the night of her mishap.

Have you ever wondered

why your other came to you when he did?

"Howard, I trust my last letters
have reached you safely."

"They're onto me now.
You're the only one I can trust."

"I need for you to reach out
to the other Howard."

"He knows nothing
about any of this, or me."

"I beg of you that he never learn
who I really was..."

What? What is this?

There's more of them
somewhere, I'm sure.

He carried on the correspondence

with your wife for quite some time.

Makes you wonder
what he'll do over there,

now that he has her alone.

You sad little man.

Don't you realize the fight you're in?

It's Darwinian.

There's only room for one of you.

If you don't become him,
he will become you.


I-I know what you want me to say.

But I won't.

I am not him.

I will not make the kind
of mistakes he's made.

Yes, I suppose you're right.

In which case, you're
no good to me, Howard.

There's no point in us
even having this conversation.

After all that's passed,
you're so fucking stupid...


It's okay.

We don't have much time.

It's a trap.

They're gonna kill us both.

Even if you'd managed to pull this off,

they'd never stop chasing you.

What do you want?

I want you to take this.

Should be enough in there to
offset what they're paying you.

And I want you to walk away.


Forget about her.

She is not your wife. She is his.

So this is where you meet.

We have a deal?

There's nobody in the room.

Drop the gun.

Drop it.

You're a little more sentimental
than you think.

This one was for me.

But... I-I didn't have a choice.

Of course you didn't.

I just want to go home.

I... I didn't... want to come here.


I came because I-I thought
I was doing the right thing.

And-and then I saw what he had,

and I just...

I am not him.

I know, Howard.

But here's the thing.

From where I stand...

you two are completely alike.

Take him to ECHO.

Are you sure you want to do that?

Tell him...

I don't ever want to see
this bastard again.




I wanted to clean this up.

I'm sorry you had to see this.

He wanted to...

He was going to kill me.

You okay?

What can I do?


Just came back from Pope's.

Quite a mess your ex made over there.

If we can call him your ex.

- Well, where is he?
- Where is he?

That's the first question
out of your mouth?

Ian, you would never have understood.

Did you feel something for him?

If I did, it was just a...

phantom limb.

I'll keep your name out of this.

This seat taken?


What the hell happened to you?

Aldrich's looking for you.


Aldrich's not gonna be a problem
for either one of us anymore.

We need to come to an understanding.

Believe me, I would get
the hell out of here if I could.

But... circumstances, it seems,

compel me to stay.

I assume this mole hunt
will continue... escalate...


They've put me in charge of it.




All right, listen.

We need to call a truce.

There's a woman in the hospital.

Means a great deal to me.

So I give you my word:

Nobody finds out about your wife

as long as nothing happens to mine.

Your wife?

You know what I mean.

See you at the office, I guess.



"You, you only, exist."

"We pass away,"

"till at last
our passing is so immense"

"that you arise, beautiful moment..."

"arising in love..."

"Or enchanted
in the contraction of work."

"To you I belong."

"However, time may wear me away."

"From you to you..."