Coroner (2019–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Cutting Corners - full transcript

Jenny clashes with her replacement coroner as they investigate a fatal car crash.

- Well, the hole in your spine
is gone. It healed beautifully.

- You're saying
it's as good as new?

The attack and the surgery
didn't kill me.

So they must have made me

- I don't think
that's how it works.

- Are you homicide
and also a pathologist?

- Ah, this new coroner's
really making me miss jenny.

{i} Ross: Isn't your leave{/i}
{i} of absence done yet?{/i}

Jenny: I just need to stay here
until I believe

That not everybody I love
is gonna die.

- Pull the trigger.
- Mac?

- Nobody gets the jump on me,
I'm the superhero.

Peggy: You're home.
You're gardening, too,

I-I could help you
put these in--

(plant thuds)
- no-- (stressed exhale)


♪ are you on your way ♪

♪ are you here to stay ♪

♪ are you in the mood ♪

♪ or are you gone for good ♪

(sticky note thuds)

♪ are you in the light ♪

♪ are you in the room ♪

♪ are you interested
in the way you seem ♪

♪ are you in ♪


♪ where are you now ♪

♪ where are you now ♪

♪ where are you now ♪

♪ can you hear me now ♪

♪ where are you now ♪

(birds chirp, music plays
faintly through headphones)

(dance music plays)

♪ no oh ♪

♪ oh ♪

♪ oh waitin'♪

♪ in the middle of something ♪

♪ in the name of love ♪

(music begins to distort
and fade)

♪ where are you going ♪
♪ where are you now ♪

(music becomes slow
and distorted)

(music from a music box plays)



(music stops, birds chirp)

- Don't stop.
You look so beautiful.

What is that dance?

- You moved everything around.

- (sighs)
it's hard to come home

And find everything rearranged,
I know.

But my system is good
for gordon,

And you'll get used to it.

That's the thing about leaving,

Everything changes.

(screen door creaks open, shuts)

- (calming breaths)

(egg thumps, cracks)
(approaching footsteps)

- Hi, smiler.

Are you hungry?
- Smells good.

- Yeah, uh, grandma's making
her famous omelette.

- Yeah, with free-range eggs
from the farmer up the road,

That's-I'd forgotten eggs
taste that good.

- That's not all you've forgot.
(playful slap)

- Ohhh! What... (laughs)

- Okay.

- I mean, look at this.

While you were away,
you were growing vegetables.

And your mom,
she's been growing herbs.

So what is that? Two peas
in a pod, if you ask me.

- Yeah.

- Uh, look, I'm uh,
I'm off to work.

- Work? No, I thought
we were having a day

Together as a family,
at least a day.

- Yeah, do they even know
you're back?

- Mm-hmm. Yeah, and I am also
going to be looking

For personal support workers
this week.

(kettle thuds, lid clatters)

- You know, because peggy,
you have done...

So much already,

And I'm sure you're anxious
to get back to the flower shop,

And ross, you can fill in until
we find the right caregiver.

- No. I have foodscout orders,

I'm gonna have to cook.
- Ross.

- Excuse me,
do I get a say here?

- Look, you know, if-if you're
working and ross is busy,

I can stay until
you find somebody.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- (ross chuckles)

- Okay. Great.

Great, I'm uh,
gonna go to work.

Love you.
- Love you.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.


(door creaks open and shuts)

♪ where are you now ♪

(traffic rumbles)

♪ where are you now ♪

♪ oh where,
where are you now ♪

♪ no oh... ♪

(knocks on glass)

- J.C.! You're back early.

We weren't expecting you
for another 57 days.

- That's oddly specific.

I uh, I talked to hr,
they're gonna sort it out.

- Okay.

- You good?

- Oh yeah, just uh, taking
my emotional inventory.

- Good.

(low hum of office chatter,
footstep thud)

(knocks on door)

- Deliveries go
to my assistant.

- Uh, no, dr. Thompson,
I'm jenny cooper.

You've been filling in for me.

- Dr. Cooper, I've heard
so much about you.

Pleasure to finally meet you.

- Yeah, you... You too.
I'm happy to be back.

I spoke to hr, and they said
that they're fine

With letting you out
of your contract early,

And we can do the hand-off
as soon as today.

I figured you might want
to get back to--

- Hey, alphonse, we weren't
expecting dr. Cooper

For another...
- 57 days.

- Ah. Nice of you to drop by,
dr. Cooper.

computer keys clack)

- Uh, as I said, uh...

Hr is going to sort this out.

So thank you again
for covering.


- Well, maybe we can all rotate
custody of the office.

Or not.

Um, there has been a car

- Ah, you'll have to excuse me,
dr. Cooper.

- Multiple decedents.
- Mult-multiple decedents.

Might need my help.

- Okie dokie.

Let's see what you can do.

- (sarcastic groan)

(light flick)
(gasps) sh--


(car rumbles to a stop)

(engine shuts off)

(door slams)

(low hum of chatter)

{i} (police radio chatter){/i}




- Uh, just so we're clear,

I'm running this office for
the duration of my contract.

And if you're not okay
with that,

You can take the remainder
of your sabbatical

With no hard feelings,
and spend it at home

With your family.

- Okie dokie.

{i} (police radio chatter){/i}

(door latch clicks)

- Hey! Dr. Cooper!
- Hey.

- I am glad to see you back.

- Yeah, I'm happy to be back.
How you doing?

- Well, yeah, well, yesterday
was crazy, but I'm good.

Yeah. And he's still here, so.

- Yeah, he's gonna stay until
his contract is through,

So it looks like I have a boss
for the next two months.

- You know, he is-he's a bit
extra, that guy.

- Yeah.

- Jenny!
- Hey, hi.

- It's so good to see you.
- It's good to see you, too.

You okay?
- Oh, amazing.

Better than ever.

- Hey mac, shouldn't you be
at your morning debrief

With staff sergeant waylen
about yesterday's stand-off?

- The outcome was good.
Nobody got hurt.

Staff's not gonna hound us
to debrief

With this mess going on.
- Hmm.

- Okay, uh, I think
I am gonna go do my job.

- All right, I'll catch up
with you later.

- Hey, officer stanley,
when dr. Cooper is ready,

Emts have a third decedent
in the sedan.

Thank you.

- Any idea what happened?

- Hey, I got this, d.

Why don't you go take
your meeting with waylen.

- I'm here now.

- Yeah, and there are

Yesterday's outcome was good,
but that was luck.

- I had it under control.
- And this is my scene.

- Whoa! All right,
someone's gotten a little...

Confident while I was away.

Big scene, malik.

I hope you know what
you're doing.


(birds chirp)

- (sharp exhale)

{i} (police radio chatter){/i}

(whispers her mantra)

- (indistinct chatter)

Uh, and...

You know she won't take it well.


Eli: Tick tock.

- It's tick tick, actually.
- What?

- Hmm?

Never mind.

I think she died on impact.

- What, the emts tell you that?

Don't let their opinions
bias your findings.

- I didn't actually talk
to the emts.

- Oh. You're pretty chummy
with the cops, so I assumed.

My bad.

What are you basing
your theory on?

- Well, no linear abrasions
from seat belt compression,

And judging by the
discolouration on her sternum,

I'm guessing she fractured it
on impact

Either with the dashboard
or the steering wheel.

- Hmm. We'll see when we get
her back to the morgue.

not bad, dr. Cooper.

- (takes a deep,
calming breath)


(smoke hisses)

Malik: So you were in the
passenger's seat of the suv?

- On our way to cosmic-fest,

That car came outta nowhere.

Ryan started yelling,

And then he slammed
on the brakes, and bang!

I can't believe ryan's dead!

- Hey, take it easy,
you're still in shock.

And you said it was swerving
all over the road, yeah?

Do you think the driver
was drunk?

- He had to be.

- The passenger was waving
her hands all over the place.

- Waving her hands how?

- One time, I had a bumblebee
in my car.

- In your-in your car?

- I nearly lost control trying
to swat that darn thing.

- Okay, did you actually see
a bee?

- No, sorry.

The car was swerving.

- The car was swerving.
Got it.

So far it appears to be
vehicular manslaughter

Due to intoxication.

- All right, I'll let you know
when the tox screen comes in.

- Okay.

{i} Officer stanley: I need{/i}
{i} a paramedic over here!{/i}

She's alive! Hurry!
- What?

What do you mean?

- What happened? Where's grace?
- Hey, it's okay, honey.

We're gonna get you some help,

She's got a really weak pulse.
- The paramedic swore

She didn't have a pulse
when they checked earlier.

- Okay. Hey, hon?
What's your name?

- I'm lily.

- I thought she was dead.

Woman: What happened?
Man: Paramedics!

- Our bodies are on their way
to the morgue.

Let's go.

(sirens wail)


(woman sobbing)

- Are you sure
it's my daughter?

- The police found grace's
purse in the car.

And the license photo matched.

- (shaky exhale)

How could this have happened?

- Well, the only thing
we know right now

Is that she was involved
in a car accident.

But when we find out more,

I will call you. Okay?

I am so sorry for your loss,
mrs. Bloom.

- My other daughter, lily,
is missing.

She was in the car with grace.

They told me they were taking
her to st. Vic's hospital,

But I went there,
and the ambulance never came.

- She had pink hair.
- Yes!

- Okay, I spoke to lily
on the scene.

She was injured, but alive.

Okay, they may have just
rerouted her ambulance

To a different hospital.
- (elated chuckle)

Thank god! Thank god.


I can't believe my beautiful
grace is gone.

She was so special!

The only one I could ever
depend on.


What do I do now?
I don't know what to do!

(sobs, gasping)

- You don't do anything, okay?

We are gonna find out
what happened to grace,

And I am gonna get
my assistant, alphonse,

You're gonna make some calls,
and we're gonna find lily.

You just stay here as long
as you need.

I'll call you as soon
as I know anything.

- (gasping breaths)


(gurney rattles)

- Danke.

- oy! (laughs)

Welcome back.
- We missed you.

- I missed you guys, too.

- Um, does this mean
dr. Thompson is leaving?

- Nope, uh...
It's still his lab.

You know, I'm just gonna be
one of you guys

For this little bit.

What is his deal, anyways?

- Dennis likes him.

- No.

- Well, I'm sure I'll like him
too, eventually.

Ah, all right.

Malik suspects that alcohol

Had a role to play
in the accident, so--

- Oh, you talked
to detective abed?

- Oh no. Did you talk
to anyone else?

- Why? What's going on?

"authorized interview report?"

- Dr. Thompson wants us
to fill one out

After any contact we have
with police, witnesses,

Victim's families,
that sort of thing,

- No.
- To prevent bias.

Ah, you have to fill it out

- (small laugh)

- I understand that you
were upstairs talking

To a decedent's mother?

And she's still in our
boardroom waiting for answers

That you personally
promised her.

- Answers she deserves.

- May I see your interview

- How about I fill you in
over the autopsy.

- Mm, there's no room
for bias in my office.

- Yeah, there's no room
for it in mine, either.

- Oh, well, then let's keep
track of things,

To prevent emotional bias

- I'm uh,
I'm not "contaminated."

- Ah.

Watching you today,
praying over bodies,

Talking to a survivor,

Oh, I'm concerned you're
blurring the lines.

You're a coroner,

Not a social worker.

(clipboard thumps)

- River, dennis, do you mind
just giving us a moment?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Great, thank you.

- Sharing information with
police officers

And talking to family isn't
bias, it's part of our job.

- Not the way I do it.

- Well, it's how I do it.

- I've never had to take
four months off.

(footsteps recede)

{i} (door opens){/i}

- (sighs)

{i} (door shuts){/i}

(plastic bag crinkles)

(door opens)

- What have we got?
- From the accident.

Died in the ambulance
on the way to the hospital.

- It's renata bloom's daughter,

(sighs) oh, shoot.
I'll be right back.

Eli: Sure. Go tell that mother
both her daughters are dead.

Yeah, no, sit and cry with her.

Or stay, fill out your form,
and find out what killed them.

Either way,
I'm not waiting for you

To start this autopsy.

{i} At me, marcus.{/i}

Marcus: Stay where you are.
I'll shoot you.

- Go ahead, I want you to.

- Mac?

- Pull the trigger.
Pull it!

Marcus: (emotional exhale)

{i} You think you can kill me?{/i}

Nobody gets the jump on me,
I'm the superhero.

- (whimpers)
- go for it.

Damn straight.

I don't need a debrief.

(footsteps recede)

(door creaks open)

- Hey,
- hmm.

- If you check the "no" box
on number 5,

You don't have to answer
number 6 or number 7.

- Thank you.

This new boss is a real piece
of work, huh?

- Totally.

- Wait, what did you say about
me when I first started?



- Thank you.

You filled out every space
with, "I was doing my job."

- That's right.

- (sighs)

- What, is he gonna give me

- Maybe.

- A conversation at the end
of the day

Is always a wonderful idea.

- (clears throat)

Grace has a lack of chest

Which indicates no seatbelt.

- That tracks with her
fractured sternum.

- Yeah, the superior location
of the fracture

In the hemothorax indicates...

Impact with the steering wheel.

Confirming my theory.

Eli: Blunt force injuries
to the head, chest, and neck.

Oh, likely from his impact with
the road when he was ejected.

I'm guessing he died from
massive brain trauma,

Which you, my man, dennis,

Will prove when you open him up.

Kid's a poster child for why
we shouldn't drink and drive.

- Wait. Well, he's got
a fracture

To the right femur, humerus,

Clavicle, several ribs,
and... Vertebrae,

Which normally indicates that
he was bracing for impact,

So despite the costume,

My guess is that he wasn't

- Let's wait for the tox screen,

But if you're right
and the cop's theory

Of drunk driving holds up,

I'd guess that it was your girl

Who had a cooler
in her cupholder.


(birds chirp)

(ross sighs)
gordon: Ross?

- Oh, damn.

- Ross?

Ross? Ross?

Ross? Have you seen my cassette

- No. Are you sure
they made the move?

- Yes, I remember distinctly,
I packed them myself.

And don't remind me
I've got dementia,

I've already remembered that.

Look, all I actually really
need is my...

My bob seger right now.
- (groans)

- If I could just have
my bob seger I'd be happy.

- Oh, grandpa, grandpa.
- I-it's right in front of me.

- Grandpa.
- I remember--what?

- Do you want me
to help you find them?

- Could ya? You can find them.
- You're just waiting for that.

- I think it's somewhere
over here.

I know why your mother's got
her problem with um...

That's why she wants to get
an outside worker to come in

And look after me, because she
and your grandmother

Have huge issues between them.

- I guess so.
- Oh! Oh! Oh!

Look at this. Holy!

Oh no, you know what this is?

This belongs to your father,
this is david's.

You remember this box?
- Yeah!

Oh my god, these are...
These are dad's recipes!

These are passed down
from momaney.

- That's good, right?
- Dad's notes are in farsi.

- Do you speak farsi?

- No, but--
- well, call your grandmother.

- I... These are gonna take

My foodscout orders
to the next level.

Really, thank you.
Oh my god.

Lose your stuff more often,
good things happen.

- I-I can't lose my bob seger,
I can't lose my van morrison.

Especially today.

- Grace's tox results.

They're clean, no drugs
or alcohol on board.

- Not even trace amounts?

- Nothing.
- Huh.

- Ohh!

- Lily smells like peppermint

- yeah, I smell it, too.

- Well, her uh, tox screen
is also negative

For drugs and alcohol.

- so let me get this straight.

The cops think their car
caused the accident

By swerving into the path
of the suv.

- Yeah, but grace,
the driver, was sober.

And lily, the passenger,
is also sober.

- Yes.
- And, folks?

Lily has no fatal injuries
on the imaging.

Eli: Well, how 'bout that?

Not a single fatal fracture.

(deep breath) what if the
accident didn't kill her?

- Well, if the accident
didn't kill her,

Then what did?

- How can it be overcooked

And undercooked?!

(scoffs) this makes no sense.

- Wow. That smell.

Oh boy, that's-that takes me

- Yeah, laugh it up.
- No, it's not funny,

I just-I see your father,

He's standing over the stove,
over his rice.

It's like he's performing
a surgery.

- Well, I botched this.

- Yeah.
- And I don't know...

I followed everything
to the word.

I-I don't...

- (groans) no, where's the tea?

- Check the, check the labels,
it's in the cupboard somewhere.

- No, no, no, he used to...

He-before he added
the reddish stuff,

The-he would steep it in tea,
you don't remember that?

You must remember that.

- What are you doing?
Do you wanna...

You wanna help me?

- Well, I was reading comics,
but... Okay.

As long as I get to eat it.
- Yeah.

- Okay.

Jenny: Take a look at this.

{i}Alphonse (on p.A.): Dr. Cooper?{/i}

{i} Your mom is waiting{/i}
{i} to see you upstairs.{/i}

(p.A. Chimes)

- (sighs) I know.

There's a form for that.

- Hey, is dad okay?

- Yeah, gordie's fine.

I just thought that this might
brighten up your office.

You know, it's no surprise
that you took up gardening

When you were gone,
and I arrange flowers--

- Sorry, did you pull me out
of an autopsy

To give me a, a plant?!

- Plants are very healing.
They help us to grieve.

I'm here if you want to talk
about liam.

- I'm in the middle
of an autopsy.

- No, I meant later.
- Right.

I'm probably not gonna wanna
talk to you

About liam later, either.
- (sighs)

You'd be surprised
what a good ear I am.

If anybody knows about grief,
it's me.

- Hmm. Peggy, I have a mother
in the next room

Who just lost two children,
and she needs answers.

Answers that I can't give her

When I'm in here talking
with you.

- I'll go.
- Great.

- But I-I really want
to help you through this.

- Any news?

- I-I'm so sorry for the loss
of your children.

- Children? (gasps)

- Peggy, I need you to leave.
Peggy, please.

Ms. Bloom, please come
have a seat.

(sighs heavily)
- you lied to me!

- No, uh...

Lily was alive
when I spoke to her.

But... Unfortunately we found
out that she died

In the ambulance on the way
to the hospital.

- (sighs)

- I'm sorry.
Is there anyone I can call?


Hey, I need you to make
a few calls for ms. Bloom.

Can you see if there is anybody
that can pick her up,

Stay with her, you know,
any friends or family, just--

- I'm all alone.

Do you understand
what I'm telling you?

Those two girls were the only
family I had.

- I am truly sorry
for your loss.

And I'm gonna work as quickly
as possible to get you answers.

Alphonse will get you anything
else you need.


- Can he get me back my girls?

- (sighs)

(footsteps recede)

(doors whir open)

- Was there a family emergency?

- No.

- Then probably not the wisest
idea to leave.

Turns out our girl lily

Has petechiae on her trunk

And extremities.

- What are you testing for?

- Neisseria meningitides

- What, you think she has

- Well, it would explain the
rash. And if she did have it,

You may have just given it
to your mom,

And that would be
a family emergency.

- No trace of bacteria.

- Okay.



What if it's not a rash?

(footsteps thud)

(door creaks open)

- (sighs) I love it
when she gets that look.

- (sighs)

- (sniffs deeply)
eli: Grace wasn't minty.

- Not mint. Campfire smoke.

- I don't follow.

- Okay, lily smells like mint,

But her hair smells
like campfire smoke.

Grace's does, too.

- I'm thinking the girls
went camping,

And these are black fly bites.

Let's see.

Yeah, her lymph nodes
are swollen.

- And that would be consistent
with a virus.

Mosquitoes, flies, ticks
all carry viruses.

Alphonse, can you speak
with ms. Bloom and find out

If her daughters were camping,
and where?

(cell phone rings)

Perhaps lily caught some kind
of environmental contagion.

I love a good mystery,
don't you?

- Dr. Cooper.

Malik: Hey, those tox results
back yet?

I really, really need
those tox results.

- Yeah, they came back

- Okay.

Okay, this is gonna sound weird,

But did either occupant
of the car have any signs

Of an allergic reaction,
like, to an insect sting?

Eli: There was no evidence
of a bee sting

Or any kind of anaphylactic

If we need something more
from you, detective,

We'll call you.

- I'll let you know if we find
anything else.

- Thank you, jenny.

(phone chimes)

{i}Alphonse (on p.A): So the girls{/i}
{i} were camping.{/i}

{i} They rented a cabin{/i}
{i} in algonquin park.{/i}

- What about hantavirus?

- Well, humans can contract it
from deer mice feces.

Maybe the girls were exposed to
it when they were in the cabin.

- If hantavirus is spreading
in a provincial park,

More people could die.

We'll have to notify
the authorities.

- Okay, we are looking
for microscopic lesions

In the lungs,
they will be heavy.

Then there will be fluid
in the pleural cavity.

- Let's open her up.

- Yeah.

(waves lap)

- Hey.
- Hey.

- (relaxed exhale)
(seagulls cry)

♪ as we say love is blind ♪

♪ and I'm a fool ♪

- I should get back to work.

- Ah, what's the rush?

- There's something I,
I haven't told you

Because I just-I haven't made
a decision about it yet.

I was offered a residency
at an artist-run center.

- That's great news!

- In san francisco.

I just, I didn't say anything

Because I wanted to make sure
you were 100 percent,

And I don't even know
if I'm gonna take it.

- Well...

I'm 100 percent, so...

Take it.

- Wait a second,
why aren't you at work?

- I-I was involved in a hostage
situation yesterday.

- What?

What happened?

- It-it's a non-event,
no one got hurt.

You know, I may have coloured
outside the lines a little.

- What does that mean,
"coloured outside the lines?"

- Why are you giving me
the third degree?

- Third degree? I--you haven't
been at work for four months.

You go back,
and on the second day

You're part of a hostage

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed
to be concerned about you?

- Oh my god,
I'm so sick and tired

Of everyone being so concerned
about me.

I'm not an invalid!
- I didn't say that.

- I'm stronger than
I've ever been.

- Yeah, babe, I know.

- Then... Take the residency.

- Wait, you-you want me to go?


Yeah, I'll go.


(squelching sounds)

(scale thumps)

- 1,500 grams, their lungs
are normal weight.

- Yeah, normal weight
and normal colour.

No consolidation.

Well, it's not the hantavirus.

- What now?
- (sighs)

(bag thuds)
- (sighs)

- What are you doing?!

- We-we've spent every
day together

For the past four months,
and it's been incredible.

And now that I'm back on my
feet again, thanks to you...

I'm just working through
some stuff.

Please don't leave like this.

- After that,

You owe me one hell
of a tasty dinner.

- Whatever you want, I'm in.


(succors snap)

- Hmm, that is minty.

- Yeah, but if it's not alcohol,

What is it?

- River, you must have made
a mistake with the tox screen.

- River doesn't make mistakes.

- Run the tox screen again.

(line rings)

- Hey malik, it's jenny.

I need your help.

Does the car have a gps?

{i} Malik: Yeah, it does.{/i}

- Okay, the girls were coming
from algonquin park.

Can you tell me where
they were going?

- Yeah, sunnydell hospital.

Eli: Cooper, what are you doing?

- Collaborating with the police,

You should try it some time,
maybe you'll find it helps.

- Okay, so if the girls were
on their way to the hospital,

That means one of them
was sick, right?

- Yeah, it's most likely lily,
her cod is still a mystery.

- Well, I have a witness
who insists that she saw

The passenger of the car
waving their arms around

To shoo away a bee.

- What if it was a seizure?

(phone thuds)

Mint. The menthol in peppermint
can have adverse side effects

If taken in large quantities,

- Yes, but it's generally
not lethal.

Unless she had an underlying

- Yeah, we need to talk
to the mom.

- By all means, do it your way,
doctor cooper.

- Just take one breath,
that's it.

And the next.
- (inhales and exhales)

And the next.
- (inhales and exhales)

- You're not gonna die,

I know it feels that way.
But you're not.

- Peggy! What are you doing?

- Helping a friend.

- Okay, um, can I talk to you
outside for a second, please?

- (reluctant exhale)

I'm sorry.

- I'll be right back.

What are you still doing here?

- I was on my way out,
but renata was so upset,

Jenny, I could practically hear
her sobs from the parking lot--

- Do you-do you have any idea
how inappropriate this is?

Okay, you are not her friend.

You are not a grief counsellor.
You are my mother!

- It's nice to hear you
say that.

- I will see you at home.

(footsteps recede)

- (readying exhale)

- Thank you for lending me
your mother.

- Mm-hmm.

Uh... Can I ask you a few
questions about lily?

Do you know if she had any
underlying health conditions?

- No, nothing.
Apart from the flu.

- She had the flu?

- No, she had a headache,

Lily wasn't as open with me.

- Was she acting unusual
at all?

- She'd had a fight with her
boyfriend and he broke it off.

I had to learn about it
from grace.

It's why they went
to the cabin.

- Okay. Um...

Do you know if lily
was sexually active

With her boyfriend?

Okay. Thank you.

(computer keys clack,
door opens)

- hey, staff.

You here to follow up
on mac's debrief?

- He hasn't done it yet.

He took a personal day instead.

(door shuts)
- (sighs)

(steam hisses)

- Okay...


All right.
- All right.

I feel good about this.
I feel very good.

(pot clangs)

- Okay. Please!

- Hey! Hey!
- Oh!

- Eight out of ten!
- (laughs)

- Well, six out of ten.
- Six out of--okay.

We'll say six.
- There's a little dip there.

- Ohh!
- Very good. Very good.

- We'll should...
Give 'er a go?

- Yes.
- It's gonna be hot.

Be careful.

(forks clink)
oh, it's nice underneath.

- It's fine.

(light blowing)

- Ow! A little hot.
Yeah, that's good.

- Mmm!

- This is like,
as good as your dad's.

- That's not half bad. Mmm!

- Mmm, and so fragrant.

- (sniffs) yeah,

It's spearmint, not mint.

I knew I had smelled that

It's pennyroyal.

And an overdose of pennyroyal
can cause seizures,

Multiple organ failure.

- Isn't pennyroyal generally
used as a topical

Bug repellant?
- Yeah,

But if you take enough of it,
it can induce abortion.

- There was no evidence
of a fetus.

- Well, maybe that's because
she aborted it, right?

If you think about it,

Lily and her boyfriend
got in a fight,

Her and her sister went away
for the weekend,

And they were on their way
to the hospital

When they got in the accident.
- So lily had a seizure,

Which caused grace to lose
control of the car.

- But why would she try
to induce an abortion herself

When she could've gone
to her doctor?

Or an abortion clinic?
- Okay, she was also 15, right?

So she would've needed
her mother's approval.

- (sighs)

(waves lap, seagulls cry)

(approaching footsteps thud)
- mac,

You blew off your debrief?
- What are you doing here?

- I'm just trying to get some
answers, because you're not

Willing to talk to anybody else
about what happened.

- Nothing happened!
When are you gonna get that

Through your skull?!

- Mac! You held a man's gun
to your head,

And you told him to shoot you!
What you did was insane, man!

I don't wanna die, and I don't
wanna watch you get killed,

Because you need to prove
you're not weak.

- What's he talking about?

- Malik was just leaving.

- Is that really what happened?
- Malik, you need to go.

- And you need to do
your debrief.

Kirima: (sighs heavily)

- (sighs) I can explain.

- You held a man's gun
to your head?

Were you not thinking about us?
Or me?

- Honestly, no. And it's not
because I don't care,

It's just that's how
I have to do the job.

- Your job is more important
than your life?

- It's the one constant
in my life.

The thing I've always
been good at.

- Well, it doesn't sound like

You're very good at it
right now!

(sighs) hey.

Maybe you just, you need to
take a step back.

Why don't you come with me
to san francisco?

- And what would I do
out there?

Sit around in bed all day,
waiting for you to come home?

Or maybe you don't want a
partner, maybe you want a cat.

- Stop it.

- Or maybe you're just not used
to seeing me healthy.

- This has nothing to do with
your injury, you know that!

- You wanna take your job,
take it.

There's nothing stopping you.

- You better make sure
you mean that.

Because you don't get a third
strike with me.

(waves lap, seagulls cry)

- Take your dream job, kirima.

I would.


Jenny: Unlike grace,

Lily's injuries aren't
what killed her.

- What are you saying?

- Were you aware that lily
was pregnant?

- What?!

- That's what her hormones

Lily took an herb
called pennyroyal

Which caused her to abort
the pregnancy,

But it also caused fatal damage
to her liver,

And other organs.

- Regrettably, ms. Bloom,

Plants don't come with
warning labels,

And in many cases can be lethal
when used incorrectly.

Our office will be putting out

For stricter regulations.

I'm sorry for your loss.

- (sobs)
- um, hey.

Hey, it's okay.

Here, have a seat.
Have a seat.

- (gasping for breath)
- sit. Sit here.

It's okay. It's okay.

- (gasping for breath)
- it's okay.

It's okay.
- This is my fault.

- No, sweetie.

- What do I do?
- It's okay, renata,

I need you to take a deep
breath for me, okay?

- How am I supposed to live
without my girls?

(gasps) I can't!

I can't go!
(gasping for breath)

- I know, renata, I need you
to breathe for me, okay?

Hey, renata?
Breathe into my hand, okay?

Breathe. Can you breathe
into my hand?

- (slow gasping breaths)

- Breathe with me.
(breathes deeply)

That's it. That's it.

(breathes deeply)

I understand what you're going
through, okay?

- I know.

Your mom told me about
your sister, katie.

A mother should never have
to bury her child.




- (sighs)

(footsteps thud)

- Well, you won.

You cracked it.
- Yeah, I don't,

I don't really consider this
a win.

- Good, neither do I.

The paperwork--

- The paperwork is to cover
your ass, let's be...

Let's be honest.

- I've been where you are.

Thinking I needed to hurt
when others hurt.

- (jenny sighs)

- I was in a situation before,

Emotionally entangled.

the bias got the better of me.

And the outcome...

Was, um...

- Was what?

- Best not to dwell
on the past.

Now I have forms to take stock.

And I am not going anywhere.

At least not for the next
56 days.

So, for now...

Maybe you could take the burden
off yourself,

And try to do things

(footsteps recede)

(seagulls cry, waves lap)




(waves lap, seagulls cry)
- (sighs)


(crickets chirp)

(door creaks open)

(door shuts)

(footsteps thud)

(bag and file thud)
- yeah. Let's uh,

Let's talk.

You crossed every line
there is today.

"expert" in grief.

- I didn't ask to be
an expert in grief.

What did I do wrong?

- You came into my office

And talked to a complete
stranger about my life!

- Renata was suffering,
she needed support,

And I have been through exactly
what she's going through.

- It's-no! No, you haven't.

Renata lost both of her
daughters today,

You still had dad and me.

- I lost my daughter!

- Yeah.

Yeah, you lost katie.

But you left me.


- I'll see you in the morning.

I'm making waffles.

(footsteps recede)

- I hate waffles!