Coroner (2019–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Emerge - full transcript

Struggling with the loss of Liam, Jenny tries to take a vacation from death and happens across a mysterious dead body that stirs suspicion in a small town.

You haven't seen me
in such a long time.

Yeah, I haven't seen you
since Katie died.

I didn't leave
because of you.

Well, I killed Katie.
And then you left.

So yeah, yeah,
I think you did.

I have a hole in my spine?

There is a small
chance, however,

if we operate that it could
affect your ability to walk.


- Ah, okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah? Liam, you're burning up,
you're burning up.

I think your rib
pierced your intercostal vein.

It's not clean
and it won't last long,

but I need you, I need you
to apply pressure.

♪ Took a while,
but I made it through ♪

♪ If I could show you
the hell I'd been to ♪

♪ Kept climbing 'til one day
I looked back ♪

♪ Was so high,
I couldn't think to land ♪

♪ And then one moment
I was blown away ♪

♪ And there was nothing left
that I could say ♪

♪ Or do ♪

♪ Took a while,
but I made it through ♪

♪ If I could show you
the hell I'd been to ♪

♪ Lost the light, but then
the sun was shining ♪

♪ Couldn't hide it
and I wasn't trying ♪

♪ And all those people
I thought knew me well ♪

♪ After all that time
they couldn't tell ♪

♪ I lost my soul,
was just a shell ♪

♪ There was nothing left
that I could lose ♪

Oh my God, I know, right?

I haven't been out in so long,

I put back half a bottle
of tequila.


Season 04 Episode 01

Episode Title: "Emerger"
Aired on: January 06, 2022.

Okay, then.

Watch the marker.

- Hey, Mac!
- Hey.

I heard you were back today!

- Yes!
- Yeah.

Hey, how do you eat
at a scene like this?

Yeah, you don't wanna see me
hangry, Mac.

Come on.
You feeling all right?

I'll be all right when people
stop asking me

- if I'm all right.
- Loud and clear, Boss.

It's good to have you back.

So she fell crossing
the bridge,

got caught in the netting?
Any witnesses?

Ah, that one called it in.

Stumbled into a pool of blood,
so I suspect the victim

had been dead for hours
by then.

Tell me about
the new coroner.

Oh, well...

he's no Jenny.

What did you put
for Number Three?

Eli doesn't like when
you cheat.

How would he know if I cheat?

- You told him.
- He guessed!

Your answers were exactly
the same as mine.

You're a terrible cheater.

I was always top of my class,
I never had a reason to cheat.

This is bullsh...

Morning, everyone.

Let's see that paperwork.

Dr. Thompson.

Ah, Dennis, great.



I'm not mad,

I'm just, uh...


- I miss Dr. Cooper.
- Inside voice, inside voice.

Yeah, I'm just taking
a look at it now.

Bruising on the wrists,

There's a contusion,

but the skull and brain
are intact.

It might've knocked her out,
but it didn't kill her.

Maybe she hit her head
on the railing

as she fell into the bird

Then she lost two-thirds
of her blood volume

- while she was hanging there.
- Yeah.

Victim is pale inside the eyes.

She bled out.

But how?

Hey, Jenny!

- Morning, Jenny.
- Hey, Tyler.

These are for the store.

Ooh! Wow, I'm gonna get rich
off your uh,

- green thumb, huh?
- It's actually just science.

Ah, hey, your kid called
the store.

Oh! I missed our weekly call.

Yeah, that's what he said.

I thought I ought to check
to make sure you all

didn't get dragged off
by bears.

I'm sorry, did you
drive all the way out here

- to tell me that?
- Uh, no.

I'm looking for George.

- Long hair, teenager.
- No.

Big "Dragons and Lairs"
game today.

Hayley, is that like a-
like a role-playing thing?

He got really into that stuff
after his brain injury.

It's as hot as MMA fighting,
but in a different way.

Got it.

Hey, do you guys mind if I walk
up to Cell Reception Hill

just to see if I can call
Ross back?

Of course not,
our land is your land.

I'm surprised you're awake
after this morning.

Hey, I see you.

You'd forget your head
if it wasn't attached.

Ah. Uh-huh.

That's what my mother
used to say.

- Mm-hmm.
- How's your first day back?

You checking up on me?

Hey, the attack and the surgery
didn't kill me,

so they must've made me

I don't think
that's how it works.

I promise you.

No one's ever gonna get
the drop on me again.

I don't like the sound
of that,

you still need
to take care of you,

especially when I'm not around.
It's not like a painting,

you know, just throw the canvas
away and start over.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.

Here. Your anti-inflammatories.



Whoa! Ooh!

You sneak up on a guy,

My whole life flashed before
my eyes there, Mac.

- I'll bet that was depressing.
- Oh!

You know what, maybe I should
drive to the autopsy, huh?

I still remember how
to drive.

All right.

These look like...

recent surgical scars.

Maybe she bled from there?

It doesn't look like
it opened up,

but I'll need to check
the subcutaneous tissue

- to confirm that.
- Hey Dennis, River.

Detective Mcavoy,
welcome back.

- Uh, what's this?
- You must be Dr. Eli Thompson.

I'm Detective Donovan McAvoy,

Are you homicide
and also a pathologist?


Then why are you
in my autopsy suite?

I need what you have
on our victim.

You're on my turf.

You show me yours.

Victim is Colleen Hough.

Husband reported her missing
last night.

Did you find anything

She bled out,
and there's some bruising.

We've got fresh finger
bruises on the decedent's arms.

But there are older bruises
as well.

Are we talking long-term

All right, could you
let us finish?

Are the bruises consistent
with long term abuse, Doctor?

It's always the husband.

Isn't that what you guys say?

That's why I'm never
getting one.

Now you've upset
my people.


- Told you.
- Yes!

Yes, and tell all the others.


Where are the forms?

I can't wait 'til Jenny
gets back.

Hey, Mom. Isn't your
leave of absence done yet?

Okay, hold on.

Well, I'm gonna stay
until I can harvest

my carrots and squash.

Oh, so you tell time
by harvest now?

That's a little weird,

do you have a piece of straw
hanging out of your mouth

at this very moment?

Hey, you know what, I, uh...

I made compost all by myself.

Do you know how transformative
it is to take waste

and turn it into something
of value?

Thank you, hordes of little,
red, wiggly worms.

You sound happy, Mom.

How are you?

I'm good. It's a little
weird, I'm kind of...

I'm kind of like a third wheel

on an octogenarian honeymoon.

You don't even know
what that word means.

It means if you don't come
soon, I'm gonna move out.

Honey, look, I just...

you know, I need a little bit
more time.

I need to...

I just need to stay here
until I believe

that not everybody I love
is gonna die.

Or leave. You know?

I'm-I'm just-I'm working on it
every day. I am...

Sorry, you just cut out.

- What did you just say?
- Yeah, Honey, can you hear me?

What? You're-I can't...





so you found George.

Uh, name, please?

Ah, Jenny Cooper,

I'm staying at the Fincher's

Oh yeah, I've seen
you around.

Occupation, Mrs. Cooper?

Uh, botanist.

You see anyone else around
when you found him?


You didn't touch the body,
did you?

- No.
- "No." Okay.

Well, we are done for now,
thank you.

Make sure you have the
pathologist aspirate the lungs

before you rule it a drowning.

- Hey, Jenny!
- Yeah?

Liam, you're burning up.

Oh, God.

I love you.


What are you doing?

Come on.

I didn't kill my wife.

Colleen was covered
in bruises.

We had a fight last night.

I grabbed her.
Maybe I bruised her?

But I didn't kill her!

She has old bruises too,

Looks like long-term abuse.

My wife had knee surgery,
you know, two weeks ago.

Her physiotherapist said
she was supposed to walk on it,

but she didn't feel ready.

I told her she just had
to go for it,

and I... made her go for a walk
around the block.

When she came back, she said
someone was following her.

- You didn't go with her?
- No, I did after that.

I never saw anyone.

I thought she was just avoiding
getting on her feet, you know?

I should've believed her.

We've had weird fans,
and peeping toms before.

You and Colleen have fans?

We have a series
of graphic novels.

I write, and she illustrates.

We're mostly successful
because of her drawings.

I mean, pretty convenient,
his wife having a stalker.

Yeah, he didn't report it.

Oh, he didn't believe her.
He says.


But a stalker doesn't explain
week-old bruises

- from "going on walks."
- Look at this.

Colleen also had an illustrated
blog based on her life.

Ah, she's a good artist.

Look, the face looks
just like Marcus.

I wonder if all
the characters are based

on people she knows.

It's possible.

- Wait, look at that.
- Yeah.

When did she start drawing
this character?



Since 11 days ago.

Could that be the stalker?

The tissue is intact.

She didn't bleed out
from her knee scars.

Then I can't find the source
of the exsanguination.

There are no other wounds
that I can see.

Except these tiny holes
in her feet and ankles.

- Cuts? Burns?
- Holes.



What about the bird spikes
on the bridge?

The only other wounds
on this woman

are from tiny bird spikes?

There's one right over
her saphenous vein.

Hmm... blood would clot
before a person bled out

from a hole this small.

Unless she has a clotting

Check for hemophilia,

even scurvy.

Tox screen is back.

She was on blood thinners.

Explains the bruising
of different ages.

And the fact that she lost
enough blood to perish

from a tiny hole
in her saphenous vein.

Fantastic work.

Now we can call
Detective Donovan McAvoy.

He's one of the good ones.

He and Dr. Cooper
make a really good team.

Ah, the mysterious
Dr. Cooper.

Hey, Marcus.

Are those the blood thinners?

She had varicose veins.
She'd hate you knowing that.

She was embarrassed.

Did you know your wife
was drawing this in her blog?

A creepy guy in a fedora hat?

No, but that blog
was Colleen's diary.

She's helping us solve
her death.

Dr. Thompson,
we've got the prescription,

- we'll bring it in.
- Not necessary, Detective,

just read me the precise

It says 10 milligrams
of warfarin, twice a day.

That's a high dosage.

How long has she been on them?

11 days.

Colleen started drawing
the stalker in her blog

about 11 days ago.

Was she hallucinating
the stalkers?

I'm not Google, McAvoy.

Ask her doctor
or the pharmacist.

Marcus, is this pharmacy
open on Sundays?

They're open tomorrow
at 8 A.M..


- No, it's all good.
- All right.

We'll be in touch,
thanks, Marcus.

Ah, this new coroner's really
making me miss Jenny.

Any idea when she's back?

The last time I talked
to her,

she was making it all
sound pretty peaceful.

No, Jenny Cooper's not going
to stop being a coroner, man.

I think she's just scared
to jump back in

after what happened.

Then she ought to take
a page out of your book,

'cause... cannon ball!

You're solid, man.


- Hey.
- Hey.

What's up? You all right?

Yeah, I'm okay, I just, uh...

What is that?

Oh, it's a protective charm.

Do you know anybody else
that has one?

Um... George.

Oh. Shoot.


Tyler, there was a,
there was a body

that was found on your property
this morning.

Did you know about that?

- Okay, whoa.
- Look, we don't know...

What? It's okay.

We knew about the land, I
should've rigged out the land.

- What?
- We-we knew this was coming.

- The-the birds...
- Hey, Tyler.

The birds have been talking
about it for years.

- Tyler? Hey.
- I should've known.

- They're here.
- It's okay.

They're here!

- Hey, hey! Hey, Hayley?
- It's okay.

- Hey.
- Hayley?

- Hayley!
- Hey.

- Tyler.
- Hayley!

- No, it's okay.
- Hayley, get the gun.

- Whoa, hey, Tyler!
- Hayley! Hayley!

What's going on?

- Whoa-whoa-whoa!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!

He doesn't have a gun!
Hey! Tyler, get inside.

Tyler, come out with
your hands up!

- What is going on?
- That is between us and Tyler.

- Hey, where's the gun?
- You don't have a gun, Tyler!

- He doesn't have a gun, Jenny!
- So what, he's lost his mind?!

- Stop! Stop! Hey!
- Where's the gun?

- Go inside, Sweetie.
- Has this happened before?

- Yes.
- Okay,

is this part of the traumatic
brain injury?

- Yeah.
- All right, he is in crisis.

I'm the coroner for Ontario
West, you need a mental health

specialist down here

- We don't have one of those.
- Okay, then just...

will he talk to me?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Okay?
- Fine. Five minutes.

Ah! Ah!

Check to see if they're
livestreaming this,

- giving up our positions, check.
- Hey, Tyler?

- Tyler.
- Check and make sure. Ahhh!

Hey, I can't-I can't hear!
I can't hear. Check! Check!

You said this isn't the first
time that this has happened?

No, uh, when he was still
fighting pro,

he got an illegal kick
to the head.

It's why we moved out here,
we got away from the city.

The stress triggers mania,
and post-traumatic delusions.

I-I can't! I-I can't.

The webcam scans my retinas.
I can't.

It's just your traumatic
brain injury talking, Babe.

I don't know how to help him.

It's okay, you're doing
everything right, okay?

Just stay patient, and loving.

Hey, can I?


Hey, hi.

- Hi.
- It was my job.

It was my job
to keep George safe

from the wrestling team.

What are you talking about?

Which wrestling team?

Tyler? Hey.
You remember this morning,

you were talking about
seeing George, right?

When was the last time
you saw him?

They're gonna throw me
in the death camps.

No, Sweetie.

They've got them all over the
country, all over the country.

Okay, Tyler.

He-he can't talk
to the police like this,

he sounds crazy.

I'm not leaving him alone
with them, he is in crisis!

He is a Black man in crisis.

Do you understand?


Yeah, Hayley, I understand.

Okay. We're just gonna do
this together.

Okay? We're gonna do this

All right, all right.

I'll talk to them.

So, coroner for Ontario West,
why didn't you say

- something sooner?
- Because I'm on vacation.

Anyone can make an ID
like that look real.


- What did you do to my son?!
- Mike, he didn't do anything!

Hey, Mike, go home,
I will deal with you later.

Feet in, Tyler, let's go.

- Are you arresting him?
- Look...

Arresting him?
He was George's friend!

You hired Tyler to hang out
with George.

We hired him to teach
him to fight!

He didn't want to fight.

You never understood your kid,
and Tyler did!

- Tyler's a freak!
- Hey! Hey.

- He killed my son!
- Hey, Hayley, Hayley.

- Hayley, please.
- Tyler, I am right behind you!

You are being watched.

If anything happens to him
in custody,

I will have your badge.

Get him out of here.

Mary, Mike,
I will come to you.


Come on.

Well, this doesn't look

attempting to conceal the body
on his property.

It wasn't even hidden.

Oh yeah, so he's no Easter
Bunny. But in my experience,

that's not how a person acts
when they are innocent.

He was absolutely calm
this morning when I saw him.

What was the time of death?

I don't have that

- Cause of death?
- Nope.

What information do you have?

Enjoy your vacation.

I want to see the body.

Someone carved the word
"evolve" into his leg,

but the "I" looks like
an old scar.

At least a year old.

Tyler says he was supposed
to protect George

from some wrestlers?

Yeah, George's dad had him
join the school wrestling team.

Maybe his teammates
roughed him up.

And by "roughed him up"
you mean, carved the letter "I"

- in his leg?
- Boys will be boys.

Mutilating someone
permanently falls under

"boys will be boys"
in this town?

Maybe they finished the job?

I know these kids,
they're not killers.

Well, don't let me get in the
way of your confirmation bias,

but maybe...

Oh, eat another liberal
Popsicle, Dr. Cooper.

We don't do that.

Dr. Harrison, I don't believe
that he drowned.

I think he was moved.

Usually when you find a body
on its back in the water,

it's because he was put there

Not much in the way
of lividity.

Well, whoever cut his leg
nicked his femoral artery.

He bled out.

It would've been a...
a painful death.

We need evidence that leads
to the original crime scene.

Well, carpet fibers,
car upholstery, soil...

All that would've washed off
in the slough.

Well, have you looked
in his nose or his mouth yet?

Because that can tell us where
he took his last breath.

What is that,

It's pollen.

I have a palynology
colleague at Trent

that can get on it right away.

Okay, George.

No, he didn't drown.

Body moved.

The pollen...

is pending.


Is for "loser."

And wrestling team.

I need a body chart.


- Liam!
- Yes?

Yeah. Hey.

- Hey.
- I'm not going anywhere.

No, just-just breathe.

Okay. Yes. Breathe.

Any pain?

- No.
- But you can feel it?

Yeah, I can feel it.

Well, the hole in your spine
is gone.

It healed beautifully.

- And my cancer?
- In remission.

So that's it?

Well, we'll check on you
every year, but, yeah.

That's it.

Is there anything I should...
take? Uh, do?

Well, you know, don't smoke.

Wash fruit.

So-so you're giving me
a clean bill of health?

I mean, we don't actually
give those out, but that...

But my spine, it...

You're saying it's as good as

We don't often see this kind
of recovery, Donovan.

You're an exception.

So get your clothes on,
and get outta here.

You've officially escaped

Thanks, Doc.

Hey, I'm Detective Abed,

this is Detective McAvoy.

We have questions about a
prescription you filled out

for warfarin for Colleen Hough?

This is Colleen's
prescription, yes.

And that's your name
on the label?

Appears so, yes,
I'm Ben Hammond.

We'd like to see
the original prescription.

Uh... doctor's prescription
is for 2.5 milligrams.

One pill twice daily.

Colleen's bottle
says 10 milligrams.


Must be a mistake.

You gave Colleen four times
the blood thinners

she was prescribed.

Is that your hat?

And overcoat?

Have you been following

You're the one she's been
drawing, you knew.

I-I just needed
the prescription back.

So call her!

I couldn't risk a record
of the call.

If she-she sued,
I'd have been ruined.

This wasn't your first

- You killed my wife!
- Whoa, hey!

- Put the gun down!
- Stay where you are!

Put the gun down!

No, no, I just saw her
outside walking, and I...

You killed her!
You killed my wife!

Drop the weapon, Marcus!

She's dead?

Marcus, lower the weapon!

Mac, Mac! I got a shot.

Nobody's getting shot here
today, all right?

Marcus. Marcus!

You're going to get justice.


I want my wife back.

He's pointing a gun at me!
Help me!

Marcus, look at me,
don't listen to him.

Why did you kill her?

I didn't!
I tried to help her!

But she-she was so angry,

so-so I grabbed her
just to explain,

but she struggled away,

she-it was out of control!

You let my wife bleed
onto the street

- until she was dead!
- No, no, please!

Pharmacy is closed!

Get out!
Malik! Stay put.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Point the gun at me, Marcus.

- Mac?
- Stay where you are.

I'll shoot you!

I'd do it.

Come on,
what are you doing?


Pull the trigger.

Pull it!


You think you can kill me?

Nobody gets the jump on me,
I'm the superhero.

I survived cancer,
a hole in my spine,

getting attacked by a murderer,
for this?

You think you can
take me down, huh?

Go ahead!
There's a reason I'm back.

Can you say the same thing?

That's it.

- You all right, man?
- Yeah.

They won't release

Hey, what's the deal
with uh,

George's parents and Tyler?

When we bought the store
a year ago,

they found out that Tyler
was a pro MMA fighter,

and they wanted him
to train George.

But George had zero interest
in fighting.

Unless it was with
a half-orc druid,

in a really good
"Dragon and Lair's" roll.

Tyler got George into gaming.

Well, it was more than just

Tyler's a part of this online
survivor group,

he thought it would be a good
way for George to deal

with the kids
who were bullying him.

Oh yeah, those are the kids
that carved the "I"

into his leg.

"L" for "loser."


Poor George had to look
at that scar every day.

Those kids come in here
sometimes, and I just...

I want to toss them out.

Did those kids ever
buy one of these?

No, not that I can remember.

Hi, you got it? All right.


You know I had that situation,

Yeah, first week back,
and you point a guy's gun

to your own head
and start screaming

about being a superhero,

you had that, Mac?

I was speaking his language.

And nobody got hurt,
it was good.

You good?

I'm-I'm good.
Yeah, don't I look good?

Daisies, coneflowers,
and peonies.

Hi, I'm uh, I'm Jenny Cooper.

The coroner.

Yeah, I was wondering
if I could uh...

talk to you about George?

Hello. Mike,
why don't you sit out here?

- I'll get us some tea.
- Thank you.

Uh, you want a medical
history, or...?

Oh, um,

I was actually interested
in finding out

some information about the boys
who assaulted your son.

I'm hoping you could give me
some names.

Well, his body wasn't
on their property.

Yeah, I understand,
I'm just, I'm looking...

I hired Tyler...

to teach George to be a man,

to-to fit in with his friends.

But after he started hanging
around that weirdo,

he started talking in some
video game language,

spending hours at that store.

Addicted to role playing games.

Here we go.

Would you like coffee
or tea, Dr. Cooper?

- Um...
- City people!

Corrupting my son's brain

with their violent games!

Those are beautiful flowers.

Peonies, daisies,
all from my garden.

Excuse me.

Uh, wait!
Where are you going?

No, she know...
Knows about where...

What are you doing?!

There was pollen
in your son's nose.


What are you doing?

- This is where George died.
- Mary!

We should've helped our son.

- Well, I thought I was!
- No!

He never wanted to be
a fighter!

You made him.

He was so sweet.

He did it to himself.

George carved "evolve"
into his own leg,

- and then let himself bleed out?
- He left a note.

He left this.

"See you on the next level?!"

You moved his body
to Tyler's land.

Tyler got him addicted
to video games!

So you framed him for murder?

I made it clear
what Tyler did.

So everyone could see it!
Not just us!

Hey, it's Liam.

Uh, I'm not here right now.
J'suis pas ici.

Donc laisser un message.

I miss you.

I'm living in a van.

I don't know if you know that...

already, but, you know.

You would love it.

It's right up your alley.

I mean, I don't know
what you've done to me,

I haven't gone on a vacation
in 12 years,

and I end up in a...

van in a field in the middle
of nowhere.

I really came here
to avoid death, but...

you know, in retrospect,

it wasn't the most amazing

because wherever you go,

there you are, right?

But I just drove until
I stopped.

And we maybe...

maybe it's some place
that we drove through,

or maybe it just reminds me
of you.

For how much time
we had together,

I feel like I have so little
of you.

I mean, this is the only place
that I can hear your voice.

Because... because I can't hear
it in my head anymore,

and that...

and that scares me, because...

because I don't wanna lose you.

God, I'm so...

Ah, I'm so sick
of losing people.

If you can see me, just...

you know, use a little


you know, only look at me
when I'm cute, okay?

Like, don't come and...

look at me while
I'm in the shower, or...

I'm totally kidding,
you can...

you can absolutely look at me
in the shower.

I love you.

If you're satisfied
with your message, press one.

- Can you believe him?
- Mmm!

What are you doing?!

Dr. Thompson bought those.


So? So, we're Team Jenny.

After the day
we've had,

I say we split the box!

They do look delicious.

So you want to eat these
at my place tonight, or yours?

River, do you want
to move in together?


We picked up the members
of the wrestling team

that were involved
in the incident with George.


And we charged them
with assault.

For what good it does,
I mean, they are minors.

Sorry about that, Tyler.

You'll keep your nose clean,
now, won't you?

He has always kept
his nose clean.


We're so grateful to you.

Of course.

Ross, when you were little!

- What did I say?
- Never mind.

Oh, that's your Dad.

You Dad was so handsome.

And I missed this cute boy.

Oh, somebody's here.

Hey, it's-it's Mom!
She's home.


Hi, guys.

Hiya, Smiler.

- You're home!
- Hi.

And look, you're gardening,

- Oh, I could help you put these...
- Oh, no, no.


- No Da... it's fine.
- Right.

It's okay. Okay?

It's fine.

Okay, it's...

yeah, that's...