Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Monster in the House - full transcript

Those restless nights,

they happen to include sleepwalking?

- Mom, wake up!
- Jenny!

If I don't fix this,
someone might get hurt.

Yeah, it's-it's Jenny's.
She's been sleepwalking.

I got this terrible feeling

I'm never gonna see you again.

Gordon, I made your lunch.

Looks like lawn clippings.


We were never gonna
find him alive, Jenny.

I was having contractions

and I realized I didn't have any

blankets in the house,
not a single one.

I have a missing firearm.

I need eyes on building
security footage ASAP.

It's pretty clear you put
the gun in your desk drawer.

Where we at today, Jenny?

It's just something...

feels off.

Stay with it.

Stay with it.

That's it.

Go there.

It's Kelly.

What about Kelly?

I started sleepwalking
when I met her.


At the sleep study,
you dreamt you were digging.

Uh, yeah, I'm uh, I'm digging
in all my dreams now.

Let's explore that.

It's my sister.

It's Katie.

What happens if you keep digging?

Kelly's baby.

Alison Trent.

Hey, Alison, can you uh...

Can you pull up an autopsy
report for Robbie Hart,

from the Whitfield Co-op
fire for me please?

Robbie Hart.


Yeah. Oh!

Funny, you're not the only one asking.

Kelly Hart's insurance company called.

There was an issue with the claim.

It looks like her DNA saliva
sample didn't match her son's.

Um, there's a problem with...

uh... contamination during collection.

I did the collection.

What if the DNA doesn't match

Robbie's not Kelly's son?

Could you imagine...

the kind of person who would
do something like that?

Numbers are in French.

- Sheesh! Sorry. Let's try...
Oh shit. Sorry.


You're too much. You'll do
anything to get out of this.

Okay. So let's see if we lay...


- Hey!
- Hey! How ya doin'?

- Good.
- Would you like a cup of tea?

- Yeah, I would love one.
- I was just gonna make one.

Be lovely, sir. Thank you.

- Be my pleasure.

Hey, I was um...
I was thinking about the uh...

the story... that you told me
when we first met,

after the fire.

- What story?
- How when...

you were having contractions,

with Robbie

that you suddenly realized
that you didn't have a...

a blanket for him.


That's right.

With everything that was going on...

completely skipped my mind to get one.

Kelly, uh...

The DNA test results came back
and um...

you're not Robbie's biological mother.

Can you just...
can you sit with me?

Please? It's not what you think.

I really don't know
what I think.

The story I told you
about the blanket is true.

I just wasn't the one having
the contractions.

Please sit...

and let me explain.

Before I came to Toronto,

I was living in Cambridge

in a boarded-up rooming house,

addicted to oxy,

sharing a dirty mattress
with a woman named Holly

and her newborn son, Robbie.

One morning, Holly wouldn't wake up.

I didn't know what to do.
I tried to revive her,

but she was already cold.

I looked at that beautiful
little baby boy

lying next to her

and I knew...

that I had to turn my life around.

For him.

So you took her baby?

Jenny, I made the best of
a horrible situation, okay?

I-I cleaned myself up,
I moved to Toronto,

I found work, I met Ed.

Robbie was thriving until...


You wanna know my biggest secret?

Is that what you want?


My big secret...

is that becoming his mother saved me.

He saved me.

And now I have to live with the guilt

that if I hadn't taken Robbie with me,

he would still be alive.

I bought that blanket for Robbie

when Holly was having contractions,

and I didn't tell you
all of the details

at the time because...

How could I?

Jenny, I was holding Robbie's dead body

in my arms

when I told you that story.

I think I'm just gonna make
Gordon's lunch

and then I'm gonna get outta here.

I just need a minute to myself.

Where're you going?
I got your tea here.

She's in tears.

What did you do to Kelly?

Nothing, Dad.

- Hi.


You know, I had this whole
speech planned and...

Now that I hear your voice...

I shouldn't have kissed you
last night.

No, I'm glad you did.

Uh, I don't know if you know
this about me, but...

I look damn good in a tuxedo.

A little formal
for a Friday morning.

My sister's getting married
in a few days.

If I'm not careful,

I'm gonna steal the whole show
with this look.

Describe it to me.

Okay, um...

imagine a...

white cotton dress shirt...

crisp to the touch,

but the fabric's dimpled.

Small raised diamonds that...

Brush against your fingers

when you run your hand over it.

And the jacket's... dapper.

Matte black.

The fabric looks smooth and...

Cool on your wrist as you take my hand.

Go to the wedding with me, Noor.

Don't say no. Just...

Consider it.

I'll think about it.


Wanna take a walk?

I mean, I'd love to,
I just...

I'm doing my exam by correspondence

to make my year, so...

- Gotta ace this.
- All right.

What's going on though?
You okay?

Yeah. I mean, it's nice,

you know, just spending
time with someone

who actually can stand to be
in the same room with me.

Is somebody mean-girling you,

- Uh...

My grass clippings.

You gotta get right to it
or they congeal.

- No, you'll do okay.

I'll check with you later.

You know this is my day off, right?

Goodnight, Gordon.

Hey, Donovan, I uh...
I need you to do me a favour.

I need you to verify a death for me.

There was an addict named Holly

who lived in a, a rooming house
in Cambridge.

Uh, she OD'd last year.

- You got a last name?
- No.


Mind me asking why?

Kelly's DNA test came back

It doesn't match her...

It doesn't match Robbie.

It doesn't match the baby who died.

And she said that Robbie
belonged to, to this woman,


Never a dull moment.

All right, I'll call you
when I find something.

- Oh, there you are.
- Yeah.

Hey, we need,
we need to talk.

- No, Dad, I gotta go to work.
- Jenny, Jenny...

- Dad!
- Just talk to me, okay?

No, Dad, I, honestly,
I can't!

Living under the same roof
now, Smiler,

so if you got a problem with me,

- say so.
- Dad, the...

The problem... Mm.

The problem is,

that this is an impossible situation,

- so I just, I can't...
- Why? Who says you can't?!

Who says you can't? Just, if you,

if you're mad at me, just be mad!

Just be honest!

Dad, just let it go!
Let it go, Dad!

I walk in the room
and you leave!

I try and talk to you,

and you shut me down every time!

You're behaving like
a spoiled little brat

and I did not raise you that way!

I raised you better than that!


You lied to me my entire life!

- Yeah, I tried to protect you
- What - to protect me?

No! I know you did it to protect me,

but at some point, Dad,

you did it to protect yourself!

Okay. Okay, well,
so how does that feel now,

to just kinda let it out?

It feels like shit to yell
at you!

I-I-I have to deal with this
for the rest of my life

- and you don't!
- That is totally not fair!

You lied to me and now you're
gonna forget about it!

You don't have to deal with
this! You just get to forget!

I'm still here, goddammit!

Can you see me?!

I'm still alive!

What'd I do?

I gotta cool down for a second here.


Dad? Dad!

Dad! Ross! Ross, call 911!
He's having a seizure.

- It's okay.

Dr. Diaz.
Cardiology, please.

Dr. Diaz. Cardiology.


I got you some chips.

Uh, fatigue is a side effect
of grand mal seizures,

so it's not abnormal that
he hasn't woken up yet, okay?

So he's just fine
one minute

and then the next he's having
a seizure?

We'll know more when
the results come back, okay?

I heard you two shouting.

Why can't you ever look Grandpa
in the eye anymore?

- Ross...
- He's old and he's sick.

Whatever it is, I don't get
why you can't just let it go.

I'm trying.

Try harder.

I'm Dr. Green. You must be
Gordon's daughter?

Hi. Yeah, I'm...
I'm Jenny Cooper.

This is my son, Ross.

Be right back.

Uh, I was an ER doctor
and now I'm the coroner,

so you can be brutally honest.

I don't normally do this,

but I know you're gonna sneak
a peek as soon as I leave.

Thank you. Saves me from
having to hassle the nurses.

Well, you can see
his vitals are stable,

but we'll have to wait until
he wakes up

to see if there are any neuro deficits

either from the seizure
or the head injury.

Do you know what caused
the seizure?

I, uh, I don't see his lab
results here.

Tox screen's not done yet,
but one possible cause?

An overdose of medication.

It happens sometimes with
patients with dementia.

They lose track of their meds,
double dose, triple dose.

Jenny, is Gordon in charge
of his own medication?

Glory Hole?

Oh my...!

Hey, Mac.


Yes, please!

Thanks. Hey, uh...

Who are you taking to your
sister's wedding, by the way?


Find our OD yet?

Lots of ODs in Cambridge
match the timeline.

Oh gosh. Lots of options.

Okay, let me refine
the data that has...

OD CoDs,

and DoBs later than '83.

Plus variations of Holly -

Hollis, Holland,

Holly with an I-E,
or two E's at the end.

Holly Groves.

Patrol officers found
her body in a flophouse

while doing a wellness check.

Since when do cops do
wellness checks on junkies?

- Loverboy.
- Hmm?

Find me her next of kin.

Is that my new nickname?

Don't ruin it.

- He's right in there.
- Thank you.

We have to stay positive, okay?

Grandpa's stable, it's good.

Yeah, I've just never really
seen him this sick, you know?

My sweet boy.

- What happened? Is he okay?
- Hey.

Hey.[? i>
- Hi, Ross.

- How are you, sweetie?
- No. Um.

I'm sorry, what're you...

- What're you doing here?
- Ross called me.

Yeah. She's pretty much
Grandpa's nurse, Mom.

- Okay, no, this is...
- She has a right to know.

This is a family thing.
Can you step outside?

- She's family, Mom.
- No, Ross, she isn't.

- Jenny, okay, I'm-
- Just step outside, please,

- for a second.
- Okay. Just rela...

Ross, we'll be back in a second, okay?

Okay, just take a breath, Jenny.

I am here to help you, okay?
I didn't do anything wrong.

Are you sure about that?

- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means... just, Kelly, I...

- What's that supposed to mean!
- Kelly, I jus...

Really, I just need you
to leave right now.

- I didn't do anything!
- Kelly, just go!

- Jenny?
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Sorry, I just need...

- What's going on?
- I just need a minute.


Take a breath.


That's it...

When I get home late from a job

and I wanna work on our renovation,

what do you always tell me?

Don't smash things
when you're tired.

Right, right.

It's been a horrible day.

You haven't slept,
your father's very sick.

Please, don't smash anything, okay?

She did it.

She gave him too much
medication. She...

Like I just...

Jenny, come on.

Haven't you ever lost track
of your own medication?

It could have been an accident, right?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Oof... look, I don't know...

I don't know how long we're
gonna be here, so you can...

You should go. You should go see Mal.

No, no. M-M-Mal's
gonna be all right.

No. We'll be here all night.

It's the highlight of his week. Go.

No, he, he...

What's going on?

Look, um...

I know timing might be
a little bit off, but uh...

There's something I've been
wanting to tell you and I...

I haven't seen Mal.

Not, not since the accident.

Where've you been going?

I've been...

Going to the bar.


You should go see Mal.

You should go. Maybe it'll help.



You gonna be okay?




What the...

- Could I uh...
- Jenny?

This is um...

This is a, a locked ward, right?

It is.

How did the woman that was
in my Dad's room get in?

She said she was Gordon's

Is she not your sister?

Come on...

Come on.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday.

They're all here.


- Hey.

At least when you finally show up,

you bring whisky.


It's really good to see you, brother.


Nice to see you.

Uh, Dr. Winter,

can we borrow your expertise?

Can we do this when my hands
aren't covered in brains?

Yup, I can see that uh...
you're busy.

He's busy.

Uh, this file's important
to Jenny.

It's the autopsy report for
a woman named Holly Groves.

It says, uh, cause of death:
Opioid overdose.

If the lab results agree,
then that's what killed her.

Can you tell me if she gave
birth before she died?

I would have to see
the X-Ray of her pelvis.

I knew you'd say that.

The pubic symphysis is

Sounds uncomfortable.

When the pelvic bones loosen
during pregnancy,

the pubic symphysis can
temporarily separate.

And if she wasn't taking proper
care of herself

after childbirth,

the separation could be permanent.

I should probably call
my doctor,

uh, to make sure...

I'm all together down there.

Uh, so, Holly Groves did give
birth before she died?

It's a definite possibility.

Well, Kelly Hart may be
telling the truth after all.

That is my roommate.

Anytime he snores,
it sounds like an airstrike.

It's like I'm back in
Afghanistan again.

Aw, come on, it can't be
that bad.

I also see his balls
twice a day.

- There's that.


it's nice to get a laugh in
with someone.

It's hard to get out of
your head in here.

Are you talking to anyone?

Talking to you.

Lighten up, brother.

This whole thing's hilarious

if you sit down and think about it.

I mean, you'd think a soldier'd
shoot himself properly, right?

Should've had you to do it,
man, since you never miss.

How long before you're well
enough to walk?

- Oh, this thing, man?
- Yeah.

Ah, it's just a prop.

I like the attention I get
when I'm in it, man.

Like I'm a bona fide war hero
or something.

Are you kidding me?

Since when do you need sympathy
or special treatment?

I don't need anything, man,

'cause I'm a soldier!

'Cause I'm strong, right?!

'Cause I'm proud, right?!

All right. Stand up.

Hey, maybe if I get lucky,
I get a sponge bath later, man.

- Right?
- Get up!

- Come on, come on, get up!
- Woo-hoo-hoo!

Whoa! Jenny know how much rage
you're holding in, champ?

All right, listen, man.
I'm not gonna quit on you,

but you have to help yourself, 'kay?

Liam, I am unfit to be
a soldier

and unfit to be a civilian.

You got a solution for being stuck

between those two rocks, huh?

Yeah, you have options.

I have drugs that don't work.

I have panic attacks that last for days

whenever I go out in public.
I have PTSD,

I have dissociative disorder,
and I have a therapist

- who can't help me.
- You have me!

Oh, you show up after weeks
of being AWOL

and you're supposed to be
the lifeboat I get in?

What a joke!

Come on, man, this whole
thing's bullshit!

All you did was shack up
with a freshly widowed MILF

who's so messed up she can't
even see how broken you are.


- You gonna hit me?

Ungh! Come on!
Hit me, big man!

- STAND UP! Stand up!

- Liam, man!

Okay. Okay!

I'll see you at MMA, asshole!

I just wanna be with you.

That's it. That's the whole thing.

- I gotta go, baby.
What's going on?

Call, call me tomorrow.


I'm married.

Oh. Uh...

Don't go off like this.

I'm-I'm not, I'm not trying
to be dramatic here, I just...

Honestly, don't know what to do.

I met Yusef when we were
studying in Cairo.

I went to finish my social work degree,

and he'd come from Eritrea
to study journalism.

We were organizing a campus protest.

I don't even know what
we were protesting.

But the fire and passion he had...

Still has...

Where is he now?

A refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Our government isn't in a hurry
to bring over a Muslim man

with "anti-government sympathies",

even if his wife is Canadian.

What happened between us...

It can't happen again.

I have to go.


- Donovan.

I don't regret it.


It's gotta be one of these.

Hey, Ross, is Grandpa okay?

So his um...

his toxicology screen came back.

What was it? Was it um...

Was it camphor?
Was it, was it turpentine?

- Mom!
- What?

It was your pills, Mom.

Do you think that you
could've done this?

I mean...


You know, like with,
with your sleepwalking...

By accident? I mean, I jus...





Mrs. Groves?
- Yes?

- I...
- Oh, whatever you're selling...


We nearly
bankrupted ourselves

trying to get Holly clean.

We tried all the best
rehabilitation centres.

Throwing good money
after bad.

Emery, stop it.

And then we, hired that woman
to watch her and then...

Whoa, did we ever get
taken for a ride there.

Stop it!

Well, we really thought that we
found the answer to our prayers

when we hired a sober
companion for Holly,

and... then she ran away.

And a month later uh...

Police found her and...

They found her body.

It didn't even look
like her in the end.

We had to have a closed casket.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Did Holly have any kids?

Absolutely not!

Our daughter was a mess,
but she had a big heart.

She would've never,

brought a child into the life

that she was living. Never.

The pathologist report showed

that she had a separation
of the pubic bone,

which usually means...

She fell off a horse.

That's what started this whole thing.

Holly was an equestrian.

One of the best in the province.

But she had a bad fall when she was 18.

Lots of surgeries and...

It was those painkillers
they gave her.

She never had a problem
with drugs before that.

What was the name of Holly's
sober companion?

Kelly Barken.

Kelly? Can you...
Her name was Kelly?

Yes, that's right.

Do you have a photo of Kelly?

Well, all of Holly's things
are boxed up in the basement.

So I can take a look and then...
get back to you.

I'd appreciate that.

She's never gonna
forgive herself.

Even if it was an accident,
she's just...

She just won't.

But you know, right?

It doesn't matter if she gets
pissed or angry at you,

she would never hurt you.

But I hurt her.

Yup, just had to finish my year.

Just had to follow the plan,
just had to,

just had to finish high school.

Maybe, you know, if I just
would've done that,

then none of this would've happened.

Grandpa, you don't think...

You don't think that this was
my fault, right?

Oh my...


- Here.
- Ahh...


In this family...

We bend...

But don't break.

- Here you are!

- I've been calling you...
- Shhh...

Are we having
quiet time?

Because I thought we were working.

I think Kelly tried
to poison my dad

and River is...

Trying to help me prove it.

- Oh my God, Jenny!
- Yeah.

Is that why Donovan
just got to your office?

No. No, that's...
that's separate.

This is um...

Ugh, this is personal.

I'm just trying to make sure
that I'm not going insane.

Can I get a little quiet,

This is the first time I'm testing

a sweatshirt for drugs.


It's a positive test.

The smoothie does contain SSRIs.

Are you gonna tell Donovan?


No, this'll never hold up in court.

- Hey.
- Hey.

What did you find out?

Kelly wasn't Holly's
junkie friend.

She was her sober companion.

Holly was never even pregnant.

- What? You're sure?
- Yeah.

Kelly went by a different
last name back then,

but I'm pretty sure it was her.

Holly's parents are sending me a photo.

I asked them to send it to you as well.

I mean, this whole time
she was lying to me.

How did I not see what she was?

Yeah, we don't know what
she is.


Kelly was pregnant.

Then whose baby was buried
in the community garden?

And where's Kelly's baby?

Good? All right,
I'm gonna go hands-free here.

We're going autopilot.

- Solo. Watch this.
- Yeah. Okay.

Look at that. That's pretty good.

A little dizz... You okay?

- All right, all right.
- A little weird at the end.

Yeah, yeah, that's all right.
You did it.

- You're okay.

Thank you, so... thank you so much.

- Of course. Here.

- Hey!
- Hi!

- Hey...
- He's up!

You didn't happen to see us,

go around the nurse's station, did you?

I just saw you walk in, yeah.

- He's okay? You're okay?
- It's gonna be okay.

Got a little dizzy, that's it.

Yeah, let's get you back into
bed, Dad.

- Supposed to get a shower.
- There.

- There.

Hey, will you um...

Will you just give us a minute?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Do you want some water?
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Want some water?

I'm good, thanks.

- Shove over.
- Is everything okay?


That's good.

I'm really glad
that you're okay, Dad.

Look, I have so many things
that I have to apologize

- to you for.
- No, Dad. I'm...

I'm so sorry that I yelled
at you like that.

No, no.

I should've told you about Katie.

I should've done that.

'Cause you deserved the chance
to be able to deal with it.

But I took that away.

Now... back then,

I don't think I uh...

I knew a whole hell of a lot.

Your mother felt that she had
to go away to grieve,

and never came back,

so I was on my own.

No, Dad, you weren't.

I was right there.

Yes, you were.

Yes, you were.

I wasn't on my own...

Because you were there.

Oh, Summer Sun,

just tell me now that I haven't
ruined everything...

For us.

No, Dad, no.

We're in this together now.

- Okay?
- When you're right, you're right.

So I'm gonna try to
communicate better with you.

And, and I will let you know...

When I get triggered or...

- Me too.

Can you just do me
a quick favour?

- Yeah.
- I'm worried about Katie.

She went down to let the dog out

but it's gotta be like,
hours ago now and...

Is that Arski?

No. Would you just go and check?

Yeah. Yeah, Dad.

Sure, I'll go check on Katie.

Thank you.

I'll go check on Katie, okay?

I appreciate it.

- Love you.
- Love you.

Hey! I came as soon
as I could.

Please tell me he's okay.

We bend but we don't break.

- Hey.
- Hey, Jenny.

- I've got eyes on Kelly.
Are you sure it's her?

I put out a BOLO
and a uniform spotted her

at the gas station on the corner.

So, what,
what're you waiting for?

- Well, she's with someone.
- So?

We need to be cautious.

We'll wait until she's alone.

Can't even ID the other person.
They're parked in the dark.

Okay, w-what can you see?

It looks like they're arguing.

Hey, what do you want me to do,

Donovan, what is going on?

- Mac, we might lose her, man!
- Wait!

Donovan, you need
to arrest her right now, okay?

She tried to kill my father.

You need to pick her up right now!

- I'll call you back.
- Donovan...