Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Flipside - full transcript

Jenny assists Donovan on a case that brings them in to the world of true crime podcasts; they must figure out how to solve a murder with no body.

Drink this.

I like your family.

They seem to really
like you too.

If you ever wanna talk
or hangout or...


- Don't let your bucket fill up,

- Does the name Dyanne Tucci
ring a bell?

I'm a social worker.

It's quietly known
that I help women

get away if they need to.

Hi, my name is Dyanne Tucci.

My husband, Shane, threatened
to kill me if I left him.


Those restless nights

do they happen to include

I will fix this.
I promise.

- Dyanne Tucci
was a devoted nurse.

She worked long and hard hours.

When she was not
at the hospital

she loved to escape
to the rocks,

as she used to say.

She loved nature.

Live from Devil's Path,


I made it!

It is so beautiful!

I made it! Woooo!

Whatever trail or climb
she was taking on,

she would post videos
for her friends.

By the time I met Dyanne,
she was an island.

She cancelled plans,
claiming she was sick.

If people called to check in,

she wouldn't answer the phone.

- Emma, not her real name,
is our guest.

She's the one that Dyanne
went to for help.

Emma helps other women

escape abusive situations.

Quite the dangerous trade.

- I think of it more
as a calling.

When would you say
everything changed?

- Early spring, 2017.

Dyanne married Shane Tucci.

And eventually,
Dyanne Tucci would vanish

without a trace.

- The police said there
was not enough evidence

of a crime committed.

But deep down,

I knew she was dead.

You're awake!

Don't get out of bed just yet,
Dr. Cooper.

You can lie back down.

You have a few exercises to do,
same as last night.

Okay. So only moving your eyes,
look up...

and now to your feet...

now left...


Point your toes down...

and up.

Take a deep breath...

and hold.

Okay. Keep holding.

and exhale.

Excellent, all done.

Come in.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You don't have to say it.
I know

I know I look like a lab rat.

- Nah, you look fine.

Like a, Jenny marionette.

You doing good otherwise?

- Yeah, Dr. Sharma,
my psychiatrist,

says that this will help me.

- Good.

- Donovan I--
- Hey...

if you happened to have
a little down time today,

take a look at a file for me.

A friend of mine is helping
out one of those,

true crime podcasts?

And they think they might
have something new.

- Where's the body?

- That's the thing...

there isn't one.

- Okay. How do you--

- Then just have a look at it
for me with those Jenny eyes.

If anything jumps out at you,
call me.

- I will. Yeah.

- Alright.
- Hey...

thank you.
- Alright.


There's a clear history
of abuse.

Are you
gonna help me find

this missing puzzle piece
or what?

- Dad, you do realize
that I have not been home

for the past two days, right?
- Yeah.

So what am I supposed
to do now?

I put all this work
into this stupid thing,

and now I walk away
and leave a big divot

right in the middle of it?

- How you looked under the rug?
In your pockets?

Is it-is it in the vacuum?

- Am I totally inept to you?

(Theme music form "Fernandes"

- What are you watching?

- It's that "Fernandes",

that show about the coroner
I keep telling you about.

It's given me
a whole new perspective

on what you do for a living.
- Did you call her?

- Who?
- I told you not to call her!

Jenny, I told him not
to bother you.

- Yeah. It's okay.

- How are you?
Do you need anything?

I can pop something over

after I give your dad
his meds and lunch.

- No, I'm... I'm good.

- Okay. Well,
we should get going then.

- Yeah, 'cause we're gonna go
and paint the town red.

- You wish.
- Yeah.

- Jenny, listen, okay?
There is nothing wrong with you

that a good night of sleep
won't fix.

And don't let anyone
tell you otherwise.

- Yeah, thanks, Kelly. I--

We really appreciate

from law enforcement...

especially those still
active on the force.

- Well, to be honest,
I almost didn't show up

after I saw what you named
your podcast -

"Slaughter into Wine?"

- Would you like a t-shirt?

- No. I'm good. Thanks.

You made it?

- You said these two had
something I'd wanna see?

- Glad you came.

Since we posted part one
of the Dyanne Tucci story,

we've received tons
of support and messages.

But... this email in particular
caught our attention.

This was sent by
an anonymous source.

Claiming that they were
with Shane Tucci

the night that Dyanne

- Shane was at the track
drinking with friends.

Witnesses saw him, his credit
card statements back it up.

We know all this.

The email says
Shane's alibi is bogus.

- Okay. Not to rain on your

but we get a hundred of these
"tips" every case.

Yes, so do we.
But this one stood out...

Fiery Ruckus.
Dance Me Gently.

Scarlett Moonbeam.

- All racehorses that ran
the night Dyanne disappeared.

- What if Shane wasn't
at the track all night?

What if he left long enough
to kill Dyanne,

and the person who sent this
email saw him leave?

The problem is we have
no way of reaching

whomever sent the email.

- I do.

- Hi Jenny.
- Hey.

- What's all this?

- Donovan just um...

he asked me to do him
a- a favour?

- Okay... it couldn't wait
two days?

- I mean, it was for a case,

so what was I supposed to do
say, say no?

- Jenny, why are we here?

- Um...

- And no, I'm sleepwalking,
is not the answer.

- Because, if I don't fix

someone might get hurt.

- Okay.

I'll make sure this
is waiting for you

in the control room once
you're done here today.

So. How are the new SSRIs?

- Yeah, they're good.
They're fine.

- Well, I was reviewing
the data from last night

with the technician,

and I was somewhat surprised
to see

that you've been having more
REM sleep here

then I understand
you were at home.

- I mean, isn't that
a good thing?

- It's a bit abnormal.

For most people
it's the opposite.

- Are you saying...

that my stress is coming
from home?

- Let's see what today yields
before we draw any conclusions.

Get through the multiple sleep
latency test.

Which is really a fancy way
to say--

- A nap. Yeah.

- I'm proud of you, Jenny.

Stay with this.

- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I'm coming. I'm coming.

- Ha ha! Salut!
- Hey!

- Tiens toi!

The chicken farm is only
five kilometers away,

so we thought,
why not surprise our son.

- You still came all this
way just for chickens though?

- A chicken.
- No. Heirloom chickens.

- Maybe, maybe you two could go
with René to pick them up?

- Y-yes please!
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- 100%. Yeah.

- I know I don't look farmsy,

but I feel like I had horses
in another life.

- Dad, you really bring this?

- Ta da!

Last time I've seen this,

I must've been like ten years

- We know your Jenny
has a son,

and we thought it'd be a nice
gift for the little one.

Yeah, um...

I'm-I'm-I'm the, little one.

- So sorry to bother you--
- Gordon.

I'm just checking. I might have
lost a piece of my puzzle.

Everybody check under
their shoe.

No. no.

Well, what the hell is this?
Who dug this up?

- Elodie!
- Okay, what did they say?

- He want to know
if you want some tea?

No merci.

What kind of firewall
are you guys using?

Secured storage?

Authentication measures?

- Full disclosure,

we just use whatever antivirus
software came with it.

- No problem.

- I was surprised when you said
you were doing this.

Seems really public for you.

- I owe it to Dyanne.

And I saw what Flora
and Tim were doing,

and realized that podcasts
can be a tool.

- We looked for her, Noor.
No stone left unturned.

There just wasn't any evidence.

- Her medical records
weren't evidence enough?

Her broken bones, bruises.

- She never once said
he hit her.

Just that she'd had some sort
of accident.

I looked through those
case files.

- Dyanne and I took baby steps.

We started forming a plan.

Then stopped.

When she felt ready,
we started up again.

Until all we had left
was to figure out

the right time for her to leave.

- Just before she disappeared.

They think they're stuck.

They don't know that there's
something else possible.

- Until they meet you.

- Got it!

Got the original IP address.

It's residential, East York.

The home is registered
to a Frederick Haslem?

- Wait, I-I know that name...

what does he have to do
with the alibi?

- That's Freddie Haslem...

he was Shane's alibi.

- Excuse me, Ma'am?
I'm Detective Donovan McAvoy.

I was hoping to speak
with Freddie Haslem.

Is he home?

- I'm Bonnie,
Freddie's partner.

He isn't home.

- You know where I might
find him?

Or are you expecting him
back anytime soon?

- We gotta go inside.

It's me you wanna talk to, okay?

I sent the email.

- Sorry.
Wrong room.

- Wait, hey! Sorry.

Come-come here.

Hi. You're-you're a patient
here - obviously.

- I'm John. I'm serving
two nights for insomnia.

What are you in for?

- Sleepwalking,
um, unfortunately.

- Don't be embarrassed.

I used to sleepwalk
in med school,

woke up in a morgue one day

I had no recollection
how I got in there.

- You're an MD?
- Yeah. I am.

you can't turn me down.

- I'm sorry?
Turn you down for what?

Laura, why don't you go
watch your cartoons.

I knew someone would come,

I'm no Bill Gates,
I just Googled,

how to send an anonymous email.

- Why the podcast?

- It's the first time I'd
ever heard her last name...

Dyanne Tucci.

Like Sh-Shane Tucci.

It's okay,
take your time.


- It was our second date,

me and Freddie.

He wanted to go to the track

which was fine by me,

I got to dress up.

But then we get there and...

Shane's there.

And I mean who invites
their colleague

out on a date with a girl
they've just started seeing?

- Colleague?

- Freddie kept calling him
a colleague.

I thought that was weird,
but whatever,

the whole night was weird.

- In what way?

- Our first date was cheap
night out at the movies,

now he's throwing money
around like it's nothing.

- Shane or Freddie?
- Both of them.

Well, kinda only Shane actually.

I'm getting you all
messed up here.

I don't think Freddie meant
anything bad.

- We don't have to rush, okay?

- So you and Freddie
go to the track

and Shane's there...

- Yeah, at the beginning.

Then he left, but...

he let Freddie keep his card.

Told him to keep buying drinks.

A few hours later,
Shane's back,

third-wheeling us.

- Hey, Bonnie, you can say,
without a shadow of a doubt,

that you saw Shane leave
the track that night?

- I--

- Bob next door said there
was police at the house.

- I'm Detective Donovan McAvoy.


let's you and I step outside
for a minute, please?

- Sorry, Freddie.

- It's okay.

- Okay. Let's go.

- This is like
"Ocean's Eleven".

- Yeah, something like that.

- Yeah, I don't normally do
"dares", but

what the heck.

- I mean, I didn't-I don't
really "dare" you.

I asked.
- Kinda felt like a dare.

- You'll look out for me?
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

- What kind of doctor did
you say you were again?

- The fun kind.



what are you doing out here?
- Hi, I need help with the AC.

- Shit.
- My room is freezing

and I can't figure the darn
thing out - so many buttons.

Do you mind?
- Sure. Sure, come with me.

- Thanks.



Cooper... Cooper...


Well, that should have
been obvious.


- Is it what you needed?
- Yeah, it is. Thanks.

There was just um,

there is some things that
I- I-I can't figure out.

- Well, lay it on me.

- As a physician,
and your accomplice,

I'm sworn to secrecy...

also I am incredibly bored.


Our decedent is female,

She was in the process
of leaving her husband

when she disappeared and
was never heard from again.

- How do you know she's dead?

- Well, we don't.

But my friend has a hunch.


Trace amounts of high alkaline
caustic soda

were found in the driveway.

- Lye? That's heavy duty stuff.
He covered his tracks.

- No, no, because it was trace

Right? So if he had used it
to clean

we would have found more.

- Maybe I'd start
with tire tracks.

Tire tracks seem nice.

- John... you're a genius.

- I am?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Ma...

I don't even talk
to Shane any more.

Guy moved to Brunei,
wherever the hell that is.

- How did you and Shane
become friends?

I mean, Shane's got money,

cool cars, cool clothes...

and you're a security guard,

- I work in construction.
- Yeah.

But you were a security guard
back then.

I mean, no shame in that.

My old man put food on our
table working security.

I'm just curious,

how a guy like Shane
ends up chillin' at the track

with a rent-a-cop?

- I answered all these

back when Dyanne disappeared.

Look, Bonnie was wasted.

Spent most of the night
puking in the bathroom.

- There's another
interesting detail.


Now according to his credit
card statement,

he bought a lot of drinks
that night.

Round after round.
- That's what I'm saying.

We were partying all night.

- That's not the interesting

Now all these drinks
that Shane bought,

were only ever for two drinks.

That is until about 10:30,
when it became three drinks.

Now I know it was you
and Bonnie,

living it up on Shane's dime
all night.

Then after Shane killed his wife

and got rid of the body,

he joined you at the track for
a few cold ones to celebrate.

Is that about right?

He used you, Freddie.

You didn't know he was going
to kill his wife. Did you?

You didn't know,
until it was too late.

One sec.

Tell me where the body is?

Going once?

- Hey.
- Why would someone have

industrial alkali
in their home?

- My guess is to clean up
after a murder.

- No. None of it was found
inside. Right?

I-I mean there would be
traces in the sink,

in the garbage... somewhere.

But do you remember
the tire tacks

that were in the driveway?

- The-the lab determined that
it belonged to a, a van...

- Trying to find a
"weight-bearing van"

in a city this size,
is like a needle in a haystack.

- Yeah, but what if we
can shrink that stack.

- I'm listening.

- The alkali was found
in the driveway, right?

But what if the weight-bearing
van was a service vehicle.

Used to, to transport
corrosive material.

- Cleaning supplies.
- Yeah!

If you narrow the list
of companies

selling products this strong--

- If we can find that van,

maybe we'll find out where they
took Dyanne's body

- Yeah. Yeah. That's the idea.

- And to think I almost
didn't bother you today.

- Jenny?

- It's been a while so

we may not find
any trace of her.

- Hello, sir.
How are you today?

- I'm fine, son.
What can I do for you?

- I'm Detective Donovan McAvoy,

and I was hoping I could take
a look inside this building.

- Sorry, no-can-do.

Not unless you got some
official stuff?

- No sir, I don't. Not yet.

- Well, sorry, can't do it.

- Well, thank you
for your help.

- Thank you. Have a good day.

- Okay. I'll be back.

- You two know each other?
- No.

He reminds me of my pops though.

"Official stuff".

Hey Jenny.
- I mean, that was fast.

Do you think it's the right

- Might be. Freddie wasn't

but his girlfriend, Bonnie,
remembered him doing deliveries

for a company with a "C" logo.
Easy find. Crestwall.

And sure enough,

they deliver industrial
cleaning supplies.

Freddie was moonlighting.
- So that's why it didn't

show up in the original

- Yeah. That's what
I'm thinking.

I'm gonna need your help
getting in here today though,

security here is no joke.

- Yeah. I will call in
a coroner's warrant

within the hour.

- This is all I found
in the janitor's closet.

This one's pretty common,

but these two...

- Yeah.

Yeah, these will do.

- You do realize I keep coming
out to Dundas

just for the weirdness, right?

And it never disappoints.

- See, I was thinking
that I was the reason

that you kept coming back.

My previous statement
includes you. Yeah.

- Okay. So I'm...

I'm just like Mr. Wayward
chicken here then?

- Well, you are a little

Said with love.

- Okay. I'm going to give him
five more seconds

and then I... swarm.
- Swarm?

- Okay. Yeah. I-I got it.

- If you swarm, just don't let
him scratch you.

- Hello.
- They scratch.

- He doesn't scratch.
- Okay, just be careful.

- Well, it's not scientist,
scientific, you know.

You were taking--
- They were scary!

- They're not.
You were scaring them.

It was taking like an hour
before him.

- You see this? Think that's
scarring them?!

- This guy.
- Yeah. I know. I swarmed.

Don't ever swarm.

- But he-but he used
to do what?

- Name them. All of them.
- The animals?

- Yes. Liam thought that if
the farm animals all had names,

that we wouldn't eat them.

- You're a regular Dian Fossey.

- Did it work?
- Um, mostly, no.

But sometimes it felt
more like we had pets

than livestock.

- You were very ahead of your
time there, Liam.

- There's nothing wrong
with being sensitive.

- But you toughened up?

- You know, we-we had a vache,
it's a cow.

He named her Jacqueline.
- Jacqueline.

- And-and then there was a,
there was a, a...

Pierre, the pig.
- Okay.

- Then we had-we had two goats,
they were both white.

- Right.
- Okay, he named them,
Gertrude... Ger...

I didn't expect this trail
to be this hard.

My legs are shot,

my water's low.

I'm moving on.

- It's hard to let go.

More so until they're found.

Part of me doesn't want you
to find her.


I like to imagine

that Dyanne did get away.

That she's out there,

living her life.

Some fantasy?

- Hey Mac?
Warrant came through.

We're about ready
to get at it.

- Okay. I'll be there
in a minute.

I know you wanted to be here
when we found her but--

- Actually, I changed my mind.

I think I'd rather keep
Dyanne alive

just a little longer.

- Alright. I'll... I'll have
someone drive you back.


- Jenny?
- Mhmm.

Wha-wh-what are you doing?

- Are you out of you mind?


I get that question a lot?

I just needed to make sure.

- Sure of what?

- I think I know what happened
to Dyanne.

- Over here.

- Make sure Ident gets the okay
to open these things safely.

- Will do.

How much you wanna bet one
of these will match

the drop found in the driveway?

- You know I don't gamble.

- Hey Jenny. We're about part
way through.

- He dissolved her, Donovan.

- I'm sorry, what?

- He didn't just use the supply
van to get rid of her.

He used the cleaning supplies
as well.

- But we haven't found any
acids or anything like that.

- No, acid, acid would be
a lot quicker,

but if you have a strong
enough alkali,

and you add water.

I mean, it would just take
a little bit longer.

- Probably the same amount
of time

that Shane was missing
from the track.


- Hey, take a sample of that.

- Jenny,

if you went through the trouble
to liquidate a body,

what would you do with it?

I know what I'd do.

- I need Toronto Works
to bring a jackhammer.

Better get a cement cutter too.

- So what's the process here?

- Normally I'd outsource,

but it turns out,
our dear River here,

holds a Journeyman's
Plumbing license.

- Yeah, well, scope and radar
found matter

in this section of the pipe.

What's in there might be all
that's left of Dyanne Tucci.

- I'll be precise.


- Congealed human fat,


And human teeth.

Forensics can crack these open,
extract DNA from the pulp.

And you'll have more than
enough for a positive ID.

To think someone could reduce
someone they supposedly love

to this.

Good work. Thanks, guys.

- Sorry we missed Jenny,
but we have a long drive home.

- Yeah-yeah-yeah.
It's okay.

- We'll call first next time.
- Sure. Sure.


Hey farm boys,

help me load the truck
one last time??

- Watch out
for the birds of prey.

- Away, let's go. Allez.

- Oui.

- On s'appelle.

- I reviewed the footage
of you from today.

- Okay. Look I...

I know that I said
I wouldn't work today,

but I had to go
and get that file.

It helped me find
a woman's body.

- Is that so?

- Yeah. Look...

Okay. Just--

Please just promise me that
you won't get John in trouble.

I practically begged him
to come with me.

- John?
- Yeah.

- Who's that?

- John. The other patient -

- Please.

There were no other patients
at the clinic today.

I mean, I was with John
all day,

and I saw other patients
on the monitor so.

- It's very common for subjects
in this type of study

to fall asleep for two to three
hours without knowing.

Sometimes they wake up
in the middle,

with a conscious and the
subconscious overlapping.

But to be clear,

you never left your room.

Come with me.

I need to show you something.

Come on.
- No...

- I know this isn't easy
to watch,

but I want
you to try to remember

what you were doing
in this moment.

- I'm sorry, I

I don't know.

- I think you do.
- No.

- Just try.

Katie. No.

- Reminds me of a poem.

"One train may hide another."

Sometimes, the thing you're
looking at is blocking you

from seeing the thing
you need to see.

But if you stay with it

and look longer...

the last piece of the puzzle...

- Who are you, John?

- Most people know me
by one name...


John Fernandes.

- Hey, Jenny. I was just
about to call you.

Everything alright?

- Yeah. Yeah.


I have a, a question
that I need to, to ask you

and you promise me that
you are not gonna ask me

a question in return?

- Okay.

- Did we um...

did we talk on the phone today?

- Yeah, several times.

- And did I, did I...

did I help with the case?

- Jenny, we couldn't have
solved this case without you.

Freddie cracked once we told
him what we found.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

- Hey, take care of yourself,

- Yeah. Thanks.
Thank you. Thank you.


- I made it.

It is so beautiful!


I'm Flora.

- And I'm Tim.

- This has been
"Slaughter into Wine".

We dedicate this episode
to Dyanne Tucci.

- Salud, Dyanne.
We remember you.

- I get this terrible feeling

I'm never gonna see you again.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.

- My parents visited today.

- I'm sorry I missed them.

- My mom she thinks

that it was an accident,

what happened with Mal.

- I mean,

she's gotta know that
that's not the truth.



I want you to talk to me.

- Talk to me.

- Everyone is upstairs.

I'll be there in a minute,


(Theme music from "Fernandes"

- Catch you on the flipside.

- Hey--
- You're home.

- Yeah.

- Gordon.

- Yeah.
- Missing puzzle piece.

- What? You're kidding!

- Look at this!
- I told you it'd show up.

- Unbelievable.

I'll take that 20 bucks.

- That would have been
a safe bet.

Things are looking up for you,
my friend.

Things are looking up.