Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - One Drum - full transcript

There is a mass shooting and the shooter has yet to be found. Jenny's sleepwalking is getting worse and she also is not with it in the daytime due to lack of sleep.

What're you doing?

I'm gonna live outside in the tent.

You can stay here,

uh, until we, you know,

- we figure something, else out.
- Thanks.

My dad's sundown, so
it's not a steady decline.

Get you lookin' handsome again.

Veteran's Affairs.

Are you sure you don't wanna
speak with Mental Health?

I work two nights a week.

If you need me any of the other five...

Consider yourself hired.

Good night, Katie.

I mean, that's, uh...

that was my sister's name.

Are you sleepwalking?

You used to do it as kid
after your sister died.

♪ Ave Maria ♪

♪ Gratia plena ♪

♪ Maria, gratia plena ♪

♪ Maria, gratia plena ♪

♪ Ave, ave dominus ♪

♪ Tecum ♪

♪ Ave Maria ♪

♪ Gratia plen... ♪

Kawin ishpimig inabi-ken!

- Mom, wake up!
- Jenny!

I'm sorry.

Well, I hope that wasn't breakfast.

Look, Matteo's home for the weekend.

We were gonna go to a concert,
but I think it's gonna rain,

so what if we just stayed here
and did something fun today?

Ross, it's not gonna rain.


You go, you, uh...

go to the concert with Matteo, okay?

You were sleepwalking again?

Sorry, it's, uh... it's work.


No, there was a... a shooting.

A mass shooting at a church.

I have to go.

Jenny, you set the kitchen on fire.

I will... I will fix this.

Okay? I will, I will fix this,

I promise, when I get back. I just, I...

No, come on, what the
hell are you doing?

Liam, I have to go.

Code Orange. Code Orange.

All right. We still don't exactly
know what happened

at the church this morning.

We have bodies A through G
so far. That's seven bodies.

How are we gonna deal with them all?

One by one.

River, I want you to start
a log of all trace evidence.

No detail is too small.

Once they've had their CT scans,

we can identify and
document every injury.

Yeah, I want you to test all
the victims for GSR as well.

Everyone in range would
have gunshot residue.

Well, assess who has the
highest concentration

on their hands.

is a huge risk factor

when dealing with multiple fatalities,

so we need to be incredibly careful

and keep everything separate.

If our shooter is in this room,

we need to isolate them from
the rest of the victims.

So who do we have?

The calls are coming
from inside the bags.

It's, uh... it's family members.

They're trying to reach
their loved ones.

It's unnerving. It's sad.

Well, we've got preliminary
ID's on the priest,

Father Vince Nelson and two elderly
members of the congregation,

Marge Hamilton and Vandal Fuchs.

We're running background
on them right now.

I'll start getting IDs on the
four remaining four unknowns,

but in the meantime, bag and tag

everything you find on the bodies.

It needs to come back to me
for chain of custody, okay?

No one's claimed
responsibility for this yet,

so we don't know if it's terrorism
or some sort of hate crime,

but I've gotta give a press
conference in an hour.

Got a very frightened public out there.

Yeah. We will get you answers
as soon as we have them.


This is hard. Seven letters...

"Not surprising." "Not surprising"?

Well, it's "not surprising," it's...

it's typical...


I'm trying to concentrate down here!

Can you please hold it down?

All right?!

- Oh.
- Oh, uh, sorry to interrupt.

Uh, there's a group
gathered in the boardroom.

The hospital sent them. They're
looking for missing loved ones.

What should I tell them?

Oh, um... I'll go.

Hi, everyone. Uh, my
name is Jenny Cooper.

I'm the coroner.

I know this is, uh, an
incredibly difficult time

for all of you.

Unfortunately, we don't
have all the facts.

Uh, officers will be here
shortly to speak with you...

My husband was shot and he
was rushed off by ambulance.

But when we went to the hospital,

- they sent us here.
- Uh, Ms.... ?

Wilkins. Darla Wilkins.

Ms. Wilkins, we, um...

we haven't been able
to identify everyone,

but we're working as
quickly as possible.

It would be really helpful if
you shared everything you knew

with the police, including
your loved-one's names...

His name's Kent.

My husband. Kent Wilkins.

Okay. We will, uh...

we'll get you an update
as soon as we can.

So far, of everyone we tested for GSR,

he had the highest concentration.

Okay, we'll get Homicide

to cross-reference his
prints with the... gun.

But if he's our shooter, then...

who shot him?

These wounds aren't close-range.

You mean...

I think we have a second shooter.

- Jenny! Jenny!
- Yeah.

You need to see this.

- Is that a gun?
- Sure is.

Okay, uh...

we are gonna do this very carefully.

He's just a kid.

You okay?

Yeah. It's just...

we see too many brown
faces in our line of work,

you know what I mean?

Yeah. Okay, you guys, um...


Okay, we need to figure out

how these two are connected.

Both shooters have gunshot
wounds to the chest.

So they were shooting at each other.


It was a firefight that
turned into a massacre.

Uh, these officers are here
to take your statements.

So please be as forthcoming
as you can with them,

any details will help further
their investigation.

- Um, can I?
- Yes.

Do you wanna come see where I work?

Go. Yes.

Take a little walk?

These red x's mark where
our victims were found.

We've got seven dead and...

three are still in hospital.

I've run the prints on both our gunmen.

There's nothing on the kid
with the shoelace gun.

Yeah, but why a shoelace?

It's an old gang trick.

You can drop the gun down
your pants and hide it.

Okay. So he was in a gang.

No ID, no gang tattoos.

He probably saw it on
TV or the internet.

The other shooter was Mitchell Sharp,

26, out of Detroit.

- An American.
- Here visiting family.

Looks like he smuggled a
weapon across the border.

Our teen had a rosary on him.

Maybe he was part of the congregation.

If he was, why didn't
anyone recognize him?

And if he wasn't, why shoot up this one?

That is a very good question.

It doesn't feel random.

It feels like he was
targeting someone specific.

We found most of the shell
casing along the aisle

and here on the right,
where Mitchell was.

Yeah, but Mitchell
wasn't shot in the back,

so either initiated the gunfire

- or...
- He wasn't the initial target.

According to witnesses,
they heard the back door open.

So we can assume the gunman entered

through the rear of the church,

made his way up the aisle,
shooting towards the left.

But then he took defensive
fire from the right. Mitchell.

So he turns, he shoots
back into the pews,

he kills Mitchell...

Exactly. Then he turned
back towards the front

to finish the job off.

And who's usually up front?

The priest.

I've been the administrator
for St. Thaddeus forever.

Nothing like this has ever happened.

What about Father Vince?

I mean, not to be indelicate, but...

any allegations of sexual abuse
or misconduct against him?

He's been our priest for over a decade.

I lost my son to leukemia two years ago.

I couldn't have gone through
it without Father Vince.

He would never harm a child.

All right. Thank you for your time.

I have more colours in my drawer

if you don't like these.

I get it.

I mean, if you don't wanna talk.

I lost my mom when I was
a little older than you.

It was hard.

For a long time, I didn't want to talk.

To anyone.

I was angry.

I was sad.

So I drew.

I mean, you don't have to do that.

Or we can just... sit here.



- What? What? What?
- Watch it, watch it.

What're you doing up here?

Well, I'm reinforcing the ceiling.

From what? A hurricane?

Uh, I don't know. I just
want it to be secure.

Secure. Okay, just hold it down.

I'm trying to do my crossword.
I can't even hear myself think.

Just give me 5 more minutes, all right?

- Then I'll be done.
- Okay.

Um, want me to help you?

Uh... pfft.

- You sure?
- Yeah, but no. It's...


Ugh. God, a man can
get no peace in here.

It's Union Station.


- Kelly.
- Gordon.


You did a fantastic job
on, on the haircut.

I mean, how do I look?

You look handsome as ever.

Oh, well, thank you.

Are you, uh, doing a crossword?

Yeah, I mean, to stay sharp.
You gotta stay sharp, right?

Yeah, I was never very
good at those things.

So, my daughter, Jenny,
she's not here right now.

- They called her into work.
- I am here to see you, actually.

- Me?
- Yeah.

- Why?
- Jenny hired me to help out.

I'm here to make your lunch.

I am perfectly capable
of making my own lunch.


Oh, yeah!

How do you feel

about watching the rest
of the episode together

after I fix you something to eat?

- Oh, I think I could wait.
- All right.

- What're you gonna make?
- I'll surprise you.

Oh, good.

You hungry?

I baked these yesterday.


I heard you play piano.

Take as many as you'd like.

I used to play piano when
I was a little girl.

Well, I, I tried, but I could
never stretch my fingers

far enough to reach the keys.

Kinda short, eh?

I did learn to play
the hand-drum though.

You play?

Maybe we could play together sometime.

The priest has a chest wound,

but there's no sign of the bullet.

Yeah, this doesn't look
quite like a bullet wound.

It looks unusual.

Wait. Hold on. Right there.

That's not a bullet.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Okay... so our priest wasn't shot.

It was actually a secondary projectile.

Uh, a piece of wood to be exact.

A literal stake through the heart.


- What?
- Wait a second.

Here. Take a look at that.

There's a piece missing.

I'm betting that's where
the bullet passed through,

sent that splinter flying.

Which pretty much
confirms that our priest

wasn't the intended target.

Maybe the person who's
sitting up front was.

I'll check in with Ident,
see who was seated there

and where they are now.

You mean whoever the target...

why would somebody do this?

We'll figure this out.





Don't shoot!

No. No...

What? No. No, Jenny, no.

No, no, no, no.

No, Jenny, no...

Ugh! No, no, no...


Talk to me. What's going on?


no, sorry, I just...

I haven't been sleeping too well.


Uh, yeah, something... like that.

But I'm, uh... I'm good. I'm fine.

I'm so sorry, Mrs. Wilkins.

I know how hard this is.

Your husband was sitting up front,

in line with the gunshots.

Was your husband ever threatened?

Or are you aware of anyone

who may have wanted to cause him harm?

What? You think Kent was the target?

We have to consider every possibility.

No. No, no.

No, Kent was the one who made sure

we got to church every Sunday.

He was recording Ennis's first
piano solo on his phone.

Would you happen to have your
husband's phone with you?


And he was recording at the time

- the gunman entered the church?
- Yes.

I mean, at least I think so.

I think so.

Yes. Ennis was up at the piano
and we heard the gunshots.

Do you have the password?

No, but he used that thumbprint thing.

I mean, we're gonna need
to take that phone.

It's okay.

Thank you.

Well, this isn't Kent Wilkins.

Yeah. Uh...

we've got a few more bodies in
the hallway that we can check.

Jenny, you need to see this.

It's bad.

He's got a skull fracture,
possibly from childhood.

His radial and ulna bones

have been fractured in his left arm

and they were never properly set.

His ribs were fractured.

His leg was broken.

And look.

He's got burn marks on his forearm.

Both arms.

What the hell happened to this kid?

He was somebody's punching
bag is what happened.

You okay?

We speak for the dead, right?

Then we'll speak for him too.

Okay. We, uh...

We might have a possible
video of the shooting,

so, um, you guys take...

as many breaks as you need,

and I'll be back.

Kent Wilkins. I got him.

Are you sure this is legal?

Legal? Yes. Ethical?
Jury's still out on that.

- Oh, shit. Shit!
- Hey, I got it.

Sorry. Sorry.

It's okay. It's okay.


Come on...

All right, let's take
a look at this video.

♪ Ave Mari... ♪

Kawin ishpimig inabi-ken!

"Circus activity."

Eight letters.

Um, I'm Kelly.

Uh, Jenny hired me to look after Gordon.

- Oh, I'm Liam.
- Hi.

Can you people please,
please hold it down,

okay? I'm-I'm-I'm doing something.
It's really important. It's...

Gordon, I made you lunch,

and I've got your pills ready.

Oh, Katie...

Drink this.

This is lunch?

This... looks like lawn clippings.

Well, it's just the first course.

I will get your sandwich in a minute.

And, uh, you were watching "Fernandes."

Nope. No, ma'am.

I can't sit around watching television.

I was, um...




"Circus activity."

Eight letters.

The software's programmed
with over a hundred languages,

so we should be able to translate

whatever language
the shooter is speaking.

Kawin ishpimig inabi-ken!

- Hmm.
- Did we get it?

No, it's not picking it up.

Play it again.

Kawin ishpimig inabi-ken!

Is he yelling at the kid?

It's, um... Anishinaabemowin.



He's yelling, uh, "Don't look up."

Loosely translated.

That boy knew the shooter.

So, has he said anything at all to you?

Not a word, but...

I mean, after what he witnessed today,

I-I-I don't blame him.


You okay?

There's a...

a reason why I joined
the Coroner's Office.

When I was a kid,

just a few years older
than Ennis is now,

my mother died.

I'm so sorry.

You know, it was a school night.

And we'd run out of cereal

and I wanted it for
breakfast the next day,

so my mom popped out
to the grocery store

like she'd done a million times.

And I remember it was raining
because my dad chased after her

to give her an umbrella.

And she never made it home.

And the police came to our
house around midnight

and said that there'd been an accident.

What did they say happened?

That she must have fallen,

slipped in the rain and hit her head.

The coroner said blunt force
trauma to the back of the skull

was consistent with a fall.

But you don't think
that's what happened.

My dad went in to identify her body

and when he saw her,

her lip was split,

and there was bruising around her face.


You know, if she fell and
hit the back of her head,

that's one thing. But...

then how did she get
bruises on her face?

How did she get a split lip?

The coroner saw a Native
woman and he assu...

I joined this office...

so that I could make
sure that no other kid

had to go through what me
and my family went through.

You think that's naive?

No. Alison, I think
it's incredibly brave.

I'm not telling you this so
that you go easy on Ennis.

More to say that...

we don't know what he's
been through up 'til now.


Thank you. I will, um...

I'm gonna keep that in mind, okay?

Got your text canceling date night.

Figured you could use a little...

Jar of salad?

That's very sweet.

It's like an edible terrarium.

Glass of water or a tea?

- ... these down for you?
- Great.

Sure. I don't feel
like going down there.

Yeah, I'll go.

I love you. Your daughter loves you.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm good.


Sorry to, uh, interrupt.

I'm here to collect the
firearm found with the body.

It's in the safe.

All right. Thanks. I'll be in and out.


Uh, guys, you sure you
locked the gun in here?

Yes, positive. I put it in there myself.


Come on, come on...

Yeah, hello?!

This is Detective Abed calling
from the autopsy suite.

I have a missing firearm.

I need eyes on the building
security footage ASAP.

Yes. Thank you.

Oh, my God...

Yeah, Mac, we got a problem.

Flambé gone wrong?

Uh... yeah, yeah. It was an accident.

No big deal.

So you are, um...

you're a caretaker?

Um... more of someone who needed a job.

Oh. Yeah.

Jenny's been very good to me since...

Uh, I was sorry to hear about what ha...

what happened to your family.

I imagine you've had
your fair share of loss.

Jenny told me that you
served in the military.

You know, I'm...

I'm adjusting though.

Yeah... me too.

Damn, did I miss these?

Oh, yeah, it's, it's Jenny's.
It's anti-anxiety drugs.

You know, she...
she's been sleepwalking.

Oh, like she doesn't have
enough to contend with,

now the poor thing can't
get a good night's sleep?

I have to admit,

I have a real soft spot for her.

It's more than just giving
me a job, she sort of, um...

took me in.

Yeah, me too.

I'm gonna start to think that
she has a thing for strays.


I know how busy she is...

it's why I'm here.

But I can be here for you, too.

If you ever wanna talk or...

hang out or... whatever.

Yeah, sure, sure. Thanks.

- Uh, better go back to work.
- 'Kay.


I mean, a gun doesn't just go missing.

Malik's reviewing security footage.

What do we know about this kid, Ennis?

Uh, according to Alison,
he hasn't said a word

since he got here. Hey.

Uh, hey, I need you guys to step back.


Okay, I wanna assure you you're
not in any trouble here, okay?

Where did you find that?

All right. Okay, okay.

Okay, all right.

Can you put it down for me?

Right there on that desk.

I promise you nothing bad's
gonna happen to you.

You have my word.

Put it down, son.

It's okay. It's okay, I'm here.

I got you.


Ennis? I'm gonna let you
in on a little secret.

I don't believe in coincidences.

I think you and I were put together...

on purpose.







but everyone called him Earnie.

I wasn't gonna hurt anyone with the gun.

It was... just... his.

Do you know why Earnie would
have wanted to shoot your dad?

Foster dad.




I know what Earnie did was wrong.

He got the gun because he knew...

Kent wouldn't be able
to punch the bullets.

Jenny, we need to find out how that gun

ended up in your office.

Yeah, I know. I just, it, it doesn't,

it doesn't make any sense.

The shooter's name was Earnest,

he was Ennis's older brother.

Darla and Kent Wilkins
were their foster parents.

The boys were being brutalized
in the Wilkins' care.

That explains the burn
marks and broken bones

- on Earnest's body.
- On Ennis too.

I know you're gonna call Children's Aid

and file a report, but
we need to do more.

I'll send Earnest's autopsy report

to the pediatric death review committee.

He didn't die of his injuries, but...

we'll get it on record.

And I will assure you that Darla Wilkins

will never foster another child again.

Where's Ennis?

Mrs. Wilkins, were you
aware that your son

purchased a gun?

I'm sorry, what?

Your foster son, Earnest, 16-years-old,

in yours and your husband's care,

went out and bought himself a gun.

Were you aware of that?!

I never laid a hand on
either of those boys.

I believe you.

I also believe you didn't raise a hand

to stop your husband's abuse.

So many people dead.

I have a friend who works at
Native Child and Family Services.

Her name's Theresa.
She's gonna come and...

drive you up north to Nipissing.

Theresa has worked out a visitation

with your aunty and your cousins.

And if all goes well, you may be
able to go and live with them.

With my cousins?

This is for you.

Is this us?

You even drew my barrette.

It's beautiful.

Chi-miigwech, Ennis.

Who taught you to speak

My mom.

Hey, hey. Uh...

did you figure out what
happened with the gun?

I think you better take a
look at this for yourself.

Judging by your reaction,

you don't remember doing this.

There is no camera in your office,

but it's pretty clear you put
the gun in your desk drawer,

- where...
- Ennis found it.

Those restless nights...

they happen to include sleepwalking?

Donovan, I...

- Jenny!
- Look, I will...

I will, I will make this better.

I will fix this, I promise.

- You're gonna fix this.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna trust you with this, okay?


What're you guys doing here?

Uh, the concert got rained out.

I told you it was gonna rain.

Why is this here?

I don't know. Your mom left you a note.

What does it say?

"You can sleep under your
own roof if you want,

as long as it's back under mine.

Love, Mom."




Some of this... okay, right here.

Mmm! Smells divine.

Oh, my God, yeah, you sit.
I will serve that.

No, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Please. Come on, guys, guys,

this is supposed to be for your mother.

Oh, yeah, no, there's gonna be
lots left. Don't you worry.

- Don't...
- And, uh, Liam, you know what?

I never really got to say
this to you or anything,

but I am, like, so happy
that you're here for her.

Oh, yeah. Okay, cool. Thank you,

- but please...
- This food smells amazing!

- I know!
- Oh, God, I'm starving!

- Do you want one?
- Did you make this?

I did, but... yeah, yeah,
it's, it's for Jenny and me.

Oh, this is nice of you.

No wonder she keeps you around.

Yeah, but...

- Hey, uh, Liam?
- Yeah?



I have to do something.

Could you, uh... could
you give me... a ride?

Yeah, of course.

Oh, shit, um...

No, no, no, no, it's okay. Don't worry.

- I'm sorry.
- No. Come with me, okay?

It's really good.

- Yeah.
- Arski.

Welcome to the sleep clinic.


How does that feel?

Uh... like if I move,
I might strangulate.

Just give us a buzz on the
intercom if you need us, okay?

Just try to relax.