Constantine (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2 - full transcript

John summons a demon into himself to help fend off an attack; Chas, Zed, and Anne Marie rush to save John.

Previously on "Constantine"...

Something stole a baby,

killed the mother. It ripped into her.

- I need your help.
- Where are you?

- Mexico.
- What just happened?

It's called bi-location.

The power to be in two
places at the same time.

How did you find me?

Our believers are everywhere.

We will always find you.

- Time to go home now.
- No!

What kind of demonic killer
walks into the house of God

without breaking a sweat? Lamashtu.

They're back.

- Who is, Mrs. Lopez?
- La Brujeria.

You're working for the Brujeria, why?

They've figured out how
to break the boundary.

Hell and Earth will become one.

I'll bet your old mate, Pazuzu,

sees it differently.

- What is that?
- An Invunche. We can't outrun it.

No, no, you shoot that gun,
it's gonna attack us for sure.

No, John, it will attack you.

- He's safe.
- He's okay?

He's okay.


- Go, go, go, go.
- Here.

Where's John?

I'm sorry, Chas.

Where's John?!

I, John Constantine, terminate
all wards and protections.

Igo iohannes constantinus

terminatur totum tutella.

Quod praecipio...

Solacium capere daemonis...

"Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord

and the cup of the devil.

Ye cannot have part

in the Lord's table and
the table of the devils.

Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?

Are we stronger than He?"

Oh, bloody hell.

Have you lost all hope in salvation, John?

You invited a demon into your body.

It worked. He healed me.

Of course it worked!

The first of the fallen
gives temporary power

to those who believe his lies,

but they become his possessions.

Well, I didn't see God coming
down that tunnel to help me,

or you.

You didn't even ask, John.

Instead, you sought the help of a demon.

It's all such a waste.

You found the force
behind the rising darkness.

We could've stopped it,

- you and I together.
- You think I wanted this?

You know what I think?

To save yourself from hell,

you acted without
considering the consequences.

It's not that I can't help you, John.

I won't.

# Constantine 1x09 #
The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2
Original Air Date on January 16, 2015

Still experiencing the visions?

Your father will be pleased.

He didn't want to do it this way.

You forced his hand.

That bastard should allow me

to live my own life!

I'm not letting you take me back there!

It's a waste of time.

- Stop it!
- Why?

Afraid I might actually get through?

You spend enough time with a magician,

you learn a few tricks.

Your father...

- He'll never stop.
- My father?

I'd rather die before
I'll ever go back there!



Oh. Ah, Chas.

- What happened?
- It's bad.

It's really bloody bad.

Let's get out of here.

Anne Marie, she made
it out all right, then?

She seemed fine. The question
is, what happened to you?

She's quick on her feet, our girl.

She used the copper's gun.

She left me behind to

stall the hungry Invunche.

- Annie shot you?
- A bloody nun.

It's a new low.

Can't say I didn't deserve it, though.

How'd you survive the Invunche?

The only way I, I could.

I cast off my spiritual protections,

invited the demon, Pazuzu, in

to take my body for a spin.

Unholy bastard's first
order of business was

to heal its host.

You're possessed by a demon.

I feel surprisingly good.

Demonic permeation's like a flu.

There's an incubation period
between first infection and...

Full-on possession.

I figure I got a couple of days

before it takes up permanent residence.

John, stop.

What if you can't get it out?

Well, then you'll just have to
finish what Anne Marie started.

Kill me.

You can't ask me to do that.

It's all right, mate.

I've been carrying hell
around with me my whole life.

How much worse can the actual place be?

We're not there yet.

What's your plan?

More of a... Gamble.


You're kidding?

I wish I was.

I need my bag. We need to move fast.

An exorcism for an exorcist. Let's do it.


You can beat this.

- John, fight it!
- Chas!

- I can't.
- John, fight it!

I will not be cast out!

He cast a demon into his own body?

Well, he didn't have
a choice. He was dying.

I still can't believe Anne
Marie actually shot him.

I had a vision of her, Chas.

She was in pain,

racked with guilt.

Well, John always could push her buttons.

So, what are you going to do?

Assuming I can find him,

John has a contingency plan,

but I don't think I can
pull it off on my own.

He already lost control once.

I know it's asking a lot, but

I could really use your help.


Zed, you there?


I'll be on the first flight down.

Hopefully we can find him
before he hurts someone else.

Oh, bloody hell.


Mr. Constantine.

Stanley Gibson with the British consulate.

Yeah, skip the formalities, mate. Just

get me the hell out of here, yeah?

According to the police,

you were assaulted by a street gang

- known as the Santa Muerte.
- Saint death.

The unholy comforter to a
legion of gangsters and hit men.

It's clear self-defense.

Just show me where to sign,
and I'll be on my merry way.

Mr. Constantine,

regardless of their pedigree,

you are responsible for the death

of five Mexican nationals.

The investigation itself could take weeks.

Bollocks to that, mate.

I need out of here tonight.

That's not my call.

You don't understand
the sheer screaming hell

that's gonna rain down around here!

- Guard!
- So start pulling some bloody strings!


This meeting was a courtesy.

You poncey, bloody windbag.

Get me the hell out of here!

Still no sign of John?

I've been driving around all morning,

but in this city, it's like looking
for a needle in a thousand haystacks.

Hey, you think it's possible

the demon's already taken over?

John gave himself a couple days.

But he's prone to overconfidence.

What happens if he
can't get it out in time?

His consciousness is pushed out.


His soul is delivered to hell,
and that demon's freed on Earth.

It's Pazuzu, the Assyrian god
of famine, locusts and storms.

As John would say, it's bloody awful.

But it won't come to that.

Why not?

Because he wants me to kill him first.


Anne Marie, she found him before,

using bi-location.

She can do it again.

Given she just shot him,

- I'm not sure that's an option.
- It will be.

When I'm done with her.

Nice business you're
running. You speak English?

If it pays.

What's it to you?

You seem like the kind of bloke

who knows how things work in this nick.

And I'm willing to pay for an education.

Name's Julio.

Follow me.

Was it something I said?

They're Santa Muerte.

Are they now?

Feos bastardos have the run of the prison.

They're sworn to avenge
the death of their brothers.

The ones you killed.

They're the least of my worries.

Have you got a light?

Those things will kill you.

I thought you'd washed your hands of me.

You know, I got to admit,

I never thought you'd
do anything this stupid.

I'm John Constantine.
I do stupid in spades.

And how are you feeling?

Like I've got a bloody
marching band in my skull.

Sorry I put a crimp in
your grand game plan.

Are you honestly telling me that

none of you cloud-huggers had any clue

that the Brujeria were back in business?

You know, some evil is so powerful,

it can hide from heaven itself.

Lamashtu wasn't working alone.

The Brujeria have other operatives

working close at hand.

Identifying the enemy

was always the first step in
defeating the rising darkness.

Well, if this goes pear-shaped,

then I guess you'll have to find yourself

a new operative on the ground.

Not many like you down here, John.


Yes, John.

I'm not ready to die.

Are you afraid of what's waiting for you?

No, I earned what I got coming to me.

I just...

I have more work to do.

Then that makes this a crucible.

And for the sake of the mortal realm,

I hope you find what you need.

What if I don't know what I need?

Crazy ingl?s.

I can get you anything you want.

Drugs, women.

Does this prison have anything
that resembles a chapel?

Come on.

You always were a good friend, Chas.

We need to talk.

There's nothing to talk about.

He threatened the life of an infant.

- Annie...
- He would have sacrificed it

without blinking. So
when the choice was mine,

I sacrificed him instead.

John isn't dead.

But how?

He cast a demon...

into himself.


That's not a demon, it's a demon king.

He's trying to fight it, but

- if we don't find him fast...
- Typical selfish wanker.


You're the one who put
a bullet in his chest.

He's just trying to save his life.

While risking the lives of everyone
around him, including yours.

That's our decision... we
chose to join him in this fight.

The rising darkness, is it?

I hate to burst your bubble,
but the Roman Catholic church

have been fighting that for centuries.

It's why I joined the convent.

Except they know right from wrong here.

We all serve a higher power, but John...

Talks to an angel.

What did you say?

His name is Manny.

He came to John for help.

You kneel here, night after night,

hoping against hope that

heaven hears your words.

Well, guess what.

John has heaven on speed dial.

Someone up there thinks he's worth a damn,

and now he's dying because of you.

She's telling the truth.

You need to help us find him.

What are you doing in my office?

And how did you get past security?

Does it matter?

I was eager to hear

what you learned about
the man who was taken

into custody last night.

He's a Brit, all right.

Bit of a checkered past.

Name's John Constantine.

Anything else?

The man clearly has no
respect for the crown.

The rest of what I found is in there.

As per our arrangement,

I fixed it so that he
won't be leaving the prison

any time soon.

So, what's this fellow to you?

A self-righteous impediment
to the inevitable.

Too blind to see that
the Brujeria's darkness

cannot be stopped.

I'm sorry, but

why do you keep looking at me like that?

Not looking.


Hey, lun?tico.

What is it you're looking for?

Purified honey wax, holy water,

full-length mirror would be very useful.

This isn't gonna make much sense,

but I'm meaning to conduct a self-exorcism,

purge a demonic entity.

Many demons in a place like this.

Sadly, mine's more than a rusty metaphor.

Bloody Santa Muerte.

No honor amongst thieves, then?


And Los Asesinos paid better.

Sorry, ingl?s.

Five of my brothers are dead.

And you're all alone, puta.

You really don't want to do this.

I'm hosting a monster that
doesn't take kindly to threats.

And if you poke it, it's gonna kill you

the same way as it killed your brothers.

Get back! He's mine!

You stupid bloody git.

You're setting it loose.


Where's Julio?

No. I had to!

It's the only way to stay alive!

They run this place!

Now I run this place!

Now sod off!

You'll do exactly as I tell you.

Start by telling me
everything you saw last night.

I only saw after it was over.

The Santa Muerte were dead.

You truly have a devil inside.

I'm just trying to keep
it inside this prison.

As long as I'm in here,
I can't cast it out.

All it has to do is

watch the clock go down.


now bugger off.

Chas got in touch, then.

And your new friend, Zed.

She's a true believer, that one.

I almost feel sorry for her.

Oh, yeah? And why's that?

You'll find a way to disappoint her.

Sooner or later.

If she lives long enough.

Why'd you come here, Annie?

I promised them I'd find you.

I believe they intend to rescue you.

Did you really take the Pazuzu inside?

After you shot me,

lest we forget.

What are you going to do if
you can't get the demon out?

Only thing I can do.

If it's any consolation,

I am ready to pay for my sins.

What is this, another con?

No con.

I'm lost here, Annie.

In that case, I'll pray for you.

Good-bye, John.

Good luck.

This is where Anne Marie found him.

Even if we get in,

I'm still not sure what
we'll be able to do for him.

John's more prepared than even I realized.

You're gonna have to
sneak a couple things in.


Assyrian exorcism rite.

How did he know he'd need that exact spell?

He didn't.

That recorder has John
reciting exorcism rituals

in 50 different languages.

Ceremonial Tibetan phurba.

Is that part of the ritual, too?

I hope not.

If John can't exorcise the demon himself,

this will definitely do the trick.

So why don't we just use this?

Using that

means plunging that
blade into John's heart.

If that demon gets the best of him,

that's what John wants us to do.


Figure out how you're getting in?


Over there.

They look like hookers.

That's 'cause they are.

I grew up near a prison like this.

I know exactly how they work.

See you on the inside.

Excuse me. Pardon me.

Pardon me.


Hola. Um...

Hmm? I need to...

Aw, screw it.

Official business for El Diablo.

You have a conjugal visit.

Well, I can't really say
I'm in the mood, mate.


I know what it looks like.

Don't get any ideas.

You took a hell of a risk,
sneaking in here like this.

Bright spot like you should know better.

Thought you could use a friend.

No. No, no!

Demon wants to sow his oats.

So far, it's only been able to take control

when it's under threat, but...

It's wheedling its way in like a tick.

I won't be able to hold
it back much longer.

I made a mistake, Zed.

We can fix it, okay?

As soon as Chas gets here,

we'll get that thing out of you.

I... I brought the

recorder with your spells and...

- and the holy water...
- No.

This is my fight, from here on out.

It's our fight.

Does this mean that we're friends again?

How did you get in?

I told the guards that
one of their prisoners

was in need of spiritual comfort.

Even a place like this respects the cross.

Better put this on.

A nun's habit?

White shirt,

black pants.

Figured you could use a change.

It's good to have you back, luv.

I need to know...

Should I be scared?

For John, I mean?

He's in a bad way.

But John believes he has
every situation under control,

and he makes you believe.

That's his magic.

And his curse.

Zed, if we make it through this,

you should leave him and never look back.

I wish someone had given me that advice.

It's arranged.

We'll be left alone.

All right.

Tie me down.

Make it nice and tight.


Our help is in the name of the Lord,

who has made heaven and Earth.

The Lord be with you.

The Lord be with you.

The Lord be with you.

What's wrong?

At this stage of demon
possession, the holy water

should cause a violent reaction.

It's been too long.

It's in me too deep.

What's going on out there?

The Brujeria,

they are not happy with you, John!

Identify yourself!

I've been known as Nahash,

the trickster,

and now as Vicente.

And you know me as you know all

earthly temptation.

He's the tempter.

The original serpent
from the Garden of Eden.

So, what have the Brujeria
promised you, then?

No promises.

They gave me release,

so I could rain darkness down on your...

sinful world.

I came to end your life!

But now I can see

what a mistake that would be.

In a short matter of time,

you won't be my enemy...

You'll be my ally.

Annie, the knife.

You have to end this now.

I can't stop it, Annie!

- Do this now, or...
- No, you'll die!

He knows.

No, don't!

Anne Marie...

Hands up!

Arriba! Now!

I wasn't sure it would be you coming back.

I'm hanging by a thread here.

Where's Zed?

She managed to get
outside during the alarm.

I talked the guards into
letting me stay with you.

That knife was your one way out.

You should've done it, honey.

And what would your angel say?

Probably would've shaken your hand.

Could use a hand!

Ah, it's alive.

Might want to get him out of there.

It's hot as hell in these things.

Welcome back.


What's the new plan, John?

There is...

No new plan, mate.

There's no time left for
a straight-up exorcism.

What about the mill house?

Jasper's defenses might
weaken the entity enough

- for the ritual to work.
- That might work,

but even if we could get John out of here,

- that's a 24-hour drive.
- Ah, I'd never make it.

This demon's ready to claw its way out.

Well... unless we can slow it down.

Look for sedatives,

sleeping pills.

That's the right idea,

but it's the wrong dose. Chas...

I need you to track down

a guy named Julio.

You found him. Does he have what we need?

Yeah. Once the prisoners
found out it was for John,

they became a coalition of the willing.

How much were you able
to get your hands on?

This is everything they had.

That's enough heroin to
kill a herd of elephants.

Well, let's hope it's enough

to tamp down a bloody Pazuzu.

Be right back.

All right, cook it up.


Are you sure you can do this?

If there's anything I've
learned in the last 48 hours,

it's that this demon needs me alive.

And if you're wrong?

Well, then, I'll go out riding
the world's greatest high.

With my first love at my side.

There are worse ways
to meet your maker, eh?

All right, let's get him out of here.

No time like the present.

Do it.

See you in hell, lun?tico.


time for phase two.

Almost there.

Hold on, hold on.

This isn't gonna work.

I'm the guy who broke that guard's nose.

Excuse me! Anyone!

Uh, can you help me?


Uh, I've been robbed.

Please, they stole my
clothes. Can you help me?

Oh, Anne Marie...

Please help me! Hey!

Do you understand me? Do
you know what I'm saying?

Excuse me!

Could you help me?

I know. Please?

Please, just bring me something?

I have been robbed.


I know, I know. Please. Thank you.

Um, does anyone speak English?

Do you have a coat, please?


Figure we could use some space for this.

I'll take care of him.

You two start gathering what we need.

- Look for religious icons.
- Okay.

I know you want to be here, Zed,

but an exorcism is dangerous.

I've seen what happens when they go wrong.

Darkness seems to find me wherever I am.

Something happened to you
while John was gone, didn't it?

They found me.

I've been on the run from
people who want to use my gift

for their own reasons.

They tried to take me back to a place

I swore I'd never go back to.



It's got to be you.

- What?
- They can't use the tape recorder.

We both know Pazuzu won't listen

to a wanker like me.

It's gonna take a voice with
true spiritual conviction

to pull this off.

The Roman catholic ritual?

John, I'm a novice.

The sanctioned ritual requires

- a fully ordained priest.
- Oh, we both...

We both know that there's an exception,

if you've experienced a divine epiphany,

seen proof of the existence
of heaven and hell.

If what you endured at
Newcastle doesn't do it,

then I don't know what does.

Annie, listen.


I need you to do this.

You have the strength.

You shot me to save those babies.

I just need you to summon it up

just one last time.



You're our only hope.

At least try.

Bloody John Constantine.

Center of attention again.

This demon will try to use
our weaknesses against us.

If it emerges,

don't listen to it.

It won't be John.

I hope I can tell the difference.

- Lord have mercy.
- Lord have mercy.

All holy saints of God,

intercede for us.

All holy saints of God, intercede for us.

From all evil, deliver us.

From all sin,

from your wrath,

from sudden and unprovided death,

from the snares of the devil,

from anger, hatred, and all ill will.

That's right, you bastard,

it bloody hurts.

From lightning and tempest,

from the plague, famine and war.

John, you need to keep fighting.

Annie, Annie.

Annie, Annie.

It... it...

It's not working, it's not working.

You need to... untie me.

There's another way.

- I found another way, Annie.
- Okay.

It's if you untie me...

She's losing it!

The demon's not heeding my commands...

That's right,


Give up, like you did
when you ran to Mexico.

Only don't blame Newcastle.

You're the failure, Annie.

The shriveled nothing who only felt alive

in John Constantine's shadow,

barely worth his one night of pity.

- Annie, it's not John! don't listen to him!
- And you, Chas,

the mindless lackey,

losing your family,

even your precious daughter.

And all because of the
freak that he made you.

- Stop it, John!
- Why stop now?


You came crawling to him for his council

as he dragged you into eternal darkness

that you can never escape.

Annie crawled to her convent
and you'll do the same

as you go crawling back to your daddy.

When this one's purged,

I'll razor your eyes

and feed them to the fallen and the damned.

And all because of you!

Because you just didn't have it in you.

Annie, you have to complete the ritual!

He's too powerful! My
faith isn't strong enough.

I can't save him.


I can't save him!

- I can't.
- Zed!

It's not the demon that's
preventing the exorcism,

- it's you.
- No, I tried.

I saw a vision.

Your hatred and your rage.

You make your own prison.

The ritual needs for you to
believe that John can be saved.

You have to find a way to forgive.

Crawl back to your convent,

you craven whore!

Where you think you're safe.

I have forgiven him, I swear.

Not him, you. You have to forgive yourself.

You feel guilty for
introducing him to magic,

for creating John Constantine.

I can't hold him!

Whatever damage he's done,

whoever he's hurt,

was never because of you,

but if John dies and
this demon is released,

that failure will be yours, Anne Marie.

Oh, my God.

Filthy hell spawn,

leave this vessel and be gone.

I command you to release John Constantine,

this humble servant of God!

Go back to hell, beast!

Back to the filth that spawned you!

This one is not yet ready for your embrace.

Forgive him his trespasses, Lord,

and protect your servant
from this abomination.

Return to hell

and the fiery pit where you belong!

John? John?

John, are you... are
you, are you all right?

Far from it.

But I'm free of it,

and that's on you.

And I don't know about you lot,

but I could murder a bloody drink.

All right.

You have to tell him.

About what happened and
these people from your past.

I was hoping to put them behind me.

But I guess you're probably right.

Like I said, there's no reason

for you to hurry off down south so soon.

We always made a great pair,

you and me.

Seems we've both grown up a bit since then.

You know, I probably never got
the chance to say this, but, uh...

I know what I put you through, and, uh...

I'm sorry.

No, you're not.

John Constantine doesn't do sorry.

Pity it took me almost 20
years to figure that out.

Uh, I've got this one, mate.

I put you guys through
the ringer on this one.

I suppose if I was to offer my thanks,

you wouldn't believe me, either.

- Probably not.
- Not for a second.

Well, if you're sticking
around for the ride,

you better buckle up.

What we turned up in
Mexico is just the start.

We're poking a stick at
an evil, the likes of which

the world hasn't seen in centuries.