Constantine (2014–2015): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Saint of Last Resorts - full transcript

Anne Marie, a member of the Newcastle crew, asks John and Chas for help in Mexico City -- bringing them close to the heart of the rising darkness; Zed is haunted by her past.

Anne Marie?

Did you find it?

I had to bribe the janitor. Thanks.

I can handle labor,
but not sugar withdrawal.

Sleep tight.

Thank you.


You're perfect.

I forgot to ask her for a glass of water.

I'll get you one.

Oh, my goodness, Sister Luisa!

I'm so sorry.

I was on my rounds and
I keep hearing this...

The mice?

It's this old convent.

I still get scared walking alone at night.

Good night, Sister Anne Marie.

Good night.



No. No. No! No!

No! Martina!



No. Martina?!


# Constantine 1x08 #
The Saint of Last Resorts
Original Air Date on December 12, 2014



Bit traditional for my taste.

But glad to see
your strength's coming back.



Does it feel good?

Being back at it?

Yes and no.

I've been having nightmares
about this stuff.

It's all I've been able to see
since we got back from Kentucky.

Well, there's no mystery there.

You touch an angel's heart,

you get a blast from the Old Testament.

You're seeing things
that winged menace used to see.

I thought so, too.

Until I drew this.

This twisty little
horror show's an Invunche.

And it's right up that angel's alley.

Must've missed that story

- in Sunday school.
- Invunche don't get

a shout out in the Good Book,

but they ripped a few throats
back in Noah's day.

Believe me.

Nasty bastards.


Luckily they all went out
with the last flood.

Give the history lesson a break, eh?

Do the bloody crossword or something.

I'm sorry. I didn't know

John had a visitor.

Where is he? I need him.

John, did you forget someone?

My name is Zed by the way.

I need him now.



John Constantine!

Oh, geez. Good God, woman!

I'm not deaf, all right? I can hear you.

Keep your bloody knickers on.

Anne Marie?

Are you all right?

Would I come to you if I was all right?

You didn't know she was here?

She isn't. Where are you?

Mexico. I need your help.

- Are you hurt?
- No.

Something stole a baby.

It killed the mother.

It ripped into her.


What just happened?

Well, I told you she's not here.

"Ripped" how? Teeth or claws?

- This thing have fangs? Fur?
- I don't know.

Then how do you know there's
not a mortal explanation?

I wish it had been human.

I would've gone to someone else for help.

Anyone else.

And what's stopping you?
There's plenty of occult

experts in Mexico.

They don't owe me.

You do.

Avenue Nueva 366.

Villa del Carb?n.


Avenue Nueva 366...

What just happened?

It's called bi-location.

The power to be in
two places at the same time.

It's the domain of adventurous souls

and the occasional saint,

which Anne Marie Flynn

most certainly isn't.

She hates my guts.

Must be pretty sodding desperate
to be coming to me for help.

Ow! Bollocks!

You should use a spoon.

Making a purification bowl.

Left my last good one in Puerto Rico.

Does the work of a priest.

Turns water holy.

Well, you know, I could
probably put it in my carry-on

if you need some space.

Well, that would be lovely
if you were going with.

But you're still on R and R.

You're that concerned about me?

That's why I'm letting you crash here.

I'll turn the traps on on my way out.

The house will keep you safe
as long as you don't leave it.


ll, just have, you know, one more question.


You're seriously not taking
the Spanish speaker?

I'm seriously not going there
for a conversation.


So, she is an old flame.

We slept together... once

if that's what you're after.

Never should have though.

Wasn't the point of us.

Magic was my salvation growing up.

She hooked me up in the occult scene.

Is that why you "owe" her?


She was with me at Newcastle.

She saw what happened.

Just like Gary.

Swore she'd kill me if
she ever saw me again.

I'd rather play this one out in private,

if you don't mind.

Sounds like Chas.

So much for privacy, huh?

Ah, don't take it personally, luv.

Chas and I, we go way back.

Remember, stay inside.

And, uh, don't go wandering.

Did you know we were coming to a convent?

It's one gory detail she left out.

You should have brought Zed.

Don't you bloody start on me.

Uh, excuse me, luv?

You don't happen to know
a British girl by the name

of Anne Marie Flynn, do you?
Fairly pretty, brunette.

She kind of got this...


Est?n conmigo.


Uh, it's great to see you.

John didn't need to drag you into this.

I should've told him to come alone.

That's another thing you should've told me.


We can't talk here.

The police outside work

for the man whose wife was murdered.

They questioned everyone
who was here last night.

No one saw anything.

By the look of the burn on your chest,

we're not looking for a human suspect.

It's gonna take more than an
interrogation to find out what.

The police will be leaving
for the funeral soon.

You'll have an hour to look around.

Oh, come on, luv.

You're skipping all the juicy parts.

No, I told you exactly what I saw.

You can't just sit there
in a bloody nun's habit,

and pretend we don't have nothing to cover.

I always figured

that one of us would flee to Mexico,

but I thought there'd be tequila involved.

Or skinny-dipping.

More jokes.

That's incredible.

What happened to Astra

didn't change you at all.

Easy, Annie...

Don't call me that.

I don't know how you do it,

but my soul can't take another lost child.

I took a vow of service

to repent for my sins during that s?ance.

What about you?

Just because I'm not hiding in a nunnery

don't mean I ignore my debts.

Sometimes I even fly to
Mexico on a moment's notice

to very little thanks.


Oh, is that why you're here?

I'm fresh out, but you
should try the others.

Ritchie, Gary,


Have they called you with their gratitude?

There's no point reeling
in the years, now, is there?

We need to figure out
what kind of demonic killer

walks into the house of God
without breaking a sweat.

Is this the only place it attacked?


That's from the mice.

Not necessarily.

A lot of wall-dwellers target children.

Duendes, fairies...

nursery demons.

Grab the table, Chas.

Our first job is to narrow
down the category.

Rune stones will tell us which team

our culprit plays for.

Oh! Uh... hello.

Can I help you?

It's all right, Sister.
They're just here to...

Crime scene cleanup.

Yes. There's a new mother coming in soon.

Of course. Sorry to interrupt.

One of the sisters saw you.

She thought you were El Cuycuy.

The bogeyman.


And you just charged up here

with nothing but your wits.

Woman after my own heart.

Good luck.

You, too.

You can't even turn it off
around a woman married to God?

What, you mean Sister
Flirtatious? She started it.

If those cops are gonna be back

in an hour, we gotta move fast.

Holy mother of earth,

mother of the higher realm,

guide my hand.

Reveal the evil that dwelt here.

What have we here?

Whatever was here covered its tracks.

Baby snackers aren't that
sophisticated. This is good.

It means the kid might still be alive.

We need a link

to the child's soul.

The placenta. It's buried
in their backyard.

Local tradition.

It's supposed to bring good luck.

Fat lot of good that did.
All right, you stay here.

Watch for trouble.
We've got some digging to do.

If the placenta's really buried

in Hugo's back yard, I can find it myself.

One spell will tell me if the tyke's alive.

You can wait in the van,

if you're afraid.

Who said that I was afraid?

Well, I figured it was that

or you just took a spontaneous

vow of silence on the ride over.

It couldn't possibly be

that I'm focused on finding a missing baby?

Or that I don't have
anything to say to you?

Annie, listen...

I know you don't trust me

- after the s?ance at Newcastle.
- "Trust."

You lost that before the s?ance.

When you left my bed and went
trawling for girls at the bar?

My sheets weren't even cold, John.


I saw you.

Do you want that vow of silence back now?

I didn't mean for you to see me that night.

I'm sorry I hurt you.

It's not just the sex or the s?ance, John.

It's... it's your ego.

Everyone's just a port in your storm.

The placenta's definitely buried here.

Is that skin?


Oh, my God.

Manos arriba! Hands where I can see them!

- Hugo, wait! It's me!
- Sister?

What are you doing?

What is that?

A piece of human fruit, mate.

Your baby's alive.

And I know who took him.


Have another.

It won't make more sense,

but it will make you more open to it.

I'll be "open" to my trees

growing human flesh?

The placenta is connected
to an infant's soul.

Your son's is telling us
that there's some...

very dark magic surrounding him.

As old as the Garden of Eden.

Forbidden fruit, that ring a bell?

If you try to tell me

that Adam or Eve took my boy...

Not Eve.

One of her sisters.

They turned down Adam's proposal

before Eve said yes.

Chose an eternity as goddesses of hell

over a lifetime of obedience on Earth.

It's hard to blame 'em, really.

Martina was a good Catholic.

Why would God let this
happen to her, to Diego?

This isn't God's work, Hugo.

Evil wins when we let it destroy
our faith in the power of good.

Believe me, I know how hard it is.

I've been on the force for 14 years.

Never felt so helpless.

I always thought God was listening.

Ah, let the Almighty take His time out.

We got plenty to occupy ourselves with,

like figuring out
which one of Eve's sisters

is behind all this.

Now you're standing in for God.

Make way for John Constantine.

I'm telling a desperate man

that there are things we can do

to get his son back other than pray.

Your arrogance is out of control.

It took another baby.

Considering a blue period?

- Hey!
- Hi.

Eddie. Sorry, I...

didn't recognize you with, um,

your clothes on.

What are you doing here?

Well, I'm only modeling

until my art career takes off.

You paint, too?

I'll tell you about it over drinks.

First round's on me?

Let me pay for these, first.

I finished my MBA three years ago.

I don't know, I can't bring myself

to put on a tie and go to work.

So you strip naked and pose nude.

Oh, yeah, it's a cry for help.

So what about you?
How long you been studying art?

It's my first class.

No, I don't believe that.

I... I saw your sketches.

Drawing... it's like breathing to me.


I'd love to see your work.

No, you wouldn't.

You really wouldn't.

That beer go to your head?

No. No, I...

promise I'm not that much of a lightweight.

Ah, okay. That sounds like a challenge.

Hey, why don't we do

the next round at my place?


Why didn't I wake up?

It's good that you didn't.

It may have saved your life.

We're going to find her.

We'll start by dusting for prints.

There won't be any prints.


So, uh...

if I'm reading this right,

this teenager's your son,

and the new missing baby is...

your granddaughter.

Did you piss off a Gypsy, mate?

Get your whole brood cursed?

The killer is targeting your family.

You two just, uh, carry on catching up.

I got a guilty goddess to catch.

Does that fountain outside work?

I can't let you summon some deity from hell

on the convent grounds.

I'm only casting a spell to invoke

the goddess' reflection in the water.

That way, I can put a name to the face.

And what happens when your spell
gets out of control, John?

This convent's full of innocent people.

Then why did you call me?

Saving lives requires choices
that you're not willing to make,

or I wouldn't be here.

Now go and pray and let me work.

Was that really necessary?

I've heard worse from him.

He'd rather risk your feelings
than any other part of you.

That's how...

he deals with the pain.

John has one thing

that makes his life worth a damn,

and he can't do it
if he lets anyone in too close.

Like he did with you.

That's all.

All right, sisters of Eve.

Whichever one of you is hanging around,

it's time to reveal your pretty mug.

Axis mundi, produco tuus vires.

Axis mundi, produco

tuus vires.

Hola, sister.

I'm, uh, involved
in a personal prayer here,

if you don't mind clearing out a sec.

Uh, we need you upstairs.

Yolanda is very upset.

You left everyone in confusion.

Oh, you just tell them to relax, all right?

We'll get everything sorted.

If you don't come with me now,

you'll be the one sorted out.

By Mother Superior.

Or the police.

It's funny, your timing here.

You know, if I didn't know better,

I'd say you're trying to keep me
away from this here fountain.

Let's go.



I'll just rinse out my bowl.

Forgive me, Sister.

Your name slipped my mind.

Lillith, is it?




Where are the babies?


Wow. You live here by yourself?

I'm house-sitting.

Well, you have very interesting friends.

Yes, I do have very interesting friends.


It's nice, right?



I can't wait for you to meet
them when they get home.

They love interrogations.

Why are you following me?

Your father wants you home.

What did you say?

We just want to talk to you, Mary.

Don't you ever, ever call me that again!

Her name isn't Louisa.

It's Lamashtu.

Eve's youngest sister

and a bit of a glorified vampire.

I taught you about Lamashtu.

She doesn't kidnap her prey.

What does she do?

Lamashtu enjoys babies for their...

nutritional value.

But lucky for you,
she's curbing her hunger,

though I can't conceive why.

Lamashtu lives to feed.

Maybe the question is...

what makes Hugo's litter
worth keeping alive?

We're nobodies, good Catholics.

I've got nothing to hide from you.

Maybe someone's hiding something from you.

And what about the rest of your family?

Who knows your roots?

How about my grandmother, Pia.

She was born in Chile.

Great, I have a way with older women.

Thank you, abuelita.

Is that Mateo?

No, no, I'm just a friend of Hugo's.

I have some questions about Chile.

He said that you're the expert.

- Chile?
- Pia, listen to me.

Something is coming after our babies.

Something inhuman.

Martina is dead, abuelita.

Why would someone be targeting us?

God help us.

They are back.

Who is, Mrs. Lopez?

La Brujeria.

La Brujeria?

They are tracking us down.

Gathering new blood.

I've never heard of La Brujeria.

They were powerful warlocks in
Chile long before it was Chile.

It's prehistoric stuff...
they've been gone for eons.

No, not gone.

In hiding.

How come I've never heard of them?

Because they don't exist anymore.

When I was a girl,

my grandfather was one of those monsters.

They live to cause pain.

My father ran away for all of us.

Don't add up.

Brujeria wielded a magic
the world hasn't seen

since God turned on the lights.

He struck them down.

Not even hell would give them asylum.

They were annihilated.

You don't believe her?

I can't believe them.

I don't have a spell to shut
down the Brujeria, Anne Marie.

Nobody does.

She's speaking gibberish.

Then why are you scared?

I'm not scared.

If the Brujeria were back,
we'd know it, all right?

It wouldn't be subtle, there would be...

Bugger me.

What is it?

The rising darkness,

it's, uh, what I checked myself
out of the asylum to fight.

If the Brujeria are behind it...

I can see it now... it's
not that you don't care,

it's that you can't care about
anybody and do what you do.

I think I did come here to hide.

And it doesn't work.

Under this disguise,

I'm the same scared girl
I was at Newcastle.


If Lamashtu wants a baby with Hugo's blood,

then I say we give her one.

Once we fill the poultry with Hugo's blood,

I'll use a glamour spell to
make it look like an infant.

We'll hand it off to our evil lady friend,

and she will kindly lead us
to her baby stash.

If Lamashtu is working for the Brujeria,

you'd be walking right onto their radar.

Well, I didn't say there weren't risks.

How do you know she won't attack you first?

I'll present the baby
as a mother's offering.

She'll have no reason to hurt me.

You tried to kill Lamashtu.

She won't come near you.

No, that's a good point.

I'll have to dress as a woman.

Just need me a skirt and a wig.

- Stop it.
- Stop what?

This kind of pathetic ruse might
have worked with Gary Lester,

but I think I deserve
a little more respect.

I have no idea what
you're talking about, luv.

You need me to make this offering.

You're counting on it.

Look, we had our shot at life, Annie.

We've made our mistakes,
but these... these are...

they're babies.

No price is too high to save the innocent.

Thank you for your honesty.

I'll make the handoff.

You don't need to fight.

Our father wants what's best for you.

Oh, so he's your father, too, now, is he?


I don't remember you from my childhood.

Maybe it's because

I spent most of it

in a locked room.

That was for your protection.

You know what you mean to us.

You're our salvation.


Is that even your real name?

How did you find me?

We're the Crusade.

Our believers are everywhere.

We will always find you.

Damn it, Eddie!

You led them up here?

You don't know what they are!


One more step,

and I'll kill him.

I'm so sorry.

You should be. Could've made
this much easier on all of us.


or asleep?

Your choice.

May be a few minutes
before Lamashtu arrives,

but she'll sniff out the blood.

Now, do you remember the words?

Take this child into your dark womb

and give it eternal life.

You know...

you know you never had

anything to repent for.


That was my failure.

You don't owe nothing for that.

You're wrong, John.

I owe an anxious 15-year-old boy
with no self worth.

Always hiding from your father

and aching for a mum.

Should've shagged you then, but instead

I introduced you to my world.

It was a world of wonders.

Which you followed into hell.

You are my failure, John.

It's a matter of perspective.

What is this?

The icon of Pazuzu.

It's a bastardly demon.

Used to be Lamashtu's soul mate.

But now she hates his guts.

I can relate.

Take this child into your dark womb

and give it eternal life.

She fell for it.

Of course she did.

Hugo, no.

Hugo, stop!

Hugo. Hugo.

If you want to see your son alive,

you got to let us do what we do. Look,

I know your heart's in the right place,

but you'll kill him.

Okay, go. Go. Go. Take-take this!

No, I have no use for that. I'll take it.

I'm guessing that
our lady friend just discovered

that her baby is really a bloody chicken.

It's not a good idea to split up.

We have to. We can't lose her now.

If you need me, scream.

That won't be a problem for me.



I knew that spell wouldn't last forever.

The Pazuzu icon. Give it to me.

Bring me the young bruja.

John, give me Diego.

The way I see it,

I've got something you're
supposed to deliver intact.

Am I wrong?

John, that's an innocent child.

You're working for the Brujeria. Why?

If you don't answer me,

so help me God, I will snap the neck

of your precious little cargo,

and then you'll have to explain
to them why you failed.

Now, why are you working for the Brujeria?

They're expanding my domain.

In hell?

On earth.

John, don't do this.

Don't play this game.

- How? What's their plan?
- Not now.

Or maybe I'll just drown the kid, eh?

John, stop this! Give me Diego now!

You've got three seconds
to tell me what kind

of mayhem they're gonna unleash.

What is their plan?!

They've figured out
how to break the boundary.

Hell and earth will become one.

No more hiding like cowards

in the shadows. We'll live

in the open, and you'll be the ones hiding.

But there'll be no hiding from us.

You'll be ours.

So that's what's on the way.


Too bad you won't see it.

You don't have the power to stop me.

No man does.

I bet your old mate Pazuzu
sees things differently.

How 'bout I just leave
you two lovebirds to...

sort it out, eh?

Kaskassu sutu ilu,

il Pazuzu.



nabu kunu utukku!


We're alive! We're on our way!

I'll take care of them from here.

Time to go home now.



- Is everybody okay?
- Right as rain, mate.

Go. Now.

Is there another one?

What is that?

It can't be.

An Invunche.

- We have to run.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

It'll just attack us.

We can't outrun it.

What do we do?


I've got no idea.

No, no, no. You shoot that gun,
it's gonna attack us for sure.

No, John.

It will attack you.

No price is too high to save the innocent.

Oh, you're a quick study, luv.