Community (2009–2015): Season 6, Episode 6 - Basic Email Security - full transcript

A hacker threatens to publish emails unless a scheduled appearance by a racist comic is canceled.


Come on.

Oh, Elroy!

Elroy, hey.

- Computer no worky.
- Please don't do that.

- Computer no worky.
- Did you forget your password again?

Pelton, I can't keep track of all
the parakeets you had growing up.

This is different.

No matter what I do, I get the same error.

Which one?

You have been owned by Elite Fleet 69.

Our hacks are all up in your systems.

I'm not bothering to pronounce them,
but there are a lot of z's being used.

Oh, crap.


Is there another Mask movie coming out?

- The school's been hacked.
- What?

- How can we stop it?
- It's too late, it's happened.

No parlo hablo too late at Greendale Elroy.
There's always something that can be done.

You know I, I wasn't
gonna say anything but.

You could cut the
hardline at the mainframe.


To the mainframe!
To the mainframe!

Cut the hardline.

- You were being sarcastic?
- Yeah, but you should look at this.

Cancel your offensive performance.

You know the one we mean.

We have all your information.

If you do not cancel this hateful comedy
show, you will taste our power in this way.

- There's a link.
- Don't click it.

Oh, what, the green skull
will give me a virus?

My God.

It's the lunch lady's emails.

It's all the lunch lady's emails.

Which lunch lady?

The hot one?

You mean the one who serves the hot food?

Mmm, that's the one.

Please tell me you guys aren't
sitting there reading the lunch lady's

leaked e-mails.

No one here could ever do that, not
even in shifts, it's decades of data.

I'm reading the Greendale Gazette's
highlights of the lunch lady's e-mails.

I found a torrent of all the
highlights if you don't want to wait for

the ads to load.

Abed, that's stealing.

Those ads are there so

the Gazette can pay people to go
through the lunch lady's email.

Not to get too liberal,
but once they're online,

does anyone really own
the lunch lady's emails?

That's why the future of the
internet is branded content.

lady's most embarrassing secrets.


You guys are violating her privacy.

I'm pretty sure the
media's doing that, Britta.

We're just reading the news.

The police are here, about
our computers being hacked.

Hi, guys.

I see a few familiar faces here.

A few new ones, as well.

No, just gonna keep the cop you've
known for five years at arms length?

I get it.

What have you boys been able to figure out?

Don't call us boys.

And it's a unique case,

because it's hard to decide
what laws are being broken.

Unless you count the lunch lady's sex life.

Thanks, thanks a lot.

Anyway, our city does have a
cyber-crime division, but it's well,

it's pretty new.

Any leads?

Officer Warburton.

I want McDonald's.



Some of you probably can't
see from where you're sitting.

It's literally a child in an
adult sized police uniform.

It's cute, but it doesn't
help our situation.

So what do we make of the demands?

Well we were able to
find out a little more.

This message was posted
online and signed, The Hackers.

And we assume it's legit because
well, that's just where we're at.

Greendale, cancel the performance
of the terrorist comedian

Gupta Gupti Gupta, who seeks to
spread hatred with his hateful comedy.

You guys booked Gupta Gupti Gupta?


Oh my God, Dean, he's
renowned for his racist act.

How can he be racist?

Listen to his name.

Well, the message says if you don't
cancel his performance, what happened

to the lunch lady's gonna happen to
everyone on the activities committee.


We don't have a...

Oh, God, that's us.


So, what do we do?

That's up to the school.

Though I'm just a cop, born in a
small town, raised in the heartland,

but I say cancel the performance, and
give the government the sweeping powers

it needs to detect and eliminate
people before they turn into hackers.

Think that's all I've got.

How's everything otherwise?

Stoked for avengers,
avengers, avengers, avengers?

I hear Marvel got really
hands on this time,

they really pinned in Joss Whedon
creatively, so how can that go wrong?

Okay, see ya.

I guess I'm gonna call
a press conference and

announce the comedy is cancelled.

Wait hold on.

What's that?

Do your thing, inspire them.

To do what?

To rise to the occasion.

To not let these hackers push us around.

Don't you guys think that
we have an obligation here?

The cop says no.

Well the cops say that your car
trunk has something to do with 9/11.

They're not philosophers,
they're crossing guards with guns.

This is on us as a committee.

The eyes of the world...

Are within hundreds of miles of this room.

Okay, how about the
eyes of something bigger?

Aren't you an atheist?

Don't you hate this government?

Are you even planning on
going to see this comic?

Yes, pretty much and of course
not, I was planning to protest him.

But I can't believe
I'm the one saying this.

For God sakes, we're freaking Americans.

We're talking about freedom of
speech, it's the amendment so

important it's literally the
first one they remembered to add.

For white people.

With penises.

We prefer to be called people
without color or vaginas.

Look, I know some things
have gotten too simple and

other things have gotten too
complicated, but we still have a legacy

and a job in this country.

We're the colony so high
maintenance the British gave up.

We're so obnoxious the
French sent us a statue.

Nobody tells us to shut up.

And yes, I know that our wealth
is no longer distributed, and yes,

our democracy has been hijacked and
turned into a puppet show about two

fake parties that are controlled
by a cartel of monopolies, and

yes, if our votes had any
real power they'd be illegal.

Britta! Freedom of speech acknowledged.

Trust us.

Cancel the show and you cancel people.

Might as well bring dinosaurs back.

What? Let her finish.

Britta, you saw what they
did to the lunch lady.

You wanna guess how much
better my emails are?

You want me to call a press
conference and say, now do me?

No, I'll do it.

Let them leak me.

I'm not letting you do this alone.

Screw it.

I'm in.

Someone has to be the last to stand
up, and now that someone isn't me.

I kinda zoned out and assume
we're standing to go see Avengers.

These guys are giving hackers a bad name.

And hacker is already such a dumb name.

I'm not an idealist, I'm a pragmatist.

And it's never pragmatic
to piss you guys off.

So, fine.

You guys.

This is so inspiring.

I guess, just let me know how it goes.

No matter what happens I'm with you,
but don't tell anyone I'm with you.

If you do, I'll deny it, but
I'm with you here and now.

Not literally here and
now, right now I'm leaving,

but I will always have
been with you secretly.


The performance by Gupta Gupti
Gupta will go on as scheduled tomorrow

night, and we encourage anyone who
believes in freedom to attend Mr.

Gupta's performance.

Although, as a woman, and someone
with many Jewish and black friends,

I will be deeply offended.

I'm petitioning to have Mr. Gupta
banned from all campuses across America.

But, one thing at a time.

First, freedom of speech does not
just apply to speech you want to hear.

Case in point, am I right?

Definitely get my good side, right here.


Oh, I'm being censored!

I'm being censored!

Anyway, there's coffee
and scotch in the corner.

Screw the hackers and long live Greendale!


All right, I'll see you guys at
sound check in the cafeteria tomorrow.

And there is a good chance that
we are going to be targeted, so

nobody gets on the internet tonight.

What do we say?

No peeking at the leaking.

Promise, promise, promise?




Thank you for backing me up, a little.

Well, you turned into the
path of least resistance.

Deflect all you want, but you're putting
your ass one the line for an ideal.

Well, maybe a fraction of
a butt cheek on the line.

It's not like I used that stupid
Greendale email for anything

but porn subscriptions and
improv show mailing lists.

What makes you think it's only your
Greendale email they'll be leaking?

Because they hacked Greendale.

Do you have a computer in your office?


Do you check your emails on that computer?


You look at boobies on it?

One time.

They got it.

They got everything.

It's Vietnam now, baby.

It's Vietnam!

Anyways, like I said, thanks.






Word around school is our
emails have been leaked.

Is that so?

Oh, the first you've heard of it?

I guess I heard some rumblings.

Hm, rumblings.

Hm. Hm.

Hello, Jeff.

Hello, Jeff.

Jeff Winger.




I hear the hackers leaked our emails.

Yeah. Something like that.

Should we help set up chairs?


Something was wrong with that one.

Bad chair.

Hi, how's everybody doing?

I asked a damn question.



New look.

I'm glad you like it.

I'd hate to think my wardrobe wasn't
passing muster with this group.

So here I am in a brand new outfit
with an up-to-the-minute shirt.


I'm not usually the best at
non-verbal cues, so I have to ask,

is it possible that everyone here but me
read all of each other's leaked emails?

No. Absolutely not.

It's possible.

I read it all.

I read all your crap.

I have read everything you guys
have ever wrote about me in an email.

And you guys are the
worst people in the world.

Screw you guys.

Not cool.

Mean, mean, mean.

Point it at me and I will eat it!


I will bite your little
finger off and I will eat it!

Then, let's see you type more
descriptions of my Houseguest-era Sinbad



That's a direct quote from a
really mean email I wrote about him.

So now who's the bad guy?

Okay. How much of the
leak did each of you read?

I have a right to fit in!

Okay, stop it! Stop it!

Why don't we all just admit that we...

I'm not admitting it.

Oh, Annie, get over it.

Come on.

You had my blood tested for amphetamines?

You were extra jumpy last spring.

We had to double check to be safe.

I don't think I'm jumpy enough
if my friends can steal my blood.

Oh, you gave it to us.

For that human genome project?

We only used half of it for that.

By the way, you're one percent Neanderthal.


How can you judge anyone,
light switch licker?

Like this, ew.

You guys hear that sound?

That is the sound of the hackers winning.

Our school's out there right now,
pawing through our dirty laundry,

laughing at us, waiting
to see what we're gonna do,

waiting to see who wins in the
battle between terror and cool.

We got to be cool, man.

We got to be cool.

And set up for a show.

Abed, if you wouldn't mind
please checking the sound system.

No problem.

Unless you're too busy
telling your girlfriend I

don't understand Donnie Darko.

Annie. I'm cool.

I'll set up the box office.

Oh, or will me opening a box
office unfairly influence wagers

in your betting pool
about my sexual preference?

We saw this one coming,
and we are so sorry.

Oh, that cuts it.

The word sorry fills that
crater right to the brim, yeah.

Oh, boo hoo.

Your friends are curious
about your night life.

We kept it among friends.

You told human resources I
was a functional alcoholic.

I am required to file a
report on every teacher, and

if you throw another
tantrum I will revise yours.

To what? Non-lethal murderer?

Armless javelin thrower?

What in your unqualified,

little red school house of a
brain is a functional alcoholic?

What in your brain is a chapstick lesbian?

To me, 300 bucks.

Unless you care to refute it.

My sexuality is of zero concern
to my job and to everyone here.

I swear, if you people were
trapped on a tiger-infested island

with no food or water, you would
judge every ship that came to save you.

How does the tigers survive
without food or water?

Oh, it's not cute, Annie.

And I read your entry in the pool.

Was your goal to win or just be disgusting?

I had to pick last.

Yeah, well, we all read about
ourselves in your weirdly long,

melodramatic emails to your sister,
who you might notice never responds.

Take a hint.

She's dead.

I pretend to write her
emails as a journaling device.

You wretched, evasive little gremlin.

Okay, why don't we just
call that rock bottom.

Check one, check two.

Check one, check two.

Well, well, well, it looks like Jeff
Winger auto-paid his car insurance and

Annie's book club has a meeting tomorrow.

Where do you guys find the bad stuff?

Maybe, maybe what we all need to
do here is have everyone in the room

address and own one thing
that they know is out there.

No blame, no shame.

Just an explanation.

I'll start.

Now, I'm sure by now, you've all
seen the emails between me and

the Patterson family of Herndon, Virginia.

Not me. No.

I received their first letter
as part of a family email chain,

Christmas of 2007.

I don't think you owe us.

Although, I, I didn't
understand why they'd written me.

I responded politely.

When I realized they had somehow
mistaken me for their cousin.

For some reason, I
suppose it was loneliness,

I simply failed to disabuse
them of that notion.

Well, that's...

I've come to love Barb and
George, and Gelson and Roselle.

And even Uncle Paul with all his flaws.

And even though our relationship
is based on a lie, for me it's.

One of the realest, I'll ever know.


I hope you don't think by explaining
that, you're off the hook for

the 3D models you've been making of
our bodies without our permission.

That's what those photos were for?

I'm making a game about
lady time travelers.

Where in your pants?

That's pretty creepy, Elroy.

Oh, you guys are so suave.

You're such gentlemen.

You and Chang have a daily
email chain ranking Annie and

Britta one and two.

By which you mean, Chang emails me
rankings every day and I don't respond.

Except for February 7th, 2013.

Chang, Britta is one, Annie is two.

Jeff, ha, yeah.

Jeff, gross.

And Britta, way to instantly memorize
the exact date of your big victory.

Hey, silver and gold,
ladies, ain't no losers there.

Okay, I think we're losing
sight of what's important.

Says the woman suing her father for $80.

Tell it to your fake family.

Have you made any creepy
boob models of Jezel yet?

Jezel is like a daughter to me.

But arguably more like a
daughter to her parents.

Didn't you have your own family?

Oh, go write an astronaut.

Oh, did anyone see Jeff's letters?

He writes to astronauts.

Talk about creepy.

They're national heroes!

Yes, they are!

Leave them alone.

Ooh, this I gotta see.

You know, what I don't want to see?

Your exchanges with your life coach
about the study group when we were


Oh, and by the way, clearly,
not a life coach, and absolutely,

just an Italian sociopath
you met at a dispensary.

You two dated?

This was a study group?

Yeah, Chang was our teacher.


That's right, and frankly,
haven't been well utilized since.

Dear Reid Wiseman, congratulations
on your successful return to Earth...


Video games.

Do you have any more advice?

Dear new ensemble, I
love you more than my dad.


This is Gupta Gupti Gupta.

Yeah, hi.

Fine, whatever.


You guys okay?

To tell you the truth,

Gupta Gupti, we've been
through a bit of a rough patch.

Yeah, the dean was telling me about
it and I've been reading about it.

Hope you were entertained.

To be honest, I'm really grateful.

This is the first school in six
months that hasn't canceled, so thanks.

I'm gonna go get ready.

We really did the right thing didn't we?


It doesn't matter what
we read in the leaks or

what we said to each other tonight.

What matters is that right
now here on this campus,

the people are in charge.

Not the hackers.

Not the media, not the cops, the people.

Abed, go put on some music.

Elroy, Jeff, put out some more chairs.

Annie get ready to introduce our star.

Chang, go talk to yourself in the corner.

Frankie, let the people in.



Hey. Hey, Neil.


That's the whole audience?


I can't do a show for one person.

Well, you kinda have to.

But I'd rather not.

Well, you have to, jackass,

because there's more at stake
here than what you'd rather do.

Oh, God.

There's a new message from the hackers.

Everyone, quiet down!

Abed, cut the music.

People of Greendale, your activities
committee has defied our demands, and

the horrible racist comedian
is still about to perform.

Yeah, that's right.

We beat you.

If this performance goes on as scheduled,

all of your information will be published.

If you do not want this to happen,

you will find a way to
stop this performance.

Whoa! Stop, stop, hey!

Sit down, Neil!

You can stop me, but you can't stop
the people from stopping this show.


You hear that?

My God!

It's the people coming to stop the show.

Now what do we do?

We have to stop the people.

Their freedom of speech depends on it.

Frankie, Chang, bar the doors.

Annie, introduce him, quick!

I don't wanna do this.

Listen, you piece of crap, we've
been to hell and back for you.

Get up there and do your
stupid act for freedom.

Okay, okay.

Ladies and gentlemen, he's performed
at colleges and clubs all over.

Gupta Gupti Gupta!

Hey, y'all.

Look, I see there's a
lot of Jews in the crowd.

I mean, you know, there isn't, but
usually when I do my act, there's more.

But, you know, I have a whole Jew thing.

Do it!

Okay, okay.

Who is this guy?

Stop performing!

Do not stop performing!

Okay, this guy.

Look at him.

It looks like he ate so much.

He's very fat.

Don't do this to me.

Shut up and listen.

I see that you're fat, but
are you also black or Jewish?

You know, it's hard to be
fat when you're black or

Jewish because when you're black,
your community steals all your food, so

you can't eat as much.

And when you're Jewish,
nobody ever buys anything,

so you can't eat as much.

You're damned if you do,
you're damned if you don't.

Oh, dear God.

The bastards did it.

They leaked the entire school's data.

Oh, okay.

So hey, fat guy in the audience.

Have you found anyone else you
could love, like another fat person?

Or, are you one of those fat
people who will always be alone?

Hey, Leonard, you enjoy
my girlfriend in 2009?

As much as she enjoyed
your plagiarized poetry.

I will kill you.

Don't act like you care about me.

I've seen all of your cartoons about me.

I am this school's worst nightmare!

I am a.

Man, it's like Road Warrior out there,

but if petrol were privacy and
bad teeth were dirty secrets.

Good news! Neil's talking to us again.

He says he respects our moral
position, but not our execution.

Also, he says he's never
talking to us again.

I don't see how we can
bounce back from this one.

This one?


If you follow a theme of revealed
secrets, the email hack is the third

installment of a trilogy that
began with Annie losing a pen,

in what I've come to call the Golden Age.

I'm guessing the second chapter would
be when your best friend vanished on

a mysterious boat trip after the
older one masturbated himself to death?


If that's one you guys bounced
back from, we might be okay.

What's the lesson here?

I always wanna make sure
I know what the lesson is.

I'm a completist.

The rest of the school's in shambles,

so maybe we're more evolved
and forgiving than them.

We already know that, stupid.

I feel more desensitized to
jokes about Jews and blacks.

Is that good?

Say what?

We know the pieces of our
privacy, freedom of speech,

terrorism, and government.

So, the lesson is
probably an ironic pairing,

like one man's privacy
is another man's freedom.

Government is terrorism.

The only free speech is private speech.

A free government terrorizes privacy.

That's all four, bitches.

Terror is terrorized by...

Terry the terrorist?

Tarry not, for terrorism terrifies.




We caught the hacker.

This is Ryan, AKA
StringCheeseHustler, AKA Fartmitzvah,

Frozensucked, Captaintitty.

You don't need to know all his names.

He lives across the
street from the campus, and

he's got something he wants to say.

Don't you? I'm sorry.

For what?

For guessing your school
master password was changeme.


How do you sleep at night, Warburton?

You were one of us.

You were free.

No one's free when they're one of anything.

And to answer your question, I
sleep alone with one eye open.

That's why I'm not the one in cuffs.

Let's go, Fartmitzvah.

Crime doesn't pay.

Crime doesn't pay.

Crime doesn't pay.

I'm sorry if I used photography to
digitally approximate some of your naked


It's all right.

It is? No!


Same as yesterday.

Big cloud of data raining over a pasture.

All 8 billion sheep keep grazing.

Is that good?


The thing you said back there
about not being a part of anything.

Is that really how you feel?

It's not a question of how I feel.

I feel like flying.

I don't jump off buildings.

Do you believe in God, Warburton?

You know, there's no rule that
says we have to be friends, right?

How about common courtesy?

Familiar with that rule?

The words common and
courtesy have opposite values.

Common courtesy is just
gibberish, hocus pocus,

a spell we cast when
hoping to cheat reality.

You're a cynical son of a bitch.

I'll give you that.

You know, my wife, she
makes these dream catchers.

Shut the hell up.

How fast can you get us
to the mainframe hardline?

Yankee Doodle Dandy!