Community (2009–2015): Season 1, Episode 12 - Comparative Religion - full transcript

Shirley throws a Christmas party for the gang and much to her surprise learns her classmates come from various religious backgrounds. Meanwhile, Jeff is challenged by the school bully and faces the reality that he may fail Spanish 101.

Happy last day
before winter break, Greendale.

Time to visit our loved ones.

Some of you will travel
as far as three miles.

Don't forget to visit our winter wonderland,
where we're giving away catalogues

of next semester's classes.

Whoa! What's that sound?

Is that the tippy-tapping
of secular boots on the roof?

Oh, well, it must be yet another sign
that it 'tis the season,

because rumor has it

that non-denominational
Mr. Winter

is on his way
to the student lounge.

I am so sick of the dean jamming
his PCness down my throat.

Pierce, I'd like to commend you
for letting that one go.

PCness. Now I get it.

It sounds like penis.
I just got it too.

Well, it's still Christmas to all of us.

And I made you all a little gift,
because you're like my new family.

"W.W.B.J. D?"

If that stands for
"What would Billy Joel do?"

I'll tell you right now,
he'd write another crappy song.

Yeah, in your face, Billy Joel.

Who is that?

It stands for "What would baby Jesus do?
" And it's to remind us

that the real meaning
of this season is Christmas.

Oh, well, thank you, Shirley.

I'm gonna put that in the pocket
closest to my heart.

No, no, no.
It's a bracelet, you put them on.

Everybody put them on.

Hey. Hey.

You took all the Winter-Doodles.

What are you, a douche bag?

They're for my friends.
But there's a lot left.

No. Only macadamia nut cookies.
I have a tree-nut allergy.

You should stay away from
Christmas-tree-shaped cookies.

Ha-ha-ha! That did not even make allergic sense.
What are you, an idiot?

Okay, we get it, you and the A-Team
are awesome, now beat it.

Oh, look at that. Pretty boy,
standing up for bird-face over here.

Give me a Winter-Doodle.

If you're trying to be menacing, maybe
don't call the cookie by its name.

Oh, you're funny, you're a funny man.
Wanna hear something funny?

Knock, knock. My fist up your balls.

Who's there?

Ho, ho, ho!

Merry happy.

This ain't over.

There won't always be
a dean around, all right?

Still waiting on
those cookies, Abed.

Jeff protected my honor.

It was like My Bodyguard,
but I was the kid from Meatballs,

Jeff was from Full Metal Jacket, and the mustache
guy was the brother of the guy in Entourage.

Thanks for dumbing that down for us.
You got it.

What's the deal, Jeff? You leave
your stones in your other suit?

Why didn't you rap that guy
in the face?

For the same reason that I floss
and keep my guitar in its case.

I'm over 23.

I'm proud of you for
handling it peacefully, Jeff.

Like a certain little birthday boy.

Real men turn the other cheek.
Let's see them.

Nonsense. Men were wired
to fight each other

so women could choose
the right mate.

No, the real reason men fight
is to release their pent-up gayness.

That guy wasn't gay,
he had a mustache.

You know what I have? Finals.

Are we cramming
for Spanish or not?

I need a 65
or I'm gonna flunk the class.

Why didn't you do the extra credit
if you knew that you were


Because doing more than the
minimum work is my definition of


Quick question.

Are you all coming to my
Christmas party right after the final

or are you stopping home to
change into your Christmas outfits?

I guess I could wear
one of my Hanukkah sweaters.

Ah. Annie, I didn't know
you weren't, um, Christian.

Yep, one might
even say I'm Jewish.

Oh, that's good for you.
That's wonderful.

I respect all religions of the world.

I'm Muslim.
Jehovah's Witness.

The Lord is testing me.

Guys, this is a subject that
breeds conflict, can we please...?

What religion are you, Jeff?
I'm agnostic.

Agnostic. Lazy man's atheist.

I'm born-again.

We had a re-birthing ritual
in my friend's hot tub.

I'm now a level five Laser Lotus
in my Buddhist community.

That does not sound like Buddhism.
You sure you're not in a cult?

Just by asking me that question,
you put me back down to a level four.

You now owe me
2000 Energon Cubes.

Do you know how foolish
you sound right now?

What else do you believe in,
blood transfusions?

Jehovah's Witnesses are
a type of Christian, right, Troy?

Yeah, but we don't celebrate birthdays
or Christmas, and we can't drink.

But it helps.

So you're like a Muslim.
Assalamu alaikum.


Well, don't we have
a diverse little family.

I say we open up this party
to all faiths.

I brought my Star of Bethlehem,

which led the wise men
to the savior of all mankind.

And you guys can bring a little trinket
or doodad from your philosophies.

Sounds good?

As an agnostic, I'm gonna
bring my winning smile.

Ugh! So boring.

Done. Hee, hee!

Feliz navidad.

"True or falso
or none of the above?"

That doesn't make any sense.

Hey, look at that,
Forehead's taking a test.

Why don't you get going,
Chuck Norris?

Did you just shoo me?
Why don't you just kiss him already?

Dude, I will shoo your nose
down your throat.

Señor Chang, can you do
something about this?

I'll allow it.

Qué pasa here, huh?

It's usted, dude. Even I know that.

You picked the wrong day to correct
my Spanish, No Sleeves. It's on.

He's doing this for me.
He's my bodyguard.

You wanna dance?
To some show tunes?

No, I want to beat you,
and I'm gonna enjoy it.

Because you're like this school.

You're obnoxious, cramping my style
and you smell like french-fry oil.

I don't get it.

Three o'clock. Bike rack,
but not the one by the parking lot.

Right, the one by the trash cans, near the orange
cones, where they're building the wheelchair ramp.

Best exam ever.

That guy's awesome.

So help me, if that
jerkweed made me fail.

Well, I aced it, amigo.
That means cousin.

So, what's my role going to be?

Is there a key moment where
I stand up for myself, take revenge?

Uh, maybe you should
just hang back.

Yeah, I will. In his face.

Whatever you do,
don't tell Shirley about the fight.

She'll start in with all her
mothery guilt-inducing powers.

You know what I mean?

I'm wearing this Jesus bracelet
because it gets me chicks.

I know guys like this Mike.

He used to be a nerd,
now he's a meathead.

Dangerous combo.

Tyson, Lou Ferrigno,
Rosie O'Donnell.

You're a pretty big dude.
You've probably got moves.

Yeah, I got some theories.

You've never been in a fight?
Technically, no.

I guess I'm too charming
and likeable. Call me a name.

I can't.

Are you telling me you've never
been punched in the face?

No, thank God.
This is the moneymaker.

First time I got punched in the face,
I was like, "Oh, no."

But then I was like, "This is a story."

And a good one.

Every man should be punched
in the face. It's a rite of passage.

In my day, Friday night was
smoke a doobie, feel up a gal

and then get your teeth
knocked out by a Republican.

Guys, the plan here isn't for me
to get hit. It's for me to hit him.

Oh, then it's settled.

We have to teach Jeffrey
how to fight.

I know a few moves.

Troy, I assume you're
handy with a switchblade.

Abed, you get back to the family tent,
try to find a chicken for Jeff to chase.

Guys, I appreciate the enthusiasm,
but I think I got this.

Oh, well, look who it is.

We got Forehead, Old Head,
Dumb Head and the Other Head.

See you at 3, Forehead.

Give me a snowman, dork.

See this, funny guy? Huh?


Classic Rosie.

Fight lessons in a half an hour?

Good plan.

♪ Joy to the
world The Lord is come ♪

♪ The Lord, the Lord, the Lord ♪♪


Oh! Is this your Hanukkah holder?

It's, uh... It's pretty.

We'll just, uh... Let's just put it here.

There we go. That's nice.

So I can't believe
I never knew you were a Jew.

I'd say the whole word next time.

So do you think everyone
will start arriving soon?

I think they're gonna come
after Jeff's fight.

After Jeff's what, now?

Jeff wants to fight that bully.

On Christmas?

Will you excuse me for a moment?

Can you finish the manger scene?

We know you were one of us.

What's up? What's up?

What's up.
No, it's a question.

What's up?
What's up?

Not a real question, a rhetorical one.
You have the answer, he does not.

Then you give them
the Forest Whitaker eye.

Oh, that's pretty good.

Okay, hold that stare.
There you go.

Hold it. Then, look straight through
his eyes and deep into his soul.

And then you move to Vermont.

I'm sick and tired of you
saying that fighting is gay.

She's got a point. In boxing,
you fight for the purse and a belt.

I've gotta write a paper about that.
Let's see what we're working with.

Go ahead,
throw a few at the old paws.

What are you?
A North Korean seamstress?

Not if that's bad.
Get mad, come on!

If it helps, think of me
as somebody who annoys you.

That's it. That's good.

Britta, put your blouse back on.

Ohh! Ow!

This is not a game.
You gotta be ready for anything.

Dude, that is not cool.

Well, that foxy black girl thinks it is.


What are you doing?
Why she have to be black?

What is going on?

We're trying to get Jeff
ready for the fight.

I couldn't think of another word.


He meant we were figh...

ting. It is hard to
think of another word.

You realize there's
no way to take this

than as a giant middle finger to
the most important day of the year.

December 10th?
It's our Christmas.

And I'm having a party.

Due to my divorce,
and my relatives picking sides,

this will be the only Christmas party
I throw this year.

Will you be there

or will I have another family
letting me down?

I told him not to fight.

He wouldn't listen.

I don't know what that is.

Jeffrey, I have two boys.

And when we have
a serious discussion,

I find that a brownie
helps them to relax.

So why do you hate me and Jesus?

I don't think my brownie's working.

Please don't do something so ugly
on a day so important to me.

Again, it's December 10th.

You think religion is stupid.

No, no. To me,
religion is like Paul Rudd.

I see the appeal and would never
take it away from anyone,

but I would also never
stand in line for it.

And, look, the die has been cast
with this crazy bully guy.

He picked on Abed,
and he corrected my Spanish.

So you go to your party
and I'll see you soon.

Jeffrey, I forbid you from fighting.

Well, you don't get to.
You're not my mom.

You're right, but if you show up for
the fight, don't show up for my party.

Oh, come on, Shirley, don't be mad.
I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.

That's Mom for mad.

Oh, hash browns and
applesauce, that's nice.

Oh, what is that interesting smell?

It's a traditional Muslim dish.

Looks delicious.

I'm guessing as a woman
I won't be allowed to eat that.

That's too bad.

Oh, look, Britta brought
what she believes in.


Where should I put
my Buddha incense holder?

I'm pretty sure that's a bong.

Where's Jeff?

I guess he made his choice.

I wanna go to Jeff's fight.

As I told Jeff, no one that goes
to the fight can come to my party.

He's dead to me. And if any of you
leave you'll be dead to me too.

Let's sing.

♪ Jesus is a friend of mine ♪

♪ Jesus is a friend of mine ♪


♪ Jesus is a friend of mine ♪♪

Come on, everybody.
You don't know it?

You're banning Jeff from the party?
That doesn't seem very Christian.

Well, that's an interesting point
of view coming from an atheist.

I did my best to create
a special Christmas

for my one intact family.

And, ahem, this is the thanks I get?

Shirley, you are a guilt machine.

And Annie knows a thing or two
about guilt, am I right, Jew?

Say the whole word.


You would never catch
a Jehovah's Witness saying "Jewie."

Tell it to the birthday cake
you never got.

You know, there's an
old Buddhist saying...

You are not a Buddhist,
you are in a cult.

Suck it, Nietzsche.

Guys, everyone's faith is weird.
Let's just not talk about it.

Guys, guys.

Guys, guys, are we really gonna
let religion divide us like this?

I think there's one thing
we can all agree on.

I get 72 virgins in heaven.

No, that we would all like
to have Jeff at this party.

Mm. He can't come. Mm-mm.

I get that this is your first Christmas
since your husband left you.

And I don't know, maybe that's why
you're being so stubborn,

because you're trying so hard
to recreate something

that you're afraid
that you've lost forever.

But if you really want us
to be your second family,

then you've gotta start
treating us like one.

Even if that means supporting us

when we do things
that you don't agree with.

And you can start
by rooting for Jeff

while he rolls around on the ground,
groping another man.

That's what I'm gonna do.

The cranberry sauce
has real cranberries.

If this dude doesn't show up,
we're definitely going to Applebee's.

Because I'm getting into a fight
no matter what today, I'm telling you.

Oh, look who showed up.

Oh, check him out. Ohh!

What's up, dude?

No backup today, huh?

Looks like grandpa and weirdo couldn't
show up to get their teeth knocked out.

Can I ask you a question? Are you
perpetually on your way to the gym?

Dude, my life is a gym.

Well, what's up? What's up?
What's up, man?

What's up? What's up?
What's up? What's up?

What's up?
What's up?

What's up?
What's up? What's up?


Dude, what is that?
One sec, these are very expensive.

What is he doing?

All right.

Dude, you wear a bracelet?

Your name is Mike, right?

Mike, I'm not gonna fight you.

I have a friend that believes this is the time of year
where you put aside your differences and make peace.

Me? I don't believe in any of that,
but I do believe in friendship.

And as much as I hate you
and the cast of Breakin',

I have to ask myself,
what would Shirley do?

Oh, no.
What would Shirley do?

I think that she would
shake your hand

and wish you a Merry Christmas.


Kick his ass.

Cavalry's here. Shirts off, boys.

Come on, I'm being punk'd, right?

Kick them. Come here.

Please, it's Christmas.
It's December 10th.


Not the moneymaker,
not the moneymaker.

Ow! Ow!

You're welcome.

♪ Sensible night ♪

♪ Appropriate night ♪

♪ Snow on ground ♪

♪ Left and right ♪

♪ Round yon purchase ♪

♪ Of decorative things ♪

♪ Tolerant rewrite ♪

♪ Of carols to sing ♪

♪ Function with relative ♪

♪ Ease ♪

♪ Function with relative ♪

♪ Ease ♪♪


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you, I get it.
Yes, it is I, Señor Chang.

Shakira, hold this.

So I have finished grading
everyone's finals.

And all of you are moving on.



Ha, ha. Except for Jeff.

It turns out, you...

Pause for dramatic effect.

- will be seeing me next semester.


In Spanish 102, ha-ha-ha!
Because he passed, you know.

And I'm the only Spanish teacher.

I meant about Jeff passing.

You being our Spanish teacher, eh.


Man, Mike got you good.

Actually, that was
my present to Jeff.

Ha, ha. I don't care.
I've got a mountain to shred.

Jeffrey, you're a man now.
How does it feel?

I got hit in the face, like, four times
before you punched me.

Well, some people just
don't know how to say thank you.

Pierce, thank you.

And thanks to all of you for
showing up and having my back

when we fought those fly dancers.

So, uh...


No, no, no, holiday.

Actually, I was gonna say, "Merry
semester and happy new one."

Switch, switch, next glass.

Okay, he's running out.
He's running out.

♪ O Christmas
Troy O Christmas Troy ♪

♪ Thy candles shine so brightly ♪

♪ O Christmas Troy
O Christmas Troy ♪

♪ Much pleasure
Thou canst give me ♪♪

Why do you guys do stuff like this?

Because it's fun.

♪ The sight of thee at Christmastide ♪

♪ Spreads hope and gladness
Far and wide ♪

♪ O Christmas Troy
O Christmas Troy ♪

♪ Thou tree most fair and lovely ♪♪

Don't move.

This nose smells like special drink.