Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Blue Note - full transcript

Previously on Cloak and Dagger...

You get inside people's heads,

make them feel pain so
it can take away yours?

The headaches got so bad,
I decided to kill myself.

Then something happened that night.

A rig explosion.

Just like that, the fates...

gave me a way to make
the headaches stop.

These are our missing girls.

You know what it took
to find those girls?

Look at what she did to this guy!

And maybe he deserved it.

The world might need someone like you

more than it needs someone like me.

- So what are you saying?
- You get to drive.

Hey, Brigid did make it out, right?

Sure. She's in here, too.

They destroyed my boys
just for living their lives.

I don't like you.

Mrs. Johnson, do you
have something you want to confess?

Andre taught me that
pain could give me power

if I could see to it.

You don't know shit, Lia.


Vinyl, man? Really?

You know, here in the future, there
are better ways to record a set.

Nah, man, there ain't.

You been to Icarus Records?

Of course I've been there. I mean,
what's that got to do with anything?

They got this bin in the jazz section.

"The Greats" is what it's called.

Got all them old cats in there.

Duke, Miles, Lips.

The legends. The gods.

And after I hit that note tonight?

This record right here...
it's gonna be in that bin.

Always nice to see
a local boy done good.

Please welcome Andre Deschaine.

How's everybody doin' tonight?

Come on, come on. Keep it
going, keep it going. Come on.


Yo, y'all ready to do this?
All right, cool.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Are you trying to hit
that blue note tonight?

I ain't trying, I'm doing.

They said that if you do it right,

if you climb that scale and build it up,

it's like an out-of-body experience

for you and the audience.

Andre, bro...

maybe we should end the
song like we normally do.

This is a big gig for us, you know.

If we mess this up, they're
not gonna let us come back.

Everything's brought
me to this one moment.

I'm ready to climb that mountain,

live with the gods.

Dre, I don't know if the
crowd out there is ready for this.

Audience never knows what they want.

We gotta show 'em.

Make them ride the highs
and the lows with us

until we all come out
the other side changed.

If you wanna be remembered as a god,

you gotta start acting like a god.


And then the crowds,
the fans, the audience...

They in your thrall,
they're yours forever.

That's the power of music.

That's the blue note, baby.

And there ain't nothing in this world

more powerful than that.

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- No dice?
- I can't track him this way.

It worked before with
you and Connors, but...

I think we're gonna have
to find Andre ourselves.

Wanna talk about it?

- Any of it?
- Ty...

Come on. We have more important
things to do than talk.

How are we gonna find Andre?

Assuming he's not already out of town.

Well, Evita said he
went to go see Auntie.

Said he was looking for something.

So if he didn't find it yet, he
should still be around, right?

Okay, but that's not gonna help us.

We don't have time to search
every block in New Orleans.

Okay, maybe not, but...

- What if...?
- What?

Well, there's already people
out on every corner of the city.

People who know those corners well.

I got an idea.

I'm gonna have to go alone,

and I can't leave you alone right now.

You do your thing, and I'll do mine.

What are you gonna do when I'm gone?

I can run down some leads of my own.

See if I can find anything on Andre.

You sure?

Tyrone, if you ask me about
my feelings one more time,

I'm seriously gonna kill you.

We have to find him as
soon as humanly possible.

And what are we gonna do if...

when we find him?

We'll cross that bridge

whenever that bridge becomes a bridge.

All right.

All right, see you soon.

Hey, Mom, it's me.

Look, I know I was really
shitty to you, and I'm sorry.

But some of the others
from group, they're...

They're in trouble, and I...
I just wanna make sure you're okay.

You don't have to call me back.

Just send me a text and
let me know you're good.



I thought I told you stay out of this.

You really think I'd listen?

Look, we need to find
Andre and stop him.

I can help. You know I can.

You'll only slow me down.

Brigid was a better liar.

Yeah, well, that's about
all she was better at.

Get in. A call came in. We have a lead.

- What happened next?
- Found out the police

pulled almost a dozen
girls from the Viking.

A few were booked on previous warrants.

The rest were released.

- Anybody know anything?
- Well, that's the that.

I tried to track them down
this morning for statements,

- but they were gone.
- What do you mean gone?

It's common for victims to
go back to their abusers.

But for this many to disappear?

There's something up about this one.

Okay, what about the
ones that were arrested?

That's the other that.

They've all gone crazy or something.

Like collective, Manson-girl,

climb-the-bars-to-get-out type crazy.

Get out to where?

Yeah, well, that's the last that. Where.

All we know is that
they started humming.

First one, then two.

And now they're all
humming the same few notes

like some bizarre choir.

Where's Andre?

In the wind.

The girls wouldn't talk about him,

so there's nothing for
the NOPD, or us, to go on.

So no one knows anything, and
no one's out looking for Andre?

Not if this is about
who I think it's about.

No purse, no wallet.

Nice girl like that, I'm
sure somebody's missing her.

No, no, no. You... you can't transport
that woman in an ambulance.

- Ma'am, she has to go to the hospital...
- Detective O'Reilly.

I'm with the Vice Task Force.

That is Lia Dewan.

She was abused by a
man who used private ambulances

to transport his victims.

Do you know how much
of a trigger it would be

if she came to in an
ambulance with just you guys?

She needs to come with us.

Gotta admit, I did not see that coming.

Me neither.

- So what now?
- We wait for her to wake up,

so she can tell us where Andre is.

- And if she doesn't tell us?
- Same answer as when she does.


Would not have pegged you
for the murdering type.


Me neither.



- Mom, it's me.
- Tyrone?

- Are you all right? Is anything wrong?
- No, Mom, I'm fine.

Well, where are you?
What number are you calling from?

It's a burner phone.

Are you in trouble?

You need to be laying low,
Tyrone. People are looking.

Mom, stop. I'm fine.
I can take care of myself.

I know that you can,
Tyrone. I know that.

It's not you I worry about.
It's everyone else.

I got you, Mom.

How's Connors acting?


Detective Connors.

Yeah, he's... he's fine, um...

He's filling in the blanks.

It's, uh...

We're getting there.

You sure?

Of course I'm sure.

He's not giving me any trouble.


Just wanted to know.

Keep an eye out for him, okay?

Of course.

I got you, too.

All right, I gotta go.

I love you.

Love you, too.

- So, anything?
- No.

There's just static.

Like there's nothing
left of her in there.

Hey, wait, wait. Hold up.

Look, last time someone's hope was gone,

Ty got in there and dug it out.

Maybe we wait for him, we get the info,

then you can do whatever your
dark heart wants with her, okay?

There's still other girls in play.

You're right. We need Ty.


What are you...

Hey, I didn't do anything.

- I'm not even on the corner or nothing...
- I know, I know.

I'm just here to talk.

Luke Cage, huh?

I heard about him.

I heard he's bulletproof.

And looks just like...

like us, you know?

I do.

Ain't seen this one before.

What does that say?

What, you can't read?


"Luke Cage in Harlem
Rumble" by Karen Page.

You should really
learn how to read, man.

I don't need all that.

You wanna be a hero like Luke Cage,

you better develop those skills.

I ain't a hero.

Says who? You saved my mom's life.

You know what I do day-to-day.

You know what I like to think?

I think even if he wasn't bulletproof,

he'd still be in the mix.

Trying to make things right.

How about you?

Yeah, I guess.


'Cause, uh...

I need your help.

I want you to tell Money Hustle
and Uptown Block I wanna meet.

You do know they're
trying to kill you, right?

That's why I wanna meet.

They'll set up a time and a place,

I'll show up, and they'll ambush me.

It ain't that easy.

Sometimes you can't fix things.

Some things are just broke.

Just because it's broke

doesn't mean it needs to be fixed.

Just tell them I wanna meet.

I'll take care of the rest.



Where am I?

You're in Church of All Saints Hospital.

You had an accident.

You're gonna be fine,
which is miraculous

considering your fall.

Just a few broken ribs and just...

Close those damn curtains.

The light is killing me.


Does your head hurt?

Your x-ray showed no
sign of injury to...

Not from the accident.

I get migraines.

Well, that explains
the photo-sensitivity.

There were people along
the river last night.

They watched you jump.

When you lose what you love...

the whole world seems empty.

You lost someone?

The love of my life.

My music.

It was my whole world.

Before I started
getting these migraines.

Maybe I can help with that.

I wish you could, but I doubt it.

You never know.

Perhaps you'll find
just what you need...


- Hey.
- Oh, thank God.

How'd it go? Did you find Andre?

It's in the process.

I talked to, uh...

Whatever it takes to find him.


Who did you talk to?

- Which one is she?
- Both of them.

If one Brigid is good,
then two is better.

We need to find him, Ty.

Is that Lia? Is she alive?

Only kind of.

Andre dumped her off
on the side of the road.

- Does she know where she is?
- No.

She won't wake up.


There's a door.

Of course there is.

Tandy, I... I don't
think that's a good idea.

I don't wanna go either, Ty, but...

But what if this is the
best way to find him?

You coming or not?


What is this place?

I think it's what happens to
the people that Andre drains.

When all their hope is gone...

this is what's left.

If there's crazed killers in here...

Then we'll deal with them.

Like we do.

You don't know what's out there.

Where are we?

I think we're...



It's an amazing offer,
but what about my job?

You can come and stay with me.

You don't need this place.

You never even wanted to be a doctor.

I know, but I just
can't do that to my dad.

If your dad loves you,

he wouldn't stop you
from pursuing your dreams.

Medicine was never your dream.

You care about me, don't you?

Of course I do.

Because I can give you back your music.

Let me take care of you.

Lia, I need you.

- Look, we can go back.
- No.

We have to keep going.

But where do we go?


- Is that...?
- Lia.

I don't get it.

She looks so...

- Hopeful.
- Normal.

Wait, I think I know how to get to Lia.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm Tandy Bowen.

I need to help out a friend.

Is it okay if I borrow this?

I promise I'll bring it back.

If it'll help your friend.

Tandy, what are we doing?

Yes, Tandy, what are we doing?

You can't hurt me here.

We're in her mind.

- Tandy, what do we do?
- Nothing.

There's nothing you can do.

Pretty soon there ain't
nothing that nobody can do.

What do you want?

An audience.

One big enough that I can
draw enough of their despair...

so I can hit a blue note.

What's a blue note?

It's what separates a man from a god.

Tandy, you didn't tell me he was insane.

No, I'm just willing
to do whatever it takes

to live without pain.

If that means becoming a god, so be it.

Don't I deserve relief?

I've been living with
these headaches for years.

I don't deserve this pain
more than anyone else.

Oh, but you do.

You're sick and abusive.

You trying to tell me that
you never took advantage?

Not once used the gifts you've
been given for your own end?

Because I know you have.

You've only been dealing
with them for eight months.

Let's see what you both
are like after eight years.

Let's see how much you've been warped.

I'm done being warped.

Done being in pain.

It's finally time to cash in.

For others to share my burden.


Come on. What did you learn?

That the whole city is
gonna end up like that

if we don't find him.


Excuse me.

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place.

You're in exactly the right place.

I'm Andre Deschaine.

It's good to have you.

Hello, ladies. Welcome.

I know it's a hard time for everyone.

But it's with an honest heart
that I say how glad that I am

that each and every one of you is here.

What'd they say?

Kings too?

Okay, where they gonna be at?

Got it. Thanks, Solomon.



I gotta go. Kings and Boys say it's on.

This might be our best
bet at finding him.


You have the gangs helping find Andre?

I'm coming with you.

Last time you met up with these guys,
you killed everybody in the room.

- No chance.
- No, Tyrone...

Where's this little bitch boy at?

I got places to be...

It wasn't their fault.

They never stood a chance.

And neither do you.

Screw this. I'm not
waiting around any longer.

Kill the girl and let's go.
We'll find Andre ourselves.

I could have told you.

It's harder than it looks.


All right, you got my attention.

- What you wanna talk about?
- Your survival.

You can't kill her.

An hour ago, you practically
begged me not to hurt her.

An hour ago, she had something I wanted.

She doesn't deserve to die.

What happened to the Brigid
that believed in justice?


This is justice. She tried to sell you.

She would have watched you get
raped without batting an eye.

She is a victim too!

Andre manipulated her.
He changed who she was.

- Yeah, into a monster.
- You don't understand.

No, you don't understand.

Know who I am?

Yeah, you's a bitch.

You think you know so much.
You're so world-wise.

People like Lia and Andre, like Connors.

Yeah, they've had bad
shit happen to them.

But that does not justify the
bad shit they do to others.

- Period.
- It is not that simple.

Yes, it is. Now move.


I'm not gonna say it again.

- Move!
- No.

I'll ask you one more time.

Do you know who I am?

She deserves justice.
Not whatever this is. Ahh!


- We know who you are.
- Then you know what I can do,

know what I've done, and
you know you can't stop me.

You don't know what it's like.

You think "that can't happen to me,"

until you realize, it already has.

Then you're as weak as she is.

I brought you here
because this is the moment

that you and your gangs
start following some rules.

- You want a cut or something?
- No, I don't want no cut.

I want a change.

People are gonna find
drugs if they want them.

Look, anybody buying
drugs for their own use,

I can't stop that.

I'm only one man.

Anyone buying to force
onto someone caught up

into something that
they don't want to be?

They're off limits.

Pimps, traffickers, anybody
that uses drugs to manipulate.

I hear you. I really do.

But that's a significant portion
of our business

and we can't expect...

This is not a negotiation.

I don't care about your business.

I don't care about how
much money you used to make.

I don't care how much
it's gonna cost you.

Things are going to change.

I see. So you think you're
going to fix New Orleans?

I'm done expecting anyone,

you, me, this city,

to be perfect.

I'm still gonna fight for it.

You get in my way,

you don't follow my rules,
and I'll be fighting you.

She's your responsibility.

Whatever she does or
doesn't do, that's on you.

No one else but you.

Now, I need one more thing from you.

I need the location
of one of your buyers.

Ty, don't scare me like that.

- Did you find him?
- I know where he is.

One of their corner boys said
they heard him talking about

returning to his old stomping grounds.

- Club Delight.
- We gotta go. Quickly.

Patient Services, please call EDS.

That's what they said.

One of their corner
boys said they saw Andre,

recognized him and...

Ready for this?

I don't see any other options.

Wait, wait.

You know we have to...

If what he said was true
and he can become a god...

- We can't let that happen.
- I know.

You know what that means, right?

What we'll have to do?

Not we.

I'm the one with the knives of light.

The burden's not on you, okay?

If it comes to it...
if we have to kill him,

we do it together.

Just like everything else.

Good and bad and in-between,

we do it together.



You ready?

Let's go.

♪ Let's go way away ♪

♪ New York, Paris, and
a girl to call your own ♪

I think we're at the wrong place.

♪ Yesterday... ♪

Those gang leaders played you.

- I don't think they played me.
- Of course they did.

They played you, and now
there's nothing that we can do.


Guess he was stomping somewhere else.

The club... it burned down.


Which means this isn't
the original location.

On it.

What is this? Where is he?


Tandy, what the hell is going on?


Hey! Mikayla, can you hear me?

Hey, come on, you have to leave.

Uh... Tandy?


Mom! Hey!

Mom, come on, listen to me,
you have to get out of here.

Tandy, we gotta do something!


Tandy, we won't reach him in time!


Tandy, throw a knife at me!

Do it!

Do it now!


- Did everyone just...
- They all just disappeared!

I mean, one second they
were here, and the next...

Where'd they all go?

It's always nice
to see a local boy done good.

Please welcome Andre Deschaine!


Is that music?

Well, where's it coming from?

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx