Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript


Given that you murdered
my firstborn in cold blood,

we'll see if your
value to Tyrone

outweighs the need for
me to end your life.

Leaving someone who
hurts you isn't hard, Mom.

You just leave.

In the dociles,
there's almost no activity

in the anger and rage center
of the cerebral cortex.

But in the aggressives, it's
as if there's nothing but...

- Mayhem.
- That's what you do, right?

You get inside people's minds,
and you cause them pain?

If you can't be merciful
when you play god,

what kind of god will you be
when you ain't playing no more?

Why don't we find out?

Andre: You and Tandy live
in different worlds.




Hey, look at me.

Look at me, Ty.

(pages flipping)

Man: Feel like my back's
against the wall, man.

(hip-hop playing)

� Three,
feelin' that pressure �

(pinball machine dinging)

� Feel like I'm racing
against the clock �

� Feelin' the pressure
to win �

� Time runnin' out
once again �

� Loss of my friends �

� Some of 'em
turned into enemies �

� Some of 'em
down to the end �

(pinball machine dinging)

(dinging rapidly)

� Feel like I'm racing
against the clock �

� It's like the war
won't ever stop �

� Rah, rah �

� Bodies dropping
on the block �

Well, well...

Who might you be?

� Feel like I'm racing
against the clock �

� It's like the war
won't ever stop �




Hey, Ty, look at me.

Tyrone! Come on, Tyrone!



(indistinct police
radio chatter)

(police radio squawking)

Newman: Started evaluating
the hookers right now,

but they're too
freaked out to talk.

Uh, "victims."

- They're victims.
- Yeah, of course they are.

The owner of this motel,
have we picked him up yet?

Yeah, in here an hour ago.

Lawyers have already
bailed him out.

Officer: At least someone
took care of this place.

Crime scene? Damage?

He's out of business now,

Detective: Kid, it'll be
open again in a month.

They don't call it the world's
oldest profession for nothing.

� I do whatever I can to make
the bad things go away �

� I'm beat up,
alone �

Hi there.

You know where I could
find some, uh, coffee

around here?

You thirsty, baby?

(electricity crackling)

� Someone help me �

� Screamin' out
I'm down on my knees �


Are you sure you're
okay to drive?

� I feel it in my bones �

� The devil's at my door,
so help me �

� This will be
the death of me �

Hi there.

Tandy, slow down.

Auntie, you up yet?

But... but I'm not
a doctor. I don't...

What happened?

For how long?



Okay, I'll be there soon.

(wind whistling)


Hey! Hey, Ty!

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna wake up,

and you're gonna
walk out of here.

(footsteps approaching)

Evita, over here!

- Brigid.
- I just came from a torn-up motel

that trafficked
kidnapped girls.

Are the girls okay?

They're holding up.

How about you?

I'll live.

But Ty, on the other hand.

Hello, Father.

I need a moment
of your time.

Mrs. Johnson.

Do you know what
this place is?

I do.

Then you know I'm not
strong enough.

Not strong enough for what?

To let in the person
I let down.

I don't care about
your feelings.

You still have
a job to do.

Being a priest
isn't a job.

It's a life.

And a life I failed at.

I couldn't protect him.

None of us could.

But I found a way
we can save him.

Will you hear me out?

For someone who's not a doctor,
you're rockin' like one.

Yeah, maybe someday.

Your aunt's still
not picking up.

But that's okay, right?
You got this?

I mean, I've watched
Auntie do tons of things,

but this, it's...

it's like Tyrone's...


Like his fight or flight
response is broken.

This is what happens
when Ty gets scared.

He opens a door.

And if he's not responding,
maybe he's stuck.

Stuck? Where?

Wherever it is he taps into.

Where your, uh, other
mouse got sucked into.

- What, she's inside Ty?
- Tandy: Yeah.

I followed her in there
and landed at some crossroads

where this Papa Mystery guy...

- Papa Legba?
- Tandy: Yes, him.

And when I went inside Ty,
all of this...

it looked like this.

I don't know, maybe this
is Ty's way of telling us

we have to go in there
and get him.


Papa Legba is a Loa.

Guardian of the Crossroads.

A Voudon God.

And Auntie's husband.

- Say what now?
- Auntie's a Mambo.

Part of that means
marrying a Loa.

- Like a nun marries God?
- Kind of. But not really.

This is his veve.

And, um...

Auntie always has me
carry candy for Legba.

Says he has a sweet tooth.

But if you want
something from him,

he's gonna need
an offering in return.

Good to know.


Papa Legba, we ask you
to present yourself.

Please accept this offering.

In exchange, we ask you
to show us the way.

Your children are here waiting.

A good man is suffering.

I give thanks to you
and our ancestors.

We ask you to open the gates.

We implore you to
show us the way in.

You're jumping into that?

He would do it for me.


Let's go.

Brigid, you don't know
what it's like in there.

Let's go.

� The daylight is over,
it's getting much colder �

� And the light
is almost gone �

� So this is where,
where it begins �

� We're just running
for our lives �

� From the very
edge of time �

� Will we make it
out alive �

� Make it out alive �

You're back for more.

So you come in all
shapes and sizes, huh?



Hmm, I've seen part
of you here before.

You refused to pay
the fee that I demand.

This fee?

Guess I got
overcharged last time.


This is where we find Ty.

Wait a second.
Where's the mall?

- Brigid: Did you say mall?
- Yeah, it's all crazy here.


Tandy Bowen has her path.

You came to walk
a different one, didn't you?


(arcade bells and whistles)


Everything here is a trade.

To get what you want, know what
you're willing to give up.

You here to win
a prize, little lady?

(clears throat)

Right, um...

I got some gum.

Oh, Spearmint!

It's not really you, is it?


But it's nice to see you.

Tandy: Papa Sweet-Tooth
sent me this way.

I'm here for my friend,

Baron Samedi.

I reside over the dead.

No, uh, Ty, he isn't dead.

Close enough.
He made his payment.


Well, what did he give you?

His worries.

Then I'll pay his debt.

I can make it
rain with worries.


That's what they sell you
day in and day out, isn't it?

That one thing is equal
worth to another.

That burger is a dollar.
Love costs your body.

And that house?
Just your soul.

Piece by piece by piece.

But every action
has its own reaction,

as much as we'd
like to avoid it.

Isn't that right, Miss Bowen?

What if I play you for him?


Tell you what:

you play his game.

And if you can convince
him to leave,

I'll let you both go.

(8-bit arcade music)

But don't forget...

you in Samedi's house.

And the house always wins.

This could save Tyrone,

this could get
justice for Billy,

and this could bring down every
corrupt officer in New Orleans

if it gets into
the hands of the FBI.

But I can't give it to them.

Because they'd ask
how you acquired it.

And I'd have to,
by law, answer them.

But a priest has protection
against revealing his source.

Think of the good it will
do for the community.

Everyone knowing that
they can breathe.

I wish I could help you. I do.

- Are you saying no?
- I'm saying when I left St. Sebastian's,

I left my collar behind.

I'm not a priest anymore.

Lia (distant): I could go and
take my nursing aide test.

Find some way to
take care of you.

I mean, unless you
don't want me to.

Come on.

Let me drive.

Give me that!

(truck horn blaring)

You okay?


I need more.


No, I can't go
through that again.

I just need enough to
get us someplace safe.

It will be the last time.

I promise.

(broken vinyls crunching)

(violin playing)

(door jamming)

(violin music continues
in the distance)

- What the hell?
- Shhh!

(muffled screaming)

Papa Legba,

I call upon you to
bring this young man,

so near to crossing over, back.

Give me the sight
to see what's ahead.

No. That can't be.

(wind whistling)


(grunting on video game)


I've come to take you home.

- Hey, Ty!
- Sure.

Sure, I just...

I need to, uh...

I need to finish this.

Come on. Listen, a lot of
people are worried about...



Come on.

If I'm gonna beat this,
I'm gonna need your help.


Ready or not.

(fanfare plays on video game)

- Is that me?
- It's just setting up the story.


(video game music)

Radioactive heroin?

Hey, stop ruining it.

- Now let's go.
- Game Announcer: Go!

Which button do I... ah!


Baron Whatzit, he...

he says that if you
come home with me then...

Get this one right here!

We gotta beat all these guys
to get to the next level.

(video game sound effects)

(Tandy gasps)


Okay, it's over. We did it.

- Listen, Ty...
- Not yet.

We got more to do.

That was just a warm up.

� Yeah! �

Ty, come on.
This is ridiculous!

I mean, all of them
are dressed the same!

Okay, and the two guys I just
took out just disappeared.

(blows landing)

Ty, come on!
You have to come home!

� I'm a legend �

� Greatest ever
any tribe �

� I'm a legend �

None of this even
makes any sense!

That's the point!
It doesn't have to!

There's no gangland ecosystems.

No street wars.
No more gray area.

No consequences.

We fight and we win.

(both grunting)

� I'm a legend �


� I'm a legend �

� I ain't never gonna die �

� I'm a legend �


� I'm a legend �

� I ain't never gonna die �

� Legend �

� Legend �

� I'm a legend �

(door bell ringing)

- What is this place?
- Not the Garden City Mall, that's for damn sure.

Mayhem: I spent so
many weekends there.

Dad handed me cash,

said, "I'll meet you in the food
court in a couple of hours."

Brigid: Yeah, and I blew
it all on a manicure,

because Mom always said you can
tell a lady by her hands.

I'm not here to stroll down
memory lane with you.

No, you're here to kill me

or subdue me or something me,

but we got bigger
fish to fry. Look.

There's a lot of girls in here.

Mayhem: I thought you
were a detective.

Those aren't just girls.

Those are the missing girls
from the fliers.

That man in the suit,
whoever he is...

I think he's the one
that's taking them.

He comes in here,
plays these records, and...

And makes them feel pain.

That music he was
playing before...

it sounded like pure dread.

Maybe you are a detective.

He uses them up.
I don't know why.

And he can get to anyone.

Unless we can find something
strong enough to stop him.

(wind whistling)


Auntie, thank goodness you came!

You got all my messages.

Now, child. Don't be foolish.

I know you got my
message in the shells.

I thought I read them wrong.

Don't cry.

It's my time to dance
with the ancestors.

You'll see.

But now it's your turn to
take my place as Mambo.

Auntie, no.

I'm going to college,

and then I'm going
to medical school.


Child, that was just
you being selfish.

Well, I'm allowed to be!

Okay? All my life,
they laughed at me

for stinking up
my purse with roots,

giving those tours.

- Now I'm supposed to...
- You were born with the sight.

They chose you to be a voice,

to guide people.

- Nothing else matters.
- Don't I have a choice?

You have all
the choices, child.

You always have.

But only one
will save your man.

But if I do, then I have to...

Marry a Loa.

One with dominion over
the dead and dying.

You choose whatever you choose.

Just do it with
that head held high.

Like you always do.

Auntie, I...

Delgado: Sometimes I feel
like my collar, my calling,

was nothing more than
a prison ball and chain.

I killed a girl, Mrs. Johnson.

And to atone, I was supposed
to look out for your boy.

You know what my last
words were to Ty?

"Just go. Now."

And you think that
there's a price to pay,

because there are
consequences to our actions.


They destroyed my boys
just for living their lives.

Men who were supposed
to "serve and protect."

And for every corrupt cop,

there's a politician
just as heinous.

- There are no consequences...
- There has to be.

If we don't have faith
that this world...

that we can get better,
we won't.

We won't.

You really believe that?



That's the man
my son needs now.

I can't just take the files.

In the eyes of the church,
your information

is only considered privileged
if you make confession.

Mrs. Johnson, do you have
something you want to confess?

Level Two is about making
it across to the next door.

That's easy enough for you.

You can just poof up there.

Yeah, but what fun
would that be?

Come on, Tandy.

After everything,
haven't we earned it?

Look out!

(energetic electronica music)

(both grunting)

(thugs groaning)

(dagger swishing)

(thugs groaning)

- What?
- You're really good at this.

Damn right!

You know, I was never
much of a gamer,

but I'm starting to think
I missed my calling.

Wait, this...

(breathing shakily)

- We're back at the...
- Motel.

(folksy guitar music)

� I'm gonna lose my mind �

� Might not make it
out this time �

� I'm choking on
every breath �

� They tell you that
life's not fair �

� Well it's not heaven
I'm looking for �

� But I can't take
this mess no more �

� If the water
keeps rising high �

� I won't make it
out alive �

� In over my head �

� In over
my head �

� I been locked up,
knocked down �

� Pushed around,
scared as hell �

Ty, let's go back.

No, we can't.

� In over my head �

-(all grunting)
-(blows landing)

They just keep coming.


I don't want to do this.
I can't do this!

Last time you were alone, but
this time I'm not leaving you.

Okay? We're gonna fight
and we're gonna win!


-� In over my head �

(breathing shakily)

Just cut through it.
We're almost there.

(breathing heavily)


Ty, this is a waste of time!
You have to stop playing!

No, Tandy, the screen said
we had to break down the walls.

All right?

We fight through this.
This is how we win.

Who knows? Maybe...

Maybe this is just
all in my head.

-(thugs grunting, groaning)
-(punches landing)


Are you okay?

- Yeah.
-(trumpet playing)

How many more rooms do
we have to go through?

Just one. It's the boss level.

All right, Tandy.
Let's kill him.



You chewed these
things to shreds.

Anxious about something?

What color is that?


Literally, that's the name.

What can I say,
I have a brand.

We used to choose
the craziest colors.

Glitter Bomb Gold
and Unicorn Puke.

Yeah, and then Dad would see
them and say something like,

"Oh, my little girl
is a smurf today."

Or some other lame
dad thing like that.

Dad was good at
being a lame dad.

(nail file scratching)

Ow! What?

You don't see the way
the world is.

Dad only took us to
the mall so he could flirt

with that bookstore manager.


And you can't see that
Dad took us to the mall

because everything about
the house reminded him of Mom.

Hey. Easy.

The man was two parents
to four kids.

He deserved some happiness,

even if it was with
a bookstore manager.

Your perspective is warped.

You only see the bad
and come at it.

The problem is, right now,
I think the world might need

someone like you more than
it needs someone like me.

You know what I saw today?

A motel where those girls
from the fliers ended up.

And the one who did it?

The man in your record store?

I'm not gonna be able
to catch him without you.

I'm not gonna be put in a box
just to be brought out

whenever we have road rage
or another dead boyfriend.

I don't wanna
put you in a box.

I just need you
to listen sometimes.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying...

you get to drive.

� What are you
fighting for? �

� Get ready for the war,
get ready for the war �

� What are you
fighting for? �

� Everybody's looking
for a hero �

� Everything is swallowed
by the shadows �

� Get ready for the war �


Just so you know,
your game sucks.

Don't hate the game,
hate the player who chose it.

(male chorus chanting)

(man singing
in foreign language)

In this world
and the ones unseen,

always in faith of Voudon...

Why'd you stop?

Now to win we have to go all
the way back to the beginning.

- Who cares?
- I do!

Look, I'm tired
of losing, Tandy!

I'm tired of working our
asses off just to tie.

For the rest of my days...

I am yours.

- Did it work?
- Tandy: But it's not real!

Ty, come on!
You have to come back!

Where we can lose?

Where the only payoff is pain?


(wind whistling)

(drums beating)

You know what's real?

You're dying, Ty.

What about your mom?

What about Evita?
What about me?

Why did you come to that motel
and try and save me?

Because I couldn't imagine
my life without you.

I did.


he made me see you
dying in front of me.

And the one person
in the whole world

who understood me was gone
and it was my fault.

He messed with my head, too.

Made me feel like you
never cared about me.

Like it was all just an act.

You know, maybe you're right.

Maybe it is better
to ignore everything.

All I know is
I'd rather fight

a hundred times with you
than one time without you.

To have and to hold...

So if you're staying here...

In sickness and in health...

so am I.

(wind whistling)

Samedi: (clears throat)
Well, what will it be, boy?

Face the harsh world or keep
it cozy with your friend?


- Oops. Too late.
- You can't!

A boy dawdles, and the
decision is made in his stead.


- Wait, what is that?
- A wedding bouquet.

And you, my boy,
are the bride price.

A life for a life.
The bouquet for the cloak.

But I...

I don't understand.

Time for you two to scat
and take your friends with you.

The missus like a clean house.

-(gasping, breathing heavily)
- Ty! Ty!


It worked!

Ty, are you okay?

- Yeah, I think so.
- Well, thank Christ for that.

Brigid! You made it out!

Well, I couldn't help it.
Just rode the tsunami.

I saw him.
In the record store.

I don't know his name,
but you do.

Andre Deschaine.

He's probably already
on the run by now.

Good, I like them running.

I like them scared.


Brigid did make it out, right?

Sure. She's in here, too.

Adina: Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

It's been...

seven years since
my last confession.

But today I have
something to confess.

The man who murdered my son

and framed my other
son for murder...

I held him captive.

The overhead light's out,

so use the switch by the sink.

Thank you.

Adina: He gave me the
information I needed

to clear Tyrone's name.

He gave me the location
of my other son's body.

All he wanted was forgiveness.

Mrs. Johnson...

What did you do?

(light switch clicking)

(gun firing)

This is why you
needed a priest?

To confess to murder?

You came to me talking about
faith and forgiveness...

Tyrone needs your faith.

Tyrone needs someone
to make his case to God.

Me? I just need a priest.

(humming trumpet notes)

Oh boy.

Of course.

(humming trumpet notes)

(engine starting)

(continues humming notes)

(indistinct police radio)




� The Devil tells a lie �

� As we eat, we breathe �

� We dream, we dream �

� While angels pass us by �

� As our eyes stay
blind to everything �

� We all got our demons �

� Living under our skin �

� We all got our reasons �

� For the ways
that we live �


� We all got our demons �

� Living under our skin �

� We all got our reasons �

� For the ways
that we live �

� We all got our demons �

� Whoo-ooh �

� Whoo-ooh ooh �

� We all got our demons �

� Whoo-ooh �

� Whoo-ooh ooh �


We're gonna get him,

you know that?

� We all got our demons �