Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Vikingtown Sound - full transcript

Previously on "Cloak and Dagger"...

- What the hell did you do?
- You shot a kid!

I need to call my uncle.
He's gonna fix it.

There's someone you
need to talk to.

Who? About what?

Look at the pictures
on these records.

These are our missing girls.

I mean, what kind of monster
needs to keep all this pain

cataloged in one place?

This is what it's for, right?

Your collection
of women's misery?

Tandy, I was in your head.
You know you're worth nothing.

You know you have no one.

I'm gonna take a look inside.

Yes, ma'am.

No one else until
I give the okay.

Yes, ma'am.

You said it was
probably nothing.

This doesn't look like nothing.

There were four big men
who were beaten.

There, there, and there.

You told me she was stashed away

where she couldn't
cause any more damage.

The other me.

She is.

Well, two of the four men
could still talk,

and they spoke of a tiny woman
who kicked their asses thoroughly.

A tiny woman did
kick their asses.

Hey, you... you really
should be wearing gloves.

You see this cut?

Yeah, shit. Tandy.

Looks like it.

This seems like news to you.

I thought you two
were a package deal.

Sometimes packages get
damaged along the way.

Don't get up too quickly,

unless you want that fire
in your head to burn all day.

What the hell did you do to me?

All I did was ask you to look
at the pieces of your life.

You were driving,
I just gave you a few maps.

Maps? Screw you!

Those were full-on,
high-speed train wrecks!

And none of them were my life!

But you lived every one
of them, didn't you?

Still got all the smells and
tastes and feels, don't you?

All working themselves out
in your head as we speak.

That confusion is part of
why your head hurts.

Where did you see her last?

She was running a con on this

woman who runs her abuse group.

What kind of con?

She was trying to get at her...

scumbag ex-boyfriend.

Why didn't she take
you with her?

Probably because I told her
I'd be better off without her.

Hey, Tandy's tough.

She'll show up. Watch.

She'll be...


- Where's Tyrone?
- It's possible that your heart is confused as well.

That friend of yours?

He's gone from your
life now, remember?

- I shot him dead.
- No.

No, you're... you're just
messing with me.

Just like you did
with Mikayla, right?

'Cause that's what
you do, right?

You get inside people's minds,
and you... you cause them pain?

I don't cause anyone's pain.

I understand it,

feel for it,

commiserate it with mine.

It's the only way to
tamp down my migraines.

So, what, this is all
so you can blow your horn?

This is so I can survive.

The world saddled me
with so much pain,

the only way I can keep on is
to share it from time to time.

That's sick.

That's America, Tandy Bowen.

Well, I have another
word for it.


You can't pull that trick on me.

Or anyone else.
Not anymore.

You need hope for that.

And there's none of that here.

- She good to go?
- Let's find out.

- May I use the restroom?
- Not right now.

Okay, then, what right now?

- What are you gonna do with me?
- I sometimes cook

when I'm working things
out in my head.

The night after
Billy went missing,

I remember I dug through
our junk drawer

and pulled out
an old crabcake recipe.

I remember reading in the
particulars it serves four.

I remember being fine with that.

Like it wasn't real.
You follow me?

I'm not sure I'm the best
person to answer that question.

No, I suppose not, but you're
the only one I can talk to

about my dilemma.

So I'm in a little bit
of a bind here.

Stuck between two forces.

Good and evil?

Billy and Tyrone.

I know that you're the best way
to make sure that Tyrone

never has to look over
his shoulder again.

That's all I want as well.


You understand the irony
in that statement?

Given that you murdered
my firstborn in cold blood?

Yes, ma'am.

He was one of your other wrongs.

He was.

I'm gonna hold on to these
two thoughts in my head, hmm?

And to reconcile them,
I'm gonna cook,

and we're gonna talk.

And we'll see.

We'll see if your
value to Tyrone

outweighs the need
for me to end your life

for what you did to Billy.

Tandy, meet Del.

She's gonna show you around.

It's nice to meet you.

All the girls rise around 10,

and then they shine
while we wait for night.

Laundry, linens, windows.

You and Del are on Andre's room.

Del, I think the floor
could use a good mopping.

We clean his room?

For what?

For the honor of being
sold into slavery?

All we have to do is work,

and they give us
everything we need.

You have no idea what you need.

Sure, she does.

You are holding these girls
against their will.

Go on, Del.

You can leave if you want to.

Just walk out the door.

Of course not.

My friends are gonna find me.

What friends, Tandy?

I've been watching you
for weeks now.

Sitting in that circle,
brooding and boiling.

All that untapped rage and
energy looking for an outlet.

Don't act like you know me.

Don't act like I don't.

This motel is filled
with girls like you.

And they all start off thinking

there's someone out there
that's gonna find them.

Then they all remember
the friend they told off,

the mother they screamed at.

When you have nobody,

nobody's gonna save you.

♪ ♪

Can I help you?

Yeah, I was looking
for my friend.

Well, who's your friend, friend?

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I was looking for
a counselor named Lia.

Tandy goes to group
with her sometimes.

- Is she here?
- She's not.

- Can I get her number then?
- You very much cannot.

Look, Tandy's my friend.

I've gotten to know
Tandy pretty well,

spoken to her at length.

I've never heard her
mention a friend

that fits your description.

Listen, she might be in danger.

Then I suggest you
call the police.

If you don't leave here now,
I'm gonna dial them up myself.


I can respect that.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. um...


Are you okay?

I don't know, I...

Son, you look a sight.

Can I offer some
unsolicited advice

about this girl you think
is your friend?

You and Tandy live
in different worlds,

and you play by
very different rules.

No, you don't know me,

and you don't know Tandy,
the way you're talking.

I know she's
a privileged white girl

who takes what she wants
from the world with no remorse.

She's got plenty
of remorse, okay?

She's just...

She's just good
at packing it away.

Because she can.

You, on the other hand, cannot.

You're a young black man
trying to make your way.

If you did half
the things that she did,

you'd be sitting
in a nine-by-nine.

It's not like that way with us.

All right?

We're the exception,
not the rule.

You two are only living
in the same world

as long as Tandy allows it.

The second she doesn't
see the benefit for her?

She's out.

And when karma
comes collecting...

you're gonna be left
with the bill.

She's probably on a bus
two states away by now.

Tandy wouldn't just take off
without telling me.

You'd be surprised how fast
people have forgotten.

Maybe your time looking for her

would be better spent thinking
about life without her.

♪ Weak in the knees ♪

♪ Strong in the mind ♪

- Maybe you're right.
- ♪ I'll tell you what you don't want to know ♪

♪ If only it'll
make you let go ♪

♪ Won't you let me
reclaim myself? ♪

♪ I'm sick of living in... ♪

How many girls live here?

Around a dozen, give or take.

Do they clean his room, too?

Most of them don't get to see
the inside of this place.

I'm further up on the ladder.

What about your family?

And your friends,
do you get to see them?

My dad was a hammer,
my mom was a nail.

He left, and she abandoned me.

They all forgot about me.

So you came here.

I found a halfway house.

That's where Andre
found me and helped me.

He didn't help you.

He was messing with you

just like he's been messing
with all these other girls.

What are you talking about?

Andre and Lia,
they are bad people,

and they put you in this hell.

This isn't hell.

It's not heaven,
I'm not an idiot.

But they look out for me,
and it's not all that bad.

Even the bad parts,
you get used to them.

Well, I have no interest in
getting used to this place.

I got a call from a resident.

Said she saw a young man
in a hoodie skulking about.

A young man
or a young black man?

She used a different word.

We gave them chase down
to the docks by Levee 202.

And that damn rig exploded,
and I pulled the trigger.


that moment changed my life.

That's when you called
your uncle, the senator.

Yes, ma'am.

Did you know he was
gonna cover it up?

On some level,
I was hoping he would.

Did you know he was gonna frame
my baby boy as a drug addict?

On that same level,
I didn't care.

Too concerned with myself.

So he made some calls.

Talk me through them
one step at a time.

They changed the firearms log,
found a body in Baton Rouge

that would pass
after water damage,

and set my partner up
to keep his mouth shut.

Why the sudden change of heart?

If I told you, you'd think
I'm a lunatic.

I wouldn't worry so much about

my opinion of you
getting any lower.

Well, I spent the last
eight months alone.

Nothing but my memories
and regrets.

And they got really loud
in all the silence.

It started out as survival,

but then I was
pot-committed to corruption.

Didn't realize I was losing
myself along the way.



Adina, we need to talk!

It's about Tyrone!

- That asshole cop is free.
- Come in.

He's been working Ty
trying to get...

- What is this?
- You're right, we need to talk.

♪ I'll tell you what
you don't want to know ♪

♪ If only it'll
make you let go ♪

♪ Make me mine ♪

♪ Take you down ♪

♪ Make me mine ♪

♪ Take you down ♪

Miss Fusilier?
What can I do for you?

Tyrone Johnson
gave me your name.

He said you might be able to
help me out with something.

- And what do you need help with?
- Migraines.

I've had them for a few years.

I found a remedy
in the short-term,

but I'm looking for
a longer-term solution.

And let me guess,
Western medicine failed you,

and so now you want
to find religion.

No, ma'am. Oddly enough,
I think religion found me.

When I close my eyes,

all I can see is this
image burned in light.

Can you make any sense of it?

Not without knowing
you any better.

Have a seat.


Okay, we can get out,
but we have to go now.

No, I'm not gonna leave.

Well, you have to.

I can't.

Okay, I'll come back
for you. I promise.

♪ Coming up for air ♪

♪ Coming up for air, air ♪

♪ Coming up for air ♪

♪ Coming up for air, air ♪

♪ Coming up for air ♪

♪ Coming up for air ♪

You know why they call
this the Viking Motel?

Because this is how they
built their fortresses.

One way in, one way out.

You told her, didn't you?

I'm sorry,
the rules are the rules.

They're not rules.

They're just ways
to manipulate you.

No, they're rules.

Time for you to learn
about breaking them.

Del, get to it.

To what?

Go on.

Be the momma bird.

Tandy, I'm so sorry.

We can't just keep him
tied up here forever.

- It's not forever.
- I have a plan.

- And what's that?
- Don't you worry about that.

I'm gonna worry
exactly what it is.

Shall we pick up
where we left off?

I feel, if push comes
to shove, you may want...

Where's the body?

- I beg your pardon?
- You said you found a dummy body in Baton Rouge.

Where'd you hide Billy's body?

His flesh and bones.

♪ Nothing I say ♪

♪ Will ever... ♪

You okay?

I can't move.

You're okay.

You ever play dress-up
when you were a little girl?

I grew up with three brothers,

and they didn't want
a girl to mess it up.

So my backyard became
my mother's closet.

And there I could be anyone
I wanted to be.

In there I was a princess,
a priestess, a styler.

And that's where I was:

on their path
just trudging along.

Then, I met Andre.

He helped me understand
that my parents

had put their own pain on to me.

He taught me that pain was okay.

That it could give me power
if I could see to it.

And you think
that power is real?

Oh, I know it is.

You don't know shit, Lia.

You will, too.

Soon enough.

You just need to let go.

Brigid, I've got a question
about those ambulances.

I think Tandy might have
been taken on one.

Yeah, yeah.

I-I know they're
all in the wind, but...

Think I got an idea.

Most folks come to me
looking for answers.

I tell them to look within.

You want to find a god?

There's a god within.

For the most part, it works.

But it's all an
allegory of sorts.

But in your case...

I ain't using
no poetic license, am I?

The veve appearing
to you tells me

that you don't need a god.

It tells me you're on
the cusp of becoming one.

I don't understand.

Your pain is just a complication

on this journey
you're trying to take.

An ascension, if you want it.

- An ascension into what?
- Loa.

Each has their own symbol.

This is yours.

What does my symbol mean?

I'm not so sure I'm keen on
telling you that right now.

I beg your pardon?

Because as tall as a glass
of water as you are,

I don't see anything
in the cards

to speak to your character.

This "aw-shucks" act is
charming, don't get me wrong.

But I'm Mambo, and I can
see through the bullshit.

I'm not messing around.

This will cure my headaches
for good, won't it?

It'll do more than that.

Tell me what I need.

What the hell is this?

I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

So what, you're touched?

We're all touched.

I'm just self-aware
enough to act on it.


And there's your veve.
On a door.

Sometimes the spirits
ain't subtle.

You say it's the key
to become a god?

Not the key...

more like the lock.

♪ Gift from the gods though
I've danced with the devil ♪

♪ I came from
the grounds unleveled ♪

♪ From underground
with no shovel ♪

♪ I dug my way to the top ♪

♪ From the block to the hot ♪

♪ Now cops stop a ...
cruising in his drop ♪

♪ Searching through my socks
hoping to find rock ♪

♪ Hop off my... sir ♪

♪ A... worked hard
to get what I got, sir ♪

♪ Would you prefer
I be in a box, sir ♪

♪ Than a new navy blue... ♪

♪ Porsche Boxter? ♪

♪ Eat your heart out,
prepare for dessert ♪

♪ Young Bronx Don put
the fork where it hurt ♪

♪ Emerge from blocks that
they called the worst ♪

Where is she?

Are you feeling okay?

I'm not sure
I'm feeling anything.

Sorry about what I did to you.

I would've gotten out.

And I would've gotten out
and saved you.


Let me fix your face.

It would've gone wrong.

I would've handled it.

No offense, but if you
could've handled it,

you wouldn't be here.

This isn't a fortress.

This is just a motel,
and we can get out.

Don't you know what
happens to girls who try?

The lucky ones get locked up.

The others get killed.

No, that's just a story they
tell you to keep you down.

They were supposed to bring
some other girls here

a couple of days ago.

We were prepping for them.

We found out they
tried to escape.

They were killed.
All of them.

Did you say a couple
of days ago?

Do you know if they were
coming from the Bywater?

How did you know that?

Those girls didn't die.

They were saved.
I was there.

There's no way
you could've saved

a whole group
of girls by yourself.

I didn't.

I had help.

From the best friend
a girl could ever hope for.

Lia says...

hope doesn't exist.

She's wrong.

Del, look, my head
is not on right.

I can't get out of here,
but maybe you can.

If things go to hell,
I'll be kicking and screaming.

But you should save yourself.

Go find your family.


You look really pretty.

I don't recognize this veve,

but I know some of the pieces.

The bridge, the stars,
the water.

- They mean anything to you?
- Very much so.

Then I reckon you're the only one
that find out the meaning here.

And should I do that,
it will open the lock?

- Open the door?
- That would be my best guess.

Throughout history,
there have been a few

who have ascended
to become a Loa.

So a Loa would feel no pain.

- My headaches would be gone?
- Among other things.

There's also another option:

Leave it locked.

Walk away.

Why would I do that?

Look around you.

All this pain you
curate and play with.

I don't play with it.

What do you do?
How does it work?

You put on a record,
bring back a memory,

find a feeling from the past,
and bring it forward.

You've been given
a little bit of power,

and look what you've
done with it.

This isn't righteous.

It's what it is.

If you can't be merciful
when you play god,

what kind of god will you be
when you ain't playing no more?

Why don't we find out?

You gonna show me mercy now?

Within context, sure.

Pick one out.

Your favorite memory.

She's beautiful.

She is.

Does she have it?
The veil?

- Look at them eyes.
- You tell me.

You know something else
you hiding.

You don't seem scared.

This is just another
step in my journey.

What did the doctor say?

Is it about the baby?

No, it's not about Evita.

So my uncle knows
a guy at the Coast Guard.

He dredged the lake,
but nothing showed up.

I kept waiting.

It drove me crazy.
Believe me.

I don't believe you.

I consider myself a good
judge of character,

and everything you're
saying is logical,

but I-I don't believe you.

Maybe it's because of
all the other trouble...

the vice assignments,

the evidence tampering.

I just... I don't...
I don't believe you.

I don't like you.

Maybe it's 'cause
I don't like you.

I don't like your face.

You have the face
of a system that has

done nothing but hold
me and mine down.

Even this here, tied up good,

and I feel powerless.

I'm still stuck in a system I
can't dismantle no matter what.

I can't straighten my hair.

Losing a son, losing
another son.

I just want to bury my... my son.

Maybe I can't,
no matter how smart I am,

how patient I am.

I just want to bury
my boy proper.

The fairgrounds.

I buried your son in a horse
stall at the fairgrounds.

That's... that's what you
think of in a pinch.

Thank you.

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

♪ Steady now, steady now ♪

♪ Don't fear what
you can't see ♪

♪ Ready now, ready now ♪

♪ I'll hold on to you,
you hold on to me ♪

♪ I found the heart
of a lion ♪

♪ In the belly of the beast ♪

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

- You doing okay?
- Yeah, stupid candy robot stole my Snickers.

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

♪ I found
the heart of a lion ♪

♪ In the belly
of the beast ♪

♪ Oh-oh! ♪

What the hell are you doing?

Where did you get that thing?

You lied to me.

About those girls
in the Bywater.

About my life.

Tandy, did she give this to you?

Tandy can barely move.

♪ Steady now ♪

♪ Don't fear what
you can't see ♪

♪ Ready now, ready now ♪

You said that my family
abandoned me.

My mom's been hanging flyers
and posting in chat rooms.

- Give me the phone, Del.
- No.

♪ I found the heart
of a lion ♪

♪ In the belly
of the beast ♪

I'm going to find my family.
We are your family.

You would have nothing
without us.

You're wrong.

I have hope.

♪ I can feel ♪

♪ Feel the beat ♪

What the hell?

What are they gonna
think of you?

You think they'll want
to take you back?

♪ Gas up the easy rider ♪

♪ And head out for Nevada ♪

♪ Out, baby ♪

♪ It's time to... ♪

I just want to go home!

This is your home!
We're taking care of you!

We've given you shelter,
food, water!

And now...

♪ Out, baby ♪

Are you okay?

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪


♪ Run,
you can't hide... ♪

- Where are you going?
- To mop the floor.

♪ Life is a record,
playing on repeat ♪

♪ I'm running wild
with The Lion ♪

♪ The Beast
The Beat ♪

♪ So don't you try
to tame the lion ♪

♪ Can somebody let
the beast out, baby? ♪

♪ Can't stop the beat,
can't stop the beat ♪


Tandy, you okay?

I am.


Ty? Ty!

Look at me.
Look at me, Ty!

- Tyrone!
- Tandy.


Ty, what's happening to you?