Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Level Up - full transcript

Previously on Cloak and Dagger...

I'm not over my dad the
way I wish I was over my dad.

You're afraid if I don't
do everything just right,

you're gonna lose me.

Leaving someone who
hurts you isn't hard.

You just leave.

I have to be perfect.

Like I have to do everything right.

Like I'm trying to
make up for two lives.

You have to refuse to be a victim,

and you have to take away their power.

What were you thinking, Tyrone?

I'm making the city
a better place, O'Reilly.

Tandy, I was in your head.
You have no one.

If you did half the things that she did,

you'd be sitting in a nine-by-nine.


- Did everyone just...
- They all just disappeared!

I mean, one second they
were here, and the next...

♪ We're talking away ♪

♪ I don't know what ♪

♪ I'm to say I'll say it anyway ♪

♪ Today's another day to find you ♪

♪ Shying away ♪

♪ I'll be coming for your love, okay? ♪

♪ Stumbling away ♪

♪ Slowly learning that life is okay ♪

♪ Say after me ♪

♪ It's no better to be safe than sorry ♪

♪ Take on me ♪

♪ Take on me ♪

♪ Take me on ♪

♪ Take on me ♪

- ♪ I'll be gone ♪
- Where'd she go?!

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What happened?

When I threw my knife, did it...

Kill him? No.

Whatever he was trying to do,

it was enough before
we could do anything.

Sounds like it.

You hear that, too, right?

The trumpet playing on the wind?

That's him. That's Andre.

How do you know?

He used to sit in the center
of that motel,

surrounded by others' despair.

And it was giving him strength,
and he used that strength

to play his horn.

So he's using his horn to
play to a bigger audience.

The city is his motel now.

Maybe even the world.

- Where's he taken them?
- I don't know.

We need to find someone
who can get us the answers.

I'm surprised you came to me.

To be honest, you
don't seem like the type

to ask for help at all.

I'm surprised to be needing it.

But I'm having a bit
of an identity crisis.

See, I smushed my two mouses together.

And oddly, I feel like I know less

about who I'm supposed to be.

If that makes any sense.

Well, let's try to make sense of it.

Oh, and, technically, it's "mice."

How about you?

How about me, what?

You seem like you know
exactly who you are.

Your drive, your purpose.

It's so clear.

Like you've always known
who you were going to be.

My whole life was about
harnessing this special energy.

Maybe I should have been less driven.

Well, why's that?

Well, look what this energy did.

Last year, to the whole city.

To you.

Everyone else seems to
have forgotten about it.

But you didn't.

You're still fighting
it on some level. Why?

It affected me, too, when
that terror touched me.

I lost control.

I lost myself.

And while I know it's not my fault,

it doesn't make things any better.

So, if I can just understand it...

You can control it.

Do you think that's true?

Not in the least.

The only alternative to doing nothing

is doing something, you know?

I do.

So, how's my brain looking?

You get my good side?

I got both sides.

The rage is still there,
and it's prominent.

But it's not the only thing anymore.

There is empathy,

and there is compassion.

Is there love?

Well, we haven't learned to map it yet.

But, like any brain, it can be trained

to make certain parts stronger.

Doctor Hess?

Doctor Hess?


Look, last time we talked,
she made it pretty clear

she didn't want anything to do with me.

Uh, I think she meant romantically.

Well, whatever she meant,

- I feel like I should respect her...
- No.

No, this is not about her.

Or about it being easy for you.

Ty, people are disappearing.

So I'm sorry that your
girl is now your ex,

but she's probably the only one

who can help us sort this crazy out.


- Fine, let's just...
- You know this door's made of thin,

wooden slats, right?

I can hear everything
the two of you are saying.

First, we look at the past.

Ancient Loa made rare exceptions

allowing responsible
mortals into their ranks.

Then, the present.

Where, it seems, some force
has been given all of the power

with none of the responsibility.

That would be Andre.


It's all I see in his future.

It's all he brings to
everything he touches.

So how do we stop him?

- I can't say.
- Then how do we find him?

You two need to go where most cannot.


Where's that?

Uh, is this really necessary?

Knowing Tyrone? Yeah.

What's that supposed to mean?

I need you to open a doorway
and then walk through it.

You've never done that before, have you?

I don't know how good I'm gonna
be in there without my hoodie.

I've just learned to master it.

You're humble as pie, Tyrone.

It's adorable. Most of the time.

But today, it's dangerous.

Okay? Today, we need an emperor,

not the clothes.

Look, I'm all in for pepping up Ty,

but I mean, the only
way that this door opens

is when he's deathly afraid.

Hold on. Don't worry about that.

All those people are missing.

Including your mom.

I've never been more
scared in my damn life.

This doorway's on a timer.

That timer is this one candle.

So as long as it stays
lit and I concentrate,

you can come back.

And if it goes out?

You may be stuck in a
world of despair for good.

You'll keep us safe.

Got you.

- Tandy?
- Yeah.

Where are you?


Papa Legba?

I thought you said Andre's
record store was in the mall.

It is.

But if this place is
ripped apart and empty

and this viewfinder is destroyed,

we can't get there.

Come on, come on!


- Tandy, we have to...
- Ty, I can't.

I just can't.

Look, of course you can.

We can. Right?

Look, Tandy, your mom is in there,

and so are all those other girls.

I might as well be, too.

They need a hero to save them.

And what if I'm not strong enough?

You know who you sound like?

- A loser.
- You sound like me.

You are the strongest
person I have ever met.

You're Tandy frickin' Bowen, okay?

Master thief.

Kick-ass ballerina.

Manipulator of light.

And harbinger of hope.

We'd be better off if I was a master

of space and time like you are.

Maybe you can be.

Point where you want to go.

Finished the heart, and I'm
almost done with the crosses.

Crosses? Those aren't crosses.

Of course they are.
What else would they be?

Look like daggers to me.


Yeah. Not a knife,

not a sword,

but they can do the job of either.

The special ones?

They're full of pure hope.

The opposite of despair.

What's a more powerful weapon than that?

So, what do I do now?

Just take a breath

and think of where you need to be.

You really believe in that?

I don't need to.

I believe in Tandy Bowen.

Why are you smiling?

Okay, maybe daggers are kind of cool.

- I hate to say I told you so.
- No, you don't.

Yeah. No, I don't.

The windows are broken.

Like somebody was trying to get in.


Not in.

Look at the glass.

Looks like something
was trying to get out.

Out to where?

Has this place always
been such a shithole?


No, it's like he's throwing off

the supernatural order of things.

Which way to the record store?

To the map, then the mirrors,

- then past the...
- Past the what?

Camping store.

I take it the kids aren't home?

Tyrone and Tandy went in the
rabbit hole to stop a god.

Then what was that thing I just threw?

My guess, it's what gods
send to stop people like me.

To blow this candle out.

Why are you here?

I think to protect that candle.

More people are starting to
disappear all over the city.

If Tandy and Tyrone can't stop them...

I don't know if anyone can.

Let's see if we can give them a chance.

What's this all about?

All these versions of you and me.

Possibilities, I guess?

Do what I do.

What is it?

This place used to be filled
to the gills with records.

That's how he collected
everybody's pain.

Where do you think they went?

This way.

He's not collecting records anymore.

He's collecting people.


Back in the day, when
we used to play the clubs,

you never knew who would walk in
the door and come and jam with you.

Miss Bowen and Mr. Johnson,

I appreciate your enthusiasm

and your effort to make your way here.

But ain't no geek off the street

can just jump in and
jam with me anymore.

- What did you do to her?
- I sent her back to a conflict

that's a little more her cup of tea.


Tyrone, are you there?


Mommy's not here right now.

Maybe Daddy can help?


Tandy, are you here?

Where are you?



Were you expecting someone else?

Is this some kind of joke?

I'm the one looking at a joke, joke.

What are you doing here?

- Where's Andre? Where's Tyrone?
- Who are they?

Are they boyfriends?

Aren't you a little too young to date?

Sweetheart, what's wrong?

Man, what happened to you?

You were supposed to
be better than this.

You had all this potential.

Two loving parents.

An education most people
in this life don't get,

and you threw it all away.

- Don't talk to me like that.
- Like what?

Like I don't know what you did.

You couldn't control yourself.

You couldn't keep your
head down or your pants up.

- You couldn't let it go.
- He killed Billy.

Guess who's still dead.

This is all a big misunderstanding.

There are two sides to every story,

- and I never got a chance to explain.
- Okay, so explain.

Mom already told you there
was no good in harping on it.

But you didn't listen.

And now, for all your efforts,

you're a wanted man.

Yeah, everybody else's fault,

but you couldn't share any blame.

And I'm not buying any of this.

Maybe you should've
been the one who died.

I knew you were gonna do that.

And that too.

Do you think that it's
easy to support a family?

To raise a child?

Billy getting shot
screwed up our family,

but it didn't break it.

The tiny rebellions did.

It also broke her.

I don't think anything's so hard

that you'd have to
raise your hand at mom.


- She's a murderer now.
- No.

That shows how much you know.

I know how a man's supposed to act,

and I'm sad I didn't
have one for a father.

She's a murderer now, and

she's not gonna be able to come back...

You ungrateful...

You can't hurt me, pumpkin.
I'm already dead.

You gonna be able to
look her in the eye?

- Tandy!
- Tyrone?

There's nobody there, Tandy.

Tyrone, can you hear me?

Your friends are all gone.

Not this friend.



- Can you hear me?
- Tandy, I hear you!

You can't just get rid of me.

I'm a part of you.

Of who you are.

There are certain
things you can't escape.

Whether you like it or not.

- Where are we?
- Ty?

- Where are you?
- Tandy!

Tandy, he put us here.


He separated us!

Screw that!

Follow my voice.


Ty, you're getting louder.

So are you!

Stop fighting it.

Tandy, this way!

You're only making it
harder on yourself, kids.

- He's not here.
- Well, technically, I'm everywhere.

I thought you went to
Catholic school, Mr. Johnson.

You two, on the other
hand, have one place to be:

in your own heads.

There ain't no way out of
a hole you dig yourself.

Please, no!

- Fuchs?
- Come on, O'Reilly.

Are you ever gonna stop hurting me?

Hey, you know that thing we do?

Which one?

The thing where we see each other's
shit more clearly from the outside?

I do know that one.

We switch partners?

If anyone can kick my ass, it's you.

- This isn't you.
- Look who's talking.

I mean, what have you become?

Please stop.

All your anger, all your pain.

Don't let it eat you up.

I miss you.

And I'm sorry.

You should be.

You all but killed me yourself.

You'll never be able
to escape your past.

I wasn't talking about the past.

This is not your fight.

What's up? You don't hit men?

It was stilted enough when
I was fighting your boy,

but this? This is silly.

I don't know who you are

or what Tandy told you, but...

You do light tricks.

Okay? I can move through space.

Tyrone can move through space.

All you can do is play the watered-down,

version of him.

Let me tell you who I am.

I'm the guy who knows
everything you did.

To your wife and your daughter.

I am the perfect version of him.

You're not even half the man.

I see you.

And I see that you need
someone to tell you

that she came out the other side a hero.

He tried to be perfect.

He operated out of fear.

- I'm not afraid.
- That's all you are.

You let down your family.

Your wife, your daughter.

My best friend was strong
enough to hold himself up

in a world hell-bent
on knocking him down.

Again and again.

I was working to make
the world a better place.

And he keeps getting up.

Again and again.

You were working to break
down two beautiful people,

because it was too damn inconvenient

to build them up, wasn't it?

He's not aiming for some ideal

a bunch of assholes
who don't understand him

set for him,

because that line moves.



She came out amazing.

Despite all you piled
up on her doorstep.

- Leave me alone.
- She came out a fighter.

See, the real Ty wouldn't
have come at me like that.

- He's not basic.
- She's smarter than you.

- Not predictable.
- She's better than you.

He rolls with everything
the world throws at him.

You know, he lost his brother,

then he put it all on his own shoulders.

She's gonna rise out
of the ashes of your anger.

You just watch.

And I was in trouble, and
he reached out and saved me.

You can't hold a candle to...

That's enough of that.


Tandy, where are you?

Tandy! Tandy!

Nice move, there.

You can run all you want, Mr. Johnson.

But there's no escaping yourself.

Now it's time to turn
back to your own fear.


Tandy's not here anymore.

Where is she?

You got bigger fish to fry.

Time to finish what we started.

Tandy. Sweetheart.

Look what you got yourself into.

Screw you.


You think you can just
send your friend after me?

And put me away?

You're too afraid to face me yourself.

It's just you and me!

Your own worst enemy!

You couldn't save your brother,

you couldn't save your family.

You're afraid of me knowing about this,

about your friend, Tyrone, knowing.


Not anymore.

I can't hide anything in my past.

I can't put it away.

I can't put you away,
and I get that now.

It occurred to me...

You're supposed to be
the perfect version of me?

I've been fighting you my whole life.

I told you, you can't hurt me with that.

How about this?

Does this work for you?

Day after day,

trying to be the perfect student.

The perfect son.

- For what?
- The things you did won't define me.

They'll affect me for sure, but...

only as much as I let them.

I am not perfect.

- I've never been.
- Now all I can do

is level up.

Be better than you.

Than Andre, than the world.

Being angry at the world,
when you lean into it, is okay.

So long as it allows you to see

the things that make you
angry and change them.

My friend taught me that.

I wish it could be that easy.

But I will always be a part of you.

You're right.

But I get to decide how big a part.


The expectations I've been
forcing myself to live up to?

They're not mine.

And they're not real.

And you know what, Perfect Tyrone?

Neither are you.

In a world where the
most important thing

in my life is an "A,"

and the second is a "B,"

I have a pretty good idea

what I'm going to file you under, "Dad."

And where's that?

Y'all ready for the main show now?

What did you think
you were gonna do there?

- Tyrone, get out!
- I can't.

The light can't be
good for the migraines.

- You missed.
- I wasn't aiming for you.

How'd you know that was gonna work?

A wise man once told
me they're made of hope.

Looking for this?

Your girl seems to have disappeared.

And it looks like you
two are out of tricks.


We got one more.

Let's see what kind of
despair you have under there.

What are you looking for?

The one you play the most.

All the pain you don't
put on anyone else?

Your victimless crimes?

This is what it feels like.

Someone being in your head?

It sucks, doesn't it?

Where did they all disappear to?

Welcome back.

What are you doing here?

It's church. It's where
you find yourself, right?

You know, speaking of which...

I might need a favor to ask a cop.

What do you got in mind?

Including evidence of a cover-up

in what looks like police fratricide

in a case that framed local
student Tyrone Johnson.

Details are still...

No. No, man. No deal.

Don't want your business.

The hell are you talking about?

Hey, you heard my boy. Move it on.

I called aisle seat.

That all the stuff you got from Brigid?

Should we even call her that anymore?

What else would we call her?

Brigid is fine.

That the place?


Brigid said a bunch of girls
were found dead on the beach.

Outside the city.

Never been there before.

Never been anywhere.

But I think some change

could be good for me right now.

You and me both.

Do you think we can do it?

What's that?

Be good.

Be heroes.

Be divine and paired in other places?

Let me answer that question
with another question.

And what question is that?

Waffles or pancakes?



Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx