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TYRONE: Previously on
Cloak and Dagger...



- [horn honks]
- Daddy!

- I'm sorry.
- TYRONE: What's your name?

TANDY: Tandy. How about you?

TYRONE: Tyrone.

Wait, are you that kid?

TYRONE: The beach?

There's something
about fear that pushes me.

Has my whole life.

TANDY: When all hope slips away,

I get all hot and bothered
and weaponized.

TYRONE: And you can see
people's fears, too?

TANDY: Ironically,
I can see their hopes.

- Detective O'Reilly?
- TANDY: Hi, Detective.

I'm willing to stay and face this.

Connors is after you.
You have to lay low.

SCARBOROUGH: What do you want?

I want my father back, asshole.

TYRONE: You killed me?

I like making girlfriend pancakes.

Fuchs? I want celebration pancakes!

- [gasps]
- OFFICER: Tyrone Johnson!

You are under arrest for the
murder of Officer Fuchs!

- TANDY: I think we lost.
-TYRONE: I think you're right.

TANDY: So what happens now?

- [gunshot]
- [groans]

I'm not letting you hold
my life hostage anymore.

The initial energy expulsion,

it turns everyone into
blood-thirsty monsters.

EVITA: Every time the city has
been struck with a catastrophe,

it's always come down to two people.

Hold my hand.

We'll show these assholes
a Divine Pairing.

[energy surging]

♪ ♪

[pages flipping]

[classical piano music]

First position. Ready?

And... demi.

And grand.

And demi.

Port de bras forward,


♪ ♪

DAVID: That shit is real, daily.

SOLOMON: He gonna pop like that?

- Some kinda way.
- Watch how it's gonna be at Christmas.

Little man, you might eye
to boost somethin' smaller

so you can practice without
scratchin' that paint job.

Make that good money tonight.

You might need a get-on.

SOLOMON: You gonna make the call?

What's up, go-getter?


You got me?

♪ ♪

pique to the grand battement.

En croix. Ready?

Seven, eight. Front...


back... side.

If you're new to this class,
keep it small and in control.

You don't get points for distance.

Again. Seven, eight.

Front... side...

RUNNER: Everything what
it's supposed to be?

DAVID: The count is right.

[The Seige, "Run for Your Life"]

♪ I ain't tryna bring you down ♪

♪ But for real, you might
as well give up now ♪

♪ Think you got a chance
but I don't see how ♪

♪ Got a real tight grip
when I hold that crown ♪

♪ My life been good
and bad and all around ♪

♪ The more things I lost,
the more I found ♪

♪ One thing I taught myself to do ♪

♪ No matter the problem
refuse to lose so ♪

Watch your croisé line.

The audience should see your
face, not your profile.

Everyone, push through the floor
to your tendu every time.

There's no jeté without the tendu.

♪ While you make breakfast,
man, I'm on the move ♪

♪ I'm the first one in
and the last one out ♪

♪ Whoever owns the place
gotta drag me out ♪

♪ Huh? ♪

♪ In me I trust ♪

♪ Yeah I smell like success
this Elon Musk, huh? ♪

♪ Everybody wanna be like us ♪

♪ We don't stop 'cause the top
just ain't enough, huh? ♪

♪ Everybody wanna be like us ♪

♪ We don't stop 'cause the top
just ain't enough, huh? ♪

- ♪ I ain't never gave no fuss ♪
-[lively chatter]

♪ I ain't scared, man, you know
black men don't blush, huh? ♪

♪ Came here ready to fight ♪

♪ On this night you better just ♪

♪ Run For Your Life ♪

♪ Ahhh ♪

[chatter continues]

♪ ♪

BALLET INSTRUCTOR: Seven and eight...

spot, Tandy.

See what you're spotting.

Keep your turn out, shoulders down.

- RUNNER: Where the money at?
- It was here a second ago.

♪ Living by the rules that you write ♪

♪ ♪

RUNNER: I don't know where it went!

♪ All the little lies you recite ♪

♪ Just makes all the savage unite ♪

All right, back to one.

I wanna get this right. Mid-line...

♪ Even when a dog being nice ♪

RUNNER: I ain't seein' anything.

♪ You might think
I'm wrong but I'm right ♪

♪ Just let it get a strong appetite ♪

♪ Ima let it breathe just a little ♪

♪ Give it to you strong, heavy metal ♪

♪ I don't make a sound when I strike ♪

♪ You better just ♪
♪ Run For Your Life ♪

♪ Ahhh ♪

♪ Run For Your Life ♪

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MELISSA: I've always
been good at excuses.


Ever since I was a little girl...

just pull one out of
thin air if I needed to.


All I did was make excuses for him.

I didn't just turn the other cheek,

but a blind eye as well.

And when he died,

I could have stopped.

But I kept it up.

Kept lying to Tandy

about who he really was...

I read this article that said
that girls with abusive fathers

most likely find abusive partners, so...

I thought that lying was a
way to break the cycle.

But maybe that was just
another rationalization.

Another bad excuse

that I was so very good at.

LIA: Tandy, what do
you think about that?

♪ ♪

I don't know.

I mean, I...

[sighs] It still spins me
around, Mom, but I get it.

I get that it was an act of love.


what do I think?

I think it was...


LIA: Thank you, Tandy, and Melissa.


We always give a wide
runway to new members.

Is there anything
you want to talk about?


I'm only here 'cause my friend said
I had to if I was gonna crash.

And why do you have to crash?

Does it have anything to do with
those bruises on your wrists?

These aren't anything.

MIKAYLA: My boyfriend Jeremy, we just...

had a bit of an accident.

LIA: And how did you meet Jeremy?


I don't got to say nothing, right?

It still counts, for my friend,

if I just stay here and listen?

- LIA: Of course.
- MIKAYLA: Okay.

LIA: Everyone here is free to get
whatever they need out of this.

♪ ♪

[button clicks]

- [gun cocks]
- RANGE MASTER: All clear, fire.


Let me see your weapon, O'Reilly.

We been missing you around
here these last few months.

How's your shoulder feeling?

My doc says I have full rotation back.

You think the piece is off?
That could explain my score.

Nah, it's perfectly fine.

Maybe it's in your head.



♪ ♪

[keys jingle]

♪ ♪


What the hell?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, sorry.

Sorry. You don't
usually scare like that.

[sighs, panting]

- Don't ever do that to me again.
- Okay.

Look, I had a good reason.

All right, look.

[unzips zipper]

Where did you get these from?

I just took it from
the Uptown Block Kings.

- Found their new stash house.
- What were you thinking, Tyrone?

I was thinking about taking drugs
out of the hands of addicts,

and money out of the hand of killers.

I mean, I'm making the city
a better place, O'Reilly.

You can't make the city
a better place in one night.

And not like this.

You told me that these guys
were moving near my church.

I gave you a heads up
to keep you out of trouble.

But I'm not out of trouble, am I?

I'm still a wanted cop killer.

Anything new on that end?


With Connors MIA, there's not
enough to exonerate you.

You have any idea where he could be?

What if he never shows up?
Is that just it for me?

Your fingerprints are
on the murder weapon.

And now on these drugs, and this money,

and God knows what else.

- Look, someone had to stop these guys.
- It doesn't have to be you.

If I don't do it, who's gonna do it?

- N.O.P.D.?
- Yeah! Eventually.

The end game is confessions on
the record from the big bosses.

That's how you move the
needle towards justice.

I seen this kid slinging,
he was 14, maybe.

What, does he have to sit back and
wait for the needle of justice, too?

Because I remember doing that,
and you know what happened.

You just embarrassed
the Uptown Block Kings,

which stands to make them
more paranoid and dangerous.

And absent a real culprit?

They're going to head
North of Frenchman to their rivals,

the Money Hustle Gang.

These guys are badder.

Bigger, far more dangerous.

And you just handed them dominance.

- Well, maybe I can...
- Sit this out.

Go back to your church,
Tyrone, keep your head down.

That will make the city safer, okay?



my fear may roll in

like a storm through the night

may I keep dry, so the hope inside

stays burning and bright.

LIA: Thank you, all. See you next week.

- Are you ready?
- Yeah.

Yeah... um, can you
actually give me a second?

I'll meet you at the car.


Excuse me, miss,
I think you dropped this.

Thank you, wow. That
would have been bad.

- Thanks.
- Yeah, I used to wait tables, too.

- Livin' on tips, right?
- Yeah.

Kinda sucks when your livelihood
relies on being nice to people.

That's why I got into roller derby.

That's funny.

Listen, if you ever want to
talk about any of this, I'm...

No... I mean...

I'm all good, but thanks.


♪ ♪

[metal creaking, door opens]

TANDY: [yelling out]
Movie night is in the house!

Did this place always
look like such a shithole?

- I hate you so much sometimes.
- Sometimes.

But you love the me that steals
from your old stomping grounds.

Did you get the syllabus
from A.P. Psychics?

Oh, yeah. And almost
all the textbooks on it.

Check it out, I got you
one of these thingies.

A new one.


- It's cool, but what's it for?
- For, like, studying?

And all the "notes to self"?

Um, "Note to self:

Tandy has no idea what studying is."

Solitude has made you sassy.

And yet, I keep bringing you gifts.

TV night is in the house.

I can't believe people
used to watch these things.

[VCR loading]

- How you been?
- Really good.

- And your mom?
- Still at it.

Getting her act together.

But... things really couldn't be better.

But today, you know, I had this...

TYRONE: [in the distance] Sorry.

- [tarp rustling]
- TYRONE: Sorry.


What were you saying?

Look who's been practicing.

Well, you know, I got a
lot of time on my hands.

Well if you've gotten so good,
why don't you hit up your girl?

- Super-human booty call.
- Nah, I'm just trying to lay low.

No human contact.

Come on, Ty, you gotta
stretch your legs a little.

You know, I heard the last
person that lived here,

got a little stir-crazy.

That's why we have movie night.

How 'bout you? You been practicing?

Every once in a while, you know,

when I don't want to
get up and grab a knife.

So what's with this Zeppo guy?


Actually, my mom, and dad,
and Billy, and I,

we used to watch the reruns
in Korean on rabbit ears.

- Wait, you guys speak Korean?
- Well, you don't have to with Zorro.

The story's always the same.

Town-folks in trouble. He rises up.

Fights the power.

Bad guys get all Z'd.

His outfit is kind of ridiculous.

Check your cloak envy.

Nobody's getting Z'd with a cloak, Ty.

Man needs a blade for that.

- Lucky I have you.
- Damn right.

♪ ♪

Do you miss it?

Nah, I can practice

- as much I can in here, right?
- No, I mean the real "it."

The... in-the-thick-of-it,

risking your life, moment to moment,

the saving-the-world... rush.


Definitely don't miss
running away from bullets.

Risking my life. Almost dying.

Or puttin' my family in danger, no.

Yeah, but don't you get restless?


I suppose I do sometimes.

What do you do?

What I'm supposed to do.

Fight it.

Stay home. Sit tight. Hope...


Lady Justice will find a way
to get me off the hook.

How 'bout you?

You miss it?


from time to time, sure.

♪ ♪

But I make knives of light.

I mean...

what would I even do?

♪ ♪

TANDY: But seriously, a "pinch"?

Or a "dash," those are not measurements.

That's not true. I mean,
technically, a pinch

is how much salt you can pinch
between your fingers, right?


okay, I'll give you that.

But explain "dash" to me.

With a straight face.

Well, you know, you, like...

dash it on in with a sense of...

- Yeah, I got nothin'.
- [both chuckle]


That feels right, no?

Yeah, it does.

And Tandy? Thank you.

For calling me "heroic."

- It's all good, Mom.
- No it's not. Not by a long shot.

And it hasn't been
for most of your life.

- Mom...
- But I appreciate it.

I appreciate you.

Being here.

Helping me get my act together.

Means a lot.

I'm here for you, too.

If I've learned anything in group,

it's that we all have
damage that we paint over.

You were helpless, in a different way.

But you couldn't do anything about it.

That doesn't mean that
it doesn't build up.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Uh, what-what day is it?

- It's Friday. Why?
- [sighs] Crap.

- What?
- Crap, I-I, um, I have a...

make-up ballet class that was
canceled, and I totally spaced.

Are you okay if I bail on dinner?

Get your twirl on, as they say.

Yeah, they definitely don't say that.

- Okay.
- I'll clean up.


[door opens]

[Delhia de France, "Moirari's Choir"]

♪ I could be the first one to know it ♪

♪ I could be the last of my kind ♪

♪ Everything is happenin' for a reason ♪

♪ Who will be the reason to mine ♪

♪ Are we not all all connected... ♪

[talking on the phone, indistinct ]

♪ Isn't strange that I can feel you ♪

♪ Though I've never seen
into your eyes ♪

♪ What if I'm the first one to know it ♪

♪ That you would be
the last of your kind ♪

♪ Everything is happenin' for a reason ♪

♪ Could you be the reason to mine ♪

♪ Are we not all all connected ♪

♪ Am I not a piece of your mind ♪

♪ Isn't it strange I've never met you ♪

♪ Yet I have missed you all the time ♪

♪ Holy ♪

♪ Trinity ♪

♪ Time will tell ♪

♪ What it means to be ♪

♪ We had to see repeating ourselves ♪

♪ In this variation of time ♪

♪ Underneath you feel every power ♪

♪ Underneath your power is the truth ♪

♪ And I'm into in infinity captive ♪

[indistinct chatter]

♪ Holy ♪

♪ Trinity ♪

♪ Time will tell ♪

♪ What it means to be ♪

I think I have too
much work to catch up on.

♪ We're wandering stars at night ♪

♪ Crashing orbits when we collide ♪

♪ Everything round ♪

♪ And round forever and ever ♪

♪ Fate's never gonna choose a side ♪

♪ You and me are open wide ♪

♪ And everything going round
round forever and ever ♪

♪ ♪

[indistinct argument]

♪ [humming] ♪

[glass shatters]

♪ [humming] ♪

[dramatic music playing]

TYRONE: "The second law
of thermodynamics,

"otherwise known as the Law of
Increased Entropy, states that...

"within a closed system, you
can never complete any process

"with as much energy
as you started with.

"There's always some loss.

"Always some energy
that will be sacrificed.

"Its energy can be used
for growth, or repair.

"But such a transformation
without exception,

"changes the very nature
of the energy itself.

"This energy can become volatile,

"unusable for productive means,
and, instead, contribute

to the chaos, or entropy,
of the environment."


"In spite of the situation, the levels
of entropy within a closed

- system will never decrease.
- [door slams]

"And never go away.

"They... simply change form,

"often finding different ways
to be expelled.

"And, in some cases, this
process can be destructive,

"the natural order lending
itself to return almost always

"to a greater state of chaos,

and disorder."

[The Seige, "Right Now"]

♪ God I'm low ♪

♪ Guard my soul ♪

♪ All of my thoughts be dark like coal ♪

♪ Face down in the water I float ♪

♪ I try to speak my mind but I choke ♪

♪ I'm on the tightrope ♪

♪ Tired I can't cope ♪

♪ No lie and no hope ♪

♪ The lion might show ♪

♪ Up to the party
Ya'll don't want smoke ♪

♪ Energize the body ♪

♪ Raise up the army ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell me who you are, get in the car ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Reach for the stars, I want it all ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell me who you are, get in the car ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Reach for the stars, I want it all ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell me who you are, get in the car ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Reach for the stars, I want it all ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Just answer the call, fighting a war ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ I'm in the stall ♪

♪ Put your feet on the ground,
look around ♪

♪ It's The Seige and we
back in your town ♪

♪ Burning it down ♪

♪ You've been waiting
too long for the sound ♪

♪ Time is now ♪

♪ Got you hanging on every single word ♪

♪ Verb and noun, uh ♪

♪ Give you what you've
been waiting for now ♪

♪ Wishing, praying for ♪

♪ This that type be slaving for ♪

♪ Get you another hit
I know you craving more ♪

♪ I'm in this... I'm 'bout
to go Super Saiyan boy ♪

♪ I am a higher being ♪

♪ Whole world at my command ♪

♪ I got the whole damn planet ♪

♪ Here in the palm of my hand ♪

Where'd it go?!

[alarm blaring]


♪ Watch out, back out ♪

♪ Wait up, my... wake up ♪

♪ Stay up, they gon' get in ♪

♪ They gon' take us ♪

♪ Raise up, we got color ♪

[Runner yells] What happened?

WOMAN: I left for a second and
when I came back, it was gone!

- I swear!
- RUNNER: Where is it?!

- You, you. Go!
- [woman screams]

MAN: Code Red!

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell me who you are, get in the car ♪

♪ Right now ♪

♪ Reach for the stars, I want it all ♪
♪ Right now ♪

♪ Tell me who you are, get in the car ♪
♪ Right now ♪

MAN: Either of you bitches gonna get it!

- [man grunts]
- MUSCLE: Who are you with?!

- [kicking continues]
- [man grunting, groaning]

[Muscle yelling]


MUSCLE: We look like dumb punks
you can just take from?!

[alarm continues blaring]

"Note to self:

you're still a horrible liar."

♪ Right now ♪

- ♪ Ri-ri-ri-ri-right now ♪
-[door knob falls]

♪ Right ♪

[Tyrone groans]


- "Well" what?
- What happened?

I don't know, I was...
popping around too fast.

Got a little charged and cocky.

- Didn't see the guy.
- I mean, what happened to "laying low"?

What the hell were you doing
there in the first place, Ty?

I was trying to make up for a mistake.

Yeah, and how did that work out?


How'd you find me?

I didn't want to go home,
so I came here.

And I found this map.

And not to "rookie mistake" you,
but marking up a map of the city

is extremely nerdy, and
kind of damning, as well.

- I guess you're right.
- How long have you been doing this?

I know what you're gonna say.

- It's stupid, and dangerous, and...
- No, what I was gonna say

is, "Why didn't you ask me to help?"

'Cause every time we talked,

it seemed like you were doing good.

You kicked Roxxon's ass
all the way across town.

And now, you're bonding with your mom,

cleaning up your life.

I didn't want to get in
the way of all that good.

Because I wasn't.

I wasn't good, I was horrible.

Tandy, I'm going crazy in here.

I miss Evita, I miss my parents.

Everyone I care about,
I miss them so much,

I sneak out and keep tabs on them.

But I can't talk to any of them
without putting them in danger.

And it's... it's ripping me apart.

It's not forever.

And it's not that bad.

- You know, I lived here, too.
- I know.

And it's part of the reason
why I feel like

I can't even really complain to you.

You're an idiot, you know that?

Me and you, we're supposed
to be the exception,

not the rule, Ty.

We're supposed to tell each
other everything, and you lied.

Don't get too high and mighty.

I get to get sky-high and
all-mighty on this,

- because you lied to me, Tyrone.
- Well, you lied to me, too.

Look, I know where you've
been spending your nights.

Last month, I saw you follow that
woman after that group you go to.

You cut the axle off her SUV.

- [scoffs] So, you've been spying on me?
- I told you,

I check up on everyone I care about.

You fit square into
that category, Tandy.

Why would you do that?

That's none of your business.

But I have to tell you when
I head out and blow off steam?

No, you don't have to tell me anything.
I just thought that you would.

Well I guess we're both
hypocrites, aren't we?

I'm not going to stand here
and let you call me a...

Fine, don't stand there.

You're welcome, by the way.

- Listen, Tandy, I...
- No, I know the way out!

♪ ♪


- [door opens, closes]
- [keys jingle]


[phone rings]

Captain Levy.

No. I haven't heard, what went down?

And, uh, who do they think did it?

I would be pissed, too.

I know, it's months of
my work blowing up, too.

I've been trying to lead
the charge against...

Yes. Yes, sir, uh...

I suppose if things go sour,

I can understand why that may change.


Good, I'm glad they're having
a sit-down. Back kitchen of where?

Rougarou. Yeah, I know that place.

It's that underground club
off Richmond, right?

I would follow up with Edwin Dunlap.

He's O.G. and respected
across both parties' lines.

He can mediate, and maybe we
can settle all this down.

Yes... you've made that very clear.

And I agree with you.

Someone did screw up royally.

[phone clatters]

[pills rattle]

LIA: Mikayla, I'm surprised
to see you back.

MIKAYLA: Me, too, just
want to say thank you.

Listening to your stories really
helped me understand mine better.

I thought I just needed
space for a while.

But something changed.

Jeremy stopped returning my calls, so...

I went over there, and I saw...

He was in the corner.

Scared, like a little boy.

A bunch of thugs came into
his place and vandalized it.

He tried to fight them off,
but there were too many.

And it reminded me
how vulnerable he can be.

How sweet he used to be,
and... how much...

Jeremy really needs me.

Are you sure that's what happened?

A bunch of thugs just
came over there and...

Yeah, I mean, you should've
seen the place.

They hacked up the walls with knives
and a chainsaw, it was brutal.

Really scary.

I mean, what kind of a person does that?

♪ ♪

[basketball bouncing]

♪ First drop it down like yo ♪

♪ Bring it back up like yo ♪

♪ First drop it down like yo ♪

♪ Bring it back up like yo ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no ball ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no ball ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no draw ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no draw ♪

♪ First drop it down like yo ♪

♪ Bring it back up like yo ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no ball ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no ball ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no draw ♪

♪ I am on a roll, no draw ♪

♪ If you gonna shoot,
better know where to aim at ♪

♪ I'm the needle in the haystack ♪

♪ I am not looking for payback ♪

♪ But that is the price,
you gon' pay that ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- I don't want to talk to you.
- Well that's too bad,

because I have three
things I gotta say to you.


I'm sorry.



Thank you for saving my ass.

And three?

I need your help.


- Was any of this clean?
- Pfft.

It's hard to get out to do laundry.

Why do you fold it?

Just force of habit.

What, you never have that problem?


I would always just steal new clothes.

Uh, maybe next time you're at St.
Seb's, you could...

T-shirts and underwear, I'm on it.

♪ ♪

I was lonely, too.

- In here.
- Tandy...

Hell, I was snorting pills
to numb out the pain.

I shouldn't have said
it wasn't a big deal.

It's all good.

Hey, what'd she do?

The old lady with the SUV?

It wasn't her.

It was her husband.

It's possible I'm...

am not over my dad the way
I wish I was over my dad.

And I want to hurt someone.

And since he's not around,

been trying to find other people
who could stand

to take on a little hurt.

I think I'm still
working stuff out, too.

Been hitting these gangs, causing
all this trouble because I'm angry.

At who?

- The world, I think.
- [rips]

Yeah, I would be, too.

I mean, you did everything right, Ty,

and here you are.

But I sunk so low, I went
and creeped on Evita.

You didn't.


How'd she look?

Perfect, of course.

And happy.

I was happy for her, too,
you know? But...

then this guy...

good-looking guy... walked up
to her, and she rebuffed him.

So, that kinda made me happy,
in a selfish way.

- [ripping]
- An understandably selfish way.

Then she seemed sad, you know?

Realized it was probably my fault.

- Made me want... I don't know.
- [ripping]

- Lose your shirt.
- Pfft, what?

Take off your shirt.



All right, all right,
did you have to rip it?

Yeah, you're literally
a fashion emergency.

Why so intent on doing this, anyway?

O'Reilly trusted me.

I messed up, and I messed up again.

You're even OCD about karma, aren't you?

Everything folded.

What if it doesn't work?
When I get there,

what if I get blind-sided again?

That's why you have me.

- I'm glad I do have you.
- Me too.

And I like this.

You and me...

goin' out, doing good.

Best we can.

It's a good look on us.

Okay, so,

waffles or pancakes?


When you hold hands with your girl,

do you interlace your fingers like this?

[quietly] Waffles.

Or do you...

do palms flat? Pancakes.


Okay then.

[electronic music]

TYRONE: How'd you do that?

Do what?

We just walked past a whole
group of people waitin'.

Yeah! Lines are for losers.

Are you a loser, Tyrone Johnson?

I mean, I've waited in,
like, a bunch of lines...

Hey, where'd you say this sit-down was?

- Back kitchen.
- Over there.

- So lay out the plan for me.
- All right, so,

O'Reilly said her end game
is getting, uh,

confessions from higher-ups, so...

The bosses are meeting in there,
I just gotta get this recorder in,

the moment before they talk.

Look, I'm gonna get a little closer.

Okay, I got your back.

I know.

Wait until I flash the signal, okay?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

All good?

- I think so.
- Okay.

- Okay, so, what do we do now?
- I don't know, I guess we, uh,

just hang out until it's over
and I can collect the recorder.

"Hang out"?

Wait, are you saying that Tyrone
Johnson is gonna "hang out"

at a drinking-slash-
dancing establishment

with nothing to do but enjoy himself?

- You know I don't drink.
- Ah, it's okay.

I can drink for the both of us.

[Hot Chip, "Flutes, Sasha Remix"]

♪ Work that inside outside,
work that more ♪

♪ Work that right side
left side, more that more ♪

♪ Inside outside left side
work the floor ♪

♪ Inside outside up top down with more ♪


Hey, you okay?

It looks like it's finally going down.

Yeah. That's a good thing, right?

You said this is a gang-leader summit.

Maybe they'll hammer it all out.

Or confess to everything,
and then you can give

Detective Good-Cop a win, right?

Maybe you did make
the world a better place.






♪ I'm waiting to the thought
that we came ♪

♪ Only to discover I'm aged ♪

♪ And blow a quart of love
in your frame ♪

♪ And watch things drop down ♪

♪ And watch things drop down ♪

♪ Work that inside outside,
work that more ♪

♪ Work that right side
left side, more that more ♪

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx

♪ All this talk is getting me down ♪

♪ Nothing's making sense in my brain ♪

♪ I'm moving words in coarse of today ♪

♪ Trying hard to fix through the pain ♪

♪ I'm waiting to the thought
that we came ♪

♪ Only to discover I'm aged ♪

♪ And blow a quart of love
in your frame ♪

♪ And watch things drop down ♪