Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Gosh, my head.

What a strange dream.

Oh, my gosh, I must be crazy.

Wait, why am I happy about this?

Am I crazy? Gosh, how could I?

I must be crazy.

Oh, I really must be crazy.

Come on, Eun Ha-won. Get it together.

What's going on?

Eun Ha-won. Are you okay?


It seems like a minor concussion.

Will she regain consciousness soon?

Yes. She's just asleep right now.

Then, would it be okay for us
to transfer her to a facility in Seoul?

Yes. If there's a hospital that
she regularly goes to, you can do that.

I'm sure she’ll wake up soon.

Okay. I'll go and take care
of her discharge paperwork then.

All right.

Yes. I'll take Ms. Eun to Seoul,

so I think it'd be best for you guys
to go back to Seoul on your own.

All right. Do that, then.

You don't need to worry.

He says that she's fine.
Yoon-sung said he'll take her to Seoul.

What about us, then?
We don't need to go see her?

Right. He said that it was
only a minor concussion

and he wants us to go home and wait.

Just how did she manage to fall
in the bathroom and get a concussion?

She really is...

She really is a weird girl.

Let's hurry up and pack and go back home.

Okay. It's not like we'd do anything
on our own without her around, anyway.

Aren't you going to pack your things?

What? It won't take me too long to pack.

Then I’ll pack my things quickly
and come back out. Wait for me.

Excuse me.

You're awake?

What day is it today?

It's the 15th.


What the...

Not even a single day has gone by?

Excuse me?

I mean, usually when people
pass out and stuff

and then wake up,
a week or so has gone by.

Isn't that how it usually is?

Thankfully, that's not the case with you,
so don't worry.

Hey, are you okay?

Well... Yes, I think so.

I was super worried about you

because you were passed out
in the bathroom.

Gosh, you were?

-Yes, I was.
-Oh, where's everyone else?

Mr. Lee rushed you here alone.

But Ja-yeong.

When people usually pass out,
don't they get temporary amnesia

or something like that, and not remember
anything that happened the night before?

What's with you?

Never mind. It's nothing.

-Are you really okay?
-Yes. I'm fine.

I was quite worried about you.
I'm relieved.

I'm sorry, Mr. Lee. Because of me, you...

Let's hurry back.
I'm sure the rest of them are waiting.

No. You must go to Seoul
and get a cast put on your ankle.

I've made an appointment
with Haneul Group's designated doctor.

All they did here was emergency first aid.

A cast?

They said you sprained your ankle too.

Oh, no, are you serious?

Please get on. I'll escort you to the car.

She left all her clothes here.

How tacky.

Why does she always focus
on such unimportant things?

What are you doing?


Oh, nothing.

Let's go.

What about everyone else?

They've taken another car
and are on the way.

Did I cut this trip short for everyone?

It's fine.

None of them would've come
if it hadn't been for you, anyway.

What is it?

You seemed to have quite
a low tolerance for alcohol.

You didn't even seem like you had a lot,
but you passed out so soon.

I saw a new side of you.

Please forget that part.

Look, your face is all red.

I suppose that you didn't get drunk.

Well, I...

No. I was super wasted last night, too.

And because of that, I don't remember
a single thing that happened last night.

Did something happen last night?

Well... No, nothing happened.

You just said you don't remember anything.

Well, that is...

I don't remember anything.
But nothing really happened.


You've stretched tendon in your ankle.

It's not a serious injury

so you'll be fine if you're careful
for the next couple of days.

Okay, thank you.

Have you used crutches before?

It's hard to get used to them at first,
but they'll be quite useful once you do.

-Can she go now?

Be sure to schedule your next appointment.

And be extra careful
over the next couple of days.

Yes, I will.

Mr. Lee.

Let's go.

"Organ Transplantation"?

It really won't be easy
to find an organ donor.

I see.

It’d be best to tell his family
about his condition outright

and find a donor among them.

He's completely against that idea.

We have no other options
to offer you at present then.

All I can tell you to do now is wait.


If you do find a donor, please contact me.

I will.

Mr. Lee.


It's nothing. Let's hurry and go.

We need to talk.

About what?

About last night.

Oh, that?

Let's pretend it didn't happen.

-Simple. Pretend nothing happened.

What is it?

Did something happen?


Eun Ha-won.

Are you okay? You even
have to use crutches now?

Oh, it's only for a couple of days.

I'm fine.

That must be so uncomfortable.

It doesn't hurt or anything?

They said that I just stretched
a tendon out a bit. I'm fine.

You should've been more careful.

I'll be your human crutch.

Even though she's not your fiancée?

-Ms. Celebrity. I'll help you.

It's because I'm not quite used
to them yet. I'll be fine soon.

I'll help you, Ms. Eun.

Then can you hold these for me?

Why is she hopping off like that
as if she's running away from us?

What's with her now?

Let's go.

I'll take you home.


Good work.

Is Ms. Eun okay?

Yes. I've brought her back
to Haneul House.

I was planning to get some rest here
and keep it a secret from the kids.

But instead, I almost got caught.

How long are you planning
to hide your condition, sir?

I don't know.

Until I die, perhaps?

Honey. How could you say
something like that?

Is it all right for him to be discharged?

His hepatic cirrhosis
is getting worse by the day.

It won't be long before
his liver fails completely.

The only option left to us now is...

It's fine. Whatever.

I'll quit drinking, and--

You must receive a transplant.

I thought you added my name
on the donor list.

Yes. That is true,
but a fitting donor for you has yet to...

Well, I'm sure we'll find one soon enough.

Isn't that right?


What good will it do anyone to go
around telling everyone that I'm sick?

Let's go.


I'll take that, ma'am.

Thank you.

No. This is merely a part of my duty.

It would've been quite nice
if I had a son like you.

You're too kind.

Did something happen
between you and Ha-won?

What? Why do you ask?

You two seemed awkward back
at Haneul House.

I didn't notice that.

It kind of seemed
as if Ha-won was avoiding you.

She probably feels embarrassed about
the fact that she tripped and fell over.

Figures. We all drank way too much.

My head still hurts a bit.

I know, right?

I feel like I have a really
bad headache coming on.

You were quite cute
when you were drunk, Ji-woon.

Stop messing around.

No, really. It's been a while
since I saw you smiling like that.


Are you the daughter of the people
who live here, by any chance?


Is your dad home?

No, he went on a business trip.

I see.

-Who are you?
-Oh, it's nothing.

We'll come back another time.

What's with those guys?

I don't know.

Maybe they're people that my dad knows?

Will you be alright?

Yes. I want to go in, wash up,
and get some rest.

All right.

Thanks for dropping me off.

Yes, go ahead.


I'll head over there right now.

Did something happen
between you and Ha-won?

It kind of seemed
as if Ha-won was avoiding you.

I knew this would happen.

Don't you want my help?

I was going to get changed.

-Is this really all for Ha-won?

She's injured, so she needs to eat up.

Isn't that right?

Of course. I'll bring this to her.

-Be careful.

How could this be?

This can't be.


What about my clothes?

Why don't you have anything with you?

Your wardrobe is a disaster.

Nothing in there is worth wearing.

That's not true. I'm sure that there are
tons of things worth wearing in there.

-Just wait.
-Where are you going?

To buy some clothes.


-You surprised me.
-You surprised me.

You almost knocked everything over.

And why are you here?

For Ha-won.

She needs to eat to recover.

And what about you?

I just had a couple of things
I had to take care of.

Get out of my way, already.

-Hey, be careful!
-Move out!

Why you little...

Damn it, Hyun-min.

All right.

Ta-da. Your breakfast.

Kang Seo-woo.

I'm totally touched.

I didn't make this.

I know. It must be Ms. Beolgyo.

She's quite a generous person.

No, it's not that she's a generous person.

It's just that you're a glutton.

That's weird.


Why are you eating so little?

I don't have much of an appetite.


Wait a second.

I'm fine.

How could this be?
Eun Ha-won has no appetite?

Did you hurt another part
of your body besides just your leg?

Wait. Did you get a bump on your head?

Maybe your concussion
affected your brain somehow?

I'm telling you, I'm fine.


It tastes good.

Looks like I'll have to eat a ton
since you're freaking out.

You're even taking care of me
like this because I'm sick. Thanks.

I have to go on a music show tomorrow,
so I won't be home all day.

It's fine. I'll be okay on my own.


Eun Ha-won.


Did you even wash your face today?


See? You're not fine at all.

Here. Clean your face
with this if anything.

What? Do you need me to get you
water in a basin or something?


-Give me your phone.


Hey, why are you taking my phone?

Change the pattern
for the lock on your phone. Jeez.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'll download some
fun games for you to play.

You'll probably get bored
being cooped up in here.

Wow, really?

There's a ton of games that
I play when I'm in my dressing room.

These are the best things
to play to kill some time.

Thanks, my friend.


At his current place on the waitlist,

he'll have to wait two to three years,
at the very least.

However, if a relative
is willing to be a live donor,

he can get pushed up.

The chairman told me to keep this
a secret from his family, at all costs.

Yes, of course. I know that.

The person in need of the donation
doesn't have much time left,

but there aren't enough donors.

Those who care about him
must be quite worried.

But he refuses to let his true condition
be known to his family members?

Yes. That's how things stand now.

If the donor is his relative,
he can be operated on first

regardless of his place on the waitlist.

Excuse me?

There are currently over 200 brain-dead
patients who are potential donors.

However, there are thousands more
on the transplant waitlist.

However, if the recipient
is related to the donor

then that patient gets priority.

This also applies to people
who are only relatives on paper.

Fabricating such
documents will cost you a bit.

It's not something that
I can do myself, you see.

But isn't saving a person's life
the most important thing right now?



I told you I'm taking the day off today.

Hey, where are you right now?

Man, staying in my room all day
is so suffocating.

Just where did this guy go?

Why are you looking into my room?

Who says I was looking?



Well, about what happened last night...

It was the first time for me.


It was the first time that I got drunk...

and blacked out.

What about you?


Well, I...

Well, you know, I even got a concussion.

So I pretty much forgot everything.


Control your alcohol intake from now on.

Oh, come on.

I'm sorry for making you spend
so much time at the hospital

when such a life doesn't suit you.

If there's anything you want
to buy, just say the word.

Do you think that I stayed with you
just so I could get to shop?

Buy some things for yourself, instead.
I don't need anything.

Do you want to make me buy you
all the clothes that this store sells?

I'll have to do that
if you don't pick something out yourself.


Darling, you're so silly.

Right? Can't stop, won't stop.

Wow, that's pretty.
Let's take a look at that.

Are you looking for a gift?


I want to give them a significant gift.

Refined gentlemen like
styles like these ones here.

No, these are too boring.

How old is the person
you want to give this to?

He's young enough that
he could wear something more flashy.

Oh, I see. Then...

How about this, ma'am?

I like it.

Of course. I'm quite young.

At heart.

Look at her, buying a present for me
when I told her to get herself something.

What is it?

See for yourself.

What is all this?

I got a call from the paparazzi.

They're releasing these,
saying you have a girlfriend.

What kind of nonsense is this?
That's ridiculous.

Right? It's not true, right?

You two don't have
anything going on, right?

Well, we can't do anything about
the fact that these photos exist.

So if they do release these, let's just
deny that you have a girlfriend. Okay?

They said they're planning
to release these early tomorrow.

No. These definitely can't get out.

I'm sure we'll be getting tons of calls,
and things will be hard for a while.

But I'm sure this won't
hurt you in any way.

I mean, it's not like there was a photo
of you kissing her or anything.

All you have to do is say,
"we're not dating."

I told you, no.

You know Eun Ha-won
will be affected, right?

Last time, she suffered because of
that issue between her and Hyun-min.

How will she take it this time?

Hey, why are you acting like this,
all of a sudden?

-Find another way.
-Another way?

Hey, these guys are totally relentless.
You know that, don't you?

You know that they go crazy
when something juicy pops up.

Really? Then give them something
even crazier to report on.

And where in the world would we get that?

You don't mean that, do you?

Yes. I have something
that's even juicier than those photos.

Don't let your imagination run wild.
It's nothing like that, okay?

My heart totally skipped a beat just now.

When did my Seo-woo grow up so much?

Come on, snap back to reality.

What the heck?
He can't even remember what happened?

Did he really only do that
because he was drunk?

That's not fair.

Or maybe I'm wrong.

Is it actually better that
he forgot about everything?

But still, this isn't right.

Should I go yell at him?

But even if I do, he won't
be able to remember anything.

Oh, forget it.

What are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing?


Hey, why did you buy so much?

You feel totally thankful, right?

I even cut them for you, like this,

so that you'll be able to wear
everything comfortably. See?

How could you cut up
new clothes like that?

It's fine. They said that
they'd re-stitch them for me.

Cutting that part won't help me.

I'm sure that my thighs
won't even fit into those.

Don't worry. I knew you'd say that, and...

You see this? I even bought you a dress.

At any rate, I'll fill up your closet
for you, so wear these clothes.

Got it?

Jeez, you...

What? Want me to put
these clothes on you, too?

Sure, if you want--

That's enough.




What is it? Are you worried
that I might consider it?

Excuse me?

It's written all over your face.

Shall I give them a call?

No, the opposite of that.

I don't even know how many years
this body has left,

so I don't want to cheat like a coward.

-But this might be the last option--
-I know how you must feel.

But there are some lines
that you shouldn’t cross in life.

There are things that
no amount of money can buy

and there are things that
one must never buy as well.

What, do you pity me that much?

No, sir.

I was just thinking to myself
about what a great man I serve.

You've worked so hard.

You even found such a way.

About last night.

Oh, that?

Let's pretend it didn't happen.

-Simple. Pretend nothing happened.

What's wrong with me?


He's supposed to be a man

but blacked out
from just a couple of drinks?

How could you not remember what you did?


Oh, no.

Why should I have to hide?

What is all this?

Ms. Celebrity.

Eun Ha-won.

Can you open the door for me?

Hey, what are you doing here?


Can you help me up?

What are you doing here?
Did you get hurt badly?

-Quick. Get in.
-What? Why?

-Hurry up.

-The door. Close the door.

-Hurry up.
-What, the door?

Why did you go out
when your foot is injured?

-Are you okay?

What's this?

Wait just a second.

Hey, why are you calling
me your girlfriend?

We weren't really engaged.

You and me?

Employer, employee.

Why am I being so nice to her?


Give me your hand.

-Are you okay?

What were you doing outside?

I was just getting some fresh air.



What the hell are they doing?

Keep this wrapped around your hands.

But where did you go, dressed like that?

-What's wrong with this outfit?
-What is this?

It's this new thing called
"curtain style."

What is that?


Wow, what kind of stain is this?
It just won't come out.

That shirt.

-Please just give it to me.
-Oh, Mr. Kang Ji-woon.

It hasn't been properly washed yet though.

I'll be sure to wash it
properly this time.

No, I'll just take this.

No. Washing your clothes is my duty.

You can just give this back to me.

Why are you acting like this
all of a sudden?

This is a part of my duties.

-I told you, it's really fine.
-Oh, my.

Oh, my. Are you all right, sir?

Did you hurt your back?

A man's back is the most
important part of a man's body.

-Oh, no.

I'm fine.

It's nice to see you've changed.

And you seem to be smiling
a lot more these days, too.

-I do?


Here, have this.

Is he giving this to me
so that I get younger?

What the heck...

Why did I take this, though?

It's not like I want evidence
of what happened.

Are you sleeping?

Come out to the balcony for a second.



What is all this?

-A midnight snack?
-Hurry and sit.

I really wanted to eat this kind of stuff.

You're the best.

Wow, sweet and sour chicken?
It looks so delicious.

How did you know these sausage bars
are good?

Eat slowly.

This looks delicious.

You're totally touched, right?

See, this is why girls go crazy over me.

Is there a girl who likes you these days?

As if you need to confirm that.

You're not that popular lately, though.

Hey, what are you talking about?

Does anyone really like you
for who you are?

Like Hye-ji does?

Of course they do.

Hey. You're really mean, you know.

What now?

You know Hye-ji really likes you.

I think that she is really brave.

She's honest about her feelings
and does her best to stay true to them.

Do you know how hard that is to do?

She's like a tree.

She's planted her roots in one spot

and won't be shaken no matter what.

What about me then?


like the wind that just keeps blowing
completely unaware of her efforts.

In other words, you're a complete player.


I wonder if I can do the same as her.

Do you think you could?

I never had a chance to date because
I was too busy with part-time jobs,

so I can’t really know
exactly how it must feel,

but even I know enough to tell
that her feelings for you are real.

Hye-ji really has
genuine feelings for you.

Stop getting so serious.

It doesn't suit you.

But I feel like
you're that way sometimes, too.

What do you mean?

I'm talking about the way
you look at Hye-ji.

You're so mean to her
when you talk to her,

but sometimes,

your eyes tell a different story.

I'm not that complicated, you know.

But keep this in mind.

There's no tree that will wait
around for you forever.

Don't regret that later.

Eat up.


It's for a patient,
so please don't make it too flashy.

Okay, I understand.




I must be a genius.

Whatever. Let's not talk
about this anymore.

Come on, check out these comments.

"Kang Seo-woo looks cool,
no matter what he does.

He's so adorable.

Shield your eyes, my body."

-Everyone's going crazy over this.
-Wait, really?

See? I told you.
I'm successful no matter what I do.

My Seo-woo, you're all
grown up now, aren't you?

You're all grown up.

Maybe I should've just said
that we're dating.

You're out of your room?

What? What brings you here?

I came by because I was wondering
how you were doing.

I see. Thanks.

Well, I'm not that badly hurt, though.

I thought you'd pretty much
have access to anything here,

so I just brought you some flowers.

Wow. Thanks.

They're so pretty.

Do you want to come in for a second?



It's this way.

So this is your room?

It's not my room, per se.

It's really nice.

Looks like the chairman
put a lot of work into it.

Well, you know.

Thank you, Ms. Beolgyo.
I should've gotten this myself.

With that leg? Come on.

Don't say such things.

I'll come and clean this up
after you're finished.

Okay. Thank you.

-Then have a pleasant time together.
-We will.

Eat up, Hye-ji.

Oh, okay.

Looks like everyone here likes you.



Sometimes, I'm a bit jealous of you.

You get along so well
with all of the Kang cousins.

It only seems like that on the surface.

Everyone here actually fights a lot.

My head itches because I couldn't
wash my hair for a couple of days.

Want me to help you?

Oh, it's okay. I hurt my ankle
and not my wrist, after all.

Okay, then. Go ahead.

Sorry. I'll be back soon.

Are you sleeping?

What are you doing?

Get out.

-We need to talk.
-I have nothing to say to you.

I can't pretend that nothing
happened between us.

Don't be like this.

What am I to you?

A friend?

Or the younger sister of my brother,
your friend that died?

We don't have any kind of relationship.

And does this also mean nothing to you?

If you keep acting like this,

I won't see you ever again.

You're not leaving?

I will...

leave, then.

Who's there? Can you help me?


Hey. What are you doing down there?

What happened?

Well, that's...

I was trying to wash my hair.

Sorry, but can you call
Ms. Beolgyo for me?

She went out earlier.

Did she?


I'm really sorry,

but can you help me up?



Wait a second.

Gosh, I can't believe you.

-Stay still.




Are you...


Are you leaving with your hair
looking like that?

No other guy but I would do this for you.


Hey. You're getting water in my eyes.

All right, already.

Gosh, my ear. Oh, no.

There's water in my ear.

Jeez, stop yelling so much.

Hey, what are you doing?

This is how you dry it fast. Stay still.

I knew you'd do this.
No. I'll do it. It's fine.

No, ma'am. You've hurt your leg.
Please sit still.

-I'll dry your hair.
-It's fine. I'll do it. I'll...

I told you, I'll do it myself.

You even complain when I try to help you.

The dryer's in the bathroom.


Wait a second.

If you keep acting like this,

I won't see you ever again.


What's wrong, Hye-ji?

I told you not to make her cry.

Who do you think you are?

What gives you that right?

Ji-woon has the right to say that.


I don't want to cry
because of Hyun-min anymore.

I want to

take a break from you.

Will you...

accept me?

Subtitle translation by Soo-ha Lim